Nano Fibres , Bacteria , D.N.A manipulation , Epigenetics

Cultocracy note :

There is increasing public awareness that there exists a vast experimental scheme that connects ‘chemtrailing’ , nano technology , bacteria & other natural & synthetic pathogens . The fibres & other precursor nano structures are all around us , they have infected & infested large swathes of the global population , including insects & animals . The nano particles often lie dormant until combined with other reagents , they can also be ‘activated’ using a variety of EM wavelengths .

There seems to be several parallel experimental programs currently operational , the common theme is the reconfiguration of human D.N.A. , the main underlying strategic memes include eugenics & trans-humanism , the ultimate goal being the subjugation of humanity .

As usual the keyword is control .

In this post I have included a few videos with information on the chemical & nano technologies that are being forced on mankind in an indiscriminate & criminal manner . ‘Morgellons’ is an adverse reaction to these synthetic poisons . Wipe your finger across any area in your home of office where dust collects , you will find tiny fibres , collectively they will have a brownish colour , they will taste like a ‘metallic salt’ , they are most visible on any black surface .

The symptoms are varied & are usually misdiagnosed , the common symptoms include :

  • Unusual rashes , blisters , scabs or lesions , which can appear anywhere on the body but seem to be pre-dominant on the head & facial areas .
  • Itching or unusual skin sensations such as tingling or pricking .
  • Unusual sensations in the joints , again mainly tingling or pricking .
  • Fatigue or general weakness , often termed chronic fatigue syndrome .
  • Hyper mental activity .
  • Hearing problems , tinnitus , ear ache , blocked ears .
  • Flu-like symptoms , irritable throat , coughing or a continually running nose and breathing problems .
  • Unusual nasal sensations , taste sensations .
  • Memory loss & other neural symptoms such as ‘fogging’ of the general thought process .
  • Other misdiagnosed neural issues such as migraines , temporal arteritis or trigeminal neuralgia .
  • Athersclerosis or muscle cramps .
  • Mild intermittent heart pain or angina .
  • Susceptibility towards cold or body temperature fluctuations .

Take time to study the videos below , there are a lot more available on the web .

Always be aware of misinformation & red herrings .

If you find an article on the subject useful always make a hard copy of the video or web page .

Relevant information that has appeared on various websites has a bad habit of disappearing down the black hole , broken links abound . There is a systematic & concerted program which sweeps the web & erases any truthful information , this in itself is quite telling .

Only shadow military & intelligence organisations have the collective technical expertise , manpower & capability to do this .

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