Manchester Bombing – The Wheels Are Back On

The recent ‘terror attack’ at an Ariane Grande concert in Manchester shows us the lengths that the military corporate complex will go to to realign the ‘War on Terror’ so that the ball is ‘back in their court’ . The Russian intervention in Syria has thrown a major spanner in the works of the ‘coalition’ & their plans for global resources domination & have gone awry .

Predictably the mainstream media is now reporting that the suspect named as Salman Abedi had ‘probably travelled to Syria’ . Syria is the current focus of the ‘War on Terror’ .

What do we know about Salman Abedi ?

Salman Abedi was born in Manchester in the UK .

His parents were of Libyan descent and had emigrated to the UK to escape Gadaffi’s regime . It is though that they lived in London for a while before moving to Manchester where they have lived for around 10 years .

It is thought that Salman Abedi’s parents had recently moved back to Libya .

Libyan sources state that his family are originally from Gubba (Al Qubbah) in Libya .

By a strange concidence the leader of the Libyan house of representatives Ageela Saleh also hails from Gubba , Saleh also acts as the the town’s representative in the Libyan House of Representatives .

In 2015 the residence of Ageela Saleh was targeted by I$I$ in an attack known as the Al Qubbah bombings .

As is usual in these cases Salman Abedi was known to the UK ‘security services’ .

As usual in these cases he was also ‘known’ to the security services of other ‘coalition’ members .

As is usual in these cases Salman Abedi was thought to be a ‘lone wolf terrorist’ .

As is usual in these cases the mainstream media reported that id belonging to Salman Abedi was found at the scene .

Salman Abedi had apparently returned to the UK from Libya days before the attack .

Aparrently a notepad titled ‘know your chemicals’ was found at the home of Salman Abedi after a search . The document was conveniently displayed for the press by a crime scene officer .

The mainstream media is now reporting that Salman Abedi was apparently ‘friends’ with other I$I$ ‘terrorists’ .

It is highly likely that Salman Abedi was a programmed mind controlled ‘assett’ ‘belonging’ to the ‘security services’ .

Timing is Everything

The attack was perpetrated on exactly the same day as the murder of Lee Rigby in 2013 .

The attack also comes at an extremely convenient time for Theresa May , the gap between Labour & Conservative was closing in regard to voting in the UK general election this year .

Theresa May the leader of the current Conservative government in the UK is planning to bomb Syria if she wins the election .

The controlled UK mainstream media consistently reports that May is ‘strong on defence’ .

Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the Labour opposition party has opposed bombing Syria in the past . More recently Corbyn has said that ‘US airstrikes in Syria are wrong’ .

The controlled UK mainstream media consistently reports that Corbyn is ‘weak on defence’ .

Coalition of the Willing , Unwilling , Bribed & Blackmailed

The deep state & their corporate masters want war , many ‘coalition’ partners in the ‘War on Terror’ have been weakening & have lost their appetite for war . New , more willing partners are required . A new ‘coalition’ is being formed using the tools of terror .

War = Resources = Cash = Control

The public have also lost their appetite for war , which was forced on them in the first place . The public are starting to see through the lies , deception & treachery and have turned aginst their respective governments & puppet politicians , most of whom are controlled & compromised . New acts of ‘terror’ are required to show the public that they need war , in the minds of the controllers we must be taught a lesson .

War = Taxes = Loss of Freedom = Death

Ultimately the ‘War on Terror’ is simply a war for resources , primarily oil & gas but also minerals & metals . Pipelines and roads are required to suck out the wealth , for this you need to control not only the politicians but the geography , this is proving impossible with the current melange of terror groups and proxies . Russia wants to go one way with Iran , the West wants to go the other way with Saudi , the people are wedged firmly in the middle , clowns to the left & jokers to the right . On the fringe is a currency battle with the banking cartel seeing a threat to petro-dollar hegemony as countries start to trade in less established currency forms . Further down the (pipe)line we observe grasping greedy generals & the slave based security complex who only see increased funding & control for their own private ‘enterprises’ , cultocracies within cultocracies , agendas within agendas . The whole Middle East is now involved in one way or the other . The Captogon fuelled I$I$ zombie proxies are proving ineffective against the Russian military machine , ‘boots & bombs’ are the new ‘plan’ .

The controllers of the thesis in the West need the political establishments of each chosen country onside so that they can profit from the death & destruction . In the West the French establishment has been forced to submit , the UK establishment will always submit , the US establishment does not know how not to submit , other countries will be ‘persuaded’ . Meanwhile countries in the Middle East have been ordered to pull their weight , they know the consequences if they refuse . On the side of the antithesis we also have China preparing to throw it’s hat into the ring – ‘The most persistent sound which reverberates through men’s history is the beating of war drums’ (Arthur Koestler) .

The global oligarchs demand blood , sacrifice & power , the Five Eyes freak show provides the whip .

The whole dialectic is in plain sight , although only if you care to look .

The wheels are back on .

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NASA – Man Made VLF ‘Bubble’ Around Earth

Cultocracy note :

A recently published research paper has proved several ‘conspiracy theories’ to be ‘conspiracy facts’ .

It would seem that in the race for military & technological dominance not only has human , animal & plant life been defiled & desecrated but the effects now reach out into near earth space . It has been reported that man made VLF signals have displaced the Van Allen radiation belt .

High power VLF signals are used in many experimental ‘military’ systems such as H.A.A.R.P & also for ‘military communications’ .

The paper also states that other factors affecting near space include , to quote from the paper : ‘chemical release experiments’ & ‘high-frequency wave heating’ .

The obvious & alarming question everybody should now be asking themselves is if these VLF waves are affecting space , what affect are they having on the Earth environment & life on Earth ?

I think ‘conspiracy theorists’ have the answers .


NASA’s Van Allen Probes Spot Man-Made Barrier Shrouding Earth

Humans have long been shaping Earth’s landscape, but now scientists know we can shape our near-space environment as well. A certain type of communications — very low frequency, or VLF, radio communications — have been found to interact with particles in space, affecting how and where they move. At times, these interactions can create a barrier around Earth against natural high energy particle radiation in space. These results, part of a comprehensive paper on human-induced space weather, were recently published in Space Science Reviews.

“A number of experiments and observations have figured out that, under the right conditions, radio communications signals in the VLF frequency range can in fact affect the properties of the high-energy radiation environment around the Earth,” said Phil Erickson, assistant director at the MIT Haystack Observatory, Westford, Massachusetts.

VLF signals are transmitted from ground stations at huge powers to communicate with submarines deep in the ocean. While these waves are intended for communications below the surface, they also extend out beyond our atmosphere, shrouding Earth in a VLF bubble. This bubble is even seen by spacecraft high above Earth’s surface, such as NASA’s Van Allen Probes, which study electrons and ions in the near-Earth environment.

The probes have noticed an interesting coincidence — the outward extent of the VLF bubble corresponds almost exactly to the inner edge of the Van Allen radiation belts, a layer of charged particles held in place by Earth’s magnetic fields. Dan Baker, director of the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in Boulder, coined this lower limit the “impenetrable barrier” and speculates that if there were no human VLF transmissions, the boundary would likely stretch closer to Earth. Indeed, comparisons of the modern extent of the radiation belts from Van Allen Probe data show the inner boundary to be much farther away than its recorded position in satellite data from the 1960s, when VLF transmissions were more limited.

With further study, VLF transmissions may serve as a way to remove excess radiation from the near-Earth environment. Plans are already underway to test VLF transmissions in the upper atmosphere to see if they could remove excess charged particles — which can appear during periods of intense space weather, such as when the sun erupts with giant clouds of particles and energy.

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Richard Rojas – US Navy Mind Control


Yet another ‘car ploughed into the people’ incident .

Richard Rojas was ex military , he was in the US Navy from 2011 to 2014 .

He spent two months in a US Navy prison , what exactly happened in the prison ?

Friends said he was a ‘changed man’ after being discharged .

His friends also stated that he had posted ‘crazy stuff’ on social media .

The mainstream media reports that he was ‘hearing voices’ .

The media also reports that he had a recent history of violent behaviour .

The media also reports that Richard Rojas had recently become more ‘anxious’ & ‘isolated’ .

The media states that he had spiralled into a haze of drink & drugs .

He threatened a notary with a knife only last week after accusing them of ‘stealing his identity’ .

He allegedly told police that he thought the end of the world was imminent .

He apparently had an ‘interest in Scientology’ .

Many of the above are classic signs of military or cult mind control .

Like most modern military organisations the US Navy has a history of human mind control experimentation .

The US Navy instigated Project Chatter in 1947 , these experiments were based on similar experiments by the Nazi’s at Dachau .

Project Chatter led to Project Bluebird , Project Artichoke & MK Ultra experimentation which continues to this day .

Cultocracy note :

“Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It’s up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well – by creating the international child of the future”
Former US Naval Commander & Psychiatrist Chester M. Pierce, Address to the Childhood International Education Seminar, 1973 .

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China Plans New Gold Futures Market

It should be obvious to most people that the Western banking system is currently in the hands of a tiny group of psychopaths who manipulate markets , organise crashes & use financial terrorism against other countries . Money has long been used as a weapon on the global chessboard and it is always the regular people that suffer whilst ‘they’ themselves gain . It is no secret that the Western banking cartel was formed on the back of slavery , opium trafficking & war . This puts emerging economies is a difficult position , do they align themselves with the traditional banking cartel & opt for subservience & slavery ? Or do they fight against it and leave themselves open to ‘sanctions’ , bombing , terrorism & invasion ? It is a risky question for many smaller countries who can be picked off using the dual instruments of financial sanctions & military muscle .

silk-road-coinChina has decided that there is another option , which is to create rival trading markets which gives them more control over their own cash & therefore more importantly control over their own domestic policies . The introduction of new trading platforms based on the yuan is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative .

The new gold trading contract proposed by China is markedly different to the cartel controlled FIAT system in that contracts have to be settled by physically proven gold . At the moment the cartel based system can be settled in US dollars which like most paper currencies can be created out of thin air . Moreover the new contract will allow trading not only in US dollars but also the Chinese yuan , specifically the offshore renminbi . The new contract is expected to be introduced this year by the Hong Kong futures Exchange (HKEX) . Coincidentally (or maybe not) the timing is 20 years after the UK ceded Hong Kong back to China , which the establishment stole from China for having the audacity to fight back against heroin trafficking during the Opium Wars .

China is currently the largest producer of gold in the world , so this step could potentially give the Chinese government more control over the spot price . At the present time the spot price can be artificially raised or lowered at will by manipulating the markets . The crooks and fraudsters that control international finance are able to trade anything and everything , in the past it was purely to satiate their greed , in modern times it is used to feed their craving for control . Another factor underlying the new contract is that China could increase trading levels in their own currency as opposed to the dollar , in the longer term this could be a small step towards the yuan replacing the dollar as the dominant global currency .

No doubt the banking cartel will be spooked , they feel that they own the worlds money & by default any population or country that uses ‘their’ money . I suppose if you use the UK establishment and also the hierarchies of many other countries as a datum then this is a given . Of course there are many more factors to take into account when trying to establish currency domination , for China it is mainly it’s massive export market & large foreign US debt holdings , not to mention current restrictions on it’s currency . The IMF which describes itself as the ‘World’s Bank’ is of the opinion that the renminbi will not be allowed to dominate , that is until they allow it to .


A possible future global currency ?

If the Chinese yuan does start to supercede the dollar as many economists are predicting then there is one thing you can count on , more global instability , more wars & more terrorism . Any country that starts to trade using the yuan (or any other trading system) in the future could well be opening itself to a ‘colour revolution’ or a cascade of bombs , maybe this scenario is already being played out .

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Tailored Acce$$

Cultocracy note :

Maybe Corbyn has a chance after all ?

NSA Director Uses “Russian Hacker Threat” to Gain Access to Voting Systems

In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) director Admiral Mike Rogers joined the chorus of other U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials who are using Russia to leverage their own agencies into having a wider role in U.S. elections. In a statement to the committee on May 9, Rogers positioned NSA to oversee a wider role in conducting surveillance over elections, not only in the United States, but in other countries, including France and Britain.

After accusing Russia of conducting «election hacking» of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, while offering no proof to back up his allegations, Rogers proceeded to tell the committee and its reflexively anti-Russian chairman, John McCain, that NSA also warned France, Britain, and Germany of Russian election penetration and offered up the assistance of the American spy agency to the targeted countries. Of course, there was no mention that NSA, thanks to the revelations by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, has thoroughly penetrated the communications systems of France, Britain, and Germany and their political leadership.

Read the full article here at

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The New , New World Order

It would seem that there is now a domino effect in global politics with countries around the world lining up to move away from the warmongering & profiteering that has been the hallmark of the Western military corporate cabal .

Despite the recent trouble making & propaganda emanating from the West regarding South Korea the country elected moderate Moon Jae-in to head the countries parliament . Moon is a human rights lawyer & the son of North Korean refugees , he is an advocate of dialogue with both North Korea & China to end the impasse from countries that should be natural friends & not enemies . The current Korean situation is a direct result of the partition of Korea by Russia & the US after WWII . North Korea was always intended to form a fresh distraction from a weakening Western position in the Middle East .

It also looks like many of the West’s traditional allies such as Saudi Arabia are also opening up markets to China , Saudi recently announced large trade deals with Saudi as part of it’s ‘look East’ strategy . The policy will see the Saudi oil producing nation look to the burgeoning Eastern market instead of being in the pocket of US & UK arms manufacturing cartels .

Other global news also suggests that China is continuing with it’s ambitious project to open new global trade routes & thereby increase cooperation based on friendship & trade . Some commentators have pointed out that the infrastructure that is required will be provided by Chinese construction conglomerates & funded by Chinese finance , it has been described as globalization 2.0 . Expect increasing opposition to this from the traditional US / UK alliance , or globalization 1.0 , which favours outdated aquisition & imperialism based on threats , sanctions , enslavement & invasion . This is the only answer they have , currently they cannot compete with China on a trade based playing field . This also brings another looming possibility which is the gradual decline of the US dollar as countries move to more practical & mutually beneficial modes of currency .

The US & the UK have become more & more reliant on an economy built on a post WWII military industrial complex , enemies are now manufactured to bolster their weapons sales . Technological research & development favours weapon of death & torture at the expense of more productive & humane technologies . Wars are now fought purely to steal another countries resources , obviously these policies bring with it an ever increasing & unaccountable surveillance industry . State sponsored subterfuge & the imposition of puppet regimes is now the only policy they have , unfortunately this is being increasingly used on increasingly educated & enlightened domestic populations .

Many observers in the US , including it would appear the traditional industries supported by Trump , can understand that the politics of bombing is not working , it relies on a heavily subverted & propagandized press along with a corrupted and subservient political system . The global Western behemoths that currently manufacture weaponry are non too pleased , war equals profit , always for the few at the expense of the many . To compound this the manufactured conflicts such as the ‘war on terror’ are simply not working , the invasions by domestic armed forces have been transformed into proxy wars using manufactured terrorist & mercenary gangs . The global population is awakening to the incessant lies tied with the endemic corruption committed by this small clique , not to mention the murder , torture , human rights abuses & crimes against humanity .

There are logically only two directions that the US & it’s compromised poodles , including the UK  , can now go .

One is the direction of increasing trade based on friendship & mutual cooperation , to stop seeing other countries as inferior cultured cash cows that can simply be carved up . Calling a halt to the paranoid mindset which has been seeded due to previous policies based on the insane opinions of individuals in the security corporate complex & historical imperialism .

The other is the direction that the UK & the US would seem to be heading towards at speed . An ideology formed from a oppressive & authoritarian mode of thinking based on WWII era fascism & paper clip Nazism , alongside an economy with it’s foundations firmly rooted in death & destruction . Included in this model is the continued control of the press & the silencing of dissent with the obligatory oppression of the masses .

The times they are a-changin’ .

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Global Ransomware Cyber Attack – Tailored Acce$$

Cultocracy note :

The multitude of false flag & psychological operations committed in the name of global order & control are now being transferred into the electronic realm .

Expect many more similar ‘cyber attacks’ in the near future .

A large scale global cyber attack was launched yesterday targeting Microsoft Windows based systems , the attack used a computer worm virus coupled with a ransomware program . In the UK the attack seems to have particularly affected the N.H.S .

The program has been given the moniker Wanna Decryptor (WannaCry) & is derived from an exploit developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) which itself is a branch of the US military . The NSA works closely with it’s UK counterpart G.C.H.Q .

An overview of the WannaCry global infection can be found here at ArsTechnica .

This attack raises a few disturbing issues regarding the control of cyberspace by shadow government agencies who are unaccountable to the public & the taxpayer that funds them .

Microsoft & N.S.A partnership

It would seem that part of the WannaCry virus was based on a Microsoft Windows exploit developed by the N.S.A. This exploit was part of a ‘toolbox’ of similar N.S.A software offered for sale in January 2017 by a group calling itself ‘The Shadow Brokers’ . It would seem that the sale for the ‘toolbox’ was not taken up and as a result the ‘Shadow Brokers’ made public the key to decrypt the software on 8th April 2017 . Meanwhile Microsoft had been slowly releasing patches for the vulnerabilities . The whole timing of events related to the ‘attack’ appears to be well orchestrated .

The N.S.A is known to work with software developers , helping them to introduce ‘back doors’ into their commercial programs , this includes Microsoft . In fact Microsoft has colluded with the N.S.A since 2007 (and probably far earlier) on the PRISM mass surveillance programme .

So what is the bigger picture ?

As is usual in these large scale ‘attacks’ you have to follow the money .

A few interesting facts & theories about the ‘attack’ are below :

  • The ransomware ‘attack’ was started one day after US president Trump issued an executive order holding US agencies responsible for any data breaches . Is the attack a job perpetrated by ‘insiders’ designed to make the spy agencies more accountable ? This is an outside possibility seeing as politicians are now the prime candidates for surveillence .
  • Another possibility is internicine rivalry between the multitude of shadow spy agencies , this attack which is firmly tied to the N.S.A comes not long after the Wikileaks Vault 7 dump which was itself firmly tied to the C.I.A. Are rival domestic factions engaged in infighting & a battle for supremacy ?
  • ‘The Russians did it’ is the usual meme touted in the mainstream media , this time round Russia seems to have born the brunt of the attacks , particularly computers tied to the Russian Interior Ministry . Was the wider attack simply a cover for a more concerted & sophisticated attack on the Russian government ? As a general rule if the mainstream media is pointing the finger at ‘the Russian’s’ then you can be sure that the N.S.A & Five Eyes are to blame .
  • Microsoft will gain , the attacks were focused on older Windows systems which had not been updated . Many users will now be forced to upgrade to the newer Windows 10 spy suite , others no doubt will be turning automatic updates back on . Government departments across the world which cannot be weaned off Windows will be forced to update & upgrade , it is estimated that around 90% of UK N.H.S trusts in the UK are still using the vulnerable XP based system . Double Kerchiing ! In terms of both ‘surveillance data’ & cash . It should be noted that this may backfire as users & government departments now switch from Microsoft to more secure systems not associated with deep state sponsored cyber criminals .
  • More snooping laws will now be forced on the public , paradoxically using the arguments ‘protecting privacy’ & ‘national security’ . The implementation of the various snooping laws will fall on agencies such as the N.S.A. bolstering their already bloated positions . It should be noted that theses agencies currently do whatever they like to whoever they do not like .
  • Bitcoin is implicated as the ‘Shadow Brokers’ requested payment in this form of electronic currency for the original NSA ‘tool box’ . Current ransomware related to the WannaCry attack also requests payment via Bitcoin , it should be noted that the payment is requested in US dollars . An attack on the cryptocurrency by security service stooges on behalf of a fearful banking cartel  , leading to more ‘regulation’ of cryptocurrencies ? Unlikely but possible . It should be noted that nobody is sure who actually developed Bitcoin .
  • The attack was planned by deep state supporters of UK political leader Jeremy Corbyn who is a strong supporter of the N.H.S. as opposed to Theresa May who wants to destroy it . It can therefore only serve to increase votes for Labour in the upcoming election . Highly unlikely as there is zero deep state support for Jeremy Corbyn .

Laughably (or cynically) G.C.H.Q boasted about ‘keeping Britain safe’ in a tweet on the exact same day that the N.H.S was attacked . Obviously they need more funding , ironically it will be at the expense of the N.H.S.

It does not really matter which theory you subscribe to , there will always be one outcome , they will gain & we will lose .

As a final note I will leave you with this opinion on the ‘attack’ which appeared on a message board from ‘WorkingClassMan’s picture’ at Zerohedge :

Our alphabet-soup agencies…causing more trouble than they fix.

As for the hackers themselves…if they’re civilian criminals, they should be gutted from the anus to their forehead.  If government scum, they should be shot from the toenails up until dead.

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‘France Elects’ Marionette Macron – Bomber & Banker

‘France’ today elected Emanuel Macron(y) as it’s next presidential leader .


‘Marionette En Marche’

This particular election revealed yet more apathy & disillusionment by the public towards the highly controlled ‘democratic’ system . The traditional French parties have long been viewed as puppets & parasites by the French electorate .

A few interesting facts about Macron & the French election :

In recent times politics in France has been dominated by two main parties , the Socialist Party and the Republican Party , the traditional left-right paradigm , or as I like to see it Red team-blue team , just like the French flag . So who is the White team ? The white team is the rope that binds the two parties together in a theatrical tug-of-war , or the controllers .

The controllers had long sensed the voter apathy permeating through the French people , this leaves a vacuum , a vacuum is not good for business or war (the two are closely entwined) , it left the French election in a state of limbo that could not be controlled . Control is good , for the controllers that is , not for the French public . This could have led to a rise in ‘nationalism’ & increased support for the outside candidate Marine Le Pen , Le Pen’s party the Front National was against globalisation & anti war , at least on the face of things .

In a very convenient & timely manner the Socialist Party was beset by a series of scandals , including major tax evasion accusations . The story centered around then French budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac who himself had laughably launched a personal crusade against tax evasion . The ‘official’ story reported in the mainstream media was that a twelve year old ‘recording’ of a conversation regarding several numbered Swiss bank accounts owned by Cahuzac was ‘stumbled upon’ by investigative reporter Fabrice Arfi .

The run up to the election was also conveniently overshadowed by several ominous & calculated episodes . Socialist Party leader & French President François Hollande was heading an inauguration of a new rail link in the Charente region of France when a highly trained sniper tasked with protecting the president ‘accidentally’ let off not one , but two shots , injuring two bystanders . Hollande , perhaps quite wisely , then decided not to seek re-election in the presidential race . Also a month earlier Hollande’s France was embroiled in days of rioting when a man was allegedly ‘baton raped’ by a French police officer .

In a similarly convenient & timely manner the then Republican Party candidate Francois Fillon was also beset by a financial scandal involving allegations that he paid his wife & children several hundred thousand euros for work they did not actually do .

The episodes above do not include the numerous ‘terror incidents’ that have plagued France in the years & months before the election .

The tug-of-war rope was severed & they all fell down .

Enter stage left & right Emanuel Macron(y) or plan B

A few facts about Macron(y) & ‘his’ policies :

The vacuum is now very conveniently filled by a photogenic ‘anti establishment’ & ‘centrist’ candidate , i.e. a globalist stooge & mind controlled marionette . As with all politicians any of the political statements & policies outlined before Macron’s election are not only open to change , but will be changed . Before Macron , France seemed to be getting cold feet regarding the endless corruption , murder & profiteering that is expected from a puppet state , a reset was needed .

So where does this leave the French people & indeed the world ?

Macron has stated that he would like to tax the French people even more & erode their work rights and their civil rights , this will happen .

Expect a more militarized police force , intended to counter any domestic resistance against the globalist policies that will no doubt now be pursued with renewed vigour .

As with most globalist countries expect the French taxpayer to pay for endless wars of acquisition & oppression , always favoring the few at the expense of the many .

France is now firmly ‘in the bag’ , Syria , Iran & Russia are in the sights .

A little like the UK  , except with more Gallic flair & washed down with fine red wine .


This election has laid threadbare the farce that is Western democracy , democracy is now a partnership between global finance & the military industrial complex , as it has been for decades . The controllers are only driven by war , greed & slavery , the most base of human values , they are no more than ravenous , rabid dogs .

Elections are closely controlled by a minority of globalists who are driven purely by profit & power , many saw through the facade as a large portion of the French public did not cast their vote , knowing it to be a waste of time & energy .

Others no doubt felt compelled to vote , a mysterious urge perhaps to ‘Go Forward !’ .

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