Nano Technology News August 2017


“These ME antennas receive and transmit electromagnetic waves through the ME effect at their acoustic resonance frequencies. The bulk acoustic waves in ME antennas stimulate magnetization oscillations of the ferromagnetic thin film, which results in the radiation of electromagnetic waves. Vice versa, these antennas sense the magnetic fields of electromagnetic waves, giving a piezoelectric voltage output.”

Cultocracy note :

5G communications systems will operate at THz frequencies .

“The realization of metamaterial absorbers in THz frequencies allows more efficient energy harvesting for imaging and sensing…”

Cultocracy note :

Microelectromechanical systems cells can be engineered to produce electrical energy by harvesting a wide variety of biological processes .



Cultocracy note :

SQUID and SERF magnetometer devices can detect extremely weak magnetic fields .

They can even detect magnetic fields produced in the human brain .

““It’s as if one were trying to listen to hundreds of radio stations at one time, through one radio receiver,” said Ben Mates of the University of Colorado and lead author of the work. The SQUID resonators boost the signal in each channel, he explained, allowing simultaneous readout of all the radio stations at once.”

 Cultocracy note :

Other advanced sensing technology uses lasers and photonics .

“His first study for the Office of Naval Research determined the smallest force that could be detected with a diamond crystal that levitated without spinning. The new project investigates the outcomes of three nanosystems, each using nanoparticles optically trapped under different conditions:

  • A particle containing an impurity which acts as a spin sensitive to magnetic fields or as an excess charge sensitive to electric fields;
  • A particle moving like a pendulum in three dimensions;
  • A particle larger than the wavelength of light entrapping it.”

Cultocracy note :

Even more advanced magnetometer sensing techniques used entangled atoms and non-destructive measurement techniques which can produce continuous real-time feedback . It has been demonstrated that even entanglement between photons and electrons is possible .

“The technique may have applications ranging from the detection of bio-magnetic fields, and characterization of micro-electronics, to searches for extra-terrestrial civilizations.”

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