Sound Effects – Acoustic Weapons

The ‘Cuban Diplomat’ Attack story has generated increased mainstream interest in modern WMD’s (weapons of multi-frequency debasement) .

An interesting presentation at this years DEF CON hacking convention explores the vulnerabilities in many modern day gadgets and electrical devices . The presentation explains that many devices , if not all devices , can be compromised and controlled to produce weaponized frequencies .

The presentation is titled ‘Sound Effects Exploring acoustic cyber – weapons‘ and was authored by University College London Phd student Matt Wixey .

The research expands on a previous presentation by Mr. Wixey titled ‘See no evil, hear no evil : Hacking invisibly & silently with light & sound‘ .

A few abridged quotes from the PDF version of the presentation are below .

‘Sound Effects Exploring acoustic cyber – weapons’

What can we hear ?

  • Ultrasound & infrasound: above/below human hearing threshold

This is a misconception: thresholds vary widely

  • Sound may be perceived as vibration

High frequencies may have adverse effects :

  • Neurasthenia, cardiac neurosis, hypotension, bradycardia, functional changes
    in CV and CNS

Adverse physiological effects of High Frequency Noise (HFN) :

  1. Neurasthenia, cardiac neurosis, hypotension, bradycardia, functional changes
    in CV and CNS

Adverse psychological effects of HFN :

  1. Nausea, fatigue, headaches
  2. Tinnitus and ear pain
  3. Somnolence, dizziness, palpitations, decreased concentration

Adverse physiological effects of Low Frequency Noise (LFN) :

  1. Heart ailments, chronic insomnia
  2. Elevated cortisol levels

Adverse psychological effects of LFN :

  1. Headaches and palpitations
  2. Deterioration in performance & productivity
  3. Lower levels of cooperation & agreeableness
  4. Depressive symptoms & distress
  5. Even at very moderate levels

Sound in security research

  1. Covert communications channels (HFN)
  2. Covert mesh networks
  3. Mobile devices
  4. Many consumer devices capable of emitting HFN


Could an attacker develop malware or attacks to :

Cause a device to emit HFN or LFN…

… at levels at or exceeding those in maximum permissible guidelines…

… and therefore cause adverse effects?

Implications – headphones ;

Audio manipulation attack could also succeed with headphones

Implications – parametric speaker ;

May be attractive as a portable, low – cost acoustic weapon

Implications – Bluetooth and smart speakers ;

Could be used to produce LFN consistent with annoyance



  1. Constant emission of HFN/LFN may degrade audio equipment
  2. No human experimentation on perceptibility/susceptibility


  1. As digital and physical worlds become more integrated
  2. Attackers may become increasingly interested in leveraging vulns against humans

Cultocracy conclusion :

Think of your entire collection of gadgets and gizmos , including wired connections and electrics , as an entire orchestra .

An orchestra that can be remotely conducted and choreographed to produce any required performance .

The presentation by Mr. Wixey barely scratches the surface of the technological capabilities available to deep state agencies and their hired hands .

Remotely delivered torture and termination tactics are commonplace in the modern world .

Sometimes they do it just for fun .

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Further reading :



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  11. Resonant ultrasonic wireless power transmission for bio-implants
  12. Researchers create malware that communicates via silent sound, no network needed
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France Wants ASAT ASAP

What is it with the recent rush for anti-satellite weaponry (ASAT) ?

They all want ASAT ASAP , including the UK .

France now wants ASAT technology .

As the French French Defense Minister, Florence Parly stated , “We have to face it, because it is our independence that is at stake.”

Cultocracy UK historical governance note :

Hmmmm……Independence ??!!??!?!?!?

I heard that word mentioned once , think it was my grandfather , who was talking about his great grandfather , who was talking about his great great grandfather , who was talking about……

France also wants a new ‘Space Command’ , just like the US .

A suspicious mind may think this was somehow connected to the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests .

Or maybe the cause of the Yellow Vest protests .

Or maybe neither .

Or maybe both .

Countermeasures are now deemed a necessity .

Expect the French push to balloon into a Europe wide effort .

Minus the UK .

Cultocracy poetry note :

Why oh why….does the UK have to fry……when it is nigh…….in the sky…….big sigh…….*

( * I’m a poet , but I don’t like to glo(at) it )

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  12. SpaceX to launch internet satellites: Elon Musk’s mission to Connect Humanity begins
  13. Space Fence
  14. Quantum satellite shatters entanglement record
  15. Scalar Wars
  16. Last but not least ………..
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Gaslight Murderer Had Kill List

For a background to this article you may want to read the article at the link below :

New this week tells us thet the ‘Maids Moreton Murderer‘ has been found guilty .

The articles also suggest that the murderer , Vicar’s son Benjamin Field , had compiled a list of around 100 other targets .

Co-defendant Martyn Smith was found not guilty of all charges .

Field’s younger brother, Tom Field , a Cambridge University graduate , was found not guilty of fraud .

I cannot help but think that there is much , much more to this story than meets the eye .

It should be noted that people from a religious background are frequently targeted by organizations much higher up the food chain .

Sytematic and sinister psychological and physical abuse can often permeate a whole organization once it has taken root .

Tactics remarkably similar to those used by the murderer , although much more sophisticated , are commonly deployed by a myriad of state and government agencies in pursuit of individuals deemed useful , disposable and expendable . The only difference is the ‘hands on’ approach used by Field , as opposed to the more remote and electronic means wielded by state agencies , although the two methods often overlap .

Never expect this fact to be mentioned in any mainstream article .

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  2. 7. Journals and Diaries:

    1. Most of the subjects are directed to keep a “Journal” or diary by the NSA so that the subject can record and review feelings, events, observations, and “God’s directions” that normally would be unavailable due to short term memory loss during extended periods of REM Deprivation. The NSA uses the Subject’s Journals in a variety of ways.
  3. NSA Mind Control and Psyops
  4. Victor Nixon – Broadband Power Lines
  5. The Programme – Richard Lighthouse NASA Whistleblower
  6. Project Soul Catcher – Targeted Individuals
  7. Targeted Individual – Torture & Terrorism
  8. The British Mind Control Agent
  9. Are you targeted?


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Nanotechnology News – July 2019

Cultocracy introduction :

When people think of scientific research and development they may imagine that there are certain fields which are prioritized by the global power brokers . People may also imagine that these prioritized fields take the lions share of funding and manpower based on profit predictions or gaining a strategic edge in a globalized world .

Both are true to a certain extent .

The latest ‘must have’ weapon may be lusted after by the military corporate world , the fastest microprocessor may be coveted by the industrial world , bioengineered pharmaceuticals may be chased by big pharma . Etc….etc…etc….etc…

If you were to ask yourself which broadly specific research field trumps all of the others then what answer would you arrive at ?

The latest communications technology ? Faster computers ? Genetic medicine ?

The true race is centered around the quest for enhanced intelligence , both biological (human) and artificial (computer) .

In terms of personnel , scientific research teams now number in the hundreds , if not thousands . Super computing power is harnessed for modelling and virtual experimentation .

What if you could combine all of the individual elements into a single unit ?

Would you create a Mega mind ?

Or a Mengele mind ?

Cultocracy note :

The image above is from a presentation by Dr. James Canton from the Institute of Global Affairs , the Institute of Global Affairs can best be described as a futurist think tank .

The diagram depicts a merger of nanotechnology with quantum computing , itself driven by nanotechnology .

Obviously the big question is what lies at the centre of the graph ?

It will be a weapon , you can be assured of that one single fact .

Perhaps a weapon that looks something like this .

To quote Dr. James Canton :

“There is now a neuroweapon that is available , we have to accept that….”

“Carried out for ideology and profit…”

“Don’t be confused by ideology…..80% of ‘ideological’ groups are actually motivated by profit….”

“Prove the capability…..”

(then ask)

“Who wants to sign up ?”

More from Dr. James Canton :

Cultocracy conclusion :

Dr. Canton appears to be a pupil of the Elon Musk school of transhumanism , either that or he is supremely ignorant and naive regarding the motivations of our would be masters .

Or should that be master ?

Nanotechnology News – July 2019



Quantum Computing & Communications

Cultocracy note :

News this month suggests that quantum entanglement has been captured on film .

Coming to a cinema near you soon :

‘Quantum Entanglement’ – The Movie .

Qauntum Entanglement snapped by Paparazzi
“Scientists just captured the first-ever photo of the phenomenon dubbed “spooky action at a distance” by Albert Einstein.”

“That phenomenon, called quantum entanglement, describes a situation where particles can remain connected such that the physical properties of one will affect the other, no matter the distance (even miles) between them.”

Cultocracy note :

‘Stunning photo’ ?????

Aaaahhhh…..Wait a minute………

Just tried the experiment myself using an ‘extra special’ camera……..


Connecting the quantum dots

“Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) developed a new technique that could enable future advancements in quantum technology.”

“The technique squeezes quantum dots, tiny particles made of thousands of atoms, to emit single photons (individual particles of light)….”

“This breakthrough could accelerate the development of quantum information technologies and brain-inspired computing,”


Quantum Internet

“Researchers demonstrated a new method for transmitting quantum information over long distances by using circularly polarized light to flip the spin state of an electron on a quantum dot. This work may show the way towards a completely secure ‘quantum internet.’ “




Cultocracy note :

Always remember………..

Deep state clandestine research and development is decades ahead of research released to the public .

Nanotechnology Enhanced Intelligence

“….populations of “helper” cells in the brain, called astrocytes, plays a specific role in directing the formation of connections among neurons needed for learning and forming new memories…”

“…..researchers conducted proof-of-concept experiments that show they could deliver corrective proteins via nanoparticles to replace the missing protein needed for “road repairs” on the defective neural highway. “

“The researchers found that the 8.3 red astrocytes turn on high levels of a gene that codes for a different protein known as Norrin. “

“When they injected the Norrin nanoparticles into the brains of mice engineered without Norrin, the neurons in these mice began to quickly grow many more branches, a process suggesting repair to neural networks. They repeated these experiments with human neurons too. “

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  1. Hedgehog signaling pathway (Wikipedia)
  2. Hedgehog regulates Norrie disease protein to drive neural progenitor self-renewal
  3. Sonic hedgehog regulates adult neural progenitor proliferation in vitro and in vivo (PDF)
  4. Novel insights into the development and maintenance of the blood–brain barrier
  5. Hedgehog in Cancer

Not related (I think) :

  1. Silver Surfer


More efficient CRISPR gene editing

“The delivery uses biodegradable synthetic lipid nanoparticles that carry the molecular editing tools into the cell to precisely alter the cells’ genetic code with as much as 90 percent efficiency.”

“The nanoparticles represent one of the most efficient CRISPR/Cas9 delivery tools reported so far….”

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Concern in gene-edited plants

“A review published earlier this year addresses the problematic tendency of CRISPR gene-editing tools to cause off-target mutations (damage to DNA) and asks whether this is a concern when it comes to developing gene-edited plants.”

“However, they add that while CRISPR tools can produce many off-target mutations in animals, most of these tools are “highly precise when applied in plants”.”

“Nevertheless, the authors admit, “a number of reports in plants clearly demonstrated that CRISPR/Cas is capable of introducing mutations into off-target sites, which share a significant similarity with targets”.”

“But in the authors’ own words, these tools are only “expected to be more precise in plants”.”

Cultocracy note :

Earlier quote from the same science team regarding nuclear weapons :

“A nuclear bomb is only expected to fry 90% of the local population , however it misses the off-target plant life in a highly precise manner , simply because there is no significant similarity between plants and animals . Therefore we expect all plant life to survive a nuclear blast .”

(N.B. Funding for this research provided by ACME Nuclear Weapon Co.)

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  2. Bayer : and Rothamsted Research sign strategic framework agreement
  3. Bayer, Exeter University and Rothamsted Research to identify enzymes in bees that determine sensitivity to neonicotinoids
  4. Bayer, Exeter University and Rothamsted Research to identify enzymes in bees that determine sensitivity to neonicotinoids
  5. Rothamsted Research and Bayer collaborate to accelerate the development of solutions to help farmers manage crop threats more effectively
  6. North Wyke (Wikipedia)
  7. “In 1981 the Crown Estate Commissioners bought North Wyke and let it to the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research[17], after which it became part of Rothamsted Research.”



Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cultocracy note :

The carousel of deep state funding is laid bare this month with news that Microsoft intends to invest a substantial sum in the Open AI platform .

All profits from the military corporate complex are eventually recycled .

Open AI was co-founded by Elon Musk , it was recently announced that Musk had served his purpose and that AI research was best served by a dialectical and dual approach .

Musk recently stated that his AI generated fake news technology would not be released , now a moot point seeing as Musk has left Open AI , not that he was in charge in the first place .

As for the fake news generator , I personally think the technology was developed a long time ago .

Microsoft Invests $1 Billion In Musk’s OpenAI

Microsoft announced a $1 billion investment in Elon Musk’s OpenAI, which aims to build “friendly AI” that won’t wipe out humanity. “


Fake News Finder

“……the project is headed up by UCSB professor William Wang.”

“Wang specializes in “natural language processing,” the subsect of artificial intelligence dealing with a computer’s ability to process human language.”

“Wang’s algorithm scrapes news articles posted on social media platforms. It then analyzes these articles based on content, titles, and links. “

“UCSB hopes that this use of artificial intelligence will “give us insight on how we, intentionally or unwittingly, propagate misinformation.”

“That’s really the beauty of natural language processing and machine learning,” “We have a huge amount of data in different formats, and the question is: How do you turn unstructured data into structured knowledge? That’s one of the goals of deep learning and of data science.”

Cultocracy note :

Come on , do we really need a fangled new algorithm to tell us who propogates misinformation ?

Learning to Fly

“In this paper, we propose a method to automate this design process by training a mode-free, model-agnostic neural network controller for hybrid UAV .”

“We design a neural network controller that is mode-free and model-
agnostic to automate the control parameter tuning processes for
various customized UAV designs.”

“We train our controller using a standard reinforcement learning
framework .”


I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me….

Part machine-learning innovation, part human brain-imaging study, the paper, published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances, marks an important step forward in the application of “neural networks” – computer systems modeled after the human brain – to the study of emotion.”

“He then “showed” the new network, dubbed EmoNet, 25,000 images ranging from erotic photos to nature scenes and asked it to categorize them into 20 categories such as craving, sexual desire, horror, awe, and surprise.”

EmoNet could accurately and consistently categorize 11 of the emotion types. But it was better at recognizing some than others. For instance, it identified photos that evoke craving or sexual desire with more than 95 percent accuracy. But it had a harder time with more nuanced emotions like confusion, awe, and surprise.”

“To further test and refine EmoNet, the researchers then brought in 18 human subjects.”

“As a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine measured their brain activity...”

“When activity in the neural network was compared to that in the subjects’ brains, the patterns matched up.”



5G – Internet of Things

The Hitcher

Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices must operate for long periods on limited power supplies and research has shown that wireless communication is the primary source of energy consumption in IoT devices . The lifetime of IoT applications can therefore be increased by minimising radio communication.”

Data aggregation has been widely applied to tackle this problem .”

Data aggregation is a technique in which multiple messages are combined in to a single datagram, thus reducing radio transmissions and hence the energy consumption of IoT devices. “

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Further Reading :

Multi-hop data aggregation :

  1. Reliable and energy-efficient multi-hop LEACH-based clustering protocol for wireless sensor networks
  2. “Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are attracting research attention because of their important applications in critical environmental monitoring and target tracking in both civilian and military fields.”
  3. Carrier Aggregation explained
  4. What is Carrier Aggregation?

Distributed Sensor Networks (DSN) :

  1. “Distributed Sensor Networks are surveillance and tracking systems that use many geographically distributed sensors.”
  3. A Distributed Multiple-Target Identity Management Algorithm in Sensor Networks (PDF)

RADAR Sensor Networks (RSN) :

  1. A Radar-Enabled Collaborative Sensor Network Integrating COTS Technology for Surveillance and Tracking (PDF)
  2. Distributed Sensor Network for Multi-robot Surveillance
  1. Passive radar (Wikipedia)
  2. Radiofrequency MASINT (Wikipedia)
  3. Technology Trends for Future Radar
  4. Passive Coherent Location Radar Systems
    “For the second type of distributed aperture radar systems Network Capable Operations (NCO) can effectively be used in both active and passive surveillance systems.”
    They utilize public broadcast stations as target illuminator in FM, DAB and DVBT (so called “transmitters-ofopportunity”) and are inherently very difficult to detect and thus to jam, thanks to their inherent passive nature.”
    Multiple-In, Multiple-Out Radar Systems
    “As the third type of distributed aperture radar systems there is an emerging trend of MIMO antenna aperture set-ups, using orthogonal waveforms on usually very sparsely populated antenna arrays.”
  5. Ground Passive Radar – the end of Stealth ?
  6. Radars perform double duty as high-speed data links
  7. Green Radars: Dual Use of Communication & Navigational Transmitters for Surveillance of Airports (PDF)
  8. “IV. 3G / 4G / 5G Transmitters Integration with “Green Radar”
    Green Radars may also integrate communication transmitters like FM, GSM, LTE (4G) & 5G transmitters.”
  9. Cell Towers Can Double As Cheap Radar Systems

Conclusion :

  1. Cooperative Passive Coherent Location: A Promising 5G Service to Support Road Safety (PDF)
  2. 5G promises many new vertical service areas beyond simple communication and data transfer. We propose CPCL (cooperative passive coherent location), a distributed MIMO radar service, which can be offered by mobile radio network
    operators as a service for public user groups.”
    “By using software-defined radio and network paradigms, as well as real-time mobile edge computing facilities intended for 5G, CPCL promises to become a ubiquitous radar service which may be adaptive, reconfigurable, and perhaps cognitive .”

D.I.Y :

  1. Building Your Own SDR-based Passive Radar On A Shoestring


5G Guinea Pigs

“Since 5G antennas were installed near their home in the heart of Geneva, these residents of the same area suffer from various health problems. Are they victims of a technology whose dangers were not sufficiently tested? A doctor and member of parliament speaks out.”

“Gathered in the apartment of one of the two, on the fifth floor of a building in the centre of Geneva, these residents of the same area look at each other. What they have in common is insomnia, tinnitus, headaches. And a lot of unanswered questions.”


Hackers could cause monster traffic jams

“They warn that even with increasingly tighter cyber defenses, the amount of data breached has soared in the past four years, but objects becoming hackable can convert the rising cyber threat into a potential physical menace.”

“Unlike most of the data breaches we hear about, hacked cars have physical consequences,”

“It may not be that hard for state, terroristic, or mischievous actors to commandeer parts of the internet of things, including cars.”

Cultocracy present note :

Gridlock whole cities ?

Cultocracy future note :

‘Lone Nut shooter attacks’ will eventually be completely replaced by ‘Lone Nut driver attacks’ .


Cultocracy note :

Here we go with ‘The Eye’ again .

Shock Horror – Bounty Hunters Given Cellphone Data

Motherboard’s investigation shows just how exposed mobile networks and the data they generate are, leaving them open to surveillance by ordinary citizens, stalkers, and criminals, and comes as media and policy makers are paying more attention than ever to how location and other sensitive data is collected and sold. The investigation also shows that a wide variety of companies can access cell phone location data, and that the information trickles down from cell phone providers to a wide array of smaller players, who don’t necessarily have the correct safeguards in place to protect that data.”
“The lawsuit alleges AT&T violated the Federal Communications Act and engaged in deceptive practices….”

Cultocracy note :

Deceptive practices‘ – You can say that again , an understatement of gigantic proportions .

  1. EFF Sues AT&T, Data Aggregators For Giving Bounty Hunters and Other Third Parties Access to Customers’ Real-Time Locations
  2. I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone

Cultocracy note :

Regarding the above articles :

The ‘sale of data’ meme is a limited hangout operation aimed at people , who assume that they are being aimed at by people that are being aimed at .

Related :

EFF has taken millions in funds from Google and Facebook via straight donations and controversial court payouts that many see as under-the-radar contributions. Hell, Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s foundation gave EFF at least $1.2 million.”

  1. All EFF’d Up
  2. Government Propaganda Outlet Funds Electronic Frontier Foundation
  3. Soros, Google Funding “Net Neutrality” Groups to Control Internet, Censor
  4. Electronic Frontier Foundation outlines plan to end NSA surveillance

Cultocracy note :

 All very noble . Not surprisingly , the last link above fell at the starting post , or even before the starting post , probably had no intention of getting to the starting post in the first place .

Cultocracy note :

‘All EFF’d Up’ = ‘All Extrafu**ingly Fu****g Fu***d Up’

Ahem .

Terribly sorry , there I go with my tourettes again , thought I had it under control .

Further related :

  1. AT&T Sends ALL Internet Traffic To NSA Says EFF




Age of H.E.R.O’s

Machine enhanced humans — or cyborgs as they are known in science fiction — could be one step closer to becoming a reality…”

“Researchers have conquered the monumental task of manufacturing scalable nanoprobe arrays small enough to record the inner workings of human cardiac cells and primary neurons.”

“The ability to read electrical activities from cells is the foundation of many biomedical procedures, such as brain activity mapping and neural prosthetics.”

  1. Ultra-small nanoprobes could be a leap forward in high-resolution human-machine interfaces
  2. Scalable ultrasmall three-dimensional nanowire transistor probes for intracellular recording


Swedish Cyborgs

“Thousands of people in Sweden are having futuristic microchips implanted into their skin to carry out everyday activities and replace credit cards and cash.”

“More than 4,000 people have already had the sci-fi-ish chips, about the size of a grain of rice, inserted into their hands — with the pioneers predicting millions will soon join them as they hope to take it global.”

Related :

  1. Elon Musk – Sensors in the Human Brain



Remote Sensing & Stimulation

AI Radar System

“The research team designed the drone detection radar system to operate between 12GHz and 18GHz, and applied super-resolution radar signal processing technology to locate drones accurately by applying an AESA radar technology…”

“Furthermore, the radar system can identify and detect drones more clearly in real-time by integrating ‘GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks)

Related :

  1. Active electronically scanned array (Wikipedia)
  2. Phased Array Antennas & The Roadmap to 5G Wireless
  3. Aligned Interests in AESA Radar


Quantum Sensor

“When individual atoms emit light, they do so in discrete packets called photons.”

“When this light is measured, this discrete or ‘granular’ nature leads to especially low fluctuations in its brightness, as two or more photons are never emitted at the same time.”

“The implications of this research are quite far reaching……”

“It also opens the door to a new set of applications which use artificial atoms for quantum enhanced sensing, ranging from small scale magnetometry that could be used to measure signals in the brain, all the way up to full-scale gravitational wave detection…”

Related :

  1. New study shows nanoscale pendulum coupling
  2. Frequency, Amplitude, Vibrations: How is Resonance Created?
  3. Microwave ovens and resonance in molecules


DARPA puts ‘detectors’ in public venues

Can you imagine living in a country that puts surveillance devices in every city and public venue?

What would be the first country that comes to mind? China or the United Kingdom, right?”

“What if I told you that the United States has joined their ranks?”

“A recent news release by the Defense Department’s, Defense Advanced Research Projects Association (DARPA) and Homeland Security reveal that they are installing nuclear, biological and chemical sensors everywhere.”

  1. DARPA To Put Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Detectors In Public Venues
  2. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Threat Detectors Put through Paces at Indy 500


Memory Modification

Deep brain stimulation of the cingulate cortex worsens memory recall…”

“Natu’s team discovered that stimulating the cingulate cortex reduced the number of recalled words and modified hippocampal brain waves compared to no stimulation.”

“This establishes a direct role for the cingulate cortex in memory encoding and demonstrates that memories can be manipulated via deep brain stimulation, which has implications for the treatment of memory disorders.”

Cultocracy note :

Memory disorders = Breakout & Total Recall


Terahertz Laser and Sensors

“The system emits and detects electromagnetic radiation at terahertz frequencies…”

“The Princeton team said its dual-comb hyperspectral imaging technique will work well with these new room-temperature laser sources, which could then open many more uses.”

“Support for the research was provided in part by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.”

Related :

Further reading and remote viewing :

  1. To Protect And Infect (Video)
  2. How the NSA Monitors Target Computers with Radar Wave Devices
  3. Your USB cable, the spy: Inside the NSA’s catalog of surveillance magic
  4. Jacob Appelbaum: Futuristic-Sounding “Radar Wave Devices” Can Help NSA Monitor Your Computer Usage
  5. NSA ANT Product Catalog
  6. NSA’s Quiet Presence at a Base in England’s Countryside Revealed in Snowden Documents
  7. Leaked documents that were not attributed to Snowden
  8. Directed Energy Weapons



Synthetic Biology

Cultocracy note :

Are advances in synthetic biology aimed primarily at the human market or the machine market ?

Or both ?

Artificial Muscles

“New MIT system of contracting fibers could be a boon for biomedical devices and robotics.”

“The key to the process is mating together two materials that have very different thermal expansion coefficients — meaning they have different rates of expansion when they are heated.”

Related :

  1. Crystalline ‘artificial muscle’ makes paper doll do sit-ups
  2. Sheaths drive powerful new artificial muscles


Electronic Skin

“The new electronic skin system achieved ultra-high responsiveness and robustness to damage, and can be paired with any kind of sensor skin layers to function effectively as an electronic skin.”

“Asynchronous Coded Electronic Skin (ACES) can detect touches more than 1,000 times faster than the human sensory nervous system.”

“Other potential applications include developing more intelligent robots that can perform disaster recovery tasks or take over mundane operations such as packing of items in warehouses. “


Electronic Nose

“This device can sense different odor molecules and recognize different odors. The device has been demonstrated in vivo in animal models.”

“This device has been connected to the mouse brain to demonstrate that the olfactory signals can produce appropriate neural stimulation. When the self-powered device generated the electric currents, the mouse displayed behavioral motion changes.”

  1. Researchers construct an artificial olfactory system based on self-powered nano-generator
  2. An artificial triboelectricity-brain-behavior closed loop for intelligent olfactory substitution


Further transhumanist news snippets :

  1. What Is Transhumanism & Why Is Jeffrey Epstein Into It?
  2. Epstein reportedly hoped to develop super-race of humans with his DNA
  3. CFR-Trilateral pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s corporate philanthropy tied to transhumanist neo-eugenics

Even more transhumanist snippets :

  1. Meet the Mormon Transhumanists Seeking Salvation in the Singularity
  2. Welcome to Utah, the NSA’s desert home for eavesdropping on America
  4. Turing Church





Clothes made from Wine

“The addition of tannins improved mechanical properties of materials such as cotton to develop wearable sensors for rehabilitation monitoring, drastically increasing the devices lifespan.”


Walking to generate electrical energy

“The researchers used a special smart macrofiber material, which generates energy from any sort of bending it experiences, to create a slider-crank mechanism — similar to what drives a motor. “

“Due to the continuous back-and-forth the material will encounter when the wearer walks, every time the knee flexes, the device bends and generates electricity.”


Seawater and rust generates electricity

“New research conducted by scientists at Caltech and Northwestern University shows that thin films of rust—iron oxide—can generate electricity when saltwater flows over them. These films represent an entirely new way of generating electricity and could be used to develop new forms of sustainable power production.”

“The phenomenon, the electrokinetic effect, has been observed before in thin films of graphene—sheets of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice—and it is remarkably efficient. “

“Support for the research was provided by the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the Army Research Chemical Sciences Division.”

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Artificial Graphene Throat

“Now, researchers have developed a wearable artificial throat that, when attached to the neck like a temporary tattoo, can transform throat movements into sounds. “

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Computers made from bacteria

“…….a major hurdle in adopting it (graphene) for everyday applications is producing graphene at a large scale, while still retaining its amazing properties.”

Graphene oxide is easy to produce, but it is not very conductive due to all of the oxygen groups in it,”

The bacteria remove most of the oxygen groups, which turns it into a conductive material.”

“…….making it well suited for a variety of applications, including field-effect transistor (FET) biosensors…”

“When biological molecules bind to the device (FET) , they change the conductance of the surface, sending a signal that the molecule is present,”

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Bin bags create energy

“Research from Swansea University has found how plastics commonly found in food packaging can be recycled to create new materials like wires for electricity — and could help to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the future.”


Breaking down pollution into nano pollution

Microplastics adsorb organic and metal contaminants as they travel through water and release these hazardous substances into aquatic organisms when eaten, causing them to accumulate all the way up the food chain

Carbon nanosprings are strong and stable enough to break these microplastics down into compounds that do not pose such a threat to the marine ecosystem.”


Canada Wildlife Officer sacked for critisizing Glyphosate

Wildlife biologist Rod Cumberland has been fired from the Maritime College of Forest Technology (MCFT) in New Brunswick, Canada. “

“….the real reason (for the firing) is Cumberland‘s critical stance towards the use of glyphosate in forestry.”

“New Brunswick has permitted four forestry firms to lease out its immense tracts of public (Crown) forest, with J.D. Irving Ltd being the biggest licensee. The Irvings are one of Canada’s wealthiest families and have been called “Canada’s robber barons”.”

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$cientific $cammer of the Month

Cannabis inhibits aggression

Our study shows that cannabidiol can inhibit aggressiveness and that it does so by facilitating the activation of two receptors: the 5-HT1A receptor, responsible for the effects of the neurotransmitter serotonin, and the CB1 receptor, responsible for the effects of endocannabinoids,” said Francisco Silveira Guimarães, Full Professor at FMRP-USP and leader of the study.”

Cultocracy final note :

“….said Francisco Silveira Guimarães……”

“……whilst speaking from his upmarket beach front Rio de Janeiro villa , whilst smoking a fat reefer and drinking a cold caipirinha……. “

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Sentient Artificial Brain , National Reconnaissance Office

Cultocracy note :

A recent article at The Verge describes the fruits of the combined labour of the military and intelligence services .

As can be expected the linked documents are heavily redacted and childishly vague to say the least . Although the fact that the documents have been released at all implies that the system is now way past the experimental stage and well into the advanced stages of deployment .

Full spectrum surveillance capabilities and mass data collection are simply a step towards the creation of a sentient artificially intelligent system .

A machine that the controllers hope will be able to ‘predict’ the future and therefore control global populations and events .

It appears that one fork of the ‘War on Terror’ was simply an exercise in machine learning .

Obviously not perfected at the domestic level yet , or maybe it is .

A few quotes from the article are below .

Welcome to The Machine .

It’s Sentient

Meet the classified artificial brain being developed by US intelligence programs .

“………“geospatial intelligence” no longer simply means pictures from satellites. It means anything with a timestamp and a location stamp, and the attempt to integrate all that sundry data.”

“But an initiative called Sentient has relevant capabilities. A product of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Sentient is (or at least aims to be) an omnivorous analysis tool, capable of devouring data of all sorts, making sense of the past and present, anticipating the future, and pointing satellites toward what it determines will be the most interesting parts of that future.”

“The agency has been developing this artificial brain for years, but details available to the public remain scarce. “It ingests high volumes of data and processes it,” says Furgerson. “Sentient catalogs normal patterns, detects anomalies, and helps forecast and model adversaries’ potential courses of action.” ”

“In the ideal version of that process, an automated system sucks in all sorts of data, synthesizes it into something sensible, cues the satellite symphony, reincorporates the satellites’ data back into the analysis loop, comes to a smarter conclusion, points the satellites or other sensors again, and repeats the entire process. Do that well enough, and a company (or intelligence agency) could build a tower of knowledge about the past, comprehend present events faster than their competitors, and — maybe someday — predict the future.”

Released documents do not explicitly say which sorts of data sources Sentient may siphon in, but it’s clear that the program is interested in all kinds of information. “It could include electronic intercepts of international communications; it could include prior imagery; it could include human sources,”

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US Cuba Diplomat Attacks –

Cultocracy note :

An update to the Cuban diplomat attack story , or as it is now known in deep state circles ‘I think I might book a long holiday……Not to Cuba though……’ .

It now appears that the ‘diplomats’ have undergone a process that can only be descibed as neural terraforming .

Their brains have been wired and then rewired .

Welcome to Hell .

To quote from the research paper and a few news articles :

“Extensive imaging tests showed the workers had less white matter than a comparison group of healthy people and other structural differences….”

American diplomats’ brains shrunk following an alleged sonic attack on the US Embassy in Cuba, according to a new study.”

“……they found unique patterns in tissue connecting brain regions.

“Ragini Verma, a University of Pennsylvania brain imaging specialist and the lead author, said the patterns were unlike anything she’s seen from brain diseases or injuries.”

“It is pretty strange. It’s a true medical mystery,”

“there’s no question that something happened,” but imaging tests can’t determine what it was.

“Among patients compared with controls, there were significantly greater ventral diencephalon and cerebellar gray matter volumes and significantly smaller frontal, occipital, and parietal lobe white matter volumes…”

“…..(there was) significantly lower mean functional connectivity in the auditory subnetwork and visuospatial subnetwork….”

Welcome to Hal .

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Divert and Discredit

Cultocracy note :

If you have lived in the UK all of your life and keep your finger on the political pulse then there should be no doubt in your mind that the UK establishment was a front for organized child abuse on a massive scale .

The peculiar and perverted ‘predilections’ of many establishment figures are well known , how could they not become targets . Perhaps it was simply common policy , a policy which has turned the UK power ‘elite’ into a global joke .

A policy which would inevitably become public knowledge and which inevitably would be swept under the carpet .

Sadistic sexual abuse has permeated the very fabric of society and caused incalculable and lasting damage .

Any government led ‘inquiry’ is always set up to fail .

The same applies to ‘showcase’ trials .

Carl Beech aka ‘Nick’ was a diversion , also intended to discredit , it worked .

Intelligence ‘operations’ involving child sexual abuse are the primary tools of blackmail and control in the UK . The intelligence agencies and their proxies are the organizers . The orders come from far higher up the food chain .

The establishment are always quick to blame ‘rival power structures’ , they never blame themselves .

The only question I have in my mind is whether the large scale blackmail operations were organized purely by the rotten and corrupt UK establishment , or whether establishment figures themselves were ‘victims’ .

Probably both .

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Tanker Wars or Banker Wars

Following on from the mysterious but predictable oil tanker sabotage events the mainstream news now reports that (predictably) a British tanker the Stena Impero has been seized by Iranian forces .

Iranian oil exports have been sanctioned by the US administration , there is a realistic probability that there are a lot of countries weaving their way around the sanctions .

Dedollarization and the Petroyuan

Less talked about is the wider conflict which involves attempts to nudge global trade in the direction of non $US currencies which cold see a severe weakening of the petrodollar .

Which will have a domino effect in weakening those organizations that rely on US dollar hegemony as a backbone to their own strength , for example the military corporate complex .

China is by far the largest consumer of oil , which gives the country leverage as to how they might pay for their oil .

Interestingly , although perhaps insignificantly , the British tanker was manned by Indian nationals .

Although like many other countries , India appears to be straddling the fence , or should that be walking the tightrope .

India , like China , is a large consumer of Iranian oil .

After decades of financial warfare based on the genocidal destruction of any country which may happen to stray into the cross hairs and outside of the dollar , the world is looking for an alternative to the US dollar for future trade and finance .

This fact is no secret .

China sees it’s bartering position strengthening year upon year .

If other large exporters were to emulate Iran then the slide towards a petroyuan could become inevitable .

That can never be allowed to happen .

Will persistence pay off ?

That can never be allowed to happen .

Currency Wars

The underlying issue is the ongoing currency war .

Also the underlying reason behind the ongoing trade wars .

The Chinese administration has been coaxing other countries to accept the yuan instead of the dollar for trade , along with a little help from their global allies .

The global share of trade in the yuan is slowly increasing within global oil markets .

This is likely to increase even further with the expansion of the proposed Silk Road .

The Chinese administration has also introduced a rival to the SWIFT global payment system termed CIPS .


The US dollar has been the weapon of choice for the globalized military corporate complex and their controllers for too long , a true weapon of mass destruction .

Will the arrival of crypto currencies and alternative global trading agreements mean a dilution of the dollar ?

Or will the globalized financial destruction machine simply move elsewhere ?

One ring to rule them all .

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