Nanotechnology News- June 2020

The Abolition of Man

Cultocracy introduction

In light of current events I think it is wise to view the bigger picture .

Expect many more controlled diversions and contrived distractions in the near future…..

Many more .

Always remember , there is only one law .

Way back in 1943 the author C.S.Lewis had this to say :

“I am only making clear what Man’s conquest of Nature really means and especially that final stage in the conquest, which, perhaps, is not far off.”

“The final stage is come when Man by eugenics, by pre-natal conditioning, and by an education and propaganda based on a perfect applied psychology, has obtained full control over himself.”

“Human nature will be the last part of Nature to surrender to Man.”

“The battle will then be won.”

“We shall have taken the thread of life out of the hand of Clotho’ and be henceforth free to make our species whatever we wish it to be.”

“The battle will indeed be won.”

“But who, precisely, will have won it?”

Who Wants to Be a Slave?

The Technocratic Convergence of Humans and Data

“Marshall McLuhan observed in the 1960s that humans are toolmakers whose tools eventually reshape them.”

“Fifty years hence, we suggest that the aphorism should include “rewire” humans as the present age of the internet serves as the global nervous system for humankind.”

“This essay introduces the concept of convergence as developed by Henry Jenkins and explores how the practice has expanded in the current global pandemic milieu wherein the interests of a technocratic elite converge to cultivate a general acceptance of the digital tools of a new socioeconomic order.”

“Alongside this analysis stands the historical development of computing tools and the development of data as tools of social control.”

“In a world where the manufactured need for ever-increasing speed and efficiency have largely co-opted human reason, we analyze how digital tools threaten to merge with humans.”

“The primary aim is to situate the top-down attempt to acquire control over the masses in a larger historical context when sophisticated computing tools began serving the need to track and control populations.”

“We analyze the persuasive communications that serve this emerging order of the market working to integrate human beings into the forthcoming Internet of Things (IoT) where all organic and inorganic objects are prepared for sale and purchase.”

“Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.”

“—Jean-Jacques Rousseau”

Cultocracy note :

Human Beings to Hyper-Beings ?

Maybe for some .

As for the rest of us ?

The keyword is always control .



Nanotechnology News – June 2020




Cultocracy note .

Who says they can’t find the missing link ?

I find ’em everywhere .

Just in case you clicked on the image link from the above image link .

Monstrous Discovery

“Startling, never-before-seen images show that the new coronavirus hijacks proteins in our cells to create monstrous tentacles that branch out and may transmit infection to neighboring cells. “

“The new study, which involved experiments using cells from humans and others from African green monkeys, shows that the virus known as SARS-CoV-2 is especially adept at disrupting vital communications. These communications take place both within cells and from one cell to another.”

“This paper shows just how completely the virus is able to rewire all of the signals going on inside the cell. That’s really remarkable and it’s something that occurs very rapidly (as soon as two hours after cells are infected)…..”

“The virus most powerfully hijacks a kinase called CK2, which plays a key role in the basic frame of the cell as well as its growth, proliferation and death.”

“They also found that the virus has a dramatic effect on a pathway — a group of kinases that form a cascade a little like falling dominoes. The virus hijacks this cascade so that the end result becomes a dangerous overreaction by our immune system.”

“The study’s finding on this pathway may help to explain the extreme overreaction — a cytokine storm — that causes the immune system to kill both healthy and diseased tissue, leading to more than half of the deaths from COVID-19.”

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    “CK2 is also membrane targeted and acts directly on actin or actin-associated proteins such as WASP and CRN2 , regulating actin polymerization. “
  2. Protein kinase CK2 phosphorylates and activates p21-activated kinase 1
  3. The WASP and WAVE family proteins
  4. Coronin (Wikipedia)
    “CRN2 knock-out mice display neurological and behavioural alterations.”
    “CRN2 has been implicated in the malignant progression of different types of human cancer.”
  5. CRN2 binds to TIMP4 and MMP14 and promotes perivascular invasion of glioblastoma cells
    “Similarly, others have implicated Coronin-1a in GPCR signaling during the formation of excitatory connections in the central nervous system…”
  6. Emergent Role of Coronin-1a in Neuronal Signaling
    “….Coronin-1A, the predominant coronin expressed in lymphocytes, cause variable degrees of T cell lymphopenia, susceptibility to infection and immune dysregulation in mice and humans…..”
  7. Coronin-1A: Immune Deficiency in Humans and Mice
    “They found that a lack of coronin 1 in mouse and in man is associated with poor memory, defective learning and aggressive behavior.”
  8. Lack of coronin 1 protein causes learning deficits and aggressive behavior

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  2. N-WASp is required for Schwann cell cytoskeletal dynamics, normal myelin gene expression and peripheral nerve myelination
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 Cultocracy note :

Expect many more ‘startling new discoveries’ and ‘breakthroughs’ riding the post COVID-18 COVID-19 tsunami .

Isn’t modern science just amazing !!!

Full of amazing coincidences that is .


“Last year, Stanley Qi, an assistant professor in the departments of bioengineering, and chemical and systems biology at Stanford University and his team had begun working on a technique called PAC-MAN — or Prophylactic Antiviral CRISPR in human cells — that uses the gene-editing tool CRISPR to fight influenza.”

Like all CRISPR systems, PAC-MAN is composed of an enzyme — in this case, the virus-killing enzyme Cas13 — and a strand of guide RNA…..”

“By scrambling the virus’s genetic code, PAC-MAN could neutralize the coronavirus and stop it from replicating inside cells.”

“Today, researchers studying lipitoids for potential therapeutic applications have shown that these materials are nontoxic to the body and can deliver nucleotides by encapsulating them in tiny nanoparticles just one billionth of a meter wide — the size of a virus.”

“According to Qi, the lipitoids performed very well. When packaged with coronavirus-targeting PAC-MAN, the system reduced the amount of synthetic SARS-CoV-2 in solution by more than 90%.”

“The Stanford team’s work is supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.”

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  4. Repurposing CRISPR-Cas systems as DNA-based smart antimicrobials
  5. Influenza and Coronavirus Demise Could Lie with Phage Nanoparticles
  6. AstraZeneca Wins $1.2B from BARDA to Develop, Manufacture COVID-19 Vaccine

Cultocracy note :

From the above link (6) :

“AstraZeneca has received $1.2 billion from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) toward development, production, and delivery of AZD1222 , the COVID-19 vaccine it is co-developing with the University of Oxford and its spinout company.”

“We would like to thank the U.S. and U.K. governments for their substantial support to accelerate the development and production of the vaccine….”

“AZD1222 has been developed by the University’s Jenner Institute, whose researchers last month partnered with colleagues from the University’s Oxford Vaccine Group….”

“AZD1222 uses a replication-deficient simian viral vector based on a weakened version of the adenovirus containing the genetic material of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. “

“After vaccination, the surface spike protein is produced, which primes the immune system to attack COVID-19 if it later infects the body.”

“The company said it expected total revenue to increase by “a high single-digit to a low double-digit” percentage, while core earnings per share was expected to increase by “a mid- to high-teens” percentage.”

It doesn’t matter whether you personally would take the vaccine or not .

The majority would be only too willing .

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Invisible Man

“Here, by drawing inspiration from the structures and functionalities of adaptive cephalopod skin cells, we design and engineer human cells that contain reconfigurable protein-based photonic architectures and, as a result, possess tunable transparency-changing and light-scattering capabilities.”

“Our findings may lead to the development of unique biophotonic tools for applications in materials science and bioengineering…..”

“In nature, adaptive transparency has been realized to some extent, with many cephalopods (i.e. octopuses, squids, and cuttlefish) demonstrating remarkable camouflage capabilities and even performing literal vanishing acts.”

“…..these animals can dynamically alter how their skin transmits, absorbs, and reflects light through the functionality of pigmented organs called chromatophores, typically narrowband-reflecting cells called iridophores, and broadband-reflecting cells called leucophores.”

“…..we designed human cells that would contain stimuli-responsive photonic architectures and, as a consequence, would possess the ability to change their appearance and transmission of light.”

“We began our studies by engineering human cells to produce large quantities of our squid protein.”

“We proceeded to study whether the expression of the squid protein modified our engineered human cell cultures’ interaction with light. “

“These experiments showed that the formation of disordered arrangements of reflectin-based structures within our cells’ interiors altered the way in which they reflected light.”

“…..our work introduces the concept of directly engineering the optical properties for living human cells via the incorporation of reflectin-based structures and lays the groundwork for the development of mammalian cells and organoids with other sophisticated cephalopod-inspired optical functionalities…..”

“……our findings may afford a variety of exciting opportunities and possibilities within the fields of biology, materials science, and bioengineering.”

Cultocracy note :

The mind boggles .

Frankenstein would be proud of the quest to create a Modern Prometheus .

Makes you wonder what other mad scientists are up to………….

I am sure you most definitely will not see it in print…….





Quantum Computing & Communications

Quantum CubeSats

“In a critical step toward creating a global quantum communications network, researchers have generated and detected quantum entanglement onboard a CubeSat nanosatellite weighing less than 2.6 kilograms and orbiting the Earth. “

“In the future, our system could be part of a global quantum network transmitting quantum signals to receivers on Earth or on other spacecraft….”

“These signals could be used to implement any type of quantum communications application, from quantum key distribution for extremely secure data transmission to quantum teleportation, where information is transferred by replicating the state of a quantum system from a distance.”

“….researchers demonstrate that their miniaturized source of quantum entanglement can operate successfully in space aboard a low-resource, cost-effective CubeSat that is smaller than a shoebox.”

“Progress toward a space-based global quantum network is happening at a fast pace…..”

“As a first step, the researchers needed to demonstrate that a miniaturized photon source for quantum entanglement could stay intact through the stresses of launch and operate successfully in the harsh environment of space within a satellite that can provide minimal energy.”

“The new miniaturized photon-pair source consists of a blue laser diode that shines on nonlinear crystals to create pairs of photons.”

“This is an important step toward a cost-effective approach to the deployment of satellite constellations that can serve global quantum networks.”

“The researchers are now working with RALSpace in the UK to design and build a quantum nanosatellite similar to SpooQy-1….”

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SpooQy…..Veeerrry SpooQy….. :

  1. SpooQy-1: Singapore’s experimental quantum CubeSat and its Kibo launch
  2. SpooQy-1 shows promise of nanosatellites for quantum networks



Quantum Teleportation

Quantum teleportation is an exquisite example of the power of quantum information transfer.”

“Teleportation has been demonstrated in many experimental quantum information processing platforms……”

“However, quantum teleportation has not previously been demonstrated in quantum-dot spin qubits. “

“Here, we overcome this challenge using a recently demonstrated technique to distribute entangled spin states via Heisenberg exchange.”

“Our teleportation method also leverages Pauli spin blockade, a unique feature of electrons in quantum dots, to generate and measure entangled pairs of spins.”

“This teleportation protocol is fully compatible with all gate-defined quantum-dot types, including Si quantum dots.”

“Our results also highlight the potential of exchange-coupled spin chains for quantum information transfer.”

“We envision that teleportation will be useful for the creation and manipulation of long-range entangled states…….”

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  4. Quantum Radar Prototype Demonstrated – “Microwave Quantum Illumination” Outperforms Classical Radar
  5. QUANTUM RADARS: What are they? (YouTube)
  6. US and China racing to deploy quantum ghost imaging in satellites for stealth plane tracking

Even more (bedtime) reading (Zzzzz….) :

  1. Real applications of quantum imaging (PDF)
    Quantum sensing method measures minuscule magnetic fields
  2. Magnetic field imaging with nitrogen-vacancy ensembles (PDF)
  3. Quantum magnetic sensing of neurons using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
  4. Quantum sensors herald new generation of wearable brain imaging systems
  5. Researchers Trace Neural Activity By Using Quantum Sensors
  6. Search term “quantum neural imaging nv diamond”
  7. etc…etc…etc…etc…



Vortex Lasers

Vortex lasers are named for the way light spirals around their axis of travel, thanks to a property known as orbital angular momentum, or OAM.”

“A beam of light that carries orbital angular momentum resembles a vortex, moving through space with a spiraling pattern like a corkscrew.”

“One promising feature of light under investigation has to do with momentum. Light has momentum, just like a physical item moving through space, even though it does not have mass. As such, when light shines on an object, it exerts a force.”

“Whereas the linear momentum of light exerts a push in the direction that light is moving, angular momentum of light exerts torque.”

“A potentially extraordinarily useful property of vortex beams is that they do not interfere with each other if they all possess different twisting patterns. This means a theoretically infinite number of vortex beams can get overlaid on top of each other to carry an unlimited number of data streams at the same time.”

“The scientists also plan on increasing the sensitivity of the detector to single photons so that it could serve in quantum communications and other quantum applications…….”

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Artificial Intelligence – AI

Cultocracy note :

The article below describes how machine learning simulations are applied to scientific or engineering problems , in essence you are trying to predict a specific future outcome , be it a new chemical compound or a new wing for
a fighter jet .

Simulations can be scaled up or down , in fact you could probably simulate anything , or even everything .

A surrogate model can be thought of as a simple interface between a complex artificial neural network (ANN) and the real world .

Or , as described by others , ‘a surrogate model is used to interpret machine learning predictions’ .

The paradox

You can have the most advanced machine learning system in the world , yet nobody can understand the AI simply because it is so advanced .

Further layers of AI and computing are leveraged in an attempt to interpret The Machine .

The entire system soon resembles a mountain of spaghetti .

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) can be considered as the home of big data and prediction .

Or should that be pre-crime ?

Or should that be profit ?

Are you a model or a surrogate ?

Volunteers need not apply .



Surrogate Models

Neural networks have demonstrated remarkable success in predictive modeling.”

Surrogate models supported by neural networks can perform as well, and in some ways better, than computationally expensive simulators and could lead to new insights in complicated physics problems……..”

“One major question we were dealing with was ‘how do we start using machine learning when you have a lot of different kinds of data?”

“We’re saying that deep learning can capture the important relationships between all these different data sources and give us a compact representation for all of them.”

“Simulations that would normally take a numerical simulator a half-hour to run could be done equally as well within a fraction of a second using neural networks….”

“In the future, deep learning models could elicit capabilities that didn’t exist before and provide a way for scientists to analyze the massive amounts of X-ray images, sensor data and other information………”

“This tool is providing us with a fundamentally different way of connecting simulations to experiments…….”

“We are surprisingly finding that you can produce very powerful emulators for the underlying complex simulations, and that’s where this becomes very important.”

“Because of its flexibility and accuracy, the model and its deep learning approach, referred to at LLNL as “cognitive simulation” or simply CogSim, is being applied to a number of other projects within the Laboratory and is transitioning over to programmatic work, including efforts in uncertainty quantification, weapons physics design, magnetic confinement fusion and other laser projects.”

Cultocracy note :

The above article describes a fork of the ‘programme’ , albeit in simplistic terms .

Used extensively in clandestine experimental machine learning applications.

Are you targeted ?

That depends…….

Who’s asking ?


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5G & IoT

Remote Control Cells

“The line between the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of the Body (IoB) just got a little blurrier.”

“In the IoB, networked devices include living cells…..”

“Now, suppose that such a device—one containing insulin-producing cells and an electronic control unit—is implanted in the body of a diabetic. As soon as the patient eats something and their blood sugar starts to rise, they use an app on their smartphone to trigger an electrical signal, or they rely on a preconfigured app to send the signal automatically, provided information about the meal was entered in advance. “

“A short while after the signal is sent, the cells release the necessary amount of insulin to regulate the patient’s blood sugar level.”

“A radio signal from outside the body activates the electronics in the implant, which then transmits electrical signals directly to the cells.”

“The electrical signals stimulate a special combination of calcium and potassium channels; in turn, this triggers a signaling cascade in the cell that controls the insulin gene.”

“…..electrogenetic applications may use electrical stimulation to directly influence the expression of voltage-dependent receptors in electrosensitive designer cells.”

“We’ve wanted to directly control gene expression using electricity for a long time; now we’ve finally succeeded,”

“Our implant could be connected to the cyber universe……”

“A device of this kind would enable people to be fully integrated into the digital world and become part of the Internet of Things—or even the Internet of the Body.”



Experts Weigh In on 5G

Experts weigh in on recent online reports that warn of frightening health consequences from new fifth generation (5G) wireless networks.”

“Within current exposure limits, there appears to be little or no risk of adverse health effects related to radiofrequency (RF) exposure from 5G systems, concludes an evidence-based expert review in the June issue of Health Physics…..”

“While we acknowledge gaps in the scientific literature, particularly for exposures at millimeter-wave frequencies, [we judge] the likelihood of yet unknown health hazards at exposure levels within current limits to be very low, if they exist at all….”

Tissue heating is the main potential harmful effect of exposure to RF fields.”

“The Committee acknowledges limitations of the current evidence on possible health and safety effects of 5G exposure and identifies key areas for further research, including high-quality studies of the biological effects of MMW.”

“While it is acknowledged that the scientific literature on MMW biological effect research is more limited than that for lower frequencies, we also note that it is of mixed quality and stress that future research should use appropriate precautions to enhance validity.”

Cultocracy note :

Ambiguous at the least……Covering their own arses at best…..

“High quality studies” = $cientific $cammers

They’re already queuing up .


Hold on….Wait a minute…….

I seem to recollect another panel of experts and their spokespersons stating that something else was ‘low risk’ ???

Ahhhhhh……..Now I remember………

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Magnetically Powered Neural Stimulator

Rice University neuroengineers have created a tiny surgical implant that can electrically stimulate the brain and nervous system without using a battery or wired power supply.”

“The neural stimulator draws its power from magnetic energy and is about the size of a grain of rice.”

“The implant’s key ingredient is a thin film of “magnetoelectric” material that converts magnetic energy directly into an electrical voltage.”

“The method avoids the drawbacks of radio waves, ultrasound, light and even magnetic coils, all of which have been proposed for powering tiny wireless implants and have been shown to suffer from interference with living tissue or produce harmful amounts of heat.”

“Devices about the size of a grain of rice could be implanted almost anywhere in the body with a minimally invasive procedure similar to the one used to place stents in blocked arteries….”

“The magnetic field generates stress in the magnetostrictive material…..”

“… generates acoustic waves and some of those are at a resonant frequency that creates a particular mode we use called an acoustic resonant mode.”

Acoustic resonance in magnetostrictive materials is what causes large electrical transformers to audibly hum.”

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Brain Computer Interface – BCI

Artificial Synapse

“Researchers have created a device that can integrate and interact with neuron-like cells. This could be an early step toward an artificial synapse for use in brain-computer interfaces.”

“Now, in a paper published June 15 in Nature Materials, they have tested the first biohybrid version of their artificial synapse and demonstrated that it can communicate with living cells. “

“Future technologies stemming from this device could function by responding directly to chemical signals from the brain.”

“The biohybrid artificial synapse consists of two soft polymer electrodes, separated by a trench filled with electrolyte solution – which plays the part of the synaptic cleft that separates communicating neurons in the brain.”

“It’s a demonstration that this communication melding chemistry and electricity is possible…..”

“Now that the researchers have successfully tested their design, they are figuring out the best paths for future research, which could include work on brain-inspired computers, brain-machine interfaces, medical devices or new research tools for neuroscience.”

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“An ability to manipulate molecules has greatly facilitated the recent development of artificial molecular machines which have been proved promising in performing specific tasks.”

DNA nanotechnology and bioengineering also came up with great promises in the advancements of molecular robots.”

” DNA-based well-designed and robust molecular machines like DNA walkers , nanomotors , switches , nanorobotic arm , etc. have been fabricated that can perform specific functions at nanoscale.”

“In these developments very small size of the molecular robots has been a big advantage since it enables creating a large number of robots and managing them to perform tasks coherently.”

“Allowing small individuals to interact with each other and produce a more complex, collective task, has been motivated by collective behavior of living organisms .

“Three types of interactions such as attraction, repulsion, and alignment are worth to consider in the flocking exhibited by living organisms such as birds, fish, cells, and bacteria.”

“Swarming of chemically fueled self-propelled systems was regulated by manipulating their mutual interactions through chemical signaling, electrostatic forces, magnetic forces, or other forces…..”

Three basic components are essential for constructing molecular robots: actuator, processor, and sensor . Actuator serves as the power generator for the molecular robots. Processor works as a mechanism for processing information by the robots. Sensors are required to detect information by the robots from their surroundings.”

“Among the many functional molecular parts, the biomolecular motors have been selected as the actuator for molecular robots. DNA has been used as the information processor, and photosensitive molecules such as azobenzene played the role of a sensor for the molecular robots.”

“Swarming of molecular robots was realized by utilizing the molecular recognition ability of DNA in controlling local interactions between molecular robots……”

The size of robots has been scaled down from centimeters to nanometers, and the number of robots participating in swarming has been successfully increased from one thousand to millions.”

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Robot Printed Biosensors

“In groundbreaking new research, mechanical engineers and computer scientists at the University of Minnesota have developed a 3D printing technique that uses motion capture technology, similar to that used in Hollywood movies, to print electronic sensors directly on organs that are expanding and contracting.”

“The researchers started in the lab with a balloon-like surface and a specialized 3D printer. They used motion capture tracking markers, much like those used in movies to create special effects, to help the 3D printer adapt its printing path to the expansion and contraction movements on the surface.”

“The researchers then moved on to an animal lung in the lab that was artificially inflated.”

“They were able to successfully print a soft hydrogel-based sensor directly on the surface.”

“The broader idea behind this research, is that this is a big step forward to the goal of combining 3D printing technology with surgical robots….”

“In the future, 3D printing will not be just about printing but instead be part of a larger autonomous robotic system. This could be important for diseases like COVID-19 where health care providers are at risk when treating patients.”





Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Cultocracy window dressing alert note :

“therapeutic interventions” = Neural Experimentation / Torture

“non-invasive therapeutics” = Neural Manipulation / Torture

Remote Control Neurons

“Researchers have created a new technology that enhances scientists’ ability to communicate with neural cells using light.”

“As an alternative to genetic modification, direct infrared (IR) laser pulses are used to induce membrane depolarization….”

“The ability to use NIR is crucial for translation to in vivo studies because it enables an increase in tissue penetration depth due to reduced absorption by water and hemoglobin…..”

“Absorption of light energy by materials can lead to the generation of thermal energy (via photothermal effects) and/or the accumulation of charge carriers (via photoelectric effects) .”

“An emerging alternative that can provide nongenetic, instantaneous, and spatial control is photothermal stimulation using Au- and Si-based nanomaterials….”

“The high photothermal efficiency and subcellular dimensions of nanowire-templated 3D fuzzy graphene (NT-3DFG) enable instantaneous, remote, and nongenetic photothermal stimulation of cells at subcellular spatial resolution using significantly lower laser energies….”

“The ease with which the surface chemistry of NT-3DFG can be tuned via chemical or peptide-based functionalization enables stable biointerfaces.”

“……toward an understanding of cellular physiology, with the long-term goal of applications in intact tissues.”

“By growing two-dimensional (2D) graphene flakes out-of-plane on a silicon nanowire structure, they’re able to create a 3D structure with broadband optical absorption and unparalleled photothermal efficiency.”

“These properties make it ideal for cellular electrophysiology modulation using light through the optocapacitive effect.”

“The optocapacitive effect alters the cell membrane capacitance due to rapidly applied light pulses.”

“Systems like these are not only crucial to understanding how cells signal and interact with each other, but also hold great potential for the development of new, therapeutic interventions.”

“The broadband absorption of these 3D nanomaterials enabled us to use light at wavelengths that can penetrate deep into the tissue to remotely excite nerve cells.”

“This method can be used in a whole gamut of applications, from designing non-invasive therapeutics to basic scientific studies….”

Cultocracy note :

Hmmmm…..Infrared light….I vaguely remember a similar system….

Aahhhhhh……..Yes….This one…….

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Laser Weather Forecasting

“News of Hurricane Irma dominated forecasts for days before it made landfall in the Caribbean and then the southeastern United States in September 2017…..”

“But how did forecasters get such a clear picture of what was coming? “

“One important tool in their arsenal was a sophisticated device called the Cross-Track Infrared Spectrometer (CrIS), which scans the atmosphere, from the ground all the way up, from a polar-orbiting satellite.”

“After the fact, recalls David Johnson, a scientist at Langley Research Center, analysis showed that prediction models without readings from satellite instruments such as CrIS showed the storm sputtering out in the Atlantic Ocean soon after forming.”

“But when they include the data from these sounders the models showed the hurricane intensifying and becoming a major storm — which is what actually happened. “

CrIS is what’s called a Fourier Transform spectrometer. “

“Put simply, spectrometers observe a solid, liquid, or gas, and then measure which spectra of the light are emitted or absorbed.”

“To get the spectral measurements, the infrared emissions are first split and bounced between two mirrors…..”

CrIS wouldn’t work without a laser metrology system….”

“The metrology laser for CrIS was built by a multinational company called ABB, based in Switzerland but with its U.S headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, as a subcontractor to L3Harris Technologies.”

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Acoustic Electron Spin Control

Electrons are very much at the mercy of magnetic fields, which scientists can manipulate to control the electrons and their angular momentum — i.e. their “spin.”

“A Cornell team led by Greg Fuchs, assistant professor of applied and engineering physics in the College of Engineering, in 2013 invented a new way to exert this control by using acoustic waves…..”

“The finding was a boon for anyone looking to build quantum sensors of the sort used in mobile navigation devices.”

“You can use a magnetic field to drive these spin transitions, but a magnetic field is actually a very extended, big object,”

“In contrast, acoustic waves can be very confined.”

“In order to drive the electron spin transitions, Fuchs and Huiyao Chen ’20, the paper’s lead author, used nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers, which are defects in the crystal lattice of a diamond.”

“There’s a significant effort nationwide to make highly stable magnetic field sensors with diamond NV centers,”

“People are already building these devices based on conventional magnetic resonance using magnetic antennas.”

“The research was supported by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Office of Naval Research.”

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Researchers have developed a technique, using artificial intelligence, to analyze opinions and draw conclusions using the brain activity of groups of people.

“Crowdsourcing is a method to break up a more complex task into smaller tasks that can be distributed to large groups of people and solved individually.”

“Even the most advanced image recognition systems based on artificial intelligence are not yet fully automated.”

“Instead, training them requires the opinions of several people on the content of many sample images.”

“In the study, a total of 30 volunteers were shown images of human faces on a computer display. The participants were instructed to label the faces in their mind based on what was portrayed in the images.”

“Meanwhile, the brain activity of each participant was collected using electroencephalography (EEG).”

“From the EEGs, the AI algorithm learned to recognise images relevant to the task, such as when an image of a blond person appeared on-screen.”

“In the results of the experiment, the computer was able to interpret these mental labels directly from the EEG.”

“The findings can be utilised in various interfaces that combine brain and computer activity.”

Cultocracy note :

The above article describes one singular facet of the ‘programme’ , albeit in simplistic terms .

Used extensively in clandestine experimental machine learning applications .

Related :

  1. Aligning Brains & Minds




Fear Conditioning

Your brain handles a perceived threat differently depending on how close it is to you. If it’s far away, you engage more problem-solving areas of the brain. But up close, your animal instincts jump into action and there isn’t as much reasoning….”

“Clinically, people who develop PTSD are more likely to have experienced threats that invaded their personal space, assaults or rapes or witnessing a crime at a close distance. They’re the people that tend to develop this long-lasting threat memory…..”

“It’s like an IMAX experience,” LaBar said. “The threatening characters popped out of the screen and would either invade your personal space as you’re navigating this virtual world, or they were farther away.”

“On the first day of testing, subjects received a mild shock when the “threat avatar” appeared, either two feet away or 10 feet away, but not when they saw the safe avatar at the same distances.”

“Tellingly, the nearby threats that engaged the survival circuits also proved harder to extinguish after they no longer produced shocks.”

“Clinically, it’s a new interventional target.”

“If you can somehow get rid of that persistent threat representation in the cerebellum, you might be less likely to reinstate (the fear) later on.”

Cultocracy note :

“… might be less likely to reinstate (the fear) later on.”

Unless of course that is the required reaction…..

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  1. Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying from COVID but are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing, Which has its Roots in CIA Torture Techniques
  2. The anisotropy of personal space
  3. How Extinction Is Defined in Psychology
  4. Neural Mechanisms of Extinction Learning and Retrieval
  5. Using Extinction to Reduce Problem Behavior

Further reading :

  1. There Is More Than One Kind of Extinction Learning
  2. When Learning Disturbs Memory – Temporal Profile of Retroactive Interference of Learning on Memory Formation
  3. Interference theory (Wikipedia)

Not related (I think) :

  1. Extinction – How to get rid of problem behaviors in dogs



Hippocampal Neurons , REM Sleep , Memory Consolidation

“The capacity to recall specific experiences, known as episodic memory, depends on the hippocampus.”

“This brain structure is unique in that its dentate gyrus (DG) exhibits neurogenesis that persists across the lifespan in mammals, including humans.”

“DG adult-born neurons (ABNs) provide a distinctive form of plasticity to the brain and may play an essential role in survival.”

“Temporally specific optogenetic silencing of ABN activity reveals the necessity of young ABNs in learning and memory retrieval.”

“In mammals, sleep occurs in cycles of rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM (NREM) sleep.”

“Each sleep stage is characterized by local and global synchronous neuronal activities that play critical roles in memory consolidation.”

“We found that contextual fear learning recruits a population of young ABNs that are reactivated during subsequent REM sleep.”

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  1. How Dreaming Helps the Brain Consolidate Memories
  2. Adult-Born Neurons Protect Against Chronic Stress
  3. Newborn neurons in adult brain may help us adapt to environment
  4. Activation of adult-born neurons facilitate learning and memory
  5. Involvement of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Learning and Forgetting

Possibly related :

  1. When Neurons Are ‘Born’ Impacts Olfactory Behavior in Mice
  2. The Role of Adult-Born Neurons in the Constantly Changing Olfactory Bulb Network

Further reading :

  1. Microglial depletion disrupts normal functional development of adult-born neurons in the olfactory bulb
  2. How some cells serve as unlikely heroes to defend the brain from viral invaders
  3. Microglia, immune cells of the central nervous system, shown to regulate neuroinflammation

Even more reading :

  1. Microglia control the spread of neurotropic virus infection via P2Y12 signalling and recruit monocytes through P2Y12-independent mechanisms
  2. Coronavirus Neurovirulence Correlates with the Ability of the Virus To Induce Proinflammatory Cytokine Signals from Astrocytes and Microglia



Toilet Paper Stockpilers Anally Retentive

“Following the fast spread of Covid-19 across Europe and North America in March 2020, many people started stockpiling commodities like toilet paper.”

“…..stockpiling toilet paper during the Covid-19 pandemic should be observed primarily among those who feel particularly threatened by the virus.”

“Finally, stockpiling toilet paper has also been interpreted in terms of classic psychoanalytic theory. In this line of reasoning, individuals with a marked pattern of orderliness and self-discipline, or an “anal-retentive personality” , are hypothesized to be particularly inclined to hoard toilet paper.”

“In order to examine individual differences underlying toilet paper consumption empirically, we attended to the HEXACO model of personality in the present study.”

“The HEXACO model is rooted in lexical studies of personality descriptors across various languages and organizes individual differences along six broad personality domains.”

“The three main findings of the current study are the following: First, the perceived threat of Covid-19 predicts toilet paper stockpiling.”

“Second, Emotionality predicts the perceived threat of Covid-19 and thereby indirectly affects stockpiling behavior.”

“Third, individuals high in Conscientiousness engage in more toilet paper stockpiling.”

“While it is important to communicate the severity of a pandemic and appeal to people’s compliance to necessary measures such as social distancing, communicators should be careful not to provoke panic that can eventually result in dysfunctional behavior such as stockpiling……”

“Meanwhile, the present study suggests that low anxiety and little desire to plan ahead are the best psychological protective factors to refrain from irrationally stockpiling limited resources in times of a health crisis.”

Cutocracy note :

“communicators should be careful not to provoke panic….”

Unless of course that is the required reaction .

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  1. The 6 Major Dimensions of Personality as Outlined in the Hexaco Personality Inventory
  2. What is conditioning?
  3. How Fear Works

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  1. Beyond PTSD and Fear-Based Conditioning: Anger-Related Responses Following Experiences of Forced Migration
  2. What is Ericksonian Hypnosis and What Characterizes It
  3. Fear conditioning and extinction across development: Evidence from human studies and animal models

Further reading :

  1. The Pentagon Will Use AI to Predict Panic Buying, COVID-19 Hotspots
  2. Shopper ‘draws knife’ in fight over toilet paper amid coronavirus stockpiling
  3. London shopper mugged for toilet paper as coronavirus panic leaves shelves ransacked
  4. Australian man tasered in toilet paper scrap

Cutocracy note :

“The Pentagon Will Use AI to Predict Panic Buying….”

Could also be used to promote panic buying…..

Just sayin’……..



Kick the Cat

“…..we explore the mechanism through which supervisors’ ego depletion induces subordinates’ deviant behavior.”

“It is the way of the world, Baldrick. The abused always kick downwards. I am annoyed, and so I kick the cat, the cat pounces on the mouse, and finally, the mouse bites you on the behind.”

“When the ego depletion state is transmitted from one person to another, it is highly possible to witness such interpersonal influence in that ego depletion of one person manifests its detrimental effect of inducing unethical behavior of other person.”

Unethical behavior refers to actions that exhibit harmful effects on others and is “either illegal or morally unacceptable to the larger community” “

“Crossover literature has argued that several negative experiences, such as negative affect, depression, or emotion exhaustion, could be transmitted from leaders to their subordinates.”

“This newly developed serial crossover model demonstrates that depleted supervisors will exhibit abusive supervision , thereby depleting self-control resources of subordinates ; to protect their remaining resources, subordinates are reluctant to exercise self-regulation and are prone to impulsive behavior .”





Synthetic Biology

Ionic Man

All biological systems, including animals and plants, communicate in a language of ions and small molecules…..

“To narrow the gap between biological systems and artificial‐intelligence systems, bioinspired ion‐transport‐based sensory systems should be developed as successor of electronics, since they can emulate biological functionality more directly and communicate with biology seamlessly. “

“….it is difficult to realize a direct human‐computer interface (bioelectronic interface) without a transducer, since both sides speak “different languages.” “

“Specifically, biological systems contain numerous nanoscale ionic elements, which exist in the form of ion channels and ion pumps in cell membranes.”

“They work together to control the ion concentration gradients across cell membranes, enabling information encoding/decoding through action potentials.”

“Inspired by these biological ionic processes, the aim of artificial ionic sensors is to realize similar functions with ultrahigh sensitivity and operational stability, e.g., ionic artificial skin inspired by the mechanotransduction phenomenon.”

“Ion‐transport‐based processes can be applied for signal processing and information storage.”

“Development of an all‐ion‐transport‐based transistor will provide a unique opportunity for real‐time regulation/control of signals from living organisms. “

“The ionic interface is an ion‐transport‐based connection element that can act as an interfacing device between electronic and biological systems.”

“Song et al. described indirect ionic interface to control and manipulate the nervous system by the modulation of ion concentrations.”

“…..ionic interfaces, as defined above, are a powerful bridging module between external signals (including light signal, electrical signal, and thermal signal) and biological signals.”

“Once such bidirectional communication is reached, the real communication between artificial and biological intelligence should not be far away. “

“The ultimate goal is to construct an integrated ionic sensory system, able to realize seamless signal transduction between external stimuli, responsive artificial machines, and biological systems.”

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  1. Magnetogenetics



Brain on a Chip

MIT engineers have designed a “brain-on-a-chip,” smaller than a piece of confetti, that is made from tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses known as memristors — silicon-based components that mimic the information-transmitting synapses in the human brain.”

Memristors, or memory transistors, are an essential element in neuromorphic computing. In a neuromorphic device, a memristor would serve as the transistor in a circuit, though its workings would more closely resemble a brain synapse — the junction between two neurons.”

The synapse receives signals from one neuron, in the form of ions, and sends a corresponding signal to the next neuron.”

“In contrast, a memristor would work along a gradient, much like a synapse in the brain.

The signal it produces would vary depending on the strength of the signal that it receives. “

“This would enable a single memristor to have many values, and therefore carry out a far wider range of operations than binary transistors.”

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  2. Stanford researchers develop artificial synapse that works with living cells






Nanoplastics Accumulating in Tissues

“Little is known about the behavior of nanoplastics in terrestrial environments, especially agricultural soils – says Baoshan Xing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and colleagues in China.”

“Xing points out that nanoplastic particles can be as small as a protein or a virus.”

“Weathering and degradation change plastic’s physical and chemical properties and imparts surface charges, so environmental particles are different from the pristine polystyrene nanoplastics often used in the lab.”

Nanoplastics reduced the total biomass of model plants, they were smaller and the roots were much shorter.”

“If you reduce the biomass, it’s not good for the plant, yield is down and the nutritional value of crops may be compromised.”

“Our findings provide direct evidence that nanoplastics can accumulate in plants, depending on their surface charge.”

“Plant accumulation of nanoplastics can have both direct ecological effects and implications for agricultural sustainability and food safety.”

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  2. Brain Damage and Behavioural Disorders in Fish induced by Plastic Nanoparticles
  3. Plastic Particles Found in Bottled Water & North West Rivers





Health & Medical


Cultocracy note :

The links between gut health and overall health are well documented .

Increasing research shows the detrimental health effects of many food additives .

Hence the constant attack on food labelling by corporate poison profiteers .

Sleep Deprivation and Death

“Harvard Medical School (HMS) neuroscientists have identified an unexpected, causal link between sleep deprivation and premature death.”

“In a study on sleep-deprived fruit flies, published in Cell on June 4, researchers found that death is always preceded by the accumulation of molecules known as reactive oxidative species (ROS) in the gut.”

“When fruit flies were given antioxidant compounds that neutralize and clear ROS from the gut, sleep-deprived flies remained active and had normal lifespans. “

“Additional experiments in mice confirmed that ROS accumulate in the gut when sleep is insufficient.”

“We were surprised to find it was the gut that plays a key role in causing death.”

“The guts of sleep-deprived flies had a dramatic buildup of ROS — highly reactive, oxygen-containing molecules that in large amounts can damage DNA and other components within cells, leading to cell death.”

“They tested dozens of compounds with antioxidant properties known to neutralize ROS and identified 11 that, when given as a food supplement, allowed sleep-deprived flies to have a normal or near-normal lifespan.”

“These compounds, such as melatonin, lipoic acid and NAD, were particularly effective at clearing ROS from the gut. “

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  1. Foods that Reduce Oxidative Stress and Prevent Cancer
  2. Biological Activities of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species: Oxidative Stress versus Signal Transduction



More Blood and Guts

“A common food additive, recently banned in France but allowed in the U.S. and many other countries, was found to significantly alter gut microbiota in mice, causing inflammation in the colon and changes in protein expression in the liver, according to research led by a University of Massachusetts Amherst food scientist. “

“The study confirmed a strong linkage between foodborne titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2 NPs) and adverse health effects.”

Gut microbiota, which refers to the diverse and complex community of microorganisms in the gut, plays a vital role in human health.”

“An imbalance of gut microbiota has been associated with a range of health issues, including inflammatory bowel disease, obesity and cardiovascular disease.”

“Human exposure to foodborne TiO2 NPs comes primarily from a food additive known as E171….”

“The bigger particles won’t be absorbed easily, but the smaller ones could get into the tissues and accumulate somewhere….”

“The researchers found TiO2 NPs decreased cecal levels of short-chain fatty acids, which are essential for colon health, and increased pro-inflammatory immune cells and cytokines in the colon, indicating an inflammatory state.”

“The results support our hypothesis that including TiO2 NPs in the diet disrupts the homeostasis of the gut microbiota…..”

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  1. Meet Your Second Brain: The Gut
  2. What’s an Unhealthy Gut? How Gut Health Affects You
  3. Search term “gut health brain link”





$cientific $cammer of the Month

UK Covid “Experts” Cannot be Trusted

“The lead story in today’s France Soir – a long-respected and unaligned French daily – presents compelling evidence to suggest that the Whitehall/Cabinet Covid19 “advice” team cannot be trusted….and raises yet more doubts about BBC complicity in a false Coronavirus narrative.”

“The Government’s leading body for Covid19 drug trials – led by the controversial character Professor Peter Horby – stands accused of grossly misleading negative trial results for the coronavirus management drug Hydroxychloroqhine.”

Professor Peter Horby is an epidemiologist, and the Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health at the University of Oxford. He chairs the UK government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG). In addition, seven weeks ago he was charged with leading the ‘Recovery’ trial team into drugs for COVID-19.”

“Despite its constant refrain of being “led by the science”, the Johnson Cabinet is in reality being – dare I say it – deliberately misled by rather mediocre Second Division virologists and modellers acting (consciously or otherwise) as agents for Big Pharma.”

Cultocracy note :

“Incompetence, Lying, Manipulation and Big Bucks”

Sums it all up for me .

On the plus side , experts are going cheap at the moment .

Although it does appear that Prof. Horby has been thrown a very timely lifeline .

I wonder why ?

Related :

  1. British government adviser who worked with China from the start of the coronavirus outbreak faces questions about whether he could have done more to raise the alarm in the UK
  2. ‘Don’t tear the pants out of it!’ Government adviser Prof Van-Tam warns public not to abuse liberties
  3. NIH & Moderna Signed mRNA Vaccine Contract Before COVID Event Started & Shocking New CDC Mask Study

Not related (I think) :

  1. Pete The Meat Puppet (YouTube)



Walking Bad for Environment

Walking and cycling have many benefits and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but researchers say we need to think about what people eat to fuel their walking and cycling.”

“Lead researcher Dr Anja Mizdrak from the University of Otago, Wellington, says producing the food required to fuel walking and cycling does come at a cost.”

“In a paper published in the international journal, Scientific Reports, the researchers say people who shift from passive modes of transport, such as driving, to active modes, such as walking, will have higher energy needs, which could lead to an increase in food-production related emissions.”

“Dr Cristina Cleghorn, a nutrition researcher at the University of Otago, Wellington, and co-author of the research paper, says reducing meat consumption and shifting diets away from processed food and towards more vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruits are likely to have health and environmental co-benefits.”

Cultocracy note :

I am currrently working on another ‘global warming’ based scientific research paper .

It is titled :

‘The environmental co-benefits of complete non-locomotion and complete non-eating (especially meat) is associated with a complete reduction in greenhouse gas emissions , except for when you then die and are then completely cremated , non-negligably’

N.B. The longer the title , the better the chance of being published .

More astonishingly long titled insights from Dr Anja Mizdrak :

  1. Modelling the health impact of food taxes and subsidies with price elasticities: The case for additional scaling of food consumption using the total food expenditure elasticity
  2. Greater accordance with the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension dietary pattern is associated with lower diet-related greenhouse gas production but higher dietary costs in the United Kingdom

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  2. Degassing Beans: Here’s How to Silence the “Musical Fruit”

Not related (I think) :

  1. Johnny Fartpants



Cultocracy note :

The motto at the top of the tree is always ‘if you’re gonna scam , then scam big’ .

I wonder what really goes on at NASA et al ??????

Moon Mining

“Plans to start mining the Moon as early as 2025 became more attractive this week after a US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) team found evidence that the Earth’s natural satellite may, underneath its surface, be richer in metals than previously thought.”

“The proposed global legal framework for mining on the moon, called the Artemis Accords, would be the latest effort to attract allies to the National Space Agency’s (NASA) plan to place humans and space stations on the celestial body within the next decade.”

“The country’s space agency NASA had previously outlined its long-term approach to lunar exploration, which includes setting up a “base camp” on the moon’s south pole. “

“Geologists, as well as emerging companies, such as US-based Planetary Resources, a firm pioneering the space mining industry, believe asteroids are packed with iron ore, nickel and precious metals at much higher concentrations than those found on Earth, making up a market valued in the trillions.”

Related :

  1. From telescopes to GPS: military, space science are linked

Cultocracy note :


“……iron ore, nickel and precious metals”


Everybody knows the Moon is made of green cheese……

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Nanotechnology News – May 2020


Cultocracy introduction :

The official narrative is now threadbare .

Perhaps a useful distraction is required .

What many do not realize is that nobody’s life matters in the modern world .

In particular those with no value as a saleable commodity .

The Race to Read your Brain

Cultocracy note :

The brain is the final frontier for many in the field of science .

Covert experimentation in bleeding edge neurotechnologies is commonplace in the modern world .

In fact you could say that it has now reached epidemic proportions .

The article below from the mainstream Daily Mail is one of many that lays the foundations and seeks to prepare the broader public for acceptance of mass mind manipulation .

Everything is proceeding as planned .

There is zero mention of the adverse effects on humanity itself .

The article does expose the compromised nature of Western technology and the funding model for future research and development pathways .

How many will be rendered powerless .

How many will resist .

As always , as ever , the keyword is control .



Nanotechnology News – May 2020





Cultocracy quiz interlude note :

Oh dear……

Everybody’s favorite mad scientists have been hard at work haven’t they .

Question :

What came first ?

The chicken or the egg ?????

Answers on a postcard please .

Gene-Editing Vaccines

Moderna’s chief medical officer has described the company’s products as “hacking the software of life” and permanently altering a person’s genetic code. If Moderna is poised to bring the first Covid-19 vaccine to market, a deeper look at his comments and his employer are warranted.”

“In recent weeks, it has quickly become apparent that the leading Covid-19 vaccine candidate is the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine being developed by Boston-based Moderna Inc.”

“However, since at least last fall, Moderna has sought to resolve this issue by adding “nanoparticles” to its mRNA vaccine, a modification financed by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Moderna is a “strategic ally” of DARPA and has received millions from DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation several years prior to the current coronavirus crisis.”

DARPA’s plans for nanoparticles and nanotechnology and their potentially Orwellian applications were the subject of a recent The Last American Vagabond report.”

“The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health supported this work.”

“In addition to support from the FDA, Moderna has also received considerable U.S. government funding ($438 million) from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)……”

“Moderna’s current Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tal Zaks. Zaks, an Israeli citizen who began his career at GlaxoSmithKline, oversees “preclinical development, clinical development and regulatory affairs” for Moderna and all of its subsidiaries. “

“Zaks’ description of Moderna’s mRNA products as, making permanent edits to human genes……….”

“Zaks’ statements are noteworthy and concerning for several reasons, including the fact that DARPA — Moderna’s “strategic ally” — is also openly funding research aimed at “reprogramming genes” and “manipulat[ing] genes or control[ling] gene expression to combat viruses and help human bodies withstand infection” caused by Covid-19.”

“Given that the stage has already been set for mandatory vaccinations that will be “distributed” throughout the U.S. by the military, now is the time to vigorously raise awareness about the Moderna vaccine’s gravely under-reported ability to “hack the software of life” in ways that could harm public health.”

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Plant Epigenetics

“By manipulating the expression of one gene, geneticists can induce a form of “stress memory” in plants that is inherited by some progeny, giving them the potential for more vigorous, hardy and productive growth……”

“The researchers identify pathways that enhance root growth and plant vigor — increasing yield.”

“When an MSH1-modified plant is crossed or grafted, this enhanced plant vigor becomes quite pronounced.”

“In our research, we show that this memory condition is heritable by progeny but occurs in only a proportion of the progeny — so that there are memory and non-memory full siblings……..”

“Researchers contend that plants can be “reprogrammed” epigenetically to express genes differently without altering genotype, which constitutes a non-traditional approach to breeding.”

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Further reading :

  1. Epigenetics – Shaping Humanity




Quantum Computing & Communications

Cultocracy note :

Any modern day cri$i$ can and will be capitalized on to advance scientific research .

Unfortunately , the scientific advancements which result from any crisis will inevitably be leveraged to cultivate the consequent cri$i$ .

Until we have a real crisis .

15 Trillion Entangled Atoms

“Scientists have observed an unexpectedly large quantum system featuring 15 trillion entangled atoms, according to a new study.”

Quantum entanglement describes the connection between separate particles. The phenomenon is key to the promise of quantum computing, quantum encryption and other quantum technologies. “

“Usually, quantum entanglement features a pair of coupled atoms or electrons. Entangled states are quite delicate. To ensure entangled particles remain undisturbed, many quantum systems must be isolated and kept at temperatures approaching absolute zero, limiting their practical viability.”

“For the new study, published Friday in Nature Communications, researchers heated a cloud of gas atoms to temperatures upwards of 450 Kelvin. The atoms were far from isolated. Every few microseconds, billions of gas atoms would collide, causing their electrons to spin sporadically in different directions. “

“By measuring magnetization, caused by electron spin patterns, scientists were able to detect coupling between the gas atoms.”

“The ability to detect quantum entanglement on large scales could help scientists improve ultra-sensitive magnetic field detection technologies.”

“Scientists were surprised to detect entanglement of some 15 trillion atoms — a total 100 times greater than the previous entanglement record.”

Researchers already use sensors featuring hot, high-density atomic gases in the field of magnetoencephalography, the study of the brain’s magnetic signals.”

“The addition of entanglement could help scientists study the magnetic signals of the brain at higher resolutions.”

“We hope that this kind of giant entangled state will lead to better sensor performance in applications ranging from brain imaging to self-driving cars to searches for dark matter.”

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  1. Quantum hall effect ‘reincarnated’ in 3-D topological materials





Artificial Intelligence – AI

Any convenient crisis will quickly be utilized to rapidly accelerate research into AI guided applications .

Partly driven by fear , primarily driven by profit , wholly driven by agenda .

Accelerating to the Future

“Countries around the world have responded to the Covid-19 coronavirus with lockdowns, restrictions, and technology solutions that use artificial intelligence to combat the virus. “

“As the outbreak progresses, all sectors of Chinese society continue to apply AI, big data capabilities, and robot services to prevent and control the coronavirus.”

Autonomous driving has also proved to be essential in the fight against the pandemic, easing the burden of Covid-19 by transporting necessary medical supplies and food to health-care professionals and the public in infected areas and disinfecting hospitals and public surfaces to reduce the spread of coronavirus.”

“Having been through the pandemic and supported the front line, we realize ‘automation’ and ‘intelligence’ are the best solutions for humans to respond to large-scale emergencies.”

Baidu, one of the leaders in autonomous vehicle technology, has released 104 driverless vehicles in 17 cities across the country. These autonomous vehicles are helping carry out frontline anti-epidemic work such as cleaning, disinfecting, logistics, and transportation with support from partner companies. “

“Additionally, Apollo and Neolix deployed unmanned vehicles daily to disinfect all roads on Shanghai Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island.”

“Simultaneously, the vehicle can serve as a night-time security robot and create alerts about those who are disregarding the coronavirus prevention guidelines, such as not wearing masks or gathering in large crowds.”

“As a result of these advances, Baidu has become integral to the development and transition toward smart cities.”

“The pandemic awakened a need for autonomous vehicles to improve safety, deliver supplies and advance new infrastructures.”

Cultocracy Corona Capitalization (TM) score note :

Smart cities will need smart infrastructure and smart sensors .

In fact , smart everything , except for the inhabitants perhaps .

It goes without saying that all of this smart stuff will have to be paid for in smart cash , lots of it .

Baidu has been described as a world leader in AI applications , it has now posited itself at the front of the queue for logistics , surveillance , security and disinfection services .

A simple and understated capitalization model , possibly aimed primarily at the simple and understated .

Corona Capitalization (TM) at it’s finest .

A score of 8 out of 10 from the expert judging panel .

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  1. US Air Force launches Skyborg competition, artificial intelligence for loyal wingman UAV
  2. Dynetics joins DARPA’s unmanned dogfighting effort


World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer to Advance COVID-19 Research

“In November 2019, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and Cerebras Systems, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) compute, announced a partnership to explore how deep learning can advance research in cancer, traumatic brain injury and the properties of black holes, amongst other areas, using Cerebras’ industry-leading CS-1 system.”

“When COVID-19 reached pandemic status in March 2020, however, ANL quickly pivoted their research to help in the race to find life-saving treatments and therapeutics.”

“ANL took a different approach, leveraging the power of AI and machine learning (ML) to develop a model which much more efficiently processes ANL’s massive datasets to determine which molecules have the best docking scores.”

“This ML model allows ANL to quickly predict which drug molecules are the best candidates for the next stage of testing.”

“Once the CS-1 is running the ML models, the next step is to run inference over several billion samples to pick the ones most likely to bind to the virus’ pocket and prevent it from binding to other host cells. “

“From there, ANL is building in-silico models to understand the interactions of the selected drug molecules further.”

“……enabling them to quickly identify which drug molecules will be most effective in binding to the virus’ proteins and keeping the Pandora’s Box of COVID-19 closed.”

“…the power of AI supercomputers promises to accelerate research and development of deep learnings models and greatly advance the future of disease research.”

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  1. U.S. DoE and Intel to Build First Exascale Supercomputer
  2. Cerebras Systems deploys the ‘world’s fastest AI computer’ at Argonne National Lab

Cultocracy note :

Didn’t predict the COVID outbreak , did it .

Further reading :

  1. The CRANE Project
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  4. The EyeOpener- Sentient World Simulation: Meet Your DoD Clone
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Corona Censorship

Machine learning can be used to track surges in interest in health topics on popular online comment boards, like Reddit…….”

“Such insight could help public health officials better understand and address public concerns and priorities, and stem the spread of misinformation.”

“As a conduit directly to the thoughts of some people, Reddit is also valuable because it is the place where some of the “infodemic”–the plague of misinformation about COVID-19–has spread.”

“Moving forward, the team will continue to track and analyze posts on this COVID-19-specific thread.”

Stokes and Merchant hope insight like this will be heeded by public health officials in their effort to better combat the spread of misinformation that accompanied the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Cultocracy note :

Couldn’t agree more .

The spread of misinformation which accompanied the COVID-19 outbreak has been truly astounding .

Cultocracy Corona Capitalization (TM) score note :

A different approach by S&M seeks to capitalize on the rash nature of public officials during any crisis .

Controlling the narrative is far more important than the cri$i$ itself .

As is remaining in your well paid position in public office , along with all of the perks that accompany such an esteemed position in society .

The S&M approach basically says , “we will help you with your campaign of lies , you will not be hung out to dry by competitors , real or imagined , or the great unwashed” .

Unfortunately S&M is taking on the big boys with this particular capitalization methodology .

Although , the actual approach could be aimed at the big boys .

It should also be noted that S&M could actually be a part of the big boys gang .

A speculative effort , possibly part of a broader campaign , unlikely to secure a large chunk of TCF (Taxpayer Corona Fundage) .

An overall score of 2 out of 10 from the expert judging panel .

Cultocracy anagram note :

Stokes and Merchant = Stonkered Chasm

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  3. FBI Secretly Collected Data on Aaron Swartz Earlier Than We Thought—in a Case Involving Al Qaeda


Intelligent Vision

“These products expand the opportunities to develop AI-equipped cameras, enabling a diverse range of applications in the retail and industrial equipment industries and contributing to building optimal systems that link with the cloud.”

“The spread of IoT has resulted in all types of devices being connected to the cloud…..”

“They are the world’s first image sensor to be equipped with AI image analysis and processing functionality on the logic chip.”

“The signal acquired by the pixel chip is processed via AI on the sensor, eliminating the need for high-performance processors or external memory, enabling the development of edge AI systems.”

“…… can be used for heat mapping store visitors (detecting locations where many people gather), and the like.”

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  3. Prudential Financial


Clearview AI

“Startup Clearview AI has built a facial recognition system that claims to be able to ID people in real-time, matching them with billions of images pulled from databases and scraped from social media.”

“Earlier this year, a list containing the names of private companies using or possibly interested in using the technology leaked out as regulators began to scrutinize the outfit, and people filed lawsuits.”

“Clearview is cancelling the accounts of every customer who was not either associated with law enforcement or some other federal, state, or local government department, office, or agency…..”

“Instead of taking real steps to address the harms of face recognition surveillance, Clearview is doubling down on the sale of its face surveillance system to law enforcement and continues to fuel large scale violations of Americans’ privacy and due process rights. “

“The only good that Clearview has achieved here is demonstrate the vital importance of strong biometric privacy laws like the one in Illinois, and of laws adopted by cities nationwide banning police use of face recognition systems.”

Cultocracy anagram note :

“Clearview AI” – CIA reviewal

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  4. More Than A Dozen Organizations From The Met Police To J.K. Rowling’s Foundation Have Tried Clearview AI’s Facial Recognition Tech
  5. Met police used controversial American facial recognition firm, data breach reveals

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  2. Live public street cams are tracking social distancing


AI Creates Whisky

“An artificial intelligence algorithm has been used to develop a new whisky.”

“The whisky, from Mackmyra, is branded Intelligens and its precise concoction is only known to the software. The end product is a good dram.”

“To develop the whisky, key factors about the Mackmyra range were fed into the AI software, including awards won for certain brands together with the recipes relating to these whiskies.”

Other data inputted included customer reviews together with sales data (to indicate which types of whiskies have the highest consumer preferences).”

“With the execution of the AI algorithm, there were some 70 million combinations that could have been selected.”

“…….the application of algorithms enables a computer to come up with new combinations that humans simply could never consider.”

“The machine learning aspect was assisted by Mackmyra master blender Angela D’Orazio….”

Cultocracy note :

Gimmicky ?

Commercial ?

The future ?

The present ?

Hope not .

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5G & IoT

Cultocracy note :

Those pesky ‘discredited experts’ are at it again .

Health Workers create Trouble

“Some 400 doctors and 900 health care workers have signed an open letter to the government, urging them to exercise caution regarding the roll-out by Proximus of a forerunner of the next generation of mobile data, known as 5G.”

“Even though it could be a simple coincidence, this seems indecent to us at a time when the people are fighting to overcome a human drama which concerns us all. At the same time, consumer organisations have been quick to publish articles claiming that the technology is not dangerous…..”

“The population has been increasingly exposed to electromagnetic radiation over recent decades, from cordless telephones in the home to the current saturation of high-speed internet, mobile phones, wifi in the metro and the growing Internet of Things

“However, the safety of this exposure has never been demonstrated…..”

“On the contrary, evidence of its harmfulness is accumulating. Since 2011, moreover, electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies has been considered by the WHO as possibly carcinogenic…”

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  1. List of medical professionals discredited experts (PDF)

Cultocracy note :

‘simple coincidence’ = There are no coincidences


Digital Truth Serum

Do smartphones alter what people are willing to disclose about themselves to others? A new study in the Journal of Marketing suggests that they might.”

Writing on one’s smartphone often lowers the barriers to revealing certain types of sensitive information for two reasons; one stemming from the unique form characteristics of phones and the second from the emotional associations that consumers tend to hold with their device.”

“…..a person tends to narrowly focus on completing the task and become less cognizant of external factors that would normally inhibit self-disclosure….”

“Smartphone users know this effect well — when using their phones in public places, they often fixate so intently on its content that they become oblivious to what is going on around them.”

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  3. EMF Research – Martin L. Pall, PhD
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  2. UK charity Full Fact is checking for fake news on Facebook
  3. As fake news flourishes, the UK’s fact-checkers are turning to automation to compete
  4. Misinformation ruins lives, UK fact-checker says

Cultocracy anagram note :

“UK Charity Full Fact” = If a Cackly Truth Flu






Myths and the Mind

“Musk proposes to embed electrodes within your brain so that signals could be sent and received. “

“Well, according to him, everything in the brain is an electrical signal.”

“Therefore, if you have a device implanted in your brain that can send and receive electrical signals, it can compensate for anything that goes wrong.”

“He even believes that he will be able to use Neuralink to digitally record memories—and even edit them………”

“…..his blind adherence to a secular mythology prevents him from seeing the limitations of his approach. “

“As long as he maintains that point of view, he will continue to make the same mistake and not even realize why.”


Blind People could ‘See’ with Electricity

Scientists sent patterns of electricity coursing across people’s brains, coaxing their brains to see letters that weren’t there. “

“The experiment worked in both sighted people and blind participants who had lost their sight in adulthood…..”

“Known as visual prosthetics, the implants were placed on the visual cortex and then stimulated in a pattern to “trace” out shapes that the participants could then “see.” “

“More advanced versions of these implants could work similarly to cochlear implants, which stimulate nerves of the inner ear with electrodes to help enhance the wearer’s hearing ability. “

“The study authors crafted the letters by stimulating the brain with electrical currents, causing it to generate so-called phosphenes — tiny pinpricks of light that people sometimes perceive without any actual light entering their eyes. “

“The team laid an array of electrodes over the visual cortices of five study participants……”

“Specifically, the electrodes sat over a region of the brain known as V1, where information from the retinas gets funneled for early processing. “

“Cochlear implants use a similar strategy to generate different auditory tones………”




Brain Computer Interface – BCI

Head in the Cloud

Researchers have developed ultra-light tattoo electrodes that are hardly noticeable on the skin and make long-term measurements of brain activity cheaper and easier.”

“This type of electrode, optimised in 2018, opened up completely new paths in electrophysiological examinations, such as electrocardiography (ECG) or electromyography (EMG). Thanks to a thickness of 700 to 800 nanometres — that is about 100 times thinner than a human hair — the tattoos adapt to uneven skin and are hardly noticeable on the body.”

“…….the group has modified the tattoo electrodes in such a way that they can also be used in electroencephalography (EEG) — i.e. to measure brain activity.”

“Tests under real clinical conditions have shown that the EEG measurement with the optimized tattoos is as successful as with conventional EEG electrodes.”

“The new tattoo electrodes are the very first dry electrode type that is suitable for long-term EEG measurements and at the same time compatible with magneto-encephalography (MEG).”

“The new generation of tattoo electrodes consists exclusively of conductive polymers, i.e. it does not contain any metals which can be problematic for MEG examinations, and is printed exclusively with inkjet.”

“The TU Graz researcher is currently spinning ideas on how this technology can be used in clinics and in neuroengineering as well as in the field of brain computer interfaces.”

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  4. Artificial speech synthesizer control by brain-computer interface (PDF)
  5. Imagined Speech Classification with EEG Signals for Silent Communication: A
  6. Preliminary Investigation into Synthetic Telepathy
  7. Brain-Computer Interface






Cultocracy note :

Here it comes…..

Get ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution….

A very convenient corona crisis , for some at least .

5G is the glue that will bind everything together .

How do you respond ?

That’s entirely up to you .

Or is it .

Robots to the Rescue

American workers are locked into their homes, avoiding contact with anyone and everything touched by others. “

Social contacts and supply chains are disrupted by coronavirus and the COVID-19 illness it causes. “

“In the workplace, there is a solution that addresses both problems simultaneously: new colleagues immune to pandemics and ready to replace American workers.”

“While many bosses are discovering a new willingness to let at least some employees permanently work remotely, no one seems to be talking about this 800-pound gorilla that could be even more disruptive to jobs and could happen even faster than the already quite scary forecasts of only a few years ago.”

“Even more automation with ever-more-powerful robots and computers can help immunize the economy against future pandemics. “

“This has implications in particular for two industry groups that have come into focus recently: essential industries, including large parts of the manufacturing supply chain, and industries with direct customer contact, also called high-touch industries.”

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  7. Could COVID-19 Accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
  8. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming to the Middle East
    Why coronavirus will accelerate the fourth Industrial Revolution
  9. etc…etc…etc…etc…


Cultocracy note :

Note how the now obsolete ‘War on Terror’ and ‘War on Drugs’ are cited in the article below , a common yet hackneyed tactic .

I’m just surprised they haven’t managed to fit in the word ‘coronavirus’ somewhere .

Tunneling Earthworm Robot

“The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s cutting-edge research and development branch, is funding one of the oddest robotic concepts yet: a robot that mimics an earthworm to dig underground tunnels.”

“It’s all part of an effort to demonstrate robotic tunneling technologies that will provide a secure way of resupplying U.S. Army troops in battle zones. “

“In recent years, several armed transnational groups have turned to tunneling to support drug-running, terrorist, and paramilitary operations.”

“Meanwhile, U.S. forces are preparing for the eventuality of fighting in “megacities”—sprawling cities with a population of a million or more.”

“GE’s tunneling robot uses biomimetics—the imitation of nature to solve engineering problems for humans—to imitate an earthworm not only in form, but function. “

“The key to underground movement? Artificial muscles that can both inflate and scoot the robo-worm forward.”

“GE’s 15-month goal is to develop a robot that can dig at a rate of 10 centimeters (3.93 inches) a second and dig a tunnel 500 meters (1,640 feet) and 10 centimeters in diameter.”

“An operational robo-worm working for the U.S. military would likely be considerably bigger, capable of moving a meaningful amount of supplies. “

Cultocracy note :

“resupplying U.S. Army troops”


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Micro Machines

“The microelectronic robot is 0.8 mm long, 0.8 mm wide and 0.14 mm tall. “

“A special aspect of this project is the availability of an on-board energy system, which enables the highly flexible micro-robot to perform various tasks. “

“The system is also maneuverable in a water solution and can be controlled remotely.”

“In addition, the robot has a light source and a micro-arm, which is able to be powered wirelessly. “

“The use of this system in the areas of micro-robotics and medical technology could be envisioned for targeted administration of medication or directly diagnosing diseases within an organism.”

“Since the micro-robot needs energy, but cannot simply be charged at a socket, a system for wireless energy transmission is used, which consists of integrating an external transmitter and an on-board receiver coil into the microsystem.”

“The energy is transmitted by induction – this principle is similar to how a cell phone is able to be wirelessly charged.”


Artificial Eyes

“Here we present an electrochemical eye with a hemispherical retina made of a high-density array of nanowires mimicking the photoreceptors on a human retina.”

“Mimicking human eyes, artificial vision systems are just as essential in autonomous technologies such as robotics. “

“Particularly for humanoid robots…..”

“Here we demonstrate an artificial visual system using a spherical biomimetic electrochemical eye (EC-EYE) with a hemispherical retina made of a high-density perovskite nanowire array….”

“An ionic liquid electrolyte was used as a front-side common contact to the nanowires and liquid-metal wires were used as back contacts to the nanowire photosensors, mimicking human nerve fibres behind the retina.”

” In addition to its structural similarity with a human eye, the hemispherical artificial retina has a nanowire density much higher than that of photoreceptors in a human retina and can thus potentially achieve higher image resolution, which is bolstered by implementation of a single-nanowire ultrasmall photodetector.”

“Wires attached to the artificial retina send readouts from those sensors to external circuitry for processing, just as nerve fibers relay signals from a real eyeball to the brain. “

“In theory, this synthetic eye could perceive a much higher resolution than the human eye……..”





Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Quantum Radar

Quantum illumination uses entangled signal-idler photon pairs to boost the detection efficiency of low-reflectivity objects in environments with bright thermal noise.”

“Its advantage is particularly evident at low signal powers, a promising feature for applications such as noninvasive biomedical scanning or low-power short-range radar.”

“Here, we experimentally investigate the concept of quantum illumination at microwave frequencies.”

“This successful integration of quantum mechanics into devices could significantly impact the biomedical and security industries.”

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon whereby two particles remain interconnected, sharing physical traits regardless of how far apart they are from one another.”

“The prototype, which is also known as a quantum radar, is able to detect objects in noisy thermal environments where classical radar systems often fail. The technology has potential applications for ultra-low power biomedical imaging and security scanners.”

“Instead of using conventional microwaves, the researchers entangle two groups of photons, which are called the signal and idler photons. “

“The signal photons are sent out towards the object of interest, whilst the idler photons are measured in relative isolation, free from interference and noise.”

“When the signal photons are reflected back, true entanglement between the signal and idler photons is lost, but a small amount of correlation survives, creating a signature or pattern that describes the existence or the absence of the target object—irrespective of the noise within the environment.”

“Using entanglement generated at a few thousandths of a degree above absolute zero (-273.14 °C), we have been able to detect low reflectivity objects at room-temperature.”

“The main message behind our research is that quantum radar or quantum microwave illumination is not only possible in theory, but also in practice.”

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“Little is known about the X-37B space plane and what, exactly, it’s been doing during missions that now total nearly eight years in orbit. “

“On Wednesday, the U.S. Air Force revealed some of the satellite payloads and experiments it will carry aloft this month…..”

“The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, will transform solar power into radio frequency microwave energy which could then be transmitted to the ground….”

“Efforts to beam energy to and from altitude go back to 1959, when Raytheon’s William Brown sold the Defense Department on a concept for a helicopter that would hover at 50,000 feet, well above atmospheric winds, powered by a microwave ray from below.”

“In the 1960s, Brown went on to work with NASA’s Wernher von Braun on converting microwave beams into electrical current.”

“Sending regular electricity to earth via an antenna would require a device too large to be practical. But it is possible to send microwaves to earth from space with an antenna that could actually make it to space. “

In 1975, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory staged a breakthrough demonstration. In the Goldstone Experiment, researchers sent a 2.388-Ghz beam more than a mile over the Mojave desert…..”

“While the X-37 belongs to the Air Force, the new Space Force is “responsible for the launch, on-orbit operations, and landing…..”

“Of course, microwaves from space could also, potentially, be a weapon.”

Weeden’s main concerns about the X-37B are that it puts stuff in space and doesn’t tell anyone. “

Cultocracy note :


I wonder if the aforementioned beams could also be transmitted into space….

Perhaps in the direction of another satellite ?

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Quantum Laser Loop

“For the first time, researchers have succeeded in creating strong coupling between quantum systems over a greater distance.”

“They accomplished this with a novel method in which a laser loop connects the systems, enabling nearly lossless exchange of information and strong interaction between them. “

“The physicists reported that the new method opens up new possibilities in quantum networks and quantum sensor technology.”

“It involves sending a beam of laser light back and forth between the systems. “The light then behaves like a mechanical spring stretched between the atoms and the membrane, and transmits forces between the two,” explains Dr. Thomas Karg, who carried out the experiments as part of his doctoral thesis at the University of Basel.”

“We can control the laser beam between the systems, which allows us to generate different types of interactions that are useful for quantum sensors, for example.”


Behavioral Modification

“For Army scientists, the goal of neuroscience research is pursuing the inner workings of the human brain to advance scientific understanding and improve Soldier performance.”

“A flexible brain region is one that easily engages with other brain regions and/or networks.”

“…..there are precise and measurable local (stimulated region) and global (whole brain) effects that travel common oscillatory patterns in the brain often implicated in tasks related to vision, attention and motor control.”

“This puts us a little closer to harnessing the power of neurostimulation for behavioral modification.”

“The first is neurostimulation, which uses simultaneous transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography,”

“[This] is a type of neurostimulation that causes a changing magnetic field near your scalp, which in turn induces current into whatever conductive body is next to itin this case, it’s your brain.”

“The electrical current that is non-invasively injected into your brain then disrupts the neural firing at the stimulated region……”

“This type of research will support future adaptive neurotechnologies that may be used in human-autonomy teams where behavioral missteps may be predicted and avoided……”

“…..or it could enable a non-human agent synthetic metacognitive abilities to know how a member of the team will perform in particular situations……”

Cultocracy note :

Many ‘military research’ programs are societal control programs .

“non-human agent synthetic metacognitive abilities” = Brainwashing

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Ultrasonic Neuromodulation

“Non-invasive low-intensity pulsed ultrasound has been employed for direct neuro-modulation. However, its range and effectiveness for different neurological disorders have not been fully elucidated.”

“The ultrasound waves can penetrate the intact skull to specific brain regions, causing modulatory effects of neuronal activity or behavioral outcome…..”

Pioneering studies in monkeys have provided evidence that low-intensity pulsed ultrasound can be used to modify perception and behavior…..”

“Previous studies have suggested two possible explanations for ultrasound neuro-modulation: ultrasound directly activates a localized area or indirectly impacts auditory pathways which further propagate to other cortical networks ………”

“The observed inhibitory effect of epileptiform discharges induced by ultrasound stimulation might be result from reduced excitatory inputs, increased inhibitory inputs or modulating both excitatory and inhibitory inputs.”

“We further tested the effects of ultrasound stimulation on inhibitory synaptic activities.”

“The results demonstrated that ultrasound stimulation could induce an increase in inhibitory inputs……”

“Our study suggests that low-intensity pulsed ultrasound could suppress epileptiform activities and might provide a potential clinical treatment for epilepsy.”

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Cultocracy note :

Neuromodulation = Brainwashing






Mysterious Neural Coupling

“Scientists think they’ve identified a previously unknown form of neural communication that self-propagates across brain tissue, and can leap wirelessly from neurons in one section of brain tissue to another – even if they’ve been surgically severed.”

“The discovery, made in February 2019, offers some radical new insights about the way neurons might be talking to one another, via a mysterious process unrelated to conventionally understood mechanisms……”

“Before this, scientists already knew there was more to neural communication than the above-mentioned connections that have been studied in detail, such as synaptic transmission.”

“For example, researchers have been aware for decades that the brain exhibits slow waves of neural oscillations whose purpose we don’t understand, but which appear in the cortex and hippocampus when we sleep, and so are hypothesised to play a part in memory consolidation.”

We’ve known about these waves for a long time, but no one knows their exact function…..”

“This neural activity can actually be modulatedstrengthened or blocked – by applying weak electrical fields and could be an analogue form of another cell communication method, called ephaptic coupling.”

Cultocracy note :

“neural activity can actually be modulated” = Brainwashing

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Synthetic Biology


“Researchers from the University of Illinois have successfully merged a 3D printed hydrogel skeleton with the spinal cord of a rat to create a functional walking ‘spinobot.’

“The novel method of powering the biobot involves the application of glutamate, a neurotransmitter released by nerve cells in the brain, as a stimulus to drive a patterned muscle contraction in the rat spine, which in turn moves the bots ‘feet.’ “

“The University of Illinois researchers opted to use skeletal muscle to power the bot instead, because its cells are more easily modified…..”

“This approach would usually necessitate external stimulation such as electric fields, optogenetics, or chemical stimulation to drive movement, but the researchers used neural messaging to control the muscle’s contractions instead, in the form of a rat’s spinal cord.”

“To construct the spinobot, 3D printing was used to create a polydiacrylate hydrogel skeleton……..”


Viral Hijacking

“Rice University scientists analyzed the role of ferredoxin proteins produced when phages alter the ability of Prochlorococcus marinus to store carbon and counter the greenhouse gas effect arising from fossil fuel consumption.”

“P. marinus is a photosynthetic cyanobacteria that resides primarily in the tropics and subtropics…”

“But phages are not their friends. The virus strengthens itself by stealing energy the bacteria produces from light, reprogramming its victim’s genome to alter how it transfers electrons.”

“Campbell said the goal of the study was to explore the variety of ways viruses interact with their hosts.”

“In the process, the researchers discovered the phage wrests control of electron flow in the host itself, rewiring the bacteria’s metabolism.”

“When the virus infects, it shuts down production of the bacterial proteins and replaces it with its own variants ,I compare it to putting a different operating system in a computer.”

“The researchers used synthetic biology techniques to mix and match phage and cyanobacterial proteins to study how they interact. “

“I wouldn’t say they’ve zombified their hosts, because they allow the cells to continue doing some of their own housekeeping. But they’re also plugging in their own ferredoxins, like power cables, to fine tune the electron flow.”

“The Department of Energy, NASA, the National Science Foundation, the Moore Foundation, the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences supported the research.”

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  2. Biosynthesis of Orthogonal Molecules Using Ferredoxin and Ferredoxin-NADP+ Reductase Systems Enables Genetically Encoded PhyB Optogenetics
  3. Optobiology: Optical control of biological processes via protein engineering
  4. Reversible Optogenetic Control of Subcellular Protein Localization in a Live Vertebrate Embryo

Further reading :

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  2. Optogenetic modulation of neural circuits that underlie reward seeking
  3. Photoreceptor engineering
  4. Engineering of bacterial phytochromes for near-infrared imaging, sensing, and light-control in mammals






Magnetic Salmon

“A new study into the life cycle of salmon, involving magnetic pulses, reinforces one hypothesis: The fish use microscopic crystals of magnetite in their tissue as both a map and compass and navigate via the Earth’s magnetic field.”

“In the local field, pulsed and un-pulsed fish oriented almost identically. But after the magnetic map was shifted, the test and control salmon behaved much differently from each other – the control fish were randomly oriented and the pulsed fish displayed a preferred heading.”

“The difference in behavior suggests that chains of magnetite, which would have been altered by the pulse, may play a role in the navigation system of salmon.”

Magnetite, an oxide of iron and one of the primary iron ores, is expressed chemically as Fe3O4 and is the most magnetic of the Earth’s naturally occurring minerals. “

“Naturally magnetized magnetite is known as lodestone……”

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  9. Improving Motor Imagery Based Brain Computer Interfaces Using Physical Feedback Technique (PDF)
  10. Search term : “magnetite remote neural stimulation”





Health & Medical


Holy Coronas

“Around the world, higher rates of men have been coming down with severe cases of the coronavirus and dying compared to women .”

“Some researchers believe it’s due to the female sex hormones mainly produced by women, estrogen and progesterone .”

“Stony Brook University in New York and Cedars-Sinai in California will each be giving male coronavirus patients one of the two hormones .”

“They will see if the hormones boost the male patients’ immune systems, decreases inflammation and reduces the severity of the illness .”

Cultocracy note :

No thank you .

I’ll just take the coronavirus .


Silk of Chiffon ?

“Now, researchers report in ACS Nano that a combination of cotton with natural silk or chiffon can effectively filter out aerosol particlesif the fit is good.”

“One layer of a tightly woven cotton sheet combined with two layers of polyester-spandex chiffon—a sheer fabric often used in evening gowns—filtered out the most aerosol particles (80-99%, depending on particle size), with performance close to that of an N95 mask material.”


Antiviral Tap Water

“Researchers from Bar-Ilan University have developed new methodologies to produce powerful, environmentally friendly disinfectants based on tap water that can eliminate bacteria and kill viruses, including microbes from the coronavirus family.”

“The technology works through an array of nanometer-shaped electrodes with unique surface properties.”

“The meeting between water and electrodes creates a cleaning material in a unique aquatic environment.”

“The ability to produce electrodes in a variety of shapes and textures makes the technology suitable to almost any application—from a ‘cassette’ in an air conditioner, a container for washing fish and meat, to disinfection and removal of pesticides from vegetables and fruit, mobile spray, a device for manufacturing disposable antibacterial cloths and many other applications—even masks and gloves.”

“The antiseptic capability is 100 times more effective than bleach……”

Cultocracy Corona Capitalization (TM) note :

Covered every angle there…….

A saturated market unfortunately .

Blatant profiteering and a repurposing of existing technologies .

Which may also prove to be too costly for the mass market .

A Corona Capitalization (TM) score of 5 out of 10 from the expert judging panel .





$cientific $cammer of the Month


Cultocracy note :

A bumper month for scammers .

The MSM are even starting to smell a rat , or should that be smell a bat .

It must be contagious .

Neil Ferguson, the Liberal Lyssenko

“Thierry Meyssan reveals how these charlatans have taken control of the policies of the European Union, the United Kingdom and certain states of the United States.”

Professor Ferguson is still the European reference for epidemic modelling.

“Yet it was he who, in 2001, convinced Prime Minister Tony Blair to have 6 million cattle slaughtered to stop the foot-and-mouth epidemic (a decision that cost 10 billion pounds and is now considered an aberration).”

“In 2002, he calculated that mad cow disease would kill about 50,000 British people and another 150,000 when transmitted to sheep. There were actually 177.”

In 2005, he predicted that bird flu would kill 65,000 Britons. There were a total of 457.”

“Regardless, he became an adviser to the World Bank and many governments.”

Professor Ferguson admitted on March 22 that he had carried out his calculations on the Covid-19 epidemic exclusively with a 13-year-old database of influenza epidemics.”

Cultocracy note :

A classic case of parachuting in an ‘expert’ sleeper scientist .

They are all puppets on a string .

Except for the Cultocracy panel of experts of course .

Who are simply puppets , no strings attatched .

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Surgisphere: Governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data

“The World Health Organization and a number of national governments have changed their Covid-19 policies and treatments on the basis of flawed data from a little-known US healthcare analytics company, also calling into question the integrity of key studies published in some of the world’s most prestigious medical journals.”

“A Guardian investigation can reveal the US-based company Surgisphere, whose handful of employees appear to include a science fiction writer and an adult-content model, has provided data for multiple studies on Covid-19 co-authored by its chief executive……”

“Two of the world’s leading medical journals – the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicinepublished studies based on Surgisphere data. The studies were co-authored by the firm’s chief executive, Sapan Desai.”

“In 2008, Desai launched a crowdfunding campaign on the website Indiegogo promoting a wearable “next generation human augmentation device that can help you achieve what you never thought was possible”. The device never came to fruition.”

One of the questions that has most baffled the scientific community is how Surgisphere, established by Desai in 2008 as a medical education company that published textbooks, became the owner of a powerful international database.”

“Peter Ellis, the chief data scientist of Nous Group, an international management consultancy that does data integration projects for government departments, expressed concern that Surgisphere database was “almost certainly a scam”.”


NASA’s human spaceflight chief Doug Loverro abruptly resigns

NASA has yet to offer an explanation as to exactly why the agency’s human spaceflight chief abruptly resigned on the eve of a historic launch. “

Doug Loverro served as the associate administrator of NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate for less than seven months before he resigned from the position on Monday (May 18) — nine days before two NASA astronauts are scheduled to launch on a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft on a test flight to the International Space Station. “

Loverro said that he took a “risk” and “made a mistake,” but he did not elaborate on what exactly prompted his resignation.”

“ also asked if the resignation could have been prompted by a recent audit by NASA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG).”

“On March 25, the OIG announced on Twitter that it was opening an audit into NASA’s acquisition strategy for its Artemis program, which aims to put humans on the moon in 2024. “

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We needed a bigger suitcase….

Doubts raised over Oxford coronavirus vaccine

“The coronavirus vaccine being developed by scientists at Oxford University may not prevent people from becoming infected with the disease after all, experts have warned.”

“This suggests the treatment, which has already received in the region of £90million in government investment, may not halt the spread of the deadly disease. “

“In the latest animal trials of the vaccine carried out on rhesus macaques, all six of the participating monkeys went on to catch the coronavirus.”

“The bombshell comes after initial reports last week suggested the vaccine offered ‘some’ immunity against the virus, and stopped it getting deep into the lungs, where it becomes deadly.”

Business Secretary Alok Sharma said the Government is hoping to be in a position to roll-out a mass vaccination programme in the Autumn of this year.”

Mr Sharma praised the Oxford vaccine and said: ‘The speed with which Oxford University has designed and organised these complex trials is genuinely unprecedented.”

Imperial College London is also working on a vaccine to stop coronavirus, which it says aims to trigger a rapid immune response using the ‘spike’ protein on the virus surface.”

It has received more than £20 million in funding so far. “

Cultocracy note :

When contacted for comment , a spokesperson for the team behind the £90million vaccine research project stated :

“Sorry , the entire team have been ‘self isolating’ in a remote location for several weeks now after displaying symptoms of COVID-19….”

Cultocracy Corona Capitalization (TM) score note :

The particular piece of Corona Capitalization (TM) described above appears to be hurried and amateurish .

Although some credit is due for rapid capitalization on the fear factor and maximum fundage requisition in a very short time frame .

Although , the initial windfall and curious lack of prepared and supporting backup scientific articles may hinder the funding model in the long term .

Equally , the effect of the ‘parachuted in’ talking head ‘expert’ may also have contributed in the short term , but may also prove to be costly in the future .

Of course , this particular slice of the pie could simply represent a small scale ‘smash and grab’ by a much larger network .

Therefore it gets an average score of 4 out of 10 from the judging panel .

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Cultocracy note :

The following article perfectly describes how the pursuit for profit and the associated taxes drive the pharmaceutical industry .

The outdated ‘War on Drugs’ was always a fallacious farce , a very profitable one for some .

Intended primarily to bolster the security state and as a societal control mechanism .

Other more efficient methods are now in place .

Expect certain policies to be fast tracked in the post COVID-19 world .

I wonder how they will eventually rebrand the ‘War on Terror’ ?

Magic Mushrooms Could Be the Next Investment Trend

“The name of this potential wonder drug is psilocybin, a natural psychedelic compound found in mushrooms, and it could very well end up saving the life of someone you love.”

“Interest in psilocybin has exploded recently due to its potential to treat depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse and even to increase mental performance. While currently a controlled drug and mostly illegal, psilocybin has been cleared for medical research in these areas.”

“This has attracted attention from high-level performers from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.”

“Describing themselves as a “Healing Optimization Company,” Champignon Brands committed themselves from the start to gain early mover advantage in the sector.”

“Starting in March 2019, CEO Gareth Birdsall, noticing a rising interest in the psychedelic medical or “microdosing” movement, quickly began building a company focusing on the theme and power players within the industry.”

“To help “navigate the waters” and attract top-level medical experts along with deal flow, Birdsall put together a board consisting of a top securities lawyer, a cannabis accountant, and two Toronto ex-narcotic officers experienced with decriminalized drugs.”

Cultocracy note :

Hah…..I had a little chuckle at these phrases…..

“Healing Optimization Company”

“navigate the waters”

Right on man….

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Future Shock – Once Upon a Virus

I decided not to post anything regarding the coronavirus outbreak about a week ago , but I changed my mind when I saw the video above .

I had to laugh…..

Although on a more serious note the levels of hysteria , propaganda and absurdity from our glorious leaders have reached a new low , something I would have thought impossible .

China blames the US , the US blames China , and everybody else takes sides .

Or takes no side at all .

Although the Chinese administration and the US administration have been engaged in protracted asymmetric warfare for decades , it is not beyond the realms of possibility that both sides are being played .

Or at least the visible front men of both sides are being played , which is perfectly normal .

The decrepit model of free market neoliberalism and privatization is just not cutting it on the global stage , it has been decided that a more nationalistic approach is required in an attempt to retain global hegemony , or at least maintain the current position .

At least that is what many assume .

One thing is certain , SARS-CoV-2 was circulating globally from around November 2019 , probably far earlier .

So , you can ask yourself one question , if our elected governments and their long list of ‘advisors’ and ‘experts’  knew about the virus earlier than suggested , then why did they choose not to inform the public ?

An initial response which sparked the massive u-turn in strategy and no doubt cost lives and livelihoods .

There are several possible answers to this very important question .

  1. The preservation of the economy was deemed to be above the lives of the public .
  2. Incompetence and negligence in public office .
  3. An elitist and ignorant mindset where the general public is viewed with mistrust and scorn .
  4. An opportunist mindset designed to further a variety of entrenched establishment agendas .

You can already guarantee that all of the above are true .

Another possibility is that the ‘decision makers’ are simply puppets .

You can probably guarantee that the above is true .

Meanwhile , project fear continues unabated .

It is now truly a madhouse .

In the UK , the bile and propaganda spewing forth from the belly of the beast is unfathomable , it simply amounts to Distraction , Disinformation and Denial .

Hence the parallel all out attack on independent and alternative news sources .

The truth will eventually emerge through the darkness of deceit .

Censorship cannot defeat the truth .

If they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear , I believe this is the historical mantra often spouted by the talking heads .

Perhaps they themselves could be forgiven , many are unable to understand or comprehend current events .

There is always an end game .

Coronavirus has just tipped over the global chessboard , there is now a scramble for the pieces .

It does not matter who picks up the pieces , what matters is who designs the chessboard .

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be ushered in .

The kings , queens , knights and bishops will still be there .

As will the pawns .

Well , most of us at least .

An ostensibly democratic model of compensation and provision is being implemented for the masses , just in case .

Current events can be thought of a rapid and concentrated period of assimilation for the majority , a short sharp shock .

Or should that be future shock ?

As always , the keyword is control .

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Nanotechnology News – April 2020

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t.
— William Shakespeare, The Tempest



Nanotechnology News – April 2020






DNA-based COVID-19 vaccine

“Researchers at the University of Waterloo are developing a DNA-based vaccine that can be delivered through a nasal spray.”

“The vaccine will work by using engineered bacteriophage, a process that will allow the vaccine to stimulate an immune response in the nasal cavity and target tissues in the lower respiratory tract.”

“When complete, our DNA-based vaccine will be administered non-invasively as a nasal spray that delivers nanomedicine engineered to immunize and decrease COVID-19 infections….”

“When completed, the researchers aim to have the DNA-based vaccine enter cells in targeted tissues and cause them to produce a virus-like particle (VLP) that will stimulate an immune response in people. “

“The VLP will look similar to the structure of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19), but is harmless.”


Cloning the Clones

“Imagine being able to produce a child with your favorite movie star using the DNA from a strand of hair or flake of skin. What sounds like the plot to a sci-fi thriller is actually not that far from reality.”

It was done with mice already,

You take skin cells, you put them through a bunch of processes, you can turn them into stem cells and turn those stem cells into reproductive cells.

“Heled argues if someone has the money and resources, it could happen. “

“This not-so-far-fetched concept is an extension of what Heled calls “genetic paparazzi”: the idea of gathering a celebrity’s DNA, sequencing it and publishing the findings. “

“Heled says there is limited legal protection against such use of the DNA, which is what led him to dive even further into these questions.”

“Despite the advancements with DNA technology, the laws surrounding it have made little progress.”

Ethics surrounding the use of biological material really came to public attention with the publication of the book, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.”

“Scientists used the cells of Ms. Lacks, an African American woman who died of cancer in 1951, without her family’s consent to create one of the most prolific cell lines used in medical research and innovation.”

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Cultocracy note :

I am absolutely certain that this kind of thing does not happen in modern times .

By the way , I wonder if Ms. Lacks descendants have received any royalty payments ?

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Quantum Computing & Communications

May the Force be with you

“How do you detect a particle that has almost no mass, feels only two of the four fundamental forces, and can travel unhindered through solid lead for an entire light-year without ever interacting with matter?”

“This is the problem posed by neutrinos, ghostly particles that are generated in the trillions by nuclear reactions in stars, including our sun, and on Earth.”

“Scientists can also produce neutrinos to study in controlled experiments using particle accelerators.”

Fermilab, has been developing prototypes of the electronics that will ultimately be used in the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, called DUNE…”

DUNE will generate an intense beam of neutrinos at Fermilab in Illinois and send it 800 miles through the Earth’s crust to detectors in South Dakota.”

DUNE’s neutrino detectors will be massive: a total of four tanks, each as high as a four-story building, will contain a combined 70,000 tons of liquid argon and be situated in a cavern a mile beneath Earth’s surface.”

“Argon occurs naturally as a gas in our atmosphere, and turning it into a liquid entails chilling it to extremely cold temperatures. The atomic nuclei of liquid argon are so densely packed together that some of the famously elusive neutrinos traveling from Fermilab will interact with them…..”

“The resulting collision produces different particles that scatter in all directions, including electrons, which physicists use to reconstruct the path of the otherwise invisible neutrino.”

Amplifiers in the chamber then boost the signal by increasing the voltage, after which they are converted to digital data. Finally, the signals collected and digitized across the entire chamber are merged together and sent to computers outside the detector for storage and analysis.”

“With preparations for the DUNE well under way and the experiment slated to begin generating data by 2027, scientists from many institutions have been hard at work…….”

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Quantum GPS

“Engineers have demonstrated for the first time that it’s possible to connect a network of sensors through quantum entanglement.”

“The experiment opens a door to unprecedented levels of sensitivity in GPS navigation, medical imaging and astronomy. “

“Your phone’s GPS, the WiFi in your house and communications on aircraft are all powered by radio-frequency waves, or RF waves, which carry information from a transmitter at one point to a sensor at another.”

“After converting information to the optical domain, the researchers applied a technique called quantum metrology.”

“Usually, a sensor’s precision is limited by something called the standard quantum limit. For example, smartphone GPS systems are usually accurate within a 16-foot radius.”

Quantum metrology uses entangled particles to break past the standard quantum limit and take ultrasensitive measurements.”

“How does it work? Entangled particles are tied together so anything that happens to one particle affects the particles it’s entangled with as well….”

“This new experiment demonstrated for the first time that a network of three sensors can be entangled with one another……..”

“While the experiment only used three sensors, it opens the door to the possibility of applying the technique to networks of hundreds of sensors…”

“Imagine, for example, a network for biological sensing: You can entangle these biosensors so that they work together to identify the species of a biological molecule…..”

“…..or to detect neural activities more precisely than a classical sensor array….”

“In theory work published in Physical Review X in 2019, Zhuang presented how machine learning techniques can train sensors in a large-scale entangled sensor network like this one to take ultra-precise measurements.”

“Our previous work provides a theoretical design of an entanglement-enhanced machine learning system that outperforms classical systems.”


Cultocracy note :

There is always an angle , this example is one of many in the race to capitalize on the coronavirus cri$i$ , also known as Corona Capitalization (TM) .

The (Hobson’s) choice is simple ; intrusive mass electronic surveillance or plague and lockdown .

Data , your data , is the food for machine learning .

Large data sets are essential for ‘superior algorithms’ .

Algorithms which will one day may be used to control and enslave .

Damned if you do……

Quantum Coronavirus and AI

“A number of promising initiatives were announced in recent weeks aiming to enlist data, AI algorithms, supercomputers, and human expertise in the fight with our global predicament.”

D-Wave Systems, a quantum computing startup, recently announced the immediate availability of free access to its cloud computing service, “designed to bring both classical and quantum resources to quickly and precisely solve highly complex problems with up to 10,000 fully connected variables.””

““Now is the time to start building the vision, the expertise, dedicating teams and resources” for quantum computing…..”

“The economic consequences of the current global pandemic may reduce in the short-term technology investments by corporations and venture capital firms but we may also see accelerated investments in emerging technologies, particularly those promising to assist in preventing and mitigating future pandemics.”

“More important, antiquated and failed “privacy protection” policies and regulations, currently take control of healthcare data from the hands of the people they are supposed to protect and greatly encumber efforts to use the data for research purposes.”

“Government programs aimed at stopping or overcoming quickly the next pandemic must address—and fix—the regulatory and legal issues of managing data in the 21st century, starting with healthcare. “

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Artificial Intelligence – AI

Divide and Rule

“In recent years, chaos theory and other forms of computational modeling have sought to leverage findings in the social sciences to better describe—and maybe one day predict—how groups of people behave. “

“This work addresses the important topic of political polarization in networked societies. A key feature of the proposed model is that like-minded individuals can reinforce the opinions of their adjacent neighbors and produce extreme views.”

“The group’s network-based model extends a popular approach for studying opinion dynamics, called the Cobb model, and is based on the hypothesis that those with opinions farther from the middle of a political spectrum are also less influenced by others, a trait known to social scientists as “rigidity of the extreme.”

“In the simplest version of the model, members of a society are arranged in a line, each of whom can sway the two on either side of them.”

“These kinds of effects occur in patches in society and can be difficult to identify…..”

“The simulations produced periods of what the researchers called bistability, where most members of a simulated society chose two extreme, competing opinions.”

In simulations that randomly connected individuals, the pair found the potential for taking extreme sides happened more rapidly.”

“This work was supported by Grant No. EP/M00158X/1 from the EPSRC/RCUK Digital Economy Program…..”

“This research was supported by DARPA program No. HR001117S0018………”

Cultocracy note :

Hmmmmmmm……Not sure how social modeling simulations are connected to DARPA and the Digital Economy…..

Are you ?

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Further reading :

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Bot or Not ?

Bots are social media accounts which are controlled by artificial software rather than by humans and serve a variety of purposes from news aggregation to automated customer assistance for online retailers. “

“However, bots have recently been under the spotlight as they are regularly employed as part of large-scale efforts on social media to manipulate public opinion, such as during electoral campaigns. “

“Remarkably, bots continuously improve to mimic more and more of the behavior humans typically exhibit on social media. Every time we identify a characteristic we think is prerogative of human behavior, such as sentiment of topics of interest, we soon discover that newly-developed open-source bots can now capture those aspects…..”

“In this work, the researchers studied how the behavior of humans and bots changed over the course of an activity session using a large Twitter dataset associated with recent political events.”

“The researchers found, among humans, trends that were not present among bots: Humans showed an increase in the amount of social interaction over the course of a session…..”

Bots are constantly evolving—with fast paced advancements in AI, it’s possible to create ever-increasingly realistic bots that can mimic more and more how we talk and interact in online platforms.”

“The authors gratefully acknowledge support by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR award #FA9550-17-1-0327), and by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA contract #W911NF-17-C-0094, and grant #D16AP00115).”

  1. Study reveals behavioral differences between bots and humans that could inform new machine learning algorithms
  2. Measuring Bot and Human Behavioral Dynamics

Cultocracy note :

“bots continuously improve to mimic more and more of the behavior humans typically exhibit on social media..”

Not too hard a task I expect .

“Bots are constantly evolving..”

They have now just evolved a little bit more .

Going into overdrive at the moment it seems .

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Corona Chorus

“You’ve probably seen dozens of images of the novel coronavirus—now responsible for 1 million infections and tens of thousands of deaths. Now, scientists have come up with a way for you to hear it: by translating the structure of its famous spike protein into music.”

“The sounds you hear—the chiming bells, the twanging strings, the lilting flutes—all represent different aspects of the spikelike protein that pokes from the virus’ surface and helps it latch onto unsuspecting cells.”

“Like all proteins, the spikes are made of combinations of amino acids.”

“Using a new technique called sonification, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology assigned each amino acid a unique note in a musical scale, converting the entire protein into a preliminary musical score.”

But why would you set a virus to music?

Cultocracy note :

Why indeed .

I’ve heard it all now .

Although the music does sound quite relaxing…..

Something to listen to whilst you are recovering from COVID-19….

Rather than MSM fearcasts .

Which , if you haven’t got COVID-19 , will eventually make you want to catch COVID , just for a break .

Related :


Other AI is our new saviour News





5G & IoT

Bending Microwaves

“Using plasma to control microwaves for beaming direct energy toward a specific point is explored for their durability in high-energy electric fields and their reconfigurable structure.”

“High power microwave beams, similar to lasers, can transmit energy at high speeds over long distances, unaffected by wind, gravity, or other forces.”

“In the simulation, we focused on atmospheric plasma photonic crystals—a structure formed by plasma columns……….”

“Paliwoda’s simulation concentrated on predicting the frequency bandgaps that forbid certain frequencies from penetrating a material, by changing the material structure.”

“It just blocks it completely. When you send a microwave at a material it might pass through it easily, but it can also be reflected.”

“At these bandgaps, it reflects, forbidding the frequency,”

Directed energy can be used in military applications but Paliwoda said it may also be used to recharge satellites in space or possibly to move satellites to a higher orbit.”

Cultocracy note :

Hmmmmm…..I assume the author of the paper means a directed energy beam fired from the Earth could possibly be used to ‘recharge’ satellites .

Hmmmmmmm……I wonder if the entire system could be reversed ?

Hmmmmmmmmm……I also wonder if the ‘recharge’ beam could be reflected from a satellite back down to Earth ?

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No Such Thing as Secure 5G

“5G wireless technology and the implementation of it is one of many examples of how we truly don’t live in a democracy, but rather, a ‘corporatocracy.’ We are living in a world where powerful corporations seem to dictate governmental policy……….”

“A few months ago, a number of doctors, scientists and activists have sent a National 5G Resolution letter to President Trump, requesting a moratorium on 5G technology until the potential hazards for human health have been appropriately investigated.”

“Again, president Trump has not acknowledged the concerns being raised by the citizenry regarding 5G technology.”


Slovenia Stops 5G Due to Health Risks

“The country of Slovenia has postponed the approval of spectrum to support 5G services until the effects of the technology on humans and the environment are investigated. Slovenia’s Minister of Administration, Rudy Medved, told the Slovenian media,

Questions about the harmfulness of 5G technology are legitimate.”



MIT engineers have developed a way to closely track how plants respond to stresses such as injury, infection, and light damage, using sensors made of carbon nanotubes. These sensors can be embedded in plant leaves, where they report on hydrogen peroxide signaling waves.”

“Strano’s lab has been exploring the potential for engineering “nanobionic plants” — plants that incorporate nanomaterials that give the plants new functions….”

“Lew used a method called lipid exchange envelope penetration (LEEP) to incorporate the sensors into plant leaves”

“LEEP, which Strano’s lab developed several years ago, allows for the design of nanoparticles that can penetrate plant cell membranes.”

“…….agricultural researchers are interested in engineering plants……….

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Cultocracy note :

Considering the glut of research regarding neural interfaces and neural probes for ‘medical use’ I would like to pose one question :

Does anybody , anywhere , actually know of a single person that has received the aforementioned ‘medical treatment’ ?

Bill Gates Global Vaccine

“As one possible future scenario, Escobar imagined “clusters of smart cities linked by AI, with people monitored full time and duly micro-chipped doing what they need with a unified digital currency…”

“Those fears took on greater significance when Bill Gates sat down over the weekend for a breathtaking interview with CBS This Morning.”

Gates told host Anthony Mason that mass gatherings might have to be prohibited in the age of coronavirus unless and until a wide scale vaccination program is enacted.”

” “What does ‘opening up’ look like,” Gates asked rhetorically before essentially changing the entire social and cultural makeup of the United States in one fell swoop.

” “Which activities, like schools, have such benefit and can be done in a way that the risk of transmission is very low, and which activities, like mass gatherings, maybe, in a certain sense more optional. And so until you’re widely vaccinated those [activities] may not come back at all” “

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Nano Hormone Replacement Therapy

“The field of bioelectronic medicines seeks to modulate electrical signaling within peripheral organs, providing temporally precise control of physiological functions.”

“This is usually accomplished with implantable devices….”

“Here, we demonstrate an alternative strategy for modulating peripheral organ function, which relies on the endogenous expression of a heat-sensitive cation channel, transient receptor potential vanilloid family member 1 (TRPV1), and heat dissipation by magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) in remotely applied alternating magnetic fields.”

“We use this approach to wirelessly control adrenal hormone secretion in genetically intact rats. TRPV1-dependent calcium influx into the cells of adrenal cortex and medulla is sufficient to drive rapid release of corticosterone and (nor)epinephrine.”

“We then developed a surgical procedure to directly inject iron oxide NPs into the rat adrenal glands……”

“Examination of the adrenal glands 6 months following the injection surgeries revealed that NPs persist within the adrenal tissue…..”

“The release of epinephrine and corticosterone in response to magnetothermal stimulation of adrenal cells was then evaluated in anesthetized rats……”

“AMF stimulus evoked an 80 ± 4% increase in corticosterone and a 21 ± 5% increase in epinephrine concentrations…..”

“Epinephrine release into the circulatory system results in an increased heart rate…..”

“Potential mechanisms underlying magnetothermal response include direct triggering of Ca2+ permeable heat-sensitive ion channels…..”

“Therefore, we suggest TRPV1 triggering as a key mechanism mediating magnetothermal control over adrenal function.”

TRPV1 (and other heat-sensitive TRP channels) were shown to be expressed in other organs deep within the body such as the peripheral nerves, gastrointestinal tract , pancreas, and heart…..”

“This work was funded in part by the DARPA ElectRx Program , Bose Research Grant, and the NIH BRAIN Initiative .”

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Air Head

Conducting polymers are promising material candidates in diverse applications including energy storage, flexible electronics, and bioelectronics.”

“Here we invent a high-performance 3D printable ink based on one of the most widely utilized conducting polymers poly(3,4ethylenedioxythiophene):polystyrene sulfonate (PEDOT:PSS) to take advantage of advanced 3D printing for the fabrication of conducting polymers.”

“Dry-annealing of the 3D-printed conducting polymers provides highly conductive and flexible PEDOT:PSS 3D microstructures in the dry state. “

“Moreover, the polymers can be readily converted into a soft yet highly conductive PEDOT:PSS hydrogel via subsequent swelling in the wet environment.

“We further demonstrate a facile fabrication of a soft neural probe for in vivo bioelectronic signal recording…..”

Cultocracy note :

“Wet environment” = The Brain

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  4. Conducting polymer tattoo electrodes in clinical electro- and magneto-encephalography


Spaghetti and Chips

“The core concept consists of a bundle of insulated microwires perpendicularly mated to a large-scale CMOS amplifier array, such as a pixel array found in commercial camera or display chips.”

“This architecture provides an array of microwires over the brain surface, akin to a Utah array…”

“The use of the CMOS chip provides a unique method to electrochemically deposit low-impedance materials (IrOx, PEDOT:PSS) on an array of hundreds to thousands of wires simultaneously with control to improve the quality of neural recordings. “

“Neural recording technologies are rapidly developing, yet are largely based on planar probes (e.g., Michigan Probes, Neuropixels, and Neuroseeker) or micromachined silicon arrays (Blackrock Utah arrays).”

“This approach offers a third alternative, retaining the low tissue damage of small microwires, while enabling rapid application of cutting-edge silicon array technology to neuroscience. “

“The microwire interface provides the link between biological tissue and CMOS electronic technology, enabling the rapid development of silicon-based devices to brain-machine interfaces…….”

“Acknowledgments: Funding: NIH BRAIN Initiative grant , Francis Crick Institute , UK Medical Research Council , Wellcome Trust , DARPA’s NESD program .”

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    “We envision a future where data is exchanged seamlessly between brains and computers”
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    “Unlocking the mysteries of brain and behavior”





Brain Computer Interface – BCI

Mind-reading AI

An artificial intelligence can accurately translate thoughts into sentences….”

“Each woman was asked to read aloud from a set of sentences as the team measured brain activity.”

“For each participant, data consist of several spoken repeats of a set of 30–50 sentences, along with the contemporaneous signals from ~250 electrodes distributed over peri-Sylvian cortices.”

“The team fed this brain activity to a neural network algorithm, training it to identify regularly occurring patterns that could be linked to repeated aspects of speech….”

“These patterns were then fed to a second neural network, which tried to turn them into words to form a sentence.”

“Sophie Scott at University College London says we are a long way from being able to translate brain signal data comprehensively.”

Cultocracy translation note :

“….we are a long way from being able to translate brain signal data comprehensively….”

Maybe they are , but others are not .

Primarily used for intellectual property theft , machine learning , insider trading , persistent surveillance , espionage , behavioral modification , torture and soft kill assassination .

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  7. Real Time AI Speech , RNN’s , Tensor Flow , Drones
  8. ECoG Speech Synthesis , BCI’s , Implant Arrays

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Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Radar for A&E

“The National Emergency Team of the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), in the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD), has adapted two systems developed by defense industries Elbit and IAI, to measure the vital signs of patients.”

“The data, including pulse, respiratory rate and temperature, are measured remotely using a combination of radar and electro-optical sensors……”

“Col. A, DDR&D in the Ministry of Defense said: “The combination of the technological capabilities of the defense industries and the extraordinary capabilities of the officers in the DDR&D, enables us to adapt systems developed for security purposes………….”

“Elta’s advanced radar systems, which are used in routine defense activities, have been adapted to monitor the vital signs of patients and to protect medical staff.”

Cultocracy note :

routine defence activities


Microwave Powered Rockets

“In a study published in the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, researchers from the University of Tsukuba have helped solve important wireless power transmission and other efficiency issues that must be overcome to use high-powered microwaves to supplement—or nearly replace—chemical fuel for rocket launches.”

“The concept of beamed energy propulsion (BEP) is that the energy source an transmission are separated , with the energy being supplied externally to the spacecraft via a beam..”

Millimeter waves are transmitted from the ground power transmission antenna o the microwave rocket as a Gaussian beam….”

“After radiating from the waveguide or antenna the microwaves dissipate in space in a Gaussian beam shape…”

“…..practical applications will require a large ground-based transmitter……..”

“…..using variable focus transmission the beam is focused on the rocket using a large transmiting antenna….”

Cultocracy note :

Well knock me down with a feather……

Do you reckon that the above article together with the earlier ‘Bending Microwaves’ article would suggest that directed energy beams can travel large distances with pinpoint accuracy ?

Who’d have guessed it…….

Isn’t science just amazing .

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Focused Ultrasound Alters Mood

Transcranial focused ultrasound (tFUS) is an emerging method for non-invasive neuromodulation akin to transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).”

tFUS offers several advantages over electromagnetic methods including high spatial resolution and the ability to reach deep brain targets.”

Transcranial focused ultrasound (tFUS) is an emerging tool for non-invasive neuromodulation that transmits low-intensity ultrasound through the skull to temporarily and safely modulate regional brain activity

“In humans, tFUS has temporarily altered activity in somatosensory (Lee et al., 2016a), visual (Lee et al., 2016b), and thalamic brain regions (Legon et al., 2018).”

“The current experiments investigated whether tFUS could modulate mood in healthy participants by sonicating a region in the prefrontal cortex implicated in emotional regulation, thereby uncovering a target for future therapeutic interventions

“The prefrontal cortex plays a vital role in emotion and mood regulation….”

“Higher levels of left frontal activity are correlated with more approach motivation (Phillips et al., 2008) and positive mood (Fitzgerald et al., 2008), whereas higher levels of right frontal activity are associated with more withdrawal motivation, negative mood (Hauptman et al., 2008), and increased risk for anxiety and depression….”

High-intensity ultrasound can cause tissue heating and cavitation, or small potentially damaging bubbles…..”

“Transcranial focused ultrasound at 500 kHz targeting the rIFG for 30 s (Experiment 1) and 2 min (Experiment 2) increased self-reported mood in healthy participants as compared to baseline mood.”

These results are in line with recent experiments suggesting that tFUS can modulate network connectivity…..”

Cultocracy note :


“withdrawal motivation, negative mood and increased risk for anxiety and depression….”

I wonder if a focused ultrasound weapon could be used to ‘suicide’ a person ?

Or even prep them for ‘suicide’ .

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Dream Hacking

“Rather than simply exploring the role of dreams in our lives, the researchers want to see what happens when they interfere with them.”

“To do this, the Dream Lab, which was launched in 2017 as a division of MIT’s Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group, is developing novel and open source wearable devices that track and interact with dreams in various ways.”

“With sensors wrapped around the user’s wrist and fingers, the device tracks muscle tone, heart rate, and skin conductance to identify the various stages of sleep.”

“When the user slips into hypnagogia, the device plays a prerecorded audio cue, usually consisting of one word, and records anything the user might say in response.”

“In a 50-person experiment with Dormio, Horowitz found that the content of the audio cue successfully showed up in people’s dreamsif the word was “tiger,” for instance, users reported dreaming of a tiger.”

“The unconscious, it’s another kind of intelligence,”

We can learn from it.”

We can be in dialogue with it rather than dominate it, rather than ‘tap in’ and try to steer it in directions we want.”

“…..the larger goal is to show that when dreams can be hacked, augmented, and swayed, our waking lives benefit.”

Cultocracy note :

Benefit whom exactly ?

“We can learn from it”

Who exactly is ‘we’ ?

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Synthetic Biology

Electronic Brain

“…..a neuromorphic memristor, or “memory transistor,” runs extremely efficiently on very low power, as brains do, to carry signals between neurons.”

“…one of the biggest hurdles to neuromorphic computing, and one that made it seem unreachable, is that most conventional computers operate at over 1 volt, while the brain sends signals called action potentials between neurons at around 80 millivolts—many times lower.”

“….using protein nanowires developed from the bacterium Geobacter he has now conducted experiments where memristors have reached neurological voltages.”

“As the on-off pulses create changes in the metal filaments, new branching and connections are created in the tiny device, which is 100 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair, Yao explains. It creates an effect similar to learning—new connections—in a real brain.”

“Compared to a conventional computer, this device has a learning capability that is not software-based.”

“This offers hope in the feasibility that one day this device can talk to actual neurons in biological systems.”

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Smart Ski Pants

“This is a new type of heating system with only one millimeter thin carbon nanotubes, which is used in the premium ski outfits for women and men.”

Schöffel is thus the first supplier worldwide, according to the company, that will launch membrane ski pants with carbon heating elements at the thigh area. For jackets, a heating pad is incorporated in the shoulder area.”

“However, the function of the novel product goes far beyond the temperature sensation: The ski clothing is also designed for a better performance of the wearer because warm muscles are more powerful and ensure stability at higher travel speeds.”

Cultocracy note :

When contacted to comment on whether the ski wear could also prevent broken bones and provide antiviral properties whilst simultaneously brewing a hot cup of coffee and providing the latest corona fearcast a Schöffel spokesperson , stated , without sarcasm :

‘Yes , absolutely….’ .

I want five pairs , now .


Windows Generate Electricity

“The researchers – led by Professor Jacek Jasieniak from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science (Exciton Science) and Monash University – have succeeded in producing next-gen perovskite solar cells that generate electricity while allowing light to pass through.”

“This technology will transform windows into active power generators, potentially revolutionising building design.”

“Two square metres of solar window, the researchers say, will generate about as much electricity as a standard rooftop solar panel. “

Cultocracy note :


At last .

Something useful and practical from the field of nanotechnology .







“Researchers at University College Dublin (UCD) have discovered a new energy-efficient method to generate and release substantial volumes of metastable, nano-scale gas bubbles in water, in excess of natural solubility levels.”

“Our new method of nanobubble generation has multiple commercial applications to treat wastewater and also enhance mass transfer in oxygen-limited biochemical and biopharma reactions…..”

“Nanobubbles are also tiny gas bubbles but on the nanometer (nm) scale. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter….”

“Our new fundamental discovery involves the application of electric fields, which cause transient negative-pressure regions at gas-liquid interfaces……”

“The origins of the behavior can be traced to the unique structure of the water molecules at boundary between the liquid water and the gas.”

“The explanation also accounts for why these otherwise uncharged bubbles can be seen to move when an electric field is applied.”

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Links between air pollution and COVID-19 in England

“Here, we explored the correlation between three major air pollutants linked to fossil fuels and SARS-CoV-2 lethality in England. We compare up-to-date, real-time SARS-CoV-2 cases and death measurements from public databases to air pollution data monitored across over 120 sites in different regions.”

“We found that the levels of some markers of poor air quality, nitrogen oxides and ozone, are associated with COVID-19 lethality in different English regions.”

We conclude that the levels of some air pollutants are linked to COVID-19 cases and morbidity.”


SARS-Cov-2 RNA Found on Particulate Matter of Bergamo in Northern Italy

“In previous communications, we have hypothesized the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 virus could be present on particulate matter (PM) during the spreading of the infection, consistently with evidence already available for other viruses.”

“Here, we present the first results of the analyses that we have performed on 34 PM10 samples of outdoor/airborne PM10 from an industrial site of Bergamo Province, collected with two different air samplers over a continuous 3-weeks period, from February 21st to March 13th.”

“This is the first preliminary evidence that SARS-CoV-2 RNA can be present on outdoor particulate matter…”

“At the present, no assumptions can be made concerning the correlation between the presence of the virus on PM and COVID-19 outbreak progression.

Cultocracy note :

Holy smokes……..

Air pollution causes breathing problems….

Who’d have guessed it .

Isn’t science just astonishing .





Health & Medical

Damned if you do………..

“The study included a diverse, well dispersed population based on sex, age group, beneficiary category, and vaccination status. Additionally the population size was relatively large…….”

“Examining non-influenza viruses specifically, the odds of both coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in vaccinated individuals were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals……”

“Additionally, the laboratory data in our study showed increased odds of coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in individuals receiving influenza vaccination.”

“In our disease specific investigation, virus interference trends were noticed for coronavirus and human metapneumovirus………..”

Further research is necessary to help character virus interference and validate or refute the validity of the test-negative design for influenza vaccine effectiveness.”

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Even more reading :

  1. COVID-19 conspiracy theories: Vaccines and 5G (along with Bill Gates) are responsible!
  2. Blaming the flu vaccine for the COVID-19 outbreak: The latest antivaccine misinformation
  3. Orac – Blake’s 7

Cultocracy note :


Regarding the ‘COVID-19 conspiracy theories‘ link above :

There appears to be a glut of state propaganda support serv….’fact checking sites’ these days…..

I wonder who pays their wages ?

Probably you .





$cientific $cammer of the month


Did Bill Gates Just Reveal the Reason Behind the Lock-Downs?

“The Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust with support from Mastercard and now others, created this therapeutic accelerator to really triage out [candidate therapeutics]…You have hundreds of people showing up and saying, ‘Try this, try that.’ So we look at lab assays, animal models, and so we understand which things should be prioritized for these very quick human trials that need to be done all over the world.”

We don’t want to have a lot of recovered people […] To be clear, we’re trying – through the shut-down in the United States – to not get to one percent of the population infected. We’re well below that today, but with exponentiation, you could get past that three million [people or approximately one percent of the U.S. population being infected with COVID-19 and the vast majority recovering]. I believe we will be able to avoid that with having this economic pain.”

Eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person […] Because you don’t want people moving around the world where you’ll have some countries that won’t have it under control, sadly. You don’t want to completely block off the ability for people to go there and come back and move around. “

“So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up.”


Monsanto Knowingly Wrecks Farms

“The US agriculture giant Monsanto and the German chemical giant BASF were aware for years that their plan to introduce a new agricultural seed and chemical system would probably lead to damage on many US farms, internal documents seen by the Guardian show.”

“Risks were downplayed even while they planned how to profit off farmers who would buy Monsanto’s new seeds just to avoid damage………”

“The documents, some of which date back more than a decade, also reveal how Monsanto opposed some third-party product testing in order to curtail the generation of data that might have worried regulators.”

“And in some of the internal emails, employees appear to joke about sharing “voodoo science” and hoping to stay “out of jail”.”

“The new crop system developed by Monsanto and BASF was designed to address the fact that millions of acres of US farmland have become overrun with weeds resistant to Monsanto’s glyphosate-based weedkillers……..”

“The collaboration between the two companies was built around a different herbicide called dicamba.”

“……records show agricultural experts warned that the plan to develop a dicamba-tolerant system could have catastrophic consequences. “

Several million acres of crops have now been reported damaged by dicamba………”

“Last month the first trial over dicamba damage ended with a $265m jury verdict against Monsanto and BASF.”


Common coronaviruses are highly seasonal

“Of the seven coronaviruses known to infect people, four cause common respiratory infections that are sharply seasonal and appear to transmit similarly to influenza, according to a new study by University of Michigan “School of Public Health researchers.”

“Even though the seasonal coronaviruses found in Michigan are related to SARS-CoV-2, we do not know whether that virus will behave like the seasonal coronaviruses….”

“When year-round surveillance occurred, most coronavirus cases were detected between December and April/May, and peaked in January/February. Only 2.5% of the cases occurred between June and September.”

“Monts and colleagues say that the coronaviruses studied are sharply seasonal in Michigan and appear, based on serial interval and secondary infection risk, to have similar transmission potential to that of the influenza A (H3N2) virus in the study population.”

Cultocracy note :

I might be a bit busy for a while (5 minutes or so) .

I am working on a new Corona Capitalization (TM) research paper .

It is titled ‘Common coronaviruses are highly infectious , with most cases peaking when somebody spits in your face 46 times” .

Guaranteed to be published .

If only because it has ‘coronavirus’ in the title .


Evidence suggests COVID-19 isn’t sexually transmitted

COVID-19 is unlikely to be spread through semen, according to University of Utah Health scientists who participated in an international study of Chinese men who recently had the disease. The researchers found no evidence of the virus that causes COVID-19 in the semen or testes of the men.”

“The study was not comprehensive enough to fully rule out the possibility that the disease could be sexually transmitted. However, the chances of it occurring, based on this limited finding, appear to be remote.”

But if it is in the testes, it can cause long-term damage to semen and sperm production.”

Cultocracy note :


I suppose it all depends on the position .

Doggy style = Alive

Missionary = Dead

Gas Mask    = Ugly

Personally , i’m not taking any chances .

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Coronavirus , 5G and the Immune System

Cultocracy Introduction :

Is 5G responsible for Covid-19 ?

No .

Does 5G and other non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation , Wi-Fi , communications systems , radar , air pollution , contaminated water supply , contaminated land , big pharma , pesticides , insecticides etc. have an effect on the human immune system therefore making us more susceptible to viral infections such as COVID-19 ?

Yes .

Paradoxically COVID-19 will now be used as the trojan horse which will usher in the ‘savior’ of the economy and humanity itself .

That is ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ .

Or should that be evolution ?

Will COVID-19 provide an excuse for the bridge between ‘communications’ systems and an all encompassing surveillance and control grid ?

Only if you let it .

David Icke and 5G

“Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has said he expects Ofcom to take appropriate action after London Live broadcast an interview with conspiracy theorist and former footballer David Icke.”

“He responded: You are absolutely right these are lunatic conspiracy theories and no sensible person would give them a moment’s thought.”

Icke said on Twitter yesterday night that a video of him discussing the virus, which he claimed had been viewed four million times, was ‘banned’ from YouTube‘.”

“Former footballer Icke has been outspoken about his theories on the coronavirus, recently saying that a vaccine could include “nanotechnology microchips” that would mean humans can be controlled.”

“In the video, he reportedly said that there is a link between 5G mobile technology and coronavirus.”

The theory has been discredited by experts.”

Cultocracy experts note :

Perhaps the article refers to these experts .

Cultocracy other experts note :

Or perhaps the article refers only to the very convenient experts  .

Cultocracy poisoning the well note :

Surely ‘no sensible person’ would be so afraid of ‘lunatic conspiracy theories’ that they would desperately try to censor debate in an attempt to control the narrative ?
What are they afraid of ?
What are they hiding ?
The truth perhaps ?

Cultocracy friends of David Icke note :

“In order to become more informed, Robinson recommends the public be aware that their governments and media use manipulation…”

“……if that’s the case with 9/11 it’s perfectly possible that there are actors at play in relation to this……”

Cultocracy definitely not poisoning the well note :

Quote from the above article : “Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner”
Well blow me down…….It must be true………
Now I know why he quit the TV……
Probably in his New Zealand bunker by now .

Cultocracy outrageous MSM talking head rebellion note :

“He said: What I don’t accept is mainstream media immediately slapping that down as not true when they don’t know it’s not true.”

“No one should attack or damage anything but it’s easy to say it’s not true because it suits the state narrative.”

Cultocracy absolutely ludicrous note :

State narrative ???

Eamonn ‘Spartacus’ Holmes must be barking……

Cultocracy Eamonn ‘Spartacus’ Holmes rebellion crushed by the Senate note :

Cultocracy leaked Ofcom email complainants note :


‘Big Names’ redacted

Cultocracy it’s the Devil’s work note :

Cultocracy false flag profiteer and criminal negligence note :

Cultocracy now where did I put that petrol can note :

Cultocracy conspiracy theory note :

“Nanotechnology microchips” :

Hah….Hrumph….Any person who even mentions the word ‘nanotechnology’ is quite obviously a barking mad gibbering lunatic , they should be locked up and tortured with a red hot poker and barbed wire enema for the rest of their lives…..
Nanotechnology…..hah….what a joke……hah hah…nanotechnology…..
I’ll remember that one….Hah…..

Cultocracy quiz interlude :

Who tells the most lies and speaks the most bu****it –
a) David Icke
b) UK Politician
Answers on a postcard please .

Cultocracy Burn Baby , Burn note :

“Police in Belfast, Liverpool and Birmingham said they were continuing to investigate the incidents…..”

Cultocracy population control note :

The citizens of Belfast , Birmingham and Liverpool have been heavily targeted by the UK state security apparatus for decades….

Cultocracy it’s very contagious note :

Cultocracy antisemitic conspiracy theory note :

Don’t like the prospect of 5G ?
Then you’re ‘antisemitic’….
You also hate doctors and nurses………
You probably also hate furry animals and cuddly toys….
But you probably love Jeremy Corbyn….

“People seeking out information on the 5G controversy in Facebook groups will soon find themselves exposed to any number of alternative conspiracy theories, many only tangentially related to 5G, that incite mistrust not just of the government but of healthcare providers, scientists and public institutions. Many of these theories are implicitly or explicitly antisemitic…..”

Credible UK Government ?

Credible government spokesperson for credible government – “No credible evidence” :

The real threat is an Infodemic :

Credible government spokesperson :

Another credible government spokesperson :

Many more credible government spokestw**spersons :

One rule for them…. :

Even more credible government spokespersons :

Cultocracy translation note :

Government spokesperson = Liar

Cultocracy delusional rulers note :

What is it with these people ?
Evasion , followed by diversion , then projection .
The ‘comments’ sections from many MSM articles betray the underlying agenda .
Beyond embarrassing .
Or is it desperation ?
Or maybe fear ?

I think they are afraid of losing control .

Cultocracy glorious leaders note :

One thing the corona cri$i$ has laid bare is the simple fact that many parasitical sycophantic beings that inhabit the upper echelons of any governed society are simply not required , surplus to requirements .
People are only starting to understand who the most important members of any society are .
A more acute observer may now also understand the realpolitik behind the onslaught of specious propaganda and media manipulation .
Society can cope , nay , thrive without them .

Cultocracy uncontrolled outburst warning note :

Why don’t they f***in just shut the f**k up or even better just f**k off and take their f***in profiteers , f***in patrons and f***in paymasters f***in with them …f***in f***faced f**ks….
Ahem…..Pardon my French , I suffer from a mild and particularly exotic , although not rare , form of Tourettes .
Or maybe I am making excuses .
I must admit I had a wee lockdown dram whilst penning this article .
Hic !!

Pot calling the pan diversion and disinformation :

Cultocracy ‘Full Scale Investigation’ leaked findings note :

“It was that Bin Laden geezer wot done the virus innit….It was him wot dunnit…….Lives in china now……”

Signed – Mr.Steele (

New York – Coronavirus Hotspot :

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5G & The Immune System

Discredited by Experts ?

Cultocracy note :

Always conduct your own research .

How Viruses Work

The infamous Epstein

Immune Suppression , Calcium Signalling , Cell Membranes


A simple self explanatory introductory link :

SARS-CoV-2 needs to enter a cell to cause the COVID-19 viral infection :

How Does Coronavirus Attack Your Body ?

The key term is ‘membrane permeability’ or cell permeability :

1984 US Naval research paper on cell permeability :

Many studies have linked microwave radiation with increased cell permeability .
Including 5G MMW (Millimeter Wave) radiation :

“It was concluded that MMW radiation causes an increase in membrane permeability, dependent on bilayer curvature and a possible role of water molecules bound to the functional groups of lipids in the glycerol region.”

“MMWs are known to alter active transport across cell membranes, and it has been reported that terahertz radiation may interfere with DNA and cause genomic instabilities.”

“These results led to the formation of the ‘frequency window’ concept pointing to the existence of resonance effect in biological systems exposed to MMW and terahertz radiation.”

“Formation of re-sealable nanopores in the plasma membrane could be potentially exploited for control of transmembrane transport or control of the cell excitability.”

As a side note the above article also states the following :

“This potentially could be used as a wireless tool for neurostimulation.”

Other studies linking microwave radiation with increased cell permeability :

The effects of electromagnetism on cell permeability have been harnessed for a broad tranche of biological research :

“RNA transfection is the process of deliberately introducing RNA into a living cell.”

“RNA can be delivered to cells by a variety of means including microinjection, electroporation, and lipid-mediated transfection.”

“Exposure of biological membranes to a sufficiently high electric field leads to a rapid and large increase of their electric conductivity and permeability.”

“The pores formed in the cell plasma membrane provide a pathway for transport of
a wide range of molecules, including DNA, into and out of the cell.”

Ion channels

“Of the cell’s parts, the membrane probably has attracted most attention, at least with respect to electromagnetic effects.”

“There is some similarity between the cell membrane and the p-n junction found in electronic semiconducting devices, such as diodes and transistors.”

“According to that theory, the membrane is a rectifying junction. The implications could be dramatic. Direct currents might be created from high-frequency ones, and different frequencies might be mixed to create new ones towhich the body is more sensitive {i.e. resonant}.”

“Electromagnetic fields can interact with proteins, possibly disturbing them as described above, over a wide range of frequencies. Between 1-10 MHz, depending on its size and mass, the entire protein may be regarded as a single dipole which rotates in response to an oscillating field.”

Cultocracy note :

Other recent occurrences potentially also point to a broad attack on the immune system .

Expect similar outbreaks in the future .

Bees are the canaries in the mine .

“Medical experts are currently investigating a possible link between coronavirus and an inflammatory disease found among infants.”

“It follows a rise in children being admitted to hospital with the symptoms of Kawasaki disease, which include multi-system inflammation and flu-like symptoms.”

“Some of the children have tested positive for coronavirus.”

Kawasaki Disease :

Vasculitis :

Even more dicredited experts :

Further reading :

Cultocracy note :

Always conduct your own research .

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  2. Coronavirus patients report feeling a ‘fizzing’ and ‘buzzing’ sensation underneath and on their skin
  3. Welcome to
  4. RadioBio: What role does electromagnetic signaling have in biological systems?
  5. Scientists control biological materials with radio waves
  6. Low energy electromagnetic fields and immunity (PDF)
  7. Immunotropic Influence of 900 MHz Microwave GSM Signal on Human Blood
  8. Immune Cells Activated in Vitro
  9. Comparison of effects of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and mobile phone exposure on human placenta and cord blood

Further related – Exosomes

  1. What induces exosomes ? (YouTube)
  2. When is a virus an exosome?

Further reading – Many More discredited Experts

  1. Wireless Radiation Health Effects – A collection of peer-reviewed studies
  2. Non-Ionizing Radiation Biological Effects Peer Reviewed Scientific Studies
  3. Studies: Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation & Microwaves
  4. Peer Reviewed Published Science on Radiation from 4G/5G “Smallâ€ Cell Wireless Antennas
  5. We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe

Not related (I think)

  1. Asterix and the Chariot Race
  2. Burn Baby Burn, Disco Inferno (YouTube)

petrol-canCultocracy final note :

Ahhhh…..found it……..

Need to fill my lawnmower…..


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Corona Crisis News Update #2

Cultocracy introduction

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being played ?

Again ?

Sorry , too late .

Until the next time that is .

At which point it really could be too late .

Corona Crisis News

Corona Lies , Damned Lies and Statistics

Corona We Lie , We Cheat , We Steal – Rapture News

Corona Lockdown Land Owner News

Corona Cops

Corona Crims

Why indeed ? Corona News

Let’s pretend we knew nothing Corona News

Corona petrified officials News

Corona Sacrificial Lamb News

Coronavirus pot and pan propaganda , diversion and disinformation

Corona Crazies News

Cultocracy note :

Only one thing worse than Coronavirus – Coronavirus and TB :

I’d bet globalist traitor and puppet ‘Terror Tone’ and his mates killed more people than coronavirus ever will .

Corona Cri$i$

Corona Ominous Debt Write Off News

Corona War Drums New Old News


Corona Eugenics and Euthanasia Murder Grid News

Corona Crisis PR – Golden Goebbels Awards

Cultocracy note :


We all know that the Gaffer has a huge interest in viral epidemics….

Hmmmm……Also the Chinese .

Could well be the diabolical mastermind behind COVID-19 .

Coronavirus Side Door and Rear Entrance News

Corona Guinea Pigs

Corona rare public GCHQ warning News

Corona surprised there’s a single person even at GCHQ News

Corona too late Useful Idiot News

Corona Puppet Masters News

Corona Shifting Geopolitical Sands News

Corona Headchoppers Terror for Hire News

Corona Capitalization Hidden Agenda News

Corona Increasingly Irrelevant Dinosaur News

Corona Fearcast News

Nobody gives a toss Corona News

Cultocracy note :

Never knew there was such a thing as ‘real royal news’ ?


It really is a disaster

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Corona Crisis News Update

Cultocracy Corona Crisis news update introduction :

The Sars-Cov2 virus was circulating globally from around November .

Which in real terms means it actually surfaced much earlier than November .

Which in much realer terms (sic) means that the higher echelons of the apparatus of state had foreknowledge of the virus and decided not to inform the public .

Which in back to reality real terms means that the all encompassing Orwellian lock-down was a pre-planned skin saving panic attack by our glorious puppets on a string .

Which in surreal reality real terms means that the corona crisis has been computed , modeled and simulated from start to finish with an emphasis on squeezing every last drop from every last angle by the true masters .

Government itself now officially being privatized , the next logical step .

A wide-eyed and unsuspecting public are being prepared .

Genetics is now the weapon of choice for global control……

The hard drive is being reformatted……

A new operating system is currently being installed……

Are you ready for your upgrade ?

Corona Crisis News

Profit and Privatisation

April fools joke ?

I wonder what they have been hiding ?

Move along…Nothing to see here….

Remember Remember……

To quote from the above :

“The timeline of the intel side of this may be further back than we’re discussing,” the source said of preliminary reports from Wuhan. “But this was definitely being briefed beginning at the end of November as something the military needed to take a posture on.”

He doesn’t know the half of it…

Failure ?……Or success ????

Oh dear….The “Experts”….

A very convenient Corona…..

Partners in Corona crime….

They are all controlled

Regulation ? Hahahahaha….

Never gonna happen…….

Those bloody ‘Chineses’ and their predictive programming….

Must have picked up their bad habits from somewhere….

Don’t worry……….Although Bill’s just another puppet…..

Strategic Intelligence…..

Global Corona Cri$i$

  1. Brave New Normal
  2. COVID-19 and the War on Cash
  3. How BlackRock Leveraged Control of the U.S. Economy
  4. The sinister rise of BlackRock asset manager
  5. Printing money to tackle the economic crisis created by coronavirus is a good idea. Here’s why
  6. Meet The Companies Poised To Build The Kushner-Backed “Coronavirus Surveillance System”
  7. Spain Announces Guaranteed Free Money: What’s Really Going On?
  8. It is time for a global Debt Jubilee: Part I
  9. This will be the Greatest Wealth Transfer the World has Ever Seen
  10. “Let Them Fail” – Billionaire Explains To Gobsmacked CNBC Host How Capitalism Is Supposed To Work

UK Corona Cri$i$

  1. U.K. Government to Borrow Directly From Bank of England
  2. MPs given an extra £10,000 to work from home
  3. Coronavirus: UK deficit could surge to highest level since World War II
  4. Bank of England to finance UK government if markets turn sour
  5. £52 billion in UK dividend payments at risk
  6. Tesco defends £635m dividend payout after coronavirus tax break
  7. Coronavirus could leave 2million more people unemployed as UK GDP falls by 35%
  8. Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon use coronavirus to make ‘shameless’ plea to dodge new UK digital services tax
  9. ‘Shocking injustice’ as second home owners in Wales can claim coronavirus business grants
  10. Britain’s Dickensian charity society is the real sickness
  11. English councils set for £1bn bailout as costs of Covid-19 hit them hard
  12. House of Lords peers demand £323 a day to attend virtual proceedings on Zoom

Corona coup Back Door and Side Entrance News

  1. The pandemic gives new opportunities to Big Brother
  2. The Elite’s COVID-19 Coup Against a Terrified Humanity: Resisting Powerfully
  3. Green light given for building work to start on HS2
  4. Costain secures £3.3bn HS2 contract that could create 6,000 jobs
  5. “A disgrace”: UK reacts to Trump’s decision to halt funding to World Health Organisation
  6. Has coronavirus opened the door to mass electronic surveillance in the UK?
  7. Putin Takes Another Step in Bid to Control Russia’s Internet
  8. Germany: Still Too Much Free Speech, Says the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance

Cultocracy note :

“Has coronavirus opened the door to mass electronic surveillance in the UK?”

Not even a hint of sarcasm in this article .

…..Not this article , I mean the above article .

I personally never use sarcasm myself .

Lowest form of wit apparently .

Every corona cloud has a silver lining ?

  1. The Citizen Is Back
  2. COVID-19: Devastated Saudi Royal Family Seeks to End Yemen War
  3. Coronavirus in the UK: Britons reduce food waste, eat smaller portions and enjoy meals more, new research says
  4. US threatens total Afghanistan withdrawal
  5. ‘Shut the F*** up’: What one sailor shouted when Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly flew to Guam
  6. Thomas Modly Just Made a Speech That Ended His Career
  7. Half of US-led coalition troops to leave Iraq by end of 2020: PM-designate Zurfi
  8. Pompeo to Afghan leaders: Make a deal with the Taliban or risk full U.S. troop pullout
  9. No gun salutes for Queen’s 94th birthday
  10. Politics is suspended by coronavirus – but it will be back for the next phase

Cultocracy note :

“Back for the next phase”

No pun intended…..I’m sure…..

Although I sincerely hope not .

Back for the next phase that is .

Corona Cops UK

  1. Home Secretary Priti Patel blasts top cop who threatened to snoop on Brits’ shopping baskets in coronavirus lockdown
  2. Police tell dad he can’t sit in his own front garden
  3. Police are now deciding what count as ‘essential aisles’ at Tesco
  4. Coronavirus: Police turning parts of UK into ‘dystopia’ after prosecuting shoppers and people driving ‘due to boredom’
  5. Moment pair accuse police of ‘ruining their fricking day’ for putting out barbecue
    UK police accused of abusing power to enforce COVID-19 lockdown
  6. I used to be a police officer – now I worry about them being given more power
  7. Coronavirus – UK urges citizens to stay at home over Easter, police ready to get tough
  8. Shocking moment police threaten man with pepper spray and arrest him for running errands for his mother – before warning bystanders ‘you’ll be next’
  9. Police were deployed to move on sunbathers out and about over Easter Weekend
  10. Council investigating roadside fruit and veg stall in Dungannon
  11. Aggression, rudeness, arrogance’: UK police provoke outrage after telling journalist ‘you’re killing people’ by not going home
  12. Dick SAVAGED after joining ‘clap’ where distancing was ignored
  13. Coronavirus lockdown likened to ‘police state’ by former Supreme Court judge

Cultocracy note :

“Coronavirus lockdown likened to ‘police state’ by former Supreme Court judge”


That’s a good one….

From a judge as well ……..

Haahhahah…He’s killin’ me…..Hahahahahah…

Corona Cops Global

  1. Czech nudists spark police anger for refusing to wear face masks during coronavirus pandemic
  2. Thunderdome 2020 Begins – Philadelphia Police Will Not Arrest for Burglary or Theft Due to Coronavirus…
  3. Seattle Police Chief Tells People To Call 911 If They Hear ‘Racist Name-Calling’
  4. Police Use Coronavirus To Try To Trick Meth Users Into Getting Themselves Arrested
  5. Australian Police Use Surveillance Helicopter to Track Down Remote Campers
  6. Jimmy Corona Fired and Arrested for Domestic Assault on Pregnant Woman
  7. Message from the Corona Police Chief
  8. Report: FBI Says Racist Extremists Are Encouraging Each Other To Spread Coronavirus To Jews And Cops
  9. As Coronavirus Surges, Crime Declines in Some Cities
  10. Cops arrest group that planned orgy amid coronavirus lockdown in Spain
  11. Police Told Not to Arrest Drug Dealers and Prostitutes Amid Coronavirus
  12. Police nationwide ask criminals to halt activity during coronavirus outbreak

It really is a disaster

  1. Coronavirus: ‘Up to 50 million pints’ going to waste in empty pubs across UK during lockdown
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Arrested for Sitting Alone Outside – UK Corona Cops

Cultocracy note

I had to post this , click the YouTube link below .

Looks a bit like the FA Cup , with a coppers hat on top…..

I think this lady should have called the police on the police for breaking social distancing guidance…….

Hmmmmm….But then again if another lot of police arrived to arrest the first lot of police then they too would be breaking social distancing guidance……..Then another lot of police would have to turn up to arrest the second lot of police……

Maybe eventually you would simply end up with a long line of police officers……

I’m confused !?!?!?!

If this is going on in the forground it makes you wonder what is going on in the background .

Always be aware of your rights .

Oh….I forgot….

Us peasants do not actually have any rights .

Oh well……

Could be worse….

I think ?!?!?

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  1. Police given new powers and support to respond to coronavirus
  2. Woman wrongly charged under new coronavirus legislation
  3. Coronavirus sees police stop people in their cars and ‘ask them what they’re doing’
  4. Coronavirus lockdown Brits shame neighbours not following strict government rules as police 101 line inundated
  5. UK officers urged to ‘police by consent’ to avoid public unrest over coronavirus
  6. Coronavirus in the UK: Police to get powers to detain people suspected of having Covid-19
  7. UK coronavirus lockdown: police reissued with guidance on enforcement
  8. etc…etc…etc…etc…


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