Nanotechnology News – June 2019

The Diamond Age

Cultocracy note :

A recent report from the Risk Group suggests that dual-use technologies may form an existential risk to humanity itself .

Others see the same technologies as an evolutionary step for mankind .

Potentially disruptive and destructive technologies are now becoming too advanced to be under the control of corrupted elitist power brokers .

There are those that would like The Machine to take control .

Maybe it already has .

The Strategic Security Risk Report 2019

“What are the strategic security risks facing humanity in 2019? Risk Group’s Strategic Security Risk Report identifies the top ten strategic security…”

“Science and technology are advancing rapidly. Recent progress in quantum physics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, 3D printing and more is proving to be disruptive. These technologies, individually and collectively, have the potential to benefit humanity significantly. However, these same disruptive technologies can enable the development of asymmetric, next-generation weapons against which we are not yet prepared. “

“In this era, the pace of technological development has surpassed a nation’s ability to govern effectively.”

“The gaps and vulnerabilities between emerging technologies and governance models are visible across cyberspace, aquaspace, geospace, and space (CAGS)….understanding strategic security risk intelligence is fundamental for individuals and entities across nations: its government, industries, organizations, and academia (NGIOA). “

“A challenge of our time is that the market for intelligence is now politicized and largely about providing information that makes decision makers feel better.”

“Security is no longer a government affair.”

Cultocracy note :

Don’t worry though……….Help is on the way…………

Cultocracy note :

If dual use technologies pose a grave threat to mankind then who exactly is the leading the pack ?

Cultocracy note :

The Pied Piper now plays a different instrument .

Nanotechnology News – June 2019


Cultocracy note :

Following on from the Chinese ‘CRISPR Twins’ event , now a Russian scientist also plans to create gene edited babies .

Events such as this one are designed to test public and professional opinion , the algorithm will decide the sequence of events which will be required to pave the way for acceptance .

Or should that be acquiescence ?

Russian biologist plans CRISPR babies

“A Russian scientist says he is planning to produce gene-edited babies, an act that would make him only the second person known to have done this.”

“Molecular biologist Denis Rebrikov has told Nature he is considering implanting gene-edited embryos into women…”

I think I’m crazy enough to do it ” (Molecular biologist Denis Rebrikov)

Would you eat genetically modified food ?

“The team replicated the US findings in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, where opposition to modified food has tended to be higher than in the United States, and where GM food is highly regulated in response to consumer concerns.”

“The team discovered that learning the underlying science led to more positive attitudes towards genetically modified foods, a greater willingness to eat them, and a lowered perception of GM foods as risky.”

Cultocracy note :

The GM lobby reminds me of grubby street corner narcotics pushers .

“United Kingdom……where opposition to modified food has tended to be higher….”

Not for much longer .

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Synthetic Biology

Cultocracy note :

Synthetic biology will help to usher in a new era of automation and profit .

Technology that has previously been reserved for covert military and intelligence agencies is now entering the mainstream .

Complex hybrid wars will eventually become fully automated .

It appears that in the military intelligence complex the human factor is still valued , if only for experimental purposes .

US Military – Synthetic Biology a Priority

“The U.S. Army’s new Futures Command is accelerating research into synthetic biotechnology to help the military develop next-generation living camouflage and other never-before-seen organisms and materials.”

“Soldier survivability will be one of the key areas of research, Stratis-Cullum said. That’s very different from creating genetically-enhanced super soldiers.”

“We’re living in an age of international power competition in synthetic biotechnology…(Justin Sanchez , former head of DARPA’s Biotechnology office)”

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The Internet may be Changing the Brain

“An international team of researchers have found the Internet can produce both acute and sustained alterations in specific areas of cognition, which may reflect changes in the brain, affecting our attentional capacities, memory processes, and social interactions.”

“Given we now have most of the world’s factual information literally at our fingertips, this appears to have the potential to begin changing the ways in which we store, and even value, facts and knowledge in society, and in the brain.”

Enhanced Metal Polymer Hybrid

“These materials are promising candidates for use in soft robotics, self-healing electronics and medical devices.”

“……..researchers believe that with the help of artificial intelligence, their approach could be used to design “made-to-order” elastomer composites that have tailored properties.”


Synthetic Skin

“The material is able to be absorbed by the skin’s own tissue as it heals.”

“Edinburgh researchers produced their custom fabric using a recently developed method, known as nozzle-free electrospinning.”

“It incorporates a recently discovered material, known as polyglycerol sebacate, which is stretchy and compatible with human tissue.”


Quantum Computing & Communications

Quantum Ghost Imaging

In conventional imaging methods, a beam of photons (or other particles) is reflected off the object to be imaged.”

“In an alternative imaging technique called “ghost imaging,” the process works a little differently: an image is reconstructed from information that is detected from a beam that never actually interacts with the object. “

“The key to ghost imaging is to use two or more correlated beams of particles. While one beam interacts with the object, the second beam is detected and used to reconstruct the image, even though the second beam never interacts with the object.”

“While two beams are usually used in ghost imaging, recent research has demonstrated higher-order correlations—that is, correlations among three, four, or five beams.”

“As their quantum source, the researchers used two colliding Bose-Einstein condensates, which are clusters of atoms cooled to near absolute zero. At such cold temperatures, the atoms in a Bose-Einstein condensate clump together and behave like a single giant atom. “


Terahertz Light Powers Quantum Computers

Superconductivity is the movement of electricity through certain materials without resistance. It typically occurs at very, very cold temperatures. Think -400 Fahrenheit for ‘high-temperature’ superconductors.”

Terahertz light is light at very, very high frequencies. Think trillions of cycles per second. It’s essentially extremely strong and powerful microwave bursts firing at very short time frames.”


Quantum Music

“Chris Holloway’s laboratory is atomic in origin.”

Atom-based antennas might give us a better way of picking up audio data in the presence of noise, potentially even the very weak signals transmitted in deep space communications,”

“The atoms in question — Rydberg atoms — are atoms excited by lasers into a high energy state that responds in a measurable way to radio waves (an electric field).”

“Holloway…explained that although it is the early days for atomic communications, there is potential to use this to improve the security of communications.”

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cultocray note :

News this month suggests that there are worries in certain quarters regarding the ‘ethical obligations’ of artificial intelligence . ‘Ethics’ is a word you may hear a lot of in the near future , at least until any ethical considerations are steamrollered and sidelined .

The only worry to the pioneers is how ethics may disrupt the development of AI .

The same people should also be aware that there are no ethics when it comes to AI .

In fact do ethics still exist at all in a modern world ?

Billionaire Financial Mogul donates £150m to Oxford University Ethics centre

“Stephen A Schwarzman said AI is going to be the fourth revolution.”

“An American billionaire has given Oxford University £150 million, one of the largest donations in its history, for a new institute that will explore the ethics of artificial intelligence.”

“The gift has been made by Stephen A Schwarzman, the chief executive and co-founder of US investment and private equity firm Blackstone.”

AI is going to be the fourth revolution, and it is going to impact jobs, excellence, efficiency and it is a force for amazing good and also a potential force for not good”

Mr Schwarzman, who did not endorse Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign, now advises the American president.”

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Cultocracy note :

I wonder what the fifth revolution will look like ?

Cultocracy note :

The human brain has already been hacked , traversed and mapped .

It is an ongoing project , research continues on a scale many can only imagine .

Make no mistake , mapping the human brain is all about creating ‘intelligent’ machines .

The only disease or disorder that will be cured is the ‘human condition‘ .

You do have to ask yourself , where will this research leave mankind ?

Human Brain Project

HBP is a European Flagship Project that connects the work of over 500 researchers in 19 European countries.”

“The work of the Human Brain Project Flagship is expected to provide profound insights into what makes us human, to enable the building of revolutionary computing technologies, and to provide knowledge that will lead to the development of new treatments for brain disorders…”

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Driverless Cars

“Given all the potential benefits to public health and quality of life, we should be much better off once robots take over the driving, whatever the authorities decide about emergency situations.”

“This is what gives rise to the real ethical challenge of self-driving cars. Once robot drivers are safe enough to allow onto the roads in large numbers, it seems that we should maximise their benefits by banning their dangerous human counterparts from public roads.”


Huawei set to launch Self Driving Car

“The Chinese telecoms giant is looking to ship a self-driving car using its own AI technology in 2021 or 2022….”

Huawei’s strong position in 5G mobile technology has made it the primary choice for many carmakers looking to introduce the communications technology to their cars.”


Gatwick Airport to Trial Parking Robots

“Under a trial which begins in August, travellers will leave their car in a dedicated drop-off zone and summon a droid, booked by app, on a touch-screen. As the customers are shuttled to the terminal, the battery-powered robot rolls up, slides a forklift-style ramp under the chassis, and uses military-grade GPS to ferry it to a secure bay — all without needing the keys.”


Robot Cop Pulls Over Driver And Issue Ticket

“Engineer Reuben Brewer and SRI International, a nonprofit scientific research institute based in California, developed a police robot for traffic stops.”

GoBetween is a weaponless robot includes two video cameras, a microphone, bar-code scanner, and a speaker that allows the police officer and motorist to communicate. The car-bode scanner allows the driver to scan their license, a signature pad allows the driver to sign a ticket, and a printer provides the driver with a ticket. Brewer told The Post future prototypes will include new sensors, including a Passive Alcohol Sensor to ‘sniff for drunk driving.’

Cultocracy note :

SRI International is currently one of the world leaders in the development of AI systems .

A fully paid up member of the military corporate complex and Mengele Mind gold card holders .

Surveillance and Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars will represent a new mode for surveillance. Through a self-driving car’s global positioning, system, navigational tools, and other data collection mechanisms, companies will be able to gain access to highly contextual data about passengers’ habits, routines, movements, and preferences,”

Cultocracy note :

Warning : Politically incorrect statement ahead .

If easily offended then f**k the f**k off now you f**king f**ker .

Ahem .

Apologies for that outburst , I suffer from a mild form of tourettes .

John McCririck* note :

“Not sure about driver-less cars myself , it’ll probably be ok unless we have ‘female AI’ drivers .”

* (Final dying breath comment from John McCririck R.I.P)

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More AI News

Brain-machine interface autonomy

“Findings allow for the development of an autonomously updating brain-machine interface, which is able to improve on its own by learning about its subject without additional programming.”

“The BCI quickly interprets what you’re going to do and what you expect as far as whether the outcome will be good or bad.”

“………we decode that information (neural action potentials) by an algorithm….”


Reconstructiing a face from information in the Brain

“In a world first, neuroscientists from the University of Glasgow have been able to construct 3D facial models using the unique information stored in an individual’s brain when recalling the face of a familiar person.”

“By reverse engineering the information that characterises someone’s identity, and then mathematically representing it, we were then able to render it graphically.”

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Cultocracy note :

5G is coming , whether we like it or not .

5G offers increased bandwidth and total global coverage via satellite and terrestrial tranceivers .

5G offers lucrative new markets for 5G connected ‘stuff’ .

Including yourself .

Nanotube Antennas

“At the target frequencies of 5, 10, and 14 gigahertz, the antennas can easily hold their own with their metal equivalents…”

“We were going up to frequencies that aren’t even used in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks today, but will be used in the upcoming 5G generation of antennas,”


5G beamforming transceiver

The new transceiver is based on a 64-element (4 x 16) phased-array[1] design. Its built-in gain phase calibration means that it can improve beamforming[2] accuracy, and thereby reduce undesired radiation and boost signal strength.”
“[1] phased-array Referring to an electrically steerable array of antennas.”
“[2] beamforming A powerful signal processing technique used to control antenna patterns.”

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  2. Animals’ brain activity ‘syncs’ during social interactions

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  2. Proof US Gov’t Lied About 5G – Navy Research Confirms Numerous Health Dangers
  3. EU 5G Appeal – Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G
  4. Doctors, Experts Call for Delaying Deployment of 5G Due to Health Risks


Nanowires record brain signals

“Soon, so-called brain-machine interfaces could do even more: monitor and treat symptoms of neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, provide a blueprint to design artificial intelligence, or even enable brain-to-brain communication.”

“But for Lieber, one brain-machine challenge is more enticing than all others: ‘bringing cyborgs to reality.’ “


Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

The Hive Mind lite

Telepathic communication might be one step closer to reality thanks to new research from the University of Washington. A team created a method that allows three people to work together to solve a problem using only their minds.”

“The Senders wore electroencephalography caps that picked up electrical activity in their brains. The lights’ different flashing patterns trigger unique types of activity in the brain, which the caps can pick up.”

“The team hopes that these results pave the way for future brain-to-brain interfaces that allow people to collaborate to solve tough problems that one brain alone couldn’t solve.”

Cultocracy note :

Hmmmmm……….Imagine scaling up the above model to include thousands or even tens of thousands of people .

Mind Controlled Robotic Arm

“Using a noninvasive brain-computer interface (BCI), researchers have developed the first-ever successful mind-controlled robotic arm……”

“There have been major advances in mind controlled robotic devices using brain implants. It’s excellent science,”

“He (Bin He , Carnegie Mellon University) is overcoming the noisy EEG signals leading to significantly improve EEG-based neural decoding, and facilitating real-time continuous 2D robotic device control.”

Cultocracy note :

Excellent science ?


A Manufacturing Revolution Driven by Nanomaterials

“Hart’s group sees the potential for 3-D printing to dramatically streamline and speed up global supply chains.”

“Hart sees this convergence of digitally driven manufacturing technologies as a means of overcoming the logistical hurdles of long lead times, complex supply chains, and steep capital requirements.”

“Every part requires a lot of detail, time and investment to design, validate, and eventually produce, whether it’s made locally or overseas.”

As these new technologies become more widely used, the resulting changes in industrial manufacturing processes could have profound implications for the workers of the future

Cultocracy note :

‘streamline supply chains’ = automation
‘overcoming logistical hurdles’ = more automation
‘time & investment’ = human factor

More Materials News

Hubble Finds Tiny “Electric Soccer Balls” in Space

“Scientists using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have confirmed the presence of electrically-charged molecules in space shaped like soccer balls…”

“The molecules identified by Cordiner and his team are a form of carbon called “Buckminsterfullerene,” also known as “Buckyballs,” which consists of 60 carbon atoms (C60) arranged in a hollow sphere.”

“Life as we know it is based on carbon-bearing molecules……”

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Silicon Nanocrystals

“Silicon nanocrystals have proliferated through the world of scientific research. From applications in developing ultra-high capacity batteries to the next generation of medical imaging at the cellular level, their potential is seemingly endless.”

Electronic Textiles

“We expect that our study will contribute to the development of even smarter wearable products in the future, including next-generation wearable computers and smart clothing that can monitor vital signs.”



Researchers make up excuses to secure new graphene funding

“There is a good reason why graphene has failed to live up to its hype as a revolutionary “supermaterial,” Australian researchers revealed. They found that silicon contaminants in the graphite raw material are to blame for its under-performance – and if the impurities can be eliminated, graphene can finally attain its true power as an electronics material.”


Researchers make up more nonsense to secure graphene funding

“Our approach could bring down the cost of making graphene from around $USD 100 per gram to just 50 cents….”

Bhargava said that Australia has an abundance of eucalyptus trees, thus making it an inexpensive and accessible resource for manufacturing graphene locally.”

European graphene researchers buy entire stock of Caribbean Villas

“The project—called the Graphene sinking Flagship—would leverage €1 billion over 10 years to push graphene into commercial markets.”

“Was the Flagship set up to support “fundamental” research or “applied” research in its quest to make Europe the “Graphene Valley” of the world?”

“The Graphene Flagship projects seem to be in the process of developing a solution that’s in search of a problem…..”

“The main observation I have made over the past six years of its existence is that the real progress in graphene commercialization has come from outside the Graphene Flagship.”

(Terrance Barkan, The Graphene Council)

Hmmmm……..For a relatively new material surely there must be something interesting about graphene that sparks scientific interest ???

Graphene’s cousin

“Two-dimensional materials made of Group 14 elements, graphene’s cousins, have attracted enormous interest in recent years because of their unique potential as useful topological insulators. “

Architect Buckminster Fuller designed the geodesic sphere for the World Expo 1967 in Montreal, and later the [carbon form] Buckminster Fullerene, C60, was named after him.”

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Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Sensing magnetic nanoparticles

Magnetic nanoparticles can serve as tiny actuators, magnetically pushing and pulling other small objects.”

“However, like bubbles in champagne, the magnetic bubbles can be expanded to hundreds of times their initial diameter.”

“……….tiny circular regions of magnetism can be rapidly enlarged………”

By applying a small external magnetic field, the team enlarged the diameter of the bubbles to tens of micrometers (millionths of a meter)—big enough to see with an optical microscope.”

“The improvement in speed, convenience and flexibility enables new experiments in which researchers can monitor the behavior of magnetic nanoparticles in real time……”

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  3. Force-Mediating Magnetic Nanoparticles to Engineer Neuronal Cell Function


Infrared measures biological signatures

“………..a compact frequency-comb apparatus that rapidly measures the entire infrared band of light to detect biological, chemical and physical properties of matter. Infrared light travels in waves longer than visible light and is most familiar as the radiation associated with heat.”

“Simple fiber lasers generate light spanning the entire range used to identify molecules — that is, mid-infrared to far-infrared wavelengths of 3-27 micrometers (frequencies of approximately 10-100 terahertz).”

“A unique feature is that we detect signals in real time by rapidly sampling the infrared electric field with a near-infrared laser,”

In addition to biological applications, the new apparatus might be used to detect interactions between infrared light and condensed matter for quantum computing approaches that store data in molecular vibrations or rotations.”

“Funding was provided by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Research Council and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.”


Brain Zapping retrieves forgotten memories

“The research, published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, also shows for the first time that using an electrical current to stimulate that region, the left rostrolateral prefrontal cortex, improves people’s ability to retrieve memories.”

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Human Body Internet

“Wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have made remote connectivity easier…”

“What if we could use the human body itself to transfer and collect information? This area of research is known as human body communication (HBC).”

“HBC technologies use electrodes instead of antennas to couple signals to the human body. This can be used to conduct an electric field from a transmitter to a receiver, and thus to communicate data.”



Heavy Metal

Poisonous heavy metals contaminating thousands of sites nationwide threaten to enter the food chain, and there’s been no easy way to remove them. An experimental chemical bath and electrochemical filter could now extract heavy metals from the soil and leave fields safe.”

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  1. Using nanotechnology to remove diesel fuel from water and soil


BPA Linked to Autism

Exposure to BPA appears to have a transgenerational effect on autism risk. Mice whose great grandmothers were exposed to BPA during pregnancy exhibited social behavioral deficits associated with ASD.”

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Health & Medical


Nanotechnology treatment for MS

“Loaded with anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective RNA and protein molecules, the exosomes were able to slip through the blood-spinal cord barrier. In addition to rejuvenating lost motor skills and decreasing nerve damage caused by MS, they normalized the subjects’ immune systems


DNA Nanorobots target breast cancer cells

“Now, researchers have developed a DNA nanorobot that recognizes HER2 on breast cancer cells, targeting them for destruction.”


Hydrogel for rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Nitric oxide (NO) prevents high blood pressure and artery plaque build-up in our body. However, its duplicity is revealed when it causes serious inflammatory disease such as systemic lupus erythematosus, Crohn’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.”

“As expected, the NO-Scv gel reduces inflammation levels by scavenging NO in vitro and shows excellent biocompatibility.”


Nanoparticles stimulated by microwaves to combat cancer

“In a recently published paper in the journal Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, UTA physics Professor Wei Chen and a team of international collaborators advanced the idea of using titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles stimulated by microwaves to trigger the death of cancer cells without damaging the normal cells around them.”

“The method is called microwave-induced radical therapy………”

Nanoemulsion drug delivery

“The pharmaceutical industry is hugely interested in nanoemulsions as a way of delivering small molecule therapeutics. That could be topically, through ingestion, or by spraying into the nose, because once you start getting into the size range of hundreds of nanometers you can permeate much more effectively into the skin,”

Cultocracy note :

The pharmaceutical industry are not the only ones with an interest in nanoemulsions .

Blood Suckers

“The study suggests that a protein that is abundant in the blood of young mice plays a vital role in keeping mice healthy. With age, levels of this protein decline in mice and people, while health problems such as insulin resistance, weight gain, cognitive decline and vision loss increase. Supplementing older mice with the protein obtained from younger mice appears to slow this decline in health and extend the life spans of older mice by about 16 percent.”

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