Nanotechnology News – September 2019


Cultocracy introduction :

The title of the following introductory article is self explanatory .

The abuse and misuse of current neurotechnology is widespread .

As always , the keyword is control .

The future of mind control

“……..neurotechnology is on the cusp of a major renaissance.”

The next frontier is really the merging of human cognition with machines,”

“He and Lieber see mesh electronics as the foundation for those machines, a way to design personalized electronic treatment for just about anything related to the brain.”

“Everything manifests in the brain fundamentally. Everything. All your thoughts, your perceptions, any type of disease,”

“Scientists can pinpoint the general areas of the brain where decision-making, learning, and emotions originate, but tracing behaviors to specific neurons is still a challenge.”

“Lieber’s mesh electronics provoke almost no immune response. With close, long-term proximity to the same neurons, the implants can collect robust data on how individual neurons communicate over time or, in the case of neurological disorders, fail to communicate. Eventually, such technology could track how specific neural subtypes talk, too, all of which could lead to a cleaner, more precise map of the brain’s communication network.”

“With higher resolution targets, future electrodes can act with greater precision, eliminating unwanted side effects.”

“In time, they could act like neural substitutes……”

“Such power demands intense ethical scrutiny. For people struggling to combat addiction or obsessive-compulsive disorder, an external pulse regulator could significantly improve their quality of life. But, companies that operate those regulators could access their client’s most personal data–their thoughts. And, if enhanced learning and memory are for sale, who gets to buy a better brain? “One does need to be a little careful about the ethics involved if you’re trying to make a superhuman,” Lieber said.

“Being able to help people is much more important to me at this time.”

Cultocracy note :

At this time ????

Nanotechnology News – September 2019




Cultocracy note :

The race to create GM modified humans now resembles a conventional arms race .

They are all at it .

Clandestine military research projects have sought to create a disposable army of ‘superhuman‘ assets for decades .

At what point does an experimental human subject cease to be human ?

Perhaps we should look at the decision makers in our respective democracies to find the answer .

China leading controversial genetic research

“If you want to conduct groundbreaking but contentious biological research, go to China.”

“Yet if China is fast becoming the world capital of controversial science, it is not alone in producing it. More babies produced using the “CRISPR” gene-editing technology are now planned by a scientist in Russia, where another researcher is also hoping to conduct the world’s first human head transplant. And Japan has recently lifted its own ban on human-animal hybrids.”

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Cultocracy note :

If you have already conducted groundbreaking but contentious biological research, go to the UK or the US or………..


Scientists reveal epigenetic features of the brain

“The brain’s prefrontal cortex, which gives us our ability to solve problems and plan ahead, contains billions of cells.”

“Scientists have known that much of this diversity results from epigenetics…”

“The structure of chromosomes acts as a sort of cellular fingerprint: although different cell types have the same sequence of DNA, they have different chromosome structures to organize that DNA.”

“At the same time, chemical (epigenetic) modifications to DNA itself—such as the addition of methyl groups to a strand of DNA—also control the timing and levels of gene expression. When a methyl group is tacked onto a bit of DNA, a gene is typically blocked from being expressed.”

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Cultocracy note :

Hitler would be wetting his knickers .


Synthetic ion channels

DNA-based, self-assembled nanostructures are promising building blocks for new kinds of micro- and nanodevices for biomedical and environmental applications. “

Pickering emulsions (Microcapsules formed by the assembly of colloidal particles at the interface of emulsion droplets) or colloidosomes, also have potential for many biotechnologically useful applications. “

“……a new type of Pickering emulsion with the added functionality of ion channels opens up new routes to designing artificial cells and molecular robots.”

“Such systems could eventually be used to develop artificial neural networks mimicking the way the human brain works. “


Magnetically manipulated biological cells

“If scientists could give living cells magnetic properties, they could perhaps manipulate cellular activities with external magnetic fields.”

“Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Nano Letters have engineered genetically encoded protein crystals that can generate magnetic forces many times stronger than those already reported. “

“To make the new crystals, the researchers fused genes encoding ferritin and Inkabox-PAK4cat and expressed the new protein in human cells……”

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Holy Grail #2

“What scientists have come to realise, he told Good Health, is that ‘the driver of most of the diseases that we experience in old age’ is the ageing of the cells.”

“So, if we can target the mechanisms, we may be able to not only cure one disease, but all the different diseases together,’ he says. ‘That’s the goal.”



Quantum Computing & Communications

Hall Effect to achieve one-way radio transmission

“Researchers have replicated one of the most well-known electromagnetic effects in physics, the Hall Effect, using radio waves (photons) instead of electric current (electrons). “

The Hall Effect, discovered in 1879 by Edwin Hall, occurs because of the interaction between charged particles and electromagnetic fields.”

“Their research could be used to produce new devices that protect sources of radio waves from potentially harmful interference, or that help ensure sensitive quantum mechanical measurements are accurate.”

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Cultocracy note :

An article this month from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is titled ‘The Global Expansion of AI Surveillance’ .

As stated on the tin , the article explores the expansion of AI based surveillance systems , a quote from the article states :

‘The spread of AI surveillance continues unabated . Its use by repressive regimes to engineer crackdowns against targeted populations has already sounded alarm bells.’

Too true .

It should be noted that the article is slightly biased , the word ‘China’ is mentioned 55 times .

As such I have abridged and simplified the report into a much more concise and digestible format :

“It’s the Chinese……The Chinese I tell ya………The bloody Chinese………Huawei and the Chinese……Run for the hills……The Chinese are comin’……… Aaaaarrrgggghhhhhh……”

It should also be noted that some commentators suggest that the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is an oxymoron .

The link to the report is below , if you can be bothered to read it .

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FVEY to attend 2020 Olympics

Intel today announced that its NEC Facial Recognition will power a tool called NeoFace at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The company said it will use a Core i5 processor (the generation wasn’t mentioned) to scan the faces of an estimated 300,000 people at the stadium once the games kick off in July 2020.”


AI-Powered Heist

Thieves stole over $240,000 by using voice-mimicking software to trick a company’s employee. The thieves used an AI voice deepfake of a company executive to get the employee to wire money to an offsite account in what researchers say is the first publicly reported AI heist.”

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Chimps now under biometric surveillance

“Video recording is now ubiquitous in the study of animal behavior, but its analysis on a large scale is prohibited by the time and resources needed to manually process large volumes of data. We present a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) approach that provides a fully automated pipeline for face detection, tracking, and recognition of wild chimpanzees from long-term video records.”

Cultocracy note :

Several of the chimps were observed to actually play up to the camera……

Obviously relatives of the legendary Cheeta .


Digital Crew AI Surveillance

Digital Crew is a real-time self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm applied to digital electro-optical (EO) imagery for recognition of people, platforms, and objects.”

Digital Crew can also plot the location of a detected target using the bearing of the object and its apparent relative size to calculate the range.”

“It can prioritise identified targets according to pre-set criteria………”

“Development of Digital Crew began in late 2015 using research funding from Australia, Canada, and the UK’s DSTL, and has been completed.”

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Artificial intelligence to build new nanomaterials

“The new algorithm published by the researchers in Jyväskylä helps to create accurate atomic models of the particles’ total structure enabling simulations of the metal-molecule interface as well as of the surface of the molecular layer and its interactions with the environment. “


Artificial Immortality (AI)

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5G & Internet of Things (IoT)

Cultocracy note :

5G and the IOT are like peas in a pod . A new era of automation is promised with the ability to connect any gadget or gizmo to the internet .

No doubt there is a much darker side to the technology .

All IOT ‘things’ will have to be powered , a future is envisaged where IoT ‘things’ are powered entirely by ambient electromagnetic waves .


Indoor solar power

“……the scientists from Linköping University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences said these solar cells are optimised to convert ambient indoor light into electricity. While in low amounts, it should be enough to power millions of IoT products for the home market.”


Turning a handheld smartphone into a fluorescence microscope

“Researchers in the U.S. and China have developed a method to transform a smartphone into a fluorescence microscope. The handheld smartphone-fluorescence microscope (HSFM) device allows complex biomedical analyses both rapidly and inexpensively.”

“The low-cost, experimental setup allowed them to observe and count cells, monitor the expression of fluorescently tagged genes and distinguish between normal tissues and tumors.”


Drones, Vibrators, and Kids’ Toys Vulnerable to Hacking

“In one scenario, his team showed that it’s possible to hack a children’s toy, called CogniToys Dino. In this case, an attacker can access sensitive information the child has shared with the toy, or even communicate with the child through the toy.”

“In another series of experiments, the researchers explored ways to hack vibrators. Vibrators that can be controlled remotely by apps are growing in popularity, and can be used, for example, between couples in long-distance relationships.”

“………the researchers found unencrypted information that allows a hacker to gain the username and password of a trusted partner—which could allow a hacker to impersonate an intimate partner and control the vibrator remotely.”


Nanowire converts microwaves to electricity

“In preparation for the commencement of the true IoT era, energy harvesting technologies, which transform the minute sources of energy in the surrounding environment into electricity, have come under the spotlight in recent years….”

“Equipment used in generating electricity from ambient radio waves consists of a radio wave power generating element, which includes an antenna for collecting radio waves and a rectifying element (diode) that rectifies the radio waves.”

“With this technology, microwaves with a power level of 100 nanowatts (nW) can be converted to electricity.”




The Upgraded Brain

“We will be able to upgrade our brains with a microchip, blurring the boundaries between man and machine in a way that we’ve never seen before.”



Brain Computer Interface – BCI

Cultocracy note :

Window dressing alert .

Why do these people patronize the public with talk of ‘ethical issues’ and ‘transforming medicine’ .

Adding insult to injury .

The report does mention one of the underlying motives for the technology when it states ‘Monitoring of brain activity to support health, safety and security’ .

‘Security’ being the operative word .

Although the report does not mention sadistic psychological abuse , rape , fraud , assassination , machine learning , influence operations , domestic and global terrorism , political manipulation , torture , social engineering , eugenics , insider trading and intellectual property theft .

Remember……….the technology will have to be tested .

Guinea pigs need not apply .

Synthetic Telepathy

Neural interfaces that link human brains to computers using artificial intelligence will allow people to read other people’s thoughts, according to leading scientists.”

“A new report by the Royal Society outlines the benefits of such technology but warns that there could be severe risks if it falls into the wrong hands.”

“More futuristic applications are expected to follow, such as brain implants that allow people to virtually taste, smell and see without actually physically experiencing the sensation.”

“The report calls on the (UK) government to launch a national investigation into this emerging field in order to shape the development of the technology.”


Cultocracy note :

Window dressing alert #2

Softening up the public for the time that they go public .

Brain-machine interface could help the disabled control a wheelchair

“Combining new classes of nanomembrane electrodes with flexible electronics and a deep learning algorithm could help disabled people wirelessly control an electric wheelchair, interact with a computer or operate a small robotic vehicle without donning a bulky hair-electrode cap or contending with wires.”

“Beyond the sensing requirements, detecting and analyzing steady-state virtually evoked potentials (SSVEP) signals have been challenging because of the low signal amplitude, which is in the range of tens of micro-volts, similar to electrical noise in the body. Researchers also must deal with variation in human brains.”

“This EEG monitoring system has the potential to finally allow scientists to monitor human neural activity in a relatively unobtrusive way as subjects go about their lives,”

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Robot Cafe

“Softbank Robotics has announced it is working on a Tokyo cafe that will be run by its humanoid robot Pepper. “

“Softbank Robotics’ humanoid robot Pepper has already been put to work at airports, banks, universities, and grocery stores. “

“Pepper was developed for SoftBank by Aldebaran, a French robotics company specialising in emotionally intelligent humanoids…”


Flying Fish Robot

“…..a team at Imperial College London have created a flying fish that comes equipped with a small pump in its rear that takes in water from the environment and then combines it with calcium-carbide in a reaction chamber to produce combustible acetylene gas, thus pushing it out of the water as the gas ignites and expands.”

Cultocracy note :

Amazing….Left me speechless……What an engineering marvel .


Remote-controlled hand

“The team also uses an algorithm that learns how to decode user intent and translates that intent into finger movement for the prosthetic hand. Training the robotic hand requires the amputee to perform a series of hand movements. Sensors on the stump record the muscle movement; once the movement is understood, the information can be used for controlling the robotic hand. “

Cultocracy note :

Seen the film……..

Definitely a life changer….

For the victims at least .


Shape-shifting robots

…researchers built robots entirely from smaller robots known as “smarticles,”
“The 3D-printed smarticles — short for smart active particles — can do just one thing: flap their two arms. But when five of these smarticles are confined in a circle, they begin to nudge one another, forming a robophysical system known as a “supersmarticle” that can move by itself.”


Automated Farming

FarmWise, a California-based startup, is looking to enhance farming efficiency by automating everything from seeding to harvesting, starting with the worst task of all: weeding. And they’ve just raised US $14.5 million to do it.”

“FarmWise’s autonomous, AI-enabled robots are designed to solve farmers’ most pressing challenges.”



Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Hyperspectral imaging from space

HySpecIQ is developing interesting new hyperspectral imaging capabilities that have the potential to contribute to our current and future overhead architecture.”

“The sensors will be tested in various parts of the electromagnetic spectrum on an aircraft in parallel to the integration of the sensors with the satellite platform….”

“The commercial use cases tend to overlap with national security……..”

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Synthetic Biology

Chameleon Skin

“Scientists in the field of photonic crystals have been working for a long time to try to create color-changing smart skins for a range of potential applications, such as camouflage, chemical sensing and anti-counterfeiting tags, “

“Although the particles themselves are colorless, the precise spacing between them allows certain light waves to pass through them while rejecting others. The visible colors produced change depending on factors such as lighting conditions or shifts in the distance between the particles. The iridescence of some butterfly wings and the feathers of peacocks are among many other examples of photonic crystals in nature.”

“To mimic chameleons and create an artificial smart skin, scientists have experimented with embedding photonic crystal arrays into flexible, water-containing polymers, or hydrogels.”


3D Printed Miniature Human Heart

“It’s the closest anyone has gotten to producing a fully functioning heart through 3D bioprinting, according to the company.”

“The Company developed a proprietary bioink using a very specific composition of different extracellular matrix compounds that closely replicate the properties of the mammalian heart. Further, it has developed a novel and unique bioprinting algorithm……..”


Whole Body Network

“Here, lacings of stretchable optical fibers distributed throughout 3D-printed elastomer frameworks created a cointegrated body, sensing, and communication network. “

“By mimicking the inherent link between sensory and motor signals in animals, which are used not only for action execution but also for action “selection” , we may be able to use OL to simplify controls and electronics and improve the efficiency of robots.”




Spider silk to replace plastic

“The researchers created a truly new bio-based material by gluing together wood cellulose fibres and the silk protein found in spider web threads. The result is a very firm and resilient material which could be used in the future as a possible replacement for plastic……”


Liquid Antenna to Steer Radio Beams

“Being able to focus the energy of a radio signal towards a given receiver means you can increase the range and efficiency of transmissions. If you know the location of the receiver, and are sure that it’s going to stay put, you can simply use an antenna that is shaped to emit energy mostly in one direction and point it.”

Beam-steering lets you adjust the focus of antenna…It involves adjusting the relative phases of a set of radio waves at the antenna: these waves interfere constructively and destructively, cancelling out in unwanted directions and reinforcing the signal in the direction you want to send it.”

“Different beam patterns, or states, are also possible—for example, you might want a broader beam if you are sending the same signal to multiple receivers in a given direction, or a tighter beam if you are talking to just one.”

“The new antenna’s operating range of 334 MHz to 488 MHz makes it a promising candidate for very-high frequency applications such as IoT and maritime applications”

“In detail, the experimental demonstration involves heterodyne detection, in which two signals are combined, or mixed, using graphene.”




Graphene and THz astronomy

Graphene might be the only known material that remains an excellent conductor of electricity/heat even when having, effectively, no electrons. We have reached a near zero-electron scenario in graphene, also called Dirac point, by assembling electron-accepting molecules on its surface. Our results show that graphene is an exceptionally good material for THz heterodyne detection when doped to the Dirac point

More graphene news :

  1. The Role of Graphene in IOT
  2. The Regeneration of Cartilage Using Graphene Oxide




Economy 7

“Using an inexpensive thermoelectric device, they’re able to harness the cold of space without an active heat input. The process, called radiative sky cooling, can generate enough electricity to power an LED light. Think of it as similar to solar panels, except using the change in the night temperature for power rather than the sun.”




BRAIN Initiative develops new brain mapping tool

“University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine, were awarded a three-year, $4.3 million Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative grant. Working together with a “dream team” of US and Chinese scientists, they will lead the development of a new brain mapping tool for neuroscience research.”

“The development of trans-synaptic viral tracers is an important component of the BRAIN Initiative,”

“……recombinant H129 viral vectors will lead to transformative tools for neuroscience research………..”

“Current versions of genetically modified H129 herpesviruses are limited primarily by high virulence and toxicity. We have a comprehensive plan to reduce the toxicity and also to enhance signal outputs and generate variants carrying different functional payloads. Ultimately, we will be able to create a new set of safe, effective and validated anterograde-directed viral vectors.”

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  1. From Psyops to Neurowar: What Are the Dangers? (PDF)
  2. Global Brain Initiative



Health & Medical

Toxic Teabags

“We show that steeping a single plastic teabag at brewing temperature (95 °C) releases approximately 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion nanoplastics into a single cup of the beverage.”

“An initial acute invertebrate toxicity assessment shows that exposure to only the particles released from the teabags caused dose-dependent behavioral and developmental effects.”

Related :

  1. Scientists show that drinking tea improves brain health


Toxic Air Pollution

“The study shows that three air pollutantsparticulate matter (PM10), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) – separately and together are associated with a 20-50% increased risk of death for babies born in the most polluted areas when compared with those born in the least polluted areas.”


More Toxic Air Pollution

“Short term exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is giving children suicidal thoughts, according to a first of its kind study.”

“The study also found that children living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods may be more susceptible to the effects of air pollution compared to other children, especially for disorders related to anxiety and suicidality.”

Related :

  1. Breathing Can Affect the Cleansing of the Brain

Cultocracy note :

Surely a catch 22 situation if you live in a polluted area .

i.e. The World .



Couldn’t get the f***king bandages off

(Yet Another) Cure for Baldness

“Based on devices that gather energy from a body’s day-to-day motion, the hair-growth technology stimulates the skin with gentle, low-frequency electric pulses, which coax dormant follicles to reactivate hair production.”

“Small devices called nanogenerators passively gather energy from day-to-day movements and then transmit low-frequency pulses of electricity to the skin. That gentle electric stimulation causes dormant follicles to “wake up.”



$cientific $cammer(s) of the Month

Teenagers don’t like homework

Teenagers are less likely to do their homework if their mothers speak to them in a ‘controlling’ tone, research suggests.”

“Speaking to a son or daughter in a pressurising tone is also accompanied by a range of negative emotions and less feelings of closeness, a new study has discovered.”

Cultocracy note :

When asked (in a terse tone) how much they were paid for the above research a Cardiff University spokesperson stated :

“I’m not saying….Never….Ever…..Never…..I hate you……..” (slams down the phone)

More astonising insights from Cardiff University :

  1. Poorer parents ‘just as likely to help with homework as richer parents’
  2. Young people who frequently argue with their parents are better citizens, research finds
  3. Why are girls in deprived areas six times more likely than girls in affluent areas to be injured in violence?
  4. Children living in most polluted parts of country have 50 per cent chance of dying early


$cientific $cammer ? Maybe , Maybe not

German funding agency imposes strict sanctions on Niels Birbaumer, whose studies it says contained incomplete data — but Birbaumer stands by his results. “

Birbaumer says he stands by his studies, which he says, “show that it is possible to communicate with patients who are completely paralysed, through computer-based analysis of blood flow and brain currents”.”

“The agency has also recommended the retraction of the two papers published in PLoS Biology, and says that it will ask him to return the grant money .”

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  2. Response to: “Questioning the evidence for BCI-based communication in the complete locked-in state”
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  4. A Non-Invasive Brain-Computer Interface for Completely Locked-In Patients: Interview with Dr. Ujwal Chaudhary
  5. A 20-Questions-Based Binary Spelling Interface for Communication Systems

Cultocracy note :

When contacted for a response to the allegations at his modest Swiss holiday home Mr.Birbaumer stated “Sorry , I have already spent it….” (the grant) .

Mr.Birbaumer’s partner in science , Ujwal Chaudhary , was asked to comment outside his recently purchased des-res in Württemberg where he politely stated “Verpiss dich…….Verpiss dich…..Sich verpissen…..Du verdammte Fotze…”

Cultocracy note on Cultocracy note :

Hmmmmmm…….It appears that Mr.Chaudhary appears to suffer from the terrible Tourettes style affliction from which I myself suffer……

You have my sincerest sympathies Mr.Chaudhary……

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