Nano Technology News – April 2018


This particular nano machine is assembled from D.N.A and resembles a single wheel . The DNA wheel continually synthesizes RNA strands , a reaction which serves to power the wheel along an engineered DNA track . Possible uses include targeted drug delivery .

Othe research uses external magnetic fields to maneuver inorganic nano machines . These machines are so small they can actually penetrate a cell and maneuver inside the cell .


A few articles which highlight the possible negative health impact of nano particles .

The article below suggests that nano particles from tinned food can affect the functioning of the gut . The long term health effects are not yet known .

More research which links metallic nanoparticles with degenerative brain disease , such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers .

Two research scientists who discovered nano particle contamination of vaccines have had their home raided by Italian police . Very sinister .


The global water supply is now contaminated after years of industrial pollution . Nano technology may offer a solution , although it could also worsen the issue .

With an ever decreasing supply of fresh water , scientists are trying to find new ways to desalinate salt water .

Another technique involves using nano engineered membranes to harvest water from the air .


Research is underway which may allow targeted DNA engineering to replace many conventional implants such as hearing aids . All current implant technology may eventually be consigned to the dustbin of history and replaced with DNA based implants .

It goes without saying that a side product of this type of research could lead to human augmentation and a plethora of more nefarious and less humane applications .


Plants can improve indoor (and outdoor) air quality by actively filtering harmful substances . This article proposes a carefully controlled system which could eventually replace humidifiers and electrical air filtration systems by creating an indoor ‘green environment’ .


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3 Responses to Nano Technology News – April 2018

  1. truth1 says:

    All the fancy tech does not justify its existence just because it could do a few good things. Look at cars today. They can practically cook your breakfast for you and handle you appointments. They got video cameras for better vision of blind spots. Satellite connections.

    but honestly, who import or necessary are they? Not at all important. but if you go to get the computer control for all that stuff replaced. they will charge you at least 2000 and many be a lot more. Do’t forget the labor. Cars of the early 70s were very simple and easy to repair and that was the problem. Anyone could do it. they were cheap and easy to fix. No extortion that way.

    more often than not, the gains of new tech are little and the cost or harm are infinitely greater. Few bother to do a cost vs benefit analysis. If they did, they would run out and buy the last surviving 70s cars. Some may already miss VHS tapes and VCR having vanished. Most things can not be recorded today, without belonging to a service.

    We do not need the new tech. The old was fine with perhaps just simple modifications added. The new is really for the sinister. Einstein said, “there is truth in simplicity.” Yes, and in simplicity, contentment and security. We gave it all away.


    • cultocracy says:

      Correct truth1 , the reality is that most modern technological research is geared towards commercial profits . We have now reached a point where new tech is not really needed , fresh markets are actually created to profit from the technology e.g. 5G , latest smart phones , GM foods , etc.etc. The big question is where this will all lead , as you know the controllers are continually trying to not only control , but are also attempting to shape humanity . We are in danger of sleepwalking into a technological prison in what is mother Earth .


      • truth1 says:

        You know, I got the feeling we are not that far away from finding out what they are up to. I’m sure it will involve war and a supposed visit from supposed aliens. And this will amount to 3.5 years of promotion with/by the “aliens” and then the plug will be pulled on everything. Lights out!


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