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Giraffes , Birds , Bees & Agile Beams

Last week the UK’s MoD (Ministry of Defence) was delivered it’s tenth Giraffe Agile Multi Beam (AMB) radar system . The Giraffe is manufactured by Swedish conglomerate SAAB , probably better known for it’s motor cars , yet another company … Continue reading

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Yet another day , yet another dollar to be made . As time goes by the role of organizations such as NASA are being scrutinized with increasing skepticism . NASA was central to the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) which enabled the … Continue reading

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Global Civilisation to descend into ‘Hell on Earth’ , Maybe….

Cultocracy note : The article below comes from Nafeez Ahmed at , it is based on a lecture given by Jeremy Legget at a Resurgence & Ecologist event . Jeremy is described as an energy pioneer , particularly in … Continue reading

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Britain’s Brave New World Just Got Braver

Cultocracy note : The article below is written by former Mi5 operative Annie Machon , it describes yet another ‘counter-terrorism initiative’ being touted by the UK $TA$I . As the article states the policy involves broadening already extensive surveillance powers … Continue reading

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4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire to be fixed by DRONES

An ambitious bunch of scientists have suggested that in the future the potholes in Britain’s roads could be fixed by an army of drones . One set of drones could identify the faults whilst another set of drones could fix … Continue reading

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UK Sells Arms to I$I$

Cultocracy note : More evidence , if it is really needed , that I$I$ style terror proxies are sponsored by corrupt Western governments , including the UK . I$I$ can now be considered as an umbrella term for Western backed … Continue reading

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US Evacuates Citizens From China after Directed Energy Weapon Attacks

The directed energy weapon attacks on ‘US diplomats’ in China has now escalated , initial reports suggested only one US employee had been targeted , this was blatantly untrue . What are they hiding ? U.S. Evacuates Multiple Employees From … Continue reading

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Study Links Triclosan to Colonic Inflammation , Cancer

A new study has revealed that the antibacterial agent triclosan can have an adverse effect on gut bacteria , potentially leading to colonic irritation and colonic cancer . The use of triclosan has been withdrawn in the EU , although … Continue reading

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