Intel – 5 Eyes Inside


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2 Responses to Intel – 5 Eyes Inside

  1. truth1 says:

    I have long assumed that all computer equipment was compromised for sake of being able to watch and track all activity, given that computer processing power can enable great things.


    • cultocracy says:

      Correct truth1 . The real issue is that the computer equipment is deliberately compromised at the design stage and then sold to an unsuspecting public . Most Hi-Tech industries will be infiltrated and infected by the powers that be , that is assuming that the same powers do not actually control the companies in the first place .
      The question we should be asking ourselves is why do the controllers require total surveillance ?
      In some respects it is simply an expression of the growth of the ‘intelligence services’ in our society , but we have moved further than ‘national security’ now , power & control is the drug , they are addicted .
      Analysis of every individuals computer habits will form behavioral patterns for large sections of society , the same powers will then seek to shape the same behavior patterns , primarily via the MSM and other media sources .
      Access to the data of a private or commercial enterprise can yield valuable and lucrative information on new technology , industrial espionage is always a prime motive for the controllers .
      It should also be noted that the data and information used by many institutions can now be accessed and tampered with at will , i.e. Police , judiciary , health , transport , electoral bodies , utility companies , political institutions etc .

      At the moment the surveillance networks have so much data they do not know what to do with it .
      The bigger picture is neural networks and AI .


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