Nano Technology News – July 2017

Cultocracy note :

Research and development into nano technology is accelerating , it would seem that the focus is directed towards neural networks and brain computer interface technologies .

Other research is focused on ‘enhancing’ human biology , the published research is always many years behind what is in use at the present time .

All technology can be used for good or evil , secretive supra-governmental military biased organisations control much of the funding .

Any new technology needs to be tested & perfected .

The military corporate complex is heavily involved in covert testing on unsuspecting targets .


Cultocracy note :

Synthetic biology is the engineering of biological cells , including RNA & DNA . Recent research has seen the development of programmable proteins , these ‘designer’ proteins can be set to respond to a specific stimulus and override a natural cellular response . This technology is the key to neural networks and in theory can be used to construct an artificial computing system based on biological tissue instead of traditional synthetic materials . Or alternatively create a man-machine hybrid .

  1. Cell-permeable nanobodies
  2. Living computers: RNA circuits transform cells into nanodevices
  3. Programming cells with computer-like logic

Cultocracy note :

Wireless neural or bodily implants that can detect and transmit biological signals are seen as the ultimate method of societal control . The whole schematic can be reversed whereby the implants receive remote signaling which is then transmitted via nano technology to the nervous system .

Traditional implant systems usually have two main components , the ‘power supply’ and the ‘sensor(s)’ . The sensors are often colloquially called ‘tattoos’ .

The ultimate carrot and stick .


  1. Wireless energy harvester for implants
  2. Toward ‘invisible’ wearable sensors with gold nanowires
  3. Graphene-based tattoo-like skin biosensors


Cultocracy note :

Light emitting fluorescent proteins or synthetic quantum dots can be tagged to individual neuronal cells to create a map of the brain . The triggering of sets of neurons can form a map which corresponds to a specific biological process . Coupled with a sensor array and translated via computer modeling this technology can ‘read your mind’ .

  1. Coupling a nano-trumpet with a quantum dot enables precise position determination
  2. Carbon nanotubes form first known tunable room-temperature quantum emitters at telecom wavelengths
  3. Researchers developing flat microscope for the brain


Cultocracy note :

Another technique uses neural ‘mesh’ or ‘lace’ which can record electrical activity in the brain .

  1. Your brain on mesh: Injectable flexible probe melds with neurons


Cultocracy note :

Spin resonance is used in biological imaging . The process takes advantage of a process called Larmour precession in that the protons in molecules can be aligned to an externally applied electromagnetic field . When the the electromagnetic energy is stopped the molecules realign and emit a small electromagnetic pulse .

  1. Quantum probes dramatically improve detection of nuclear spins
  2. Nuclear magnetic resonance scanner for individual proteins
  3. Researchers develop technique to control and measure electron spin voltage


Cultocracy note :

All roads lead to the merging of man and machine . A schizoid quest by the techno-fascists to ‘improve’ the human by making us more machine , whilst at the same time improving the machine by making them more human .

As always , the keyword is control .

  1. Nanotechnology coming to a brain near you
  2. Researchers revolutionize brain-computer interfaces using silicon electronics
  3. Nanotechnology for neural interfaces
  4. Brain-like computing comes closer in big artificial intelligence retina project Read more: Brain-like computing comes closer in big artificial intelligence retina project
  5. Hacking the human brain—lab-made synapses for artificial intelligence
  6. Nanoscale magnetic device mimics behavior of neurons and can recognize human audio signals

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