Saudi Arabia – A Sinking Ship

News this week suggests that both the US and the UK are attempting to change tack regarding arms sale to Saudi Arabia . It would appear that many politicians and law makers are now starting to wake up and see through the smoke and mirrors which underpins a large portion of all global organized terror .

It goes without saying that the now privatized military corporate complex in both the UK and the US have many other tricks up their sleeve which will be used to garner support to further milk Saudi oil and line their own pockets .

The resistance to arms sales could be a temporary blip , it could be business as usual next week , in any case rat lines are already in place for lower level clandestine arms trafficking .

Saying that , it would be hard to get a fighter jet or two past even the most corrupt of observers .

French establishment arms dealers will be quietly rubbing their hands at the news .

As will Iran , although who needs friends when you have frenemies in the Western establishment .

A facile argument from UK defence and aerospace corporations has always been ‘if we don’t sell the arms , then France will’ .

It does make you wonder how far the warmongering element would actually go to maintain their position .

Many now realize that they overstepped the mark a long time ago .

Every dog has it’s day , this particular dog in now rabid and foaming at the mouth .


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Two Horse Race

The UK conservative Party leadership contest rumbles on , it looks increasingly like a two horse race between the current favorite Boris Johnson and Rory Stewart who is slowly gaining ground .

You can guarantee the big guns will be cheering from the sidelines as each front runner vies for first past the finishing post .

Each runner will be backed by their own particular syndicate , although each syndicate may also be part of a larger grouping .

The bookies now have Rory on 10/1 and Boris on 1/7 .

As such perhaps the two horse race is purely designed to keep out other candidates , candidates who are not syndicate owned .

Both appear to be establishment thoroughbreds , through and through .

The real question is , does Boris really have the stamina to stay in the lead ?

Does he really want the job ?

My guess is no .

Although a bigger question is does it really matter ?

Royal Ascot

Anyway , a couple of tips for Royal Ascot today .

King’s Stand Stakes – 15.40

Blue Point is running in this race after winning last year and is bound to feature in future races , always a contender .

Wolferton Stakes 17.35

A tricky one this , although Magic Wand always is showing good form as always .

As an outside each way bet you could have a punt on Global Giant or Master The World .



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Mi5 – Mass Surveillance & Data


Cultocracy note :

More proof , if it was needed , that the UK is a security state controlled by the ‘intelligence’ services . These organizations in turn answer to the Crown , other globalist crime syndicates , foreign governmental factions , defence & aerospace corporations , corporate entities , the Banking Cartel ….. etc….. etc…. etc…….Basically whoever is prepared to pay for their services .

The ‘security services’ need a constant supply of enemies , real or fabricated , to justify their massive budgets and indeed their very existence .

Possibly one of the most fraudulent rackets ever constructed .

They do not now and have never represented the people , quite the opposite , the public are simply fodder for their profiteering and parasitism , the working and lower classes have always been the real enemy .

What is not mentioned in any of the articles regarding illicit mass data collection is the role the data plays in the development of AI systems . AI systems which have the potential to reap massive profits for the developers .

As always , as ever , the keyword is control .

MI5 “unlawfully” handled bulk surveillance data, Liberty litigation reveals

11 June 2019

The British security service MI5 has been unlawfully retaining innocent people’s data for years.

It also failed to give senior judges accurate information about repeated breaches of its duty to delete bulk surveillance data, and has been criticised for mishandling sensitive legally privileged material.

The Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) – known as the Snoopers’ Charter – provides the security services with extremely broad powers, under warrants issued by ‘Judicial Commissioners’, to hack computers and phones and intercept people’s communications. These powers allow the Government to carry out “bulk surveillance” on huge numbers of people who are of no intelligence interest. That information is then stored by the security services for potential investigations in the future.

The Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office (IPCO) is responsible for ensuring that privacy protections contained in the IPA are upheld, including that safeguards around storage and timely deletion of data are met.

Following the initial revelation last month that MI5 had breached IPA privacy safeguards, a series of 10 documents and letters from MI5 and IPCO – disclosed during the course of Liberty’s ongoing legal challenge to the IPA – have revealed more detail of those breaches, including that MI5 has failed to meet its legal duties for as long as the IPA has been law.

Despite heavy redaction by MI5, the documents reveal how a litany of failures and false assurances has led to what the Investigatory Powers Commissioner, Lord Justice Fulford, has concluded is the “undoubtedly unlawful” conduct of the UK’s leading security service.

The documents show:

Illegal actions: The Commissioner concluded that the way MI5 was holding and handling people’s data was “undoubtedly unlawful”, setting out that: “Without seeking to be emotive, I consider that MI5’s use of warranted data… is currently, in effect, in ‘special measures’ and the historical lack of compliance… is of such gravity that IPCO will need to be satisfied to a greater degree than usual that it is ‘fit for purpose'”.
MI5 knew for three years before informing IPCO: MI5 failed to maintain key safeguards, such as the timely destruction of material and the protection of legally privileged material. This, says Lord Justice Fulford created “serious compliance gaps” in its legal duties. Shockingly, these gaps first became clear to MI5 staff in January 2016, and the MI5 board in January 2018, but were only brought to IPCO’s attention in February 2019. Even then Fulford accuses MI5 officials of continuing to use “misleading euphemism” when describing their failure.
False assurances: Warrants for bulk surveillance were issued by senior judges (known as Judicial Commissioners) on the understanding that MI5’s data handling obligations under the IPA were being met – when they were not. The Commissioner has pointed out that warrants would not have been issued if breaches were known. The Commissioner states that “it is impossible to sensibly reconcile the explanation of the handling of arrangements the Judicial Commissioners were given in briefings…with what MI5 knew over a protracted period of time was happening.”

In a remarkable admission to the Commissioner, a senior MI5 official acknowledges that personal data collected by MI5 is being stored in “ungoverned spaces”, while the MI5 legal team claims there is “a high likelihood [of material] being discovered when it should have been deleted, in a disclosure exercise leading to substantial legal or oversight failure”.

And in yet another example of the disrespect the Government has for transparency and the public’s right to know, it has applied for further details on MI5’s breaches to be provided to the Court through secret evidence and private hearings.

Megan Goulding, Liberty lawyer, said:

“These shocking revelations expose how MI5 has been illegally mishandling our data for years, storing it when they have no legal basis to do so. This could include our most deeply sensitive information – our calls and messages, our location data, our web browsing history.

“It is unacceptable that the public is only learning now about these serious breaches after the Government has been forced into revealing them in the course of Liberty’s legal challenge. In addition to showing a flagrant disregard for our rights, MI5 has attempted to hide its mistakes by providing misinformation to the Investigatory Powers Commissioner, who oversees the Government’s surveillance regime.

“And, despite a light being shone on this deplorable violation of our rights, the Government is still trying to keep us in the dark over further examples of MI5 seriously breaching the law.”


Liberty revealed in May that MI5 had breached safeguards outlined in the IPA for handling the public’s data.

So serious was the breach that, when first notified, IPCO – the body responsible for overseeing government surveillance practices – sent a team of inspectors to MI5 for a week-long investigation.

In a statement quietly released by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, it was confirmed that MI5 had breached the IPA in their handling and retention of data belonging to the public. According to the statement, IPCO concluded those risks were “serious and required immediate mitigation”. Home Secretary Sajid Javid has said that he will now launch an independent review of this incident.

The IPA became law in late 2016. It was intended to introduce transparency to state surveillance following Edward Snowden’s revelations of unlawful mass monitoring of the public’s communications. However, it legalised the practices he exposed and introduced hugely intrusive new powers.

The IPA allows the state to collect the content of people’s digital communications and records about those communications created by our devices, and hack computers, phones and tablets on an industrial scale. It also allows the creation and linking of huge ‘bulk personal datasets’. The state can keep data on these databases even if it does not suspect individuals of a crime or other threat.

In September last year, Liberty, along with 13 other human rights and journalism groups and two individuals, won its challenge to the UK’s previous surveillance regime at the European Court of Human Rights. The European Court found that the UK’s previous regime for bulk interception of data was unlawful.

The IPA replaced, replicated, and expanded the intrusive surveillance powers that the European Court found to breach our rights to privacy and free expression.

Liberty instructs Shamik Dutta at Bhatt Murphy Solicitors, Martin Chamberlain QC and David Heaton of Brick Court Chambers, and Ben Jaffey QC of Blackstone Chambers.

Source : MI5 “unlawfully” handled bulk surveillance data, Liberty litigation reveals

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Surveillance and Decline

A recent article in the Independent caught my eye this morning . The article cites a rise in state surveillance in the UK under Theresa May , the current leader of the Conservative Party and current UK Prime Minister , although not for much longer .

In my eyes ‘Mother Theresa’ was woefully under qualified to push BREXIT through parliament , this was probably the plan all along , they build you up and knock you down .

Political marksman Boris Johnson was always waiting in the wings as the establishment’s number one , not very talented , but very well connected .

The article in the Independent questions in which direction the UK will go under the next Prime Minister , a bit like asking will night follow day . As the article states , all of the front runners for the PM’s job have consistently voted for increased surveillance of the masses .

Another interesting point found in the article suggests the globalist ideology of the British Empire led to the situation we face in the UK today . That is , as distant lands were plundered and pillaged , the local populations needed to be subdued and surveilled . Just in case they decided that having their own property stolen and their family members murdered and tortured was simply not cricket .

There is no doubt that the method to steal resources , wealth and freedom from under the noses of a population has been perfected over the years by the global power mongers , including those based in the UK . There is also no doubt that the method involves surveillance and oppression of the masses , this has always been the case .

Mind the Gap

Which leads me to another recent series of mainstream articles involving the arrest of Australian journalists . The journalists were apparently targeted because they printed plans for Orwellian style surveillance of Australian citizens by unelected bodies , Other journalists were targeted due to speaking out about alleged war crimes and asylum seekers .

Welcome to the club .

There does appear to be a degree of panic in the upper echelons of the Australian establishment (UK & US globalist governed) which may centre around a current climate of whistle blowing , such behavior has to be nipped in the bud and will require a very public show of force . Unsurprisingly the ‘show of force’ also involves ‘sifting through the female News Corp editor’s underwear drawer‘ , standard procedure in these situations .

Other more discreet methods are available and are no doubt being utilized , but it is better that the public remains in the dark about these .

Reverse psychology

It is hard to find an immediate reason for the harassment of the Australian journalists , just one of a long series of  events marking the decline of Western globalist power . I personally agree with one commentator who states that ‘It may simply be the reflex of an ailing empire‘ .

As anybody in the West knows (or should know) there is no such thing as a free press , the fact that one raid involved a News Corp rag should also set off alarm bells . Some commentators put the raids down to internal Aussie politicking , nothing more than a harmless bit of door ramming (and knicker sniffing) . Others are keen to link the raids to the visibly and suspiciously protracted Julian Assange case , which I doubt , unless there is partisan support for Assange ‘down under’ in Australia .

Although the fact that one ‘leaked story’ involved the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) would suggest that this fact underlies the whole issue .

Mass data collection is central to the grand design of total control , data is central to machine learning , which is viewed as being central to future military and economic dominance . Rival syndicates now threaten Western dominance , I suppose when the rest of the world has gone elsewhere after deserting the FVEY Syndicate of syndicates then there will only be the domestic populations to feed off .


How has this particular ‘crackdown on journalism’ scenario been modelled and what is the predicted outcome ?

Are the cracks in the globalist led FVEY syndicate starting to show ? Are there ongoing internal power struggles ? Are insiders just starting to realize where their globalist masters would lead us ? Is a more enlightened public threatening the plans of the syndicate ? Are individuals and journalists becoming bolder ? Are individuals and journalists becoming more immune to the designated primary policy , provisionally termed ‘the climate of fear‘ ?

Probably all of the above and more .

The answer in the halls of power ?

Increased surveillance .

Which the controllers hope will lead to AI led prediction and future scenario modelling .

It should go with out saying that there is no need to attempt to predict the future when you can shape the future , although you do need to predict the results of your own meddling .

AI is not their salvation , it will be their destruction .

I wonder if the AI has predicted that one ?

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Nanotechnology News – May 2019

Cultocracy note :

Disguised and propagandized .

Transhumanist ideologues are now mainstream .

Some would say it is the future , others sense a dark regression to the past .

Many have previously and are at present exploring ‘exciting wonders’ , they do not have a choice .

“I AM HUMAN’ made a debut at the Tribeca film festival earlier this month , along with another film titled ‘Almost Human’ .

The film titles reveal the dualistic approach to transhumanist technologies .

Another Tribeca film titled ‘Universal Machine’ reveals the adversarial nature of the developmental approach towards a final merger between man and machine .

This scenario to be played out in the not too distant future may hold several interesting possibilities . As mankind slowly loses it’s own human identity in a maelstrom of synthetic suicide , will the machine paradoxically become more human ?

Will the machine eventually develop a soul .

Wrapped in our own self belief and hubris we assume that any machine can only learn from and follow logic and math .

Tribeca Film Festival

“I Am Human explores the exciting wonders and future of BCI research.”

“Almost Human is notes on the human condition by 10 scientist (sic) and a robot.”

Universal Machine is a meditation on the ultimate fate of humanity’s relationship with technology.”

“the film follows a gifted young woman who awakens into a post-apocalyptic world and must transcend a violent confrontation with a lifelike Artificial Intelligence.”


Are you currently playing the lead role in your own version of Universal Machine ?

We are human .

But for how long ?

Supermen (and women)

“The film follows the trio as they pursue experimental brain treatments, cracking open their skulls to insert electrodes in the hope of regaining what is lost—movement, eyesight, control of their bodies—and reclaiming some sense of freedom. For each of them, the journey is as much medical as it is philosophical, one that gives them command of their biological reality. The documentary also looks at the promises of neurotechnology to push the limits of what humans could accomplish with chips in their brains.”

“Hundreds of thousands of people around the world already have brain-computer interfaces, which scientists have been developing since at least the 1970s, in part thanks to funding from Darpa. “

Living Machines

“The Human Genome Project — which brought together biologists, computer scientists, chemists, and technologists with funding primarily from U.S.- and U.K.-based agencies — did not just give us the first map of the human genome, but paved the way for tools that allow us to study cells and diseases at entirely new scales of depth and breadth.”

“But ultimately, we need to renew a shared national commitment to developing new ideas. This July, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. While some might argue that it offered no real benefit, it produced enormous technological gains.”

“Besides providing a focus for our shared ambitions and hopes, the drive to put astronauts on the moon also led to an amazing acceleration of technology in numerous areas including computing, nanotechnology, transportation, aeronautics, and health care. History shows us we need to be willing to make these great leaps, without necessarily knowing where they will take us.”

What is coming ?

“We hear a lot these days about a coming convergence between man and machine. Nowhere are more promises being made than in the area of the brain.”

Automated Fascism

“He says people are already under the “illusion” that they are in control….”

“Full trust in robots will push aside human judgment and empathy, de-prioritizing human choice, ethical decision-making processes, while ushering in automated decision-making throughout society.

“In our effort to annihilate our brokenness as humans, will we lose our greatest gift – the purpose that comes from the pain? In our desire to automate everything, will we lose our soul?

Nanotechnology News – May 2019


Cultocracy note :

News this month suggests that the CRISPR twins may potentially suffer from a shortened lifespan , possibly a blessing in disguise if true .

An article in the mainstream media quotes Professor Julian Savulescu , a professor of ethics at Oxford University who states “These healthy babies are being used as genetic guinea pigs. This is genetic Russian Roulette.” .

The professor obviously does not know the half of it , or maybe he does .

I remember somebody else who was very interested in twins………

Hmmmm…….What was he called again ????

Aaahhhhh…..Now I remember……

Plants modified with CRISPR-Cas9

“Recently, the bacterial CRISPR/Cas9 system has been transferred to plants to target and confer immunity to geminiviruses.”

“Our study highlights the risks associated with CRISPR-Cas9 virus immunity in eukaryotes………”

Related :

Cultocracy note :

The appearance of eukaryotes marked an explosion in Earth evolutionary terms .

One theory as to how eukaryotes initially formed is termed endosymbiosis .

A larger organism ‘ate’ it’s smaller relatives , thereby creating an entirely new organism which formed the precursor to life on Earth as we now know it .

Others dispute this and have formulated different theories as to the origin of eukaryotes .

 Cultocracy note on Cultocracy note :

‘Ate’ ???

 I much prefer the word ‘assimilated’ .

History has a knack of repeating itself .

Cultocracy note :

Lipid nanoparticles can be used to deliver synthetic compounds or RNA or DNA to a specific cellular region , for example a portion of the human brain .

Useful in Immunotherapy and gene therapy .

Also useful for magnetic and nuclear imaging .

Self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) lipid nanoparticles

Messenger RNA (mRNA) has emerged as a versatile and advantageous tool for both vaccine and protein replacement therapeutics.”

“Recently, self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) has been investigated as the next-generation approach for mRNA therapeutics”

“………the optimized formulation resulted in ∼7-fold increase in luciferase expression….”

Further reading :

“The imaging environment for biomedical research has improved significantly in recent years……These include x-ray computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI 1 ), magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), positron emission tomography (PET, 1 or microPET), single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT, 1 or microSPECT), ultrasonography, and optical imaging, including fluorescence and bioluminescence.”

Molecular imaging cannot be precisely defined in a way that would be agreed upon by all imaging scientists, but there would be general agreement that it includes the use of reporter constructs. These are the genetically encoded instructions to manufacture a protein, which is an integral part of the mechanism for imaging contrast.”

“The chemical reaction of the bioluminescence process that leads to light emission also requires magnesium (Mg) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in addition to the substrate D-luciferin.”

  1. Noninvasive Bioluminescence Imaging in Small Animals
  2. Bioluminescent sensor causes brain cells to glow in the dark
  3. Optogenetic inhibition of neurons by internal light production
  4. Halorhodopsin

More reading :


  2. Adenosine triphosphate
  3. Side Effects
  4. More side effects
  5. Chapter Two – Adenosine Receptor PET Imaging in Human Brain
  6. Adenosine and the Auditory System

Even more reading :

  1. Electro-optical MASINT
  2. Hyperspectral imaging
  3. Multispectral vs Hyperspectral Imagery Explained
  4. Fusion of synthetic aperture radar and hyperspectral imagery to detect impacts of oil spill in Gulf of Mexico


Health & Medical

Sunscreen may pose health risk

“A new study from researchers at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that four active ingredients in sunscreen can leech into a person’s bloodstream at levels high enough to warrant further toxicology testing .”

Cultocracy note :

The word ‘unclear’ from an official perspective sounds like an unprofessional understatement and makes me feel uneasy , unwell and unhealthy .

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Should we worry about nano food ?

“…..some people are concerned nanoparticles may present health risks. Recently France announced one nanoscale food additive will be banned from 2020 due to a lack of evidence about its safety .”

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  1. France Bans Titanium Dioxide Food Additive Beginning in 2020
  2. Hidden Brain Risk in Foods and Cosmetics
  3. Dunkin’ Donuts ditches titanium dioxide – but is it actually harmful?

Cultocracy note :

Oh bu**er , didn’t those ‘safe and natural’ sunscreen links point to products containing titanium dioxide ?

My advice , wear a hat .

Or live in a bunker , permanently .

Aspartame and Alzheimers

“Recent reports have revealed the intrinsic propensity of single aromatic metabolites to undergo self-assembly and form nanostructures of amyloid nature. Hence, identifying whether aspartame, a universally consumed artificial sweetener, is inherently aggregation prone becomes an important area of investigation.”

Aspartame fibrils were also found to induce hemolysis, causing DNA damage resulting in both apoptosis and necrosis-mediated cell death.”

“Results reveal that the aspartame molecule is inherently amyloidogenic, and the self-assembly of aspartame becomes a toxic trap for proteins and cells, exposing the bitter side of such a ubiquitously used artificial sweetener.”

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  2. Amyloid
  3. Aspartame (Wikipedia)
  4. List of Products Containing Aspartame
  5. Another list of Products Containing Aspartame
  6. From Wikipedia :
    “Aspartame was discovered in 1965 by James M. Schlatter, a chemist working for G.D. Searle & Company.”
    “In 1985, Monsanto Company bought G.D. Searle, and the aspartame business became a separate Monsanto subsidiary, the NutraSweet Company.”
    “In March 2000, Monsanto sold it to J.W. Childs Equity Partners II L.P.”
    “………the U.S. patent expired in 1992.”
    “Since then, the company has competed for market share with other manufacturers, including Ajinomoto, Merisant and the Holland Sweetener Company.”
    “In 2008, Ajinomoto sued British supermarket chain Asda, part of Wal-Mart, for a malicious falsehood action concerning its aspartame product when the substance was listed as excluded from the chain’s product line, along with other “nasties”. In July 2009, a British court found in favour of Asda.”


Rapid wound healing nano gel

“……researchers have developed a nanofiber-reinforced injectable gel that can rebuild missing muscle and connective tissues by serving as a scaffold and recruiting the body’s wound-healing cells.


Anxiety & air pollution

“Children exposed to higher levels of air pollution from traffic have increased levels of myo-inositol in the brain. The increase in myo-inositol was associated with higher risk of generalized anxiety in children.”



Cultocracy note :

The potential profits of previously covert technologies are now being explored as part of the global technological trancef…….sorry , transformation .

There is a fear that administrations and industrialists based in rival countries may commercialize the technology first and reap $trillions in rewards .

This is inevitable to a ceratain degree .

The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together .

Has technology really made your life ‘better’ ?

Or do you simply imagine that it has made your life better ?


Augmenting your life

“Hearables Will Monitor Your Brain and Body to Augment Your Life”

“These hearables will likely also use miniature electrodes, placed on their surfaces, to sense the weak electric fields around the brain—what we sometimes refer to as brain waves. Future hearables will use software to translate fluctuations in these fields at different frequencies into electroencephalograms (EEGs) with millisecond resolution.”

Decades of research have helped scientists draw insights into a person’s state of mind from changes in EEGs.”


Brain monitoring

“The ear is like a biological equivalent of a USB port.”


Societal control , experimentation & eugenics

“This machine is pretty magical. He adjusts it to make you happy and you’re happy, to make you nervous and you’re nervous,” he told the Associated Press. “It controls your happiness, anger, grief and joy.”

AI powered hearing aid

Powered by artificial intelligence, this brain-controlled hearing aid acts as an automatic filter, monitoring wearers’ brain waves and boosting the voice they want to focus on.”


Brain to Brain communication

“A Rice University-led team of neuroengineers is embarking on an ambitious four-year project to develop headset technology that can directly link the human brain and machines without the need for surgery. As a proof of concept, the team plans to transmit visual images perceived by one individual into the minds of blind patients.”

““In four years we hope to demonstrate direct, brain-to-brain communication at the speed of thought and without brain surgery,” said Rice’s Jacob Robinson, the lead investigator on the $18 million project, which was announced today as part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program.”

“Robinson said MOANA’s decoding and encoding technologies will each employ viral vector gene delivery……….”

“In the brain receiving an image, MOANA would “write” information to neurons that are reprogrammed to fire in response to magnetic signals.”

Cultocracy note :

Those kind , kind people at DARPA and IARPA remind me of Mother Theresa…..

They don’t want to blow up , poison , kill and maim us after all , that’s just fake news .

Hope they didn’t use any exotic ingredients for the banquet .

Related :


Nonexistent Ethical Issues

“Symptoms and side effects that could result from use of these products include redness or other irritation where the devices contact the skin, headaches, pain, tingling, and nausea.”


Synthetic Biology

We have the technology

“Several biotech companies offer cat-cloning services, which reportedly costs about $25,000.”

“Cloned pets are also likely to suffer birth defects and illnesses…………”


Live forever like a vampire

“An upcoming experiment aboard the International Space Station will test the effects of microgravity on living cells mixed with tiny ceramic particles. The test could result in powerful new antioxidants to treat the deleterious effects of prolonged exposure to space as well as various age-related diseases.”


My Spidey sense is tingling

“What if drones and self-driving cars had the tingling “spidey senses” of Spider-Man?”

“Instead, Purdue researchers have built sensors inspired by spiders, bats, birds and other animals, whose actual spidey senses are nerve endings linked to special neurons called mechanoreceptors.”



Carbon nanotube cash

“Researchers at IMDEA Nanociencia have developed a physically unclonable function based on carbon nanotubes with potential applications in security and anti-counterfeiting. “

“While quantum computing slowly progresses towards the cryptographic paradigm, the so-called physically unclonable functions (PUFs) are presented as the choice to ensure unique and effective identification.”

“A PUF is a device that has unique and non-repeatable physical properties that can be translated into usable bits of information.”

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  2. Biological One-Way Functions for Secure Key Generation
  3. Unclonable digital fingerprints developed for IoT devices
  4. Researchers unveil Internet of Things security feature



Graphene flakes control neurons

“Measuring just one millionth of a metre, these particles have proven able to interfere with the transmission of the signal at excitatory neuronal synaptic junctions. Furthermore, the study has shown that they do so in a reversible manner, because they disappear without leaving a trace few days after they have been administered.”


Graphene clothes

Wearable electronic components incorporated directly into fabrics have been developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge. The devices could be used for flexible circuits, healthcare monitoring, energy conversion, and other applications. “

“Turning textiles into functional energy storage elements can open up an entirely new set of applications, from body-energy harvesting and storage to the Internet of Things,”



Cultocracy note :

Those whacky scientists at DARPA again………..

I wonder if they realize that they are insane .

Fish used as spies

“Many marine animals respond audibly or visibly to sound, optical, electromagnetic and chemical shifts in the water around them.”

““The PALS program was developed to leverage the great sensitivity that organisms have in the ocean to changes in their environment,” says Lori Adornato, manager of the initiative, which is administered by the federal Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).”

“…………these sensors are already “installed” throughout the seas, with each generation naturally replacing the previous one. All these features make ocean life ideal agents for continuous, long-term surveillance.”


Plastic Rain

““We’re seeing plastics virtually everywhere we look,” U.S. Geological Survey researcher says.”


Plastic Air

“The average person eats at least 50,000 particles of microplastic a year and breathes in a similar quantity, according to the first study to estimate human ingestion of plastic pollution.”

“The health impacts of ingesting microplastic are unknown, but they could release toxic substances. Some pieces are small enough to penetrate human tissues, where they could trigger immune reactions.”


Magnetic nanoparticles clean water

“Using multiferroic nanoparticles, they have succeeded in inducing the decomposition of chemical residues in contaminated water.”



Ionospheric Experimentation and Destruction

“NASA rocket mission to study disturbances in the upper atmosphere….”

“Known as equatorial spread F, or ESF, these disturbances occur after sunset at latitudes near the equator…”

“The disturbances can interfere with radio communication, navigation and imaging systems and pose a hazard to technology and society that depends on it.”

Cultocracy note :

Technologies developed by NASA and their partners are the only source of destructive disturbances in the upper atmosphere .


Quantum Computing , Communications & AI

Cultocracy note :

We are fast approaching an era where many will find it hard to differentiate between the synthetic lie and reality .

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck” (Emma Goldman)

Diamonds for Quantum Computing & Bioimaging

“Scientists are excited about diamonds…….”

“These so-called “nanodiamonds” are made up almost entirely of carbon. But by introducing other elements into the nanodiamond’s crystal lattice—a method known as “doping“—researchers could produce traits useful in medical research, computation and beyond.”

“Nanodiamonds doped with such elements could be applied to quantum information science—a rapidly expanding field that includes quantum communication and quantum computing.”

“The nanodiamonds emitted a deep-red light at a wavelength of about 740 nanometers, which is useful in medical imaging. Nanodiamonds doped with other elements could emit other colors.”

“Researchers hope next to dope nanodiamonds intentionally with xenon, another noble gas, for possible use in fields such as quantum communications and quantum sensing.”


Machine learning and Quantum sensing

“Researchers at the University of Bristol have reached new heights of sophistication in detecting magnetic fields with extreme sensitivity at room temperature by combining machine learning with a quantum sensor. “

“Researchers have demonstrated this using a quantum sensor based on the electron-spin in a Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centre in a diamond. “

“Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centres are atomic defects that can be found or created in a diamond. They allow one to interact with single electrons, which can in turn be used for sensing both electric and magnetic fields. Their unique combination of high spatial resolution and sensitivity has led to the investigation of scenarios where the activity of single neurons is monitored and mapped down to the nanoscale.”


Brain on a chip

“Scientists have succeeded in developing a piece of hardware which could pave the way for creating computers resembling the human brain. They produced a chip containing a network of artificial neurons that works with light and can imitate neurons and their synapses. This network is able to ‘learn’ information and use this as a basis for computing.”


Artificial Neural Networks can control Brain activity

“Using their current best model of the brain’s visual neural network, the researchers designed a new way to precisely control individual neurons and populations of neurons in the middle of that network.”

“The findings suggest that the current versions of these models are similar enough to the brain that they could be used to control brain states in animals.”

“It is perhaps the strongest validation so far of the use of artificial neural networks to understand real neural networks.”

“Funding: The research was funded by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency(IARPA) , the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, the National Eye Institute, and the Office of Naval Research.”

Cultocracy note :

The maniacal monsters at IARPA and their chums make DARPA scientists look like Mary Poppins .

They actually realize that they are insane .

The true masters of the Mengele Mind .


AI sees like a human

“Computer scientists at The University of Texas at Austin have taught an artificial intelligence agent how to do something that usually only humans can do — take a few quick glimpses around and infer its whole environment…..”

“This research was supported, in part, by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency…”


Subliminal visual stimulus

“The pictures were created by an artificial-intelligence algorithm called XDREAM, which gradually tweaked them to stimulate one particular neuron in Ringo’s brain…..”

“Through these experiments, researchers are learning more not just about the brain itself, but also about how to simulate it.”

Cultocracy note :

The above research illustrates how mental images can be reconstructed by an AI system based purely on neuronal activity .

In simplistic terms the AI system is able to recreate what the monkey thinks .


Lennon , McCartney & George

Have you noticed how in AI research there is a lot of emphasis placed on recreating the visual region of the human brain , I wonder why ?

I also like how the Franke….. scientists give their test subjects a name…….Ringo……..Probably plays the drums .

I wonder what they would call a human subject ?


Quantum phone

“The quantum encryption uses photons to generate a shared key between two collocutors. A potential eavesdropper would need to measure photons to hear the conversation. However, the nature of photons doesn’t allow somebody to measure them without changing their state, thus the collocutors will always know if a call is bugged. This provides an “unmatched level of confidentiality,” the developers said.”


AI and Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning (RL) has shown great success in increasingly complex single-agent environments and two-player turn-based games. However, the real world contains multiple agents, each learning and acting independently to cooperate and compete with other agents.”

“In our formulation, the agent’s policy uses the same interface available to human players. It receives raw red-green-blue (RGB) pixel input from the agent’s first-person perspective…..”

“In this work, we have demonstrated that an artificial agent using only pixels and game points as input can learn to play highly competitively in a rich multiagent environment: a popular multiplayer first-person video game.”

Cultocracy note :

Hmmmm……….I wonder what would happen if you could combine the brain computer interfaces (described earlier) with reinforcement learning……..

The mind boggles .

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  5. Sentient World Simulation: Meet Your DoD Clone
  6. “Targets” Are Enrolled In The Pentagon’s 4th-Generation-Warfare – “Sentient World Simulation”

Cultocracy note :

As always , the keyword is control .

  1. Reinforcement Learning is Direct Adaptive Optimal Control (PDF)
  2. Reinforcement Learning for Control (PDF)
  3. Hypergame Theory
  4. Targeted Individuals XVI: Hyper Game Theory

Cultocracy note :

…..and cash .

  1. How businesses can leverage reinforcement learning?


Further reading :

  1. Amazing AI Generates Entire Bodies of People Who Don’t Exist
  2. This AI-generated Joe Rogan fake has to be heard to be believed
  3. I listened to a Massive Attack record remixed by a neural network




Russia hates 5G

“The cellphones known as 5G, or fifth generation, represent the vanguard of a wireless era rich in interconnected cars, factories and cities. Whichever nation dominates the new technology will gain a competitive edge for much of this century, according to many analysts.”

The Russian network RT America aired the segment, titled “A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity,’” in covering what its guest experts call 5G’s dire health threats. U.S. intelligence agencies identified the network as a principal meddler in the 2016 presidential election. Now, it is linking 5G signals to brain cancer, infertility, autism, heart tumors and Alzheimer’s disease — claims that lack scientific support.”

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  1. China Poised To Dominate 5G
  2. A world divided by 5G: Russia’s Huawei deal is the latest sign of an emerging internet iron curtain


Control your smartphone with synthetic telepathy

“A collaboration between Tianjin University and the state-owned China Electronics Corporation led to the recent unveiling of “Brain Talker,” a computer chip designed specifically for use in BCIs.”

“The chip could be used to control computers, smartphones and other devices, its creators say.”

“The brain decoding chip works by picking out minor neural electrical signals within the cerebral cortex and rapidly translate them into a form that the computer an understand.”

“This brain-computer codec chip has the ability to discriminate minor neural electrical signals and decode their information efficiently, which can greatly enhance the speed and accuracy of brain-computer interfaces…..”

Cultocracy note :

It logically follows that any ‘brain decoding’ system could easily be turned into a ‘brain encoding‘ system .

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The Matador and The Bull – Fear & Suggestibility

Cultocracy note :

I drafted an article regarding the control mechanisms of induced fear and anxiety a while ago but did not finish it . The exact same methodology can be scaled up or down , it can be directed towards individuals , groups of individuals or whole populations .

An article I found over at global research correctly affirms that emotional responses in global populations are viewed as psychological vulnerabilities and as such are systematically exploited to further the ends of the power brokers . The article concerns Julian Assange who it appears is firmly in the cross hairs at the moment , there is no doubt that Assange has been party to sensitive information , as such he will not be extradited to the US .

The article also confirms the fact that the subconscious mind (and also the unconscious mind) is able to process emotional responses before the conscious mind produces a reaction . The power of the subconscious cannot be underestimated and is something that the power brokers are acutely aware of .

Perhaps the whole Assange episode is simply a psyop intended to send a resounding message to any would be whistle blower , a subconscious message that is .

I assume many , many , many individuals have received the same treatment apparently meted out to Assange , unfortunately the vast majority will be completely unaware

The question I ask myself is how long can the same tired old methods be expected to yield the required results ?

I suppose ultimately it all depends on the individual .

How many bona-fide individuals do you know yourself ?

How Psychological Vulnerabilities Are Exploited to Control Us

By Dr. Lissa Johnson and Eresh Omar Jamal
Global Research

How has psychology been used by the US and UK to persecute Assange and WikiLeaks?

Psychological vulnerabilities in the human reality-processing system have been exploited over the last decade in order to push particular versions of “reality” concerning Assange and WikiLeaks, which depart starkly from the fully-informed, well-researched reality. In short, whereas WikiLeaks is a media organisation and Assange is an award-winning journalist (as confirmed by UK courts and tribunals), he has been cast as a terrorist and WikiLeaks an enemy of the state.

In order to turn reality on its head in this way, a key psychological vulnerability exploited in the war on WikiLeaks has been the fact that human information processing is powered largely by emotion.

Even in terms of the neuroscience of cognition, emotion enters the decision stream well before conscious thought, and influences the kinds of reasoning and deliberation that people will entertain. The end result is that unless people are especially motivated to be accurate and factual, we are all susceptible to information and arguments that fit with our emotional states.

If we feel angry or disgusted about something or someone, for example, we are more likely to believe and accept damning rather than positive information about them. This all takes place on an unconscious level, outside our awareness, and plays a very powerful role in shaping our worldviews.

Read the full article here at Global Research

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  25. Quantum Phase Stability in Human Cognition
  26. In quantum theory of cognition, memories are created by the act of remembering
  27. Quantum Cognition and Entanglement (PDF)
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Cultocracy note :

A burgeoning and increasingly aware population represents an existential threat to all established power structures .

As John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute states ‘The key word here is control.’

Technotyranny: The Iron-Fisted Authoritarianism of the Surveillance State

By John W. Whitehead

Red pill or blue pill? You decide.

Twenty years after the Wachowskis’ iconic 1999 film, The Matrix, introduced us to a futuristic world in which humans exist in a computer-simulated non-reality powered by authoritarian machines—a world where the choice between existing in a denial-ridden virtual dream-state or facing up to the harsh, difficult realities of life comes down to a red pill or a blue pill—we stand at the precipice of a technologically-dominated matrix of our own making.

We are living the prequel to The Matrix with each passing day, falling further under the spell of technologically-driven virtual communities, virtual realities and virtual conveniences managed by artificially intelligent machines that are on a fast track to replacing us and eventually dominating every aspect of our lives.

Science fiction has become fact.

In The Matrix, computer programmer Thomas Anderson a.k.a. hacker Neo is wakened from a virtual slumber by Morpheus, a freedom fighter seeking to liberate humanity from a lifelong hibernation state imposed by hyper-advanced artificial intelligence machines that rely on humans as an organic power source. With their minds plugged into a perfectly crafted virtual reality, few humans ever realize they are living in a dream world.

Neo is given a choice: to wake up and join the resistance, or remain asleep and serve as fodder for the powers-that-be. “You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe,” Morpheus says to Neo in The Matrix. “You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Most people opt for the red pill.

In our case, the red pill—a one-way ticket to a life sentence in an electronic concentration camp—has been honey-coated to hide the bitter aftertaste, sold to us in the name of expediency and delivered by way of blazingly fast Internet, cell phone signals that never drop a call, thermostats that keep us at the perfect temperature without our having to raise a finger, and entertainment that can be simultaneously streamed to our TVs, tablets and cell phones.

Yet we are not merely in thrall with these technologies that were intended to make our lives easier. We have become enslaved by them.

Look around you. Everywhere you turn, people are so addicted to their internet-connected screen devices—smart phones, tablets, computers, televisions—that they can go for hours at a time submerged in a virtual world where human interaction is filtered through the medium of technology.

This is not freedom.

This is not even progress.

This is technological tyranny and iron-fisted control delivered by way of the surveillance state, corporate giants such as Google and Facebook, and government spy agencies such as the National Security Agency.

We are living in a virtual world carefully crafted to resemble a representative government, while in reality we are little more than slaves in thrall to an authoritarian regime, with its constant surveillance, manufactured media spectacles, secret courts, inverted justice, and violent repression of dissent.

So consumed are we with availing ourselves of all the latest technologies that we have spared barely a thought for the ramifications of our heedless, headlong stumble towards a world in which our abject reliance on internet-connected gadgets and gizmos is grooming us for a future in which freedom is an illusion.

It’s not just freedom that hangs in the balance. Humanity itself is on the line.

Read the full article here at The Rutherford Institute

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SpaceX Launches Starlink Satellites


Cultocracy note :

Phasers* set to stun….and kill….and rape….and surveil….and monitor….and…………

*Phased Arrays

Next step Mars .

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