Jan Smith , ‘Morgellons’ , Chromosome 1 q42 – It’s a Knockout

Cultocracy note :

The following article was posted by U.S. citizen Jan Smith , Jan suffered with ‘Morgellons’ , a syndrome now associated with human experimentation & nano technology . ‘Morgellons’ is symptomatic of a wide variety of other medical conditions , the proof that it is a specific condition has been systematically & methodically rejected by official government agencies .

In a mysterious turn of events the US National Institute of Health (NIH) posted a webpage linking ‘Morgellons’ to a chromosome 1q42 defect . The page was found by a member of the public & posted to several Morgellons websites . Within days of the discovery & posting of the page it was erased from the NIH website , more tellingly cached copies were also systematically erased . The erased NIH page was replaced with a page not mentioning the 1q42 chromosome .

Jan did have her own website dedicated to her research into Morgellons at ‘morgellonsexposed.com’ , like most sites exposing these atrocities & similar crimes it has now been taken down .

Or was Jan taken down ?

From Jan Smith’s now defunct website morgellonsexposed.com :

NIH: Morgellons officially recognized as a disease?

NIH website lists chromosome responsible as 1q42 (duplication/trisomy of 1q42 11 q42 12)

(7/23/2007) The National Institues Of Health in the United States list Morgellons as a genetically caused disease

According to the NIH website found at aspensys.com Morgellons is caused by either duplication or trisomy of the chromosome 1q42 11 q42 12.
However when reading the articles dating back more than 10 years at pubmed.gov it appears that these articles do not describe the symptoms known from Morgellons accurately.

However the NIH website clearly states “To learn more or to report suspected cases, call the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Morgellons information and voice mail line at 404-718-1199.” and the page itself is reported as having been last modified on “Wednesday, July 19, 2006”. We are awaiting a statement from the NIH and will report on it as soon as we receive a reply.

01/27/2008 Update:

This webpage was found by a Morgellons sufferer and posted to several Morgellons related websites to inform the public. Upon the page being discovered and posted the CDC and/or the NIH immediately removed all copies of this page. Cached copies of the page also disappeared within days. To date there has been no official denial of the information contained on the webpage. Due to the absence of an official press release the public is left to ponder the meaning of the page.

A rather curious set of events has recently unearthed the fact that several Morgellons sufferers have verified 1Q42 genetic defects.


Erased NIH webpage

Current NIH webpage regarding Morgellons

Note the bottom of  the page claims it was: Last Reviewed: Friday, January 18, 2008


Cultocracy note :

Was the erased NIH website information relevant ?

Was it a red herring ?

Was it posted by a concerned whistle blower ?

Why was it taken down & the whole web cache erased ?

More information on chromosome 1q42 :

A chromosome is a molecule of DNA .

The 1q42.12 gene mentioned on the website is a protein coding LBR (Lamin B Receptor) gene.

The Lamin B receptor gene is a major component of nerve cell membranes which are composed largely of myelin .

The Lamin B receptor is thought to regulate interactions between the Lamin B2 protein and chromatin .

Chromatin is thought to play a part in protecting the DNA strand by creating telomeres . Telomere length is directly related to repeated cell replication , the longer the DNA telomere , the more times a cell can divide . The flip side is that shorter telomeres or telomere degradation is suspected of having a role in aging , cancer & hereditary disease .


The Lamin B2 protein belongs to the ERG (ETS-related gene) family of genes .

The ERG family of genes are known an oncogenes and can potentially cause cancer .

The lamin B2 protein is associated with laminopathies .

Laminopathies are a group of genetic diseases caused by gene mutations .

Antibodies produced by the body against excessive lamin B have been connected to autoimmune diseases and multiple sclerosis .

Cultocracy note :

Certain cult groups & ‘secret societies’ are actively investigating the secrets of immortality , these degenerate reprobates & their wealthy donors seek to shape themselves in the image of their chosen God , usually Satan .


Accelerated Ageing – Or Immortality

Gaps or defects in the 1q42 series of chromosomes have been implicated in a wide variety of health issues & diseases . Much of the damage is caused when the immune system goes into overdrive to contain the excessive production of proteins & amino acids caused by the defective gene . What could happen if these defects were ‘reverse engineered’ and ‘introduced’ into a human subject ?


Of Mice & Men

Amongst many others , Lamin B2 protein function has been studied by the International Knockout Mouse Consortium (IKMC) . The consortium researches genetically modified ‘knockout mice’ . A specific gene in the knockout mouse’s  body is deactivated , or ‘knocked out’ , the effects are then studied . Often the missing gene is replaced with another gene to further study the effects .

Human Experimentation

Hidden & illegal testing operations are widely conducted by shadowy corporations , cults , wealthy individuals , military & intelligence organisations and other global corporate operators , these organisations are often interconnected and share the same aims . ‘Knockout humans’ are profiled , co-opted & sequestered , abducted & defiled . Exotic experimental chemical concoctions & nano implants , gene & stem cell manipulation can be performed in secret . The human subject is then studied from afar , the ‘subject’ becomes a walking , talking experimental laboratory .

The potential profits from these Frankestein experiments are huge , to the organisations involved the massive gains far outweigh the human cost , life is cheap . Profit & power forms the limits of their intellect , the insane idealogy is often veiled with grandiose Utopian delusions & insane rationalization , many ‘operatives’ are themselves ‘knockout mice’ , or should that be rats , as in vermin .

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Cultocracy note :

N.B. The symptoms of the above degenerative neural & nerve disorders are suspiciously similar to the symptoms experienced by individuals targeted by the deep state for human experimentation .

Common shared symptoms include :

Ichthyosis (skin lesions / scaling)

Paresthesia (tingling, tickling, pricking, numbness of skin)

Dyssynergia (disturbance of muscular coordination , abrupt movements)

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2 Responses to Jan Smith , ‘Morgellons’ , Chromosome 1 q42 – It’s a Knockout

  1. truth1 says:

    There was a doctor a year back ( I have not checked back) that had developed a body wide magnetic pulsar that was effective in against Morgelleons. it was like $1000 or $1500 as I recall. Magnetic pulsars are remarkable devices, normally a hand held device that you place where your problem is. The best one is made by Dr. Clarke (Dr.Clark.net). It can fix just about anything. I use it for all kinds of problems. Dr. Bob Beck invented it and Sota made the first commercial device that I know of. But Clark’s is better. It was $325 when I bought it.

    We live in a continual war zone and like dualing escalating cold war battles, we must employ ever progressing “weapons” against the psychos. I also use a multiple wave oscillator for general non-specific improvement of cellular function that the healing waves provide. you can notice a much improves sexual response after about 2 months of consistent use, among the many other things. the Mag pulsar can kill any bacteria or pathogen in its path. Cavities in teeth are killed. Have no been to a dentist in 9 years. No need for them! Prostate problems? Not any more! Pass it on!


    • cultocracy says:

      Interesting information truth1 . A lot of the more ‘exotic’ weaponry tested & deployed against everyday people is intended to either emit or respond to an electromagnetic wavelength , this means that traditional remedies may alleviate the symptoms but not get to the cause . Using EM pulses or healing wavelengths makes sense , it may be the only counter measure an individual has .


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