Nanotechnology News – March 2021

Cultocracy note :

To jab or not to jab , that is the question….

Like many , I am personally neither pro nor anti vaccine .

I am more pro freedom and pro personal choice .

As as the controllers in the UK would prefer to call it , quid pro no .

That is , no freedom and no personal choice .

Or as those attempting to control the narrative like to call me and people of my ilk ; ‘nutjob conspiracy theorist crackpot anti-science anti-vax malign influencer dangerous domestic terrorist potentially mass murdering baby killing threat to society and all that is good and true’ .

Yet another badge of honour , I have quite a few .

Regarding the ongoing vaccine debate , many people will believe they have nothing to fear from any form of state authority and the corporate medical establishment , the two are often intertwined .

Such people are professional , they can be trusted , as they never tire of reminding us in their very own spurious , hypocritical and patronising manner .

They are not compromised or controlled in any way .

They do not represent their globalist inspired financial overlords .

The invisible controllers themselves have no agenda .

Other people have a different perspective .

Are they simply being cautious ? Is it the vaccine wars at play ? Do they know something we do not know ? Is it simply playground politicking ?

Or do other nations simply not trust the corrupted and rotten Western based power bloc ?

Or is it something more subtle , a sort of , “Hurry , hurry , hurry…..Get this vaccine now folks whilst you can cos there’s gonna be none left soon” .

One of many psychological nudges aimed at the public .

Whichever way you care to look at the topic , mistrust of governments and established systems is the core issue , now more than ever .

They have now had a taste of true power and dominion , will it be relinquished without a fight ?

To jab or not to jab , also known as divide and control .

The single and most genuine form of domestic terrorism .

The oldest trick in the book .

Why fix the playbook it if it’s not broken .




Nanotechnology News – March 2021



Genetic Engineering

Lunar Gene Bank

A “lunar ark” hidden inside the moon’s lava tubes could preserve the sperm, eggs and seeds of millions of Earth’s species, a group of scientists has proposed.”

The ark, or gene bank, would be safely hidden in these hollowed-out tunnels and caves sculpted by lava more than 3 billion years ago and would be powered by solar panels above. “

It would hold the cryogenically preserved genetic material of all 6.7 million known species of plants, animals and fungi on Earth…”

“The scientists presented their lunar ark plans on Sunday (March 7) at the IEEE Aerospace Conference….”

“The lava tubes have also been suggested as excellent places to build lunar cities for a human civilization on the moon as well…..”


DARPA to develop COVID-19 sensor

“Army researchers joined an 18-month effort led by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, to identify and combine a suite of technologies that would form a stand-alone bio-aerosol monitor capable of detecting SARS-CoV-2.”

“The team’s ultimate goal is to develop a prototype sensor that can detect SARS-CoV-2 in the air…”

Army Research Labs (ARL) has a unique capability to design and synthesize selective biosensor recognition elements using short synthetic peptides, called Protein Catalyzed Capture agents, which mimic the attachment mechanism of antibodies.”

“This capture component ideally can be incorporated into any biological detection device, such as test strips or graphene-based detectors, like the one being developed…”

Cultocracy note :

My ‘man on the inside’ has provided me with this image (below) of the prototype DARPA COVID-19 sensor .

Taken at great personal risk to himself using a minute camera hidden up his arse .

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TNT for Brains

“Scientists at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, College of Engineering and College of Medicine have developed technology to “retrain” cells to help repair damaged brain tissue.”

“….researchers use a process created by Ohio State called tissue nanotransfection (TNT) to introduce genetic material into cells.”

“In this mouse study, cells were ‘pre-conditioned’ with specific genes and injected into the stroke-affected brains, where they promoted the formation of new blood vessels via reprogramming and the repair of damaged brain tissue. “

“We can rewrite the genetic code of skin cells so that they can become blood vessel cells…”

“When they’re deployed into the brain, they’re able to grow new, healthy vascular tissue to restore normal blood supply and aid in the repair of damaged brain tissue.”

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Quantum Computing & Communications

Ultracold Quantum Collisions in Space

Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) emerge when a dilute gas of atoms is cooled close to absolute zero and begins behaving as a single, strange chunk of quantum matter—similar to how wriggling water molecules transform into a block of ice once they are chilled.”

“When two BECs collide, instead of bouncing off one another like atoms usually do, they interact as waves.”

“An encounter between two misaligned condensates results in a wave-interference pattern: alternating bright stripes where the two waves enhanced each other and dark stripes where they annihilated each other. Creating and studying these patterns in matter is called atom interferometry.”

Onboard the MAIUS-1 rocket, a carefully choreographed system of lasers split the ultracold atoms into multiple matter waves before letting them collide.”

“Images captured inside the rocket, and analyzed once the spacecraft returned to Earth, showed a detailed striped interference pattern that emerged from slight differences in the shapes and positions of each BEC’s peaks and troughs.”

“By studying such details, the researchers could tell whether, prior to crashing, the matter waves had been changed by interacting with light or any other forces in their surroundings.”

Atoms are sensitive to all of it…”

“I expect that as time goes on, we will see atom interferometers in space that are better than anything that’s been on the ground.”

“The extreme precision offered by atom interferometry also ushers in the small possibility that signatures of exotic forces, perhaps those associated with some models of dark energy, could be spotted through the technique.”



Artificial Intelligence – AI

The holy grail of AI is a system that possesses traits of human emotions and consciousness .

Some seek machines that are more human .

Others prefer humans that are more machine .

Many wish for a merger of man and machine .

More AI Guff

For all the progress that’s been made in the field of artificial intelligence, the world’s most flexible, efficient information processor remains the human brain. “

“…the startup Nara Logics, co-founded by an MIT alumnus, is trying to take artificial intelligence to the next level by more closely mimicking the brain. “

“The company’s AI engine uses recent discoveries in neuroscience to replicate brain structure and function at the circuit level.”

“The result is an AI platform that holds a number of advantages over traditional neural network-based systems.”

“Manufacturers are already using Nara Logics’ platform to better understand data from internet-of-things devices….”

“We think the most important difference we’re contributing to is building an AI where people participate and people are in the loop….”

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NFT Artwork Painted By Robot

HONG KONG (Reuters) -A digital artwork by humanoid robot Sophia was sold at auction on Thursday for $688,888 in the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), the latest sign of a frenzy in the NFT art world.

NFTs, a digital signature saved on blockchain ledgers that allows anyone to verify the ownership and authenticity of items, have become the latest investment craze, with one artwork selling this month for nearly $70 million.”

Titled “Sophia Instantiation,” the digital work is a 12-second MP4 file….”

“Art collector and blockchain investor Jehan Chu believes there’s a lot of money waiting to invest in digital goods and while the digital art sector is looking frothy right now, he sees huge potential.”

“At the end of the day, it’s very clear that there is a sea change going on in terms of how society and how consumers think about digital goods. “

And it’s pretty astounding where this is going to lead us.”

Cultocracy quote note :

Quote : “…it’s pretty astounding where this is going to lead us…”

Pretty astounding ?

Blinded by greed .

Similar to a rabbit in the headlights .

Coming soon…..

The world’s first cyber art heist….

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5G & IoT

Cultocracy note :

New domestic laws of oppression are being quietly ushered in during the COVID fog of war .

In the UK we now live in very fragile and troubling times .

The level of mass surveillance grows with every passing day .

The general public officially now have no freedoms or privacy .

The ‘war on terror’ and the ‘war on drugs’ provide a convenient pretext for state level harassment operations….

Which themselves provide a pretext for other more nefarious operations…..

Or worse…..

The type of legislation described below serves only one purpose which is to protect the establishment and suppress resistance to any official narrative .

Always at the expense of the people .

Although there are signs of resistance .

Saying that , the establishment will need to keep law enforcement on side , they may need it .

Are the small steps enacted recently by governments part of a larger emerging puzzle ?

Or is it simply a case of milking the public for every last cent the controllers imagine we can cough up ?

I personally think you will find that the pandemic will conveniently cease to exist when all business has been transacted and there is nothing left for the public to cede .

Like many people I am now thinking of emigrating to a more free country .

Maybe North Korea .

BT Part of Surveillance State

For the last two years police and internet companies across the UK have been quietly building and testing surveillance technology that could log and store the web browsing of every single person in the country.

“The tests, which are being run by two unnamed internet service providers, the Home Office and the National Crime Agency, are being conducted under controversial surveillance laws introduced at the end of 2016. “

“If successful, data collection systems could be rolled out nationally, creating one of the most powerful and controversial surveillance tools used by any democratic nation. “

“The trial is being conducted under the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, dubbed the Snooper’s Charter, and involves the creation of Internet Connection Records, or ICRs.”

“When passed five years ago, many aspects of the legislation were controversial – and ICRs were high on the list. “

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden called the law “the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy”.”

The specific nature of the trial is a closely guarded secret.”

Of the UK’s major internet providers only Vodafone confirmed that it has not been involved in any trials that involve storing people’s internet data. “

“Spokespeople for BT, Virgin Media and Sky refused to comment on any measures around the Investigatory Powers Act. Mobile network operator Three did not respond to a request for comment. “

Smaller internet service providers say that they have not been included in any trials.”

Cultocracy note :

Well , there you have it .

If the above article concerns you then switch to Vodaphone or a smaller ISP .

Better still switch to TOR , VPN or proxy connection .

Even better still , just don’t give a s**t .

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The Golden Fleece

A surveillance contractor, that claims to have access to motor vehicles’ real-time location in nearly every country in the world, told Motherboard that it’s planning on sharing that data with U.S. federal agencies. “

“This way, they can carry out more efficient spying and military operations.

“The Ulysses Group states it has access to more than 15 billion vehicle locations worldwide every month, with the exception of North Korea and Cuba.”

“The information can apparently be viewed both in real-time and at a later date. “

“….the total global revenue gathered by car data could range between $450 billion and $750 billion.”

“It’s no news that private contractors such as the Ulysses Group are employed by government agencies to gather and provide data….”

“As the Group explains in its document, its intentions are to assist agencies with spying and extra intelligence.”

Cultocracy note :

The shadowy Ulysees Group are involved in many other unofficial ‘targeting and surveillance’ programmes , together with their friends and associates .

The group has a global reach .

The Ulysees Group website states that the group has ‘full spectrum capabilities‘ .

The Ulysees Group have partnered with CACI International .

The Ulysees Group have also partnered with Leidos , who in conjunction with the C.I.A developed the Stargate Project which went black in the 1990’s .

Also SRC who are heavily involved in RADAR research and development .

As the deep state goes , it doesn’t get much deeper .

Are you targeted ?

That depends….Who’s asking ?


Biosensing  Headphones

Rutgers engineers have invented a cheap and easy way by transforming headphones into sensors that can be plugged into smartphones, identify their users, monitor their heart rates and perform other services.”

“Their invention, called HeadFi, is based on a small plug-in headphone adapter that turns a regular headphone into a sensing device.”

“The engineers conducted experiments with 53 volunteers using 54 pairs of headphones with estimated prices ranging from $2.99 to $15,000. “

“HeadFi can achieve 97.2 percent to 99.5 percent accuracy on user identification, 96.8 percent to 99.2 percent on heart rate monitoring and 97.7 percent to 99.3 percent on gesture recognition.”


Fourth Industrial Revolution

“As internet of things (IoT) devices continue to seep into our homes and offer an increasingly wide range of features, new concerns are beginning to arise about the security of the data processed by these devices. “

“As is the case with any other IoT device, there are certain threats to privacy when using internet-enabled adult toys. “

“….researchers have found ransomware aimed at locking vulnerable chastity belts while the devices are in use and demanding that the victims pay a ransom…”

“…an attacker could take control of the toy leading to DoS (denial of service) attacks that block any commands from being delivered…”

“….or a device that is weaponized in order to carry out malicious actions…”

“Is an attack on a sexual device sexual abuse and could it even lead to a sexual assault charge?”

…one could say the era of smart sex toys is just beginning.”


Security Camera Feed Hacked

A group of hackers says it’s gained access to over 150,000 security cameras’ live and archived footage….”

“They managed to do so by hacking into Verkada’s networka startup that makes and sells surveillance cameras. “

“The hackers published the videos and images from the surveillance cameras that were placed in companies, jails, hospitals, schools, and more…..”

Cultocracy whisper note :


Rumour has it that the hacked hospital feeds show wards which were no busier than normal , although extremely short staffed .

Contrary to the official narrative .



Military and Defence

Cultocracy note :

Does the rest of the globe really want British influence to be projected onto the world stage ?

Or like the domestic UK population do they not have a choice in the matter ?

The Western merger of state , financial , military and corporate powers is almost complete .

This was inevitable , the crooked and corrupted , power crazed structures never go away , in a rapidly changing world they adapt , they evolve , they survive .

Some would say that the dark powers are now simply coming ‘out of the closet’ .

I sincerely hope they don’t bring their skeletons with them .

Fascism back in Fashion

The coronavirus pandemic has been used as an opportunity by threat actors, including states. “

The future of national security and defence will increasingly be focused on the information domain.”

“The armed forces will, for example, increasingly train in synthetic environments and defence and security personnel will continue to need ever more sophisticated methods, and ever more computing power, to make sense of the vast amounts of data that are features of the world they operate in.”

“The UK government’s announcement of a £16.5-billion uplift of Ministry of Defence (MoD) funding should be seen in this context.”

“Much is said about the success of the US Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the intelligence community’s In-Q-Tel.”

“There is a cognitive dissonance between officials who live in a world of cloud, AI, biometrics, data analytics and augmented reality, yet return to their Whitehall desk to deliver programmes that are not able to fully embrace the latest technologies.”

“The military will increasingly need to work with, and help foster the creation of, companies like Improbable, originally a gaming company that now creates synthetic environments for a range of defence applications.”

Cultocracy note :

How to dismantle a society for dummies .

Also known as you reap what you sow .

The Western based cabal has been busy dismantling societies for centuries , on both the international and domestic fronts .

The scales are now tipping slowly in the wrong direction .

Globalisation , a Western construct based on capital greed , invasion and pillage , also means that an individual can now choose sides , in fact there are now no sides .

A multipolar world is being created , as are multipolar nations , as are multipolar cities .

Chinese capital is coveted and courted , the traditional Russian bogeyman is as dead as the Dodo for the common people , idealogical violence Islamic militancy has been put to bed , for now at least .

Where can the dark powers find a new terror , a brand new very convenient national existential threat ?

Whatever arises , the usual answer from the controllers is always ever more draconian domestic control measures for the masses whilst enriching themselves .

Power induced ecstasy and euphoria will soon give way to fear and paranoia which already reigns supreme in the higher echelons , ever increasing numbers are now waking up to the atrocities and crimes against humanity committed in the name of power and greed , which are beyond the comprehension of most .

Factions are forming , armies of mind manipulated moronic mercenary minions are being built to defend the fort and the oligarchs within .

A siege mentality prevails , the dialectic is shaping opinions .

Judgement day approaches for many .

Anyhoo……..That’s enough biblical booming……

I also wonder what the UK controllers could mean by ’emerging weapons’ , as cited in the Integrated Review 2021 .

Surely a misnomer , it should read ’emergent weapons’ .

Or should that be established weapons ?

Another misnomer , the nuclear deterrent is actually a byword for black projects and budgetary black holes .

Ironically , funding which is diverted for the development , construction and consolidation of ’emerging’ weaponry .

Fraud on a national , if not global scale , based on the usual tactics of existential fear and terror .

The oldest tricks in the book .

Why fix the playbook it if it’s not broken .

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Britain to Cut F-35 Orders

The British Armed Forces are reportedly expected to make deep cuts to planned orders for F-35B fifth generation fighters….”

Britain was previously the largest client for the F-35 other than the United States with 138 aircraft on order…..”

“The F-35B benefits from short takeoff and vertical landing capabilities which allow it to deploy from makeshift runways and from aircraft carriers….”

The possibility of leasing one of the two carrier to the U.S. Navy due to a shortage of F-35s has also been raised…..”

Cultocracy note :


It appears that some people do not realise the true nature of modern warfare .

The traditional funding sources for ‘conventional weaponry’ , used for ‘defence’ , are drying up .

This suggests that the legacy funding model is as obsolete as the weapons themselves , the highly competitive export market is already saturated with imports , cheaper imports and even cheaper imports .

This would also suggest that the current funding model is now self sustaining .

One ring to rule them all .

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Cultocracy note :

Some seek a machine that is more human .

Others prefer humans that are more machine .

Many wish for a merger of man and machine .

Volunteers need not apply .

Tapping into the Brain

“Using a new class of nanoparticles that are two thousand times thinner than a human hair, Sakhrat Khizroev, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University’s College of Engineering, hopes to unlock the secrets of the brain.”

“Using a novel class of ultrafine units called magnetoelectric nanoparticles (MENPs), he and his research group are perfecting a method to talk to the brain without wires or implants.”

The only way to truly tap in is wirelessly—through nanotechnology…..”

“Khizroev and his research team plan to introduce millions of MENs intravenously into the body, allowing the particles, which are two thousand times thinner than a human hair, to move freely through the bloodstream and cross the protective blood-brain barrier…..”

“Our brains are pretty much electrical engines, and what’s so remarkable about MENPs is that they understand not only the language of electric fields but also that of magnetic fields…”

Once the MENPs are inside the brain and positioned next to neurons, we can stimulate them with an external magnetic field, and they in turn produce an electric field we can speak to, without having to use wires…”

“The group’s research has all the elements of a great science fiction novel, but in this case, the work is fact, not concoction.”

“From targeted drug delivery for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases to the exchange of data between computers and the brain, the implications are enormous….”

“…such knowledge will help enable neuromorphic computing in which computers mimic the way the brain works. “

“Khizroev is developing his wireless brain interface project with Ping Liang, cofounder of Cellular Nanomed….”

“In the most recent initiative, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has funded the College of Engineering professor to develop a wireless brain-computer interface….”

We can only imagine how our everyday life will change with such technology.”

Cultocracy note :

Do you still want that all important vaccine ‘freedom pass’ ?

Too late I hear you say…..

The article above may give you an indication as to why there is resistance to any type of vaccination .

Magnetic nano particles are just one of many similar approaches which produce the same results .


They wouldn’t do that….

Would they ????

My guess is that we will soon find out that the answer is yes .

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Deus Sex Machina

People are not very nice to machines.”

Yet USC researchers report that people affected by COVID-19 are showing more goodwill—to humans and to human-like autonomous machines.”

“The new discovery here is that when people are distracted by something distressing, they treat machines socially like they would treat other people.”

“We found greater faith in technology due to the pandemic and a closing of the gap between humans and machines….”

“Also, scientific breakthroughs that produced coronavirus vaccines in record time may have renewed faith in technology. “

“But the study also raises concerns. For example, nefarious programmers could design machines to look and sound more human to gain people’s trust and then defraud them. “

Cultocracy quote note :

Quote : “New discovery” = Load of Bol***ks .

If you deprive people of social interaction for long enough you may well find that they will eventually have sex with their fridge .

Or even the TV .

Or maybe even both ..

Perhaps at the same time …



Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Cultocracy note :

Watchin you…..Watchin me…..

Deadly Microwave Weapons

“When U.S. diplomats began mysteriously falling ill in Havana in 2016, scientists were perplexed by the cause. “

Deadly Microwave Weapons“Until they realized that the cause was probably a microwave weapon that bathed the target in deadly radiation.”

“Now the U.S. military wants a sensor that will alert soldiers when they are being attacked by microwave weapons. “

“Because soldiers may not even realize they are under attack by a beam that is invisible to the eye, but painfully apparent to the brain.”

“The Defense Health Agency (DHA) is looking for a wearable sensor that will detect radio-frequency (RF) weapons, which project intense beams of electromagnetic energy, including microwaves.”

“Without known patterns of RF injury to guide diagnosis, it will be difficult to differentiate RF injury from other common sources of illness and injury such as heat stroke….”

“Indeed, the U.S. government initially dismissed reports that U.S. diplomatic and intelligence personnel were suffering from headaches, nausea and ringing in the ears.”

“Beyond headaches and vertigo, RF weapons can actually damage the human nervous system.”

“Perhaps the most significant aspect of this project is what it says about the future battlefield. “

Directed energy weapons, such as lasers and microwaves, had enjoyed an exotic aura. “

“But the fact that the U.S. military wants its foot soldiers to detect microwave attacks suggests that these weapons may become a part of conventional warfare.”

Cultocracy note :

I thought that microwave weapons did not even exist ?

Microwave neuroweaponry , directed energy weaponry ?

Yet another conspiracy theory turns out to be conspiracy fact .

In fact , you can now state with some authority that if a topic is decribed as a conspiracy theory then it is an approximation to the truth .

Similar weaponry is deployed extensively on the domestic fronts of many , many countries .

Currently deployed in a wide range of clandestine operations , including neural manipulation , torture and soft-kill assassination .

More sophisticated systems are global in reach .

I wonder if you could incorprate microwave sensing technology into a wearable for the public ?

A mask perhaps ?


Cultocracy note :

Many people are perplexed by black projects such as Blue Beam .

Unless you understand the technology and the psychology .

The premise is actually quite simple .

Develop and deploy a massive psychological deception programme on a global scale which will cause national populations to unite and facilitate the current crop of global technological power brokers to consolidate power and wealth whilst nudging the entire world in a direction suited to their own agenda .

Never gonna happen…..

Star Trek Fan Club Expands

France has begun its first military exercises in space to test its ability to defend its satellites, in a sign of the growing competition between world powers in Earth’s orbit.”

“….the drills will simulate the monitoring of a potentially dangerous space object, as well as a threat to a satellite.”

“The new US Space Force and German space agencies are taking part in the French exercises….”

“She said that France planned to develop anti-satellite laser weapons and new surveillance capabilities…..”

Cultocracy whisper note :


Rumour has it that during the exercise the French satellite dropped it’s laser weapon and hastily retreated to another orbit when approached by it’s ‘adversary’ .

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Google Soli Sleep Surveillance

Google’s next internet-connected home device will test whether you rely enough on the company to let it monitor your sleeping pattern.”

“It also offers a springboard for Google to get involved in what critics call Sleep Surveillance.”

“This device will also monitor your sleeping pattern and tell you whether you need to wear a fitness device or other gadgets in bed. “

Google offers it for free for a year. “

It relies on what Google calls Soli, a new chip that detects motion using radar. “

It also monitors breathing depth of a person.”

Cultocracy note :

There is no such thing as a free lunch in the modern world .

Just like the junk dealers giving the poor kids a free shot at the school gates .

I wonder where this type of sleep research is heading ?

Sounds like a nightmare to me .

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How the Brain Learns From Subconscious Stimuli

The study, a collaboration between KU Leuven, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard was published in Neuron.”

Perception improves by repeated practice with visual stimuli, a phenomenon known as visual perceptual learning (VPL).”

Previous research has shown that when people are rewarded during the presentation of visual stimuli that are not consciously perceivable, they can still perceive these stimuli afterwards.

“Although this is a known phenomenon, researchers were unsure as to how exactly this unconscious perceptual learning comes about.”

“The researchers activated part of the reward system at the base of the brain stem….the ventral tegmental area….”

This includes cells that produce dopamine….”

“When the monkeys received subconscious visual stimuli while the ventral tegmental area was stimulated, they knew details about those images afterwards. “

“By stimulating areas of the brain that produce dopamine, we could, for example, enable people to regain their speech more quickly or improve their motor skills after an accident or illness.”

Cultocracy note :

The above article describes in simple terms the generalized approach for the brainwashing of individuals .

A basic carrot and stick approach to behavioral modification .

A more refined technique is extensively by a variety of state and non-state outfits worldwide .


NASA Microphone Detects Turbulence Hundreds of Miles Away

Everything in the atmosphere can make a sound.”

Much like how infrared light consists of frequencies that aren’t visible to the naked eye, there’s an audio analogue called infrasound.”

Infrasound consists of pitches too low to be heard by the human ear, between 0.001 and 20 hertz.”

“Though it isn’t easily detected visually, clear-air turbulence has a definite infrasound signature. “

“The researchers used a low-tension diaphragm with a wide radius paired with a large, sealed air chamber behind it to allow the microphone to hear these ultralow sound waves that travel great distances.”

“The infrasonic microphones are manufactured by PCB Piezotronics of Depew, New York, under contract with Langley.”

“…they were able to pick up and locate atmospheric turbulence more than 300 miles away….”

“The team hopes the data provided by the infrasonic microphone will become ubiquitous in detecting and forecasting turbulence, air traffic control decision-making, and aviation route planning.”

NASA has a long history of transferring technology to the private sector.”

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Diamond Probes and Nanoscale Imaging

Physicists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz (HIM) recently presented a new method for investigating magnetic structures combining two different techniques.

In this project we combined two quantum sensing techniques….”

“One well-known method employed in solid-state physics uses the magneto-optic Kerr effect (MOKE) in order to detect magnetic fields and magnetization.”

“…..the researchers decided to combine the Kerr effect with magnetometry methods that utilize so-called diamond color centers in order to also enable the mapping of magnetic fields.”

“The research group led by Professor Dmitry Budker uses these color centers in diamond as probes to measure magnetic phenomena. “

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  3. 3D Reconstruction of neuronal activity using diamond nitrogen-vacancy magnetometry
  4. Optical magnetometer performs first-ever noninvasive detection of nerve impulses
  5. Wide-field diamond magnetometry with millihertz frequency resolution and nanotesla sensitivity

Even more reading :

  1. Nuclear magnetic resonance
  2. 9.11: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  3. Schumann Resonances and their Effect on Human Bioregulation


Graphene Nanoparticle Neurons

“….the perfect biomaterial seems to correspond to graphene flakes…..”

“This nanomaterial has demonstrated the ability to interact with the functions of the nervous system in vertebrates in a very specific manner, interrupting the building up of a pathological process that leads to anxiety related behaviour. “

“We analysed defensive behaviours caused in rats by the presence of a predator, using the exposure to cat odour, to induce an aversive memory….”

“Exposure to the predator can modify neuronal connections – a phenomenon that is technically known as plasticity….”

“…we observed that the effects of nanomaterials were specific for the excitatory synapses and a short exposure to graphene flakes could prevent the pathological plasticity of the synapses…”

“….it should inhibit plasticity and decrease the anxiety related response.”

“We hypothesised that graphene flakes that we showed to temporarily inhibit excitatory synapses could be injected in the lateral amygdala when the plasticity associated with memory was consolidated….”


Consciousness and Bioelectricity

Bioelectricity is the electricity produced by living organisms as they go about the business of moving, breathing, digesting, etc.”

Bioelectric currents differ from electric currents that power machines because they consist of ions (molecules that carry an electric charge) rather than electrons.”

“A veritable army of neuroscientists and electrophysiologists around the world are developing steadily deeper insights into the degree that electric and magnetic fields—“brainwaves” or “neural oscillations”—seem to reveal key aspects of consciousness.”

“Now, it is one thing to say that individual cells show evidence of intelligent design in terms of the way they carry out a program. “

“It’s another thing to see them as the equivalent of people with minds, which is what “anthropomorphize” means.”

So, if consciousness is produced by bioelectric fields, individual cells may be conscious but whole people merely experience an illusion of consciousness.”

Cultocracy note :

I think the researcher who wrote this article was definitely in a semiconscious state at the time .

Ahhhhh…..Lives in Hawaii……

That explains it .




COVID Lockdown Lunacy

Stanford University professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya recently slammed COVID-19 lockdowns as the “biggest public health mistake we’ve ever made.””

The harm to people is catastrophic….”

We will be counting the catastrophic health and psychological harms, imposed on nearly every poor person on the face of the earth, for a generation….”

“In the US, they have — at best — protected the ‘non-essential’ class from COVID, while exposing the essential working class to the disease,” he continued.”


Fear Triggers Helplessness

““Angst essen Seele auf” (Fear Eats The Soul) is the title of a German melodrama by iconic director Rainer Werner Fassbinder from 1974. “

“For over a year, nefarious politicians and doctors, with the b, have been stirring up irrational fears of illness and agonising death by suffocation among the citizens in order to discipline and control them.”

“The 96-year-old doctor and highly decorated scientist Professor Karl Hecht from the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) pointed out in an interview by “ / Natur-Medizin” already recorded in December 2020 that the true causes are overlooked in “Corona”.”

They are thus doing the work of the devil and not the work of God.”

“We are currently confronted with a “political issue” and not a Corona pandemic, says the world-renowned professor of neurophysiology. “

It is an “air pollution and electrosmog pandemic” onto which Corona has been “grafted”.”

Fear, which is stoked anew every day, is also a strong sickening factor that also triggers a desperate helplessness.”



Synthetic Biology

Single Molecule Stores US Declaration of Independence

A team of researchers was able to store a copy of the United States Declaration of Independence in a single molecule to improve synthetic biology and data-storage technology.”

“Using a synthesized variation of DNA strands, they have made a breakthrough in the emerging field of semipermanent data storage.”

“The technique employed is described in the report titled “Redesigning the Genetic Polymers of Life,” published in the journal Accounts of Chemical Research.”

“The solution found by the UCI team lies in synthetic genetic polymers, an artificial DNA carefully replicated and evolved by scientists.”

Also called “xeno-nucleic acids” or XNA….”




Silica Self-cooling Laser

“Researchers have toiled for years, unsuccessfully, in pursuit of a silica optical fiber that would cool itself when excited with infrared laser light.”

“Such a fiber would make it possible to use the most ubiquitous type of laser fiber – silica – without having to cool it externally and, theoretically, produce laser-based devices with exceptionally pure and stable frequencies.”

Instead of removing the heat from the laser, you just don’t generate the heat in the first place…”

“A self-cooling laser could be used, for example, to create advanced fiber amplifiers – devices that amplify light signals that travel through them and are instrumental in transporting information encoded on optical signals over very long distances.”

“In the near term, this fiber could prove extremely valuable for low-power science applications aimed at gathering high-precision measurements of physical parameters such as acceleration, acoustic waves or strain.”

“….but the researchers see many opportunities for extremely stable lasers in lower-power applications, such as extremely precise metrology….”

Cultocracy quote note :

Quote : “Instead of removing the heat from the laser”

You simply mount it in Earth orbit .

Further reading :

  1. Review of biosensing with whispering-gallery mode lasers
  2. Quantum Metrology Protocol
  3. Lasers , Heartbeats and The Jetsons


Moiré than meets the eye

For the first time, researchers have found a way to coax carbon nanotubes into creating moiré patterns.

“Such structures could be useful in materials research, in particular in the field of superconducting materials.”

These nanotubes are made from rolled up sheets of carbon atoms arranged hexagonally.”

“We made wide ones and narrow ones which fit inside them.”

Further reading :

  1. ‘Moiré metrology’

Not related (I think) :

  1. Spirograph




Weather Modification – Water Wars

LONDON: British researchers have been tasked by the UAE to explore ways to induce rainfall in the Gulf by using drones that beam electricity into clouds.”

“The UAE has paid $1.4 million to the UK team to test how an electric charge can expand and merge water droplets to develop into rainfall.”

“This is a new move to promote “cloud seeding” in a country that uses aircraft that drop chemicals into clouds to boost rainfall…..”

” But researchers at the University of Reading hope to buck the rainfall trend by using drones to deliver pulses of charged ions into the atmosphere.”

” Many countries have used alternative methods to spark rainfall, including spraying salt compounds, silver iodide and dry ice into the atmosphere.”

“China made headlines before the 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremony in Beijing for influencing the weather with similar methods.”

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  1. Eight States Are Seeding Clouds to Overcome Megadrought
  2. The H.A.A.R.P gets tuned
  3. HAARP , Phased Radar Arrays , Charged Particles , 5G , BAE Systems
  4. Earth as Weapon, Geo-engineering as War
  5. Ionospheric & Atmospheric Modification – They all Want to Play God
  6. Whistler Waves , Magnetic Poles , H.A.A.R.P – Part I
  7. Planetary Lockdown, Geoengineering and “The Deep State”

Cultocracy note :

Pulses of EM energy and charged ions often leave a distinctive temporary smell , often noticeable in running tap water .

Imagine a subtle metallic-car-exhaust type odour .

Fancy that !


Roundup Causes Cancer

The tale of Lee Johnson, a California groundskeeper who was diagnosed with terminal cancer he alleged was caused by his exposure to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicides.”

“Lee wouldn’t think about the sprayer accident again until many months later, when an odd-looking scaly lesion popped up just above his right knee.”

Small bumps the size of BB pellets sprouted out of his skin. “

“Eventually, nearly Lee’s entire body, including his face and scalp, was covered in painful sores. “

“Lee was told he had squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), a type of skin cancer typically caused by long-term exposure to the sun or other ultraviolet radiation.”

“Through it all, Lee wondered about the sprayer accident. It had been less than a year from the day he was drenched in the pesticide to the day the lesions started showing up…”

“The worst was happening. “

“Lee’s cancer had progressed into what his doctors referred to as “large cell transformation disease.” .

Cultocracy note :

Many people are concerned about the hazards posed to human health and the wider environment by interfering with the natural genetic code , all in the name of stakeholder profit .

You may now have an idea why .

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  1. Glyphosate – the Debate
  2. Glyphosate
  4. Glyphosate Residues in UK Food 2011 (PDF)
  5. Citizen science reveals glyphosate in UK breakfast cereals
  6. Why Glyphosate is Dangerous, and How to Avoid Eating it



Health & Medical

Cultocracy note :

I sincerely hope you are not one of the many unfortunate people waiting for an operation or health care .

The true cost of the COVID lockdown has yet to materialise .

Health profesionals will speak out…..

Eventually ….

I hope ….

The Virgin Islands Variant

It is one of the world’s most prevalent and widespread infections. No, not Covid-19 – the Epstein-Barr virus, which ‘lives’ silently in about 95 per cent of us.

Most people will never know they carry it, as it rarely causes any problems.

It’s spread via saliva, and is so contagious that most of us pick it up in early childhood. Sharing cutlery will pass it on, as will children who share each other’s toys.”

“But if we contract it later, as adolescents or young adults, Epstein-Barr can cause an illness: glandular fever.”

“Regardless of when we pick up the virus, it stays with us for life – lying dormant in our immune cells for reasons scientists don’t yet fully understand.”

“So why are we talking about it now?”

Well, a year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, experts have made an intriguing discovery: blood tests on some sufferers of long Covid are coming back positive for ‘reactivated’ Epstein-Barr.”

“This is extremely interesting how SO many people report eerily similar symptoms… all related to Epstein-Barr virus reactivation and Covid it seems!”

“There are so many people with long Covid that it’s not really a surprise there might be some also with reactivated Epstein-Barr…..”

Further reading :

  1. Exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induces activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells
  3. Epstein–Barr virus
  4. Mononucleosis
  5. What Are the Symptoms of Epstein-Barr Virus?
  6. Cytokine Storm, Virus Activation, and Electromagnetic Radiation
  7. Reactivated Epstein Barr Virus
  8. Coronavirus , 5G and the Immune System
  9. Epstein-Barr Virus: A Key Player in Chronic Illness
  10. Epstein–Barr Virus Epidemiology


Testicular Toxins

Environmental pollution from industries such as coal mining and metal works may play a role in the increasing numbers of boys born with undescended testicles, according to a study published today in Human Reproduction. “

The researchers stress that their findings are hypothesis-generating….”

“However, the study of nearly 90,000 boys is the first to describe at a national level a recent increase in incidence of the condition over time and to identify clusters of cases in parts of France that are former mining or metal-working areas….”

“The industrial activities identified in the clusters are potentially the source of persistent environmental pollution by metals, dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls, known as PCBs.”

“Other research has shown that certain chemicals, such as phthalates and pesticides, are associated with cryptorchidism.”

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  1. Soaring number of boys are being born with genital disorders – and experts say gender-bending chemicals and fatty diets are to blame
  2. The Western Man – A Modern Eunuch in the Making?….
  3. Is Gardasil Vaccine Linked to Record Birth Rate Declines?
  4. More than 50 new environmental chemicals detected in people
  5. Decrease in Male Fertility , EM Radiation , Five Eyes
  6. UK Killer Whale Death, Infertility & PCB’s
  7. Life Expectancy Falling in UK & US
  8. Killer Whales , Monsanto , PCB’s


State Sponsored Eugenics and Euthanasia

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home deathtraps have silent partners — a network of some 7,000 group homes where thousands of disabled COVID-19-positive residents languished with little foresight or intervention by the state, a whistleblower has told the Washington Examiner.

Cuomo, who is currently facing a raft of sexual harassment allegations, is also under increasing pressure to resign over a nursing home scandal that claimed the lives of 15,000 patients due to a policy of forcing sick individuals back into clean homes. “

“An initial report said only 6,432 people had died. “

“…the patients would go to a medical facility if symptoms arose and get a test that did not return immediate results. “

They would then return back home, infected, to lock down….”

Transparency has been a major failing of this administration at all levels.”

Cultocracy note :

A familiar situation to that in the UK , purely coincidental I am sure .


“Transparency in government……”

My great , great , great , great aunt used to talk about transparency….

Them were the days….

Related :

  1. COVID – Bioethics, Eugenics and “Death Panels”: “A Warning”


Dirty Dozen

Nearly 70 percent of the non-organic fresh produce sold in the U.S. contains residues of potentially harmful chemical pesticides….”

“This year, along with the items on our Dirty Dozen™ and Clean Fifteen™ lists, EWG is highlighting harmful fungicides detected on citrus fruits

“…many crops contain potentially harmful pesticides, even after washing, peeling or scrubbing, which the USDA does before testing each item.”

EWG’s Dirty Dozen for 2021 :
…these Dirty Dozen foods were contaminated with more pesticides than other crops

Kale, collard and mustard greens
Bell and hot peppers

EWG’s Clean Fifteen for 2021 :
These 15 items had the lowest amounts of pesticide residues

Sweet corn
Sweet peas (frozen)
Honeydew melon

Organic standards prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides, among other things. Eating organic food reduces pesticide exposure and is linked to a variety of health benefits….”



$cientific $cammer of the Month

Covid-19 and Wellcome

An increasingly clear feature of the covid-19 pandemic is that the public health response is being driven not only by governments and multilateral institutions, such as the World Health Organisation, but also by a welter of public-private partnerships involving drug companies and private foundations.”

One leading voice to emerge is the Wellcome Trust….”

“The Access to Covid-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator project hopes to raise billions of dollars and deliver hundreds of millions of treatment courses….”

“At the same time, The BMJ finds, Wellcome itself holds investments in companies producing these same treatments.”

“Revelations of the Wellcome Trust’s financial conflicts of interest follow news reports that another charity, the Gates Foundation, is also positioned to potentially benefit financially….”

“Wellcome’s supporters describe the deep well of biomedical expertise the charity brings to the pandemic, prominently from its director, Jeremy Farrar….”

“The Wall Street Journal has reported that Wellcome held conference calls with private investment companies as far back as January 2020, with Farrar warning money managers about the gravity of covid-19.”

“These foundations sort of perpetuate the false ideological impression that they are . . . solving the problem even when they’re not. “

“And they might be compounding it by perpetuating this ideological impression of private sector saviourism.”

Cultocracy note :

Why is the ex head of UK spook central now the head of a ‘charitable trust’ ?

Jobs for the boys….and girls .

Unless of course they are all part of the same crooked , corrupt crew ?


I don’t believe in conspiracy theories .

Related :

  1. Wellcome Science Review 2020 (PDF)
  2. Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement
  3. Jeremy Farrar
  4. Covid scientist Jeremy Farrar had recurring nightmare about failing A-levels
  5. Hans Grüneberg’s mice skeletons
  6. Hans Grüneberg
  7. J. B. S. Haldane
  8. C. H. Waddington
  9. Conrad Waddington and the origin of epigenetics

Cultocracy quote note :
“Jeremy Farrar had a recurring nightmare about failing A-levels”

Well Jezza , it’s a good job you didn’t let that anchor drag you down .


Cultocracy note :

Regarding the article below .

Nothing that a good ‘bung’ or 87 won’t cure .

Looks like AZ missed a few marks when they were ‘oiling the wheels’ .

Always happens when a job is rushed .

Big Pharma Liars

US health chiefs have accused AstraZeneca of sending ‘outdated information’ as part of an application to get its Covid vaccine approved for use on Americans.

“The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) – a health authority headed up by Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease expert – last night called on AstraZeneca to send regulators the ‘most accurate up-to-date’ data ‘as quickly as possible.”

“It said an independent panel of drug and safety watchdogs were ‘concerned’ that the firm may have ‘provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data‘. “

“Experts reacting to the NIAID’s statement released last night described it as ‘unusual’ and said airing grievances in the public domain was ‘unprecedented’.”

“They criticised AstraZeneca for ‘confusing’ officials with the way it was sending its data. “

“Professor Stephen Evans, a vaccines expert at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine said that “headline” estimates of efficacy being compared between trials is very unreliable.”

“As part of an agreement with Oxford, AstraZeneca is supplying the vaccine on a not-for-profit basis for the duration of the pandemic and in perpetuity for low and middle-income countries.”

Cultocracy quote note :


“A not for profit basis…..”

There is no such thing as a free lunch in the modern(a) world .

Just like the junk dealers giving the poor kids a free shot at the school gates .

RNAi technologies have been thouroughly researched and developed for decades .

Synthetic RNA technology promises to usurp more traditional medical therapies .

There is a massive overlap between big pharma and the security corporate complex , there is also a massive black market in covert human testing and experimentation .

Do you really think that the ‘untested’ RNA vaccine was produced overnight ?

True scientific knowledge is only available to those in the loop and is decades ahead of published research .

RNA vaccines and therapies promise a windfall for big pharma valued in the $quadrillions .

Although….The public have largely rejected similar attempts to push GM modified foods .

Hmmmmmm….I wonder……

Now then……

How could you very conveniently persuade the public to accept brand spanking ‘new’ RNA therapies which could then be monopolised and rolled out massively on a global basis to completely change the therapeutic and medical landscape whilst also reaping stakeholder profits which are capable of leveraging the governments of many , many , many countries ?

Which could also conveniently cover far darker , hidden agendas ?

Hmmmmmm….I wonder……

Cultocracy conclusion poll :

Do you think that in future years we will live in a society with more freedoms or less freedoms ?

a) More freedoms .
b) Less freedoms .
c) Freedom is an illusory construct .
d)Voters decide nothing. Vote counters decide everything .
e) It is a quite special secret pleasure how the people around us fail to realize what is really happening to them.
f) Couldn’t care less , I live on a large yacht in the Cayman Islands .

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