Nanotechnology News – July 2018

Cultocracy note :

The two links below will help to explain nanotechnology to the uninitiated .

The most important point to remember about nanotechnology is that the properties of a material change at the nanoscale .

Quantum effects dominate .

Nanotechnology – An introduction

 “One common factor of nanomaterials is that this thickness range is also known as the quantum regime, where quantum effects play a major role in defining the properties.”

“The impact of nanotechnology on the health, wealth, and lives of people……”

“will be at least the equivalent of the combined influences of microelectronics, medical imaging, computer-aided engineering and man-made polymers developed in this century.”

Nanotechnology News – July 2018

Cultocracy note :

At the core of nanotechnology research is the development of AI (artificial intelligence) systems and artificial neural networks (ANN’s) .

Hybrid AI seeks to combine the logic processing power of computing and the creative thinking of the human mind .

One way to achieve this is to connect the human mind to an artificial intelligence system via a BCI (brain computer interface) .

The second option involves the creation of an entirely new class of hybrid system which merges biological (DNA) and silicon components .

You could always combine both options .

There is a series of blacker than black projects which seeks to create the holy grail of a hybrid system empowered with superintelligence .

The public face of this project is the global brain initiative .

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D.N.A Origami


“DNA nanotechnology uses artificial nucleic acids as a non-biological engineering material for technological uses. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional crystal lattices, nanotubes, polyhedra and other shapes have all been created, as have functional devices such as molecular machines and DNA computers.”

“The new research demonstrates that silica deposition can be effectively applied to synthetic, DNA-based architectures, improving their elasticity and durability. The work could ultimately have far-reaching applications in new optical systems, semiconductor nanolithography, nano-electronics, nano-robotics and medical applications, including drug delivery.”

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CRISPR & D.N.A Editing


Always eat your greens – Before they eat you !

Cultocracy note :

Altering the DNA of a plant via CRISPR gene editing has been labelled GM 2.0 .

It represents a brazen attempt to sugar coat GM foods and repackage them in a new wrapper , backed up by political lobbying and media campaigns , funded to the tune of $100’s of millions from big pharma .

“It took thousands of years for humans to breed a pea-sized fruit into a beautiful beefsteak tomato. Now, with gene editing, scientists can change everything.”


“The CRISPR genome editing technique is revolutionising biology, enabling us to create new varieties of plants and animals and develop treatments for a wide range of diseases.”

“The CRISPR Cas9 protein works by cutting the DNA of a cell in a specific place. When the cell repairs the damage, a few DNA letters get changed at this spot – an effect that can be exploited to disable genes.”

“At least, that’s how it is supposed to work. But in studies of mice and human cells, Bradley’s team has found that in around a fifth of cells, CRISPR causes deletions or rearrangements more than 100 DNA letters long. These surprising changes are sometimes thousands of letters long.”

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Internet of Things (IOT)

“A team of researchers from Purdue University and the University of Virginia has developed a new manufacturing process that could make equipping a device with all the sensors and other electronics that will make it Internet capable as easily as putting a piece of tape on it.”

Quantum Computing

Cultocracy note :

A phase transition in classical terms describes the change in the state of atoms in a material .

In the example below a solid turns to water and then to gas , the turning points are known as phase transitions .

A quantum phase transition (QPT) describes the change in the actual properties of the atoms in a material , as opposed to simply the alignment of the atoms as described in a classical phase transition .

To study these properties a material has to be cooled to absolute zero , where a material is in total equilibrium . This takes thermal effects out of the equation , thermal effects which will make it much harder to study quantum phase transitions .

Attaining absolute zero is considered impossible , although you can approach near absolute zero in a laboratory and in space , near enough at least to be able to produce experimental results . Under these conditions a material can be bombarded with other forms of energy such as microwaves , the effects can then be studied .

There are many properties that can change , for example a material can change from an insulator to a conductor , or from being magnetic to non-magnetic .

Furthermore , it is though that quantum entanglement in a system or material is strongest when the material is at the QPT .

Quantum computing power is now being applied to model quantum phase transitions .

“System lets researchers explore phase transitions in a quantum system.”

Cultocracy note :

Another more physical approach to study magnetic spin in quantum phase transitions uses lasers .

Partly funded by the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research .

“Lev and his group want to answer questions about how the chaotic motion of quantum particles eventually leads to thermal equilibrium in a process called thermalization. Answering how this occurs in quantum systems could help in developing quantum computers, sensors, and devices, which Lev characterizes as a “quantum engineering revolution.”

“If we want to be able to create devices that are robust and useful, we need to understand how quantum systems behave out of equilibrium—when they’re kicked, like the Newton’s cradle—at a level as fundamental as we understand that for classical systems,” Lev says.”

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The Bohm Identity :


Cultocracy note :

Two different approaches in a quest which ultimately aims to create a synthetic human-like ‘brain’ . The first uses single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) , the second uses human stem cells . 

What if you could combine the two ?

Cultocracy note :

Many people live their lives out in the technological realm , they probably wouldn’t even notice the difference .

Cultocracy note :

Although the potential for the creation of a global concentration camp is clearly evident .

Cultocracy note :

The AI revolution promises to deliver the impossible .

Cultocracy note :

I have already developed a foolproof system to accurately predict corruption in public office .

It consists of a simple questionnaire :

  1. Are they in public office
  2. Do they breathe

(Double positive = Corruption)


“Externally controlling the excitation of a neuronal subset through ion channels activation can modulate the firing pattern of an entire neural circuit in vivo. As nanovalves in the cell membrane, ion channels can be opened by light (optogenetics) or ultrasonic (sonogenetics) means. A thoroughly analyzed force sensor is the Escherichia coli mechanosensitive channel of large conductance (MscL). Here we expressed MscL in rat hippocampal neurons in a primary culture and showed that it could be activated by low-pressure ultrasound pulses.”

Graphene is also extremely useful for detecting ultrasound .

Further reading :


“Silk is considered to be a potential biomaterial for a wide number of biomedical applications.”

“We combine the two types of silk (silkworm & spider silk) to fabricate affordable, functional tissue-engineered constructs for wound-healing applications.”

Total Recall

Cultocracy note :

Released information as found in the article below is designed to form the impression that research into a certain topic is ‘new’ or ‘cutting edge’ . In reality the technology to alter or potentially erase memories has existed for decades . Cynically the science is recycled as being able to help veterans erase their war memories .

The drip-drip approach regarding the release of information related to barbaric ‘treatments’ and other experimental research is standard practice within deep state organizations .

A more appropriate title for the article would be “Memories Can Be Altered in Humans. Are Mice Next?”

A parallel process seeks to commercialize deep state research as it is nearing the end of it’s shelf life .


Cultocracy note :

Whilst there is no doubt implants can aid the medical profession in their humanitarian work , there should also be no doubt that implants can be used for experimental or other nefarious purposes in unwitting victims .

Deep state research is decades ahead of civilian research .

It should be noted that MEMS implants are now considered obsolete .

Gene editing and nantechnology offer a less intrusive and more ‘organic’ (i.e. undetectable) approach .

“A new light-emitting device that can be implanted in the body could be used to treat cancer.”

“Radio frequency identification (RFID) chips can be used to keep track of human organoids, according to new experiments by researchers in the US and Japan. Combining organoids (which are samples of human tissue grown from stem cells that mimic organs) with digital technology in this way could prove useful for advancing drug testing and monitoring transplant patients.”

“A research team at the University Medical Center Göttingen has created a cochlear implant that uses light to restore auditory responses in deaf gerbils. The study provides a proof-of-concept that combining optical stimulation with genetic manipulation can successfully restore sound perception, and could lead to a new generation of more accurate cochlear implant.”

“Mesh electronics, a macroporous network of components with mechanical properties similar to that of biological tissue, is a relatively new technology that can be used to probe activity in the brain. Now, researchers at Harvard University in the US have developed an injectable mesh that can record the neural activity of mouse eyes in vivo.”

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