Where is the outrage ?

Lennox Castle in Lennoxtown, Scotland was built in 1841 as a stately home for John Lennox Kincaid . It was purchased by Glasgow Corporation in 1927 with the intention of turning it into a hospital for the mentally ill , the institution was opened in 1936 .


Patients admitted to the hospital were diagnosed as being mentally unsound , the reality was that many were disabled or had learning difficulties , others were petty criminals , single mothers or even truants , the vast majority came from the poorer levels of society . At the time Social Darwinism and eugenics dominated the professional schools of thought in Europe , the theories were considered to be advanced . The weaker & more vulnerable members of society were deemed to be a burden & therefore segregated from the wider population and often sterilized so that they could not bear children , it was considered any offspring would inherit their traits . These forgotten patients were isolated & became the perfect targets for horrific government sanctioned experimentation by military scientists .lennox

One patient of Lennox Castle was admitted after his mother was killed & he became an orphan . He told how children as young as six years old were tied to racks and given electric shocks , others were administered with experimental drugs including LSD & barbiturates , many had surgery performed on them . Children were also placed into insulin induced comas where they would be played looped audio recordings , a form of brainwashing known as psychic driving . It is thought that 1000’s of patients may have been victims of the hideous regime , one particular medical professional named by survivors of Lennox Castle was Dr Angus MacNiven . Lennox Castle was closed in 2002 and was almost burnt to the ground in 2008 .

Similar stories of illegal experimentation came from institutions across the breadth of Scotland , including Queen Victoria School in Dunblane . Allegedly the whole sordid episode was directed from Porton Down , the home of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory , the research & development arm of the M.O.D.

Scotlands Joseph Mengele

Donald Ewen Cameron was a Scottish born psychiatrist , he was notorious for his part in the CIA led MK Ultra program . Cameron emigrated to America in the 1920’s , he then moved to Canada where he experimented on 1000’s of children in care homes & orphanages across the country . The funding for Cameron’s sadistic experiments is thought to have come from the Rockerfeller Foundation based in the United States .


Donald Ewen Cameron = Joseph Mengele

MacNiven trained alongside Cameron at Gartnavel Royal Hospital in Glasgow , the two were know to correspond with each other frequently between the years 1924 & 1959 . Documentation regarding the correspondence was filed at the Glasgow N.H.S archives , the documents have been closed to the public for 75 years along with other papers related to MacNiven’s work .

MK Ultra


The top secret C.I.A project MK Ultra was exposed in 1975 by the Church Committee of the U.S. Congress after an investigation into CIA activities in the United States. The then CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all files related to the project be destroyed two years before the hearings .

Cultocracy note :

MK Ultra never went away , it just went underground .

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