BAE Systems – Illegal Human Experimentation

bae-implants-ti-ribbonCultocracy note :

The text & images in this article are taken from the website BAE Implant , the site seems to be genuine & not disinformation . The subject was a Mr.J.M.Nicholson a former employee of BAE systems PLC . After several years of torture & harassment it seems that Mr.Nicholson took a journey to Peru to have several implants removed , these were implanted surgically without his consent under the epidermis probably using modern injection techniques which lead to minimal scarring . There are more images on the site above , some may be natural growths , many are obviously not , many of the implants seem to be degraded . The implants range from micro-antenna type wires & bundles to others which seem to be capacitors and electrodes , commonly known to Joseph Mengele & Donald Ewen Cameron types as a ‘full body suit’ . Implants such as these provide a remote form of bio-monitoring & control , behaving in a similar way to RFID chips .


BAE Systems was formed in 1999 by the merger of Marconi Electric Systems & British Aerospace , both companies had very close ties to the UK defence industry . The company is famed for using bribery & other corrupt methods to procure contracts .The company is also renowned for using private ‘contractors’ to oversee a large portion of their ‘security’ related activities , many of whom have cosy friendships with various state security services .

Just one example of the scale of greed involved was the Al-Yamamah arms deal with Saudi Arabia , Saudi is a absolute monarchy , a system envied by the corrupt cultocrats in the UK . In February 2010 the company was forced to pay £257m in criminal fines to the US and £30m to the UK , Judge Bates for the U.S. Department of Justice said the company’s conduct involved “deception, duplicity and knowing violations of law, I think it’s fair to say, on an enormous scale”.

Marconi was the defence arm of the General Electric Co. , Marconi specialized in wireless transmission technology & developed the RADAR system deployed in the UK during WWII . More recently Marconi have been involved in the developement of the Skynet military ‘communications’ satellites . Marconi was also involved in the development & implementation of the Zircon satellite system during the 1980’s . The Zircon system was dogged by controversy due to the fact that the whole programme was being conducted in secret without any discussion with the elected UK government & the Public Accounts Committee which oversees government spending . This whole episode of high level deceit & fraud led to the Zircon affair .

In the early 1990’s BAE Systems also invested heavily in mobile telecommunications & the related infrastructure . Microtel Communications Ltd was founded in 1990 with BAE as a leading partner , a controlling share of Microtel was exchanged in a stock swap deal with Hutchison Wampoa in 1991 . This deal left BAE with a large share of both Microtel & Hutchison Wampoa , Microtel became the well known UK mobile supplier ‘Orange’ , Hutchison Wampoa owns the ‘3’ network , also well established in the UK .

Are you joining the dots ?

Mr.J.M.Nicholson @

It appears as if something truly monstrous and outrageous was performed on my whole anatomy. I have carried out countless tests and it’s as if there is an intrusive process of division and replication taking place throughout my blood and body tissue. It would seem that there is a whole network of disguised gadgetry and circuitry throughout my body, the content of which divides and replicates on a level with DNA. Indeed, that may answer the question as to how they managed to inject so much into my body in such a short space of time. Effectively, they didn’t. In all probability, just one complete assembly of implants was injected, which created copies of DNA fragments along the lines of molecular cloning. It definitely looks as if their garbage was tagged directly onto my DNA, as every square centimeter of my tissue hitherto examined is affected. Logically, if they tagged just a small amount which tricked my body into believing it was natural DNA, the effect would soon have snowballed and become a total process of natural and artificial DNA replication incorporated. What was previously just a prospective atrocity has clearly moved out of the laboratory and gone operational following extensive DNA studies in projects such as the Human Genomes Diversity – but in 1998, I ask you? However, I had a nose operation under general anesthetic in a London hospital in 2008. That was the most likely venue, as the really heavy assaults to the body kicked in that same year. Anyhow, the images below are microscopic takes of pieces of surgical scarring taken from my body during the healing process. I could take any piece of scarring and it would appear under the microscope to have wires and strands intertwining in what appears an artificially designed arrangement. Absolutely certain is that there are aspects of the objects that appear totally unnatural. I sometimes discover bits and pieces of scarring which were shed in my bed, in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and which I have analyzed under the microscope out of curiosity. As previously stated, I believe the reason my defenses don’t go overboard is that they are tricked into believing the whole process relates to natural DNA replication. Indeed, if their garbage is attached to my DNA, it is effectively an artificially reproduced process of DNA replication integrated into, and propelled by, the natural one. I thought at first these were just intrusive implants which my defenses seized the opportunity to eject during surgery and scarring, but that now seems highly unlikely. I have checked that the objects found around my person are indeed mine by picking bits of scarring from my body and comparing microscopic images of both sets. They all relate to one and the same thing. The images below are a mix of some literally plucked from my body and others found around my person. This is truly monstrous, and “they” are true monsters.



 MICRO-CIRCUITRY RESTS (Microwire bundles)

These are microscopic images of distorted micro-circuitry rests which were initially injected in compressed form. The tiny bundles of microwire were ejected from my body during surgery and scarring. The circuitry was originally implanted just below the skin using precision injection guided by sophisticated computer technology to determine the desired trajectory. Observe the snapshot alongside displaying oxidized strands of circuitry peeping out from just below the skin. Medical staff frequently remark on the depth of my blood vessels. Head nurses or anesthetists frequently need to insert catheters or even take blood samples when ordinary nurses are unable to locate any veins. That scope for implanting foreign bodies close to the surface was one of the main reasons I was considered such a lucrative target of opportunity.


These are just some of the disguised micro-ducts and tubes which were surgically removed from the abdomen and thighs.





AND WOMEN ALIKE……………………………




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