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Global Civilisation to descend into ‘Hell on Earth’ , Maybe….

Cultocracy note : The article below comes from Nafeez Ahmed at , it is based on a lecture given by Jeremy Legget at a Resurgence & Ecologist event . Jeremy is described as an energy pioneer , particularly in … Continue reading

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4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire to be fixed by DRONES

An ambitious bunch of scientists have suggested that in the future the potholes in Britain’s roads could be fixed by an army of drones . One set of drones could identify the faults whilst another set of drones could fix … Continue reading

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UK Sells Arms to I$I$

Cultocracy note : More evidence , if it is really needed , that I$I$ style terror proxies are sponsored by corrupt Western governments , including the UK . I$I$ can now be considered as an umbrella term for Western backed … Continue reading

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World Cup 2018 , Gary Lineker is a Russian Bot

Gary Lineker was a former professional football player , according to Wikipedia he holds the record for goals scored for the England team in the World Cup finals . He is now better known as the promotional face for a … Continue reading

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Cults , Brainwashing and Mind Control In The US

Cultocracy note :  The basic premise of mind control has not changed much over the years ; sleep deprivation and isolation , irrational fears implanted in the mind to stifle critical thinking , these are all key points . Methods … Continue reading

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Nano Technology News – May 2018

It was virtual ‘hand bags at ten paces’ this month as favoured deep state contractor Elon Musk was berated by the technological Twitterati regarding his comments on nano technology . Scientists Say Elon Musk’s ‘Nano’ Claims Don’t Make Any Sense … Continue reading

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100 Police Officers Received Psychological Help after Salisbury Attack

Cultocracy note : Can’t help but think that there is more to this particular story . From The Guardian : “Wiltshire’s chief constable, Kier Pritchard revealed that after the suicide of a colleague he sought help through Trim. “I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence Summoning Demons , The Great Deception

Cultocracy note : In this article from Investment Watch Blog the author quotes Elon Musk who talks about artificial intelligence (AI) . Musk has been going through a relatively hard time recently , or at least his business interests have … Continue reading

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