Nanotechnology News – March 2020

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Cultocracy Introduction :

The ‘Word on the Street’ is that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was circulating globally from around November 2019 .

Probably far earlier .

Although this fact is disputed in some quarters .

It is obvious that the UK and the global public were simply not informed about the ‘herd immunity’ strategy , that is until the state’s hand was forced and the public was informed .

The statistics for flu and pneumonia deaths for the 2019/2020 years may make for interesting reading , although most statistics are provided by governments .

A highly speculative gamble at best , gross willful criminal negligence and treason by public officials at worst .

To compound matters , the pendulum has now swung completely in the opposite direction and we are now into full Orwell mode .

What more can we expect .

Entitled hubris is endemic within many a ruling class establishment .

Going Viral

The establishment controlled MSM did hit the accelerator hard only when the virus affected Chinese citizens , quite telling in itself .

A ploy that saw the same establishment controlled MSM abruptly U-turn and then crash and burn in spectacular fashion , we are now into damage limitation mode regarding the narrative .

Misinformation to cover up the disinformation which covered up the misinformation .

Media Manipulation

The resurgent MSM appears to have found a fresh lease of life stoking the Corona crisis , doubling as propaganda outlets that only Goebbels would be proud of .

The headlines often verge from the ridiculous to the sublime .

Don’t worry though , Facebook has pledged to censor informat……keep us safe and informed .

There is only one thing that terrorists , liars and propagandists fear , that is the truth .

Maybe also the subsequent lynching .

The fact that other global populations were also in the dark suggests a coordinated behind doors response , at least at the Western level .

A strategy which predictably suffered a catastrophic failure and soon turned into project panic , which has now morphed into project fear .

Foreknowledge ?

The current strategy by certain sections of our ‘glorious leaders’ appears to be ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ .

Or was this the strategy all along ?

Divide and control in it’s purest form .

Actions and reactions have already been modeled , computed and scripted by the algorithm .

The silent and subliminal manipulation will follow .

As will global ‘austerity’ and the large scale transfer of wealth and power .

Of this you can be assured .

As always , the keyword is control .

A betrayed public is now expected to pick up the pieces .

This is always the case .

We are now well into the containment stage .

Information containment that is .

Bioweapon ?

Other similar corona virus strains have existed for decades .

Many commentators smell a rat .

Some commentators speculate that that SARS-CoV-2 is quite possibly a man made genetically engineered virus .

A particularly efficient and lethal biological weapon .

If true , the big question is ‘accidental or intentional’ .

Reading the Script

The Scripps Research Institute has has found no evidence of SARS-CoV-2 being a bio-weapon and that is most likely the result of natural selection .

Further stating that there strong evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is not the product of purposeful manipulation and they do not believe that any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible .

Josie Golding, epidemics lead at UK based Wellcome Trust states emphatically “They conclude that the virus is the product of natural evolution, ending any speculation about deliberate genetic engineering.”

Cultocracy note :

Well , anyway , that hastily produced and published research paper has certainly convinced me .

There will definitely be no more speculation about deliberate genetic engineering from me .

Because the good guys simply do not conduct that type of research .

The very thought that humble charities and altruistic landlords such as the Wellcome Trust are establishment controlled and therefore compromised and could somehow profit from any vaccine (or otherwise) are simply wild conspiracy theories .

Often spread by dangerous , deluded and deranged lunatics .

Case closed .

Cultocracy note on Cultocracy note :

When contacted for comment on the paper a spokesperson for Wellcome stated :

“No Wellcome employee , appointee , third party or proxy has funded or contributed to the funding of this study .”

The response came before any specific question was even asked…..

Case closed .


The coronavirus has existed for quite a while , it is more often known as the cause of a variant of the common cold .

A Perfect Swarm

Like most viral outbreaks , SARS-CoV-2 can rapidly mutate as it spreads through the human population , potentially making the virus even more virulent .

Mutation Nation

Immunocompromised individuals and the frail and elderly are seen as the main target of the virus , as with other more common viral outbreaks such as influenza .

This may only be half of the story .

Younger generations assume they are immune from coronavirus , maybe , but they are not immune from the inevitable and protracted fallout .

Which will take many different forms .

Sleeper Cell

A virus is described as neurotropic if it is capable of entering the nervous system which includes the brain .

Infection of Neural Cells

Other coronavirus strains have been shown to hijack neural cells .

To quote from the above papers :

“Interestingly, primary cultures of human brain endothelial cells
were recently shown to be susceptible to infection by HCV
229E (2).”

“This could presumably provide a hematogenous
route of entry into the CNS.”

“Combined with the present study and previous reports on the detection of coronavirus RNA and proteins in human brain tissue (12, 20), it is tempting to speculate that coronaviruses may have neurotropic potential in humans.”

Acute and Persistent ?

To quote from the above paper :

“We speculate that the neurotropism of HuCV will lead to persistence within the central nervous system”

“Thus, our current results combined with published work are consistent with a potential role for astrocytes in acute CNS infection with HuCV-OC43. These cells would also presumably represent a potential HuCV-OC43 reservoir in the human CNS”

“The results obtained confirm Professor Talbot’s hypothesis that the human respiratory coronavirus can cause certain neurological diseases of unknown origin, such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and encephalitis.”

To quote from the above paper :

“For the first time, researchers have found proof of a direct association between strain OC 43 of the human coronavirus (HCoV) and neurological disease in humans.”

To quote from the above paper :

“Some coronaviruses can invade brainstem via a synapse‐connected route from the lung and airways.”

“The potential invasion of SARS‐CoV2 may be one reason for the acute respiratory failure.”

To quote from the above paper :

“Thus, SARS-CoV signal was positive in cerebrum, although ACE2 expression was positive only in endothelial and smooth muscle cells in the brain sections .”

“Therefore, the expression level of ACE2 seems not to be directly related to the induction of cytopathicity during the acute phase of infection with this virus, although the virus replication rate may be related to the ACE2 expression level.”

To quote from the above paper :

“Both viruses use ACE2 to gain entry into the cell, but it serves normally as a regulator for heart function.”

ACE in the Pack

ACE2 cellular expression is also implicated in further side effects of nCoV .

Smooth Operator


To quote from the above paper :

“Generally, CoVs are well known to infect and establish persistent infections in neural cells in vitro as well as in vivo….”

“Surprisingly, infection spread to the brain after it was cleared from the lung.”

To quote from the above paper :

“Finally, besides all the neurological effects but there could well be long lasting cognitive and mental effects as well.”

“They simply haven’t been studied.”

Cultocracy note :

“They simply haven’t been studied.”

Until now .

The Borna Conspiracy

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Nanotechnology News – March 2020



Cultocracy foreword :

A Google search for “coronavirus nanotechnology” throws up 7,160,000 results .

The smell of money is in the air , in more ways than one .



Cultocracy note :

What an astonishing coincidence .

It appears that China is the largest global consumer of pangolin parts .

Call me cynical…..But…..

Missing Link

“Now, a study in ACS’ Journal of Proteome Research suggests that scaly, anteater-like animals called pangolins are the missing link for SARS-CoV-2 transmission between bats and humans.”

“Most experts agree that bats are a natural reservoir of SARS-CoV-2, but an intermediate host was needed for it to jump from bats to humans.”

“The researchers identified protein sequences in sick animals’ lungs that were 91% identical to the human virus’ proteins.”

“This evidence points to the pangolin as the most likely intermediate host for the new coronavirus, but additional intermediate hosts could be possible, the researchers say.”

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Cultocracy quiz interlude :

– Sponsored by Occam’s Razors (TM) – The best a man can get – Probably –

Quiz question No.1

Spot the conspiracy theory :

a) The source of SARS-CoV-2 was probably a pangolin that probably passed it onto a bat which then probably passed it onto a human , although the intermediate creatures could possibly have been other creatures , probably .

b) The source of SARS-CoV-2 was a biolab .

Answers on a postcard please .


Genetically Programmable Magneto Bacteria

“Say what you will about magnetotactic bacteria, they’re never disoriented. They contain their own compass needles, which are built of linked magnetosomes, nanosized magnetic particles.”

“Each magnetosome consists of a magnetic iron oxide core surrounded by a membrane. In addition to lipids, this membrane also contains a variety of different proteins.”

“In the study, four different functional groups (that is, foreign proteins) were coupled to the membrane proteins.”

“These include the enzyme glucose oxidase from a mold fungus…a green fluorescent protein from a jellyfish…and a dye-producing enzyme from the bacterium Escherichia coli…..”

“The fourth functional group is an antibody fragment from a lama (Alpaca) that was used as a versatile connector that allows the incorporation into a hydrogel‐based matrix…..”

“Using this genetic strategy, we reprogrammed the bacteria to produce magnetosomes that glow green when irradiated with UV light…….”

“In summary, our synthetic biology approach provides an elegant, powerful and highly selective route for the generation of engineered nanoparticles .”

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Quantum Computing & Communications


Aussie Qantum Accident

“Nearly 60 years ago, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Nicolaas Bloembergen predicted an exciting new phenomenon called nuclear electric resonance. But no one has been able to demonstrate it in action – until now.”

“Central to the phenomenon is the idea of controlling the spin of individual atoms using electrical rather than magnetic fields.”

“This discovery means that we now have a pathway to build quantum computers using single-atom spins without the need for any oscillating magnetic field for their operation,”

“Moreover, we can use these nuclei as exquisitely precise sensors of electric and magnetic fields……”

“In some situations, nuclear electric resonance has the potential to replace nuclear magnetic resonance, which is widely used today for a variety of purposes: for scanning human bodies………”

“What’s more, we can add this to the growing list of significant scientific discoveries that have been made by accident.”


See the Light

“Researchers have generated Rydberg atoms – unusually large excited atoms – near nanometer-thin optical fibers. Their findings mark progress toward a new platform for quantum information processing……..”

“Due to their extraordinary susceptibility to electric and magnetic fields, Rydberg atoms have long piqued physicists’ interests. “

“To carry out their research, the scientists used a device called a magneto-optical trap to capture a cluster of Rubidium (Rb) atoms.”

“Then, the scientists excited the Rb atoms to a more energetic Rydberg state, using a 482 nm beam of light traveling through the nanofiber.”

“The ability to use light travelling in an optical nanofiber to excite and then control Rydberg atoms may help pave the way toward methods of quantum communication….”

“Harnessing these atoms could enable the secure routing of communication signals using very small amounts of light.”

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Artificial Intelligence – AI

AI Takes Over

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all announced this week that thousands of content moderators are being sent home—leaving more of our feeds in the hands of machines.”

“Links to legitimate news outlets and websites, including The Atlantic, USA Today, the Times of Israel, and BuzzFeed, among many others, were being taken down en masse for reportedly violating Facebook’s spam rules.”

“Facebook attributed the problem to a mundane bug in the platform’s automated spam filter, but some researchers and former Facebook employees worry it’s also a harbinger of what’s to come.”

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AI in the Office

“In other words, if artificial intelligence is going to disrupt white-collar work, then this may be how it begins.”

“Consider a company that needs to summarize long-winded, handwritten notes.”

AI algorithms that perform character recognition and natural language processing could read the text, before a software robot inputs the text into a website.”

“Simple software automation is eliminating some particularly repetitive jobs, such as basic data entry, which are often already done overseas…..”

“But Davenport says software robots that use AI could displace more jobs, especially if we head into a recession.

Cultocracy note #1 :

Recession ?


Cultocracy note #2 :

I thought all office tasks were mind numbing ?

Well , maybe not all of them….





5G & IoT

U.S. Space Force’s Protecting 5G

5G communications technology is crucial to the U.S. Space Force and will be part of the new organization’s mission. “

“The tech, which will deliver the internet at previously unseen speeds worldwide, will in many cases be delivered via a constellation of relay satellites in low-Earth orbit…..”

“In addition to keeping Chinese equipment out of the U.S’s 5G network, the constellations of satellites many companies are building to support worldwide networks will be of interest to the Space Force. SpaceX plans to deploy up to 12,000 Starlink relay satellites, with other companies such as Amazon following suit.”

“The security of American data on the ground and satellites in space will be a key mission for the new service.”

Cultocracy note :

“American data” = Your data

All of it .

Every single scrap .


5G AirGig

AirGig is a new technology developed by AT&T to transfer Wi-Fi and wireless data over power lines using 4G LTE and 5G millimeter waves.”

“To date, AT&T has submitted over 500 patents and applications related to the AirGig technology, which turns existing power lines into transmitters.”

“What AT&T does not spell out in its glossy communications is that AirGig will make it impossible to escape exposure to wireless radiation, even in our homes. AirGig will saturate our environment—every inch of it—with close-proximity, high-intensity radiation. The few relatively safer areas that still exist will quickly disappear.”

“One of the AirGig selling points being promoted by AT&T is collaboration with utility companies “as they evolve toward the ‘smart grid’” and the rollout of so-called “smart cities.” “

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Generator for Terahertz waves

“(Nanowerk News) Terahertz (THz) waves fall between microwave and infrared radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum……..”

THz sources could revolutionize security and medical imaging systems.”

“What’s more, their ability to carry vast quantities of data could hold the key to faster wireless communications.”

“The team built a nanodevice (1 nanometer = 1 millionth of a millimeter) that can generate extremely high-power signals in just a few picoseconds, or one trillionth of a second, – which produces high-power THz waves.”

“The device consists of two metal plates . When a voltage is applied, electrons surge towards one of the plates, where they form a nanoplasma.”

“The technology, which can be mounted on a chip or a flexible medium, could one day be installed in smartphones and other hand-held devices.”

“When hooked up to antennas, the system can produce and radiate high-power THz waves.”

“The technology could have wide-ranging applications beyond generating THz waves.”


Energy From Wi-Fi

Any device that sends out a Wi-Fi signal also emits terahertz waves —electromagnetic waves with a frequency somewhere between microwaves and infrared light.”

“These high-frequency radiation waves, known as “T-rays,” are also produced by almost anything that registers a temperature, including our own bodies and the inanimate objects around us.”

“Now physicists at MIT have come up with a blueprint for a device they believe would be able to convert ambient terahertz waves into a direct current, a form of electricity that powers many household electronics.”

“Their design takes advantage of the quantum mechanical, or atomic behavior of the carbon material graphene.”

“Any incoming terahertz waves should “shuttle” graphene’s electrons, like so many tiny air traffic controllers, to flow through the material in a single direction, as a direct current.”

“He envisions that, in the near future, terahertz rectifiers may be used, for instance, to wirelessly power implants in a patient’s body…..”

This research was funded in part by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the U.S. Army Research Office through the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN).”

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Flat Antennas

“Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory are reinventing the mirror, at least for microwaves….”

“Our new reflectors offer lightweight alternatives to conventional antennas.”

“This is a potential boon for satellites….”

“The panels could be easily incorporated onto surfaces of buildings or terrestrial vehicles as well.”

“The flat-panel reflector can be controlled electronically, which means its characteristics can be reconfigured on the fly. This opens the window for beam steering, customized focusing, and other functions……”

“This sort of a device is known as a “metasurface” because its characteristics can be electronically changed to act in different ways without modifying the physical shape of the surface.”

“We have demonstrated the first dynamic metasurface capable of achieving extreme non-reciprocity by converting microwaves into plasmons….”

This is key to controlling the way the reflectors function….”

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  5. How much is safe?

Plasmons :

  1. Plasmon
  2. Surface plasmon resonance
  3. Recording Neural Activity Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance
  4. Optical measurement of neural activity using surface plasmon resonance (PDF)
  5. Nanomaterial-Enabled Neural Stimulation
  6. In-vivo Optical Measurement of Neural Activity in the Brain
  7. Enhanced Infrared Neural Stimulation using Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Gold Nanorods (PDF)
  8. Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor Based on Smart Phone Platforms





Brain Computer Interface – BCI

Mind Control Research continues at Stanford

“A new device enables researchers to observe hundreds of neurons in the brain in real-time.”

“Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new device for connecting the brain directly to silicon-based technologies.”

“The device contains a bundle of microwires, with each wire less than half the width of the thinnest human hair.”

“These thin wires can be gently inserted into the brain and connected on the outside directly to a silicon chip that records the electrical brain signals passing by each wire…”

“…….we can simultaneously record different brain regions at different depths with virtually any 3D arrangement….”

“The team is especially interested in what the signals can tell them about learning.”

“Results so far indicate they may be able to watch learning and failure as they are happening in the brain. “

“This research was supported by the National Institutes of Health, DARPA, the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, the Francis Crick Institute, the Wellcome Trust, the Human Frontier Science Program, and the Medical Research Council.”





Human Machine Interface – HMI

Mind Controlled Prosthetic Limbs

“In a major advance in mind-controlled prosthetics for amputees, University of Michigan researchers have tapped faint, latent signals from arm nerves and amplified them to enable real-time, intuitive, finger-level control of a robotic hand.”

“The approach involves tiny muscle grafts and machine learning algorithms borrowed from the brain-machine interface field.”

“We have developed a technique to provide individual finger control of prosthetic devices using the nerves in a patient’s residual limb. With it, we have been able to provide some of the most advanced prosthetic control that the world has seen.”

“One of the biggest hurdles in mind-controlled prosthetics is tapping into a strong and stable nerve signal to feed the bionic limb. “

“Some research groups — those working in the brain-machine interface field — go all the way to the primary source, the brain. “

“They wrapped tiny muscle grafts around the nerve endings in the participants’ arms. These “regenerative peripheral nerve interfaces,” or RPNIs, offer severed nerves new tissue to latch on to.”

“The research is funded by DARPA and the National Institutes of Health.”






Soft Robot

“For robots to be useful for real-world applications, they must be safe around humans, be adaptable to their environment, and operate in an untethered manner. Soft robots could potentially meet these requirements….”

“We present a concept for such a robotic structure: a truss of inextensible, inflatable, constant-length tubes that are manipulated by a collective of interconnected roller modules….”

“As a truss-like robot—which has been proposed for intriguing applications like exploring planets , burrowing underground , shoring up rubble , and modular robotic systems—our concept is adaptable and customizable.”

“Our robot overcomes some of the challenges of conventional truss robots because the structure is composed of lightweight compliant pneumatic beams.”

“… planetary rover missions, a robot using our architecture could deflate and pack in a small volume for launch, inflate upon landing, and then perform missions untethered from any energy source.”

“…….the robot could work alongside workers, holding parts in place as the worker bolts them in place.”

“…….the modularity and soft nature of the robotic system make it a potentially valuable educational tool.”

Cultocracy note :

Woooowwww…..A robot that can hold a part in place….

We used to call that a clamp back in the dark ages old days .

Isn’t technology just amazing !


Corona Cri$i$ Sex Robots

“A top sex robot firm has moved to assure customers its dolls are anti-bacterial as people lock themselves inside over the coronavirus crisis.”

“All RealDolls are made from Platinum Grade Silicone and are naturally antibacterial and nonporous.”

“It follows a landmark period for RealDoll, who is unleashing a range of futuristic models onto the market.”

“Earlier this year it released a video of its new AI-driven dolls that convey “human expression”. “

“We are here to create an experience beyond your wildest dreams. One that has never before been possible.”

“Founder, Louie Love, told Daily Star Online they are do realistic some customers are mistaking them for humans.”

Cultocracy note #1 :

You couldn’t make it up .

The name that is – “Louie Love” .

Cultocracy note #2 :

“some customers are mistaking them for humans”

I often mistake humans for humans .

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Remote Sensing & Stimulation


Quantum Blue Beam

“Researchers have designed a new chip-based device that can shape and steer blue light with no moving parts.”

“Our blue phased array platform can rapidly and precisely reconfigure visible light for many emerging applications, spanning holographic displays, quantum information processing and biological sensing and stimulation,”

“It is the first chip-scale optical phased array (OPA) operating at blue wavelengths…..”

“The new OPA was developed as part of a DARPA-funded project that aims to create a lightweight, low power head-mounted display that projects visible information onto the retina…….”

“The new blue OPA could be useful for trapped ion quantum computers….”

“The new chip-based devices could also be used for optogenetics, which uses visible light to control neurons and other cells in living tissue.”

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Further reading :

  1. Proteomics
  2. Ascorbate peroxidase
  3. Spatially resolved proteomic mapping in living cells with the engineered peroxidase APEX2







New Findings on Brain Structure

“Researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, say their studies have revealed novel insights into the architecture of the brain.”

“These findings indicate that excitatory neurons and astrocytes are organized into distinct lineage-associated laminae.”

“This knowledge will have with implications for the study of neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis (MS), and autism, they point out.”

As well as increasing the understanding of brain biology, the findings are expected to have implications for the study and treatment of human neurological disorders.”


Alzheimer’s Brains Short Circuited

“Optimal functioning of neuronal networks is critical to the complex cognitive processes of memory and executive function that deteriorate in Alzheimer’s disease (AD).”

“The hippocampus, a brain area involved in forming and storing memories, is one of the earliest structures to undergo neurodegeneration when exposed to chronic stress .”

“Mild, acute stress often enhances hippocampal function by augmenting synaptic plasticity, reflecting the adaptive importance of remembering threatening or dangerous circumstances .”

“However, these same mechanisms, when activated intensely or for a prolonged period, may render the hippocampus susceptible to detrimental effects of chronic stress…..”

Chaperones have long been associated with the management of cellular stress, including neuronal stressors….”

“Changes in chaperone expression are believed to be at the core of many diseases, including neurodegenerative disorders….”

“We recently showed chronic stressors resculpt chaperone machinery and function….”

“Within a cancer paradigm, chronic stresses associated with oncogenic transformation may increase connectivity among chaperones, co-chaperones, and other factors collectively referred to as the ‘chaperome’. “

“We show a switch from chaperome into epichaperomes alters connectivity of the neuronal proteome leading to network-wide dysfunction and cognitive decline…”

“Amazingly, the researchers were able to reverse this malfunctioning protein network and its associated cognitive decline in mice, using an experimental drug.”

  1. Alzheimer’s Brains Short Circuited by Defective Protein Connections
  2. The epichaperome is a mediator of toxic hippocampal stress and leads to protein connectivity-based dysfunction

Further reading :

  1. Heat shock protein
  2. A pharmacological chaperone improves memory
  3. HSP70 Facilitates Memory Consolidation of Fear Conditioning through MAPK Pathway in the Hippocampus
  4. Heat Shock Proteins Regulatory Role in Neurodevelopment
  5. Mobile phones, heat shock proteins and cancer
  6. Modulation of heat shock protein response in SH-SY5Y by mobile phone microwaves
  7. Gene expression of certain heat shock proteins and antioxidant enzymes in microwave exposed rats





Synthetic Biology

Stretch Armstrong – Coming Soon

“In the development of medical technology products, there is a great demand for new naturalistic materials suitable for integration with the body.”

“The foundation of the material is the same as plexiglass…….”

“The results showed that the new rubber-like material may be appropriate for many applications that require an uncommon combination of properties—high elasticity, easy processability, and suitability for medical uses.”

“The structure of the new nano-rubber material allows its surface to be treated so that it becomes antibacterial, in a natural, non-toxic way.”

“Because the new material can be injected and inserted via keyhole surgery, it can also help reduce the need for drastic surgery and operations to rebuild parts of the body.”


Hybrid Brains

Stanford researchers have developed a technique that reprograms cells to use synthetic materials, provided by the scientists, to build artificial structures able to carry out functions inside the body.”

“We turned cells into chemical engineers of a sort, that use materials we provide to construct functional polymers that change their behaviors in specific ways…….”

“…..the researchers explain how they developed genetically targeted chemical assembly, or GTCA, and used the new method to build artificial structures on mammalian brain cells and on neurons in the tiny worm called C. elegans….”

“……while the current experiments focused mainly on brain cells or neurons, GTCA should also work with other cell types……”

“Contact between the hydrogen peroxide and the neurons with the APEX2 enzyme triggered a series of chemical reactions that fused the raw-material molecules together into a chain known as a polymer to form a mesh-like material….”

“The polymers changed the properties of the neurons. Depending on which polymer was formed, the neurons fired faster or slower….”






Healthy Clothing

“Researchers have reported a new material, pliable enough to be woven into fabric but imbued with sensing capabilities that can serve as an early warning system for injury or illness. “

“The material involves the use of carbon nanotubes and is capable of sensing slight changes in body temperature…..”

“Possible applications range from detecting dehydration in an ultra-marathoner to the beginnings of a pressure sore in a nursing home patient.”


Fruit Phone Battery

Super-capacitors have the ability to charge devices very quickly…”

“A University of Sydney researcher has developed a new method using what is considered the world’s most repulsive smelling fruit.”

“Using a non-toxic and non-hazardous green engineering method that used heating in water and freeze drying of the fruit’s biomass, the durian and jackfruit were transformed into stable carbon aerogels — an extremely light and porous synthetic material used for a range of applications.”

Carbon aerogels make great super-capacitors because they are highly porous.”

“Current super-capacitors are made from activated carbon which are nowhere near as efficient as the ones prepared during this project.”


Plastic from wood

Lignin is a class of complex organic polymers and responsible for the stability of plants, stiffening them and making them “woody” “

“During paper production, lignin is separated from cellulose. Lignin forms so-called aromatic compounds, which also play a key role in manufacturing synthetic polymers or plastics.”

“Millions of tonnes of it are produced every year, providing a steady stream of raw material for new potential products.”

“According to Jawerth, up to two thirds of the lignin produced during the paper production process could be turned into polyesters and serve as a starting material for making plastics.”







Graphene Speakers

“The technology licensed from Berkeley Lab in 2016, which relates to the use of graphene in a sound-producing component known as a transducer, could transform a variety of devices, including speakers, earbuds and headphones, microphones, autonomous vehicle sensors, and ultrasonic and echolocation systems.”

“The transducer developed through their team’s research uses a small, several-layers-thick graphene film called a membrane that converts electric signals into sound.”

“It is kind of like a drumhead, with a circular frame and the membrane stretched over it……..”

“When we drive it with an electrical audio signal, it acts as a loudspeaker…..”

“The company claims the sound quality of its technology is so crystal-clear that it’s possible to pick out an individual instrument’s tones from a symphony orchestra.”

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Further reading :

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  2. Graphene sensors: understanding the brain
  3. Graphene sensors can hear your brain whisper






Microfibers affect Fish Breathing

“Chronic exposure to microplastic fibers causes aneurysms, erosion of surface layers and other serious damage to fish gills….”

“…..and increases egg production in female fish, a sign that chemicals in the fibers may be acting as endocrine disruptors, a new study by U.S. and Chinese scientists finds.”

“In addition to the fibers that fish eat, hundreds or thousands of microfibers also pass through their gills each day , and we find that this is where much of the damage occurs….”

“Though the gut itself seems to be protected from similar damage, the new study finds that when microplastic fibers are in the gut, they may release chemical coatings that are taken up into the fish’s bloodstream.”

“……they affect both freshwater and marine organisms…….”

Possible coronavirus related enviro news :

  1. ‘We breathe in poison’: Why the Po Valley is one of the most polluted places in Italy
  2. Wuhan and the polluted air as a cause of epidemic illness





Health & Medical


Corona Cri$i$ Face Masks

“Wearing a face mask is a common sight in Korea during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

“The face masks most commonly used are disposable ones, originally made for filtering out up to 94 or 95 percent of fine dust, referred to as N94 or N95 masks.”

“A KAIST research team announced that they have developed a nano-filter that maintains excellent filtering efficiency even after hand washing…..”

Existing masks also fail to maintain their air filtering function because their electrostatic function disappears when exposed to water.”

“We believe that this mask can be reusable for about a month even after washing in ethanol.”

The inner filter can also be replaced.”

Related (any excuse) :

  1. Streamer Finds Japanese Men Wearing Panties On Their Face To Protect From Coronavirus


Corona Cri$i$ and Nanoparticles

“Since the outbreak began in late 2019, researchers have been racing to learn more about SARS-CoV-2, which is a strain from a family of viruses known as coronavirus for their crown-like shape. “

“Webster is proposing particles of similar sizes that could attach to SARS-CoV-2 viruses, disrupting their structure with a combination of infrared light treatment.”

“That structural change would then halt the ability of the virus to survive and reproduce in the body. “

“His lab has developed materials that can be sprayed on objects to form nanoparticles and attack viruses. “

“…..nanoparticles are so small that they can move through our body without disrupting other functions…..”

“Still, Webster acknowledges that there aren’t many researchers focusing on nanoparticles to kill viruses.”

“One of the main reasons for the lack of those solutions is that the same benefits that make nanoparticles ideal to fight infectious diseases also make them a concern for the U.S. Federal Drug Administration. “

“Because of their size, nanoparticles are pervasive (too pervasive, maybe) to seep through other parts of the body.”

“To reduce that risk, Webster’s lab has focused on using iron oxide. Particles of that make up entail chemistry that is already natural to our bodies and diets.”

“And, he says, iron-based nanoparticles could be directed with magnetic fields to target specific organs in the body , such as lungs……”

“….we just have to do the studies to show those iron nanoparticles are not going into the brain or the kidney…”

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  1. Coronavirus UK: Nanotech scientists develop ‘most effective anti-coronavirus spray’





$cientific $cammer(s) of the Month

Cultocracy note :

Science scamsters under the spotlight this month outline how corruption and fraud can creep right across the board .

From the wily and enterprising individual , up to entire scientific journals and whole academic departments , then straight up to the global corporate world .

At this rate science will become completely infested and engulfed by chancers , liars , thieves and charlatans .

Just like politics .

Top UK Geneticist Blames Lackeys for Fraud

“A row over scientific fraud at the highest level of British academia has led to calls for one of the country’s leading geneticists and highest-paid university chiefs to leave his posts.”

David Latchman, professor of genetics at University College London and master of Birkbeck, University of London – a post that earns him £380,000 a year – has angered senior academics by presiding over a laboratory that published fraudulent research, mostly on genetics and heart disease, for more than a decade.”

Latchman blames junior lab staff for falsifying data…”

“A disciplinary hearing in 2018 concluded that there were insufficient grounds for dismissal or for any formal action against him.”

“Professor John Hardy, a fellow of the Royal Society at UCL, and winner of the $3m Breakthrough prize for his work on Alzheimer’s, told the Observer he wanted to go public because he was angry about the situation. “

” “Some minion carries the can. This is how it is, all the time. The powerful get away with it,” he said.”

“Before opening its formal investigations, UCL convened two screening panels to review 60 papers from Latchman’s lab dating back to 1997.”

Fraud had been alleged in all of them by a pseudonymous whistleblower……”

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  2. David Latchman, the reckless Master of Birkbeck
  3. David Seymour Latchman CBE (Wikipedia)


$piderman is a top $cammer

A complex web is unravelling in the field of spider research. On 5 February, McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, confirmed that it was investigating allegations that behavioural ecologist Jonathan Pruitt fabricated data in at least 17 papers on which he was a co-author.”

Publishers are now trying to keep up with requests for retractions and investigations.”

Pruitt, who is reportedly doing field research in Australia and the South Pacific, told Science last week that he had not fabricated or manipulated data in any way. “

“His research looks at how different personalities form within communities of social spider species that live in groups…..”

The full extent of any data fraud and its impact on the field is hard to quantify. “

Related :

  1. Spider Man Lawyers Up

Cultocracy Spiderman note #1 :

Damn….There goes my chance of getting my new behavioral ecology paper published .

It was titled ‘The drinking habits of ants during the corona crisis in the context of sexual conflict and altruism’ .

Cultocracy Spiderman note #2 :

When contacted to contact Pruitt for comment , Pruitt’s lawyer stated :

“Sorry I can’t comment , my client is not currently available for comment as he is conducting field research in Australia and the South Pacific………”


Scientific Journal – Sun causes Global Warming

“A high profile scientific journal is investigating how it came to publish a study suggesting that global warming is down to natural solar cycles.”

“The paper was criticised by scientists for containing “very basic errors” about how Earth moves around the sun.”

“The claim that we will see warming in the coming centuries because the sun will move closer to the Earth as it moves around the solar system barycentre is very simply wrong…”

Gavin Schmidt of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies says the paper contains egregious errors.”

  1. Retraction Note: Oscillations of the baseline of solar magnetic field and solar irradiance on a millennial timescale
  2. Journal criticised for study claiming sun is causing global warming

Cultocracy note

Damn….There goes my chance of getting my new global warming paper published .

It was titled ‘The potential effects of a potential asteroid near miss regarding the potential global effects of global warming during the corona crisis’ .

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  1. Asteroid 52768 (1998 OR2) to fly by Earth next month, says NASA
  2. NASA Rings in the New Year with $22.6 billion
  3. NASA – Uranus is leaking gas


GM Cotton Doesn’t Work

Genetically modified (GM) Bt cotton produces its own insecticide.”

“The seeds were introduced in India in 2002 and today account for 90% of all cotton planting in the country.”

“There are two particularly devastating caterpillar pests for cotton in India, and, from the beginning, Bt cotton did control one of them: the (misnamed) American bollworm,”

“Stone continued. “It initially controlled the other one, too—the pink bollworm—but that pest quickly developed resistance and now it is a worse problem than ever.” “

“Bt plants were highly vulnerable to other insect pests that proliferated as more and more farmers adopted the crop.”

Farmers are now spending much more on insecticides than before they had ever heard of Bt cotton. And the situation is worsening.”

“Now farmers in India are spending more on seeds, more on fertilizer and more on insecticides……”

Related :

  1. ‘India never benefited from genetically modified cotton’


Cultocracy Final note :

Stay strong , stay calm , stay free .

“This Too Shall Pass”


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