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5G , Terahertz Radiation , D.N.A , Water

The adverse health effects of terahertz (THz) radiation are slowly emerging . 5G communications systems use THz frequencies . Like microwaves , THz radiation has a thermal effect on human tissue . D.N.A and other biological molecules resonate at THz … Continue reading

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A Homage to Catalonia

Cultocracy note : From the mainstream media we hear that Spanish police have raided the offices of the Catalan regional government and arrested local officials . The Catalonians are a fiercely proud and independent people with a rich culture & … Continue reading

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HAARP , Charged Particles & Lights in the Sky

Later this month space physicist Chris Fallen plans to visit the HAARP facility based at Copper River in Alaska to conduct several experiments which will create an artificial aurora in the night sky . The experiment will involve pulsing the Alaskan high … Continue reading

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Lennox Castle – Disabled Children Buried in Mass Graves

Cultocracy note : The article below tells us that hundreds of children who were imprisoned at Lennox Castle and other Scottish institutions were buried in mass graves . Many of the children had disabilities , official causes of death include … Continue reading

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How to Stay Sane at a Time of Increasing Insanity

Cultocracy note : It has been a strange September , complete with weird weather , ongoing geopolitical chess games and now the obligatory Western ‘terror attack’ . Are the conflicts and chaos somehow interconnected ? Are various global factions fighting … Continue reading

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Hollywood & Pentagon Propaganda

Cultocracy note : More evidence of increasing censorship of modern cinema and other popular media for the manipulation and programming of the masses . There are obvious reasons for the intelligence and military communities to interfere in Hollywood productions , … Continue reading

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Total Individual Control Technology

Cultocracy note : Individual control and the resulting wide scale racketeering , perversion , prostitution and profiteering are not the prime motives for this technology . Although these factors are useful in controlling many of the weak and compromised individuals … Continue reading

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Nano Technology News August 2017

Acoustically actuated ultra-compact NEMS magnetoelectric antennas “These ME antennas receive and transmit electromagnetic waves through the ME effect at their acoustic resonance frequencies. The bulk acoustic waves in ME antennas stimulate magnetization oscillations of the ferromagnetic thin film, which results … Continue reading

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