AI , Genetics & Eugenics

Cultocracy note :

The article below is from the BBC and is titled ‘Is inequality about to get unimaginably worse?’ . The author is historian and writer Yuval Noah Harari .

The article prophetically describes a future where a wealthy ‘elite’ have access to genetic enhancement technology , the poor do not . He further states that many societal systems will be managed by super computers , leaving the public obsolete . Harari correctly describes a future where society is run using artificial black box algorithms , current IT research & development is acutely focused on these fields . Modern corporations are using these computing models to streamline their business models and maximize profit by replacing humans with computers , everything from finance & manufacturing to transport & policing will use these systems in the future .

Many transhumanists are predicting a future where computers are able to ‘learn’ and become more like humans with their decision making capabilities . Somewhat paradoxically the same people are also proposing a future where humans become more like computers , in that they will only be able to follow instructions from centralized machines .

As the algorithms become more & more complex , the programmers are losing control , they are simply too complex for a human to understand . Or are they ?


Could these black box algorithms be combined with D.N.A manipulation & nano technology to not only manage the bureaucracy & industrial aspects of a country , but also the population ? Maybe they already are .

A couple of excerpts from the article are below :

‘There are two main ways to upgrade humans.

Either you change something in their biological structure by changing their DNA.

Or, the more radical way, you combine organic and inorganic parts – perhaps directly connecting brains and computers.

The rich – through purchasing such biological enhancements – could become, literally, better than the rest; more intelligent, healthier and with far greater life-spans.

At that point, it will make sense to cede power to this “enhanced” class.

Your future depends on the goodwill of some small elite.

Maybe there is goodwill.’

Read the full article here at BBC News .

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