Emerging Areas of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurotechnologies – Stalag Earth – Part III

    Cultocracy note :

The following article includes excerpts from a 2008 report into neuroscience produced by US government advisory body the National Research Council , the paper was produced for the military & intelligence communities .

The report outlines methods that can be used by military & intelligence agencies to further their inhumane criminal enterprises & the quest for full spectrum dominance of the population . Although this report is from 2008 these technologies have been developed for decades in secret off the books ‘black projects’ . The research & experimentation is a continuation of the MK Ultra research from the 1960’s & 1970’s , which itself was borne out of Nazi research in the same fields during WWII .

The technology is advancing , neural implants have been superceded by synthetically engineered nano particles . Nano particles can be introduced using a wide range of vectors across a broad surface area of the population . The related neural imaging methods are constantly being perfected , the wavelengths are cloaked using frequency hopping multiplexing methods , they cannot be measured accurately . The deep state organisations involved are anxious to maintain a lead over their rivals , a new arms race has emerged .

The scientific methods need to be tested , rats & guinea pigs are of no use , human subjects are required . Be under no illusion , these technologies are currently being tested on targets across the globe , both individuals & whole populations , with disastrous results for the people involved . Many of the effects are silent & subtle and will only emerge over time , maybe this is part of the plan . They represent the deepest , darkest & most destructive elements of humanity , crimes against humanity is an understatement .

MK Ultra never went away , it simply went underground .

In this chapter the ethical implications of neuroscienece technologies are discussed . The paper reveals a shadowy & secretive section of the deep state that see the development of new technologies as an imperative to be followed at any cost . Normal constraints on human experimentation are completely disregarded by these organisations and are flouted at every turn , attempts to introduce legislation has been sabotaged , any codes of conduct that have been introduced have been contemptuously ignored .

Interestingly there seems to be a blurring of the lines in times of war , basically anything goes . The Cold War provided a perfect excuse for further inhumane experimentation , this and other low level ‘wars’ provide a pretext for the acceleration of deep state ‘black projects’ . There is little doubt that the architects of the ‘War on Terror’ used this particular phoney conflict as a trojan horse to further their fascist ambitions , especially regarding neuroscience applications .The dialectic is in plain sight , the synthesis being the evolution of technologies of control .

Continual conflict , fear mongering & war is necessary for these high ranking members of the Josef Mengele fan club . War equals increased funding for the compromised military & intelligence agencies , which leaves a large pot that allows hard cash to be siphoned off & diverted at will into Frankenstein style experimental projects . Corruption & fraud is rampant .

If war is simply a cover and smokescreen it still leaves a very important question .

What are the real aims and ambitions of the controllers & their brainwashed minions ?

As usual the keyword is control .

Emerging Areas of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurotechnologies


There is an assumption in Western models of choice that those who choose for themselves are happier, are healthier, and perform better than those who do not get to choose (Brehm, 1956; Deci and Ryan,1987). However, having more choice or decision options is not necessarily preferred.


Two important characteristics of bioethics are the large and continuing role of scandals in the growth of the field and the prominence of public commissions in the development of its canon and in advancing its social legitimacy.

A 1966 paper in the New England Journal of Medicine by a distinguished Harvard professor of anesthesiology asserted that ethical problems in human research trials were rampant .

Social-science studies, such as Stanley Milgram’s “obedience to authority” experiment, also called attention to professional ethics (Milgram, 1973, 1974).

No incident so rocked the medical world as the 1972 revelation of the U.S. Public Health Service syphilis study in which 400 black men who had tertiary syphilis were observed for 40 years without consent and without penicillin therapy when it became available (Moreno, 2001).Among the public responses to the syphilis-study scandal was the formation of the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research (1974-1978).

On the whole, however, the system of protections for human research subjects is not well designed to capture instances of intentional wrongdoing.

Nearly 50 years later, 23 Nazi doctors and bureaucrats were tried at Nuremberg for crimes involving horrific experiments on concentration-camp inmates.
The defendants appealed to the doctrine of superior orders and to a utilitarian justification that many lives could be saved by jeopardizing the lives of a few people already slated for death. They further noted that the allied governments had themselves engaged in human experiments on captive populations for national security purposes during the war .

The third part of the tribunal’s decision is known as the Nuremberg Code. The first sentence is famous and reads, “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

It is remarkable that the national-security–related interest in human experiment rules was unfolding in the United States at precisely the same time as the Nuremburg Tribunals, but not in public.
Early in 1947, the new Atomic Energy Commission discovered that its predecessor, the Manhattan Engineer District (better known as the Manhattan Project), had sponsored the injection of plutonium into 17 hospitalized patients, apparently as part of an effort to establish the human excretion rate for the sake of young laboratory workers who might be exposed to the newly isolated metal. The commission decided not to release information about those sensitive experiments to the public, but it determined that its contractors to whom it released radioisotopes for medical studies would have to obtain the subjects’ “informed consent.” That was the first time that phrase appeared, as far as is known. However, the requirement seems to have been at best poorly applied and to have disappeared from institutional memory by the early 1950s (Moreno, 2001).

As the early Cold War era unfolded, DOD contemplated the need to engage in human experiments involving atomic, biological, and chemical agents for defensive purposes.

nuremberg-codeFinally, the department’s general counsel proposed that the Nuremberg Code, penned by three American judges only a few years before, apply to the atomic, biological, and chemical “(ABC) warfare” experiments to avoid the U.S. hypocrisy of not following the code. Secretary Charles M. Wilson adopted the proposal shortly after taking office in 1953 but included a written consent requirement. That caused consternation among the advisory committees that seem largely to have opposed the adoption of any such formal policy, considering it an unnecessary departure from prior practices and a dangerous precedent that could undermine military and medical authority (Wilson, 1953).

The Wilson policy made little difference in the conduct of national-security related scientific and technological exercises. Perhaps the most graphic example of the failure of the policy was the deployment of over 200,000 soldiers and marines within a few miles of ground zero at atomic test shots throughout the 1950s.


In contrast, the Army lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) experiments of the 1960s were accompanied by some informed-consent processes, however minimal and inadequate. By 1975, the Army inspector general concluded that the Wilson policy had failed.

Secret military and intelligence-related human experiments seem to have ceased after the Army and CIA scandals of the middle 1970s, and a vastly more sensitive attitude on these matters appears to have prevailed, although some insist that secret experiments should continue .

Thus, DOD sought and received from FDA a waiver of informed consent for the voluntary use of some compounds during the first Gulf War.

The IC is subject to the same common provisions of informed consent and prior review although it is claimed that no human experiments are performed by intelligence agencies.

A contemporary problem is the status of detainees at military installations who are suspects in the war on terrorism. Presumably, the ethical standards that apply to all human research subjects should apply to them as well.

Less is known about America’s traditional allies, which have been far less candid about their research activities on sensitive issues. One interesting recent exception is the sarin gas experiments at Porton Down in the United Kingdom during the 1950s. Revelations associated with the 1953 death of a British soldier in one of those experiments led to a new inquest in 2005 that cast some light on the work and raised grave questions about the consent and safety procedures in place at the time.


Ethics, Cognitive Neuroscience, and National-Security Research

The field of bioethics has spawned several related fields—clinical ethics, research ethics, and public-health ethics—and more recently has given rise to neuroethics.

Among the topics addressed in neuroethics are the nature of personal identity, human dignity, and autonomy in light of various novel surgical and pharmacological interventions; the relationship between mind and body in light of new information about brain processes; the implications of neural imaging for privacy; neurogenetics and behavior control; and the management of suspicious results of neuroimaging research.

American society experienced a telling episode along those lines during the 1950s, when “brain-washing” became part of popular culture and IC experiments after the treasonous statements of American prisoners of war in captivity in North Korea. Although anxieties about clandestine U.S. government activities are easy to deride, later Army and CIA experiments involving hallucinogens were associated with at least two deaths in 1953 and with multiple exposures of ordinary citizens.

The current underlying science and resulting technology are far more sophisticated and, to many, threatening to personal autonomy and human dignity. Proponents of the science may well argue that neuroscience promises to enhance rather than undermine dignity and autonomous choice, but that point of view is not always the prevalent one, especially when national-security goals are viewed with suspicion. Examples of neuroscience experiments that may have implications for national security are numerous. Virtually all involve what has been called “dual use” research applicable to military, intelligence, or policing, as well as health-care, purposes.

International Standards and Controls

Research with human subjects is guided by several international documents that are discussed in detail in Appendix E . In Europe, research is further governed by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) 12 and the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP).

It should be noted that the United States is not necessarily in a position of moral superiority to other countries with regard to practices; as noted above, there are serious questions about the extent to which the research house in the United States is in order.

However, several questions remain about the adequacy of the protection of human beings as subjects of biomedical research related to cognitive neuroscience, especially in confidential or military contexts.

How much overlap is there between national and international requirements for
the protection of subjects of research involving human beings?

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Jan Smith , ‘Morgellons’ , Chromosome 1 q42

Cultocracy note :

The following article was posted by U.S. citizen Jan Smith , Jan suffered with ‘Morgellons’ , a syndrome now associated with human experimentation & nano technology . ‘Morgellons’ is symptomatic of a wide variety of other medical conditions , the proof that it is a specific condition has been systematically & methodically rejected by official government agencies .

Jan did have her own website dedicated to her research into Morgellons at ‘morgellonsexposed.com’ , like most sites exposing these atrocities & similar crimes it has now been taken down .

Or maybe Jan was taken down ?


Living With A Nightmare



The worst possible future is here right now and we need your immediate help.  Nanotechnology is disabling and killing human beings.   This information is not based on idle conjecture but facts proven by laboratory testing performed by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger at Woodshole/MIT Lab, Lambda Labs, and other accredited labs (refer to Research Section). The results of these important tests are being ignored.  The mainstream press for what ever reason has not informed the public by publishing the results of these scientific tests.  This is news all Americans citizens should be aware of.  Your help is desperately needed.

My name is Jan Smith.  I am 58 years old and have been debilitated for the past 10 years with Morgellon’s disease.  Other members of my family have this disease as well.  I have even had the sad experience of having my pet cat die from this disease.  The vet said it was allergies but I knew what the lesions were that covered her face and ears.   I have heard from many people who have lost their pets.  Even worse, many children are ill from this disease.

I have included many photos in this letter.  I have been documenting samples of this disease for the past five years and am well versed in the morphology of how this disease is manifesting and progressing in people.  I have spent countless hours using a microscope to examine the disturbing signs of Morgellon’s.  I have researched the internet extensively on parasites, fungus, nano-technology, patents and other significant related subject matter. Whenever possible, I worked hand-in-hand with researchers to provide samples for analysis and to document symptoms.

Morgellon’s disease is often misdiagnosed as Delusions of Parasitosis.  Here is a paragraph from eMedicine-Web M.D. :


As ridiculous at this may seem, if you view the photos I have included in this paper and acknowledge there is anything of substance in the photos, you will have doomed yourself to a diagnosis of  “folie portage”  or shared craziness.  You too will be deemed to be delusional by our ‘friends’ in the medical profession.   Although this statement is difficult to believe, I must tell you that this is the sole criteria necessary for assassinating your good character.  It was as incredulous to me to be termed delusional as you would be at only having seen something in my photos.  It is not difficult to see why the people with Morgellon’s disease are angry and feel like they are the victims of discrimination.  We are a group of people who are ill and have no healthcare options.

I have personal insurance but due to the lack of diagnosis I am not getting any of the care I need.  I presented a list of 10 toxicological tests to my HMO Doctor. These tests were recommended by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, a prominent toxicologist, who has worked extensively with specimens from my body.  She wrote a letter to my physician also phoning him to advise him of the tests I needed.  He refused to order even one of the recommended tests.  I was offered nothing but a reminder that DOP is written in my files.   The lesions are self-generating and need no help in forming their fiber-laden silicon ooze.  It is a nightmare to have to deal with all the aspects of this disease as well as the lack of understanding by the medical community and the disability system.  We are alone at a time when we need help the most.

In order to get any aid, people have to allow themselves to be declared mentally ill.   We have gone through all of the proper channels and are still being neglected and even ridiculed.  A multitude of letters and phone calls have been made to the CDC over the past several years.  Cursory form letters were received for our efforts.  They stated that people should see their own physicians and beyond that offered no help.

It was not until people started writing to their Congressmen that any action was taken at all.  I would like to thank the Congress for their efforts in getting the CDC to take this disease more seriously and for requesting CDC to do a study of this disease.

Unfortunately there are troubling indications that the CDC is only grudgingly doing this study and there are still overtones that we are likely to be declared delusional at the end of their cursory study, as discussed at a separate exhibit.  The medical profession is not eager to learn that they have dropped the ball, possibly committed medical malpractice, and literally ruined the lives and reputations of many people with Morgellon’s disease.  It is now time to take this problem back to the Congress and get something done.   This is not the treatment expected by American citizens when they are in need of help.  In this world of fear of biological terrorist threats and Homeland Security, it makes no sense that thousands of people with a bizarre disease are not even acknowledged, much less thoroughly investigated.  You cannot ignore that there is a distinct possibly that a disease of this nature might have been released by terrorists. We do not understand why this disease, affecting thousands, has been consistently ignored.  It is also possible that some of the programs being utilized by our own government or nanotechnology industries or military biological research have caused this disease.  Who will help us save the future?

We now need your help once again.  The planned CDC study has been announced and the bid proposal included the specific battery of tests to be performed in this critically needed study of Morgellon’s victims.  The testing they are planning to give Morgellon’s victims does not include any testing that could find the presence of nanotechnology.  That evaluation is echoed by Dr. Staninger with her knowledge of labs tests needed to be performed on Morgellon’s samples.  This study at Kaiser Permanente (contracted with by CDC) has every chance of once again overlooking the real cause of this disease.  This is a fact. I only hope it has not been done by intentional design to deceive and hide important information from the public.

Medical staff and scientists familiar with nanotechnology need to participate with researchers on this study to ensure testing is adequate to determine the presence of these substances, as well as other “unknowns”.  This issue needs to be addressed immediately or the study will be useless to the sufferers of this disease and taxpayers will have more wasted spending to complain about.

I would personally like to request that Dr. Staninger as well as the other medical people who have previously conducted Morgellon’s research be included in the planning of the toxicological and other testing needed (refer to research section).  Each of these professionals should have input into this study. Several doctors, in addition to Dr. Staninger, have published papers and have found other troubling aspects of this disease including agrobacterium tumefaciens, and bioengineered nematode-like forms.  Nothing should be ruled out until significant additional testing is performed.

There is a great complexity to this disease that seems to be more than mere coincidence.

The people of the Morgellon’s community need to be able to trust those who hold their future in their hands.  These researchers have all been working pro bono for this community for years when others laughed and ridiculed us.  We trust them.  They are each true pioneers.

We are also not happy that Kaiser Permanente is doing studies solely on its own HMO patients, most of whom have been given the DOP diagnosis from that same facility.  What would their incentive be to find that they had misdiagnosed 50 of their patients and could now be open to malpractice/misdiagnosis suits?  When I heard this news, I phoned my case manager/nurse at my own HMO about this plan for Morgellon’s testing.  She told me I must be mistaken since the study methodology, as contracted, was a completely unethical testing method.   She was in the nursing profession for 30 years and had worked in clinical trials for many years of her career.  I just wanted a second opinion and I sadly got one that matched my own.  She also asked me why they weren’t having clinical trials in the Boston area (or other areas with a significant volume of Morgellon’s patients) since so many people have this disorder in New England.  That was something that surprised me.  I did not realize that New England had so many cases of Morgellon’s.  It is certainly being kept quiet.

I have had this disease for ten years.  During the first five years of this affliction I was unaware that any others could possibly have this disease.  Most people with this disease go to their family physicians and then receive referrals to a dermatologist or other specialist.  It is important for everyone to understand the medical process that relegates a person with Morgellon’s disease from a normal productive citizen with a skin rash and other physical symptoms to the life denigrating diagnosis of being a victim of Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP). This diagnosis is tantamount to declaring that victims of Morgellon’s are mentally ill, since it is a form of schizophrenia.

In 1937-38 a man named Karl Axel Ekbom published accounts of Delusional Parasitosis.   His 70 year old diagnosis is still being used.  One of the symptoms or signs that people were delusional, in Ekbom’s opinion, was that they came in to see the doctor with samples of skin and other normal debris and declared that samples were parasites.  The term “matchbox sign” was coined to describe the matchboxes that were often used to transport these bits of debris.

I would have to admit that I did indeed bring a small plastic container with me to show the Doctor what had come out of my skin.  Red, clear, white and blue fibers are quite bizarre.   Many other Morgellon’s victims have done the same thing.  There is logic to this behavior if you think about it.  If a person sees bizarre fibers and growths coming out of their body, they don’t throw them away.  They say to themselves; “Nobody would believe that this just came out of my body.  I have to take this with me and show the doctor in case he doesn’t find any others.  He might know what this is.”    The bringing of specimens in any container is a no-win situation as you can surmise.

Do these doctors ever look at the samples you bring in?  The answer is no.  Apparently they believe that would serve to encourage the poor delusional patient in their delusion.

With a diagnosis of DOP, your entire life and credibility as a responsible member of society is literally ripped away from you. This life-altering diagnosis filters down to every aspect of a person’s life.   A person deemed mentally ill by a person with M.D. written after their name is more damning than being arrested for a crime you didn’t commit.   There is no recourse for regaining your good name and ridding yourself of the stigma of this bad diagnosis from your medical records.  It travels with you from Doctor to Doctor as does the dismissive attitude from the medical the profession that you have to deal with at every successive medical appointment.  I had never received such demeaning and condescending medical treatment by any doctor until my records with my DOP (Delusions of Parasitosis) diagnosis preceded my medical appointments with specialists.  I have heard this story from hundreds of other Morgellon’s victims who each believed that no other person had been treated in such a demeaning manner.  In fact we all got essentially the same dismissive and condescending treatment.

If you are a criminal you are allowed to defend yourself and have a trial.  If a doctor makes a wrong diagnosis, you are trapped in their incorrect life-changing diagnosis unless you can prove that you do not have this mental illness.

Delusional parasitosis is a form of schizophrenia which is a well known, rare, and severe form of mental illness.  The treatment for this disease is psychotropic medication such as Risperdal, Pimozide and Orap.

I would like to note that in each drug given to Morgellon’s victims by the medical community there is a common thread.  This common thread is an ingredient in all prescribed medications to treat DOP.  The name of the original product is piperazine, which is an antihelminthic first introduced as a dewormer for swine.  Derivatives of piperazine are used in all of the drugs used to treat people with Morgellon’s Disease, diagnosed as DOP.   This drug causes flaccid paralysis to the nervous system of parasitic worms.  In consideration that we are deemed to have only delusions of parasites, why are we being given worm medicines?  This choice of treatment for Morgellon’s victims is questionable, as well as dangerous.   I was given a prescription for Pimozide by a dermatologist after a 30 minute visit.

It was not suggested that I see a mental health practitioner of any kind and was never referred to one.   I am only one of many who had this condition diagnosed by a dermatologist or General Practitioner and prescribed these harmful drugs as a first choice remedy (which should be a drug of “last choice” due to its dangerous side effects).   I have personally never taken any of these drugs.  The material coming out of my body is no delusion.  This is a brief overview of Pimozide or Orap:


The medical community may feel that they are masking the symptoms of this disease with these drugs but the people who have taken these drugs are not being cured of anything and are further having their health endangered.

The fibers in our bodies do not die.  They grow, self-replicate and proliferate in a Petri dish long after they leave our bodies.  They are in our waste water and sewage; ie, throughout the environment.  They will not die but go on to infect other people (and other living things).  This is known to happen.  In a few years the effect will be exponential.

My photos are not a delusion.  The fibers and other material are small and difficult to see with the naked eye.  With only a magnifying glass, the fibers and other artifacts of this disease are quite visible.  The medical community is failing us, as this is a new disease and physicians have no training or knowledge of this emerging illness.  Magnification equipment is never used to view the skin of Morgellon’s patients.  From a distance of 3-10 feet away, we are summarily diagnosed as delusional.

The labs used to do the pathology on biopsies taken from some Morgellon’s sufferers are also devoid of knowing what nanotechnology looks like in human tissue.  It has been seen and called textile fibers or extraneous debris.  The labs used by most HMO’s are not geared to any kind of research and are merely running specific testing as ordered by a physician.  I would like to know where my HMO Doctor could send my specimens and have them identified correctly as nanotechnology.  I do not think a lab of this nature is available to us nor do I think my HMO Doctor would dare to take a chance and displease the insurance company by sending anything to a specialty lab without a recognized diagnostic code.   I hope you can see what a no-win situation exists for those of us trying to get any medical help.

I have had two knee replacements in the past three years.  When the first knee was replaced, the incision did not heal properly and grew lesions on the scar that were filled with fibers.  A year later the second knee was replaced and this time, Concord Hospital in Concord, New Hampshire made a series of pathology slides for Dr. Hildegarde Staninger who was at that time already researching Morgellon’s disease.  She sent my pathology slides to Dr. Rahim Karjoo who made the following findings, which were later made public.   The silicon and silicone photos are from my body.  I have never had any implants or injections of silicone in my body.  This silicon is a result of silicon-based nanotechnology.




Morgellon’s – A disease in which individuals have the growth of fibers from their skin that burn at 1,700 degrees F and do not melt. (20) A private study to determine the chemical and biological composition of these fibers has swn that the fibers’ outer casing is made up of high density polyethylene fiber (HDPE). The fiber material is used commonly in the manufacture of fiber optics. There is no history of the individual in that industry or coming into contact with this material. It was further determined that this material is used throughout the bio nanotechnology world as a compound to encapsulate a viral protein envelope, which is composed of a viron (1/150thDNA, RNA, RNAi (mutated RNA) or RNAsi linear or ring plasmids for specific functions. (21, 22) Toxicological pathology identification of tissue biopsies from an individual diagnosed with Morgellon’s revealed the presence of continual silica or glass tubules with the presence of silicone. (23) It must be noted that the core toxicological effects of silicone alone have been demonstrated throughout the breast implant industry and litigation cases. (24, 25) Furthermore, silicone cannot make silica, but silica or silica bicarbonate can make silicone through natural cellular interaction in a biological system. The subject did not have breast implants or any other implant or silicon glue injections.

Photograph 1-1

Silica Crystalloid Material and silicon from breast implant patient as a comparative study to the silicon and silicone in knee of Jan Smith.

Photo by Dr. Rahim Karjoo, MD, pathologist.  10/07/2006


Photograph 2-2

Photograph of Silica Crystalloid Material and Silicone from an individual (Jan Smith) diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the right knee.  The Same patient had been diagnosed by other physicians for Delusional Parasitosis which has been associated with patients having Morgellon’s Disease.  Biopsy sample taken from right knee area of patient.  Concord Hospital,  Concord, New Hampshire.  Research Project FMM of Dr Hildegarde Staninger Industrial Toxicologist  and Dr of Integrative Medicine.

Photo by Dr. Rahim Karjoo, MD, pathologist.  10/07/2006


At this point, I have silicosis which is not from any known source except the presence of silicon nanotechnology in my body.    It is oozing out of every pore on my body.  This is what you see on the hair strands and on the Morgellon’s lesions (see the Grey Goo in the photos on page 1).  I do not form scabs made of blood over lesions.   I form crusts of silicon. Even worse than that, these crusts are life forms that have movement.  Each has a mollusk-like foot and an antenna.  My videos of these crusts, composed of hundreds of these tiny life forms all compressed together, can be seen on videos I have put on YouTube.com.  These videos may be found by going to the YouTube site and placing my name in the search engine, thegreema1.

Dr. Staninger told me the silicon/silicone in my body is suffocating the cells and causing many cells to lose their ability to exchange oxygen.  At a minimum, this contributes to my fatigue.


In addition to the silicon goo component of this disease there are also several things that have exited my body that I have been able to identify from my research of the nanotechnology industry.

The first nanotechnology element is an array containing crystals.  I will show you the mature array as well as stages of growth in the tissue of my body during their growth process.   The protrusions on the crusts of silicone are nanopillars and nanohorns.

Projection develops beneath skin in the silicone.  Then self-assembling chemicals components of nanotechnology develop within of silicon mass.  In this case the chemical components begin to assemble themselves into an array with a black matrix surrounding multiple faceted crystals in a circular configuration.  I am sure this array has a function but just what that may be is not known.





In Phase 4 the array is folded like an umbrella and emerges as a flat array.  Scientific references to this form of Array from:
jMol series polygonal nanocone


This unusual piece of tissue has been identified as another type of array.  It is described as a nano-communications array.  It was found in a lesion in my chest. This form is clearly identified in the small inserted photo shown inside.  The research page for this and the following photo will be displayed in this paper as well.  It is curious that the scientists who originated this “Advanced Materials” page have two of their creations in my body.  It would be interesting to see who has been authorized to utilize these nano designs .



Once again, what is this array doing in my body, how did it get there, and who is it communicating with?  It appears that there is a specific purpose intended in the variety of nano devices I am finding.


This is the second nano device from the “Advanced Materials” company.  This is a photo of tissue that came from my cheek.  The silicon projections kept on maturing after it was mailed to Dr Rahim Karjoo.  He took this photo using a sophisticated pathology microscope with 3 dimensional capabilities.  The bizarre claw formations are another version of a nanotube.  The dark spots on the specimens above the claws match the model inserts as a process of agglomeration of particles that cause claw the structure to form.

In the March of 2007 I had emergency surgery on 2 ruptured discs in my back.  I had not experienced any lesions on my back during the course of this disease but I wondered if Morgellon’s disease had played any part in the sudden problem with my formerly healthy back.  It took very little time to understand that this disease is throughout my entire body from head to toe.

I had an incision that was 7 inches long that had been secured with staples after the surgery.  During my prolonged recuperation period at the Concord Hospital and then at a rehab hospital, I experienced a massive drainage of silicon ooze laced with more fibers than I had ever seen.  I had the staff sign the dressings from my back as they were removed and sent them to Dr Staninger.   All photos in this set are Grey Goo and nanofibers.


Here are a few more photos from my back surgery.


Staple from back with fibers + goo        Small scab filled with fibers.


 Goo and back fibers formed a cube    Grey goo and multicolor nanotubes.


Scab with fibers                Bandage with fibers                   Goo with fibers.

These are just a few photos with a variety of different kind of residue that comes with Morgellon’s Disease


Every day is a bad hair day with Morgellon’s Disease.



The following photos are from a person who wishes to remain anonymous for now.  They are very fearful of what is happening to them.  Multiple objects of the same kind have emerged from their body.  The nanos that are being found have an ominous quality about them.  When touched with a pin the object began to glow.  The center is a hexagonal crystal and the dark jagged plate is reminiscent of something out of an evil tale. The pouch with the “V” at the bottom is highly fluorescent and multicolored. The back of this complex piece of technology has the glyph of a Serpent and writing on it.  These are not made by Mother Nature.  It is terrifying to know they are in your body.

If anyone can identify the object below please email Jan Smith :





Part of the structure is highly fluorescent/opalescent and seems to be a cross between machine and an organic organism.


300x side view of Nano machine                    Hex crystal glowing


Intricate details              Prismatic glow             Size comparison

If anyone can identify the object above please email Jan Smith :


Cultocracy note :

The crystals above are self forming nano crystals or ‘quantum dots’ .

All that glitters is not Gold – Quantum Nanocrystals

This same sufferer found this unusual object that appears to be producing hexagon shaped metallic exudates :


Thank you very much for allowing me to inform you about Morgellon’s disease.  It is not so difficult to believe that people are genuinely ill once you understand the reasons behind the bizarre symptoms and the medical profession’s misunderstanding and lack of experience in diagnosing a completely novel disease.

If the future includes nanotechnology as part of our daily lives, then it is absolutely necessary to have safeguards and prolonged testing of all products which come into contact with a genetically diverse public.  Morgellon’s Disease is the eventuality that was bound to happen with the rapid growth and unproven safety aspects of a new technology. When such a disease did appear, how would it have been expected to manifest itself in humans?  I think we all know the answer to that now.

You have all the facts as I know them with the photos and research to back up the explanation.  I can only hope that further research will now become vital to those who know of our plight.  This disease will keep growing as long as this technology runs amok. While scientists are getting millions of dollars to study all manner of trivial matters, we go without help.   We have lost home and families.  We have lost income and careers as well as the ability to live normal lives.  In spite of all that has happened to us, we are optimistic and holding fast.  We have not yet lost our hope for our families and those not yet infected.

I truly hope that in this world of billion dollar industries, that a group of American Citizens who have been greatly harmed by technology will not go unheard or dropped between the cracks in favor of keeping the status quo for big business.   There are times of late when it seems that being an American and having rights has become more of an urban legend than a reality.   I have been talking with many people for the past ten years about this disease happening to Americans and other peoples throughout the world.

We sincerely need your help and compassion now to end the torturous neglect that we have suffered through.   The safety and welfare of this planet, its environment, and all life forms are at risk.  Please act immediately.


Jan Smith

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Torture Frequencies , 5G , The Internet of Things

The Same Frequencies Used for Pain-Inflicting Crowd Control Weapons Form the Foundation of the Network that Will Tie Together More Than 50 Billion Devices As Part of the Internet of Things

March 16, 2017 by WashingtonsBlog

We previously noted that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a scam … being pushed so that Big Brother can spy on us.

Believe it or not, IoT may also pose health and safety risks.

Devra Lee Davis – Founding Director of the Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology of the U.S. National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Founding Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, who has taught at the University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Harvard, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and other major universities, and has had articles published in Lancet,Journal of the American Medical Association to Scientific American, the New York Times and elsewhere – says that the 5G wavelengths used in IoT have never been tested for health effects, and may adversely impact our skin and sweat glands:

Dr. Davis’ group – Environmental Health Trust – explains:

Israeli research studies presented at an international conference reveal that the same electromagnetic frequencies used for crowd control weapons form the foundation of the latest network – branded as 5G – that will tie together more than 50 billion devices as part of the Internet of Things. Current investigations of wireless frequencies in the millimeter and submillimeter range confirm that these waves interact directly with human skin, specifically the sweat glands. Dr. Ben-Ishai of the Department of Physics, Hebrew University, Israel recently detailed how human sweat ducts act like an array of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths. Scientists cautioned that before rolling out 5G technologies that use these frequencies, research on human health effects needed to be done first to ensure the public and environment are protected.


[Dr. Davis notes] “This work shows that the same parts of the human skin that allow us to sweat also respond to 5G radiation much like an antenna that can receive signals. We need the potential adverse health impacts of 5G to be seriously evaluated before we blanket our children, ourselves and the environment with this radiation.”

Cultocracy note :

Communications & satellite networks are expanding . They are key to the eugenics , conditioning & control grid currently being implemented by the deep state .


The full article is here at Washington’s Blog

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Google , Data Mining , A.I. & the N.H.S


Cultocracy note :

More evidence that taxpayer funded government agencies cannot be trusted with your personal information . It is being mined & sold to private corporations , ultimately it is being used to create AI systems that will be paid for by you & used against you as another tool of control & conditioning .

In 2015 the Google susidiary Deep Mind signed a data sharing agreement with the Royal Free NHS Trust in London , the trust has access to 1.5 million patient records . The agreement was touted as a ‘system to diagnose & manage acute kidney injuries’ and gave Google full access to all patient records from the previous five years . Patients were not told of the agreement & not given the option to opt out . Ironically , Subir Mondal , the deputy director of the Royal Free Trust who signed the agreement , is also data protection officer for the trust . Mondal has also delivered speeches to GovSec , GovSec is described as ‘The UK’s premier event for cyber security and risk management professionals and decision-makers looking to protect key public sector ICT assets and infrastructure ‘ .

The agreement was recently exposed as a disturbing exercise in the control & monopolization of patient data , all under the guise of ‘public health’ , Google is not a humanitarian charity , exactly the opposite . The paper criticizing the agreement was written by Cambridge academic Julia Powles and is titled ‘Google DeepMind and healthcare in an age of algorithms‘ .


Ray Kurzwheil is Google’s Director of Engineering , he claims that the singularity will happen by 2045 .

The claim has recently been shortened to the year 2029 , Kuzweil now states ‘when we live in a cybernetic society we will have computers in our brains and machines will be smarter than human beings.

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G.C.H.Q Denies Hacking Trump for N.S.A


Original untouched tourist photo of Trump Tower – 2016

G.C.H.Q made an official statement denying hacking Trump’s communications .

An unofficial G.C.H.Q spokesperson stated ‘It was definitely not us , we never hack anybody , except for terrorists & bad people , It was probably the Russians’ .

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The Perils of Obedience

Cultocracy note :

The original Milgram experiment was conducted in 1961 by psychologist Stanley Milgram at Yale University , U.S.A.

Basically the experiment was a test to see to what extent a person could harm another person due to their fear of authority .

It was intended to answer a question that arose in relation to WWII and specifically the horrors of the concentration camps . The question was whether soldiers & officials in the German army were complicit in crimes against humanity or whether they were ‘just following orders’ .

The original experiment was simplistic but the results clearly showed that around 65% of participants were willing to inflict extreme pain to a stranger due to their innate fear of authority & the fear of disobeying the authority figure .The recent experiment in Poland showed that 90% of participants were willing to inflict extreme pain on a stranger .

Milgram explained the results by explaining that people had two different states of behaviour :

(i) The autonomous state – Where people are aware of their own actions and take responsibility for those actions .

(ii) The agentic state – Where people basically submit & become proxies for the authority figure , in their own minds the authority figure is then responsible for the persons own actions .


In modern terms this human psychological trait has been exploited to full effect by the controllers of Western nations , honed to perfection in the Tavistock schools of slavery . War , torture , drone strikes , bombings , false flag attacks , human experimentation & other atrocities are committed on a daily basis by naive & often young individuals in the name of government agencies . The same government agencies are themselves corrupted & controlled by outside corporate interests , militarized conglomerates & ‘secret’ societies . People are conditioned from a young age to never question authority , those who do are nailed to the cross as a warning or become targets for state sponsored terrorism & harassment . The whole web of deceit is maintained by the co-opting & collusion of the mainstream media & the political establishment , truth is a rarity , fear reigns supreme .

Conducting the Milgram Experiment in Poland, Psychologists Show People Still Obey

From the Society for Personality and Social Psychology

A replication of one of the most widely known obedience studies, the Stanley Milgram experiment, shows that even today, people are still willing to harm others in pursuit of obeying authority.

The title is direct, “Would you deliver an electric shock in 2015?” and the answer, according to the results of this replication study, is yes. Social psychologists from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland replicated a modern version of the Milgram experiment and found results similar to studies conducted 50 years earlier.

“Our objective was to examine how high a level of obedience we would encounter among residents of Poland,” write the authors. “It should be emphasized that tests in the Milgram paradigm have never been conducted in Central Europe. The unique history of the countries in the region made the issue of obedience towards authority seem exceptionally interesting to us.”

For those unfamiliar with the Milgram experiment, it tested people’s willingness to deliverer electric shocks to another person when encouraged by an experimenter. While no shocks were actually delivered in any of the experiments, the participants believed them to be real. The Milgram experiments demonstrated that under certain conditions of pressure from authority, people are willing to carry out commands even when it may harm someone else.

“Upon learning about Milgram’s experiments, a vast majority of people claim that ‘I would never behave in such a manner,’ says Tomasz Grzyb, a social psychologist involved in the research. “Our study has, yet again, illustrated the tremendous power of the situation the subjects are confronted with and how easily they can agree to things which they find unpleasant.”

While ethical considerations prevented a full replication of the experiments, researchers created a similar set-up with lower “shock” levels to test the level of obedience of participants.

The researchers recruited 80 participants (40 men and 40 women), with an age range from 18 to 69, for the study.  Participants had up to 10 buttons to press, each a higher “shock” level. The results show that the level of participants’ obedience towards instructions is similarly high to that of the original Milgram studies.

They found that 90% of the people were willing to go to the highest level in the experiment. In terms of differences between peoples willingness to deliver shock to a man versus a woman, “It is worth remarking,” write the authors, “that although the number of people refusing to carry out the commands of the experimenter was three times greater when the student [the person receiving the “shock”] was a woman, the small sample size does not allow us to draw strong conclusions.”

In terms of how society has changed, Grzyb notes, “half a century after Milgram’s original research into obedience to authority, a striking majority of subjects are still willing to ‘electrocute’ a helpless individual.”

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Bots , Borgs , Humans , ‘Pixie Dust’ & N.A.S.A

Cultocracy note :

The pages below are from a 2001 powerpoint presentation given by Dennis Bushnell chief scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Centre . The presentation is titled ‘Future Strategic Issues / Future Warfare (2025)’ , the presentation describes future NASA technological cooperation with all US military / intelligence / research departments such as DARPA , CIA , FBI , National Research Council etc. The document is real and was available on the NASA website during 2001 .

Although described as a ‘Future’ document , the technology is functional , fully operational and is with us now . We are the enemy .

A few pages from the document are below , a link to the full document is at the bottom or this article .

Are you awake yet ?

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-21-22

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-22-36

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-28-30

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-30-43

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-31-36

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-33-22

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-34-30

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-36-40

Screenshot from 2017-03-15 10-37-50

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Five Eyes and Seven Ears

Reblogged from Coalition of the Obvious

Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 14, 2017


As I surmised after Trump’s entrance into the election , I stated that he would advance the police state and surveillance grid like no other before him. Regardless of whether you believe that they are spying on each other, you are the most surveilled citizens in the world  with exception to Great Britain.

My belief is of course that all the left right paradigm and players are staging, scripting and fomenting the news as well as the leaks. Snowden to Russia and back to Wikileaks and Mother MI6, the Israeli-Vatican Joo-joos are collecting the largest mass of data in an enterprise that can only be for purposes beyond the FBI dossiers of the J. Edgar Hoover era. Like Hoover, these twisted freaks are playing the game of deflection to get you thinking that they are still adversarial.

Russia says Clinton had more contact with Russian officials than Trump. Hell, Trump and Clinton had more meeting than they did independently with Russian ambassadors or Putin himself.  Now we get the fake MI6 dossiers, Vault 7, Trump Obama-gate and the GCHQ.

Yes, Five Eyes and Seven Ears. The mother ship of all cointelpro is British Intelligence along with Tavistock and Chatham House (RIIA)  This is where ISIS and al-CIAda were created. The Israelis run the surveillance sure, to make sure there are no whistleblowers with the inside core group, but the Vatican and their assassins may be called in anytime to clean the mess.  Watch carefully as the Trump-Obamagate Wiretap BS plays out.  Did you catch the Judge Napolitano or CIA analyst offer Obama’s go around for the US Intelligence and going directly to GCHQ? Yes GCHQ, the Defence Signal Intelligence group for Great Britain and the Lords of Full Spectrum wiretapping and eavesdropping.


Managed by the Mossad, most of the EU is under surveillance but the operations personnel know they are under watch.  Not likely they will do anything wrong considering they all got their jobs and promotions based upon the dirt the Israelis gathered over the years from the days of  SHAMROCK, BLACK CHAMBER, ECHELON, 911-811, INSLAW, PROMIS software back doors, AMDOCS, PRISM massive Honeypots and setups and damning evidence to blackmail them into service. It was  how they got the Mafia into the CIA in the JFK years and since that time the Mafia has just moved into government.  Michael Corleone went legitimate too, remember? It was Phiple Troenix, the Carnivore project that placed the FBI’s role in covering up 911. It was instrumental along with ECHELON to monitor the internet VOIP and landlines post 911 to insure they would mend any fences if needed. And they did. Hundreds died mysteriously in the eight years under Bush-Cheney.

With the real leaks that came out prior to Edward Snowden, the Master of the Human Domain had to reassess how they would avoid this problem. This was the enterprise system.  How they would take SIGINT, Cellular, land based data, internet and dark web and encrypted systems and collect ALL the data in a way where only EYES would have access to the data beyond the Justice Department and warrant segment of law enforcement. This is where we are now.  All, 100% of the traffic is being intercepted, run through the algorithms and keyword gauntlets and the being diverted to deep state servers with just trickles going into law enforcement servers.  It’s the law enforcement and Justice Department that were the targets of PROMIS software and Israeli intelligence to monitor the key traitors involved with PNAC’s New American Century and Pearl Harbor program created somewhere around 1990.  This is the expose that costed Danny Casolaro and others their lives for attempting to expose it.

Now, the only enemy is GPS. When I got information from ex CIA NOC informant, they did not carry a cell phone.  Like Trump said, if you need security, write a letter and deliver it yourself, but leave your cellphone at home and take a taxi.


Mr. Wiretap & his Honeypot

Today the news has indicated Intel is buying MobileEye. This is the new millennial version of PROMIS and AMDOCS. The Israelis will have the keys to your car and the Intel chipsters will oblige in all the NWO corporate rules. Remember you pay  up and keep your mouth shut or they shut you down. Only the Bilderberg 500 are going to be employers for the New World Order.

Trump and Obama is entertaining yes, but it’s only fiction like the whole house of cards.  Netflix can  offer only slightly better entertainment because they can use pedophilia, assassination, blackmail, etc. while DC Holyrood can only offer conspiracy  and third person narratives on these themes.

You should have heard the laughs I got when I said China was putting surveillance into furniture. lamps. refrigerators and other appliances in 1999.  Now these folks call me and I get to laugh now.  I found a GPS, GSM signal emanating from a Chinese UHF-VHF Antenna I purchased. It pretends to be remote receiver for mechanical control but it’s frequency and data is nowhere near 433Mhz and has a Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) signal that I will attempt to decode using my dark web wireless cracking tools.  The only thing I do not know is whether this was in the antenna at production or was it modified just for me.

My advise is the same as it was in 2013. It is time to dump your cell phone and disengage your cars GPS. If you have a  new TV, unplug it’s power when not in use. If it’s connected to internet and gaming, recording, modem boxes disconnect the cable, phone line or wireless.  My new advise is for entrepreneurs.  You should consider opening a junkyard and thrift store and buy old TV’s appliances and used cars pre 1999 and go into business. Or learn how to do counter-surveillance and soon you will be in big demand. Remember the IRS, FBI, NSA, CIA, State Department, Justice Department are listening and every Googler and Telecom is getting rich on your most private and public information.  Trump is Twitter, Obama is Facebook and the now 14 Eyes is SPECTRE.


The reality in this case is real. All the information is cheap to get. It is sold for money, collected for government targeting of citizens and the real stuff is delivered to places like Space, Utah, and other places unknown. It is encrypted and Eyes only for the deep state committee and their agenda.  How many people have said information is power?  Government Gangstalking is based upon this information. They know your family, friends, medical history, financial information, political leanings, religious affiliations and sexual orientation and gender identity.  It is a recruitment tool as well.   Real ID and chipped cards are tracking tools and your habits are important.  There are reasons beyond this though. Somewhere in the deep dark rooms there is a master plan where all the data will be used to provide you a special program, tailor made just for you.  No secret that bio-metric data is being collected and DNA identity as well.  I can get yours by rummaging through your garbage. They can get it with a scanner.


We suspect the nanotechnology and buckyballs are are the basis for Morgellons disease. What we don’t know is whether the Morgellons fibers are indeed radio transmitters. They are currently testing nano injections of these little assassins to target specific cells based on frequencies so why not let us breathe in these little circuits and voila, instant connectivity!

Now the mesh networks can go to work to collect the information at an even deeper level.  Likely we are already bugged and if needed we can be sent a special frequency and have a heart event or a trigger for a rapid fake cancer.  It was my contention that Fukushima may have been staged for public consumption so that they could chemtrail us with radioactive nano-particles. I suspect they really do not want to damage earth, because they consider it their property but instead rid the surface of the virus and bacteria known as human beings.  Uranium and Plutonium is a terrific sterilization idea it is a better means for communication.  So what is the surveillance state really up to in the final equation? I have to believe it’s a massive database for genetic and socio-political extermination. Seems to be irrelevant whether Obama wiretapped Trump at this point. We should be way ahead of that now.

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Emerging Areas of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurotechnologies – Stalag Earth – Part II

 Cultocracy note :

The following article includes excerpts from a 2008 report into neuroscience produced by US government advisory body the National Research Council , the paper was produced for the military & intelligence communities .

The report outlines methods that can be used by military & intelligence agencies to further their inhumane criminal enterprises & the quest for full spectrum dominance of a given population . Although this report is from 2008 these technologies have been developed for decades in secret off the books ‘black projects’ . The research & experimentation is a continuation of the MK Ultra research from the 1960’s & 1970’s , which itself was borne out of Nazi research in the same fields during WWII .

The technology is advancing , neural implants have been superceded by synthetically engineered nano particles . Nano particles can be introduced using a wide range of vectors across a broad surface area of the population . The related neural imaging methods are constantly being perfected , the wavelengths are cloaked using frequency hopping multiplexing methods , they cannot be measured accurately . The deep state organisations involved are anxious to maintain a lead over their rivals , a new arms race has emerged , the people of the world are the common enemy .

The scientific methods need to be tested , rats & guinea pigs are of no use , human subjects are required . Be under no illusion , these technologies are currently being tested on targets across the globe , both individuals & whole populations , with disastrous results for the people involved . Many of the effects are silent & subtle and will only emerge over time , maybe this is part of the plan . They represent the deepest , darkest & most destructive elements of humanity , crimes against humanity is an understatement .

MK Ultra never went away , it simply went underground .

Emerging Areas of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurotechnologies

There should be a significant role for computing in the analysis of neuroimaging data. It is somewhat remarkable that computing has not played a larger role in neuroimaging data analysis. In many ways, the field should be one of the most important scientific drivers for high-performance computing. Imaging data sets are among the largest sets of data produced by any scientific field.

In the case of magnetic imaging, the fields that are used to stimulate natural magnetic activity in the brain are already thought to be close to the limit of human safety.
There is potential for improved electrodes that could be inserted directly into the brain to do very precise monitoring of individual neurons, but it is extremely unlikely that such technology could be used for anything other than very small doses without significantly damaging the subject.

Finding 3-1. The global scientific computing community is approaching an era in which high-end computing will, in principle, be sufficient in capacity and computational power to model the human brain.

Proteomics and Genomics :

There are additional computational methodologies that will drive fundamental understanding of how the brain works. They will be concentrated in genomics and proteomics.

The ability by scientists to decode individual genomes letter for letter has become a powerful tool for biology and neuroscience.
Because of the simple four-letter alphabet of genomics, computers can be used to make quantitative predictions about the behavior and traits of individuals based just on their genome.

Gene expression can be analyzed at the single cell level to provide insights into how neurons and glial cells respond to different physiologic signals and also to characterize regional differences in the same types of cells.

High-throughput methods permit genome-wide searches to discover genes that are uniquely expressed in brain circuits and regions that control behavior in animal model systems. In situ hybridization then permits anatomic localization of the expressed genes.

However, not all genes that are expressed are translated into proteins. The study of proteins is known as proteomics, and it provides an even closer link to the understanding of the fundamental physical basis for processes in cells.

Implications of Proteomics and Genomics Research for Neuroscience :

Probably the most obvious and talked about impact that genomics research will have on neuroscience is in the area of genetic testing.
Such screening would allow the objective identification of the differential vulnerability of people to intense stress, sleep loss, drug effects, hypoxia, and dehydration.

Proteomics provides an extremely strong scientific framework for understanding the effect of neuroenhancing pharmaceuticals.

Genomics and proteomics are already making certain aspects of imaging significantly easier. One aspect of this is the creation of transgenic mice, which have been engineered to express different fluorescent proteins in different situations. This allows the visualization of specific cellular behaviors in live animals under realistic conditions. Such research holds tremendous value for the real-time imaging of neural activity in animals that could in turn be used to understand similar neural activity in people. It also serves as evidence of the power and potential of genetic engineering.

Finally, as knowledge of thes subjects grows, it may be possible to predict much more about individual abilities, capabilities, personality characteristics, and other traits from the genome; such information may be particularly useful to the intelligence community and the military.


Advances in neurophysiological and cognitive science research have fueled a surge of research aimed at more effectively combining human and machine capabilities.

For the sake of convenience the committee has organized this section into four discussion areas:
• Brain-machine interfaces.
• Robotic prostheses and orthotics.
• Cognitive and sensory prostheses.
• Software and robotic assistants.

Brain-Machine Interfaces :

The basis of brain-machine interfaces (BMI) is the capture of various forms of dynamically varying energy emissions from the working brain by means of functional neuroimaging devices. These devices include the electroencephalograph (EEG) and the magnetoencephalograph (MEG) for the detection of the electrical energy of working neurons.

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), which uses light to measure the hemodynamic response of functional regions of the brain, and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which uses powerful magnetic fields to detect magnetic resonance differences in blood in different areas of the brain and allows them to be correlated to differences in neuronal activity (i.e., oxygen consumption). Positron emission tomography (PET) uses a gamma ray detector that locates and records bioactive radioactive assays injected into the blood, thereby measuring the metabolism of neurons in the functional regions of the brain.

The brain is so remarkably flexible that people can, after just a few hours of feedback training, learn to activate and deactivate functional regions and to vary the brain’s electrical distribution, metabolic activity, and brain wave patterns.

A BMI takes advantage of neuroplasticity to activate and control electronic or mechanical devices (implants).

EEG and MEG scanners can record oscillation signals from the whole brain or functionally specific regions and activate a device when the subject specifically controls this activity.
Evoked potentials recorded by EEG, especially the positive deflecting waveform that occurs approximately 300 msec following an evoked potential (P300 wave), have been used to activate and even operate communications equipment .

The blood-oxygenation-level-dependent (BOLD) magnetic resonance (MR) signal and NIRs instruments measuring cortical blood flow have also been used as a BMI .
Reinforcement learning and other algorithmic techniques have been used to rapidly identify the neural signatures of intentional actions and train BMI machine learning subsystems .

Cognitive and Sensory Prostheses :

Almost 50 years ago, the concept of “man–computer symbiosis” was introduced: “The hope is that, in not too many years, human brains and computing machines will be coupled together very tightly and that the resulting partnership will think as no human brain has ever thought and process data in a way not approached by the information-handling machines we know today”.
The idea was something significantly more than a brain-machine interface—the goal was not merely to control external devices by interfacing them with the brain but to augment human cognitive and sensory abilities, directly improving human performance.

One domain where these concepts are being applied is “sensory substitution.” Specific areas of the brain (e.g., the visual cortex) receive information from specific sensory organs (e.g., the eyes) in the form of pulses carried by afferent nerves.

Sensory interfaces to an external system can consist of precisely positioned large magnetic fields (Kupers et al., 2006) or surgically implanted devices .

Because perception takes place in the brain, not at the end organ (Bach-y-Rita, 1972; Bach-y-Rita et al., 2003), the brain can reinterpret signals from specific nervous pathways (e.g., from tactile receptors) with appropriate sensory-motor feedback.
Among the widely publicized examples of sensory substitution include projects designed to allow people to see with their ears (Motluk, 2005) and with their tongue (Bach-y-Rita et al.,1998; Nelson, 2006).

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) Augmented Cognition (AugCog) program was a research effort focused on appropriately exploiting and integrating all channels of communication from agents to humans (e.g., visual, auditory, tactile) and, conversely, sensing and interpreting a wide range of physiological measures of the human being in real time so they can be used to tune assistive behavior and thus enhance joint human-machine performance.

Making up in part for a lack of “experience” on which much of human expertise is based, intelligent systems are increasingly using the Internet, now the largest repository of knowledge on the planet, to learn.

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Deadly Drug Resistant Fungal Infection Outbreak Causing Concern In U.S.

Cultocracy note :

bio-hazard-smallThe fungal strain candida auris was first isolated in 2009 from a hospital patient in Japan . The patient had an ear infection , hence the name ‘auris’ which is Latin for ear . Although the fungus has alarmed medical professionals , what makes this particular strain stand out from other fungal strains may well point to a bigger picture :

  • The strain is resistant to multiple drugs used on other fungal infections .
  • The strain can only be identified using mass spectrometry or DNA analysis .
  • In normal medical testing it often mimics other less harmful forms of fungus .

Infections have been reported in countries across all of the continents of the world . Countries include the UK , India , Israel , Colombia , South Africa & the US .

The candida fungus can cause a wide range of infections , in extreme cases it can lead to sepsis by infecting the blood , this allows the organism to further infect other bodily organs . The number of hospital patients treated for sepsis has been steadily increasing and has reached record levels in the UK . If not treated promptly it can be fatal .

It is thought that around 30-50% of people contracting candida auris have subsequently died , although the figures are estimated as many have been medical patients with other issues . Although the statistical figures are low , infections with candida auris are probably far more prevalent than documented .

It is not known how the strain originated .

Outbreaks seem to be a common occurrence these days and form a small piece of the ever constant ‘death & destruction’ programming . New organisms can evolve faster than normal in a modern environment , it should be noted that they can evolve even faster in a lab . 

Deadly Drug Resistant Fungal Infection Outbreak Causing Concern In U.S.


A highly drug-resistant deadly fungal infection, first warned against by U.S. health officials last summer, has been cropping up in hospitals around the country. Over 30 patients have been diagnosed with the emerging pathogen Candida auris since that time, with 28 of the 35 documented U.S. cases located in New York state., according to the CDC.

It is difficult to know just how dangerous the fungus is, since thus far it has mostly infected patients who were already seriously ill, but the majority of people diagnosed with Candida auris have died.

First reported in 2009, the fungus has been linked to invasive infections in nine countries, including the United States. It has caused at least two hospital outbreaks involving more than 30 patients each.

Invasive Infections

In a recent study, microbiologists at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine provided new details pertaining to C. auris drug resistance and growth patterns. Based on specimens collected from around the globe, the comprehensive study also provides evidence that a new investigational drug (SCY-078) may help to cure these infections.

Professor Mahmoud Ghannoum, PhD, MBA, FIDSA, of the Center for Medical Mycology in the Department of Dermatology at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, said:

“This emerging fungal species has started to infect patients globally, causing invasive infections that are associated with a high death rate. It is multidrug-resistant, and some strains isolated from patients are resistant to all commercially available antifungal drugs. Multidrug-resistance used to be reported for bacteria only, and now we must add fungi to the list.”

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