Nano Technology News – November 2017

Cultocracy note :

Nano technology research and development is progressing at a rapid pace .

As with all technology the applications can be used for good or evil .

The possible health effects of nano technology are now being researched and made public .

It would seem that the ramifications of the potential misuse of the technology are only now being considered .

Much of the research is focused on bioengineering and the activation of nano scale technology with applied electromagnetic wavelengths .

Other research focuses on artificial neural networks (ANN) .


“What’s really exciting here is that we’ve shown you can make a nanoparticle that can be used to permanently and specifically edit the DNA in the liver of an adult animal,”

Cultocracy note :

Adult animal = Potential human target .

Liver = Any bodily organ .

Cultocracy note :

Nano particles can be designed to carry a payload , this can include a biological or chemical component . The nano particles can be designed to release the payload upon activation with an externally applied electromagnetic frequency .

Bombs away !


Cultocracy note :

Nano sized implants or sensors can be powered using a wide variety of biological processes .


Cultocracy note :

Converting external RF or similar electromagnetic wavelengths to visible light is nothing new . This particular research paper describes the conversion of terahertz radiation (T-rays) to visible light by harnessing a phenomenon known as the quantum rattle .


Cultocracy note :

Synthetic nano technology can be used to augment muscle tissue . Stand alone nano fibers can be used to create a ‘scaffold’ which can strengthen natural tissue and accelerate natural tissue growth . Alternatively similar nano technology can be used to deliver a payload of muscle tissue cells to a specific bodily area .


Cultocracy note :

Nano technology forms the foundations of artificial neural networks .


Cultocracy note :

Carbon based nano technology can be engineered to emit a specific frequency or wavelength when excited by an external EM field . Carbon nano tubes (CNT) and carbon dots are used extensively in biosensing and imaging applications . Recent research aims to replace synthetic nano tubes with biological proteins .


Cultocracy note :

As always profit is placed before health .

The potential toxic health effects of nano technology are slowly emerging .

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