Nanotechnology News – November 2021

Metaphors and Metaverse

“MI6 chief Richard Moore says Moscow and Beijing are investing in computer power to dominate all of the key emerging technologies, posing a threat that is needed to be addressed by the Western countries.”

“Our adversaries are pouring money and ambition into mastering artificial intelligence, quantum computing and synthetic biology, because they know that mastering these technologies will give them leverage….”

“We cannot hope to replicate the global tech industry, so we must tap into it….”

Cultocracy note :

Beware the merger of state and corporate powers….

An unusual speech from a spook , I guess the brokers for the power brokers do not understand that nobody is listening anymore .

But that is not the point , a statement such as this one in intended to signal a more open and caring approach ,  just like every other phony and fraudulent political and corporate entity .

It does signal the death of traditional espionage , historically targeted towards the procurement and theft of resources and intellectual property , not forgetting the protection of previously procured Crown assets , which is bread and butter Crown spooks .

It does signal the infiltration , militarization and takeover of private technology companies .

In criminal terms known as a shakedown or protection…..

Psssttt….The Chinese controllers want to steal your secrets , we can protect you , then we can steal your secrets instead .

It also signals an embrace of the fourth industrial revolution , technocratic power and the coming metaverse .

What was possibly intended as a more decentralized idealistic blueprint for a technological future is in the process of being assimilated and controlled  .

Western power brokers see Chinese bloc advancement purely in terms of increased control of the domestic populace , but then again they would .

Coincidentally this rationale occurs in tandem with decreasing control of Western domestic populations .

Just like the Soviet cold war , the new cold war will empower entrenched syndicates , enable consolidation and dispossess domestic populations .

Sans pandemic , the waning effectiveness and impact of dialectical control methodology was clear and present .

China is racing ahead because of lax ethical constraints across the board , or at least that is the line the Western public are being drip-fed via the cozy club of compromised media outlets .

A dichotomy of alluring and lax ethical constraints which are routinely exploited by both Western based syndicates and in duality by the Chinese authorities .

Of course , China could also be leading the tech race due to a meticulous research environment fueled by academic equality and excellence with a hint of national pride and a bulging purse .

An environment as yet untainted by poisonous corporate profiteering and unrestrained by paranoiac elitist class structures .

Of course , not forgetting the wholesale Western export of skills , technology and manufacturing to countries such as China , fully endorsed by the power brokers and unhindered by the brokers for the power brokers .

China does in public what the Western cabal does behind closed doors . Incidentally , victims of military corporate complex backed human experimentation are often referred to as ‘beagles’ .

As for ‘Leverage’ ????

I am sure all globalist imperial puppets are experts in leverage , particularly as nobody rises to a position of power without being ‘leveraged’ themselves .

‘Tap into it’ ????

I was always under the impression that big tech was already under a degree of control and infiltration .


Except for Chinese tech , which the mercenaries of Western corporate power are finding harder to penetrate , probe and control .

Certainly harder than corporate and scientific entities in the West , or the rest of the world for that matter .

So , exactly which types of technology must be harnessed to ensure continued superiority and how will the technology be deployed ?

There is talk of ‘debt and data traps’ , what exactly does this mean ?

Debt equals Infrastructure investment coupled with trade , data equals the populations of aligned countries and their environment .

The reality is that warmongering , rape , torture , murder , terror , destruction , invasion , followed by grand larceny , slavery and servitude have been superseded by a seemingly superior and more civilized model , perhaps that is the plan .

Bombs and bullets have been replaced by belt and road .

While the Western cabal were busy weaponizing anything and everything , other countries pursued a more enlightened approach .

Hubris is now the only resource the Western cabal  possess in abundance….Apart from military bases of course .

This could all become moot if rival power blocs themselves become mired in greed and corruption , something the Western cabal is hoping for , if not openly promoting .

A cynic , like myself , may also point out the emergent dialectic .

Despite the bluster and rhetoric , there are no friends or enemies within global power play , only marriages of convenience , ultimately designed to accelerate the agenda .

A cynic could also point out the continuous desire of the power brokers to pluck new enemies out of the ether simply to justify their own existence .

Like most other people , in the modern world , I personally do not see China , Iran , Russia  , or any other country for that matter , as a threat .

But then again I do not hold a position in society which involves the facilitation of wealth transference and the accumulation of profit and power .

Like many others , I do see the controlling powers of many Western nations as an increasing threat to the welfare and freedoms of the general public .

There is only one way the controlling powers will turn when reality bites , that direction is inwards to protect what is left .

As a wise man once said……

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

The bigger picture is now emerging .

As is greater awareness and resistance to treachery and tyranny .

The powers that be now have the bit between their teeth , they will not let go .

Looks like the global public are marching in lockstep .

Cue the next variant .

The truth will always win in the end .


The keyword is always control .


Nanotechnology News

November 2021




Genetic Engineering

Social Regulation

Behavioral plasticity is key to animal survival. “

“Harpegnathos saltator ants can switch between worker and queen-like status (gamergate) depending on the outcome of social conflicts….”

“Using social and molecular manipulations in live ants and ant neuronal cultures, we show that ecdysone and juvenile hormone drive molecular and functional differences in the brains of workers and gamergates and direct the transcriptional repressor Kr-h1 to different target genes.”

Depletion of Kr-h1 in the brain caused de-repression of “socially inappropriate” genes: gamergate genes were upregulated in workers, whereas worker genes were upregulated in gamergates.”

“We conclude that Kr-h1 is a transcription factor that maintains distinct brain states established in response to socially regulated hormones.”

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Laser Neural Manipulation

A form of mind control using only the power of light has been developed by a team of South Korean researchers. “

“And, the research team says, the process is fully reversible and has already been used successfully on mice in a lab setting to control both emotion and behavior.”

“Signal transmission in the brain is achieved through electrical and chemical messengers passing between neurons and other types of cells. “

“….the system consists of a single light source that emits a specific wavelength of blue light. “

This light allows the team to turn on or off the release of these neurotransmitters, resulting in the ability to manipulate emotion and behavior at a chemical level.”

“…..depending on the particular area of the brain being targeted, very specific emotions and even behaviors can be induced or inhibited, depending on the desired result.”

“Furthermore, they tested the technique in live mice, which enabled them to temporarily remove fear memory from fear-conditioned animals.”


Genetic Switch

“McGill University researchers have described a new technique that scientists across the world can potentially use to explore novel ways of treating diseases associated with dysregulation in DNA methylation.”

One of the ways by which a cell turns off specific genes is by the reversible addition to the DNA of a minuscule chemical called a methyl group at the precise location of that specific gene.”

“In a recent study, published in Nature Communications, McGill University researchers demonstrate how they have managed to remove specific instances of DNA methylation at specific genes….”

“They show that this DNA “de-methylation” activity can be targeted to anywhere in the DNA – any gene of interest – without editing the genetic code….”

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Quantum Computing & Communications

Mystic MEG

New highly sensitive quantum sensors for the brain may in the future be able to identify brain diseases such as dementia….”

The quantum scanners being developed by the scientists can detect the magnetic fields generated when neurons fire.”

“These quantum sensors are believed to be much more accurate than either EEG or fMRI scanners, due in part to the fact that the sensors can get closer to the skull.”

The technology behind the scanners is called magnetoencephalography (MEG). Combining MEG tech with these new quantum sensors has developed a non-invasive way to probe activity in the brain.”

“Unlike existing brain scanners – which send a signal into the brain and record what come back – MEG passively measures what is occurring inside from the outside…..

“…..the door is opened to further developments that could bring about a quantum revolution in neuroscience.”

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Artificial Intelligence – AI

Six Million Dollar Man

So they began thinking about how to structure data to use in training a neural network to convert accents directly, speech to speech.”

“And they filed the paperwork to incorporate as a company—Sanas.”

Sanas jumped out because it is a palindrome—and it turned out to refer to whispers or sounds in some forms of ancient Latin.”

“Today, Sanas has an algorithm that can shift English to and from American, Australian, British, Filipino, and Spanish accents. “

“They developed it using a neural network, trained with recordings made, for the most part, by professional voice actors.”

“The team plans to add more accents within English, but also work with accents of other languages, including Spanish and French.”

Cultocracy note :

Imagine what accents similar militarized systems are capable of emulating……

…….Using a neural network trained with voice call recordings of an entire country .


Cultocracy palindrome note :

“radar poop a peep”


Artificial General Intelligence

“In his talk yesterday at COSM 2021, venture capitalist and philanthropist Peter Thiel — the ultimate Silicon Valley insider, prophet, and sometimes needed gadfly — offered a cold shower for transhumanism, The Singularity, the computers we will supposedly merge with by 2030, and all that. “

“Those things, he thinks, are uncertain. “

We should worry about what’s happening now in everyday time, to which, in his view, too few are paying heed: The growth of total AI-based surveillance and the disappearance of privacy.”

Almost all the paths that lead to AGI, as it is currently conceived, go through giant organizations with giant databases, looking at people, modeling people, doing machine learning on people to build the AGI. “

You need this sort of surveillance to get to the AGI. And of course the surveillance AI has a sort of a creepy totalitarian undercurrent.”

“Indeed. Before the computer does our thinking for us, if ever, we may have long since become afraid to think for ourselves.”

Cultocracy note :

I guess an insider like Thiel should know what he is talking about .

Although it does sound odd coming from his mouth .

Or is it actually coming from his mouth ?

Quote : “….afraid to think for ourselves…”

A Freudian slip perhaps ?

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5G & IoT

Cultocracy primer alert note :

Earth and life simulations for the masses now have a collective name – the ‘metaverse’ .

This suggests that previously covert and highly classified technologies are being downgraded ready for mass market adoption and commercialization .

It also suggests that the front runners in the field are already subjected to the ‘metaverse’ in some form .

VR ? AR ?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet .

Imagine a hybrid world , part virtual reality – part reality , part subconscious – part conscious .

Subliminal conditioning will be designed to affect real behavior in the real world .

Global indoctrination via the more traditional methods of mass propaganda and fear will become obsolete .

A new God will emerge whom the masses will worship and adore .

Or at least that is the vision .


These modern technological trance formations are not really for me…..

I prefer a walk in the woods and a good nights sleep .

Although , to sell a virtual world to the masses you would have to create a situation in the real world whereby life was actually quite miserable…..

Also perhaps , create a situation whereby more traditional entertainment experiences become harder to access….

Maybe even deny access…..

Never gonna happen…..


Yet Another World Simulation

We need to confront climate change now. “

Yet, we won’t feel the impact of our efforts for decades. It’s hard to mobilize action for something so far in the future. “

“But we must know our future today — see it and feel it — so we can act with urgency.”

To make our future a reality today, simulation is the answer.”

“So, we will dedicate ourselves and our significant resources to direct NVIDIA’s scale and expertise in computational sciences, to join with the world’s climate science community.”

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Earth 2.0

Earth 2 is the platform for an upcoming augmented reality and virtual reality game which has created a unique opportunity for users via virtual property ownership. “

Earth 2 is a virtual version of planet earth, a 1:1 digital replica split into 5.1 trillion land ’tiles’ each measuring 10×10 meters. “

The tiles can currently be bought and sold for profit and in the next phase, those who own virtual land will be able to mine resources, rent properties, earn income taxes, and even earn cash from advertisements on their land.”

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DRAM Back Door

Researchers at ETH Zurich have discovered major vulnerabilities in DRAM memory devices, which are widely used in computers, tablets and smartphones. “

On a scale of 0 to 10, the severity of the vulnerability has been rated as 9.”

“An underlying, well-known problem with DRAMs is called Rowhammer and has been known for several years….”

“Rowhammer is an attack that exploits a fundamental weakness of modern DRAM memories.”

“Unfortunately, the problem still hasn’t been solved.”

“As a consequence, current DRAM memories are potentially exposed to attacks for which there is no line of defense—for years to come.”

Nevertheless, it is possible that nation states or powerful organizations could use such attacks for high-profile targets. “

Cultocracy last sentence astonished and aghast note :

No shit Sherlock…..

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5G Airplane Safety Concerns

AT&T and Verizon said they had agreed to delay by a month the commercial launch of a new 5G frequency band pending an assessment of any impact on aviation safety technologies.”

“The carriers had been set to use the C-Band spectrum for 5G service on Dec. 5 and have agreed to delay it until early January.”

“The FAA on Tuesday issued a bulletin alerting manufacturers, operators and pilots that action may be needed to address potential interference with sensitive aircraft electronics caused by the 5G deployment.”

The aviation industry has voiced alarm about the plan to use C-Band spectrum for more than a year.”




Military and Defence

Conversation and Debate is Dangerous

The dangerous conundrum at the heart of our interconnected society is how to contain disinformation and misinformation.”

Information disorder is a crisis that exacerbates all other crises.”

“When bad information becomes as prevalent, persuasive, and persistent as good information, it creates a chain reaction of harm.”

“The three all agreed that the First Amendment should not be seen as an impediment to trying to minimize lies and half-truths.”

Cultocracy note :


Perhaps the authors of the above report remember the ‘bad information’ and ‘half truths’ regrading Iraqi WMD’s which ignited a ‘chain reaction of harm’ and ‘exacerbated a global crisis’ which could be argued continues to the present day .

At least they are learning .


Surveillance Trojan Horse

The United States’ “Five Eyes” intelligence-sharing pact is a World War II relic that needs updating to better keep tabs on China, the chairman of a key house subcommittee on intelligence told Defense One.”

We are very much stuck on this ‘Five Eyes’ model, which I think is outdated….”

“The committee believes that, in confronting great power competition, the Five Eye countries must work closer together, as well as expand the circle of trust to other like-minded democracies.”

“I think you are going to have some people who are culturally unaware and at some base level are just xenophobic about sharing information with largely Asian, non-Anglo nations….”

“Honestly, they are just going to have to get over that, because this is a whole new world that we are going to be fighting in. And we are likely going to be fighting with these friends, and we don’t want to be in a fight without them.”

Cultocracy note :

A Trojan horse , the populations of the Five Eyes syndicate countries bear the brunt of globalist inspired geopolitical strategy .

Oh , by the way , I totally agree…..

There are lots of agencies and pacts which are now relics of WWII .

Oh , by the way again , surely xenophobia would encompass Sinophobia ?

Or even Russophobia , Iraqophobia , Syriaophobia , Agfganophobia or even Vietnamophobia .

In fact , to simplify matters we should just call it culturally unawareophobia .

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De Plane….De Plane……

A leaked video shows a British F-35 combat jet crashing into the Mediterranean Sea after failing to take off from the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.”

“The rare incident saw the UK lose one of its most advanced 24 warplanes. It was one of eight F-35 fighter jets docked on the new carrier.”

“The aircrafts are Britain’s most advanced and expensive jets. Costing almost £100m, they can land vertically and combine radar-evading stealth technology with supersonic speeds.”

Cultocracy note :

Probably an insurance job….

Although sinking to the ocean bottom definitely rates as ‘radar-evading stealth technology’ .

It took quite a while to actually locate the F35 , proof of just how stealthy it actually is .

The UK defence secretary conspiratorially concluded that rain covers were left on the intakes .

In fact the only cover involved was the coverup in the aftermath , the proof is : (a) A government official said it (b) It was initially reported by the BBC .

Are officials actually saying that the all singing all dancing F35 does not have a warning light when air is not actually reaching the engine ?

I do find it interesting how the UK M.o.D find it so easy to squander tax payers cash on globalist inspired ambitions .

I suggest giving the carrier and aircraft to the Taliban .

It would probably be more effective parked in the middle of the desert .

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Thoughts Into Text

A man paralyzed from the neck down due to a spinal cord injury he sustained in 2007 has shown he can communicate his thoughts, thanks to a brain implant system that translates his imagined handwriting into actual text.”

“The device – part of a longstanding research collaboration called BrainGate – is a brain-computer interface (BCI), that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret signals of neural activity generated during handwriting.”

“……electrodes implanted in his motor cortex recorded signals of his brain activity, which were then interpreted by algorithms running on an external computer…..”

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Exosuit for Walking

“Now, researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have developed a new approach in which robotic exosuit assistance can be calibrated to an individual and adapt to a variety of real-world walking tasks in a matter of seconds.”

“The bioinspired system uses ultrasound measurements of muscle dynamics to develop a personalized and activity-specific assistance profile for users of the exosuit.”

“The research team strapped a portable ultrasound system to the calves of participants and imaged their muscles as they performed a series of walking tasks. “

“When tested in real-world situations, the exosuit was able to quickly adapt to changes in walking speed and incline.”




Remote Sensing and Stimulation

Cultocracy note :

Havana syndrome ?

It woz the Russianz wot dunnit .

Or so says the US branch of the globalist MIC .

Also the FBI have suddenly declared ‘syndrome X’ a top priority .

I wonder why ?

Holographic Camera

Northwestern University researchers have invented a new high-resolution camera that can see the unseen — including around corners and through scattering media, such as skin, fog or potentially even the human skull.”

“Called synthetic wavelength holography, the new method works by indirectly scattering coherent light onto hidden objects, which then scatters again and travels back to a camera.”

“Our current sensor prototypes use visible or infrared light, but the principle is universal and could be extended to other wavelengths.”

“For example, the same method could be applied to radio waves for space exploration or underwater acoustic imaging. “

It can be applied to many areas, and we have only scratched the surface.”





Breaking the Blood-Brain Barrier

A University of Texas at Dallas-led team of researchers has developed a new technique to open the blood-brain barrier temporarily to deliver medication to the brain.”

The technique uses light and nanoparticles to pry open temporarily these barriers — called tight junctions — to allow medication to reach its target.”

“The technique involves injecting gold nanoparticles, which absorb light, into the bloodstream to target the blood-brain barrier. Researchers apply picosecond (one-trillionth of a second) laser pulses externally to activate the gold nanoparticles.”

“In their experiments, the researchers tested the method with cargos of antibodies, liposomes and adeno-associated viral vectors, which can be used to carry gene-editing components.”

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Memory Manipulation

Publishing in the journal Science, Kyoto University’s Akihiro Goto uses mouse brains to demonstrate a new neural-optic system to manipulate memories. “

The technique hinders nerve activity—known as long-term potentiation or LTP—which would otherwise consolidate memory during sleep.”

LTP strengthens synapses through neural activity and is critical for memory formation.”

““In ‘Men in Black’ the agents erase memories with a light flash. We did something similar,” he says with a smile. “

“Initially, the brains are injected with the adeno-associated virus or AAV, commonly used for gene delivery….”

“The occurrence of LTP in the hippocampus, where memories are first stored, is significant. When this area of the brain is irradiated, once immediately after the mouse learns a task and then again during sleep after learning, the memory is lost.”

“It was surprising that eliminating local LTP by targeted illumination clearly erased memory…..”

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Cultocracy note :

A recent joke I read in a comments column goes like this :

Q: What is the difference between conspiracy theory and fact ?

A: About 6 months .

Any hoo….

There appears to be a glut of ‘psychology’ based research papers regarding conspiracy theories at the moment .

Oddly enough , the rise of this type of research appears to correlate with the rise of regular folk questioning the official narrative .

Coincidentally , the upsurge in usage of the term ‘conspiracy theory’ is always linked to the stifling of critical thinking and dissent .

Or is that a conspiracy theory ?

The conspiracy of Covid-19 and 5G

“In a context of mistrust in public health institutions and practices, anti-COVID / vaccination protests and the storming of Congress have illustrated that conspiracy theories are real and immanent threat to health and wellbeing, democracy, and public understanding of science.”

One manifestation of this is the suggested correlation of COVID-19 with 5G mobile technology.”

“These conspiracy theories are not fringe phenomena, and they form part of a growing repertoire for conspiracist activist groups with capacities for organised violence.”

“Rather than spawning new conspiracy theories, COVID-19 has led to improvisations on many older ones, in this case linking it to mobile electromagnetic frequencies…..”

Facebook has been removing 5G-COVID posts citing that the theory could cause “physical harm”….”

Conspiracy theories in general carry potentially serious public health risks….”

Endorsement of conspiracy theories is negatively correlated with education, with feelings of powerlessness and subjective social class…..”

“Conspiracy theories are of serious consequence to civic and public wellbeing…..”

Cultocracy note :

Inspired by the astonishingly lengthy paper above I have decided to write my own conspiracy inspired psychology research paper , it is provisionally titled :

“5G , COVID and other ostentatious conspiracies , especially regarding spatial statistical analysis fallacies in the age of data democratization with emergent properties and the correlation complexity to the fallacy of democracy – (Because nobody conspires against anybody else in this world , or at least my world you unwashed scum) ” .

In fact , the title of may paper is longer than the actual contents , which read :

Power brokers politicians their puppets and patsies , deceive , destroy , lie , cheat and steal .

Always .

P.S. Please can I have some more research cash .



Nudge Nudge….

The last two years have seen a culmination of a nearly century-long effort to perfect social engineering and psychological warfare techniques in the Western world. Some observers have remarked that a significant portion of the population appears to be under a spell. They may be closer to the truth than they think.

“As previously reported by The Guardian and The UK Column, governments across the Western world—especially among the Five Eyes—have been using “Nudge Theory” and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to effectively change people’s behaviors without their conscious knowledge.”

“Since its foundations were laid in The Structure of Magic by John Grinder and Richard Bandler, NLP practitioners have described NLP as having magic-like qualities.”

“So today, it is believed that by “re-framing” reality and the narratives people live their lives by , it’s believed that people can be “nudged” into making choices they otherwise would not make.”

“Commissioned by the UK Cabinet Office, MindSpace is filled with techniques that could be used to target what its authors refer to as “automatic processes” i.e. unconscious processes. “

The document reads like a “how to” on changing people’s thoughts and behavior patterns without their conscious knowledge or consent.”

“The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) appears to be one of the most effective nodes in this psychological warfare web. Its website states that they have offices across the entirety of the Five Eyes, as well as France.”

The key to breaking the spell is naming it.”

“Once a name is put on these “structures,” forcing them out of the automatic processes and into conscious processes, the programs essentially stop running…..”

Cultocracy note :

Richard Bandler and John Grinder are credited as the founders of NLP .

Not true .

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Synthetic Biology

Cultocracy quest for the elixir note :

My tireless research into a cure for COVID has finally led me to a breakthrough balm .

I was inspired to burn the research based midnight oil and offer my services after reading about the paltry sums made by national heroes and global saviors Pfizer et al. , whom I have now partnered with .

This particular vaccine is guaranteed to cure all variants and viruses , ailments and afflictions , infections and illness .

As a Christmas bonus it also cures hangovers , flatulence and bad breath .

It is based on a historical concoction endorsed by the late Samuel Pepys no less .

I sourced the vital ingredient on credit from a reputable source in Wuhan , China , of which I now have 10,000 units in storage , enough for 114 million doses .

The SAGE ‘Trust the Science (TM)’ scientifically verified contact was personally endorsed by my mates Gav (the Chav) , Matt (the Hat) and Mike (the Pike) .

I am expecting a pittance of remuneration of around $500 million , which I will sink into further research and the purchase of vital lab equipment in my ardent and tireless quest for Global Health and Security (TM) .

Further research avenues :

I mustn’t tarry , I have already wasted several minutes of vital research time typing this .


Robots That Can Reproduce

Now scientists have discovered an entirely new form of biological reproduction — and applied their discovery to create the first-ever, self-replicating living robots.”

“With the right design — they will spontaneously self-replicate….”

These cells have the genome of a frog, but, freed from becoming tadpoles, they use their collective intelligence, a plasticity, to do something astounding.”

“…..with an artificial intelligence program an evolutionary algorithm was able to test billions of body shapes in simulation to find ones that allowed the cells to be more effective at the motion-based “kinematic” replication….”

“….the AI came up with some strange designs after months of chugging away, including one that resembled Pac-Man…”

We found Xenobots that walk. We found Xenobots that swim. And now, in this study, we’ve found Xenobots that kinematically replicate. What else is out there?

These millimeter-sized living machines, entirely contained in a laboratory, easily extinguished, and vetted by federal, state and institutional ethics experts, “are not what keep me awake at night. “

What presents risk is the next pandemic and threats from climate change,” says UVM’s Bongard. “

This research was supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

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Cultocracy scientific research note :

I have formulated a simple yet effective way to accrue more R&D cash , usually yielding an increase of around 15%-20% , which I am sure you’ll agree will go a long way to help with the purchase of crucial lab equipment .

I have condensed the technique into an easily memorable stanza :

“Cash for academics , always mention pandemics .”
“Don’t be short changed , cite climate change .”

If using the above method , please send a small portion of surplus fundage to the $hitcoin address below , which will go towards the purchase of even more lab eqipment .

$hitcoin donations :


Cultocracy quote note :


Quote : “Contained in a lab…vetted by federal and state institutional ethics experts……”

That definitely would keep me awake .

Not related (I think) :

  1. A Plague of Frogs
  2. The 10 Plagues of Egypt





Cultocracy note :

Not sure what to make of the following story , details are sketchy , coincidences and fakery abound these days .

What do you think ?


We have received information that Dr Andreas Noack died last Tuesday (23rd November 2021) after he had previously given a ‘remote’ lecture interview about graphene hydroxide being an inclusion in the current range of vaccines – which is leading to widespread internal bleeding in the victims.”

Dr Noack had written his doctorate on the effects of carbon-nano structures on graphene/carbon materials.”

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  3. WATCH: Dr Andreas Noack Arrested in Brutal Display of German Lockdown Police State
  4. Dangerous Graphene Oxide In Vaccines – by Dr Andreas Noack – Killed

Cultocracy note :

Whatever you think……

You do have to admit Germany has gone full Fourth Reich .





Magic Mushrooms

A deadly fungus infects and controls the minds of house flies, before consuming them from the inside out — and that’s just the start of its gruesome reproductive strategy.”

“As the fungus’s grand finale, its spores, which poke from the cadavers of infected female flies, emit an alluring scent that seduces males into mating with the corpses. “

“When the pathogenic fungus Entomophthora muscae infects house flies it begins by manipulating their behavior, compelling the flies to climb to an elevated surface….”

“The zombie flies then cling and die there with their wings outstretched, in order to better disperse the fungal spores that sprouted from their bodies.”

“But for female flies, the horror doesn’t end with their deaths.”

The fungus also emits chemicals resembling those produced by females when they’re ready to mate.”

Possibly related (or maybe not , who knows) :

  1. David Fuller: Harsher necrophilia sentences being examined as Javid apologises for crimes at NHS hospitals
  2. Savile sex scandal hits horrific new low as former colleague Paul Gambaccini claims on Radio Five Live that DJ was a ‘necrophiliac’




Health & Medical

Cultocracy note :


What came first ?

The chicken or the egg ?

Sleep and COVID

Research shows a 31 percent increased risk for hospitalization and mortality in patients with sleep-disordered breathing and sleep-related hypoxia.”

“The prevalence of sleep problems during the COVID-19 pandemic is high and affects approximately 40% of people from the general and health care populations. “

Patients with active COVID-19 appeared to have a higher prevalence rates of sleep problems.”

Cultocracy note :

The detrimental health effects of sleep disruption and sleep deprivation are well documented .

Are you targeted ?

That depends…….

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  1. The impacts of sleep deprivation on mental and physical wellbeing

Further reading :

  1. What is chronodisruption?
  2. Melatonin and Health Benefits (PDF)
  3. New perspectives on the role of melatonin in human sleep, circadian rhythms and their regulation
  4. Post-Concussion Syndrome: Light Sensitivity after a Concussio
  5. Search term : “melatonin circadian rhythm”









Even more reading :

  1. Effect of occupational EMF exposure from radar at two different frequency bands on plasma melatonin and serotonin levels.
  2. Recent advances in the effects of microwave radiation on brains
  3. The role of clock genes in sleep, stress and memory
  4. Know Your Brain: Suprachiasmatic Nucleus
  5. The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus and the Circadian Timekeeping System of the Body
  6. Search term : “melatonin emf microwave”


Smell and COVID-19

More than one million U.S. citizens who contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus suffered a lingering loss of their sense of smell in a condition called anosmia…..”

“Typically, this loss of smell comes with a loss of taste, since the two senses are interrelated. “

“Earlier studies have suggested that 30% to 80% of people who contracted COVID-19 will also experience some degree of anosmia.”

“….it seems all the rest of us can do is enjoy our sense of smell, while we can.”

Cultocracy note :

Think I contracted COVID (again) and can confirm one of my symptoms is anosmia .

All I can smell now is a rat .


Genome Sequencing for Newborn Babies

Genomics England, a government owned company, recently announced a pilot program of whole genome sequencing to screen for genetic diseases in 200,000 healthy seeming newborns.

“Extensive clinical evidence has shown that screening for genetic diseases saves lives, and research has shown that it can be cost effective, say Leslie Biesecker and colleagues at the US National Human Genome Research Institute.”

Routine genome sequencing in newborns will eventually happen…..”

“Only by sequencing the entire genome of a person early in life can the full potential of genomic diagnosis be realized….”

“……providing opportunities to make diagnoses more quickly and accurately and to bring targeted and gene based therapies to the bedside with minimal delay.”

“But David Curtis at University College London argues that a person’s genome is a vast quantity of personal data…..”

“And he raises concerns that our most personal data might be misused, noting that some governments are reportedly carrying out mass collection of DNA, with the potential to use it for repressive practices…..”

Cultocracy note :

Not wasting any time with ‘gene based therapies’…..

Almost as if the ‘therapies’ are ready and waiting in the wings .

Humans are now officially the new resource .

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  2. Epigenetics – Shaping Humanity
  3. Nano Fibres , Bacteria , D.N.A manipulation , Epigenetics
  4. Is Eugenics Alive, Well And Actually Thriving Today?


Assisted Death only for Vaccinated

Anyone wishing to be euthanized now has to first present proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid, as per the new guidelines issued by Germany’s euthanasia association. “

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel told her fellow party members on Monday that the current wave of Covid in Germany was worse than any previous one and called for stricter measures to contain it.”

“The country’s health minister, Jens Spahn, went even further, claiming that “by the end of this winter everyone in Germany will either be vaccinated, recovered or dead.”

Cultocracy note :

When Cultocracy contacted Jens Spahn he stated that he would prefer German people mostly to be dead after winter .




$cientific $cammer of the Month

DNA Mining

A U.K. government-approved COVID-19 PCR testing firm is under investigation after their plans to sell customer DNA taken from their swabs came to light.

“This past weekend The Sunday Times reported that one of the largest government-approved COVID-19 testing providers in the U.K., Cignpost Diagnostics, is under investigation by the government’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) data privacy watchdog, after the ICO became aware that the company stated they intend to analyze and/or sell client DNA samples obtained from their polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.”

“The company, which is approved by the U.K. government as a PCR provider and has provided more than 3 million tests since its founding in June, had announced its plans to sell sensitive medical data to third party researchers in order to “learn more about human health.”

“According to the Daily Mail, the company, which trades under the name ExpressTest, was not upfront with customers that swabs of their DNA could be sold to “collaborators” including universities and private companies, for medical research. “

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  1. Covid test firm ‘to sell swabs carrying customers’ DNA’
  2. Government-approved Covid testing firm faces watchdog probe over plans to sell swabs with customers’ DNA for medical research

Cultocracy joke note :

Q: What is the difference between conspiracy theory and fact ?

A: About 1 year and 2 months .


Te$t & Trace – Dredging the Barrel

Fears that bureaucrats are once again scheming to cancel Christmas arose again after a top health boss told Brits to avoid socialising with their friends and family over the festive period.”

Dr Jenny Harries, the current head of NHS Test and Trace, has told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that people can do their bit to reduce the spread of the new omicron variant by reducing the number of social contacts they have…..”

Cultocracy probably a conspiracy theory note :


Very clever Jenny….

Jenny has been somewhat off message recently , a ghost-like heretic figure , rarely seen in public .

Jenny is also obviously aware that the narrative has collapsed and people do the exact opposite of what any pseudo-official tells them to do .

Thus , telling people not to socialize increases social contact thereby invogorating and revitalising the establishment racket known as te$t and trace .

You crafty devil you……




Cultocracy Festive Note

Cultocracy letter to Santa blatant plug note :

What do you think the next variant of COVID will be called when the end of the Greek alpahbet is reached ???

Incidentally , I have created an educational trading card game called ‘Name that Strain’ (TM) and a new educational board game called ‘Symptomopoly’ (TM) .

Great for all the family , or at least those who are allowed to visit .

Guaranteed hours of fun , or at least five minutes before being thrown in the bin or eaten by the dog .

Both games are vailable at all good retailers at an extortionate price just in time foor the Christmas rush .

All profits from which will be ploughed into further vital research .

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