Nanotechnology News – February 2019

Cultocracy note :

The worlds most renowned mad scientists at DARPA want to use the minds of ‘soldiers’ to telepathically control machines , this fact has been documented on numerous occasions . The technology is far more advanced than mainstream articles would suggest .

Moreover , the Mengele Minds now want to connect the aforementioned soldiers to an artificial intelligence system creating a hive mind .

It is said that the AI system will be used to ‘calibrate’ neurotechnology interfaces implanted in soldiers .

The article in Defence One does offer a glimpse of future warfare and also exposes the limitations of current military AI systems . Looks like the human component in warfare is not yet obsolete , for now at least .

Although it does make you wonder what machines the human minds will be connected to and who (or what) will actually be controlling who (or what) .

The ‘artificial signalling’ technology described in the article has been available to deep state organizations for some time and is available on retainer for the right price .

You may be thinking who would volunteer to be ‘implanted and assimilated’ in the first place’ ?

The answer is nobody .

DARPA Thinks AI Could Help Troops Telepathically Control Machines

“The Pentagon is looking to build artificial intelligence into neural interfaces to let humans control machines with their thoughts.”

“The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency recently began recruiting teams to research how AI tools could augment and enhance “next-generation neurotechnology.” Through the program, officials ultimately aim to build AI into neural interfaces, a technology that lets people control, feel and interact with remote machines as though they were a part of their own body.”

“One of the biggest issues researchers face when developing neural interfaces is keeping the tech homed in on the right part of the brain. Our brains are constantly gaining and losing neurons, so the machines often need to be recalibrated as neural connections change.”

“But through artificial intelligence, researchers could train the interface to automatically pick up on these changes and recalibrate itself accordingly,….”

“Under the program, teams will also build an AI-powered interface that can stimulate “artificial signals” within the body—creating a sense of burning without heat or touch without physical contact, for example.”

Nanotechnology News – February 2019


Cultocracy note :

Materials science underpins many larger developments in the world of nanotechnology .

Self assembling nano materials are the future , these will bypass the need for the development of expensive and time consuming nano fabrication methods .

The whole field of self assembly has been named nanoarchitectonics .

As the Wikipedia article on nanoarchitectonics suggests , ‘field induced methods have been widely explored’ .

Scientists develop thermal regulation Fabric

“Maryland researchers have created a fabric that can automatically regulate the amount of heat that passes through it.”

“When conditions become cooler and drier, the fabric reduces the heat that escapes.”


Physicists explain Fireballs , Microwaves & Grapes

“A trio of researchers with McMaster, Concordia and Trent Universities has solved the mystery of why pairs of grapes ignite into fireballs when cooked together in a microwave oven.”

“As the microwaves enter the grapes, hot spots form in both pieces at the points where they are closest to one another due to a bond between them. As the hot spots grow hotter, surrounding electrolytes become supercharged, resulting in the formation of a burst of plasma in the form of a small fireball.”

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Implants Neuroprosthetics

What happens to magnetic nanoparticles in cells?

“Although magnetic nanoparticles are being used more and more in cell imaging and tissue bioengineering, what happens to them within stem cells in the long term remained undocumented.”

“Researchers have shown substantial degradation of these nanoparticles, followed in certain cases by the cells “re-magnetizing.” This phenomenon is the sign of biosynthesis of new magnetic nanoparticles from iron released in the intracellular medium by the degradation of the first nanoparticles.”

“This could explain the presence of magnetic crystals in humans, observed in the cells of diverse organs, particularly the brain.”

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  3. Europe Pesticide Ban , Bees & Magnetite Nano Particles


Nanoscale Sensing

“The idea of using ‘color centers’, optically-active atomic defects in diamond, as a probe for taking highly sensitive nanoscale measurements of quantities such as elecromagnetic field, temperature, or strain is well known.”

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  1. Quantum magnetic sensing of neurons using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
  2. Measuring Tiny Magnetic Fields With an Intelligent Quantum Sensor
  3. Opto-magnetic imaging of neural network activity in brain slices at high resolution using color centers in diamond
  4. A diamond-based sensor the size of an atom
  5. Researchers trace neural activity by using quantum sensors
  6. Nanodiamond quantum sensors pave way to MRI for living cells
  7. Towards non-invasive quantum imaging of neuronal activity using optically-active spins in diamond
  8. Magnetometry with nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond
  9. Magnetometry with nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond (PDF)
  10. Zero-field magnetometry based on nitrogen-vacancy ensembles in diamond
  11. Gamma Waves induced by Light & Sound

Synthetic Biology

Human mind controls rat Cyborg

“In this study, we developed a BBI from the human brain to a rat implanted with microelectrodes (i.e., rat cyborg), which integrated electroencephalogram-based motor imagery and brain stimulation to realize human mind control of the rat’s continuous locomotion.”

Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) provide a promising information channel between the brain and external devices. As a potential human mind reading technology, many previous BMI studies have successfully decoded brain activity to control either virtual objects or real devices”

“BMIs can also be established in an inverse direction of information flow, where computer-generated information can be used to modulate the function of a specific brain region or import tactile information back to the brain….”

“The combination of different types of BMI systems can thus help to realize direct information exchange between two brains to form a new brain-brain interface (BBI).”

“While an encoder rat performed a sensorimotor task, samples of its cortical activity were transmitted to matching corPhysicists explain fireballs erupting from grapes in microwave oventical areas of a “decoder” rat using intracortical micro-electrical stimulation (ICMS) on its somatosensory cortex.”

“In addition to information transfer between two brains of the same type of organism, the BBI enables information to be transferred from a human brain to another organism’s brain. “

“With this interface, our manipulators were able to mind control a rat cyborg to smoothly complete maze navigation tasks.”


Nanotechnology allows mice to see in infrared

Mice with vision enhanced by nanotechnology were able to see infrared light as well as visible light, reports a new study. A single injection of nanoparticles in the mice’s eyes bestowed infrared vision for up to 10 weeks with minimal side effects, allowing them to see infrared light even during the day and with enough specificity to distinguish between different shapes.”

“Mammals cannot see light over 700 nm in wavelength. “

“To break this limitation, we developed ocular injectable photoreceptor-binding upconversion nanoparticles (pbUCNPs). These nanoparticles anchored on retinal photoreceptors as miniature NIR light transducers to create NIR light image vision with negligible side effects.”

“This new method will provide unmatched opportunities for a wide variety of emerging bio-integrated nanodevice designs and applications.”


Synthetic nanopores simulate Ion Channels

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists and collaborators at the University of California, Irvine shows that synthetic solid-state nanopores can have finely tuned transport behaviors much like the biological channels that allow a neuron to fire.”

“UCI professor and collaborator Zuzanna Siwy said the most exciting application for the nanopores is their use as a building block toward making artificial biomimetic systems such as an artificial neuron.”

Cultocracy note :

Drosophila Melanogaster is a species of fly , used extensively in biological research labs due to it’s genetic similarity to humans .

Ion Channel Piezo Inhibits Neural Regeneration

“Neurons exhibit a limited ability of repair. Given that mechanical forces affect neuronal outgrowth, it is important to investigate whether mechanosensitive ion channels may regulate axon regeneration.”

“Here, we show that DmPiezo, a Ca 2+-permeable non-selective cation channel, functions as an intrinsic inhibitor for axon regeneration in Drosophila.”

“Loss of DmPiezo enhances axon regeneration of sensory neurons in the peripheral and CNS.”

Conditional knockout of its mammalian homolog Piezo1 in vivo accelerates regeneration……”

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  6. Axon hillock
  7. Sonic hedgehog
  8. Sonic hedgehog in the nervous system: functions, modifications and mechanisms (PDF)
  9. The Sonic Hedgehog–Patched–Gli Pathway in Human Development and Disease

Quantum Computing , Communications & AI

Cultocracy note :

New findings this month suggest that the quantum black hole is far deeper than the human imagination and that there may be more than one quantum reality .

Do not expect any breakthroughs , expect a lot of guesswork .

Quite astonishing is the list of paperclip based US government agencies formed shortly after WWII , Argonne National Laboratory is one of many .

In fact you can state with some confidence that the entire imperial globalist based deep state apparatus was formed in the US after WWII .

Or should that be be ‘transferred to the US’ ?

Transistor mimics the brain

“Until now, brains have been unique in being able to create connections where there were none before. In a scientific article in Advanced Science (“An Evolvable Organic Electrochemical Transistor for Neuromorphic Applications”), researchers from Linköping University describe a transistor that can create a new connection between an input and an output. They have incorporated the transistor into an electronic circuit that learns how to link a certain stimulus with an output signal, in the same way that a dog learns that the sound of a food bowl being prepared means that dinner is on the way. “


Quantum dots can spit out clone-like photons

“The ability to produce individual photons with precisely known and persistent properties, including a wavelength, or color, that does not fluctuate at all, could be useful for many kinds of proposed quantum devices.”

“Another important quantum effect that can be harnessed by having coherent photons, he says, is entanglement, in which two photons essentially behave as if they were one, sharing all their properties.”

“…..the team found that making the quantum dots from perovskites, a family of materials defined by their crystal structure, produced coherence levels that were more than a thousand times better than previous versions.”


Quantum sensors & Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

“Scientists have produced a series of protocols for quantum sensors that could allow images to be obtained by means of the nuclear magnetic resonance of single biomolecules using a minimal amount of radiation.”


IBM System Q Computer gets faster

“IBM has announced at this year’s American Physical Society meeting that its System Q One quantum computer has reached its “highest quantum volume to date”—a measure that the computer has doubled in performance in each of the past two years, the company reports.”


Sound waves let quantum systems ‘talk’ to one another

“One way to run a quantum computing operation is to use “spins”—a property of an electron that can be up, down or both. Scientists can use these like zeroes and ones in today’s binary computer programming language. But getting this information elsewhere requires a translator, and scientists thought sound waves could help.”

“The object is to couple the sound waves with the spins of electrons in the material”

“The results gave us new ways to control our systems, and opens venues of research and technological applications such as quantum sensing…..”

Further reading :

  1. Argonne National Laboratory (WIkipedia)

“Argonne was initially formed to carry out Enrico Fermi’s work on nuclear reactors as part of the Manhattan Project, and it was designated as the first national laboratory in the United States on July 1, 1946.”

Argonne has five main areas of focus , one of which is ‘protecting national security‘. ”

“Argonne develops security technologies that will prevent and mitigate events with potential for mass disruption or destruction. These include sensors that can detect chemical, biological, nuclear and explosive materials; portable Terahertz radiation (“T-ray”) machines that detect dangerous materials more easily than X-rays at airports…”


There is more than one quantum reality

“Quantum mechanics describes how the world works at a scale so small that the normal rules of physics no longer apply; over many decades, experts who study the field have offered numerous interpretations of what that means, Ringbauer said.”

“However, if measurements themselves aren’t absolutes — as these new findings suggest — that challenges the very meaning of quantum mechanics.”

“It seems that, in contrast to classical physics, measurement results cannot be considered absolute truth but must be understood relative to the observer who performed the measurement,”


Cultocracy note :

There should be no doubt to the informed that 5G is purely a propaganda , power and profit exercise .

An experimental exercise .

5G transmitters installed in street lamps ? A conspiracy theory ?

Has 5G technology already been installed and tested in your area ?

Probably .

Why 5G Makes Me Reconsider the Health Effects of Cellphones

“I see a parallel in another big news story: the hype and enthusiasm about 5G wireless as the “thing that will make the existing [communications] model obsolete.””

“What if transmissions to and from 5G cells, which will need to be everywhere, and much closer to us than traditional cell towers, pulsing out very-high-frequency radio waves at high power levels, pose real risks to human health?”

“But I am learning that hundreds of scientists and tens of thousands of others believe that the intensity of 5G represents a phase change and that 5G’s effects on mankind should be studied closely before this technology is widely adopted.”


5G Privacy , Security & Abuse

“Sure, the next generation of wireless will bring you faster phones, smarter tech and seamless services. But could 5G also make your privacy vulnerable?”

Cultocracy note :

Privacy ?!?!?!?

Heard that word mentioned a long time ago .

Maybe the name of a racehorce ?


Nanotubes help filter salt from water

“As the global population continues to climb, the demand for drinkable freshwater is likewise rising. One potential solution to the shortages now threatening one-third of the world’s people involves removing salt from seawater and saline aquifers, which collectively represent 98 percent of humanity’s water supply.”

“To do so, some researchers have proposed filtering the water through nanoscopic tubes of carbon, which could prove more cost- and energy-efficient than other approaches.”


Scientists develop method to purify pathogen-rich water

“Scientists across the world have been racking their brains to solve the global problem of clean water scarcity. Chinese scientists have recently found a new way to purify pathogen-rich water with high efficiency and without using metal. “

“With a metal-free photocatalyst jointly developed by researchers from Yangzhou University (YZU) and the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this method can provide standard drinking water in 30 minutes with disinfection efficiency over 99.9999% under visible light irradiation. “


Innovative nanocoating technology harnesses sunlight to degrade microplastics

“Low density polyethylene film (LDPE) microplastic fragments, successfully degraded in water using visible-light-excited heterogeneous ZnO photocatalysts. “


Flags generate energy from wind and sun

“The novel wind and solar energy-harvesting flags have been developed using flexible piezoelectric strips and flexible photovoltaic cells.”

“Piezoelectric strips allow the flag to generate power through movement, whilst the photovoltaics is the best known method of harnessing electric power by using solar cells. “



Nanoparticles may promote cancer metastasis

Nanoparticles can be found in processed food (e.g. food additives), consumer products (e.g. sunscreen) and even in medicine. While these tiny particles could have large untapped potential and novel new applications, they may have unintended and harmful side effects, according to a recent study by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS).”


Skin regeneration with nanoparticles

“Researchers developed bioactive glass-gold nanoparticles (BG-AuNPs) to promote the growth of granulation tissue and induce wound healing.”


Powering a pacemaker with a patient’s heartbeat

“A conventional pacemaker is implanted just under the skin near the collarbone.”

“First, they designed a small, flexible plastic frame. Next they bonded the frame to piezoelectric layers, which generate energy when bent. They implanted the device in pigs and showed that a beating heart could in fact alter the frame’s shape, generating enough power to match the performance of a battery-powered pacemaker. “


Nanoclay for osteoarthritis

“One method for repair or regeneration of damaged cartilage tissue is to deliver therapeutic growth factors. Growth factors are a special class of proteins that can aid in tissue repair and regeneration.”


Bioprinter can heal wounds

“Scientists have created such a mobile skin bioprinting system — the first of its kind — that allows bi-layered skin to be printed directly into a wound. “

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