Nano Technology News – June 2018

Cultocracy note :

AI and gene editing are already here , much of the research is being tested ‘in the field’ on unsuspecting victims , ‘targeted individuals’ are sequestered & used as human guinea pigs in horrific experiments .

Targeted virus based gene delivery systems are silent and invisible .

There are those that would roll out the control and conditioning grid on a global basis .

In certain circles transhumanism is becoming the new religion .

We should all know what happens when man attempts to play God .


Bonding with Your Algorithm


In reality, I would argue that even an algorithm is biological because it comes from somewhere. It doesn’t come from itself. If it’s related to us as creators or as the ones who are, let’s say, enabling the algorithms, well, we’re the parents.

Thanks to AI and gene editing, we can modify who our children will be biologically, and we can create augmentation or competition to ourselves with artificial intelligence. That allows extraordinary possibilities, but also real questions. How far do we go? Are we creating a new species? What will the species be? What do we want the species to be? How do we want it to treat us or be part of us?

These are all the questions that I am intrigued by. In essence, we are the creators. We are God. And if we’re God, what do we want our children to be?

That’s the question that is the hardest in the long term, but it’s the most significant in terms of changing the nature of humans and humanity. We’ll also have an enormous influence on the rest of the species around us. We have already, but this will provide the most powerful tools ever.

The technological tools like gene editing or artificial intelligence are going to allow us to truly modify ourselves and the nature of who we are as humans.

If AI superintelligence gets there, and it probably will, if gene editing is used to its full extent, the new generations can easily dispose of us.

What they don’t agree on is whether it is good or bad. That’s very fuzzy today. Some think it is going to be destiny, that it will be great for humanity somehow, but they don’t know what it means. Others say the opposite, that superintelligence will be the end of our species being the dominant species on Earth. So, you have two different views.

What’s interesting is that in the West, especially in the US today, you do have civil society, let’s say, private sector actors who are at the forefront of this. Government is very far behind. In general, government is always behind civil society in technology, and the gap is becoming bigger. Ultimately, these technologies are so powerful, you’re creating a new species that affects everyone, so you have no choice but to have government involved.

These tools—AI and gene editing—are going to be even more powerful, and if we don’t find a way to cooperate, we’ll have trouble because we’re going to have competition between individual agents, whether that means companies, or people, or nations. You need somehow to come up with standards for people to cooperate or to put, in essence, a lid or standard on whoever gets there first. That hasn’t been thought through or defined today.

Technology has huge implications, ethically, and the connection between these two is more important today with gene editing and AI becoming so powerful.

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“A machine that thinks won’t always think in the ways we want it to. And we’re not ready for the ramifications of that.”

“AI that we will confront is not going to be a mind in an individual machine. It will not be something we look at as other. It may well be us.”

“…..the danger of a GAI comes from concentration of power.”

“The coming shock isn’t from machines that think, but machines that use AI to augment our perception.”

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Cultocracy note :

Another abridged article , describing nanotechnology from a scientific perspective . Like most scientists the author fails to realize that the controllers of society do not want to use technological innovation as a tool for the greater good . In an increasingly competitive world each global faction wishes to gain an edge over its rivals , nanotechnology gives the controllers that edge .

In an era of quantum computing , AI and bleeding edge biotechnology we should not be asking ourselves ‘What does the word “nanotechnology” conjure up for you?’ .

A more pertinent question is ‘What does the word “nanotechnology” conjure up for the controllers ?’

Some of us already know the answer .


Why nanotechnology is more than just a buzzword

What does the word “nanotechnology” conjure up for you?

I use the term nanotechnology as a convenient catch-all term to describe my field of research. My research is into making nanoparticles that can be used as tiny capsules to deliver drugs to cells. I work with proteins and a range of gold nanoparticles to try and achieve this goal.

To complicate things further, nanotech and nanoscience are now popularly synonymous with “miniature robots that will turn the world into grey goo” or miniscule invisible threats to our health and environment.

It is true there is some concern around the potential environmental effects of improperly disposed nanomaterials. The toxicology of nanomaterials and regulatory issues around their use and disposal is an ongoing discussion.

Nanotechnology is a wide field that covers research and inventions that make use of the quantum effects that happen at the nanoscale – that is, at the nanometre or billionth of a metre level.

Because of the size of the materials and particles at this level, the quantum effects become more pronounced at the nanoscale, and can be used to generate entirely new, thinner materials.

The term “quantum effects” here refers to the properties of the material that shape melting point, fluorescence, electrical conductivity and chemical reactivity.
For example, at the nanoscale, there are novel optical properties – that is, reactions between light and the material – that can be used for applications such as nanobarcoding.

In truth, biomolecules and viruses are the original, all natural nanotech. Biomolecules such as DNA may store the genetic code of life, but the structure of DNA can be used to generate nanowires, and DNA can be used as a bridge between particles to connect them together.

In many ways, it’s a truly serious attempt to cross both organic and inorganic together into devices that mimic the exquisite refinements of nature. It’s difficult – and exhilarating.

Source: By Upulie Divisekera, PhD candidate, Monash University

Nano Technology News – June 2018


Cultocracy note :

Initial research into the creation of an atom laser was conducted at M.I.T , the research was funded by the Naval & Army research boards and also NASA .

An atom laser requires a source of matter known as a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) , this involves super-cooling a cloud of atoms and trapping them using magnetic fields .

In theory an atom laser would never have to recharge itself , a potential game changer in the battle for space .

An atom laser could also be used to create holograms at a higher definition than conventional light or electromagnetic systems .

Quantum ‘blobs’ also have the potential to revolutionize quantum communications , particularly satellite communications , they could also be used for precise interferometric measurement of wavelengths and distances .

Alternatively the quantum ‘blobs’ could also be used to create a super precise quantum clock , we definitely need more precise atomic clocks .

My guess as to the pecking order of the research (the three are already closely related) :

i) Laser

ii) Interferometry

iii) Communications

The Quest to Make Super-cold Quantum Blobs in Space

“On a frigid day last January in northern Sweden, a German-led team of physicists loaded a curious machine onto an unmanned rocket. The payload, about as tall as a single-story apartment, was essentially a custom-made freezer—a vacuum chamber, with a small chip and lasers within, that could cool single atoms near absolute zero.”

“They launched the rocket about 90 miles past the atmosphere’s boundary of outer space, monitoring a livestream from a heated building nearby. Then, just 17 minutes later, they watched as the freezer plummeted back down to Earth, landing via parachute on snowy ground 40 miles from the launch site.”

“See, the freezer that the Germans launched has the ability to make atoms clump together in a cloud-like blob called a Bose-Einstein condensate—a phase of matter that exhibits some truly bizarre properties. It’s delicate enough to respond to tiny fluctuations in gravity and electromagnetic fields, which means it could someday make for a super-precise sensor in space. But down on Earth, it tends to collapse in a matter of milliseconds because of gravity. So the blobs had to go to space.”

“The launch builds on about two decades of effort. Since physicists discovered Bose-Einstein condensates in 1995, they have predicted that some of their most interesting properties would only be evident from space. “But at the time, it was frankly crazy,” says physicist Robert Thompson of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.”


Cultocracy note :

The title of the article below is self-explanatory .

Perhaps one day science will be able to edit the ‘corporate greed and war’ genes out of the controller’s brains , or maybe they are already ‘editing in’ the genes themselves .

CRISPR could use gold nanoparticles to edit your brain

“Using cell staining tests, the researchers were also able to demonstrate that they could edit multiple kinds of cells in the brain using CRISPR-Gold, which opens the door to further applications.”

“CRISPR-Gold could potentially be used to deliver genetic modifications to the brain without the unwanted side-effects of using CRISPR.”

Cultocracy note :

The potential for the misuse of gene editing is clear .

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Cultocracy note :

D.N.A as a storage medium is related to artificial intelligence systems , more specifically hybrid intelligence . As always there are also many potentially lucrative commercial applications .

The Rise of DNA Data Storage

“Scientists have long touted DNA’s potential as an ideal storage medium…”

“If successful, DNA storage could be the answer to a uniquely 21st-century problem: information overload.”

“Imagine formatting every movie ever made into DNA; it would be smaller than the size of a sugar cube. And it would last for 10,000 years.”

“Molecular data storage has become something of a pet project for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Last year it dropped $15.3 million in grants to discover new biochemical ways to store binary. And big tech companies have begun piloting their own projects as well. Microsoft plans to have an operational prototype storage system based on DNA working inside one of its data centers by 2020.”

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Scientists create continuously emitting microlasers with nanoparticle-coated beads

Cultocracy note :

Optogenetic ‘LED’ implants can be activated via an external electromagnetic source , such as microwaves or other RF frequencies . This allows the remote activation of targeted neurons which have been genetically modified with a fluorescent protein . Nano particles can also be used instead of the fluorescent protein .

Polymer hydrogel implants can also be injected into a specific area of the brain where they form a light guiding bio-scaffold .

 This biosensing technique utilizes rare Earth metal nano particles dipped in blood serum . The nano particles are activated by infrared or near infrared , which can penetrate several centimetres into the human brain . Apparently the research team discovered their findings ‘by accident’ .

“These microlasers, which convert infrared light into light at higher frequencies, are among the smallest continuously emitting lasers of their kind ever reported and can constantly and stably emit light for hours at a time, even when submerged in biological fluids such as blood serum. ”

“The unique properties of these lasers, which measure 5 microns (millionths of a meter) across, were discovered by accident as researchers were studying the potential for the polymer (plastic) beads, composed of a translucent substance known as a colloid, to be used in brain imaging.”

Cultocracy note :

A similar approach uses silicon nanowires for biosensing down to the level of cellular ion channels . There is an increasing crossover of the technologies used in micro electronics and biosensing systems . The human body is now being viewed by science as a complex electrical system rather than an organic system .

“Just like the transistor is the basis of computers, the ion channel is the basic element in many processes in biology,”

“Since we can manipulate and sense individual electrons in circuits, I thought it would be interesting to apply some of this knowledge in biology,”

“Their nanowire device is the first to integrate the current measurement into the ion channel, which should ultimately allow much greater measurement sensitivity.”

Carbon nanotubes can also be used :

Further reading :

“The multilayer light emitting diode devices have emitted white light with slight blue color.”
“carbon dots may potentially serve as a new platform for electroluminescent nanomaterials”


  1. Single photons set for telecom wavelengths
  2. Researchers change wavelengths of entangled photons to those used in telecommunications
  3. Waves and Frequency Ranges (RADAR)
  4. Electroluminescence
  5. Light-guiding hydrogels for cell-based sensing and optogenetic synthesis in vivo
  6. Transparent graphene implant for deep brain imaging and optogenetics
  7. Optogenetics: The Physics of Mind Control
  8. Optogenetics probes offer insight to brain diseases
  1. Optical Nerve Surgery
  2. Optic nerve sheath fenestration
  3. The Optic Nerve And Its Visual Link To The Brain
  4. Blind Patients to Test Bionic Eye Brain Implants

Cultocracy note :

Maybe this is what people mean when they mention the ‘Illuminati’ .


Cultocracy note :

There is a global race to develop more sophisticated quantum computing systems .

Carbon nanotubes (CNT) can be used in quantum computing and quantum communications . The same systems can be tweaked and applied to biosensing applications and brain computer interfaces (BCI) . More evidence of the crossover of technologies from computers to humans .

Electroluminescence is once again utilized .


Electroluminescent & Evanescent

Carbon nanotube optics provide optical-based quantum cryptography and quantum computing

“We are particularly interested in advances in nanotube integration into photonic cavities for manipulating and optimizing light-emission properties,”

“In addition, nanotubes integrated into electroluminescent devices can provide greater control over timing of light emission and they can be feasibly integrated into photonic structures. We are highlighting the development and photophysical probing of carbon nanotube defect states as routes to room-temperature single photon emitters at telecom wavelengths.”

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New 28-GHz transceiver for future 5G devices

“Scientists have designed and fabricated a tiny, but incredibly fast, reliable, and accurate 28-GHz transceiver meant for stable high-speed 5G communications. The fabricated transceiver trumps previous designs in various regards by taking a new approach for beam steering.”

“Accurate phase shifting is important because it allows the transceiver to guide the main lobe of the radiation pattern of the antenna array; in other words, it is used to “point” the antenna array towards a specific direction……”

“Instead of using multiple RF phase shifters, they designed a circuit that allows the transceiver to shift the phase of a local oscillator in steps of 0.04° with minimal error. In turn, this allows for a beam-steering resolution of 0.1°, which represents an improvement of an order of magnitude compared with previous designs (meaning that antenna array can be made to precisely point towards the desired direction).”

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Neurons communicate better with graphene

Cultocracy note :

No self respecting nano technology news article would be complete without references to graphene combined with the human brain .

Using magnets to control DNA-robots


“Scientists have built a tiny robot from strands of DNA and devised a way to remote-control it using magnetic fields.”


‘Stealth’ material hides hot objects from infrared eyes

“Infrared cameras are the heat-sensing eyes that help drones find their targets even in the dead of night or through heavy fog. ”

“Hiding from such detectors could become much easier, thanks to a new cloaking material that renders objects — and people — practically invisible. ”

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Cool as f**k , matches the GFP in your brain to boot !

World’s First-Ever Graphene-Enhanced Sports Shoes

“The University of Manchester and British brand inov-8 unveil the world’s first-ever sports shoes made using graphene, which is the world’s strongest material.”

“Working together with graphene experts at the National Graphene Institute, the brand has been able to create a graphene-enhanced rubber. They have created rubber outsoles for running and fitness shoes that when tested outlasted 1,000 miles and were scientifically verified to be 50% harder wearing.”

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