Nanotechnology News – August 2018

Cultocracy note :

A little late this month , but better late than never .

‘Technology as Transcendence’ is the title of an article at Waking Times which describes how fanatics and zealots , force fed on a diet of science fiction fused with archaic systems of governance perceive the future evolution of mankind . At the centre of their belief system is the notion of transcendence and an eventual meeting of man and God , or the creator . The followers of this belief system seek to control and shape humanity to aid their Promethean quest , the belief system underpins many of the subtle world changing events we see today .

It is a creeping process , barely tangible , yet clearly visible , it spans each successive generation , each of which is seen as a step on the stairway to heaven , or indeed hell .

Technology is at the core of the ‘new’ transhumanist religion , nanotechnology is at the forefront .

Of course you could always argue that the cultocrats are controlled by those with more pragmatic aims such as the accumulation and consolidation of wealth and power , there is frequent crossover .

Often there are parallel agendas running simultaneously , partnerships are built and broken as required .

There is always a bigger picture .

Can you see it ?

Whichever angle you look from , the keyword is always control .

Nanotechnology News – August 2018

Military Research


Cultocracy note :

Military and intelligence organizations are viewed by the cultocrats as a vehicle to be used as the driver of technological research , technology which can be subverted and used for their own nefarious purposes . Fabricated wars are usually a smoke and mirrors ploy used to mask other hidden agendas .

“We have the technology to rebuild us.”

“Strands of DNA turned into internal robots. Tailored genes enhancing our senses and physique. Modified bacteria living in our bodies to fine tune our metabolisms.”
“These are just some of the biotechnological paths researchers the world-over are exploring.”
“Their motive is the never-ending quest to improve our health.”
“But the implications for Defence are enormous.”

“Government intelligence agencies have a plan to build computers that store information inside DNA and other organic molecules.”

“A 2016 paper in the journal BioMed Research International found that DNA, in particular, could store computer information more densely, require less energy, and survive higher and lower temperatures than conventional hard drives.”

Cultocracy note  :

Of course , other government agencies have been hijacked and are also used as research vehicles .

“They kept this project a secret for virtually 50 years and have been fighting tooth and nail [not] to release details about it. We are not going to let them go dark again,” said Justin Goodman, the White Coat Waste Project’s vice president.”



Cultocracy note :

The potentially adverse health and environmental effects of nano technology are now being researched .

Better late than never .

“Human cells died”

“In the study, 72 pct. of the cells died, when exposed to both nanosilver and cadmium ions. When exposed to nanosilver only, 25 pct. died. When exposed to cadmium ions only, 12 pct. died.”
“The study was conducted on human liver cancer cells.”


“The hypothesis of the toxicologists was confirmed: a concentration of nanoparticles in water of 100 mg/litre caused the algae to die.”

“Acute poisoning was noted on the third day of the experiment, and chronic intoxication occurred on the seventh day.”
“Silicon nanotubes are far more toxic than carbon nanotubes because they are smaller in size and have hydrophilic properties,”

Cultocracy note :

If you are a fish or a whale , you had better start praying .

Whales can be viewed as the Oceanic equivalent of ‘canaries in the coal mine’ .

I can sympathise .

“When you purchase anything from makeup to paint to sunscreen, chances are it contains engineered nanoparticles.”

“When they took a closer look at the biofilm, or a sticky substance made up of bacteria and microorganisms found on plants (aquatic) , they found that the microorganisms released cyanide that was interacting with the gold nanoparticles. The gold nanoparticles dissolved (or ionized) and formed gold-cyanide along with other gold complexes that remained with the plants.”


“It is entirely conceivable that the engineered nanoparticles that seem like today’s water treatment panacea, could be tomorrow’s ecological dynamite.”

“The potential for the use of nanoparticles in water treatment such as water filtration is too compelling to ignore, despite the potential risks.”

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Glyphosate & Bayer (Monsanto)

Cultocracy note :

Switch to organic foods where possible .

“Hormones designed in the lab through a technique combining chemistry, biology, and engineering might be used to manipulate plant growth in numerous ways, according to a New Phytologist study.”

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Cultocracy note :

Implants have now been rebranded as “bioelectronics and neuroprosthetics” .

Graphene is an important material for quantum computing and ‘neuroprosthetics’ .

Perhaps the two fields could somehow be linked together ?

“Forecasted by McKinsey to be a $70 billion market by 2030 for the semiconductor sector alone.”

“Graphene will soon impact every industry from automotive, advanced manufacturing, medical devices, oil & gas, energy storage and even apparel.”


“The term bioelectronics, or bionics for short, describes a research field that is concerned with the integration of biological components with electronics”

“Graphene bioelectronics has become a ground-breaking field that offers exciting opportunities for developing new kinds of sensors capable of establishing outstanding interfaces with soft tissue”

Cultocracy note :

Not all bad news from the graphene frontline , it appears that a natural enzyme can degrade nanographene .

This can be viewed as a pitfall or a benefit , depending on your perspective .

“Degradation of pristine graphene occurs in the human body when interacting with a naturally occurring enzyme found in the lung”

“Graphene-based products, including flexible biomedical electronic devices, are being designed for interface with the human body within the Graphene Flagship”

“The enzyme, myeloperoxidase (MPO), is a peroxide enzyme released by neutrophils, cells found in the lungs that are responsible for the elimination of foreign bodies or bacteria that enter the body. If a foreign body or bacteria is detected inside of the body, neutrophils surround it and secrete MPO, thereby destroying the threat.”

“We used two forms of graphene—single- and few-layer, prepared by two different methods in water. They were then taken and put in contact with myeloperoxidase in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. This peroxidase was able to degrade and oxidise them. This was not really expected, because we thought that non-functionalized graphene was more resistant than graphene oxide.”

Cultocracy note :

Alas , ‘pitfall’ researchers have already found a potential antidote to the antidote , damn .

“Scientists test material that shows promise for flexible electronics”

“Researchers have found that reinforcing graphene with embedded carbon nanotubes makes the 2D nanomaterial more than twice as tough as pristine graphene.”

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Quantum Computing

“In a marriage of quantum science and solid-state physics, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have used magnetic fields to confine groups of electrons to a series of concentric rings within graphene”

“This tiered “wedding cake,” which appears in images that show the energy level structure of the electrons, experimentally confirms how electrons interact in a tightly confined space according to long-untested rules of quantum mechanics. The findings could also have practical applications in quantum computing.”


Cultocracy note :

DNA chips or DNA microarrays are a burgeoning field in nanotechnology .

The process involves the deposition of minute short strand DNA probes or oligos onto a silicon wafer where they form a closely packed grid pattern .

The target DNA or RNA strands which are to be researched can then be placed onto the chip . DNA activation (expression) produces the RNA (messenger DNA) which will bind to the probe grid DNA spots via hydrogen bonding , the binding process is known as hybridisation .

Using this method the unique expression patterns of the target DNA can be researched . Target DNA expression can be further researched to investigate reactions to external factors , such as bacteria , heat or specific chemical compounds etc.

In simple terms , a DNA chip can replicate the inner workings of natural DNA .

The whole process can be further tweaked to potentially produce a working synthetic model of a specific organ , for example the human brain .

“The junior research group……has succeeded for the first time, using surface acoustic waves (sound waves induced by high-frequency signals which propagate on the surface of chips), in the targeted positioning of live neuronal cells on a biochip at periodic intervals and even in influencing the growth of the neuronal cells.”

“This is an important step towards so-called brain-on-a-chip systems and could fundamentally contribute to understanding the processes in the human brain,” says Professor Dr. Achim Wixforth.”

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Cultocracy note :

Research into quantum computing represents another burgeoning field of nanotechnology .

What if you could marry the fields of hybrid DNA and quantum nanomaterials ?

“Quantum technology is a growing field of physics and engineering which utilizes properties of quantum mechanics as a basis for advanced practical applications such as quantum computing, sensors, information, communication and medicine.”

“This promises to lead to a new era of technology unlike anything we’ve known. Computers will be much more powerful, medical treatment will be non-invasive and far safer than today, and even teleportation can be envisioned. A phenomenon that stands at the core of this development is the Quantum phase transition.”


“A material that consists of atoms of a single element, but has completely different properties depending on the atomic arrangement – this may sound strange, but is actually reality with graphene nano-ribbons.”

“An international research team…….has now succeeded in precisely adjusting the properties of the ribbons by specifically varying their shape. The particular feature of this technology is that not only can the “usual” electronic properties mentioned above be varied – it can also be used to generate specific local quantum states.”

Implants – Neuroprosthetics

“Integration of electronic devices with human tissues has long been a challenge for researchers.”

“Despite the efforts of engineering flexible electronic devices on elastomers using different techniques, the rigidity of these devices does not come close to that of soft tissues, such as that found in the brain.”

“Towards this end, a group of researchers led by Prof. Christopher J. Bettinger, Carnegie Mellon University, has described ultracompliant electronic devices integrating multielectrode arrays with soft adhesive hydrogels through transfer printing, a technique where electronics are integrated with the swollen polymer networks post-fabrication. They performed in vivo neural recordings from peripheral nervous system, demonstrating the ability of these devices to adhere to the underlying tissues and to record single‐unit neural activity.”

“A research team has demonstrated how light-emitting nanoparticles, developed at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), can be used to see deep in living tissue.”

“The specially designed nanoparticles can be excited by ultralow-power laser light at near-infrared wavelengths considered safe for the human body. They absorb this light and then emit visible light that can be measured by standard imaging equipment.”

“With a laser even weaker than a standard green laser pointer, we can image deep into tissue,”

Cultocracy note :

Nanowires will allow even deeper tissue penetration .

“Nanometres are often used to measure the wavelength of light, and this breakthrough is about just that, specifically infrared light.”

“The NTNU researchers who have been working with these miniscule units have managed to produce a nanowire with a very special superlattice. The result is a miniature laser in the form of a nanowire. It’s the uniformity of the superlattice that makes this miniature laser exceptional.”

““The other thing we think will be interesting lies within medical applications. You need extremely small laser sources to be able to influence cells or molecules.”

Cultocracy note :

The system described below is not new technology , but the whole system has now been reproduced in nano form .

“Once in the territory of science fiction, “nanobots” are closer than ever to becoming a reality, with possible applications in medicine, manufacturing, robotics and fluidics. Today, scientists report progress in developing the tiny machines: They have made nanobot pumps that destroy nerve agents, while simultaneously administering an antidote.”

Cultocracy note :

A similar system which utilizes nanogel and can be used as an antiviral agent .

“An international interdisciplinary team of virologists and biochemists has developed low-cost and “cell-friendly” nanogels that can efficiently prevent viral infections.”

“The flexible nanogels mimic cell surface receptors where several viral families bind. Pathogens adhere to the nanogel molecules, so the likelihood of an infection of cells decreases significantly.”



Cultocracy note :

Mildly comforting that covert monitoring & torture technology is now finding it’s way into more humane (and potentially more lucrative) applications .

“The use of nanoparticles for bio-imaging of disease is an exciting and fast-moving area of science,”

“Specially designed nanoparticles can be placed in biological samples or injected into specific sites of the body and then ‘excited’ by introduced light such as that from a laser or an optical fibre,”


“Scientists report they have successfully developed and tested the world’s first ultrathin artificial retina that could vastly improve on existing implantable visualization technology for the blind.”

“The flexible device, based on very thin 2D materials, could someday restore sight to the millions of people with retinal diseases. And with a few modifications, the device could be used to track heart and brain activity.”


Cultocracy note :

Nanotechnology can be used to provide targeted therapeutic drug delivery .

Moreover nanorobots can be controlled and steered by external electromagnetic fields .

Cultocracy note :

Increasing antibiotic resistance is a major problem for modern medicine , resistance was fuelled in part by the wanton use of antibiotics in both medicine and farming .

Nanotechnology may offer a solution , although it will only be a matter of time before bacterial strains mutate and form further resistance .

Cultocracy note :

Nano fibers have been shown to reduce fat absorption from food (just like natural fibre) .

In the future we will be able to gorge on two pizzas or burgers instead of just the one .

“Tiny balls of nano-sized cellulose fibres added to food reduced fat absorption by up to half in laboratory and animal experiments,”

“This discovery could aid in the global battle against obesity, as experiments done in a simulated gastrointestinal tract showed that nanocellulose fibres 100 times smaller than the width of a human hair could cut fat absorption by up to 48 per cent.”

“Soon, a mouthwash of iron oxide nanoparticles could save people a trip to the dentist.”

“Over a period of three weeks, the scientists used both solutions twice a day to rinse the mouths of rats with cavities that mimic extreme childhood dental decay. In contrast to animals that did not get the mouthwash, treated rats saw substantial improvements in their dental decay. The mouthwash both stopped the progression of current damage and stopped damage to smooth, healthy teeth.”



Cultocracy note :

More encouraging news which shows the direction in which nanotechnology research should really be heading .

“The team has developed an organic-based battery cathode that has significantly improved electrochemical performance compared to previous organic cathode materials.”

“A new cathode material, in which HATN was combined with graphene oxide in a bid to prevent the organic material from dissolving, has now been developed by Yugen Zhang and his colleagues from the A*STAR Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.”

Cultocracy note :

Although in the future you may not even require batteries to power your gadgets .

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