Sleep & Subliminal Hypnotic Triggers

An article in The Scientist titled ‘The Sleeping Brain Can Learn’ suggests that during the R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep phase the brain can ‘learn’ a stimulus .

When a test subject was presented with a series of acoustic patters during a variety of sleep phases it was found that patterns presented during REM sleep where remembered the following day on waking . The acoustic patterns introduced to the subject during non-REM (NREM) sleep were not clearly remembered .

R.E.M Sleep

  • REM sleep usually occurs around two hours after nodding off and the REM cycle lasts around 1-2 hours .
  • REM sleep is characterized by dreaming .
  • EEG patterns from REM sleep show a similarity to waking brain patterns .
  • Neural activity during REM sleep is controlled by specific regions of the brain stem .
  • The rapid eye movement is thought to be related to increased activity in the visual cortex during dreaming .
  • Sexual arousal is common during REM sleep .
  • If woken up during a REM sleep cycle a person can feel ‘wide awake’ and it can take several hours to get back to sleep .
  • REM sleep makes up around 25% of the adult sleeping pattern .
  • REM sleep makes up around 80% of the sleeping pattern in children , it is thought to be extremely important for cognitive development .

‘Wide Awake Club’

This research is not new , military research into sleep cycles and hypnotic suggestion go back decades .

A 2012 research paper showed that a human subject could learn to associate a specific odour to a specific tone while sleeping . The research centered on the human ‘sniff response’ , a person has a stronger ‘sniff’ when presented with a pleasant odour and a weaker ‘sniff’ when presented with an unpleasant odour .

In this experiment certain odours were paired with specific tones and repeatedly presented to a sleeping subject . It was found that when the tone representing a pleasant odour was played to the sleeping subject (without the odour) it invoked the related ‘pleasant sniff response’ . The findings were replicated with a tone representing a foul odour which invoked a weaker ‘sniff response’ .

It was also found that the same ‘sniff response’ could be invoked by a related tone when the subject was awake and conscious . The subject had no conscious memory of the learning process which happened whilst sleeping .

Other research papers have shown that the ‘sleep learning’ process can be enhanced by the application of an external magnetic field .

This type of research clearly shows that hypnotic suggestion could be introduced to a sleeping subject which could be actioned by the subject when presented with the paired trigger mechanism .

Subliminal stimulation whilst sleeping could be introduced remotely to a subject using the microwave hearing effect or induced synthetic EEG waveforms .

Using these techniques a person could be turned into a virtual remote control robot . So called ‘Gang Stalking’ follows this general process , the ultimate societal control system based entirely on divide and control methodology .

Example 1 :

Joe Bloggs is regarded as a nuisance and a trouble maker to the powers that be because he is an independent thinker , Joe has an aquaintance called Fred Smith also regarded as expendable , they meet occasionally at work .

Whilst asleep Fred is bombarded with subliminal ‘speech entrained’ electromagnetic waves which stimulate the hearing center of his brain .

Fred is ‘told’ – “start a fight with Joe , he hates you , he his having an affair with your wife” .

On waking Joe goes to work as normal , unknowingly he now has a ‘synthetic memory’ regarding Fred , he passes Fred and has an uncontrollable ‘urge’ to confront Fred .

A fight ensues , both Fred & Joe get fired .

Scale up Scale down

A similar methodology could be applied to a whole geographic region .

Example 2

The powers that be want to break away from a trading bloc . Using high powered transmitters , subliminal speech entrained synthetic EEG signals are broadcast over a wide area whilst the country is asleep .

The next day , which just happens to be voting day , many people find that they have uncontrollable ‘urge’ to vote to exit the trading bloc . They also believe they have have supported the exit stance for a long time .

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can also increase the suggestibility of an individual and make them more open to various form of conditioning via the media . Propaganda works on many levels , subtle or even more overt subliminal programming works , this is why manufacturers have massive advertising budgets .

An increase in abnormal sleeping patterns has been reported across the globe , Western countries seem particularly prone to this modern malady :

Children are not immune , it must be work related stress :

Other groups seem to be acutely afflicted :

An interesting trend in the mainstream media is to debunk the idea of abnormal sleeping patterns being abnormal , in fact according to several suspiciously timed articles , abnormal sleeping is the new normal .

We have been waking up in the middle of the night for millennia apparently , not only that but sleep deprivation is now very trendy and good for you .

It even has a trendy new name – “biphasic sleeping” , apparently all ‘successful’ people do it .

I personally love biphasic sleeping , at least now that I know what it is .


Are you sure that all of your thoughts and actions are entirely a result of your own individual consciousness ?

Really ?

Are you 100% certain ?

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2 Responses to Sleep & Subliminal Hypnotic Triggers

  1. truth1 says:

    Top notch reporting as always! Indeed, the sub-conscious mind can easily be programmed by day to day life and activities. One small advantage we have is that we can question ourselves and life, and they might reveal changes we need to consider, regarding our day to day experience. the two halves of the mind were made to be mutually influential. As they say, 2 heads are better than one.


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