Former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp Explains the Shadow Government

Kevin Shipp was with the CIA , so he knows what he is talking about .

A few quotes and key points from the video :

National Reconnaissance Office

“All the satellites that are around the Earth , the spy satellites , the technology of which would blow your mind…..So i’m just not going there .”

“Lets just say that’s another branch of the shadow government , that’s up there circulating around ……and the technology that is up there , all the way down to nano technology is mind blowing .”

“The deep state and the shadow government go all the way back to 1947 .”

“We are in an electronic concentration camp .”

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

The C.F.R and the banking cartel are central to the shadow government

The C.F.R controls the news media

The C.F.R created the C.I.A.

“We have no privacy , privacy is dead .”

“There is an internal cold war in the US between the shadow government and the elected government.”

“The CIA is the central node of the shadow government.”

“There is a system to destroy whistle blowers and their families .”

What can we do ?

“Start a grassroots civil movement .”

“The weapon of tyranny is fear .”

“The shadow government wants you to fear it .”

“When people fear their government there is tyranny”

“When the government fears the people there is liberty”

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New Centrist Party Spooks Labour


It had to happen eventually , it has been in the planning stage for quite a while , it’s not the usual party that politicians are partial to , which generally involves cocaine and rent boys . Although that is not to say that the new centrist party does not involve cocaine and hookers .

Initially it would appear that the main policy of the new UK centrist party revolves around sabotaging Brexit , or at least forcing a new referendum which would have exactly the same result .

The ‘new’ centrist party currently has no name , it is backed by a group of wealthy entrepreneurs and philanthopists , i.e. the establishment .

Charity begins at home (and abroad) is their chief motto .

Various political figures have been tapped up over the last few years to head a newly formed anti Brexit party , names such as Tony Blair , David Cameron and Vince Cable have been bandied about . All could smell a rat at a thousand paces after living in the Westminster sewer .

Politics in the UK and many other Western ‘democracies’ now centres around tapping the pulse of the public and creating a party with policies based loosely on the general concensus . Supra national entities pull the strings .

The two party system is a manufactured farce , it is now slightly harder for the controllers to predict which way elections will go , this fact is not down to the voters , it is due to competition between rival global interests .

A third party is always needed as an insurance policy , usually calculated to divide and control the vote .

I personally do not think it would make the slightest difference to the general public if Labour or Conservative formed the government , a typical dialectic distraction of a red team – blue team tagmatch , there are higher powers in play .

Although there does seem to be quite a bit of resistance towards a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn , the signs have been apparent for quite a few years .

The next UK general election is not due until about 2022 , so the foundations are being constructed at present . The last election may have been a bit too close for comfort for  some people .

During the last UK election in 2015 , military top brass were non too pleased at the prospect of Corbyn as the leader of a UK government .

More recently Corbyn has threatened to end arms sales to Saudi Arabia , a nice little establishment earner and the backbone of UK ‘foreign policy’ in the Middle East .

This year Corbyn has been under constant attack by sections of the UK mainstream media .

Corbyn has also been accused of ‘anti semitism’ , which usually equates to opposition towards Israeli policy regarding the Palestinian people .

Although many people are able to see through the political chicanery .

Anything or anbody can and will be used by the controllers for meagre political gain . There are so many cut outs in politics these days , all primed and ready , like archers’s taking aim with their bow .

Maybe the above cases are why the algorithm now points to the majority of people feeling jaded by the whole political system , the answer churned out by the algorithm ? A new political party . Predictable to say the least .

Back to the new ‘centrist’ party

The controllers would like to emulate the success of 2017 French (s)election winnner emmanuel Macron(i) .

Macron was elected after the formation of a shiny new centrist political party .

The new UK centrist party seeks to emulate the now largely defuct Lib-Dems , who performed their role admirably in the 2010 UK election .

The founder of the new centrist party is Simon Franks , a millionaire businessman .

Just like Macron , Franks was a former investment banker who served for several years at JP Morgan and BNP Paribas .

Simon Franks business partner was Zygi Kamasa , who like many businessmen has railed against Brexit , no doubt after foreseeing a drop in profits .

But wait , it is not all about profit , Franks has started a charity with his cash and now runs the Franks Family Foundation . This charitable foundation operates as an NGO in several countries , providing health care and education to the poor and needy .

The fact that the new party has been formed before the upcoming UK local elections shows a degree of planning and timing . Could a large tranche of degenerates , liars , perverts and parasites be somehow ‘persuaded’ to jump political ship after losing their seats in the local elections . Others may even be ‘ordered’ to jump ship .

Cultocracy note :

“degenerates , liars , perverts and parasites” = Politicians

There are quite a few who would possibly jump onto any passing bandwagon , especially if it is a shiny new centrist bandwagon , but most politicians are primarily self serving , so the big question they would have to ask themselves is whether the new centrist ship is seaworthy .

It should also be noted that many politicians have the mindset of a lemming , they may be tempted to jump ship , but they do not want to be the first to jump ship .

Some commentators have described how a lemming type scenario might evolve .

Sink or Swim

Nothing happens by chance in politics , whether the new party has an anti Brexit angle or an anti Corbyn angle , or even both , is largely irrelevant .

Will the new party take off ?

If the unlikely event that any new political party is legitimate , the new party will be controlled and then destroyed , if not it will simply be controlled .

I am now thinking of starting a new UK political party myself , one that will abolish all political parties .

As always the keyword is control .

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Nano Technology News – March 2018


Progressive Convergence

Cultocracy note :

A 2005 book titled “MANAGING NANO-BIO-INFO-COGNO INNOVATIONS: CONVERGING TECHNOLOGIES IN SOCIETY” by William Sims Bainbridge from the US based National Science Foundation (NSF) describes the potential profits and pitfalls of what is termed ‘progressive convergence’ . Like many US organizations the NSF was formed in 1950 , shortly after the end of WWII , it is self described as an ‘independent federal agency’ whose main goals are :

  • A primary driver of the U.S. economy.
  • Enhances the nation’s security.
  • Advances knowledge to sustain global leadership.

Progressive convergence is described as a merger of nanotechnology , biotechnology , information technology and cognitive science .

Previous technological advances have affected the whole planet , often in an adverse or detrimental manner . It is not science that is at fault , it is the people who would wield the science as a weapon for power and profit . The next logical step in the minds of the techno-fascists is a complete merger of scientific , political , social and environmental dimensions , nanotechnology is seen as a tool enabling this new paradigm . Eugenics and human rights are discussed in the book , then quickly and conveniently discarded , it is obvious that many individuals who are drivers of forward policy have lost touch with reality .

The question foremost in their minds is ;

If We Build It , Will They Come ?

The book itself is a long read , a few excerpts are highlighted below .




This introductory chapter briefly defines the “NBIC” unification that is rapidly taking place today among Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology, and Cognitive science. It then describes how the other chapters address the potential impacts of converging technologies, considers how innovation can be stimulated and steered, and provides a basis for an understanding of the societal implications of NBIC.

Many of the most powerful developments in biotechnology and biomedicine are taking place at the nanoscale. This is true not merely in genetic engineering (with DNA molecules about 3 nanometers in width), imaging (with quantum dots of few nanometers), targeted drugs (with nanoparticles as carriers), and biocompatible prosthesis (with molecules “by design”).

Of the four NBIC fields, cognitive science is the least mature, but for this very reason, it holds very great promise. This is a multidisciplinary convergence of cognitive and perceptual psychology, linguistics, cultural anthropology, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence aspects of computer science.

Appropriate Human Enhancement and Human Rights

The appropriate enhancement of human performance will be viewed as a right in a democratic society. Who would argue that one should not desire enhancements, if the means were available to live longer, to have a memory restored, or to achieve mobility? I maintain that NBIC will be used to enhance intelligence, mobility, cognitive qualities, and even vision and hearing for certain careers or desires. I think we will stop short of eugenics but proceed to offer neurological and physical enhancements that improve the quality of life under the umbrella of medicine.

Adverse Consequences of Nanomaterials

There are already movements around the world proposing the banning of nanomaterials, and certainly there are concerns about these materials. Bio-inspired materials may create difficulties for biologic systems and ecosystems, as their small size allows them to be easily internalized in organisms. These materials can mimic biologic molecules and disrupt their function, and there have also been problems with certain synthetic structures such as “buckyballs” and carbon nanotubes, which have been demonstrated to have toxic effects on cells and animals (Oberdorster, 2004).

Cognitive Enhancement

In the NANO section, we describe our ideas of developing sensors for infrared and visible radiation by shrinking to the nanometer scale more-or-less conventional dipole antennas. In the BIO section, we describe research aimed at uncovering nature’s strategies for motion detection and directional selectivity by retinal neurons. We also present a novel molecular, virus-assisted technique to mark the specific circuitry of different ganglion cells and cortical cells in vivo, which allows us to “light up” and to “see the circuit” in the living mammalian brain.

Remembering Freedom of Thought

Freedom of thought is recognized in United States and international law, but it is not articulated very well. As recently as 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court noted, “[t]he right to think is the beginning of freedom, and speech must be protected from the government because speech is the beginning of thought” (Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition 533 U.S. 234 2002).

NBIC Enables Neurotechnology

• Nanotechnology
– Nanocrystals or quantum dots covalently bonded to neural
receptor ligands
– Microfluidic systems for in vivo spatial and temporal delivery of
– Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) used for monitoring
– Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) used for monitoring

• Information Technology
– Software to translate neuroimaging data from one data format
into another
– Algorithms for understanding human neuroimaging data
– Tools for real-time analysis of neurophysiological events

Gathering of Forces

There are already technopolitical organizations gathering money, activists, and popular support into their four or five ideological camps. The technopolitics being staked out today in the United States include technoconservatisms of the left and right, as well as “technolibertarians” and “technodemocrats.”

For instance, the “Manifesto on Biotechnology and Human Dignity” (CBC, 2002), organized by Cameron and Colson and signed by leading lights of the American right, says :
“biotechnology . . . poses in the sharpest form the question: What does it mean to be human? . . . [I]n biotechnology we meet the moral challenge of the twenty-first century.” Biotechnologies threaten human dignity, says the manifesto, because they will lead to eugenics, mass farming of embryos for body parts, and the commodification of life. Most centrally, however, biotechnologies threaten the idea that humans, and only humans, have “dignity” from conception to death: [T]he uniqueness of human nature is at stake. Human dignity is indivisible: the aged, the sick, the very young, those with genetic
diseases – every human being is possessed of an equal dignity; any threat to the dignity of one is a threat to us all… humans are distinct from all other species; at every stage of life and in every condition of dependency they are intrinsically valuable and deserving of full moral respect.

Cultocracy note :

The major barrier to an Orwellian society ruled by the algorithm is seen as funding . There is a limit on government funding , even if many of the research projects are masked by the canards of ‘defence’ , ‘national security’ , ‘finding an inhabitable planet’ or ‘blasting asteroids’ . With this fact in mind we have seen a shift in research from government agencies towards ‘private’ companies , be it a new electric car manufacturer or the latest social media whiz kid .

All are under the umbrella .

There is another barrier though , ourselves .

Or at least some of us .

In the future will any of us remember freedom of thought ?


Nano Technology News – March 2018


“In the case of classical MRI, magnetic fields are used to create high-resolution images. The human body is formed of 70% water, where each water molecule includes two hydrogen atoms with nuclei that are magnetic in nature. Nuclear spins give rise to the magnetic fields in these nuclei. To amplify and tune the tiny magnetic fields of the spins, a so-called polarisator may be used. Optimal tuning of the spins results in stronger MRI signal and more precise outcomes. Upon adding high-frequency pulses, specific atomic nuclei inside the human body can be excited resonantly, and hence can be evaluated as an electrical signal. Eventually, a program transforms the signals into three-dimensional images with higher resolution.”


Cultocracy note :

Current parallel engineering projects are researching the mass manufacture of nano technology .


“Scientists have developed new technology for long-term stable neural recording. It is based on a novel elastic material composite, which is biocompatible and retains high electrical conductivity even when stretched to double its original length.”

Cultocracy note :

One of many joint projects between scientists in Russia and China . Many defence projects have commercial and other more nefarious applications ,


“Researchers at Tomsk Polytechnic University developed an efficient way to synthesize hollow Fe3O4 microspheres to create materials that absorb microwave radiation.”

“Magnetite microspheres (Fe3O4) have unique magnetic properties, which makes them a promising material to absorb microwave radiation,” says Ivan Shanenkov, an employee at the Institute of Power Engineering at Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU).”


“DNA, the fundamental building block of our genetic makeup, has become an intense nanotechnology research field. Nanotechnology researchers use it to create artificial rationally designed nanostructures for diverse applications in biology, chemistry, and physics. DNA could be particularly useful for the design of electric circuits and DNA-based computing because it self-assembles, it self-replicates and it can adopt various states and conformations .”


“Researchers have developed a flat optical component that is simultaneously a metalens, a microscope objective that can resolve details smaller than a wavelength of light, and an optical vortex and hologram generator. Each functionality is controlled by a different wavelength of light.”


“In a step toward accelerating the production of new gene therapies, scientists report that they have developed remote-controlled, needle-like nanospears capable of piercing membrane walls and delivering DNA into selected cells. They say the new technique, which can ferry biological materials to cells with pinpoint accuracy, overcomes many of the existing barriers to effective gene modification.”


“Tiny and very promising for possible applications in the field of nanoelectronics: they are the graphene nanoflakes. These hexagonal shaped nanostructures would allow to exploit quantum effects to modulate the current flow. Thanks to their intrinsic magnetic properties, they could also represent a significant step forward in the field of spintronics, which is based on the electron spin.”

Cultocracy note :

The global water supply is contaminated with a variety of toxic substances , this poses a major threat to ecological systems and ourselves .

Science can be harnessed for the greater good , or at least it would appear that way on the surface .

Unfortunately graphene itself is toxic , out of the frying pan into the fire .

“A world-first graphene-based filter that can remove more than 99 percent of the natural organic matter in treated drinking water is being scaled up for possible use in conventional plants.”

“UNSW scientists have developed a world-first, graphene-based, laboratory-scale filter that can remove more than 99 percent of the ubiquitous natural organic matter left behind during conventional treatment of drinking water.”

Another approach using Titanium dioxide :

Related information on silver nano particles :

“Under its biotechnology regulations, USDA does not regulate or have any plans to regulate plants that could otherwise have been developed through traditional breeding techniques as long as they are not plant pests or developed using plant pests. This includes a set of new techniques that are increasingly being used by plant breeders to produce new plant varieties that are indistinguishable from those developed through traditional breeding methods. The newest of these methods, such as genome editing, expand traditional plant breeding tools because they can introduce new plant traits more quickly and precisely, potentially saving years or even decades in bringing needed new varieties to farmers.”

“With this approach, USDA seeks to allow innovation when there is no risk present,”


“Monitoring in real time what happens in and around our bodies can be invaluable in the context of health care or clinical studies, but not so easy to do. That could soon change thanks to new, miniaturized sensors developed by researchers at the Tufts University School of Engineering that, when mounted directly on a tooth and communicating wirelessly with a mobile device, can transmit information on glucose, salt and alcohol intake. In research to be published soon in the journal Advanced Materials, researchers note that future adaptations of these sensors could enable the detection and recording of a wide range of nutrients, chemicals and physiological states.”

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Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack Reveals $70 Million Pentagon Program At Porton Down

Cultocracy note :

Defence Science and Technology Laboratories (DSTL) run a network of laboratories across the UK , many are secretly hidden within military bases or on the sites of major aerospace & defence contractors . Most are underground .


Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack Reveals $70 Million Pentagon Program At Porton Down

From South Front

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva is a Bulgarian investigative journalist and Middle East Correspondent. Over the last two years she has published a series of revealing reports on weapons smuggling. Two months ago South Front published her investigation into the Pentagon bio laboratories in 25 countries across the world. Her current report provides an overview of the Pentagon-funded experiments at the secretive UK military laboratory Porton Down near Salisbury, where an ex-Russian spy and his daughter were allegedly poisoned with a nerve agent.

By Dilyana Gaytandzhieva exclusively for SouthFront


The Pentagon has spent at least $70 million on military experiments involving tests with deadly viruses and chemical agents at Porton Down – the UK military laboratory near the city of Salisbury. The secretive biological and chemical research facility is located just 13 km from where on 4th  March  former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found slumped on a bench following an alleged Novichok nerve agent poisoning.

The Porton Down Lab is located just 13 km from the site where Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found and from where they were rushed to hospital.

Information obtained from the US federal contracts registry reveals that the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has funded a number of military projects performed at the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), or Porton Down, over the last decade. Among them: experimental respiratory infection of non-human primates (marmosets) with Anthrax, Ebola virus, Marburg virus, Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus, Western equine encephalitis virus, and Eastern equine encephalitis virus. The US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has also funded experiments on animals which were exposed to chemical agents such as Sulfur Mustard and Phosgene gas. Phosgene gas was used as a chemical weapon during World War I where it was responsible for about 85 % of the 100,000 deaths caused by chemical weapons.

DTRA has also been granted full access to DSTL scientific and technical capabilities, and test data under a 2011 contract for the collaboration and exchange of scientific and technical capabilities with the UK Ministry of Defence.

At least 122,000 animals used for military chemical and biological experiments at Porton Down

Animal experiments are classified as confidential in the UK. Under section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, it is a criminal offence to disclose certain information about animal experiments in the UK.

Data obtained via the Freedom of Information Act though gives an idea of the dimensions of military chemical and biological experiments carried out at Porton Down. A total of 122,050 animals have been exposed to deadly pathogens, chemicals and incurable diseases over the last decade (2005-2016).

Animals used include mice, guinea pigs, rats, pigs, ferrets, sheep, and non-human primates. Some of the deadly experiments have been sponsored by the Pentagon under contracts between DSTL and DTRA. Scientists at Porton Down have infected, or poisoned, animals in order to measure time to death and lethal dose of exposure. In practice, the possible use of the researched virus/chemical gas as a weapon.

Read the full article here at South Front

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Memory Implant Funded by DARPA


Cultocracy note :

More research regarding human implants (now termed prosthetics as the word implant has now gained various sinister connotations) from those beneficent people at DARPA . This particular research paper regards neural electrodes which can record the memory process in a human brain , the neural recording was then played back to the patients who displayed a marked increase in memory recall . In theory a similar system could  be used to wipe memories or implant memories , not that DARPA would ever think of doing such a thing .

The research , as usual , is touted as being able to help people with “Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and head injury” . Call me cynical , but I think the real reason for the research is something completely different . Humanitarian issues are not in the vocabulary of military research organizations , exactly the opposite in fact .

Ewen Cameron & Josef Mengele would be so proud .

I wonder if trials have started yet ?

(T)est p(I)lots required .

Prosthetic memory system successful in humans

Science Daily


Scientists have demonstrated the successful implementation of a prosthetic system that uses a person’s own memory patterns to facilitate the brain’s ability to encode and recall memory.

Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and the University of Southern California (USC) have demonstrated the successful implementation of a prosthetic system that uses a person’s own memory patterns to facilitate the brain’s ability to encode and recall memory.

In the pilot study, published in today’s Journal of Neural Engineering, participants’ short-term memory performance showed a 35 to 37 percent improvement over baseline measurements.

“This is the first time scientists have been able to identify a patient’s own brain cell code or pattern for memory and, in essence, ‘write in’ that code to make existing memory work better, an important first step in potentially restoring memory loss,” said the study’s lead author Robert Hampson, Ph.D., professor of physiology/pharmacology and neurology at Wake Forest Baptist.

The study focused on improving episodic memory, which is the most common type of memory loss in people with Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and head injury. Episodic memory is information that is new and useful for a short period of time, such as where you parked your car on any given day. Reference memory is information that is held and used for a long time, such as what is learned in school.

Read the full article here at Science Daily

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UK booted out of Galileo Satellite Programme


UK shocked at being booted out of EU Galileo satellite programme


The ramifications of Brexit are being enacted earlier than expected for the UK, with it being told it is no longer a part of the EU’s Galileo satellite programme.

The UK government has been preparing itself for life outside the EU since the Brexit referendum results came through in 2016, but it did not expect to be cut off so quickly when it comes to its spacefaring activities.

According to The Register, the EU has decided that because the UK will no longer be in the EU as of next year, it will shut off its access to the Galileo satellite programme.

The aim of Galileo is to create a new global positioning network called the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS) to rival that of the US’s GPS network and Russia’s GLONASS.

Read the full article here at Silicon Republic

Cultocracy note :

The Galileo programme is a rival to the US based Global Posiitioning Satellite (GPS) system , the related Copernicus programme provides remote Synthetic Aperture Radar capabilities . Both systems are closely aligned with the defence industry , as an added bonus there are also many commercial applications .

The decision to exclude the UK from the Galileo programme comes hot on the heels of a decision by the EU to relocate the Galileo Satellite Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC) from the UK to Spain .

These decisions are connected with the formation of a new EU defence force .

The current GPS system and related space borne surveillance & weapons systems are controlled by the Five Eyes syndicate .

The Five Eyes syndicate has a technological grip on other countries , this is used to surveil & monitor the political and commercial aspects of these countries .

The N.S.A is in control .

The N.S.A has a large facility based at Menwith Hill , North Yorkshire , England .

If you wander too close to this high security base you will automatically be placed on a watch list .

The EU countries know they have been duped by the Five Eyes syndicate in the past and are regarded more as potential rivals rather than allies .

The EU countries also know that their political leaders have been monitored by the Five Eyes syndicate .

They also know that media outlets in EU countries have also been targeted .

You can safely assume that the Five Eyes syndicate monitors every country in the world in a similar manner .

France & Germany have ‘demanded’ an end to N.S.A surveillance .

To placate EU leaders the Five Eyes syndicate offered them membership of the super snoopers club .

Merkel fancied the idea initially .

After negotiations she wisely decided that ‘membership’ would be a sham deal .

It would now appear that there is ‘bad blood’ between the German establishment and the Five Eyes syndicate .

Wait though , a glimmer of hope in the form of uber election winner and ‘centrist’ , French PM Macron(i) .


After the quagmire of systemic genocide and racketeering known as ‘The War on Terror’ , EU leaders have been reviewing their global partnerships with increasing scrutiny . There is a notion that perhaps the EU countries are also in danger of submitting to the global tyranny expounded by syndicate controllers , at the expense of their own sovereignty . There is also increasing awareness that the global crime syndicate has a supreme advantage in that they control sophisticated tools of surveillance , subversion and subjugation .

Purgatory awaits those who resist or do not comply .

The response from EU leaders is to create their own system , with partners they can trust , hopefully .

Therefore the UK establishment had a stark choice , go along with EU plans for a separate defence force which would slowly drift away from the controlling cabal , allowing the EU to formulate it’s own foreign policy . Or be dragged along like a timid poodle on a leash .

Unfortunately the UK cannot go anywhere , it is joined at the hip to global corporate expansionism , warmongering and profiteering .

An outdated mind set which worked against less savvy ex-colonial countries , it simply does not work anymore , they just do not get it .

Time will tell as to which system will prevail .

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Schwannomas , Cancer & Radio Frequency Radiation


A Black Schwann

Cultocracy note :

A recent study has linked radio frequency radiation (RFR) to rare Schwannoma cancerous tumors in lab rats , this particular study concerns similar radiation power levels to those found in cell towers . Schwann cells are found in the nervous system and the brain , they form the myelin sheath around axons , the axon connects cells together and allows cellular communication .

The study also found Schwannoma tumors in the hearts of the lab rats , this rare type of cancer is thought to originate from the same Schwann cells found in the nervous system and brain .

Schwann cell hyperplasia was also found in several of the lab rats in the study , causing an enlargement of the heart and sections of the brain .

One of the main symptoms of Schwann cell hyperplasia is tinnitus .


An enlarged heart could lead to a heart attack , enlarged sections of the brain or an impaired nervous system could lead to a wide range of seemingly erratic behavior .

Hyperplasia is also connected to increased cortisol levels in the human body , cortisol is known as the ‘stress hormone’ . Prolonged excessive levels of cortisol can weaken the immune system , affect sleep patterns and a persons mood . Cushings disease and Cushings Syndrome are the medical terms used to describe the symptoms of long term cortisol exposure .

Weaponized directed radio frequency radiation systems are currently used by deep state crime gangs in their ongoing campaign of eugenics , torture and murder .

5G anyone ?

World’s Largest Animal Study on Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

Scientists call on the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer to re-evaluate the carcinogenicity of cell phone radiation after the Ramazzini Institute and US government studies report finding the same unusual cancers .

Teton Village, WY — (SBWIRE) — 03/23/2018 — Researchers with the renowned Ramazzini Institute (RI) in Italy announce that a large-scale lifetime study of lab animals exposed to environmental levels of cell tower radiation developed cancer. A $25 million study of much higher levels of cell phone radiofrequency (RF) radiation, from the US National Toxicology Program (NTP), has also reported finding the same unusual cancer called Schwannoma of the heart in male rats treated at the highest dose. In addition, the RI study of cell tower radiation also found increases in malignant brain (glial) tumors in female rats and precancerous conditions including Schwann cells hyperplasia in both male and female rats.

“Our findings of cancerous tumors in rats exposed to environmental levels of RF are consistent with and reinforce the results of the US NTP studies on cell phone radiation, as both reported increases in the same types of tumors of the brain and heart in Sprague-Dawley rats. Together, these studies provide sufficient evidence to call for the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to re-evaluate and re-classify their conclusions regarding the carcinogenic potential of RFR in humans,” said Fiorella Belpoggi PhD, study author and RI Director of Research.

The Ramazzini study exposed 2448 Sprague-Dawley rats from prenatal life until their natural death to “environmental” cell tower radiation for 19 hours per day (1.8 GHz GSM radiofrequency radiation (RFR) of 5, 25 and 50 V/m). RI exposures mimicked base station emissions like those from cell tower antennas, and exposure levels were far less than those used in the NTP studies of cell phone radiation.

“All of the exposures used in the Ramazzini study were below the US FCC limits. These are permissible exposures according the FCC. In other words, a person can legally be exposed to this level of radiation. Yet cancers occurred in these animals at these legally permitted levels. The Ramazzini findings are consistent with the NTP study demonstrating these effects are a reproducible finding,” explained Ronald Melnick PhD, formerly the Senior NIH toxicologist who led the design of the NTP study on cell phone radiation now a Senior Science Advisor to Environmental Health Trust (EHT). “Governments need to strengthen regulations to protect the public from these harmful non-thermal exposures.”

“This important article from one of the most acclaimed institutions of its kind in the world provides a major new addition to the technical literature indicating strong reasons for concern about electromagnetic radiation from base stations or cell towers,” stated Editor in Chief of Environmental Research Jose Domingo PhD, Professor of Toxicology, School of Medicine at Reus University, Catalonia, Spain.

“The US NTP results combined now with the Ramazzini study, reinforce human studies from our team and others providing clear evidence that RF radiation causes acoustic neuromaa (vestibular schwannoma) and gliomas, and should be classified carcinogenic to humans,” stated Lennart Hardell MD, PhD, physician-epidemiologist with the Department of Oncology, University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden, who has published extensively on environmental causes of cancer including Agent Orange, pesticides and cell phone radiofrequency radiation.

“The evidence indicating wireless is carcinogenic has increased and can no longer be ignored,” stated University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health Professor Emeritus Anthony B. Miller MD, Member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of Canada and the UK, and Senior Medical Advisor to EHT who is also a long-term advisor to the World Health Organization.

“This study raises concerns that simply living close to a cell tower will pose threats to human health. Governments need to take measures to reduce exposures from cell tower emissions. Cell towers should not be near schools, hospitals or people’s homes. Public health agencies need to educate the public on how to reduce exposure from all sources of wireless radiofrequency radiation—be it from cell towers or cell phones or Wi-Fi in schools,” stated David O. Carpenter MD, former Dean of the School of Public Health at the University at Albany. “This is particularly urgent because of current plans to place small 5G cell towers about every 300 meters in every street across the country. These 5G ‘small cell’ antennas will result in continuous exposure to everyone living nearby and everyone walking down the street. The increased exposures will increase risk of cancer and other diseases such as electro-hypersensitivity.”

Read the full article here at SBWire

Read the full research paper here at Science Direct

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The US Military Is Making Lasers That Create Voices out of Thin Air

Cultocracy note :

Plasma creation and manipulation is not a new field of research . NASA and other aerospace contractors have studied plasma fields and plasma creation for decades . The VASIMR project was purportedly a plasma propulsion system for use in space travel , at least that is what they tell us . Aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin claimed that VASIMR was a hoax .

Another craftily disguised black project perhaps ?

One of many no doubt .

Defense One

Within three years, the Pentagon’s non-lethal weapons lab hopes to have a direct energy weapon that can produce an effect like a haunted walkie-talkie or the biblical burning bush.

Watch the video above and listen carefully for what sounds like a human voice during the second spin. That’s not an audio recording or a broadcast transmitted over radio…it’s not human at all. It’s an auditory effect that’s created by military scientists who manipulated the air with lasers — and it’s the Pentagon’s most interesting idea for stopping people charging checkpoints, or just scaring the crap out of them.

The U.S. military’s Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program, or JNLWD, is inching closer to a weapon that alters atoms to literally create words from thin air. It’s called the Laser-Induced Plasma Effect and, fingers crossed, they hope to be able to say intelligible words within the next three years.

The weapon is composed of two parts: first, a femtosecond laser, which shoots a burst of focused light for 10−15 seconds, just long enough to rip the electrons from air molecules and create a ball of plasma. (Sometimes called the fourth state of matter, plasma is a field of electrified gas, highly responsive to electromagnetic effects.) The scientists then hit that plasma field with a second nanolaser, tuned to an extremely narrow range of wavelengths. They use that to manipulate the plasma field in a way that can produce light and noise. Get the interaction precise enough and you get something that sounds like a haunted walkie-talkie.

“We’re this close to getting it to speak to us. I need three or four more kilohertz,” says David Law, who runs JNLWD’s technology division. Ultimately, he wants a single system that can produce multiple effects — noise, light, even heat — and replace a wide variety of non-lethal weapons that the military has been testing. We have the exclusive video.

The weapon’s most interesting aspect may be the way it creates noise: at a specific and distant point in space, rather than blasting it out of a nearby speaker. That means that soldiers between the weapon and the target are unaffected.

How far away can that point be? “Range is a function of the optics. The bigger the mirrors, the farther the range,” Law said. A five-inch mirror creates the effect about one kilometer away; an 8-inch mirror, about five kilometers, he said. “They’ve created plasmas at 20 or 30 kilometers,” he said. “This is the first non-lethal weapon that could go out tens of kilometers.”

The Kerr effect, a term that refers to minute changes in the refractive index as a result of electromagnetic field changes, makes it actually easier to create the effect at a distance.

“One of the things about the ultra short pulse, it wants to form at longer ranges. It’s harder to form at shorter ranges,” said Law.

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