Real Time AI Speech , RNN’s , Tensor Flow , Drones


Google I/O is an annual conference where Google employees and guests can compare notes and showcase the latest technological innovations . Technological innovations that we don’t need , but in years to come we will think that we need , if only because someone else has one . Attendees also drink beer , party and probably take narcotic substances , all in the interests of creativity of course .

The show stealer at this years conference highlights how far speech recognition and AI generated speech has progressed .

The system is called Google Duplex , although the conversations in the demonstrations are short , they are also realistic .

You can read more about Duplex and find examples of Duplex in action at the links below , have a listen .

There are other examples available on the web .

Go with the Flow , TI Joe

Duplex uses a recurrent neural network (RNN) , which is a type of artificial neural network (ANN) . RNN’s are inspired by the neural networks in the human brain in that they use ‘neurons’ which can signal to each other . RNN’s can also process two different sources of input , that is the real time input from a human and their own learned input , which is fed to the network via a feedback loop .

RNN’s are therefore able to learn from previous processes , it is often said that RNN’s have a ‘memory’ .

Duplex uses TensorFlow , an open source library used in many machine learning applications .

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