Gavin Williamson UK Defence Secretary Wins Golden Poodle (again)

He’s only gone and done it again . Gavin Williamson the UK defence secretary has made it a double , for the first time in history a UK politician has won the Golden Poodle twice .

The globally renowned golden growler is awarded for spineless , submissive snivelling towards nations or figures allied with the UK , awarded on this occasion for supporting US president Trumps withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) .

Gavin , or ‘GI Gav’ as he likes to be known when in the US , received his award from a forces flunky whilst aboard carrier HMS Elizabeth , currently anchored in New York .

This moment is without a doubt history in the making , on receiving the award Gavin made the following speech :

“He’s at it again , him , you know , that guy Putin , am I the only person with the guts to stand up to him ? He currently has 7,651 nuclear missiles pointed at the UK , I know this because I was told so by a man called Steele from the UK intelligence services , you know the people who are tasked with keeping us safe , apart from me of course .”

“He (Putin) is making a mockery out of me and if he does not get his house in order , I will huff and I will puff and blow his house down , in fact I will hammer his house down , possibly with a sledge hammer .”

“I will always stand absolutely resolute with whatever I am told to stand resolutely with . On this occasion I personally made the decision to resolutely stand with my good friend Donald , after I was told by my good friends in the intelligence services to resolutely stand with him in an absolutely resolute manner .”

“We of course want to see this treaty between Russia and the US continue to stand but it does require three parties to be committed to it , that is why I am sticking my tuppence worth in .”

“Which is also why I am giving my endorsement to Trump from this magnificent vessel , a massive , gargantuan , huge vessel , which every lady would love to sail upon , which projects the strength of the UK to the world . A vessel which is proving to be exceptional value for the taxpayer , possibly even better value than me , if that was possible .”

“A vessel that was in no way constructed to facilitate the purchase of aircraft from Donald and his friends , which were in no way intended as boys toys for my spooky friends at BAE .”

“Thank you all , I will now shut up and go away .”

Enjoy yourself whilst in New York Gavin , you definitely deserve it .

When asked to comment on the award ceremony aboard carrier Queen Elizabeth , US president Trump stated :

“Gavin , is he the captain ? Yeh , what a ship , even better planes though . Wait a minute , I am looking at a picture in the NY Times right now , where are the planes ”

(Trump suddenly bursts out laughing)

“Have you not got any planes for your carrier yet ?” (Still laughing)

(Trump suddenly stops laughing)

Oh , I forgot , they are invisible .”


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