Nanotechnology News – February 2021

Cultocracy note :

Welcome .

News this month tells us that the UK establishment has launched it’s new (old) research and development agency based on the infamous ARPA models (US Advanced Research Projects Agency) .

The news was ushered in discreetly amid the COVID fog of war .

It does mean that clandestine privatised research and development agencies have just been given the official go ahead to conduct clandestine experimentation on just about anything .

Or anyone…..

Just like they always have .

So why advertise ?

The simple answer is to reach out to a broader market , in terms of both capital , partnership and talent .

The maneuver does illustrate where the real power lies .

Other notable fans of the new (old) agency include :

  • Sir Jeremy Farrar – Director, Wellcome
  • Ruth McKernan – Chair of the BIA (BioIndustry Association) and Venture Partner at SV Health Investors

If you were a gambling man , if you were to follow the money , you would put your house on biotechnology .

Or genetic engineering as I prefer to call it .

Or eugenics as some may call it .

Or transhumanism as others may call it .

Is there really any difference between the three ?

As a side note , the word aria is said to mean an eagle in old Teutonic .

Pure coincidence .

Of course .

Nanotechnology News – February 2021



Genetic Engineering

Cultocracy note :

Here we go with the ‘I’ word again .

An informal , informative and almost helpful sounding word which currently covers a multitude of sins .

Under a White Sky

In her latest book, Elizabeth Kolbert examines gene drives, geoengineering and other interventions

In 1900, the city of Chicago completed a 45-kilometer-long canal that altered the hydrology of two-thirds of the United States.”

The engineering feat worked, but it also allowed invasive species to pour through the opening and wreak ecological havoc.”

“Elizabeth Kolbert opens Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future with this parable of humans’ hubristic attempts to control nature.”

“Each chapter builds on this theme of increasingly elaborate (or desperate?) interventions intended to limit the fallout of previous problem solving.”

“Humankind’s most audacious idea to rein in the collateral damage of modernization is geoengineering.”

“By stuffing the stratosphere with reflective particles, Kolbert explains, we could almost immediately start to reverse global warming. But it would also turn the sky white, scramble weather patterns and who knows what else.”

Gene editing species or geoengineering may be entirely crazy and disconcerting, Kolbert writes, but if they can pull us from the hole we’ve dug for ourselves, don’t we have to at least consider them? “

“Whether such technologies can save us and the planet, or only further muck it up, Kolbert cannot say. “

Cultocracy quote notes :

Quote : “scramble weather patterns and who knows what else….”

Indeed , who does know what else .

Unless you are the eternal optimist you should realize that the future holds many , many more mistakes .

Some accidental , some deliberate , some by design .

The interventionists and their interveners should expect many , many interventions themselves in the intervening future .



140,000 Gut Viruses

Viruses are the most numerous biological entities on the planet. ”

“Now researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) have identified over 140,000 viral species living in the human gut, more than half of which have never been seen before.”

“Using a DNA-sequencing method called metagenomics, researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) explored and catalogued the biodiversity of the viral species….”




Quantum Computing & Communications

Full Spectrum Awareness

“A new quantum sensor can analyze the full spectrum of radio frequency and real-world signals, unleashing new potentials for Soldier communications, spectrum awareness and electronic warfare.”

“Army researchers built the quantum sensor, which can sample the radio-frequency spectrum—from zero frequency up to 20 GHz—and detect AM and FM radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other communication signals.”

“The Rydberg sensor uses laser beams to create highly-excited Rydberg atoms directly above a microwave circuit, to boost and hone in on the portion of the spectrum being measured. “

“Devices that are based on quantum constituents are one of the Army’s top priorities to enable technical surprise in the competitive future battlespace….”

“The researchers plan additional development to improve the signal sensitivity of the Rydberg spectrum analyzer, aiming to outperform existing state-of-the-art technology.”

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Not related (I think) :



Quantum Simulation

“Scientists from quantum computing company D-Wave have demonstrated that, using a method called quantum annealing, they could simulate some materials up to three million times faster than it would take with corresponding classical methods. “

Together with researchers from Google, the scientists set out to measure the speed of simulation in one of D-Wave’s quantum annealing processors, and found that performance increased with both simulation size and problem difficulty, to reach a million-fold speedup over what could be achieved with a classical CPU.”

The findings have already attracted the attention of scientists around the world. “




Artificial Intelligence – AI

Cultocracy note :

A bumper month for AI .

Published research often mirrors real world material demand .

Whether necessary or fabricated .

Or even simulated .

They all want the Device that will make them Gods .

Machine learning has failed to live up to the hype .

The sad fact is that it never will live up to the hype .

Although it does offer an outlet for the twisted and sadistic fantasies of the creators and controllers , making many of those ‘in the club’ very wealthy in the process .

The stark reality is that this is the level that cutting edge AI and machine learning has been reduced to .

What else could you expect ?

Big data is the food for AI simulations .

Quantum computers are required for even greater data processing .

Did you really think that mass surveillance was about the ‘War on Terror’ ?

Do you really think that 5G is about ‘faster streaming’ ?

Would you think that a future digital world could also serve as a tool for societal control and social engineering ?

Several rival states and non-state entities now have competing supercomputer powered world simulations .

The systems are intended to enable a glimpse into the future for the power brokers , thus enabling future planning and policy decisions , decisions that they hope will sustain their current status as global overlords .

Or at least delay the inevitable .

A specific desired outcome for the controllers can also be enabled by running a simulation in reverse order based on historical data .

Another more time consuming option is to repeatedly run a simulation in experimental mode with differing parameters and variables until the required outcome is realised .

Real world events can then be ‘tweaked’ to produce the desired outcome .

Would you like a traditional false flag campaign sir or an MSM propaganda blitz ?

Or would you like this brand new tweak we have been working on ?

Digital Twins

A digital twin of our planet is to simulate the Earth system in future. It is intended to support policy-​makers in taking appropriate measures to better prepare for extreme events.”

“…..a highly accurate digital model of the Earth is to be created, a digital twin of the Earth, to map climate development and extreme events as accurately as possible in space and time.”

“Observational data will be continuously incorporated into the digital twin in order to make the digital Earth model more accurate….”

“The digital twin of the Earth is intended to be an information system that develops and tests scenarios that show more sustainable development and thus better inform policies.”

“The driving forces behind Destination Earth are the ECMWF, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT). “

“Together with other scientists, Bauer is driving the climate science and meteorological aspects of the Earth’s digital twin, but they also rely on the know-​how of computer scientists from ETH Zurich and the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre…”

“The scientists see their strategy paper as a starting point on the path to a digital twin of the Earth.”

Cultocracy factoid note :

Did you know that noted fellows of ETH zurich include Albert Einstein , John von Neumann and Wernher von Braun ?
No ?

Neither did I until I read the Wikipedia page .



A Synthetic Scheme

Artificial intelligence (AI) is learning more about how to work with (and on) humans. “

“A recent study has shown how AI can learn to identify vulnerabilities in human habits and behaviours and use them to influence human decision-making.”

“A team of researchers at CSIRO’s Data61, the data and digital arm of Australia’s national science agency, devised a systematic method of finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in the ways people make choices, using a kind of AI system called a recurrent neural network and deep reinforcement-learning.”

“In each experiment, the machine learned from participants’ responses and identified and targeted vulnerabilities in people’s decision-making. “

The end result was the machine learned to steer participants towards particular actions. “

“But the research does advance our understanding not only of what AI can do but also of how people make choices. It shows machines can learn to steer human choice-making through their interactions with us. “

“The research has an enormous range of possible applications, from enhancing behavioural sciences and public policy to improve social welfare, to understanding and influencing how people adopt healthy eating habits or renewable energy…..”

Cultocracy quote note :

Quote : “The research has an enormous range of possible applications…blah…blah…blah…”

The keyword is always control .



Cultocracy note :

There is an ongoing power struggle between the different factions that dwell in the lower echelons of the global security and surveillance complex .

A battle between the traditional and the modern .

All things evolve , all things change .

Well , most things .

The Cybermen

“The spy agency GCHQ will use artificial intelligence and quantum computing to save lives and provide the public with a “new kind of security”, the organisation’s chief told the Queen today. “

“Jeremy Fleming said the “unprecedented rate” of change in today’s technology-driven world was “unleashing amazing complexity” for his spies to deal with. “

“But Mr Fleming said that the emergence of artificial intelligence and high-powered quantum computing would allow his staff to further improve their effectiveness in the cyber age.”

“The comments came as Mr Fleming, the director of GCHQ, escorted the Queen on a tour of the intelligence agency’s first base….”

“Mr Fleming said it was an honour for his organisation to be visited by the Queen, and vowed to ensure that his spies succeed in the “race to remain ahead of our adversaries in the cyber age”.”

“If we get this right — and I’m confident we will — the prize is a new kind of security and intelligence mission fit for our second century.”

Cultocracy note :

The “prize” is actually an old prize , more surveillance for the masses , more control for the masses , less freedoms for the masses , less wealth for the masses .

Which conversely translates as less surveillance of the few , more freedoms for the few , more wealth for the few , more control handed to the few .



Identifying Ugly Ducklings

“….a new deep-learning system developed by Harvard and MIT scientists promises a new level of sophistication, by using a method commonly used by dermatologists known as the “ugly duckling” criteria.”

Computer-aided diagnosis – CAD algorithms are trained to evaluate each skin lesion individually for suspicious features, but dermatologists compare multiple lesions from an individual patient to determine whether they are cancerous – a method commonly called the “ugly duckling” criteria.”

“No CAD systems in dermatology, to date, have been designed to replicate this diagnosis process.”

“Now, that oversight has been corrected thanks to a new CAD system for skin lesions based on convolutional deep neural networks (CDNNs)….”

“The new system successfully distinguished SPLs from non-suspicious lesions in photos of patients’ skin with ~90% accuracy, and for the first time established an “ugly duckling” metric capable of matching the consensus of three dermatologists 88% of the time.”

“We essentially provide a well-defined mathematical proxy for the deep intuition a dermatologist relies on when determining whether a skin lesion is suspicious….”

“Their DCNN still had to pass one final test: performing as well as living, breathing dermatologists….”

“When the assessments were compared, the researchers found that the algorithm agreed with the dermatologists’ consensus 88% of the time, and with the individual dermatologists 86% of the time.”

“Essentially, we’ve been able to achieve dermatologist-level accuracy in diagnosing potential skin cancer lesions from images that can be taken by anybody with a smartphone….”

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5G & IoT

Saying goodbye to Loon ?

Loon’s journey is coming to an end. Thank you to everyone who believed in us and our mission of connecting people everywhere.”

Working side-by-side with governments and global aviation and communications regulators to showcase and enable these new technologies, we found ways to safely fly a lighter-than-air vehicle for hundreds of days in the stratosphere to anywhere in the world.”

“We also scaled up our communications equipment to a communications system capable of delivering mobile internet coverage over an 11,000 square kilometer area — 200x that of an average cell tower.”

“Loon has made a number of important technical contributions. This includes creating communications payloads that can connect from the stratosphere to many types of devices on the ground — from mobile phones to sailing ships to smart sprinklers…..”

“….unlocking the full potential of the Internet of Things.”

“Thank you to everyone who joined us on this journey — especially to our many partners, regulators and governments who made this work possible. “

“We’re incredibly grateful to you for believing in Loon and our mission of connecting people everywhere….”

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Pushed to the limit

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and NTT Corporation (NTT) develop a novel CMOS-based transceiver for wireless communications at the 300 GHz band, enabling future beyond-5G applications.”

“….it represents the first wideband CMOS phased-array system to operate at such elevated frequencies.”

“Communication at higher frequencies is a perpetually sought-after goal in electronics because of the greater data rates that would be possible and to take advantage of underutilized portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.”

“Another important aspect is the use of four antennas in a phased array configuration.”

“An additional advantage is the beamforming capability of phased arrays, which allows the device to adjust the relative phases of the antenna signals to create a combined radiation pattern with custom directionality.”

“The antennas used are stacked “Vivaldi antennas,” which can be etched directly onto PCBs, making them easy to fabricate.”

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Cultocracy note :

5G is just the beginning , we certainly are being pushed to the limit .

Not to worry though , we can always blame any side effects of EM radiation on a viral outbreak .

A very convenient corona indeed , for some at least .



Terahertz 6G

“Researchers demonstrate wireless transmission of uncompressed full-resolution 8K video using terahertz waves, accelerating research and development of Beyond 5G towards 6G. “

The next-generation 6G mobile communication standard beyond the present 5G system is expected to transmit 8K and other UHD videos….”

“…..In general, the higher the frequency, the greater the capacity to transmit information, with terahertz waves having a higher frequency than microwaves and millimeter waves.”

“Our achievement demonstrates the usefulness of terahertz waves and is expected to accelerate research and development activities for the realization of Beyond 5G and eventually 6G.”

“Such uncompressed wireless transmission technology for UHD video will enhance the quality of telemedicine and telework, which are directly related to social issues, and will lead to the advancement of physical-cyber fusion by utilizing the big data of UHD video.”

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  6. Integration of digital twin and deep learning incyber-physical systems: towards smartmanufacturing (PDF)
  7. Search term : “cyber fusion digital twin”



DARPA and the Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation (LF), the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced it has signed a collaboration agreement with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to create open source software that accelerates United States government technology research and development innovation.”

“The project will launch as a standard open source project with neutral governance and a charter similar to other projects within the Linux Foundation.”

“The new US GOV OPS umbrella will include the Open Programmable Secure- 5G (OPS-5G) program as its first project, currently in formation with the help of DARPA, the US Navy and additional performers.”

“The goal of OPS-5G is to create open source software and systems enabling secure end to end 5G….”

Cultocracy note :

They all get paid , one way or another , the sources of the payments are often wrapped in a respectable wrapper .

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Pentagon 5G in Space

“The U.S. military moved to explore next-generation networking capabilities and tools that could advance how it moves vast volumes of data on and beyond planet Earth. “

“The Pentagon players involved in this RFI confirmed that they’re concentrating on adapting 5G radio access networks to space-ground communications…..”

“They also questioned whether 5G-centered, multiple-input multiple-output techniques might be able to enhance communication links between humans’ home planet and their spacecraft….”

“Further, officials asked for details around capabilities that could provide 5G services from space and insights on how future space networks might evolve to be “self-monitoring autonomic networks with automatic end-to-end adaptation,” among other subjects.”





Smartphone Controlled Brain Implant

“A group of KAIST researchers and collaborators have engineered a tiny brain implant that can be wirelessly recharged from outside the body to control brain circuits for long periods of time without battery replacement.”

“The device is constructed of ultra-soft and bio-compliant polymers to help provide long-term compatibility with tissue. “

“Geared with micrometer-sized LEDs (equivalent to the size of a grain of salt) mounted on ultrathin probes (the thickness of a human hair), it can wirelessly manipulate target neurons in the deep brain using light. “

“This powerful device eliminates the need for additional painful surgeries to replace an exhausted battery in the implant, allowing seamless chronic neuromodulation….”

“To enable wireless battery charging and controls, researchers developed a tiny circuit that integrates a wireless energy harvester with a coil antenna and a Bluetooth low-energy chip.”

“An alternating magnetic field can harmlessly penetrate through tissue, and generate electricity inside the device to charge the battery.”

“The researchers believe this brain implant technology may lead to new opportunities for brain research and therapeutic intervention…..”

Cultocracy note :

Oh no…..

The ‘I’ word again .



Neuralink Human Trials ?

Elon Musk said one of his companies, Neuralink, is preparing to conduct human trials. The project, whose essence is to create a connection between the computer and the human brain, can take the first participants of the experiment as early as 2021.”

“One of Musk’s followers expressed his willingness to volunteer in the neuralink opportunity study.”

“The implant, which is 23 mm in diameter and 8 mm thick, will stimulate neurons inside the brain with thin and flexible threads with dozens of electrodes.”

“It is assumed that with the device, which will be located behind the ear, a person deprived of the ability to move, for example, as a result of paralysis, will be able to type on the computer and communicate with the outside world actually by the power of thought.”

The implant will be completely invisible on the head, and from its implementation will remain only a small scar.”

British neuroscientist Andrew Jackson criticized the billionaire’s developments, calling them “mediocre science.”

Cultocracy note :

I agree with Mr. Jackson’s comment , although Musk’s primary role is to introduce the concept of neural implants and brain computer interfaces to a wider public audience .

Softening us the public before commercialization and commodification .

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Cultocracy note :

A bumper month for robotics .

Published research often mirrors real world material demand .

Whether necessary or fabricated .

Or even simulated .

Military Moon Base

“In anticipation of future space projects involving giant structures in orbit and on the Moon, DARPA has announced the start of its Novel Orbital and Moon Manufacturing, Materials and Mass-efficient Design (NOM4D, pronounced “NOMAD”) program. “

“The new initiative seeks to develop new technologies for adaptive, large-scale structure manufacturing in space.”

“With the race to return to the Moon, put an astronaut on Mars, and the rapid commercialization of Earth orbit, space technology is undergoing revolutionary changes.”

NOM4D aims to take a different approach by not just assembling modules built on Earth, but moving manufacturing off Earth to create large, dynamic structures for the US Defense Department….”

“The assumption behind the program is that by 2030 space will have advanced in terms of logistics and facilities, including fast and frequent orbital launches, regular flights to the Moon, on-orbit refueling of robotic spacecraft, and robots capable of building structures in space, as well as the ability to evaluate and monitor operations in real time.”

Phase I will involve meeting the structural efficiency targets for a 1-megawatt solar array….”

Phase II will concentrate on risk reduction and technical development for a 330-foot-wide (100-m) radio frequency reflector…”

“…..and Phase III will demonstrate sufficient precision to build an infrared-reflective structure for a segmented long-wave infrared telescope.”


Sounds a bit like the beginnings of a Death Star to me .

Rumour has it that when an upstart Pentagon bean counter rudely interjected against the massive funding increase requested by DARPA he was met with the response “I find your lack of faith disturbing” .

Also a sore throat…

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Cultocracy note :

New robotic concepts are aimed at both the military and civilian markets , also any other markets where there is ample demand along with ample cash .

What does the term ‘autonomous weaponry’ conjure up in your head ?

A four legged bot mounted with a machine gun ?

A flying drone bot with missiles ?

Or something silently sinister and altogether different ?

Hyundai’s Robot Fleet

Hyundai dropped a lot of jaws when it first announced its bizarre walking robo-car, the Elevate, whose four wheels on articulating legs give it the ability to roll, climb, mammal-walk and spider-walk over a broader range of terrain than anything we’ve ever seen.”

“Introduced as a trade-show concept, everyone more or less thought it was a typical piece of automotive-grade marketing toss….”

“New Horizons has now released details on its next project, the TIGER, or “Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot,”…..”

“It ditches the cabin on top, though, and replaces it with a mount ready to accept more or less any mission module. “

“You could stick a cargo module on top, or a disaster relief package, or a stretcher, or a module capable of mapping, mining, seeding, inspecting or exploring anything from a nuclear leak to a hostile planet.”

Cultocracy note :

I assume that the TIGER could also be mounted with a large gun ?




“Anyone who’s seen an undersea nature documentary has marveled at the complex choreography that schooling fish display, a darting, synchronized ballet with a cast of thousands.”

“The fish collective called Blueswarm was created by a team led by Radhika Nagpal, whose lab is a pioneer in self-organizing systems.”

“The oddly adorable robots can sync their movements like biological fish, taking cues from their plastic-bodied neighbors….”

“Berlinger said the “Bluedot” robots integrate a trio of blue LED lights, a lithium-polymer battery, a pair of cameras, a Raspberry Pi computer and four controllable fins within a 3D-printed hull. “

“The fish-lens cameras detect LED’s of their fellow swimmers, and apply a custom algorithm to calculate distance, direction and heading. “

“Berlinger adds the research could one day translate to anything that requires decentralized robots, from self-driving cars and Amazon warehouse vehicles to exploration of faraway planets….”

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Police deploy IR-camera drone

West Midlands police have busted a clandestine nightclub containing some 150 people, with officers at one point confronted by bottle-slinging patrons. “

A separate raid hit an underground bar called ‘The Covid Arms’. “

The police deployed thermal imaging drones to track people trying to flee through the roof, according their own report.”

“An estimated 150 people were found spread across two floors of the establishment, with around a third of them managing to escape. “

“The police issued fines of £200 ($280) to 70 visitors, while the DJ could face a £10,000 ($14,000) penalty.”

Other Robotics News this month

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  2. Researchers introduce a new generation of tiny, agile drones
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Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Whitewashing Britain’s largest intelligence agency

First, it was the Security Service, MI5; then the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6; now GCHQ has approved an authorised history.

GCHQ was the most secretive of Britain’s security and intelligence agencies. Its eye-catching modern headquarters, widely referred to as “the doughnut”, is now the best-known building in Cheltenham, a spa town in southwest England.”

“GCHQ has more than 7,000 staff – many of them computer wizards, mathematicians and linguists – excluding Royal Air Force, Navy and Army signals experts working with the agency. It takes up the lion’s share of Britain’s £3-billion plus secret intelligence budget.”

“Canadian historian John Ferris, ignores or simply dismisses GCHQ’s most controversial activities – notably, the bulk interception of private communications….”

“Successive British governments, egged on by the security and intelligence establishment, have accused “left-wingers” and assorted “subversives”, including journalists and whistle-blowers, of sabotaging Britain’s “national security” by investigating what the spooks – in MI5 and MI6 as well as GCHQ – are doing.”

“The journalists Crispin Aubrey and Duncan Campbell, and army signals corporal John Berry, were arrested after Time Out magazine in 1976 published “The Eavesdroppers”, an article that blew GCHQ’s cover, revealing its hitherto secret activities and its close ties to the American National Security Agency’s (NSA) huge base at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire.”

“Ferris refers very briefly to the Geoffrey Prime case that led to GCHQ’s first official “avowal” – acceptance of its role as a spy agency – in 1982. Prime, a former GCHQ officer, was arrested on suspicion of molesting young girls.”

“He was sentenced to 38 years in jail35 for selling secrets, three for sex offences against children.”

“In a further case, he goes on to blame anonymous forces (presumably those same mandarins) for overreacting by threatening in 1986 to prosecute journalists who disclosed plans to build Britain’s first signals intelligence satellite, codenamed Zircon.”

“In 2018, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that GCHQ’s bulk interception of online communications violated privacy and failed to provide sufficient surveillance safeguards. No mention of that.”

No mention either of how the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, the body that hears complaints about surveillance, ruled that GCHQ, along with MI5 and MI6, had for years operated an illegal regime collecting huge amounts of data, tracking individual phone and web use and other confidential personal information, without adequate safeguards.”

Cultocracy quote note :

Quote : “He was sentenced to 38 years in jail – 35 for selling secrets, three for sex offences against children”

That single sentence sums up the British establishment .

They are all controlled , corrupted and compromised .

Usually all three .



Wi-Fi Pre-Crime

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, demonstrates the use of radio waves to measure heartrate and breathing signals and predict how someone is feeling even in the absence of any other visual cues, such as facial expressions.”

Participants were initially asked to watch a video selected by researchers for its ability to evoke one of four basic emotion types; anger, sadness, joy and pleasure. “

Whilst the individual was watching the video the researchers then emitted harmless radio signals, like those transmitted from any wireless system including radar or WiFi, towards the individual and measured the signals that bounced back off them.”

The RF reflections off the body are preprocessed and fed to machine learning (ML) algorithms to classify four basic emotions types, such as anger, sadness, joy and pleasure.”

Deep learning allows us to assess data in a similar way to how a human brain would work looking at different layers of information and making connections between them.”

“An experimental database containing the heartbeat and breathing signals of 15 subjects was created by extracting the radio frequency (RF) reflections off the body….”

“Furthermore, we propose that RF reflections can be an exceptional alternative to ECG or bulky wearables for subject-independent human emotion detection with high and comparable accuracy.”

“We’re now looking to investigate how we could use low-cost existing systems, such as WiFi routers, to detect emotions of a large number of people gathered, for instance in an office or work environment.”

“This research opens up many opportunities for practical applications, especially in areas such as human/robot interaction and healthcare and emotional wellbeing, which has become increasingly important during the current Covid-19 pandemic.”

“In the past, similar approaches have been used for identifying human physiological data, which has been widely used in body-centric wireless communications and wearable/implantable sensors for healthcare monitoring.”





Brain Invaders

Scientists have successfully “talked” to a sleeping person in real-time by invading their dreams, a new study shows.”

“The researchers communicated directly with sleeping participants by asking them questions and having them respond with eye or facial movements during lucid dreams — when people are at minimum aware that they are dreaming. “

You might expect that if you were to try to communicate with somebody who was asleep, they just wouldn’t answer,”

People dream every night, but scientists don’t fully understand why we dream. “

“Researchers placed electrodes on the participants’ heads, to measure their brainwaves….”

“Such two-way communication — from outside to inside the dream and back out again — is something that may seem to belong to the domain of science fiction…..”

About 23% of people have a lucid dream once a month or more, according to a 2016 research paper…..”

The researchers suggest that the method in the experiments could be adapted to potentially help tailor a person’s dream to a specific need, such as learning or coping with emotional trauma….”

Cultocracy note :

The above research describes in simplistic terms the modern method of subliminal neural manipulation , coercion and control .

A wide variety of remotely activated systems are now used extensively by a broad tranche of state and non-state actors and agencies .

Initial attempts to control the spread of the technology , in a similar way to nuclear weaponry , have failed .

Paradoxically , the secrecy which shrouds the technology has led to the proliferation of the technology .

The largest networks are plagued by factional infighting and infiltration .

The historical puppet masters no longer have total control .

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  3. AI Translates Thoughts to Speech
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  5. Stimulation Simulation
  6. Inside the Race to Hack the Human Brain
  7. NSA Mind Control and Psyops
  8. Sleep & Subliminal Hypnotic Triggers
  9. The Matador and The Bull – Fear & Suggestibility
  10. Alone in the Dark , Cortisol & Circadian Rhythms



Neural Feedback Loop Decoded (Again)

What if you could get rid of your fear of heights, acquire a preference for exercise, and brighten your outlook on life?

Using a combination of artificial intelligence and brain scanning technology, researchers have discovered ways of removing specific fears from the brain, increase self-confidence, and even alter personal preferences.”

This technique called Decoded Neurofeedback (DecNef) can lead to the development of new interventions and treatments…..”

DecNef is not effective in all individuals.”

“Decoded Neurofeedback is based on a method to read and identify specific information in the brain—for example, a fear memory.”

“In Decoded Neurofeedback experiments, brain scanning is used to monitor activity in the brain, and identify complex patterns of activity that resemble a specific memory or mental state. “

“When the pattern is detected, we give our experimental participants a small reward. “

“The simple action of repeatedly providing a reward every time the pattern is detected modifies the original memory or mental state.”

“DecNef is a form of closed-loop fMRI neurofeedback combined with machine learning approaches.”

DecNef leverages multivoxel pattern analysis (MVPA)…”

MVPA is based on algorithms that learn to decode information distributed in patterns of activity.”

Cultocracy quote note :

Yes…It’s the ‘I’ word again .


I wonder what the researchers could mean by “alter personal preferences” ?





Cultocracy note :

Everything can be scaled up , or scaled down .

What applies to the individual can also apply to groups of individuals , or even whole populations .

The techniques discussed in the article below are standard operating procedure for deception and manipulation , they have been used as a tool of control for centuries .

Have you found your way out of the maze yet ?

Do you want to find your way out of the maze ?

Are you even aware that the maze exists ?

Breaking the Covid Trance

“With permission, we publish a full transcript of a seminal interview with John Anthony conducted by Dave Cullen of Computing Forever, uploaded on 1st October 2020. “

John Anthony’s background in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy stands him in excellent stead to see the whole picture.”

“We’re going to look at the media and government propaganda messaging with respect to the Covid narrative, and how the populace have been placed into a kind of collective trance. “

“I’m joined by a man called John Anthony, who has a background as a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and a hypnoanalyst. “

“He’s uniquely qualified to explain and expose the powerful psychological conditioning and programming techniques at work in the mainstream media, and the sinister ways that the populace are being manipulated into believing the Covid lies.”

“By learning how to identify the methods being used to influence the thinking of the masses right now, we can also figure out how to defeat these techniques.”

I promise that you will learn a great deal from this interview. Sit back and enjoy!

“…….but be aware of the deep, deep programming, the conditioning, the suggestibility, the hypnosis, the NLP, neurolinguistic programming.

Related :

  1. The Psychological Attack on the UK, Part 2
  2. Wall of Lies



What IS the truth about Covid deaths?

Grieving families last night said deaths had been wrongly certified as Covid-19.

Demanding an inquiry, top medical experts and MPs also insisted they were ‘certain’ that too many fatalities were being blamed on the virus.”

One funeral director said it was ‘a national scandal’.

“The claims are part of a Daily Mail investigation that raises serious questions over the spiralling death toll.”

“Dozens expressed similar frustrations that the causes of death of elderly and already-unwell relatives had been wrongly attributed.”

“The doctor explained to me that in the absence of a test, doctors are encouraged to put down Covid on death certificates….”

But let’s make one thing absolutely clear: it is nonsense to suggest, as conspiracy theorists and virus deniers would have you believe, that doctors en masse are deliberately falsifying certificates to exaggerate the number of Covid deaths to justify behavioural and travel restrictions; in other words, that this all part of some government plot.”

Cultocracy note :

Surprise , bewilderment , shock and horror was my initial sentiment .

An MSM title actually prints the truth .

Sort of , in a kind of let’s dissipate and dilute the the power corruption and lies kinda way .

I wonder if this story will reach the BBC ?

I also find it very strange and disturbing that many conspiracy theories are turning out to be real conspiracies .

Or is that a conspiracy theory ?

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  1. Debunking the False Claim That COVID Death Counts Are Inflated
  2. Daily Mail’s lockdown sceptic front page dubbed ‘pro-death propaganda’
  3. The process for certifying deaths has changed during the coronavirus outbreak
  4. Guidance for doctors completing Medical Certificates of Cause of Death in England and Wales (PDF)



Fear Fatigue

In recent months, journalists and public health experts have bandied about the term “pandemic fatigue.”

“Though not clearly defined, the general gist is that people have grown tired of the pandemic and keeping apart for almost a year and running. “

“That fatigue can manifest as feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, frustration, anger and boredom.”

“Two similar yet independent studies, one by Wolff and colleagues and another by a U.S.-Canadian research team, found that people who frequently feel bored are more likely than others to flout social distancing guidelines. “

Those boredom-prone individuals also appear to be at higher risk of contracting the coronavirus.”

“In the study by the U.S.-Canadian team, researchers sought to quantify the link between a person’s innate propensity for boredom and rule-breaking behaviors during the pandemic….”

“So perhaps the most optimistic framing of the situation is that some people will use this protracted moment of boredom to think about larger life goals…”

It is possible to get meaning out of these negative situations.”

Cultocracy quote notes :

Quote : “pandemic fatigue.”

Also known as waking up and smelling the coffee .




Synthetic Biology

Bionic Muscles

Artificial muscles, once a tangle of elaborate servomotors, and hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, is now a thing of shape-memory alloys and hair-thin carbon nanotube (CNT) fibers.”

Electrochemically driven CNT muscles actuate when a voltage is passed between the muscle fiber and a counter-electrode, causing a movement of ions to and from the surrounding electrolyte and the muscle.”

“Generally speaking, this results in the muscles either contracting or expanding, until the potential reaches zero charge—after which it changes direction.”

“These polymers are ionically conducting materials with either positively or negatively charged chemical groups.”

“As such, it has a wide range of applications—including robotics and adaptable clothing.”





Don’t believe the hype….

Cultocracy note :

There is increasing interest in EM shielding materials .

As individual research and knowledge advances expect this to become an increasingly important consideration in modern architecture and construction applications .

Polymer Film EM Shielding

As electronic devices saturate all corners of public and personal life, engineers are scrambling to find lightweight, mechanically stable, flexible, and easily manufactured materials that can shield humans from excessive electromagnetic radiation as well as prevent electronic devices from interfering with each other.

More electronic devices mean humans are also exposed to greater electromagnetic radiation than in the past.”

“The composites demonstrated exceptional EMI shielding materials in the gigahertz and sub-terahertz frequency ranges, important for current and future communication technologies….”

Graphene is the most famous van der Waals material. “

“It is two-dimensional because it is a plane of strongly bound atoms. “

Many planes of graphene, weakly coupled by van der Waals forces, make up a bulk graphite crystal.”

“The researchers filled a matrix made from a special polymer with bundles of the exfoliated transition metal trichalcogenides (TaSe3) to produce a thin, black film. “

“The synthesized composite films, while remaining electrically insulating, demonstrated exceptional performance in blocking electromagnetic waves.”

Related :

  1. Recent progress in electromagnetic wave absorption building materials



Myanmar – Rare Earth Supply Chain

“Earlier this month, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Myanmar, and was welcomed by Aung San Suu Kyi. “

The two countries agreed to push ahead with a major transportation project and a five-year trade and economic pact.

China, the second largest investor in Myanmar, has strategic financial stakes in its natural resources such as oil, gas, and metals. “

“And Myanmar has been one of China’s most important rare earth importers in recent years by supplying it ion-adsorption clays, the primary source for mid and heavy rare earth elements. “

“Mid and heavy rare earths are especially crucial to modern defence technologies such as radar, sonar systems, and precision-guided weapons. “

“China currently dominates the global supply of mid and heavy rare earth elements.”

“However, there are alerts over potential future disturbances as events unfold. Many also pointed out that if political destabilisation worsens, it would erode Chinese investors’ sentiment to lean on the rare earth production in Myanmar over the long run. “

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  1. China, Myanmar, U.S.A. and rare earth metals. This may be serious.
  2. Why did the military stage a coup in Myanmar?
  3. Myanmar coup: Did the generals fear losing their billions?
  4. China tightens rare-earth regulations, policing entire supply chain
  5. ‘Chaos’ in the White House as Biden administration officials argue over whether to call Myanmar military takeover a ‘coup’
  6. Russia Backs Myanmar Military After China Raises Concerns

Further reading :

  2. Introduction to Troposcatter Communications
  3. Troposcatter: WiFi From The Sky
  4. More than the eye Can See (PDF)
  5. Ray tracing (physics)
  6. Ray tracing propagation modeling for futuresmall-cell and indoor applications
  7. Radio Propagation for 5G (PDF)
  8. Search term : “troposcatter communications”





Quantum Tunneling in Graphene

Scientists from MIPT, Moscow Pedagogical State University and the University of Manchester have created a highly sensitive terahertz detector based on the effect of quantum-mechanical tunneling in graphene.”

Information transfer in wireless networks is based on the transformation of a high-frequency continuous electromagnetic wave into a discrete sequence of bits. “

“This technique is known as signal modulation. “

“A common FM-radio transmits at frequencies of hundred megahertz, a Wi-Fi receiver uses signals of roughly five gigahertz in frequency, while the 5G mobile networks can transmit up to 20 gigahertz signals.”

“Unfortunately, picking up signals with hundred gigahertz frequencies and higher is an increasingly challenging problem.”

“In the present work, the authors have proved that the detection of a terahertz signal is very efficient in the so-called tunneling field-effect transistor. “

“The created device is based on bilayer graphene, a unique material in which the position of energy levels (more strictly, the band structure) can be controlled using an electric voltage. “

Further reading :

  1. Graphene in Biotechnology
  2. Graphene Field Effect Transistors for Biological and Chemical Sensors
  3. Bio-FET
  4. Recording Spikes Activity in Cultured Hippocampal Neurons Using Flexible or Transparent Graphene Transistors
  5. Interfacing Graphene-Based Materials With Neural Cells
  6. Search term : “graphene fet neuro bio electrode”





Cultocracy note :

Just in case you were wondering , the powers that would be have decided , via a process of computer modelling and anally assisted paranormal electromagnetic psychic prediction , that we are all doomed .

A more pragmatic person may also decide that the doomsday cults of old have simply evolved .

The tactics of fear and synthesized existential destruction and decimation have not .

A Cunning Plan

In his new book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Bill Gates argues that there are really only two data points that matter when it comes to tackling humankind’s existential challenge: 51 billion and zero.

The first is the number of tonnes of greenhouse gases that are typically added to the atmosphere every year.

The second is the number we need to arrive at to avoid catastrophe.”

“Gates argues that wholesale transformation is possible while maintaining lifestyles in high income countries and continuing to lift billions out of poverty. “

And he has a plan.”

“He employs the concept of the “green premium”.”

“So everybody’s getting together and talking about the short-term reductions, but the only areas you can make short-term reductions are electric cars and using solar and wind for electricity generation.”

“That’s less than 30 per cent of the game – 70 per cent is steel, cement, aviation, land use… People aren’t doing anything about those.”

So climate is like a pandemic in that governments need to work on behalf of their citizens and anticipate what will happen in the future…..”

In 2050 I’ll be 95 years old and I will be super happy if I live to see the day that we’re anywhere near zero. “

“This is very, very hard, as it requires all countries to get involved.”

Cultocracy note :

Hmmm….”All countries to get involved” .

Sounds a bit like global governance ?


All that is missing from the above article is a pic of Bill ‘Smiley’ Gates with his t*ts out .

I particularly found the ‘blue jumper smiley hand on head’ image very charming and very disarming , also quite alarming , quite the Prince Charming .

A few more images from the BG charm offensive , which no doubt was very expensive , although very ostensive :

1) Smiler in monochrome mood effect white tunic tone shot with kipper tie .

2) Smiler in fetching Navy and light blue ensemble .

3) Smiler not actually smiling , in blinding cerise dead sheep , checking out those ‘conspiracy theories’ .

4) Smiler , now grinning , in soft tone lilac lounge number .

5) Smiler in full on festive red jersey with Christmas prezzies .

6) Coquettish BG in alluring lilac blouse (left his jumper at home .

7) BG looking defensive in interesting two tone article , actually three tone if you count the reverse .

You could well see BG on the catwalk next .

Although I cant figure out if BG was talking about himself or Windows ?

Coming next year , BG’s latest tome of tripe ; ‘How to Avoid a Fashion Disaster’ .

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  2. 4 Fascinating Reasons Why Successful People Dress Simply
  3. From sweaters to suits: the evolution of Silicon Valley CEO style
  4. The Spanish founder of the Zara fashion chain has overtaken Bill Gates to become the world’s richest man

Cultocracy poll interlude :

Who would you wish to see more of and hear more from ?

a) Tony Blair .
b) Bill Gates .
c) Both of them at the same time please .
e) Luckily I am blind and deaf .



CIA Nukes Glacier

A glacier in Uttarakhand broke off this month, causing a devastating flood

US Cold War spies placed a nuclear listening device up the mountain in 1965

The plutonium device has never been found despite subsequent missions

Locals fear the nuclear generator melted into the ice, causing the glacier flood

“US news outlet Outside reported: ‘Until the plutonium [the source of the radio-activity in the power pack] deteriorates, which may take centuries, the device will remain a radioactive menace that could leak into the Himalayan snow and infiltrate the Indian river system through the headwaters of the Ganges.'”

Captain Kohli said he cannot rule out the nuclear theory but believes the device is ‘very unlikely to emanate heat or blow itself up’.

Give that man a cigar and a promotion .

Absolutely 100% correct Captain Kohli , a nuclear generator will never , never , generate heat .

Ever .

Nor will plutonium ever generate heat , never , ever , never .

Ever .

This article could also explain why I never have snow on my roof .

One of the CIA’s more successful missions to date .

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  2. Nanda Devi Base Camp
  3. CIA kept changing story on losing nuclear device




Health & Medical

Prozac Zombies

Prozac might need a new warning label: “Caution: This antidepressant may turn fish into zombies.”

“Researchers have found that long-term exposure to the drug makes guppies act more alike, wiping out some of the typical behavioral differences that distinguish them.”

“In recent decades, scientists have uncovered a plethora of ways that b in the lab and in the wild, such as by altering courtship, migration, and anxiety.”

“Fish raised in drug-free water displayed a wide range of behaviors. Some darted about, whereas others were much “lazier.””

“But fish exposed to fluoxetine showed fewer differences; most were moderately active, making them all more like an average fish….”

The drugged guppies were like zombies who did “not have their individuality anymore,””

“Kathryn Arnold, an ecologist at the University of York, has studied how fluoxetine-laced worms affect starlings, making them less interested in mating—something also seen in humans.”

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  1. 37 Mass Shooters Who Were On Antidepressants

Not related (I think) :

  1. Prozac Zombie
  2. El Zombie / Prozac Slamming



Falling Sperm Counts

Falling sperm counts are a threat to human survival, a leading epidemiologist has warned.

“Dr Shanna Swan said the impending fertility crisis is a global threat in her provocative new book…..”

“She is also the author of a ground-breaking 2017 study that revealed that sperm counts around the world have fallen by more than half over the past four decades. “

“There are many drivers of infertility, but Dr Swan has homed in on a sneaky prime suspect: household chemicals called phthalates.”

Phthalates are in all manner of products. They make plastics pliable, they make it possible for our skin to absorb lotion and they help make food packaging like cellophane stretchy and air-tight. “

“But they seep from these packagings into our food and into our bodies where they do something much more insidious, disrupting the endocrine system that controls hormones, including testosterone. “

“Her 2017 study showed a shocking decline in men’s sperm counts, especially among Western men. “

“Phthalates seem to disrupt a circuit that exists between two parts of the brain and male of female reproductive organs. “

“It’s known as the HPG axis, for the hypothalamus and pituitary glands….”

“And since they also wreak havoc on hormones that makes us feel full or hungry and contribute to obesity, phthalates are making a powerful two-pronged attack. “

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  2. Study Links Triclosan to Colonic Inflammation , Cancer
  3. Nanotechnology News – November 2020
  4. Life Expectancy Falling in UK & US
  5. Brain Damage and Behavioural Disorders in Fish induced by Plastic Nanoparticles
  6. Polymer Nano Fibres Found Globally in Drinking Water
  7. Is Eugenics Alive, Well And Actually Thriving Today?



Don’t Eat Meat

“Regular meat consumption is associated with a range of diseases that researchers had not previously considered, according to a large, population-level study conducted by a team at the University of Oxford.”

“The results associate regular meat intake with a higher risk of various diseases, including heart disease, pneumonia and diabetes….”

“Overall, participants who consumed unprocessed red meat and processed meat regularly (three or more times per week) were more likely than low meat-eaters to smoke, drink alcohol, have overweight or obesity, and eat less fruit and vegetables, fibre, and fish.”

“Additional research is needed to evaluate whether the differences in risk we observed in relation to meat intake reflect causal relationships….”

Culocracy note :


I found that reading the above article made me very , very hungry .

Below are a few images of what I had for dinner .

Although I did feel slightly guilty that I have now doomed the planet , in an Easter Island-esque way .

Oh well .

Coming soon from the doomsday death cult world simulation :
“Save the Planet – Don’t eat at all”

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  1. How to Save the Planet Without Leaving Your Couch
  2. Swedish Professor Says It’s OK to Eat Your Neighbor to Save the Planet




$cientific $cammer of the Month

Cultocracy note :

The globalist inspired global shake-down is almost complete .

The reverberations will last for decades .

The legacy will be with us forever .

The level of fraud and racketeering from our glorious leaders is astounding .

Particularly so in the UK .

They are all controlled , corrupted and compromised .

Usually all three .

The ‘system’ ensures compliance and conformity to the narrative .

Do you still think this is all about a virus ?

UK Establishment $ma$h and Grab

“The NHS Test and Trace service in England failed to deliver its central promise to avoid a second national lockdown and there is no clear evidence its “unimaginable” costs have been justified, MPs on an influential committee have concluded.”

“Meg Hillier, the committee chair, said, “Despite the unimaginable resources thrown at this project, NHS Test and Trace cannot point to a measurable difference to the progress of the pandemic, and the promise on which this huge expense was justified—avoiding another lockdown—has been broken, twice.”

“The service, headed by Dido Harding, was set up in May 2020 with a budget of £22bn and has since been allocated a further £15bn—a total of £37bn over two years.”

“Hillier said, “For the billions of pounds spent we need to see a top class legacy system. “

British taxpayers cannot be treated by government like a cash machine .

Related :

  1. Serco fights back over Test & Trace farce: Boss Rupert Soamesdefends plans to pay dividend claiming firm has been ‘demonised’
  2. Serco boss: Pandemic proves importance of private and public sector co-operation
  3. Government is losing up to £52BILLION a year to fraud – more than the entire defence budget – amid fears the issue has reached ‘epidemic’ levels as criminals exploit Covid bailouts



The Modelling-paper Mafiosi

John Edmunds is on top of the world.”

He’s one of the modelling-paper mafiosi.”

The London, U.K., professor is a key government advisor via his membership in powerful committees and organizations.”

“In addition, Edmunds speaks often to reporters about the deadliness of the new variant.”

He tells them a “disaster” would happen if lockdowns are eased soon, because what first must be done is to “vaccinate much, much, much more widely than the elderly.”

Edmunds also happens to be the spouse of someone who, at least until April 2020, was an employee of GlaxoSmithKline and held shares in the company.”

Glaxo and other pharma companies are indemnified against payments to people injured or killed by their COVID-19 vaccines. Governments – i.e., us taxpayers — will pay instead.”

“And this is just part of the web of money and influence surrounding Edmunds and other key players in the modelling game including a very high-profile person named Neil Ferguson….”

“….a February 8, 2021, investigative report in the German news outlet Welt Am Sonntag (which translates to World on Sunday) reveals another impetus for the wildly inaccurate modelling governments use to keep populations in a state of fear and control.”

Investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley last year wrote a must-read two-part analysis of the ties between Big Pharma and the key individuals, institutions and funding in the UK’s Covid-19 response.”

All these ties bind Edmunds, Ferguson, Hopkins — and the rest of the modelling-paper mafiosi around the world — to the bidding of governments, Big Pharma, Bill Gates and other powerful players.

They are serving big power, not the public good.

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  2. COVID–19: The Big Pharma players behind UK Government lockdown

Not related (I think) :

  1. Idles – Model Village

Cultocracy repeat note :

They all get paid , one way or another , the sources of the payments are often wrapped in a respectable wrapper .



Who wants to be a Millionaire ?

Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, has won a $1 million Israeli prize for “defending science” throughout his career.

The Dan David Foundation, which is based at Tel Aviv University, said on Monday that Fauci has won the prize for “courageously defending science in the face of uninformed opposition during the challenging COVID crisis,” the Seattle Times reported. “

“Since the pandemic began, Fauci has become one of the most trusted voices on the pandemic, informing the public about the importance of masks and social distancing as well as coming up with plans for the coronavirus vaccine to be administered.”



Bayer Monsanto Corruption (Again)

While Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has given farmers in the country a 2024 deadline to stop using glyphosate, The Guardian reported Tuesday that agrochemical company Bayer, industry lobbyist CropLife America, and U.S. officials have been pressuring Mexico’s government to drop its proposed ban on the carcinogenic pesticide.

“But Mexico’s concern for the health of its citizens has triggered fear in the United States for the health of agricultural exports, especially Bayer’s glyphosate products.”

“The pressure on Mexico is similar to actions Bayer and chemical industry lobbyists took to kill a glyphosate ban planned by Thailand in 2019.”

Roundup, one of the world’s mostly widely-used herbicides, was created by Monsanto which was acquired by Bayer in 2018.”

CropLife’s Novak told the Guardian that Mexico’s actions to ban glyphosate set “a dangerous precedent” that ignores farmer needs and “undermines the integrity of scientific standards as the foundation for global trade”.”

Cultocracy repeat note :

They all get paid , one way or another , the sources of the payments are often wrapped in a respectable wrapper .



The Bourne Conspiracy

The former publican and neighbour of Matt Hancock who secured lucrative work producing millions of vials for NHS Covid tests is under investigation by the UK’s medicine agency, the Guardian can reveal.

“Alex Bourne, who used to run the Cock Inn near the health secretary’s old constituency home in Thurlow, won about £30m of work producing the test tubes despite having no prior experience in the medical devices industry.”

Bourne and his wife previously ran the village pub in Thurlow, a few hundred yards from Hancock’s former constituency home. “

The Conservative cabinet minister was a supporter of the pub, attending its reopening after refurbishment in 2016 and nominating it for an award in 2017.”

“Contacted back in November, Bourne’s lawyers initially denied that their client had any discussions with Hancock in relation to Covid-19 supplies. Bourne later backtracked, telling the Guardian he had in fact exchanged text and email messages with Hancock over several months.”

“Asked about Bourne’s work producing vials at a Downing Street press conference in December, Hancock replied: “I had absolutely nothing to do with that contract.”

“But questions remain about the relationship between the two men. Locals have described Bourne and Hancock as “friends” and “buddies”.”

“Earlier this month an image went viral after it appeared to show that Hancock has a photo of Bourne’s old pub on the wall…”

Cultocracy repeat note :


They all get paid , one way or another , the sources of the payments are often wrapped in an outwardly respectable wrapper .

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  2. Government to invest over £100 million in COVID fraud taskforce

Nanotechnology News Archive :

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