Nanotechnology News – October 2019

5 Insane Quotes From Boris Johnson’s Bizarre UN Speech About Tech

“You may keep secrets from your friends, from your parents, your children, your doctor – even your personal trainer – but it takes real effort to conceal your thoughts from Google.”

“AI, what will it mean? Helpful robots washing and caring for an ageing population, or pink-eyed terminators sent back from the future to cull the human race?”

“In the future, voice connectivity will be in every room and almost every object: your mattress will monitor your nightmares; your fridge will beep for more cheese, your front door will sweep wide the moment you approach, like some silent butler.”

Cultocracy note :

Back again to the recent speech UK PM Boris ‘Bizarre’ Johnson delivered at the UN , a few quotes from Boris are below , they suggest that he or at least his team are much more informed than most .

As you would expect .

Or maybe team BoJo have been reading this blog .

Or maybe BoJo is simply a cog in The Machine .

BoJo note on 5G & IoT :

“This technology (5G IoT) can be used to keep every citizen under round the clock surveillence…..”

“A giant dark thundercloud waiting to burst…..”

“We are ourselves becoming a resource , click by click , tap by tap…….”

“How can these algorithms be trusted with our lives……..”

“Digital authoritarianism is an emerging reality……”

“Will nanotechnology help us to beat disease or will it leave tiny robots to replicate in the crevice of our souls……”

Nanotechnology News – October 2019



Cultocracy note :

A glimpse into the world of genetic engineering reveals a bull without horns .

I wonder what animals are next ?

Bull without Horns

“In promising news for dairy farmers, researchers have bred what are likely the first offspring from a genome-edited bull. The calves were born without horns, a trait that occurs naturally in cattle but that was given to their father through previous DNA-editing research.”


Bacteria produces Hallicinogen

“Scientists have transformed a common bacterial cell into a psychedelic “drug factory” capable of pumping out copious quantities of psilocybin, the chemical famously found in “magic mushrooms,” according to a new study.”

“We are taking the DNA from the mushroom that encodes its ability to make this product and putting it in E. coli,”

“The scientists assert that their results provide compelling evidence that psilocybin could be produced on an industrial scale for use in psychiatric medications.”


Glyphosate causes Cancer

New South Wales farmer, Ross Wild, 67, has used Roundup on his mixed farming property in Moama since its introduction in Australia in 1976.”

“Last year, Mr Wild was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and he claims long-term exposure to Roundup’s active ingredient, glyphosate, is to blame.”


Hypomania = Death

“A team led by genetics researchers from Harvard Medical School has discovered that a protein named REST helps you live longer by damping down activity in the brain.”

“REST has a reputation as an all-purpose brain protectant. It defends neurons against oxidative stress, an all-of-body inflammatory response triggered by things such as smoking, obesity, and pollution. It can also fend off the amyloid that forms brain plaques in Alzheimer’s.”

“The results were well and truly in – it looks like neural activity really is a regulator of the lifespan.”


Cultocracy note :

Regarding brain activity and longevity .

It logically follows that if you required a broad range soft kill method for the deplorables and detestables and the man (or woman) who knows too much then you could simply utilize an untraceable method to crank up the neural activity of a human target .

Perhaps whilst the human target is sleeping or confined in a small space .

Perhaps something similar to a jail cell .



Quantum Computing & Communications

Cultocracy note :

Quantum supremacy will herald a new phase in the design of nanotechnology materials , materials that are simply too complex to model using traditional computing systems .

At the nano scale quantum effects dominate .

Furthermore , there are those that believe quantum effects are essential for human consciousness , quantum effects which cannot be replicated in traditional computing architecture .

It therefore follows that if you would wish to create a truly intelligent and conscious artificial system then you would require a quantum computer .

Not at all surprising that NASA was involved .

Quantum Supremacy

Quantum processors have thus reached the regime of quantum supremacy. We expect that their computational power will continue to grow at a double-exponential rate……”

Cultocracy quiz :

Do you think that NASA scientists developed functional quantum computing systems a long time ago ?

(Answer at the bottom of this article)

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Not related (I think) :


Precogs Exist

“Back in 2015, IARPA, an organization within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, launched a competition to see which individuals or teams were best at predicting how future geopolitical events would unfold.”

“……….there really are people who are better at predicting the future than others, sometimes to an incredible degree…….”

“Unfortunately, neither IARPA, GJP, nor any other source we came across while researching this topic, gave any clear advice regarding how to better improve one’s precognitive abilities.”

“Do you think you may be one of these especially predictive people? Tell us about the kind of future you foresee for humanity .”

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Cultocracy note :

Not surprisingly the founding director of IARPA was a former employee of NASA .



AI – Artificial Intelligence

Cultocracy note :

Large UK based global defence contractors and their affiliated UK intelligence & surveillance organizations are largely subcontracted to the US military corporate complex , which in turn is subcontracted to the global corporate world and city based global financial overlords .

A closed loop of parasitical profiteering and global corruption is thus formed , each organization feeding from the other .

All are ultimately feeding from the wider global taxpaying population .

Heads they win , tails you lose .

Ergo the race for AI requires that UK based contractors have access to as much electronic data as possible .

Your data .

You are now a resource .

Some more than others .

China dominates AI in Europe

“Locked for years in digital alienation, the EU has set a new standard on data protection and privacy, wrestling back some control from Silicon Valley.

“But with the coming of age of AI-based applications, Chinese firms strive in turn for a piece of the colony. “

China is being described, in Western media, as an unstoppable force touched by destiny to ineluctably become the world- supreme A.I. omni-power .”


Cultocracy note :

As always , the keyword is control .

The claim that Facebook is introducing end to end encryption is laughable and is intended purely to appease privacy conscious Facebook users and maintain market share .

When FVEY want a backdoor , they get a backdoor .

To further develop militarized AI systems the FVEY securocrats require unrestricted access to all of your electronic data .

There are a number of ongoing experimental programs of subtle societal manipulation and control that will be slowed down significantly in the face of true end to end data encryption .

The ability to action data in near real-time is crucial to the development of these programs .

The public is being softened up , again .

The fact that the UK establishment funds and protects a plethora of terrorist organizations and pedophiles is lost in the message , the time honored implication being that you are a terrorist or pedophile unless you support establishment policy .

It should be noted that the EU has been trying to protect your data .

There are those in Europe who already know what your data is being used for .

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Cultocracy note :

A spokesperson for the UK & US establishments stated :

No high ranking establishment figures ever have and never will use Facebook Messenger….”

Quite right too .


France Rolls Out New Facial Recognition Technology

“In a plan that sounds eerily similar to China’s ‘social credit score’ system, Macron and the French Interior Ministry are pushing ahead plans to launch a national facial-recognition program, arguing that it “will make the state more efficient.” “

We’re heading into mass usage of facial recognition. (There’s) little interest in the importance of consent and choice.”

“Opponents of the system say users must choose to participate, or the system will be in violation of Europe’s new data privacy regulations, the GDPR.”

The UK – the home of ‘Big Brother‘ – has reportedly contracted with Singapore to learn more about facial recognition technology and discuss implementing it.”

Cultocracy note :

The UK establishment has a fascination with their former son , Singapore .

Ostensibly a ‘democratic’ system controlled by a single family and their cadre of corrupt cronies , a bit like the UK , but better .

I sometimes imagine Singapore as a potential testing ground for the syndicate .

Well , where safer to stash your ill gotten gains than your own home , well , somebody else’s actually .


Predicting Terror

“Data scientist have developed a model that utilizes publicly available data to accurately predict how lethal a terror organization will become in the future based on only its first 10 attacks.”

The U.S. government spends half a trillion dollars annually to research and combat terrorism.”

From 2000 to 2015, 61 new terror groups emerged each year, on average, leading to an 800% increase in global terror attacks, according to data from GTD.”

Cultocracy note :

Hmmmm……..It appears that there has been a massive increase in ‘terror groups’ since the initiation of the ‘War on Terror‘ .

Purely coincidental I’m sure .



5G & IoT

Cultocracy note :

5G is currently at the apex of hype and hyperbole and is causing a bit of a ‘buzz’ .

Recent ‘news’ suggests that 5G has the power to boost the moral of your local sports team .

Probably true to a certain extent , but only if the millionaire who owns Intel and Apple shares becomes a future 5G billionaire and buys your local team and injects a large amount of cash .

Companies are queuing up to cash in on the bonanza , hoping that every man and his dog buys the next 5G ‘thing’ , if only because the man or dog next to him has it .

As many commentators have suggested , the global 5G steamroller style rollout could have a far greater detrimental effect on the natural environment than ‘global warming’ .

There are signs of resistance from an increasingly concerned and educated public .

Many commentators are also starting to wonder why the negative social and environmental effects of technologies such as 5G , gene editing , GM crops , nanoparticle pollution etc……Are rarely mentioned in the mainstream media ?

It should be noted that 5G could also be made a scapegoat for militarized systems that are already in place , or should that be ‘already in space’ .

Are you ready for your ‘upgrade’ ?

If the Swiss are worried then we should all be worried

“The protesters, many carrying placards, gathered in front of the Swiss parliament building yesterday in a bid to stop the construction of more 5G-compatible antennae.”

“……….critics in Switzerland argue that the electromagnetic radiation the new system emits poses unprecedented health and environmental risks compared to previous generations of mobile technology.”

“The Swiss Federation of Doctors (FMH) has also argued for a cautious approach to the new technology.”


Swiss 5G Rollout

“As soon as the antennas were installed, several residents and entire families in the heart of Geneva reported similar unusual symptoms of loud ringing in the ear, intense headaches, unbearable earaches, insomnia, chest pain, fatigue and not feeling well in the house.”

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Are Secret Human Experiments Advancing Brain Chip Tech?

A doctor from Peru claims that recent advancements in brain chip technology could be due to “secret, forced, and illicit human experimentation” by a consortium of transnational tech companies and governments operating outside of the law.”

“A 2016 paper published in the Egyptian Journal of Internal Medicine warned that “secret, forced, and illicit human experimentation” could be happening in Latin America, where poverty stricken masses are routinely recruited for medical trials.”

“A former DoD official warned in 2006 that only the most ruthless nation will win the new arms race for human enhancement.”

“In the book, Ikle warned that only the most ruthless nation would win the arms race for brain chips and human augmentation because advancements in the technology could only come from “intrusive experiments on living human brains.” ”

Cultocracy note :

“Are Secret Human Experiments Advancing Brain Chip Tech?”

Does a bear s**t in the woods ?


Thought Control

“Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and School of Medicine (SOM) have, for the first time, demonstrated simultaneous control of two of the world’s most advanced prosthetic limbs through a brain-machine interface. “

“Dr. Stan Anderson’s team at Johns Hopkins implanted intracortical microelectrode array sensors on both sides of a patient’s brain, in the regions that control movement and touch sensation.”

“These breakthroughs are the latest developments in Revolutionizing Prosthetics (RP), a program launched by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency…..”

“In addition to developing the MPL, program researchers have been exploring the use of neural signals to enable “real time” control of prosthetic and intelligent systems.”

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Brain Computer Interface – BCI

Cultocracy note :

In an effort to maintain full spectrum supremacy , the battle for your mind is now public news .

Previous clandestine and frequently horrific research on human guinea pigs is now being played out in the public spotlight in a cynical and sinister new paradigm .

First the wider scientific community must be blinkered , assuaged and appeased that the research is for the benefit of mankind , large research grants and ethical immunity will certainly help ‘oil the wheels’ in this respect .

This will lead to an influx of previously reticent research scientists engaged in the myriad of interlinked disciplines .

Parallel research is also being subcontracted to seemingly private MIC affiliated organizations .

All packaged in a friendly fluffy PR style wrapper .

The ‘War on Terror’ has proved to be extremely convenient on a wide variety of levels .

Warning : Window dressing ahead .

Military Mind Reading

“……the Next-generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology Program, or N³, a $104 million effort launched this year by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA.”

“While Grover’s team is manipulating electrical and ultrasound signals, other teams use optical or magnetic techniques. If any of these approaches succeed, the results will be transformative.”

Brain-computer interfaces, or BCIs, have been used to help people with quadriplegia regain limited control over their bodies, and to enable veterans who lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan….”

“Both invasive and noninvasive techniques for reading from the brain have advanced since then.”

“So too have devices that stimulate the brain with electrical signals to treat conditions such as epilepsy.”

“Meanwhile, at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), another N³ team is using a completely different approach: near-infrared light. “

“But near-infrared light can travel through bone. Blodgett’s team fires low-powered infrared lasers through the skull and then measures how the light from those lasers is scattered. He hopes this will let them infer what neural activity is taking place.”

“Gaurav Sharma is developing a new type of nanoparticle that can cross the blood-brain barrier.”

“The nanoparticle has a magnetically sensitive core……these nanoparticles are subjected to a magnetic field which then generates a small current…….electric currents can be converted to magnetic fields so the signals can be read.”

“Other N³ teams are using various combinations of light, electric, magnetic, and ultrasound waves to get signals in and out of the brain.”

Pentagon and corporations like Facebook, which are also developing BCIs, are to address the host of ethical, legal, and social questions a noninvasive BCI gives rise to.”

Cultocracy MIC double speak note :

‘Novel’ , ‘Pioneering’ , ‘Next generation’ , ‘New’ or ‘Ground breaking’

= Decades old


Mind Control – Dream or Nightmare

Mind reading may sound like a sci-fi dream, but it’s Maryam Shanechi’s day job.”

“Now, Shanechi is forging into a new frontier — mind control. She’s on a mission to create brain-machine interfaces that not only eavesdrop on cells, but also stimulate them to alter mood.”

“This mental manipulation may one day offer a better treatment to millions of patients with psychiatric disorders, like anxiety or depression, who don’t respond to existing therapies. “

Shanechi arrived on the neuroscience scene almost by accident.”

“Unlike typical deep-brain stimulation that has to be manually adjusted, these devices would monitor a patient’s symptoms and adjust stimulation automatically.”

What I really enjoy,” she says, “is to see a mathematical concept making its way toward making a difference in people’s lives.”

Cultocracy note :

Naiveté or ambition ?

Or an ostrich with her head in the sand ?

Or all three ?

Or maybe something else .

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Human Machine Interface – HMI

Brain controlled Exoskeleton

We recruited two participants….and signed informed consent…”

“The exclusion criteria were previous brain surgery……….and contraindications to magnetoencephalography (MEG), EEG, or MRI.”

“Two bilateral wireless epidural recorders, each with 64 electrodes, were implanted over the upper limb sensorimotor areas of the brain. Epidural electrocorticographic (ECoG) signals were processed online by an adaptive decoding algorithm…..”

“………the patient cortically controlled a programme that simulated walking and made bimanual, multi-joint, upper-limb movements with eight degrees of freedom…..”

“Compared with microelectrodes, epidural ECoG is semi-invasive and has similar efficiency.”

“These results showed lhave a dual-use purposeong-term (24-month) activation of a four-limb neuroprosthetic exoskeleton by a complete brain–machine interface system using continuous, online epidural ECoG to decode brain activity…”




Cultocracy note :

Predictable news this month from the robotics front implies further automation in the near future with automatons able to carry out many , if not all , human jobs .

Which in turn implies potential future social and societal issues .

As is usual you simply have to follow the money to predict future trends .

I wonder if bots will eventually get paid and demand workers rights ?

The tasks that future robots may be able to be perform is limited only by the human imagination….

For now at least….

Robot Solving Rubik’s Cube

“We’ve trained a pair of neural networks to solve the Rubik’s Cube with a human-like robot hand.”

“The neural networks are trained entirely in simulation using reinforcement learning….”

“Our robot still hasn’t perfected its technique though, as it solves the Rubik’s Cube 60% of the time…..”



“A gardening robot has been developed that can self-navigate and automatically prune roses and trim bushes.”

“The battery powered device is pre-programmed with a rough outline of a garden to aid navigation. Data captured by the robot’s 3-D cameras enable it to perform specific tasks.”

“Prototype robots could be used to maintain communal green spaces, support farmers and help people with mobility issues tend their gardens, researchers say.”

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Bot the Builder

“The list of materials that can be produced by 3-D printing has grown to include not just plastics but also metal, glass, and even food. Now, MIT researchers are expanding the list further, with the design of a system that can 3-D print the basic structure of an entire building.”

“The ultimate vision is “in the future, to have something totally autonomous, that you could send to the moon or Mars or Antarctica….”

“For a space station or a lunar habitat, these robots would live on the structure, continuously maintaining and repairing it….”

Robots don’t get tired or bored…”

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  9. Volvo Autonomous Solutions unit created to address transport demands
  10. Robot Nurse
  11. Robot Surgeon
  12. Robot Roofer
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Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Cultocracy note :

The battle for space is now resembling the prelude to a Star Wars space battle scene .

In the future will nationally protected ‘airspace’ include near space ?

Maybe , but only for those select countries that can afford it .

A wide variety of exotic weaponry is being devised and developed to complement the current stock , no doubt costing the domestic taxpayer $trillions .

Research into ‘bioeffects’ of directed energy weapons

“The Air Force Research Lab, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has awarded General Dynamics Information Technology a research contract for bioeffects research of directed energy effects.”

“Research work will cover directed energy weapons, directed energy bio-mechanisms and radio frequency bio-effects models and simulations.”

Cultocracy note :

I wonder what the USAF could mean by ‘bioeffects‘ ?

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Drone-Killing Microwave Weapon

The system uses microwaves to disable Class One and Class Two drones…..”

PHASER is high-powered microwaves cannon that emits radio frequencies in a conical beam. It doesn’t cook a drone with heat. Instead, the weapon disrupts or destroys their circuits with a burst of overwhelming energy.”

“It’s not a thermal effect, it’s an electric field effect that is basically imposed on the electronics to either upset or permanently damage them,”

PHASER also has other applications that can be utilized for defensive purposes,”

I can’t get into other applications outside of counter UAS because of classification reasons. We’re not clear to discuss that at the moment.”

Cultocracy note

I wonder what the USAF means by ‘other applications‘ ?

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Cultocracy note :

Theoretical Bessel beams are non-diffracting and self healing , that is a narrow beam can be maintained over large distances even whilst passing through an obstacle .

The theory underpinning Bessel beams has been applied to quasi-optical systems which are focused on millimetre wave frequencies and similar .

True Bessel beams can only be achieved via mathematical or computer modelling , in the real world pseudo-Bessel approximations such as Gaussian or vortex type beams are used .

Applications of Bessel type beams include directed energy weaponry , communications and remote sensing systems .

I wonder if the applications above could be combined ???

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Light Sabre

  1. The generation of a Bessel beam
  2. Scanning Properties of the Diffractive “Lens-Plus-Axicon” Lens in THz
  3. Long Distance Bessel Beam Propagation (PDF)
  4. Propagation of Bessel and Airy beams through atmospheric turbulence (PDF)
  5. Localized Bessel Beams: Basic Properties and Emerging Communication Applications
  6. Electromagnetic Gaussian vortex beams
  7. Laser beams with a ‘twist’
  8. Parabolic antennas, and circular slot arrays, for the generation of Non-Diffracting Beams of Microwaves
  9. Accelerating Airy Beams and Bullets

Microwave Phaser

  1. Circular Antenna Array for Microwave Bessel Beam Generation
  2. Phased Array Antennas
  3. Electronically – Steerable Antennas for Millimeter – Wave Frequency Range (PDF)
  4. Circular Antenna Array for Microwave Bessel Beam Generation (PDF)
  5. Phased Array Gallery
  1. Entangled Bessel-Gaussian beams
  2. Self-healing of quantum entanglement after an obstruction
  3. The scalar case (PDF)
  4. Scalar Wave Optics (PDF)
  5. Microwave Surveillance based on Ghost Imaging and Distributed Antennas (PDF)
  6. Quantum Illumination at the Microwave Wavelengths (PDF)


  1. Directed Energy Weapons 101: Sonic, Microwave, Laser, and Non-Lethal Warfare
  2. US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon
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  5. “YK Bae can now amplify photonic laser thrust by 1500 times and if combined with military grade lasers and targeting would enable fast and hyperefficient space transportation .”
  6. NASA Researchers Aim to Reel In Tractor Beam Tech


China Could Blind U.S. Satellites With Lasers

“The commander of U.S. Space Command warns that China would likely target U.S. spy satellites in a future conflict and is very likely developing lasers designed to do exactly that.”

“We’re pretty comfortable [in asserting] that they are developing directed energy weapons—probably building lasers to blind our satellites,”

“They also are developing pretty robust on-orbit capabilities that are very complex that could also have a dual-use purpose.”

Cultocracy note :

I wonder what the US Space Command means by ‘dualuse purpose’ ?

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Bedtime reading :


‘Phase Conjugation’

  1. An Intuitive Explanation of Phase Conjugation
  2. Ultrawideband Microwave Sensing and Imaging Using Time-Reversal Techniques (PDF)
  3. Microwave-range Imagery with an Ultrawideband Time Reversal-based RADAR
  4. Phase conjugation technology at microwave frequencies (PDF)
  5. Microwave Phase Conjugation Using Antenna Arrays (PDF)
  6. Optical phase conjugation: principles, techniques, and applications (PDF)
  7. Ghost imaging
  8. Four-Wave Mixing and its Applications (PDF)



Synthetic Biology

DARPA – Monsanto for Humans

“It’s not artificial intelligence, quantum computing, or anything involving lasers that the director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency believes to be the coolest area of research for DARPA. It’s the life sciences, he said, and it’s a field with a lot of avenues to be explored.”

DARPA researchers looking at how to make gene editing safe and actually reverse a gene edit if they need to…”

“Walker also said DARPA would like to be able to protect soldiers from disease and chemical or biological warfare agents by modifying those soldiers genetically to make them able to resist.”

“Walker said the goal is not to use genetics to make super soldiers, but rather to make soldiers who can be kept safe.”

“All these technologies, they are dual use. You can use them for good, and you can use them for evil.”

Cultocracy note :

When contacted for a comment on the above technology a DARPA sokesperson stated :

“DARPA are definitely , absolutely , 100% not using the technology for evil…….”

Puts my mind at rest at least .


Artificial Skin for Mobile Devices

Human skin is the best interface for interaction. I propose this new paradigm in which interactive devices have their own artificial skin, thus enabling new forms of input gestures for end-users.”




Quantum Materials

“The revolutionary tech discoveries of the next few decades, the ones that will change daily life, may come from new materials so small they make nanomaterials look like lumpy behemoths.”

“Researchers at Yale are inventing new materials that are small, fast, and can perform in a multitude of ways, such as mimicking neurons in the brain, computing with magnets, and calculating with quantum mechanics….”

“We were able to manipulate the constituent atoms with a precision much smaller than the atom itself…..”





Graphene Zaps airborne Microbes

“The device is made using a type of graphene previously created at Rice called laser-induced graphene (LIG).”

“By using different temperatures of the laser, the team could fluff the graphene fibers out to different extents, creating a thick forest…….”

“Having this much surface area makes LIG the perfect spot for airborne bacteria, fungi, spores, prions, endotoxins and other biological contaminants to settle. And when they do, they’re in for a shock.”


Graphene Suitcase

“The world first graphene suitcase is 60 percent stronger, 20 percent lighter and has a lifetime warranty. The material used can also be recycled multiple times whilst maintaining its performance.”

“We are not stopping there, as the plan is to bring a range of graphene-enhanced environmentally sustainable recycled materials-based products to the market.”

Cultocracy note :

“…..the plan is to bring a range of graphene-enhanced materials-based products to the market……..”

Can’t wait……




Cultocracy note :

The battle for your mind continues , we are all on the front line .

Warning : Window dressing ahead .

Brains Needed

“Now every university will have two, three, four, five faculty that do nothing but theoretical neuroscience, computational neuroscience, data science in the brain…”

“………the hope is that these projects will lead to new ways to treat brain diseases and mental-health conditions, as well as advance artificial-intelligence (AI) technologies.”

“Along the way, researchers are developing better AI algorithms to decipher brain functions, and virtual robots in which to test whether the mechanisms…..”

“And the people who are going to look at neural activity and try to figure out what it means, what’s the language of the brain, are going to be mathematicians and computer scientists.”

“Also participating are the National Science Foundation; the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which develops cutting-edge technologies for military use; and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, which does the same for the intelligence field.”

Brain science has to do with everything, from understanding the fundamentals of cell function all the way to how society is built…….”

“Diagnosis of many mental-health conditions is based on behaviour, but it could prove useful to see what’s happening in the brains of people with these conditions……”

It is a golden age of brain science…..”


Brain in a Jar

Human cortical organoids (hCOs), derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), provide a platform to study human brain development and diseases……”

“Now Yale researchers have developed a method to induce growth of blood vessels in organoids and prevent the death of cells..”

  1. Yale researchers develop way to help brain organoids thrive
  2. Engineering of human brain organoids with a functional vascular-like system

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  5. Mini-brains may already be sentient and suffering, scientists warn


The Sims

“Participants sat at a computer and became familiar with the town as they “walked” around the four quadrants by pressing the arrow keys on the keypad.”

“….they were then put into an fMRI scanner……..”

“….the fMRI recorded brain activity and the data was rendered in units called “voxels,” which are similar to pixels, except they are three-dimensional.”

“…These multi-voxel patterns reveal a spatial representation of these buildings in the RSC, and a categorical representation in PPA,…”

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  1. Retrosplenial cortex
  2. Parahippocampal gyrus

Cultocracy note :

Hmmmm……I wonder if you could actually render a virtual world purely from neural representations collected from real time brain scanning……..

Perhaps whilst a person was in a dream state……

Perhaps whilst a person was sleeping……”

Further related :

Cultocracy note :

“You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.”

“A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.”

“Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

Changing your Tune

“Young zebra finches have had memories implanted in their brains that change the length of the notes they sing. The process involved manipulating a region of the brain that birds use to learn their song.”

“To investigate further, Roberts’s team used a technique called optogenetics to manipulate neural activity at the connections, or synapses, between NIf and HVC neurons. This involves inserting genes into neurons that allow them to be controlled by light, then using small fibreoptic cables to shine light onto the selected brain area.”

Applying such techniques in humans is a long way off……”

Cultocracy note :

When politely contacted by telephone for a comment , a Zebra Finch spokesperson unexpectedly launched into a foul mouthed tirade :


Hmmmmmm……It appears that the Zebra Finch is suffering from an avian form of the sinister syndrome often mistaken for Tourettes which appears to be reaching plague-like proportions ………..

When contacted later the Zebra Finch complained of having been mobbed and stalked by other Zebra Finches and had absolutely no recollection of the earlier foul mouthed rant .

Somewhat mysteriously the Finch also denied having been the victim of an alien abduction…………”


Forget me Knot

“By distinguishing between these dueling brain waves, the new study helps reconcile some seemingly contradictory ideas, including how memories can be strengthened and weakened during the same stage of sleep….”

“Stopping delta waves had the opposite effect as halting slow oscillations, the researchers found. Knocking out delta waves led the rats to perform better at their task after they awoke, a result that suggests delta waves speed forgetting.”

Cultocracy note :

Hmmmmm……I wonder if you could combine the effects of synthetic brainwave stimulation and subliminal hypnotic suggestion ??

Further more what if the entire schema was able to be controlled by advanced AI ??

Naaaahhhh……Mind Control ??

Just a conspiracy theory…..

I think………

Or is it not ????

By the way what day is it ????

In fact what year is it ??????



Health & Medical



Toxic Microplastics

“Scientists at the Plastic Health Summit taking place in Amsterdam are revealing groundbreaking research on micro- and nanoplastics, warning of their potentially deadly effects on human immune cells

“….the University Medical Centre (UMC) Utrecht indicates immune cells that recognise and attack microplastics die quickly as a result of the contact.”

“It was found that 20 per cent of immune cells tested in culture dishes without microplastics died within 24 hours.”

“When immune cells came into contact with microplastics, 60 per cent of the cells died within the same time period.”


Toxic Fast Food

PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, refers to a class of chemicals used abundantly in common household items to make objects water or fire resistant.”

PFASs are commonly detected in foods and food-contact materials (FCMs), including fast food packaging and microwave popcorn bags.”

“It’s unclear at what threshold PFAS begins to take a toll on human health. A number of studies have linked the chemical to cancer, thyroid disorders, hormonal changes, and weight gain.”

“………animal studies have shown PFAS exposure consistently results in damage to liver, kidneys, and the immune system.”

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Toxic Nanoparticles

“In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have shown that nanoparticles may have a bigger impact on the environment than previously thought.”

“Researchers found that a common bacteria found in the environment developed rapid resistance when repeatedly exposed to nanoparticles used in making lithium ion batteries…..”

“At many times throughout history, materials and chemicals like asbestos or DDT have not been tested thoroughly and have caused big problems in our environment….”

“This research is very important to humans because bacteria are prevalent in our lakes and soil where there is a delicate balance of organisms. Other organisms feed on these microbes and there could be a major effect up the food chain……”


Nanoparticles & Cortisol

“The researchers observed that a certain type of nanoparticles leads to stress reactions in the sugar balance, resulting in hyperactivity in the fish larvae.”

“They saw that the plastic accumulation first causes a decrease in the glucose level of the larvae. This is followed by a hunger signal to the brain, after which the cortisol level rises. At the same time, extra glucose is produced, causing the blood sugar level to rise.”

“But it can be substantiated that a similar effect also occurs in humans, because we know that plastic nanoparticles are present in every tissue of our body……..”




“We should investigate geoengineering in case we can’t change our behaviors fast enough to ward off the worst of climate change,”

“Yang proposes providing some $800 million to NASA, the Department of Defense and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to research geoengineering.”

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$cientific $cammer of the Month

Cultocracy note :

Ingenious Dutch and Aussie scientists have had a bit of a monopoly on research rackets in recent months , now they are teaming up .

The market for research papers is saturated , a true research racketeer needs to think outside the box and have a pioneering spirit .


Study explores Sex Robots

“In their paper, Johnson and Verdicchio essentially challenge the perception of humanoid sex robots as robotic substitutes of lovers and companions.”

“They argue that although humanoid robots may look and act more and more like human beings in the future, the claim that they will eventually replace humans is far-fetched and far from a certainty.”

“A lot has already been said about them, but we are not quite satisfied to accept them as ‘black boxes‘ that work and give us results without showing us how such results are obtained. Instead, we would very much like to open those boxes for more clarity.”

Cultocracy note :

When contacted Johnson and Verdicchio declined to comment as they were too tired after opening up too many black boxes and attempting to find the clarity .



Vintage Sex Robots

Sex Robots need Consent

“We suggest that a sex robot which is equipped with a consent-module…….could support the cultivation of compassion when used in supervised, therapeutic scenarios.”

“…….robot ethicist Robert Sparrow , argues that sex robots could encourage vicious behaviour…….”

“….robot sex could become better for many people than sex with humans, as robots surpass human sexual technique and become capable of satisfying ev-
eryone’s sexual needs……..”

“Levy suggests that it is possible that humans can be attracted to and even
fall in love with robots.”

Cultocray final note :

Two fine examples of bluffery , bamboozlement , bullshit and bollocks . Neatly packaged in a sex based scientific wrapper .

10 out of 10 .

Cultocracy quiz :

Cultocracy NASA quiz answer :

Does a bear shit in the woods ?

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