Targeted Individual – Torture & Terrorism

Cultocracy note :

A Google search using the term “targeted individual” gives 273,000 results , therefore the actual number of targeted individuals (TI’s) must run into the millions , possibly 100’s of millions , maybe even more . The results are usually limited to websites that TI’s have started themselves , no doubt there is also a fair number of ‘shill’ sites controlled by the sadists themselves . You will not find many articles regarding TI’s in the mainstream media , if any .

To put this figure into perspective a Google search for “cancer victims” gives 379,000 results , a larger but comparable figure . Of course the dangers of cancer are well publicized and reach the mainstream media on a daily basis , so the search result figure is understandably higher .

This comparison reveals a massive and sustained effort by the deep state to censor the mainstream media and filter out any unwanted articles that could expose their ongoing enterprise .

An enterprise that can only be described as crimes against humanity .

What criminal activity are they so desperate to conceal ?

Why is the effort to conceal information from the public so sustained and concerted ?

What are ‘they’ afraid of ?

The ‘programme’ revolves around a highly secretive and covert program of societal control involving human experimentation , neural manipulation , artificial intelligence , implants , D.N.A manipulation , nano technology and electromagnetic stimulation and torture . As a whole the programme involves the research and development of these technologies bound together with a single aim .

Shadow elements within the military , security and political establishments all play a role , defence contractors and other organisations research and develop the technology . Other civil and private organisations provide the infrastructure or ‘boots on the ground’ .

The ‘programme’ is sold under a deceptive guise , often involving ‘national security’ or ‘law and order’ . The acceptance of the ‘programme’ requires a weak and complicit governing structure , similar to what we have now in many Western countries . Higher up the food chain the programme is clouded by sinister and grandiose schemes involving depopulaton , mysticism , world order , transhumanism , guided evolution and environmental memes  . Further up than this , the programme is espoused to the acolytes as a race to colonize and explore space beyond our own galaxy and ‘save humanity’ .

An intrinsic part of the programme is terrorism , that is domestic terrorism perpetrated by domestic terrorists . Often ‘they’ are disguised as public servants of some description , others are simply members of private mercenary crime gangs , the remaining few will have no idea that they are actually part of anything at all .

Many are dupes , many are greedy , many are compromised , many are brainwashed .

All are weak in character , all live in fear . This is intentional , such individuals are easier to control and manipulate .

The dynamics of the programme creates a snowball effect of exponential growth . A tangled and corrupt web of lies , deception , fraud , racketeering , torture , corruption , blackmail , assassination , murder and war .

The web has lured and ensnared many , many higher profile individuals , including wealthy individuals involved in the corporate , aristocratic , political and financial worlds . These already corrupt people are able to ‘call in a favour’ to have other individuals or rivals targeted on a whim . Money talks louder than anything else within the ‘programme’ .

The end game is total global control , for the controllers that is .

Remember that only full public awareness will end the desecration of humanity by the mind controlled maniacs .

This is a global issue .

If you are still a little confused I suggest you read some of the articles and websites below , they may be able to clarify things .

A little at least .


Cultocracy note :

I agree with many commentators that Snowden was not really that big , perhaps a ‘limited hangout’ operation . Although Snowden did serve to educate the uninitiated into the overarching surveillance programme which underpins ‘The Programme’ . The ‘Bigger than Snowden’ website has contributions from many respected whistle blowers so should not be disregarded .

The site is based in the U.S. , whistle blowers include :

  • William Binney , NSA Veteran, Technical Director .
  • Paul Batcho, PhD , former DARPA scientist .
  • Carl Clark , CIA & MI5 Operative .

Links :

A link to another description of ‘The Programme’ by a commentator on Bigger than Snowden :

Another whistle blower on Bigger than Snowden is William J. Taylor , Marine Corps Veteran & Private Investigator who runs the U.S. based William J. Taylor Agency .

A few quotes from an interview with William “Bill” Taylor reveals the foundations to the programme :

“I started working for the Secret Service and FBI when I was 16 in Cape Canaveral .”

“In those days, so many Nazi scientists worked out of Cape Canaveral,” he said, referring to Operation Paperclip .”

“People thought of that area as having many rocket scientists but they had no idea how much human experimenting was going on there. That’s where plenty of the Nazis settled and worked .”

Operation Paperclip was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program used to recruit Nazi Germany scientists for employment by the U.S. after World War II .

The U.S. government brought some 12,000 of those key Nazis to the U.S. in Operation Paperclip. They quickly merged with US intelligence to form the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) .

“We’d meet at the Mouse Trap Restaurant in Cape Canaveral. There was a lot of talk about their human experiments.”

“Some very high-profile people are being targeted with remote weapons,”

“I’ve told some of them that they should come forward and talk to help a lot of other people .”
“If you knew some of the people who are targets that I’ve proven their cases – you’d be surprised. They usually end up with a settlement and agreement to halt the surveillance and injuries .”
“One guy, I can’t tell you his name, but you know who he is – everyone knows who he is – came to me and said, ‘I think satellites are following me .”
When Taylor’s prompt matter of fact response was, “Ok,” the man asked, “Don’t
you think I’m crazy ?”
Taylor said “No. Let’s check it out .”
“As it turned out, in his case, it wasn’t a satellite. We found he was being tracked and monitored from an airplane platform. They’d spent a million dollars to build a system to track his every move. He was that important to them .”

The information above is important as it will provide an explanation for the mindset that permeates through the whole programme .

Read the full interview with Bill Taylor at the link below (PDF download) :

Bill Taylor has been involved in several high profile cases , these obviously resulted in gagging orders for the victims and a bout of book burning by the perpetrators . You may find many of the links below broken or misdirected . Persevere .

Yet another Bigger than Snowden whistleblower is Carl Clark , CIA & MI5 Operative .

Stargate and other CIA projects

Stargate was the moniker given to a CIA project involving remote viewing , the Soviet Union conducted similar projects . A large chunk of the information available on Stargate involves the testing of ‘psychic powers’ . This is largely disinformation , the research actually centered on particular human brain patterns and how to affect neural activity by the application of external electromagnetic frequencies . Further early research involved sophisticated psychological techniques and the surgical implantation of neural probes , with some of the research conducted in the UK with help from an eager establishment .

A large number of previously classified files were released by the CIA recently , including documents relating to Stargate . Obviously the CIA were very selective about what they released , many of the documents are thought to be fake .

Although one or two do link ‘remote viewing’ to ELF / VLF frequencies , the documents also link defence contractor SRI International to the research .

Of course there were many more contractors involved in the projects .

BAE Systems

In the UK BAE systems is heavily involved in the experimentation and covert testing involving human subjects , all under the control of establishment and intelligence figures .

Jon Nicholson was a former British Aerospace employee who has had multiple implants removed from his body . There is no doubt that the implants are designed to respond to electromagnetic frequencies and provide remote biological feedback coupled with neural manipulation .




Other victims also cite BAE systems as being heavily involved in human experimentation involving neural implants .

The Future or The Present ?

It is now thought that implants are not required for remote neural and nervous system manipulation . Current methods involve the use of biologically active frequencies such as terahertz waves and nano technology almost invisible to the naked eye , nano technology that can be inhaled or ingested .



Should you be afraid ?

Should we all be afraid ?

No . You have nothing to fear but fear itself .

You should instead be educated and informed on what is happening .

Only full public awareness will stop the insanity of the deranged madmen on a delusional path to destruction .



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Privacy International show that UK intelligence agencies may analyse our Facebook and Twitter accounts

Cultocracy note :

This is not new information , most people are already aware that all electronic information is hoovered up by the $TA$I .

It is probably less well known that this information is shared with foreign governments and industry .

The bulk of the data is fed into artificial neural networks which can compute the probable result of a selective scenario involving multiple information streams .

The information is used for a wide variety of influence operations , particularly in the sphere of politics .

Propaganda , political warfare and fake news were invented by these people .


Documents obtained by Privacy International show that UK intelligence agencies may analyse our Facebook and Twitter accounts

Key points

  • Privacy International has obtained previously unseen government documents that reveal British spy agency GCHQ collects social media information on potentially millions of people.
  • GCHQ collected and accesses this information by gaining access to private companies’ databases.
  • Letters obtained by Privacy International reveal that the body tasked with overseeing intelligence agencies’ activities (the Investigatory Powers Commissioner) was kept in the dark as UK intelligence agencies shared massive databases with foreign governments, law enforcement and industry, potentially for decades.
  • Because of Privacy International’s litigation, the Investigatory Powers Commissioner sought immediate inspection when secret practices came to light.
  • Inappropriate and uncontrolled/uncontrollable sharing with industry third parties currently remains without any proper oversight. Yet some contractors have system access rights which could allow them to enter the Agencies’ system, extract data and cover their tracks.
  • Privacy International will be back in court Tuesday 17 October to continue its challenge of the UK government’s access to private company and/or organisation databases


Social Media collection

New disclosure reveals that the UK intelligence agencies hold databases of our social media data. This is the first confirmed concrete example of the type of information collected by the UK intelligence agencies and held in large databases. The social media database potentially includes information about millions of people. It remains unclear exactly what aspects of our communications they hold and what other types of information the government agencies are collecting, beyond the broad unspecific categories previously identified such as “biographical details”, “commercial and financial activities”, “communications”, “travel data”, and “legally privileged communications”.

Read the full article here at Privacy International

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  10. Greenwald: Putin’s ‘Trolls’ Are No Match for UK’s Internet Manipulation Program
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Man & machine will be melded into One within 20yrs – IBM expert


Cultocracy note :

Increasing evidence that the controllers have a vision of the future that does not include ourselves , or at the best , part of ourselves . The meeting of the UK select committee on artificial intelligence does include a few clues as to how humanity could be shaped and reveal the foundations for a techno-fascist total control / conditioning / eugenics grid 

All technology an be used for good or evil , technological advances always filter upwards (downwards) towards the controllers who will use it for the consolidation of wealth and power .

A global concentration camp , no more , no less .

Man & machine will be melded into 1 within 20yrs – IBM expert


A senior IBM inventor has predicted that within 20 years humans will be injected with nanomachines that will be able to repair and enhance our bodies and augment our thoughts.

In a submission to the Artificial Intelligence Committee of the UK’s House of Lords, John McNamara, who works at IBM’s Hursley Innovation Centre, said that the tiny robots will have enormous medical benefits.

“We may see AI nanomachines being injected into our bodies. These will provide huge medical benefits, such as being able to repair damage to cells, muscles and bones perhaps even augment them,” McNamara said to the committee, which is weighing up the economic, ethical and social implications of artificial intelligence.

The expert predicted within two decades humans and machines will effectively be “melded” together, paving the way for huge advancements in human consciousness.

“We see the creation of technology that can meld the biological with the technological, and so be able to enhance human cognitive capability directly, potentially offering greatly improved mental (capabilities), as well as being able to utilise vast quantities of computing power to augment our own thought processes.”

“Using this technology embedded in ourselves and in our surroundings, we begin to be able to control our environment with thoughts and gestures alone,” he added.

While McNamara’s sci-fi-sounding claims highlighted the positive developments AI will bring, another expert warned that its continued rise will come at a cost.

“The immediate concern is that by ceding decisions or control to machines, the humans start accepting their decisions as correct or better than their own and stop paying attention,” Noel Sharkey, Emeritus Professor of AI and Robotics, University of Sheffield said.

Read the full article here at RT

Cultocracy note :

A few excerpts from the transcript of the meeting of the UK select committee on AI are below . As usual the ‘product’ is being sold as helping humanity , the committee members throw in the usual references to ‘health’ and ‘ethics’ . The first paper includes comments from various establishment stooges .

Translations and comments are provided below each excerpt .

Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence 

Uncorrected oral evidence: Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday 10 October 2017

3.45 pm

“Professor Nick Bostrom: Over a one-decade timescale there are exciting opportunities regarding basic research. It is really beginning to open up the box of how you produce intelligence that indirectly sheds light on how the human brain works. It is interesting in its own right. There are many economic applications .”

Translation : The human brain has been mapped . It is all about money .

“Professor Nick Bostrom: Surveillance is another area where there are obvious applications .”

Translation : Total surveillance will be required for conditioning and to weed out any resistance .

“Professor Nick Bostrom: There are massive data sets, text interactions or voice recordings of people and you are able to data-mine that more effectively. Facial recognition software, which is being rolled out in China to monitor the public, would be another strategically relevant application area within 10 years and autonomous weapons might be another.”

Translation : Did you really think that mass data collection and electronic surveillance was about ‘catching terrorists’ ?

“Professor Dame Wendy Hall: The genie is out of the bottle. We will see an increasing amount of automation in every walk of life over the next 10 years .”

Translation : You are obsolete .

“Professor Michael Wooldridge: Whenever you have this capability to get software to do things it could not do before, it means there are new products, services and economic opportunities. There are huge opportunities there.

“We are absolutely at the centre of that AI revolution. This city is at the centre of that revolution.”

Translation : It is all about money .

“Professor Dame Wendy Hall: We do not have something that mimics what our brains can do, but we can now create systems that can do more than our brains can because the systems can learn from datasets over and over again …”

Translation : The human brain has been mapped . Artificial neural networks have been created . Do you still think that bulk data collection is about ‘catching terrorists’ ?

“Lord Levene of Portsoken: Earlier you said that some of the intelligence in the system is now embedded and it would be quite difficult to explain where it had come from .”

Translation : A black box ? Or a black hole for humanity ?

“Lord Hollick: Data is one of the key feedstocks for AI, and so the ownership of datasets—your personal data—and how you transact with bodies and organisations that want to use your data becomes a really critical issue .”

Translation : Bulk data collection and mass electronic surveillance is definitely not about ‘catching terrorists’ .

“Professor Michael Wooldridge: The first thing to say is that this country since 1984 has had in place robust and quite far-sighted data protection legislation .

As I say, we have excellent data protection legislation in this country—if we apply it. It is not, I have to say, being rigorously applied throughout the country at the moment.”

Translation :  Excellent data protection = Non existent data protection .

Professor Nick Bostrom: “…..but we are ultimately committed to AI and this transition to the machine intelligence era being bigger than just something that will benefit one corporation or even one nation. It should benefit all of humanity .”

Translation : A global control / conditioning / eugenics grid .

Cultocracy note :

The second paper includes testimonies from several ‘media witnesses’ . The Financial Times ‘witness’ is called Sarah O’Connor , who says the establishment don’t have a sense of humour .

Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence

Uncorrected oral evidence: Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday 10 October 2017

4.50 pm

“Sarah O’Connor (FT) : Clearly, the opportunity and potential for AI is that it could mean a step change in productivity .”

Translation : It is all about money .

“Sarah O’Connor : The big question that people in the economics and labour market world are thinking about is: how will those gains be distributed ?”

Answer : They won’t .

“Sarah O’Connor: If people are interested, we, as journalists, have a responsibility to tell them about it, but for some organisations—and I would not include the FT in this—there is probably a temptation to chase the clicks, so the more you can write and probably the more dramatic things you can say about it, the more clicks you will get and, therefore, the better you will do .”

Translation : Mainstream media is all about hype and ‘fake news’ .

“Sarah O’Connor: …….probably more than half of our readers are really worried about this…….a lot of my readers worry about the implications and, particularly, the economic implications . There are people who are looking very far ahead and reaching slightly scary conclusions .

Translation : Some people understand how the technology will be manipulated and perverted .

“Baroness Bakewell: I have a quick question. Newspapers are chasing audiences now. The BBC, as we know, is desperate to recruit young listeners.”

Translation : The establishment controlled BBC have developed quite a reputation for ‘recruiting young listeners’ .

“Baroness Bakewell: I wondered about the simplification of things so that a mass audience can understand. Is that possible ?”

Translation : If an older and wiser audience is more skeptical then a younger audience must be ‘convinced’ of the benefits of AI via propaganda techniques .

“Baroness Bakewell: This builds on what I asked before. Should efforts be made to improve the public’s understanding of and engagement with artificial intelligence? ”

Translation : Public understanding = Establishment propaganda .

“Baroness Bakewell: Do you think the BBC has a special responsibility?”

Translation : BBC = Baroness Bakewell Company .

“Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC) : We see it as a public role to educate but, also, to entertain along the way ……….We have to be honest about it .”

Translation : BBC ? Educate ?!? Entertain ?!?!? Honest ?!?!?!?!?!?

“Baroness Bakewell: Sugar the pill?”

Would that be a red pill or a blue pill ?

“Sarah O’Connor: The quality of the reporting on AI varies from media outlet to media outlet, much as it does on every other topic .

There is a lot of good reporting out there……….”

Cultocracy note : Thank you for the compliment Sarah , I am truly flattered .

“The Chairman: This is a tricky question. Who do you think is leading the field in terms of anticipating the issues and communicating them ?”

Cultocracy note : Obviously never reads this blog .

“Rory Cellan-Jones (in answer to the above question from chairman) : To be honest, the best communicator in this whole area is Demis Hassabis from DeepMind………”

DeepMind = N.S.A & Five Eyes Consortium

“Baroness Bakewell: Let us talk about other media. What is the impact of these great fantasy films and television series? They are entirely fantastical but they encourage people to think about AI, do they not?”

Translation : Baroness Bakewell knows way more than she pretends to know .

“Sarah O’Connor: I get the feeling that the Government are at the stage of trying to figure out, as we all are, how seriously to take this and how far along the track we are. The Government probably do not know any more than the rest of us exactly where this is going.”

Correct Sarah , but the Shadow Government know exactly where this is going .

“If we remember that the individual is sovereign here—they can have contractual relationships with the private sector or with the state, but the individual’s sovereignty is paramount here—that is probably the basis on which to proceed. If we go in any other direction, I see disaster.”

Cultocracy note : The most intelligent comment from the whole debate .

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Mad Mice & The Monte Carlo Method – Part 2

Cultocracy note :

For background to this article you may want to read part I :

Mad Mice & the Monte Carlo Method

In the first part of the article several methods of genetic manipulation were covered which could potentially create a human subject sensitive to laser weaponry . Using pulsed lasers the behaviour of a human subject could potentially be manipulated remotely , creating a ‘Mad Mouse’ . It should be noted that genetic manipulation may not be necessary for the neural manipulation of a human target , although it will enhance the ‘method’ .

In part II the various types of technology and hardware together with the potential effects will be discussed . Specifically this article will cover laser technologies .

Will it turn out to be Russian Roulette or the Vegas Jackpot for the controllers ?

We left the first part of this article whilst discussing the generation of atmospheric laser beams which can cover large distances and can be propagated from both Earth & space based sources .

Many alternative media reports correctly conclude that high powered lasers can be used to affect or even induce weather patterns :


As stated earlier the process of weather modification involves the firing of high powered lasers into the atmosphere :

There is no doubt that experiments involving weather modification have been conducted in the name of maniacal military supremacy , the experiments are probably ongoing .

It could also be argued that the technology has a dual purpose , complimentary to the premise of total control , perhaps the technology could also be used in the behavioural modification of human targets .

Undoubtedly many of the strange atmospheric lights , sounds and weather experienced in modern times are side effects of this series of experiments conducted by the bunker bandits .


Under normal circumstances a laser beam will diverge as it travels , weakening the concentration of energy in the beam . Laser beams are also subject to atmospheric diffraction or scattering when the beam encounters particles in the atmosphere , these could also deflect and weaken the laser beam .

It has also been shown that the refractive index of air actually changes in relation to the power of the laser beam , called the optical Kerr effect . This phenomenon will cause a high powered laser beam to converge and eventually collapse inward on itself .

A ‘halfway house’ between divergence and convergence has been found where the laser power is at just the right level to cause a curious effect termed filamentation . In air the power level of a laser causing filamentation is dependent on both the wavelength and power of the laser . As an example a laser operating at a near infrared wavelength of around 800nm will need a critical power of around 2 gigawatts (GW) for filamentation to occur . An infrared laser with power higher than 2 GW will converge and collapse , a laser with power lower than 2 GW will diverge and fade .

Filamentation describes the process whereby a high power laser beam can continually focus and defocus allowing propagation over a much larger distance . It is known that a pulsed laser beam traveling through the atmosphere can ionize the surrounding air creating plasma , plasma can be described as an area of charged particles . At the critical laser power level the plasma serves to reverse the self-focusing effect and actually causes the beam to diverge . The whole process of focus and defocus is then repeated over and over creating a continuous beam .

This process is illustrated in the two separate diagrams below .


LASER is an acronym which when expanded stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’ . There are many different types of laser , this article will cover only a few types of solid state lasers and the free electron laser .

The basic principle of most lasers is the same :

  • An electron in an atom can exist in either a low or high energy state .
  • The energy level depends on the orbit of the electron around the atom nucleus .
  • A laser gain medium (solid , liquid or gas) contains many electrons in a low energy state .
  • Energy (light or heat) is applied to the electrons in the gain medium .
  • This energy is absorbed by the electrons raising them to a higher energy level .
  • As further energy is applied the electrons are ‘stimulated’ to revert back to the lower energy level .
  • This transition back to a low energy state causes the electron to release a photon .

Quantum Cascade Laser

A quantum cascade laser (QCL) is a type of semiconductor laser , in this type of laser the semiconductor is the source of the photons which produce the laser beam .

The ‘quantum’ term describes how electrons are confined to two dimensions in an extremely thin layer of semi-conducting material known as a quantum well which can be described as the active layer . Each active layer in the lattice has a slightly lower energy level than the previous active layer .

The active layer is sandwiched between another two layers of semi-conducting material with a wider band gap , this sandwich helps to confine the electrons within the active layer .  Alternating layers of small band gap and wider band gap material forms a super lattice or multiple quantum well structure . Often gallium and aluminium compounds are used to form the alternate layers in the lattice .

The ‘cascade’ term describes how an applied voltage forces the electrons through the lattice with each step producing a photon . Each electron tunnels through the barrier layer in an effort to seek out a lower energy level in the next active layer , in the process it releases a photon . The electron continues on a path through the lattice , releasing a photon as it reaches every active layer , forming a ‘cascade’ of photons .

It therefore follows that a larger number of cascades in a lattice will produce a higher number of photons . There are presumed to be technological limits for the number of cascades or steps in any QCL , although techniques to bond lattice formations together and further increase the output have been developed .

A variation of the QCL uses quantum dots to form the active layer . Quantum dot lasers have a several potential advantages over substrate QCL lasers in that they can emit a broader range of frequencies and are more temperature stable .


Tuneable QCL Lasers


QCL lasers can be tuned to emit a specific wavelength dependent on the width and structure of the active quantized layers , frequencies ranging from infrared to sub-millimeter or terahertz (THz) are possible .

Interestingly , although not surprisingly , the section of the QCL Wikipedia page regarding emission wavelengths was disputed in 2012 and is incomplete . We can therefore safely assume that QCL lasers are able to emit a far broader spectrum of wavelengths than what is currently reported .

QCL lasers can be tuned to emit a different wavelength by varying the temperature of the system . The addition of a distributed Bragg reflector serves to filter out unwanted wavelengths to create the desired wavelength .

Another variation of the QCL called a distributed feedback laser uses a component known as a diffraction grating . This allows wavelength tuning via both temperature change and alteration of the input current .

Solid State Laser

Like the name suggests solid state lasers use a solid medium such as a crystal , glass or now more frequently an optical fiber , the solid media is ‘doped’ with an impurity usually a rare Earth metal or a metallic element or compound . The impurities in the solid medium are energized using a lamp or more recently diode lasers , this causes an electron in the doping material to transition to the crystal (or fiber) and release a photon .

The output wavelength of a solid state laser is dependent on the composition of the medium used and the doping agent . Certain crystals and fibers can produce a relatively broad wavelength output , although different lens , prism or grating types are often needed to tune the output to the required frequency . This type of laser can produce a pulsed or continuous beam .

Well known active gain mediums used in solid state lasers include Ti-Sapphire (titanium-sapphire) and Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) .

Free Electron Laser

Free electron lasers are much larger and more expensive to produce than QCL’s  , this is primarily because they require a bulky electron accelerator to produce the laser beam .

The accelerator fires a beam of electrons into an undulator system which comprises a series of alternating magnets , the forces acting on the electron cause it to release photons .

FEL lasers are tunable by adjusting the strength of the magnetic field or the energy in the electron beam . FEL lasers can emit wavelengths ranging from terahertz to x-rays and can be used in directed energy weapon applications .


Other avenues which have been explored using QCL type systems included the SASER (or sound laser) , this device has the capability of firing a ‘sound beam’ . Instead of producing photons like the light based QCL , this variation produces phonons which are best described as a quantum unit of sound . The physics underpinning the SASER are much the same as the QCL laser , you can read more about this technology at by clicking on the link below :

Hmmm….. . . . . I remember reading several articles in the mainstream media recently that could potentially involve the use of a similar system……. . . . . Oh ! Now I remember .

Chirped Pulse Amplification

Lasers can be operated in both continuous mode and pulsed mode , pulsed mode lasers require less power and are more temperature stable than continuous mode lasers . Also there is a difference in the interaction of a pulsed laser beam with the surrounding atmosphere compared to a continuous laser . Modern laser systems allow the formation of laser pulses at femtosecond intervals which can create a high powered pulse , this is down to the fact that power = energy / time . The shorter the pulse in terms of time , the more powerful it is , even with a relatively low initial power input .

The worlds most powerful laser situated in Japan was fired in 2015 and had an output of 2-petawatt (two quadrillion watts) .

There are several methods to produce a laser pulse including Q-switching (quality switching) and mode locking , although the massive power created in pulsed beams can lead to distortion of the laser beam or even destruction of the laser itself . There is a method to reduce the power within the laser and also conserve the energy output of the beam , this is termed chirped pulse amplification .

Chirped pulse amplification separates a laser pulse into it’s individual spectral components using gratings , these components are then ‘stretched’ into a pulse with lower intensity . The lower intensity pulse is then amplified before being recombined into a pulse with no loss of energy and less chance of destruction of the laser . This technique was initially developed for RADAR systems and allows lasers to be much smaller in terms of size and still retain the power output of larger systems .



Advances in laser technology have created smaller and more powerful systems which can rip through the atmosphere and travel great distances with ease . A multitude of wavelengths can be created and lasers can be tuned to emit a specific wavelength or produce combined wavelengths . Filamentation adds further distance to both ground and space based laser systems , filamentation also allows for the creation of incidental frequencies , including terahertz wavelengths . Portable table top systems are now in use , as well as larger more powerful mobile systems and even larger and more powerful fixed systems .

The laser systems have a wide variety of applications , including communications , directed energy weaponry and spectral analysis .

Coupled with ground based RADAR systems directed lasers create a formidable tool in the increasing arsenals of destruction , remote sensing and mind manipulation deployed against the masses . Out of sight usually means out of mind .

As always , the keyword is control .

Coming Soon : Mad Mice & The Monte Carlo Method – Part 3

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Stimulation Simulation


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Frankenstein astronauts: NASA wants to alter DNA to protect against space radiation

Cultocracy note :

Articles involving DNA manipulation of human subjects are appearing in the mainstream media on a regular basis . The articles are another exercise in desensitization to human experimentation by the deep state and the military corporate complex . Covert experiments in DNA manipulation have been conducted for decades by military and intelligence related research organisations and laboratories . In the UK this includes Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) who have facilities across the UK , many of which are secreted underground and within the boundaries of well known defence and aerospace contractor sites and other military installations .

Thursday, October 12, 2017 by: Isabelle

Frankenstein astronauts: NASA wants to alter DNA to protect against space radiation

Going to the moon is hard on human bodies, as the astronauts on moon missions discovered after dealing with heart-related and other health issues after spending long periods of time in space. When NASA sends astronauts to Mars in the 2030s, they will face even more challenges, and they could have deadly consequences.

Astronauts typically undergo a lot of preparation before heading to space, and for those whose destination is Mars, those preparations might include alterations to their DNA. That’s right; NASA representatives have said they are considering epigenetic modification as one way to deal with the prospect of the dangerous cosmic radiation that these space travelers will be subjected to.

Cosmic radiation regularly bombards every planet in the solar system. Radiation from the sun and cosmic rays carry powerful radiation in high-energy particles that can collide violently with nuclei in human tissue, spurring the production of new particles and harming DNA. This can cause cancer, dementia and other illnesses.

Earth’s magnetic field offers us protection from the bulk of these particles, but those headed for Mars could be subjected to them over an extended period of time – possibly several years. If astronauts on board the International Space Station can be exposed to ten times as much radiation as people on Earth, it’s hard to grasp the staggering amount of radiation that bodies would be subjected to on a trip to Mars.

A few protective measures are currently on the table, and some are more concerning than others. Shielded plating, electromagnetic force fields, and armored suits are unlikely due to practicality issues, but NASA’s Acting Chief Technologist, Dr. Douglas Terrier, presented the alarming possibility of genetic modification in comments to the Times. He said that while they were already investigating drugs that could repair DNA damage, they were also open to the possibility of altering genes or tweaking genetic activity.

Dr. Terrier said: “We’re looking at a range of things from drug therapies, and those seem to be quite promising, to more extreme things like epigenetic modification — I think those have a lot of ethical consequences so they’re still in the experimental thought stages — all the way to manipulation.”

Does this mean we’ll be sending Frankenstein astronauts to Mars? By altering the chemicals controlling the volume on genes, their activity can be either muted or amplified in the event that something goes wrong. The genes of the astronauts could also be changed in order to enhance cell resilience. Their hope is that the body can be altered in such a way that it can essentially make its own defenses against dangerous radiation.

Who will volunteer for this dangerous mission?

Astronauts naturally accept a certain degree of risk when they head into space; after all, human bodies are designed to survive and thrive on Earth, not space, the moon, or Mars. The idea of genetic modification, however, takes the risks to new heights, and it will be interesting to see just how many qualified people would be willing to subject themselves to such a risky procedure for the glory of going to the red planet. No one knows what the consequences of this genetic modification would be, nor how it might affect future generations.

NASA is also closely monitoring the experimental DNA therapy NMN, which will be entering clinical trials soon after rejuvenating elderly mice in lab tests.

Space radiation is a legitimate concern with the potential to cause real harm to astronauts, but are the potential benefits that could be gained by sending humans to Mars worth the risks of tinkering with human DNA?

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7 Ways EMF Technology Seriously Threatens Entire Populations


By Paul A Philips – New Paradigm

7 Ways EMF Technology Seriously Threatens Entire Populations

Recently, over 180 medics and scientists sent a document to the European Union appealing for the suspension of the new 5G EMF technology planned to roll out. Essentially, the 11 page document warns that EMF technology is a serious environmental hazard, harmful to life. That the new 5G EMF technology has not been properly tested for safety and has been blindly approved without health evaluation. The medics and scientists call for a proper health evaluation and while being carried out a suspension of the 5G.

However, the unconditional push for EMF technology continues. The push involves a number of individuals, particularly those in high places, biased and blinded by money or the want for control, or population reduction, only seeing the EMF technology’s advantages. -Flawed ideology and insanity ensues…

In reflection of this, if allowed to continue uncontested, here are 7 ways by which EMF technology seriously threatens not just the health and life of humans, but also endangers the existence of non-human populations through upsetting the delicate balance of life. Remember, without nature’s delicate and intricate balance we will cease to exist.

1. Invisible nature of EMF’s

Because of the invisible ubiquitous nature of EMF exposure, unable to see its effects, it has been met with relatively little protest from the people. Further, as with smoking, we have seen many cases of cover-up and denial of the evidence linking EMF’s to disease such as cancer.

It doesn’t help that there are long latency periods before any noticeable harm kicks in. Electrosensitivity -the reactions to EMF signals are many, making it difficult for doctors to diagnose, as symptoms are so diverse.

2. Cell phone usage and cancer

A number of us know that the mainstream media has been covering up the fact that there is a link between frequent long-term cell phone usage and cancer. The mainstream media don’t want to expose their major sponsors the cell phone industry on this matter.

Then there are the cell phone industry’s sponsored research establishments, deliberately designed to whitewash the industry with biased, false scientific claims that there is no link to cancer. Thus, both the mainstream media and the cell phone industry have done very little to protect its users. The same applies to users of other wireless applications in conjunction with the antennas or cell masts all operating on the harmful EM frequencies in the network.

Cancer link

A substance called melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland located at the base of the brain. Melatonin is an extremely powerful antioxidant. As with all anti-oxidants is has the effect of mopping up potential cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Thus, it plays a major role in cell repair; body rejuvenation and disease prevention. Melatonin is produced during sleep and herein lays the problem:

Night time and sleep serve as a signal for the pineal gland to produce melatonin, but EMF’s suppress the production. The pineal gland can’t tell the difference between natural light and EMF waves. Bathing in a sea of ubiquitous EMF’s waves, with the pineal gland unable to detect night time leads to a lack of melatonin production and immunological protection. In the long run this may lead to disease such as cancer.

3. Other Diseases

Not just cancer, the melatonin deficiency may lead to other serious illnesses such as heart disease. Indeed, we need to understand this and take the necessary precautions. For example, at least keep your wireless application at a distance from your body during sleep…  (More on illnesses through EMF’s and precautions to follow).

4. Schumann resonance and circadian rhythms

The Schuman resonance frequency (7.83Hz) has been described as the Earth’s universal magnetic pulse. An experiment by Professor R.Wever showed that when subjects were kept underground and isolated from the Schuman resonance frequency, after a while, they developed a whole range of nervous, hormonal and behavioural problems.

What’s this got to do with EMF’s? –EMF’s and the related wireless technology interfere with the Schuman resonance and the body’s natural circadian rhythm. When coming out of the underground, receiving the Schumann resonance again, the subjects became well. In humans, brain alpha waves are virtually identical to the Schuman resonance, needed for healthy function.

EMF pollution also interferes with the circadian rhythms of plants and animals.

5. Bee colony collapse disorder

As well as humans, animals and insects are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. Besides pesticides, it has been said that another major explanation for the large drop in bee populations in many countries is that the EMF technology interferes with the bee’s own sensory electromagnetic frequencies used in its navigational system.

This has been proven experimentally by Dr John Kuhn. He found that when cell phones were placed at hives far fewer bees returned than normally over recorded time intervals. Placing a cell phone at one of the hives had the effect of NO returning bees. -The bees could not navigate their way back to the hives due the cell phone’s interference with their navigational system.

Roughly 70% of the world’s crops are pollinated by bees. Consider the dire consequences of EMF pollution on the bee population if this insect is not around to play its vital role in pollination, affecting the food chain and seriously upsetting the balance of nature.

6. Cryptochromes

Not just bees, but in animals, EMF’s disrupt the navigational ability by affecting cryptochrome cells present in the eye. The cryptochrome cells give insects and animals the ability to physically see changing energy waves located for flight guidance.

For example, the lowest intensity of EMF’s can disrupt the cryptochrome cells in birds and their ability for flight guidance during migration. Butterflies have this biological compass and their navigational system is also affected by the EMF’s. Consequently, the bird, bee, butterfly and other insect populations have declined.

7. Lack of acknowledgement to hypersensitivity

The harmful effects of EMF technology are confounded by a lack of acknowledgement, funding and research by independent scientists not having industry ties.  The WHO (Word Health Organization) as with other agencies acknowledges the dangers such as the potential carcinogenic effects, but more research is desperately needed on electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The results from this research can be used to not only expose the industry related biased science, moneyed self-interests and unethical, immoral reckless disregard for health, but also establish the vital and necessary precautions needed.


Once again, as with so many things we are facing in this end-game scenario, one positive action we can all take is to stop cooperating. Refuse to have a ‘smart meter’ (dumb meter) installed, stop using the EMF applications. At least don’t give these applications to your children.

The new 5G, if allowed to roll out, is a health crisis waiting happen and the harmful ubiquitous EM frequencies produced will be everywhere. Get campaigning in any way you can to raise public awareness so that something can be done…

Do it not just for the future of you, your family and friends, but for the life of entire non-human populations, before it’s too late.

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Human Brains Will be Uploaded to Machines – Professor Brian Cox

Cultocracy note :

Articles espousing artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial neural networks are being introduced in a steady stream to the general public in a program of desensitization . Artificial neural networks are a reality and are being developed apace , many are being trialled right now . Machine learning allows the AI to ‘learn’ or program itself . The simplest way to accelerate machine learning is to give ‘The Machine’ access to electronic information streams , many modern day bulk data collection systems are geared towards machine learning . Ignore media propaganda , modern day electronic surveillance systems are not created to catch ‘terrorists’ . Another more sinister form of machine learning is to form a brain computer interface (BCI) with a human subject , involving neural implants or neural nano technology responsive to electromagnetic signaling .

Coupled with electromagnetic neural tranceiver grids a neural network based AI system could potentially be the the Big Daddy of Big Brothers .

An invisible global control grid . 

As always , the keyword is control .



Human brains will be uploaded to machines to let us achieve immortality sooner than you think, says Professor Brian Cox

You might scoff at the thought of uploading your brain to a machine in the hope of achieving mortality…but one of Britain’s top physicists says it’s very possible .

Margi Murphy – The Sun

IF you could live forever by simply uploading your brain to a computer, would you consider it?
Several high profile names including Elon Musk and ex-Googler, Anthony Levandowski, are on a quest to accelerate what’s been described as the “technological singularity”, an evolutionary step in which we merge with machines.

While the idea that we could upload our brains to a computer is pretty terrifying, it’s not confined to science fiction.

That’s according to Professor Brian Cox, who told The Sun Online that he found “no reason at all why you cannot simulate human intelligence”.

The Mancunian BBC presenter, who boasts in-depth knowledge of particle physics along with a set of graceful piano fingers (yes, he’s playing the keyboard throughout D:Ream’s iconic tune Things Can Only Get Better) said that true artificial intelligence is absolutely possible, according to quantum mechanics.

You might have heard the phrase artificial intelligence bandied about by Apple or Google, whose clever computing methods power smart assistant Siri and a massive search engine that learns how to become better at their jobs.

But these are a series of processes that appear similar to intelligence, not to be confused with “mind uploading” like that dodgy Johnny Depp flick, Transcendence.

What many future-gazers, eminent scientists and the likes of Elon Musk are hoping for is a true symbiosis between the biological and digital world.

Read the full article here at

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