Nano Technology News – May 2018

It was virtual ‘hand bags at ten paces’ this month as favoured deep state contractor Elon Musk was berated by the technological Twitterati regarding his comments on nano technology .

Musk is a master of self promotion .

Nano technology is unlocking a range of previously unknown properties from a wide range of materials , this is because materials behave differently at the nano scale , quantum effects dominate .

With new material properties come new applications .

The research and development of technologies that can be applied to quantum computing figure strongly this month , not far behind are biosensing and communications applications .

What if you could string all three together ?


Quantum computing

“Now a group of actual physicists from Australia and Switzerland have proposed a device which uses the quantum tunneling of magnetic flux around a capacitor, breaking time-reversal symmetry .”

“Our research makes an important step towards scaling up this technology, where researchers need to precisely direct control and measurement signals around a quantum computer.”

“In the nearer term, the research could find application in the development of better electronics for mobile phone and wifi antennas and improving radar .”

“Instead of a magnetic field, many researchers have recently used a circularly polarized photon, or a rotating state of light, to break the time-reversal symmetry. In their study, instead of a photon, they used the rotating motion of atoms in a crystal, i.e. the circular phonon, as a new type of time-reversal breaking mechanism. The research team showed that such phonons can be compared to the presence of the magnetic field and can be used for fast manipulation of magnetic units of elemental 2-D materials.”

“A team of physicists has uncovered properties of a category of magnetic waves relevant to the development of neuromorphic computing–an artificial intelligence system that seeks to mimic human-brain function.”

“A billion operations per second isn’t cool. Know what’s cool? A million billion operations per second.”

“In this experiment, the researchers pulsed infrared laser light on honeycomb-shaped lattices of tungsten and selenium….”

“The researchers also raised the possibility that their lattice could be used for quantum computing at room temperature.”

“Scientists have made the biggest and most complex quantum-computer network yet, getting 20 different entangled quantum bits, or qubits, to talk to each other.”


Cultocracy note :

The optogenetic system described below uses a combination of a microlens array and channelrhodopsin modified neuronal cells to monitor brain activity . The microlens captures multiple angles and depths of the modified neuronal cells as they activate , the brain signals are then decoded using a seeded iterative demixing (SID) algorithm .

This and other wider research is part of the ongoing Brain Initiative .


A new way to watch brain activity in action

Vaziri plans to continue developing tools to record neuronal activity in even larger portions of the brain than is currently possible, and at higher speeds and resolution. “We hope this work will ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of how the brain processes information underlying the generation of behavior,” he says.

A similar system which uses graphene electrode arrays :

“Advancements in measurement technology play a critical role in neuroscience enabling scientific inquiry and powering discovery. This is also the goal of the ongoing BRAIN Initiative19,20. Several recent publications have demonstrated successful combination of electrode array recordings with OG photostimulation through integration of optical waveguides or incorporation of LEDs along penetrating electrode shanks”

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“Here, we report an approach surmounting this significant limitation. We realize implantable, ultranarrow, silicon-based photonic probes enabling the delivery of complex illumination patterns deep within brain tissue”

“An alternative approach involves the integration of microscale light emitting diodes (μLEDs) directly onto the probe shanks.”

A wireless optogenetic implant for controlling pain :



Cultocracy note :

Epigenetics studies how external factors affect the genome , how these are encoded in the genome and how they can be passed to an animals offspring .

In this study RNA from a snail was transplanted into a second snail , the second snail exhibited the same reflex memory of a sensitization event which was only experienced by the first snail .


“Prolonged exposure to particulate matter in air pollution in the Los Angeles Basin triggered inflammation and the appearance of cancer-related genes in the brains of rats, a Cedars-Sinai study has found.”

“Polluted air can be found both indoors and outdoors, but there’s no reason why we can’t take measures to reduce the toxins in our own homes. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can contain more pollutants than outdoor air.”

Metallic drivers of Alzheimer’s disease

“A team of scientists with a long history in exploring biomineralisation in Alzheimer’s brains set out to characterise the iron species that are associated with the amyloid protein plaques.”

“They noted evidence that the chemical reduction of iron, and indeed the formation of a magnetic iron oxide called magnetite, which is not commonly found in the human brain…..”

“Intriguingly, with the aid of XMCD, they also saw an unusual magnetic species of iron called magnetite within the plaques. Ptychographic observations at the ALS indicated that the magnetite in this sample was biogenic, and not derived from industrial sources such as pollutants as reported in another recent study.”

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Laser frequency combs may be the future of Wi-Fi

“In 2017, researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) discovered that an infrared frequency comb in a quantum cascade laser could offer a new way to generate terahertz frequencies. Now, those researchers have uncovered a new phenomenon of quantum cascade laser frequency combs, which would allow these devices to act as integrated transmitters or receivers that can efficiently encode information. ”

“We have shown that the laser can act as a so-called quadrature modulator, allowing two different pieces of information to be sent simultaneously through a single frequency channel and successively be retrieved at the other end of a communication link.”

“This new phenomenon transforms a laser — a device operating at optical frequencies — into an advanced modulator at microwave frequencies, which has a technological significance for efficient use of bandwidth in communication systems.”

The apparent inner calm of quantum materials

“What was originally a theoretical hypothesis became a verified experiment. The in-depth analysis of BACOVO undertaken by the physicists proved that two sets of topological excitations come into direct confrontation in the same material and control the state of matter, which differs according to the dominant set, yielding a quantum phase transition. Furthermore, the scientists succeeded in controlling which set prevails, meaning they could adjust BACOVO’s state of matter at will.”

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