Nano Technology News – February 2018

Cultocracy note :

Bioinspired devices is a book by Eugene C. Goldfield , the subtitle of the book is ‘Emulating Nature’s Assembly and Repair Process’ .

The book offers a glimpse into the future , offering possible solutions for many medical problems using biologically inspired nano technology , although the author is a little naive in that there is no mention of the possible consequences of tinkering with nature .

Many nano technology research projects are now funded by the military , the ones that are not funded by deep state organizations are closely monitored .


Nano Technology News – February 2018



“Optogenetics is a widely adopted research technique in the field of neuroscience that makes use of visible light to activate or inhibit neurons in the brain, enabling researchers to examine the brain’s functions in a minimally invasive manner.”

“Using a two-step process, upconversion nanoparticles are first introduced into the brain by transcranial injection. Upon reaching deep brain, the implanted upconversion nanoparticles, a unique group of luminescent nanomaterials capable of converting near-infrared light into visible light then generates visible light which acts to stimulate the neurons. The strategy has shown to be effective in triggering memory recall and dopamine release in the team’s experiments.”

Cultocracy note :

Neural Probes


Seeking materials that match the brain

“Already, she and her students have developed multipurpose fibers that can deliver electrical, optical, and chemical signals to individual neurons in the brain, while matching the stretchiness and flexibility of brain tissue.”

“Since then, she has extended her research to include ways of stimulating localized brain areas without any invasive contact at all, using magnetic fields to activate nanoparticles injected into specific locations.”

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Advanced MRI

“A new technique that brings magnetic resonance imaging to the nanometer scale with unprecedented resolution will open the door for major advances in understanding new materials, virus particles and proteins that cause diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Researchers at the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo used a new type of hardware and numerical algorithms to implement high-precision spin control, which allowed them to image proton spins with a resolution below 2nm.”



“The research team has developed a novel device called a “memtransistor,” which operates much like a neuron by performing both memory and information processing. With combined characteristics of a memristor and transistor, the memtransistor also encompasses multiple terminals that operate more similarly to a neural network.”

“This is even more similar to neurons in the brain,”

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Shape Shifting


“Rutgers engineers have invented a “4D printing” method for a smart gel that could lead to the development of “living” structures in human organs and tissues, soft robots and targeted drug delivery.”

“The smart gel could provide structural rigidity in organs such as the lungs, and can contain small molecules like water or drugs to be transported in the body and released. It could also create a new area of soft robotics, and enable new applications in flexible sensors and actuators, biomedical devices and platforms or scaffolds for cells to grow, Lee said.”

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Biological Power Supply


Water Purification


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