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Toxic Food & Household Products

There is increasing research highlighting the fact that everyday household items and processed food may be toxic to ourselves and the natural environment . The quest for profits driven by corporate greed is literally poisoning the planet . Lax oversight … Continue reading

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The Future of Wireless Communications is Terahertz

Cultocracy note : Terahertz waves stand between microwaves and infrared light on the electromagnetic spectrum . Terahertz waves possess charecteristics of both optical waves (light) and microwaves . THz radiation can be used in a wide variety of sensing applications … Continue reading

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Nano Technology News – January 2018

  Cultocracy note : In the rush to research and develop nano technology the possible detrimental effects regarding human health and the environment have been pushed to the wayside . No doubt this conveniently lax oversight is intended to give … Continue reading

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Whistler Waves , Magnetic Poles , H.A.A.R.P – Part I

Media reports suggest that NASA has recently been monitoring “electric blue clouds circling over Antarctica” . Noctilucent clouds are formed when water vapor and “dust” collect in the upper atmosphere . NASA suggested that the clouds were created by “the … Continue reading

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Groundbreaking Study Shows Shielding EMF Improves Autoimmune Disease

Cultocracy note : It follows that increased exposure to EMF’s accelerate autoimmune disease . Electromagnetic weaponry is used as a silent method of control , torture and soft kill by deep state agencies and their partners . Groundbreaking Study Shows … Continue reading

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Nano Technology News – December 2017

Nano technology is here to stay , whether we like it or not , nano technology promises to revolutionize life as we know it , for better or for worse . There is no doubt that advances in research could … Continue reading

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BAE & DSTL Operation , Experimentation , Implantation

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Nano Technology News – November 2017

Cultocracy note : Nano technology research and development is progressing at a rapid pace . As with all technology the applications can be used for good or evil . The possible health effects of nano technology are now being researched … Continue reading

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