Q.E.D – Brain Invaders & Quantum Efflorescent Dots


This article appeared in the mainstream media today :

Hackers could someday wirelessly take over your BRAIN (Daily Mail)

A quote from the article :

‘But last year, for the first time, conscious memories were implanted into the minds of mice while they slept.

The feat gives hope that the same technique could one day be used to change human memories, which could help people who replay traumatic events over and over in their minds.

The brain typically replays the day’s activities when people or animals sleep, which allows it to reinforce and learn a new activity, for example.

Experts have found that when this replay process is disrupted in rodents, so too is their ability to remember what they learned – for example, a new area that they explored – the previous day.’

The research paper was actually published in 2015 . The technological gap between the Military Industrial Complex & conventional science is slowly closing & the desensitization of the public to similar technologies used in mind control is becoming increasingly apparent . As is usual with this article & similar mainstream media articles the research is touted as being completely ethical & ‘beneficial’ to humanity .

This particular technique uses green florescent protein (GFP) which is used as a biomarker , in its natural form the protein is found in a diverse range of plant & wildlife , these bioluminescent proteins are also known as Luciferin compounds . The expressive bioluminescent gene is isolated & introduced to a ‘test subject’ via a specific gene therapy technique , the marker gene then attaches itself to neurons in the brain .


These neurons are then ‘activated’ using an implant , a process known as neuromodulation .

The implant can be activated remotely using RF frequencies , it then emits a light which in turn activates the compromised neurons . Using implants in specific parts of the brain can therefore induce a variety of synthetic brain responses .

Quantum Dots

Quantum dots are very similar to GFP’s .

Quantum dots (QD) are synthetic nano-particle sized semiconductors which possess unique optical properties . They are a composite material formed from inert carbon based materials such as silica or graphene , more recently composites of rare earth metals are used . Quantum dots are special because the emitting wavelength can be altered by modifying the structure of the QD . It acts as a Fluorophore , that is a quantum dot absorbs energy of a specific wavelength and emits this energy at different wavelength .

A single energy source can be used for the simultaneous ‘charging’ of multiple dots of a different size or structure . To quote from a research paper ‘These properties make quantum dots ideal for ultra sensitive multiplexing applications in molecular biotechnology and bioengineering.’


In short quantum dots form a small part of the technological jigsaw that is being used worldwide in horrific anti-human mind control operations & experimentation .


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