Nano Implants – Neural Smartdust

By Cultocracy

People around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that governments & the military industrial complex have been conducting illegal human experimentation with nano technology . The powers that be have therefore decided to spoon feed the masses with details of the technology involved in order to shift the spotlight from themselves . The controlled mainstream media has again been used as a vehicle to introduce the whole concept of implants & mind control to the general public . In recent days there has been a surge of articles reporting on nano-particles as a ‘new’ technology , as expected the articles are infused with propaganda espousing the limitless benefits of this technology to humanity .

neural-nano-dust-implantThis technology has been in development for decades & has been reported in science journals as far back as the year 2000 . In an effort to deflect attention as to how the tech has really been used the media is now reporting that ‘smart dust’ can be used in a wide variety of medical applications and can even be safely sprinkled on your breakfast cereal of choice , nano-pops or nanoflakes anybody ?



Nano ‘smart’ dust next to a human hair .

Of course there could also be a massive paradigm shift underway as the military industrial complex  has now decided that the ethical implications of the use of this technology & the resulting lawsuits could result in a complete collapse for the military research establishments involved & perhaps lengthy prison sentences for themselves . Self preservation is obviously very high on their agenda .

A cynic could observe that they have weighed up the potential astronomical  profits from legitimate applications against having to flee for their lives from an increasingly enlightened & educated public , people are starting to ask some very awkward & inconvenient questions , there is a growing rebellion against the sadistic & inhumane hierarchy within the ranks . Most military research labs are now run in a cult like manner , of course this type of environment comes attached with megalomaniac & paranoid traits , amongst many other negative human characteristics  .

Mind Control

Nano particles have important significance amongst groups that seek to control . They can be implanted in a human subject , the implants can then be remotely monitored using RF waves . The nano particles act as miniature RFID chips (Radio frequency identification) , RFID can be used to track a subject in realtime using a communications grid or satellite technology . Logically it follows that biological functions can also be remotely monitored & recorded using the same process . Also it follows that the same process can be reversed & entrained signals can be sent to a subject .

Welcome to the Matrix .

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