EMF’s , Nano Particles & Eugenics

Cultocracy note :

There are very few governmental studies on the effects of increased electromagnetic pollution coupled with the rise in nano particle pollution in the Earth bio-system , it would seem that the information is being suppressed .

The electro smog is increasing , as is the use of nano particles . Nano particles are used in a wide variety of industrial applications and are used in non conventional military weaponry and to enhance military communications . The particles enter the human body through ingestion or inhalation , from there they can easily cross the blood brain barrier . They become a permanent fixture in your bodily system .

There is increasing use of nano particles & electromagnetic weaponry which is targeted at individuals or even whole population groups . Much of this is experimental , individual targets are often covertly poisoned with toxic doses of nano metal oxides in soft kill societal control operations . Deep state military groups use the technology for subtle suppression and control programs , more sinister groups have different agendas , including creeping depopulation & subtle psychology based and Tavistock inspired eugenics operations .

Metal oxide nano particles have a wide range of detrimental effects on human health and are a precursor to a broad spectrum of degenerative diseases . Many electromagnetic frequencies are also known to have an adverse effect on human health .

Metal oxide nano particles absorb EMF’s & increase the negative health effects of electromagnetic radiation , conversely electromagnetic radiation weakens the blood brain barrier allowing particles to enter the brain . Together they form the perfect silent killer .

you-are-obsoleteAs the global population expands certain global ‘elites’ (always substitute the word elite for parasite) have taken it upon themselves to act as caretakers (undertakers) for the world , they have hijacked the military & industry to further their plans . As the battle for dwindling global resources continues apace they have decreed that the ‘useless eaters’ are destroying the Earth , when it is in fact their own evil rapacious greed & imperialist mindset that is the cause . In past history the masses were useful as cannon fodder & for slave based labour . These roles are now being filled with machines & robots , war & industry is now controlled from a computer , eventually it will be manned by a computer . The new service industries that have emerged post industrialisation will also eventually be controlled by artificial intelligence .

They think that the masses need to be ‘controlled’ , very slowly and out of sight .

The only other option for themselves is to share resources and build societies which are based on fair trade & humanist principles and respect for natural life , this is not in their vocabulary .

We are the enemy .

History has also taught them that another possible consequence of their own actions could be the guillotine & the forced requisitioning & sharing of wealth & assets .

Therefore the shout has gone out from the palace gates ‘Let them eat cake’ .

The cake this time is laced with slow kill nano technology & has been baked in a microwave .

Below are a few excerpts from a NASA document titled “Electromagnetic Field Interactions with the Human Body : Observed Effects & Theories” . It dates from 1981 although the findings are still relevant to today , perhaps more so .

It should be apparent to the acute observer that these ‘effects & theories’ have now been harnessed & form the backbone of current & future wars , in both military & societal terms .

It does not take a massive leap of the imagination to understand how deep state groups have harnessed & subverted technological research to further their own twisted aims & ideology .

As usual the keyword is control .



















Read the full NASA document at the link below :


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UK Privy Council Members Collude To Cover Up State Child Abuse In Scotland

From Spidercatweb.com

Show Your Support To All Victims Of Child Sexual Abuse By Sharing This Widely.

SOURCE https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1998247543834649&id=100009482673856    ARCHIVED http://archive.is/WpY9w

When the Scottish Government stated it would set up an inquiry into state child abuse in December 2014 – Nicola Sturgeon then dragged it out – first taking 6 months to appoint a chair of the independent panel – whom 2 religious orders objected to – delaying it further until October 2015.
The independent panel of three people were finally appointed to lead the inquiry, Professor Michael Lamb, Susan O’Brien QC and Glenn Houston.
Despite Scottish Government claims this would be one of the most wide reaching inquiries Scotland has ever seen, by 25th November 2015, survivors accused Holyrood of now being complicit in the cover up after the inquiry remit was restricted to mainly abuse in residential care – blocking many survivors from giving their testimony in one fell swoop.

The Charity supporting the survivors stating

““This decision resulted in many victims, who had suffered grievous abuse, being excluded from the inquiry. We are of the view that this decision has enabled institutions and organisations, who have covered up criminal activity, to escape public scrutiny, and possible prosecution. The failure to extend the remit of the inquiry has effectively resulted in the Government becoming complicit in a cover-up of abuse.”
And as well as blocking many survivors from giving evidence, survivors soon realised why as it was revealed the Charity spokesperson
“also hit out over what he claimed was the Government’s failure to properly address the issue of compensation payments.
“At meetings with officials about redress, it became clear that they had instructions to shut down any discussions about compensation or interim payments for sick and elderly survivors.
This has caused considerable distress amongst survivors as they feel that they had been failed yet again by the establishment”

Seven months later, in June 2016 we learned

“Professor Michael Lamb resigned from the panel, stating that the inquiry was “doomed” due to government interference.”
“Mr Lamb, who headed a research unit at the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Washington DC for 17 years, said “repeated threats” to the inquiry’s independence had undermined its work and left it “doomed before the first witness has been heard”.
He said the government had delayed or prevented the appointment of members of staff and said the inquiry had to wait for prolonged periods before making key decisions.”
Then just a week later, on the 5th July 2016 we discovered the Chair of the Inquiry, Susan O’Brien had been “asked to go” with a report revealing
“The Scottish Government says she was asked to go after she made “inappropriate comments” during a training session in February. But in her resignation letter, O’Brien insists threats to oust her were being made as early as January.
There are reports that friction was caused by O’Brien’s desire to use junior counsel as opposed to in-house officials to take testimony. Education secretary John Swinney says junior counsel would have cost £100 an hour.”
Susan O’Brian is now suing the Scottish Government for £500,000 as a result with a report revealing fellow panel members opposed this move by the Scottish Government Ministers to effectively sack the independent chair of the inquiry with the report going on to say
“First Minster Nicola Sturgeon told the Scottish Parliament:
“We don’t accept Professor Lamb’s comments about the independence of the Inquiry.”

The legal papers state:

“She (Ms O’Brien) considered that she had a duty to inform the public that the Inquiry’s independence was being actively undermined by the defenders (Scottish government).”
“Ms O’Brien also argues ministers lacked any legal right to remove her and seeks damages for loss of earnings and damage to her reputation.”
So who made the accusations against Ms O’Brien QC, 11 weeks after she is meant to have overhead O’Brien making so called inappropriate comments – an SNP candidate making money from the inquiry.
“At the centre of the controversy is child abuse expert Claire Fyvie, from the Rivers Centre for Traumatic Stress, which was funded to provide three months of support to those taking evidence. It was Fyvie who overheard O’Brien’s comments and reported them to ministers. Fyvie had been an SNP candidate in the North Lanarkshire council elections.
The third panel member, Glenn Houston, chief executive of the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority of Northern Ireland, who has not resigned, wrote a letter in support of O’Brien.”
The inquiry then “commissioned” Professor Lorraine Radford of the University of Central Lancashire, to undertake a review of evidence of the prevalence of child abuse in Scotland – who was head of research for children’s charity NSPCC for nearly six years.
The UK Privy Council controls universities too – and NSPCC is the charity accused of exaggeration and fabrication of facts and research as its peculiar brand of anti-parent propaganda to promote itself – using Tory party favourite PR company Saatchi and Saatchi to run expensive NSPCC promotion campaigns.
With the 2004 story headlined
“A danger to the nation’s children The NSPCC’s new ‘Someone To Turn To’ campaign will poison family relations, says the author of Paranoid Parenting”.
Weeks after the chair of the inquiry was pushed out by the Scottish Government Nicola took the opportunity to appoint a “judge”, Lady Anne Smith to “head the inquiry” as the new Chairwoman.
While John Swinney claimed
“It is in the nature of Lady Smith’s background as an experienced judge that the inquiry will be taken forward without fear or favour to identify how individuals and institutions failed many of Scotland’s most vulnerable children.”
Now we are told judges are independent of government, politicians and political parties.
What Nicola, Lady Smith and John Swinney did NOT say is that Lady Smith is in the UK Privy Council for life with Nicola Sturgeon – where they both swear an oath of secrecy to become members – to keep all state secrets together for life.
Does this include blocking state secrets about state child abuse?
Lady Smith soon showed her intentions as to survivors horror in January 2017 they found out under Lady Smith’s chairmanship the inquiry had now decided
“that if any perpetrator of abuse were mentioned in evidence, he or she would be informed.”
Not only would those who stand accused of abuse be told – Lady Smith decided all the alleged abusers would be given a list of names of every survivor who pointed the finger at them for what they had done.

The BBC adding.
“The charity said this could deter many survivors from coming forward – so it was vital that they had access to legal advice to support them in giving evidence.”
On 20th February 2017 BBC revealed the inquiry had moved to block 1,058 survivors getting the legal assistance, financial support required to give evidence and to deny them the ability to cross-examine witnesses.
Lady Smith achieved this by refusing to give the Charity, Wellbeing Scotland, official status despite the charity supporting 1,058 survivors and is
“the largest organisation in Scotland specialising in historical child abuse cases so it was imperative that it could give evidence to the inquiry”
with the BBS stating the inquiry (Lady Smith) felt
“the organisation did not meet the criteria to play a significant role.”
This after the Scottish Government, in August 2016, refusing to provide the charities supporting the victims with £13.5 million in funding required and meant to provide further support to survivors over 5 years.
Instead the Scottish Government set up their own survivor support service to get the money instead and then
“asked for information about their cases to be transferred to a new support service for abuse survivors.
The clients of Open Secret” (now Wellbeing Scotland) “and the In Care Survivor Service say the move risk breaching their confidentiality, despite the fact that the government says data will by anonymous.”
This move a blatant attempt for the Scottish Government to get their hands on all the victims files and their personal details.
Would Lady Smith provide those details to those who stand accused too – before the victims have a chance to give evidence to the inquiry?
This move forced Wellbeing Scotland, to block the Scottish Government “request to work with the new initiative” (as planned?) as the Scottish government claimed their new
“In Care Survivor Support Fund Service” funded with £13.5m over 5 years
“aims to direct people to the help they need, and could send them back to Open Secret, which would be paid for each case they take on.”
“But the charity’s chief executive Janine Rennie said she would rather shut than risk the privacy of clients.
“The Scottish Government has asked for details of vulnerable survivors to help them “transition” to a new service. We have said under no circumstances will we be passing on any confidential information, even if that means our service comes to an end,” she said.”

The day before a report revealed.
“Civil servants have told the charity running In Care Survivors Service Scotland that funding could be at risk if it refuses to hand over details of its work.
Some abuse survivors say there could be suicides if the counselling service, which has been run by Falkirk-based charity Open Secret since 2008, is stopped.
It has worked with more than 1000 people who suffered sexual or physical abuse, or both, while in care, and offers one-to-one counselling, group work, befriending and advocacy.
The Scottish Government provides £200,000 of funding per year.”
Not long after the Scottish Government removed the funding to bankrupt the charity so survivors of state child abuse would be left with no support.
Then on 21st Feb 2017, the day after we learned the Charity supporting the victims was being blocked by Lady Smith – the last remaining independent panel member announced he had been given two public sector jobs and he resigned to go collect the money from two public sector jobs, where he said
” a “change in priorities” in his working life meant he had applied for positions at the Northern Health and Social Care Trust and the Disclosure and Barring Service.”
“I have now been successful in those applications and the appointments have been made”

With the BBC revealing.
“A successor to Mr Houston will not be appointed to the inquiry so Lady Smith will continue as the sole panel member.
The Scottish government said this brought it in line with other public inquiries established in Scotland under the 2005 Inquiries Act.
All this has ensured this leaves Nicola Sturgeon’s fellow UK privy councillor for life in sole charge of the four year Inquiry.
When the state defendant interferes with due process to remove independent panel members to replace them with a hand picked Judge with a conflict of interest with Nicola Sturgeon – both sworn to keep state secrets together – this is not an independent inquiry but a blatant cover up as survivors tried to warn – and a blatant abuse of position and power by Sturgeon, Swinney and Smith.
But the story does not end there as abuse survivors are being told the state and the residential institutions have lost their files or there is no record of them being in care at all.
Well I say – time for the survivors to pick women they know and can trust and the Scottish Nation demands survivors and a team of volunteer women are given complete access to all files and archives of the state, councils, social work and these residential institutions – and I bet we will find those so called missing files.
And as for Sturgeon abusing her power to order civil servants to remove the funding from the charity supporting 1,058 survivors – in a blatant attempt to get her hands on all the victims files – that alone should be cause for a police inquiry – tampering with an inquiry and a jail term.
“But the charity’s chief executive Janine Rennie said she would rather shut than risk the privacy of clients. “The Scottish Government has asked for details of vulnerable survivors to help them “transition” to a new service. We have said under no circumstances will we be passing on any confidential information, even if that means our service comes to an end,” she said.”

Sandy Smith
Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 6:35pm

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Quantum satellite shatters entanglement record

By Emily Conover – Science News

Particles of light born in space have connected two cities via a quantum link about 10 times longer than any created before.

A quantum-communications satellite beamed photons to Earth, separating them by more than 1,200 kilometers. The feat showed that the particles of light can retain a strange type of interconnectedness, known as quantum entanglement, even when flung to opposite ends of a country, researchers from China report in the June 16 Science. The previous distance record was about 100 kilometers (SN: 6/30/12, p. 10). Launched in 2016, the one-of-a-kind satellite is laying the groundwork for a space-based network of quantum communication.

“It’s a huge achievement for quantum entanglement and quantum science,” says physicist Thomas Jennewein of the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Scientists have previously beamed photons up to a satellite and back again (SN Online: 6/5/16), but those particles were not entangled. Until now, no one had distributed entangled particles from space. “China is now clearly taking the world leadership in this area of quantum communication,” Jennewein says.

The technique is expected to have major technological applications. “This experiment is really important for the development of a future quantum internet,” says Anton Zeilinger, a physicist at the University of Vienna. Such a network would allow for ultrasecure communications and could connect quantum computers across the globe (SN: 10/15/16, p. 13).

An ethereal bond between two particles, entanglement is the most essential ingredient of a quantum network. Entangled particles can’t be described independently; instead, they form one unit, even when separated by large distances. Measuring one entangled particle immediately reveals the state of the other. To perform quantum communication, scientists send entangled photons from place to place. But photons can only travel so far through air or optical fibers before the material absorbs the particles, limiting the distance over which communication is possible. In the emptiness of space, however, photons can travel much farther.

Read the full article here at ScienceNews.org

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Nano Particles – Culprit hidden in plain sight in Alzheimer disease development

Cultocracy note :

In this new study conducted in Mexico City high concentrations of transition metal nano particles were found in the neuronal cells of the human brain . Transition metals exhibit high electrical conductivity & are paramagnetic . Paramagnetic nano particles are used extensively as a contrast agent in functional magnetic resonance imaging . Metal nano particles are now known to play a major role in neuro-degenerative diseases such as alzheimers .

Dementia Tax anybody ?


A new study heightens concerns over the detrimental short- and long-term impact of airborne iron-rich strongly magnetic combustion-derived nanoparticles present in young urbanites’ brains.

A new study by researchers at the University of Montana, Universidad del Valle de México, Instituto Nacional de Pediatría, Boise State, and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, heightens concerns over the detrimental short- and long-term impact of airborne iron-rich strongly magnetic combustion-derived nanoparticles (CDNPs) present in young urbanites’ brains. Using transmission electron microscopy, the researchers documented by abundant combustion nanoparticles in neurons, glial cells, choroid plexus, and neurovascular units of Mexico City children, teens and young adults chronically exposed to concentrations above the US-EPA standards for fine particulate matter. Residents in Mexico City are exposed from conception to harmful neurotoxic air pollutants. These findings are published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The detrimental impact of these tiny particles getting into the brain through the nasal and olfactory epithelium, the lungs and the gastrointestinal system is quickly recognized by extensive alterations in critical neuronal organelles including mitochondria, as well as axons and dendrites. Since these nanoparticles are in close contact with neurofilaments, glial fibers and chromatin, the researchers are very concerned about their potential for altering microtubule dynamics, accumulation and aggregation of unfolded proteins, mitochondrial dysfunction, altered calcium homeostasis and insulin signaling, and epigenetic changes.

Mexico City children, teens and young adults have shown key markers of Alzheimer’s disease (AD): hyperphosphorylated tau and amyloid plaques along with significant brain and intrathecal neuroinflammation, dysregulated immune responses, breakdown of epithelial and endothelial barriers, extensive damage to the neurovascular unit, and brain accumulation of metals associated with combustion. Moreover, these seemingly healthy young people have olfaction deficits, dysregulation of feeding hormones, deficiencies in attention and short-term memory, and below-average scores in Verbal and Full Scale IQ compared to age, gender, and socioeconomic status-matched low air pollution residents. The cognitive problem is particularly serious for overweight female teens carrying an allele of the apolipoprotein E (APOE) ?4, the most prevalent genetic risk factor for AD.

“In the context of serious continuous exposures to high concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) and ozone, our current electron microscopy findings and the extensive literature associating air pollutants with brain damage, the issue of who is at risk of neurodegeneration at an early age should be an urgent public health concern,” said Dr. Lilian Calderon-Garcidue?as. “The effects of poverty, urban violence and urban stress on impaired cognitive skills are also very important for the developing brain and can’t be ignored. We know gender, BMI, and APOE influence children’s cognitive responses to air pollution.”

According to the researchers, the problem of having combustion-derived nanoparticles in children’s brains — developing brains — is very serious. These particles are ubiquitous and present in high concentrations in children as young as 3 years old. The particles contain transition neurotoxic metals and they are certainly causing extensive brain damage in key organelles. “The predominant combustion particles in young brains have properties that enable them to cause oxidative damage because these nanoparticles are capable of crossing all barriers. No barrier is spared,” Dr. Calderón-Garcidue?as emphasized.

Angélica González-Maciel added, “People with children and teens struggling in school and facing a significant increase of violence in school, streets, parks, and public transportation are deeply concerned about the impact these particles have on children’s behavioral patterns and academic performance and parents question what they can do to protect their families.”

Read the full article here at Science Daily

Purchase the full article here at IOS Press

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Elon Musk’s Plan to Colonise Mars

Cultocracy note :

Elon Musk’s central vision has always been to form a colony on Mars , he has made no secret of his ambitions , all of his other projects are key to this grand grand design . Elon Musk also has very close ties to various US government departments , he would not be where he is today without help from certain quarters . It is estimated that Musk’s various ventures have received around $5 billion in government incentives , in addition to this figure Musk has received around $5.5 billion in government contracts from NASA and the U.S. Air Force .

Assuming a space craft is eventually constructed that is able to travel to Mars , any colonists would face harsh and deadly atmospheric conditions . There are several ways to overcome these hurdles .

a) Transform the magnetosphere & create a more human friendly atmosphere via global warming ‘Mars style’ . This would probably involve the spraying of nano particles to form a barrier to keep a synthetically created atmosphere from escaping into space , it would also act as a barrier for harmful radiation entering the atmosphere from space .

b) Transform humans themselves into genetically modified cyborg life forms able to withstand the harsh environment .

c) Create underground self sustaining communities , protected form the surface environment .

Do you think Musk & co. have been watching too many sci-fi films ?

There is a growing core of public & privately funded scientists & research groups who share Musk’s vision .

SpaceX’s Elon Musk Unveils Interplanetary Spaceship to Colonize Mars

By Mike Wall – Space.com

Now we know how Elon Musk plans to get 1 million people to Mars.

At a conference in Mexico today (Sept. 27), the SpaceX founder and CEO unveiled the company’s Interplanetary Transport System (ITS), which will combine the most powerful rocket ever built with a spaceship designed to carry at least 100 people to the Red Planet per flight.

If all goes according to plan, the reusable ITS will help humanity establish a permanent, self-sustaining colony on the Red Planet within the next 50 to 100 years, Musk said at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara. [SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport for Mars in Images]

“What I really want to do here is to make Mars seem possible — make it seem as though it’s something that we could do in our lifetimes, and that you can go,” he said.

The ITS rocket will be more or less a scaled-up version of the first stage of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 booster, Musk said. But the 254-foot-tall (77.5 meters) ITS booster will feature 42 Raptor engines, whereas the Falcon 9 is powered by nine Merlins. When combined with its crewed spaceship, the ITS will stand a full 400 feet (122 m) high, Musk wrote on Twitter. That would make it the largest spaceflight system ever built, taller even than NASA’s legendary Saturn V moon rocket.

The Raptor engine, which SpaceX recently test-fired for the first time, is about the same size as Merlin but three times more powerful, Musk said. ITS will therefore be an incredibly potent machine, capable of lofting 300 tons to low-Earth orbit (LEO) — more than two times more than Saturn V could lift. (That’s for ITS’s reusable version; an expendable variant could launch about 550 tons to LEO, Musk said.)

The spaceship, which sits atop the booster, will be 162 feet (49.5 m) tall and 56 feet (17 m) wide and will have nine Raptors of its own. The booster will launch the spaceship to Earth orbit, then return to make a soft landing at its launch site, which is currently envisioned to be Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. [Fly Through SpaceX’s Interplanetary Spaceship | Video]

The spaceship will lift off with little if any fuel on board, to maximize the payload — people, cargo or a combination of both — that the craft is able to carry to orbit. An ITS booster will therefore launch again, topped with a tanker, and rendezvous with the orbiting spaceship to fill its tank.

Then, when the timing is right — Earth and Mars align favorably for interplanetary missions just once every 26 months — the spaceship portion of the ITS will turn its engines on and blast from Earth orbit toward the Red Planet.

The spaceship will be capable of transporting at least 100 and perhaps as many as 200 people, Musk said. It will also likely feature movie theaters, lecture halls and a restaurant, giving the Red Planet pioneers a far different experience than that enjoyed by NASA’s Apollo astronauts, who were crammed into a tiny capsule on their way to the moon.

“It’ll be, like, really fun to go,” Musk said. “You’ll have a great time.”

Read the full article here at space.com

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Global Military Omnipresence – Skynet

A recent article in Defence One laid out the Pentagon’s strategy for full spectrum dominance .


The article is titled Military Omnipresence: A Unifying Concept for America’s 21st-Century Fighting Edge .

A few excerpts from the article are below , followed by a translation :

“The Pentagon should converge its technological and doctrinal efforts towards a perpetual, networked presence that enables operations and awareness anywhere in the world.”

Translation : A doctrine of war & control lead by corrupted technology & corrupted people .

“One hundred years later, Wernher von Braun, a German engineer who’d been secretly whisked away to the United States, suggested a different approach: an armed space station into low earth orbit. As he put it, “Our space station could be utilized as a very effective bomb carrier, and the nation who owns such a bomb-dropping space station…will have military omnipresence.””

Translation : A nod to their idealogical father & paper clip Nazism . The Battle for Space .

“Operational omnipresence is exactly what it sounds like: perpetual, networked presence that enables operations and awareness anywhere in the world. It consists of three primary interconnected components: physical assets, virtual capabilities, and information.”

Translation : Physical assets = you , virtual capabilities = mind control , information = internet & media control & information gathering .

“Further, the current presidential administration has articulated its goal to increase physical presence in a recent executive order.”

Translation : More wars , false flag attacks & bombings .

“Previous conceptions of virtual presence have defined it as being physically nearby or having a passive presence via technology. But today, virtual presence exists where force can be applied quickly from a distance — within hours or even nanoseconds — and includes cyber, electronic, and space-borne warfare.”

Translation :  Warfare via HAARP , satellite & ground based electromagnetic frequency weapons coupled with nano technology .

Perceived presence rounds out the operational omnipresence concept. Perceived presence is the use of technology to collect information and monitor events occurring in places in which physical and virtual presence aren’t possible. Though it doesn’t permit the application of force, the perception of being watched influences behavior — an insight that goes back to the concept of the panopticon introduced by 17th-century English philosopher Jeremy Bentham.”

Translation : Continual war & terrorism creates fear leading to a neural susceptibility towards psychological conditioning & control .

“Today, cyber- and satellite-enabled surveillance, coupled with traditional forms of intelligence gathering and the ubiquity of the press and personal devices, means that a global electronic version of the panopticon is possible.”

Translation : The global control , conditioning & eugenics grid is almost complete .

“The networked interdependence of every element of presence and the information required to support it “produce a data overload that will make it difficult or impossible” for humans to direct in a timely fashion.”

Translation : You as a human are obsolete .

“To enable this, operational omnipresence requires a common operating system, an architecture that supports real-time information exchanges between every component in the network of systems. Supercomputing power is necessary. Artificial intelligence across the system is critically important. Human-machine pairing is vital. They are the means by which all of the data can be reviewed and analyzed, transforming presence from three sectored capabilities into a synthetic organism that can sense and respond to the environment around it with human direction.”

Translation : The Machine is now in charge .

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Ex Barclays Director Appointed City Minister – One Ring to Rule Them All

It has been reported in the mainstream media that ex Barclays Bank director Steve Barclay has been appointed as the new City minister in Theresa May’s government . A brief list of the responsibilities of the City minister can be found here , basically the role involves the regulation of financial services & the formation of government policy towards the finance industry in general . The role is not worthy of much attention as everybody knows that in UK politics , especially Conservative politics , the tail wags the dog .

A few interesting facts regarding Steve Barclay :

  • His dad worked as a trade union official, and his mum as a civil service administrator .
  • Steve read history at the spooky Cambridge University .
  • Steve spent his gap year in the army serving with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers .
  • Steve previously worked as a City regulator (???) for the Financial Services Authority .
  • Steve also worked as the head of Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions (???) at Barclays Bank .

The deeper story involves Brexit , Macron and forthcoming financial deregulation in the UK , in the long term leading to another rigged ‘financial crash’ .

Brexit caused a small stir in London , the home of the Banking Cartel , the one ring that binds all others together . Domestic politics , geopoloitics , the military industrial complex and industry are all subservient to the one ring , whether they like it or not .

Always the first to spot any angle or even construct the angle initially , the Banking cartel has decided to position France , under Macron(y) the marionette , to fully capitalise on Brexit negotiations . Pitting both the UK & France against each other forms the perfect triad for profiteering & political control , which is always the end result or hypothesis . Maybe this was the real reason for the recent UK election , which no doubt will lead to Brexit ‘lite’ .

Another point worth noting is a connection to the recent scapegoating of Qatar as the single sponsor of terrorism in the whole world . This description of Qatar was provided by head choppers incorporated , leading global terror sponsors and very close friends of the UK establishment & arms industry , Saudi Arabia .

Qatar was a major player in the bailout of Barclays Bank after the last ‘financial crash’ . It was suggested that Barclays lent Qatar around £6bn to buy it’s own shares , thus avoiding a government bailout and perhaps extra scrutiny of ‘the books’ . Completely illegal under the regulations as provided by the City minister , an ‘inquiry’ was conducted by the SFO but as usual it was more of a magical mystery tour designed to bamboozle the public . Was Barclays instrumental in providing the conduit for Oil money to I$I$ ? We will never know for sure , although you can bet that the establishment knows .

Meanwhile France under the control of the cartel is busy deregulating labour markets , stripping workers of their rights and creating a surveillance state to counter any dissent , forming the new City 2.0 in Paris . The UK’s answer will be to release the invisible chains of financial bondage which were imposed on the finance industry after the previous ‘global crash’ , the cat will again be totally in charge of the cream .

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Sniffing Out a Stingray

Cultocracy note :

The Stingray device is an IMSI catcher , basically it can act as a ‘fake’ cell tower to intercept & modify cell phone communications . A Stingray or one of it’s variants can imitate multiple network providers & can override multiple legitimate base stations at any given time . The device can also transmit a ‘fake’ signal to a cell phone , make false calls from your phone and record calls and text messages . Other applications include extracting meta data and installing spyware on the phone . Basically it converts your phone into a covert microphone , camera and tracking device .


More sinister uses of military grade Stingrays include boosting the output of your cell phone and turning it into a tranceiver which can operate on a variety of wavelengths . A Stingray type device can be used to track , monitor and send & receive signals from artifacts such as RFID tags & similar embedded wireless ‘devices’ .

It is used extensively by law enforcement agencies in the US & UK and many other countries to track & trace suspects .

The system can be deployed without a warrant giving the operators zero accountability .

Similar devices are also used extensively by unaccountable private contractors working for the military corporate complex in harassment , torture & soft kill operations .

Similar devices are now available on the black market .

A main unit is small enough to be housed in a suitcase or car , smaller hand held devices are now available .


Signs that your cell phone may be ‘stingrayed’ include a loss in volume , increased ambient microwave signal strength  , dropped calls , intermittent loss of service and echoing of a voice call .

Signs that you might be ‘stingrayed’ include sweating , tingling sensations on the skin , hyperventilation , eye irritation , itching , pricking sensations & anxiety .

The device was originally developed by the Harris Corporation in the US . The Harris corporation is a major US defence contractor specializing in military communications systems & microwave weaponry .

Andy Greenberg – Wired.com

Researchers Use Ridesharing Cars to Sniff Out a Secret Spying Tool

Law enforcement’s use of the surveillance devices known as stingrays, fake cell towers that can intercept communications and track phones, remains as murky as it is controversial, hidden in non-disclosure agreements and cloak-and-dagger secrecy. But a group of Seattle researchers has found a new method to track those trackers: by recruiting ridesharing vehicles as surveillance devices of their own.

For two months last year, researchers at the University of Washington paid drivers of an unidentified ridesharing service to keep custom-made sensors in the trunks of their cars, converting those vehicles into mobile cellular data collectors. They used the results to map out practically every cell tower in the cities of Seattle and Milwaukee—along with at least two anomalous transmitters they believe were likely stingrays, located at the Seattle office of the US Customs and Immigration Service, and the Seattle-Tacoma Airport.

Beyond identifying those two potential surveillance operations, the researchers say their ridesharing data-collection technique could represent a relatively cheap new way to shed more light on the use of stingrays in urban settings around the world. “We wondered, how can we scale this up to cover an entire city?” says Peter Ney, one of the University of Washington researchers who will present the study at the Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium in July. He says they were inspired in part by the notion of “wardriving,” the old hacker trick of driving around with a laptop to sniff out insecure Wi-Fi networks. “Actually, cars are a really good mechanism to distribute our sensors around and cast a wide net.

Searching for Stingrays

Stingrays, also known as cell-site simulators or IMSI catchers, have become a powerful but little-understood tool for law enforcement surveillance. They work by tricking phones into connecting with the stingray, instead of a real cell tower, enabling them to intercept communications, track a suspect’s location, and even inject malware onto a target phone.

Police and federal agencies have shared as little information as possible about how and when they use them, even dropping cases against criminal suspects to avoid revealing stingray details. And in many states, the tool still remains legal to use without a search warrant.

In the absence of publicly available stingray information, the University of Washington researchers tried a new technique to find out more. Starting in March of 2016, they paid $25 a week to 15 rideshare-service drivers to carry a suitcase-sized device they called SeaGlass. That sensor box contained about $500 worth of gear the team had assembled, including a GPS module, a GSM cellular modem, a Raspberry Pi minicomputer to assemble the data about which cell towers the modem connects to, a cellular hotspot to upload the resulting data to the group’s server, and an Android phone running an older program called SnoopSnitch, designed by German researchers to serve as another source of cell-tower data collection. The sensor boxes drew their power from the cigarette lighter electric sockets in the cars’ dashboards, and were designed to boot up and start collecting data as soon as the car started.

For the next two months, the researchers collected detailed data about every radio transmitter that connected to SeaGlass modems and Android phones as they moved through the two cities. They identified and mapped out roughly 1,400 cell towers in Seattle, and 700 in Milwaukee. They then combed that data for anomalies, like cell towers that seemed to change location, appeared and disappeared, sent localized weaker signals, appeared to impersonate other towers nearby, or broadcast on a wider range of radio frequencies than the typical cellular tower.

Read the full article here at wired.com

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