Nano Technology News – January 2018



Cultocracy note :

In the rush to research and develop nano technology the possible detrimental effects regarding human health and the environment have been pushed to the wayside . No doubt this conveniently lax oversight is intended to give industry a window to develop products and materials before they are hampered by trivial matters such as biological and environmental toxicity . 

Profits before people , as always .

Only now are the possible risks being identified and studied .

To date there are no regulations specifically relating to nano materials .


This 2018 paper states that the human immune system treats graphene oxide as toxic .

A study in 2013 found that graphene nano particles may pierce individual cells , enter the cell and disrupt cellular functioning .

Biological Imaging

The following research paper describes how engineered bacteria combined with ultrasound can be used in biological imaging .

Engineered bacteria can also be used to deposit nano materials at specific cellular locations .

“Researchers at Caltech have, for the first time, created bacterial cells with the ability to reflect sound waves from inside bodies, reminiscent of how submarines reflect sonar to reveal their locations .”

Tissue Engineering

“We are trying to make stem-cell-loaded hydrogels reinforced with fibers like the rebar in cement,” said Justin L. Brown, associate professor of biomedical engineering. “If we can lend some structure to the gel, we can grow living cells in defined patterns and eventually the fibers will dissolve and go away.”


It would seem that the planned ‘Internet of Things’ will also include plants . This research paper describes how graphene sensors can remotely monitor water movement in plants .

Nano graphene sensors can be powered by WIFI and 5G networks .

Nano Medicine

Macrophages are white blood cells that are important to the immune system . This paper describes how engineered macrophages may be used to treat sepsis .

Useful for when you have sepsis caused by engineered nano particles .

“A team of researchers at the University of California San Diego has developed macrophage “nanosponges” that can safely absorb and remove molecules from the bloodstream that are known to trigger sepsis. These macrophage nanosponges, which are nanoparticles cloaked in the cell membranes of macrophages, have so far improved survival rates in mice with sepsis .”


Nano technology research is linked closely with next generation computing .

Crucial for neural networks and artificial intelligence systems .

Yes you guessed it , also crucial for the ‘Internet of Things’ .


Paradoxically nano technology could possibly also be used to counter environmental damage and provide clean water and green energy .

Useful for water contaminated by nano materials .

Graphene again .

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