AI Translates Thoughts to Speech

Cultocracy note :

Implant arrays have been used by deep state organizations for decades , they have now been superseded by more modern approaches using nanotechnology and genetic manipulation . Much of the initial research involved the non consensual abduction and implantation of human guinea pigs , all backed up by a massive yet ridicuous cover story involving nonsensical ‘UFO alien abductions’ . Victims will often suffer horrific side effects , many will be found in shallow graves , others in psychiatric wards .

In this particular study the volunteer participants were implanted with electrode arrays which were able to measure brain activity using electrocorticography (ECoG) . The implants were placed beneath the dura close to the auditory cortex of the brain , located on the left side of the skull .

The study was reported in the scientific journal .

Several mainstream science journals reported the article as a ‘scientific first’ .

Mainstream reporting of neural implant technologies involving brain to computer interfaces (BCI’s) suggest that this particular technology is at the end of it’s useful lifetime and is now being transferred to the commercial market .

Recent research has focused on creating a BCI , such systems are used primarily in machine learning applications , AI promises big bucks for the stakeholders .

AI is also extremely useful for waging destructive and murderous wars in a world without conscience . In fact in an increasingly informed and connected world they will become necessary . In the Dystopian world envisioned by the power brokers , war itself will be automated .

The current system can also be used for torture , soft kill assassination , persistent monitoring , behavioral modification and neural experimentation .

A quote from this particular study states :

“……….the findings of studies showing the superior advantage of deep learning models over other techniques, particularly when the amount of training data is large,” and “increasing the amount of training data results in better reconstruction accuracy.”

Human speech datasets for training artificial neural networks are provided by mass data collection systems such as ECHELON .

ECHELON is controlled by the Five Eyes syndicate .

The Five Eyes syndicate covers the corrupt and rotten Western Anglophile power bloc , the syndicate underpins Western military & intelligence capabilities , although the intensely paranoid and pathologically insane controllers hide in the shadows , much further up the food chain .

The tentacles of ECHELON reach far and wide into the military industrial complex and the corporate world , also penetrating deeply into the world of high finance . Wealth accumulation is King in the world of the controllers , it also buys access to the systems .

ECHELON is primarily used for political and corporate blackmail / influence / control operations , destroying weaker countries , wealth targeting , industrial espionage , corporate infiltration and insider financial trading .

Last but not least the information provided by ECHELON is leveraged for domestic oppression / suppression operations and the protection of high ranking establishment criminals , paedophiles and terrorists .

ECHELON records and monitors all electronic data , including voice calls and all public media . Text to speech synthesis covers all remaining bases .


For more advanced voice recognition and advanced AI capability human guinea pigs will be required , lots of human guinea pigs .

Now we should ask a simple question as to which organizations would have the capability and resources to carry out a wide scale operation involving crimes against humanity , which could then be effectively covered up and kept from the mainstream ?

There are actually five answers to this particular question .

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