Congress’s Take on the U.S. Heroin Epidemic

By William Edstrom –


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A heroin epidemic is on fire all across America. Heroin deaths shot up from 1,779 in 2001 to 10,574 in 2014 as Afghan opium poppy fields metastasized from 7,600 hectares in 2001 (when the War in Afghanistan began) to 224,000 hectares currently.

The Taliban outlawed opium in Afghanistan in 2000 and within a year it was all but gone, demonstrating that Afghan opium can be eradicated quickly for any administration that chooses to do so. Afghanistan is, by far, the number one source globally of both opium and heroin.

In 2014, 7,554 tons of raw opium were produced worldwide, including 6,400 tons in US-occupied Afghanistan and 173 tons from Mexico and Colombia. Opium plus chemicals (like acetic anhydride) produce heroin. US-occupied Afghanistan produces 85% of the world’s heroin. Mexico and Colombia produce only 2% of the world’s heroin. Mexico and Colombia produce enough heroin for only 115,000 heroin addicts.

Other countries such as Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam produce the remaining 13% of the world’s heroin. Heroin from Southeast Asian (Golden Triangle) countries go along heroin trade routes to other parts of Asia, Australia and Europe.

Most heroin in the US is coming from US-occupied Afghanistan. There is no other mathematical possibility. There is no other physical possibility.

There were 189,000 heroin users in the US in 2001, now there are 4,500,000 (2.5 million heroin addicts and 2 million casual users).

The heroin epidemic is big enough now for Congressional Hearings to be called. Congressional Hearings can be authorized by Chairs of various committees. Senator Johnson, Chair of the Homeland Security Committee, for example, can call hearings. There is no greater threat to national security at the moment than tons of Afghan heroin flooding into US each week, killing over 10,000 Americans a year.

Senator Grassley, Chair of the Judiciary Committee can also call hearings.

Basic questions can be asked like 1) how did Afghan opium spread from 7,600 hectares to 224,000 hectares, 2) why did US heroin deaths shoot up from 1,779 in 2001 to 10,574 in 2014, 3) how did the Taliban eradicate Afghan opium (from 93,000 hectares in 1999 to 7,600 hectares in 2001), 4) why hasn’t the current Administration done likewise, and 5) why did President Obama stop all US opium eradication efforts in US-occupied Afghanistan in 2009, effectively green lighting the Afghan opium and heroin trade.

I contacted all 535 US Congresspeople and several hundred opposition candidates to find out Congress’s take on this deadly epidemic.

Seven incumbents responded as did thirty-three opposition candidates. Answers varied from “close the CIA” to ‘beef up the border with Mexico’ to ‘decriminalize drugs’ to ‘more treatment’ to ‘eradicate Afghan opium crops.’

In a show of bipartisan unity not seen for a long time, the US Senate passed S.524, The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016, by a vote of 94-1 in 2016. This bill proposes modest improvements in treatment and prevention efforts.

The corresponding bill in the US House of Representatives is still pending in the Judiciary Committee as is allocation of $725 million in funding for this bill.

Senator Ron Johnson (REP – WI) responded to inquiries with facts about work he has done as Chair of the Homeland Security and Government Oversight Committee to beef up border security to more effectively combat drug trafficking and on getting the Addiction and Recovery Act passed and funded.

Senator Johnson has also taken a lead in the fight against sex trafficking, a predicament many heroin users find themselves in, stating that “the degradation is sick.” Senator Johnson added amendments onto the Addiction and Recovery Act “aimed at helping Veterans, the Tribes in Wisconsin, and others.”

Former Senator Feingold (DEM – WI) declined to comment.

Heroin from Afghanistan has killed more people than the 55,000 Americans killed in the Vietnam War. An American now gets killed every 32 minutes by Afghan heroin. With US heroin deaths tripling every four years, an American will get killed by heroin every 16 minutes by 2020. Since 2009, American policy has been to permit Afghan opium growing and the heroin trade, to minimize US troop casualties in Afghanistan and to maximize US civilian heroin casualties here in the USA.

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High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness

Cultocracy note :

This is an interesting & carefully researched article by US citizen Arlene Tyner . It is quite long , but stick with it & conduct further research into the issues raised yourselves . The links mentioned in the introduction at the start of the article and most in the bibliography at the end of the article are broken . Anybody who has tried to find information on MK , electromagnetic weaponry & mind control will know this is a typical pattern .

There is an ongoing meticulously orchestrated campaign to clear the web of any information regarding these subjects .

This should raise the obvious question to the casual observer as to why ?

Nobody can hide from the truth .

By Arlene Tyner


This article was completed in July 2001, months before the catastrophic attack of September 11, 2001 in New York City and Washington. It contains research that eerily suggests the possibility that the World Trade Center/Pentagon hijackers could have been hypnotically programmed to murder thousands of innocent people while taking their own lives. So says psychiatrist Colin Ross, author of BLUEBIRD: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists. In a 9/13/01 essay Ross writes, “Psychiatric mind control could be used to create a terrorist like those who hijacked the airplanes on September 11.” ( ). This view is buttressed by a 1952 declassified document from the CIA’s Bluebird program. Among a series of questions its psychiatric contractors would be researching is the following: “Could we seize a subject and in the space of an hour or two by post-H control have him crash an airplane, wreck a train, etc.?” (“Post-H” stands for post-hypnotic)

Mohamed Atta, alleged to be the ringleader of the hijackers, is described by a British woman as being in a perpetual “trance-like state,” wearing an icy, hypnotic expression. “I will never forget his face. It was always set almost in a grimace like he was in a trance,” said Anne Greaves, who knew him for six months at the Huffman Aviation Flight School in Florida. “I said ‘hi’ and he just looked straight through me as if I didn’t exist.” Greaves reported that Atta showed no emotion and walked toward the aircraft with the “air of somebody doing something they don’t really want to do.” (Birmingham Evening Mail, 9/24/01) Mohammed al-Amir, Atta’s Egyptian father, adamantly refused to believe the gentle son he knew could commit such a horrific crime, adding, “My son hates bin Laden.” Charging that his son was framed, al-Amir Atta insisted that a close examination of Atta’s picture printed in newspapers showed that his son’s face had been superimposed on another man’s head. (Deutsch Presse-Agentur, 9/24/01; Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/23/01)

This article completes a four-part series on Mind Control begun in 2000. The first three parts were published in Probe magazine in the March/April, May/June and July/August 2000 issues. Part 1: Canadian and U.S. Survivors Seek Justice can be accessed online at . Parts 2 and 3 are in print form only, but can be purchased from the Probe website:

Arlene Tyner

October 2001

“I know the capacity that there is to make tyranny total in America and we must see to it that this agency [the National Security Agency] and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.”

Senator Frank Church, 1975 (1)

At 56, Admiral Jeremy “Mike” Boorda had everything to live for. As Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), he was at the pinnacle of his career. Supported by a loving family and widely respected as “an officer of legendary devotion to the Navy,” why would the admiral suddenly and violently take his own life?

On May 16, 1996, Boorda was found shot through the heart on a bench outside his official residence in the Washington Navy Yard. The police instantaneously diagnosed “suicide.” But Boorda’s recent advocacy of suicide prevention cast an eerie shadow on the official story.

” Can the sailor commit suicide and not have the leader know that he or she was in distress?” the admiral had asked in a speech at the Annapolis Naval Academy the previous month. Answering his own query, he continued, “No. We can’t ignore things we must work on and if we hide them, we do everybody a disservice.” (2)
By all indicators, Boorda was not depressed. His wife and several admirals vouched for his high spirits only hours before his body was found. To intimates, it made no sense that he would destroy himself without warning. Furthermore, as one woman on an Internet listserve so astutely observed, “People who commit suicide by shooting do not do it in the chest.” (3)

Mike Boorda was an unlikely suicide candidate for another, more personal reason. He and his wife Bettie were the main support for their first-born son David, who is legally blind and severely handicapped by congenital malformations. The Boordas raised him to adulthood in their own home while rearing three other healthy children, two of whom are Navy officers. Known to be very attached to David, the admiral had planned early retirement to spend more time with his family. (4)Would a responsible and loving father suddenly opt to leave his wife to care for their disabled son alone?

Midway into research for this series, a number of alleged mind control (MC) experimentees began sharing their suspicions that Admiral Boorda had been assassinated to prevent his speaking out against nonconsensual human experimentation in military weapons research. Blanche Chavoustie referred me to a sinister CIA document from the 1950s that entertains ways of “disposing” of experimental MK-Ultra subjects and people “who cannot be trusted” to safeguard military secrets. Chemical lobotomy, drugs, and “ultrasonics or some other radiating energy” were the methods suggested as possible alternatives to an “ice pick” lobotomy or permanently locking the person away someplace. (5) “Now, with new improved techniques,” Chavoustie says, “victims such as Admiral Boorda have been known to self-destruct on their lunch hour.” (See Part 2 of this series, May/June 2000 Probe for Chavoustie’s story.)

Two additional people told me Boorda could easily have been done in by one of the surefire assassination methods the Navy has finessed after 50 years of covert research and field testing. This little-known secret slipped out on July 6, 1975 with an article in the London Sunday Times, “How the U.S. Navy Brain-Trains Political Assassins.” The Times quoted a speech by Navy Lt. Commander Thomas Narut to a group of 120 psychologists at a NATO conference in Oslo, Norway. Narut worked at the U.S. Regional Medical Center in Naples, Italy. He reported the Navy had been programming “hit men and assassins” who would kill on command; some subjects were drawn from the ranks of convicted murders serving time in military prisons.

The “damage control” boys soon moved in. Narut was flown to London and forevermore silenced. The Navy issued a statement in his name saying his remarks were merely “theoretical.” Newspapers were told the lieutenant commander was having “personal problems.” Narut’s loose lips reached the U.S. only through the Chicago Sun Times (July 7, 1975). (6)

Corroboration for the existence of an operational MC assassination program can be found in a declassified Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document prepared by the U.S. Army in January 1972 (Author: J. LaMothe); Part III is titled “Mental Suggestion and Controlled Behavior.” Section B elucidates how hypnosis can be used to create a multi-personality “super spy” assassin, based on the writings of psychologist and Army consultant George Estabrooks. (Part 2 of this series, May/June 2000 Probe documents the U.S. military’s creation of Manchurian Candidates going back to World War II.)

A 5/26/95 article in The Herald (Glasgow), “Brainwash killers ‘still in use’,” contains information about a psychotronic influence system developed in the 1970s in the former Soviet Union that creates programmable “human weapons” through the use of hypnosis and high-frequency radio waves. The article warns that this system “has found its way on to the free market, where mobsters and private security firms are using it.”

“Self-Initiated Execution”?

From the earliest days of the MK-Ultra program in the 1950s, the CIA has systematically searched for execution methods that could be disguised as suicide. All indications are that the macabre Doctor Deaths of the military/intelligence world have succeeded, using untraceable electro-magnetic (EM) technology to commit the “perfect crime.”

In 1995 Perceptions, an independent magazine dedicated to environmental, political and health issues, published a strange and scary story titled “The Secret War Against Medford, Oregon.” Author Mark Metcalf revealed a 14-year-old conversation with Dr. David Fraser, former head of the Department of Toxicology at the University of North Carolina. Now deceased, Fraser had assembled a scientific team that traveled to Oregon to investigate an alarming cluster of suicides in the City of Medford (Jackson County) in the early 1970s.

With a 1970 population of only 28,454, the city saw the number of suicides between 1970 and 1975 rise from 2 to 10; in Jackson County the number shot up from 13 to 24. Suicide rates are calculated per 100,000 population and averaged in 5-year compilations. Although the number of suicides in and around Medford do not meet the usual criteria for reliable rate calculations, turning them into rates allows comparisons. In 1975 Medford’s rate of 17 per 100,000 was higher than for Oregon (15.4) and for the USA as a whole (12.4). (7)

According to Metcalf, the scientists soon found that Medford was being bombarded with ultra low frequency (ULF) electromagnetic waves originating from a nearby military base. The commander of the military base told the investigators that he knew about the radiation but claimed it was caused by the Russians. However, the ULF bombardment mysteriously ceased the very next day after this confrontation. After they returned to the east but before the researchers could write up their report, Metcalf wrote, “Several men displaying CIA credentials arrived on campus and said that the ULF waves beamed into Medford were a ‘national security’ matter. They explicitly threatened to kill each of the researchers, including Dr. Fraser himself, should anyone speak further about it. As far as I know, no one did.” (8)

On April 8, 1994, popular rock star/writer Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana fame) was found dead in his own home. He appeared to have been the victim of a shotgun blast to the head three days before. A deadly dose of heroin (three times over) was found in his blood. His so-called suicide note did not indicate he was going to take his own life. Many fans believe the evidence does not prove suicide and that Cobain was more likely murdered. (9) But why?

The answer may lie in a technical document purporting to reveal secrets of National Security Agency (NSA) “psyops” (psychological operations) and systematic MC. Posted on several Web sites in 1999, it was provided by an engineer who claims he had worked as a consultant to the NSA and feared for his own safety as a whistleblower (hence the author’s anonymity).

MC literature on the World Wide Web constitutes the cutting edge of serious research into radio frequency (RF) or directed-energy weapons (DEW). At the same time, one can easily find writings laden with wild, unproven charges and undocumented speculation. It is a daunting task to pluck the gems out of the confusion and purposeful disinformation, which are plentiful. (10) After two years of wading through bizarre personal testimonies, and filling up three file-drawers with scientific research, hundreds of periodical articles, patents, interviews, correspondence, and muckraking pieces that support the existence of powerful MC technologies, (11) I find this particular document compelling and worthy of serious study.

Among several examples of “NSA self-initiated execution (suicide),” it claims Cobain was a casualty of brainwashing who was “terminated” for “writing clues” about his victimization into his songs. “Once the NSA puts on the highest level of brainwashing pain, the subject expires quickly,” this document alleges. “Cobain used heroin to numb and otherwise slow the effect of the brainwashing.” (12)

Rauni Kilde, MD, former Chief Medical Officer of Finland, lectures and writes about an NSA MC system using radio implants and microchips connected to satellites that is remarkably similar to what is described in the “NSA psyops” document. “With electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) brain stimulation fully coded,” she writes, “pulsating electromagnetic signals can be sent to the brain, causing the desired voice and visual effects to be experienced by the target. This is a form of electronic warfare.” Kilde warns that “connecting our brain functions via microchips (or even without them, according to the latest technology) to computers via satellites…poses the gravest threat to humanity.” (13)

The Boorda Mystery

The Boorda mystery deepens when a whole range of facts gleaned from worldwide press coverage of his shocking death is integrated with the experiences of alleged MC experimentees. One woman told me that in March 1996 the Air Force and the Navy had finally opened investigations into her claim that she and about 500 other people were being tortured by remotely controlled, neuro-electromagnetic (NEM) or RF weapons. Bizarre stories alleging surveillance, electronic harassment and remotely controlled torture of people throughout the world are posted on many Web sites. (14) The amply referenced research of Cheryl Welsh, 1997 founder of Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse (CAHRA), supports many of these claims, especially “Nonconsensual Brainwave and Personality Studies by the U.S. Government,” “The 1950s Secret Discovery of the Code of the Brain,”and the Russian Book Translation Project. (15)

In an article published last year in Matrix 3000, Band 4, a German publication, Welsh writes, “Heart attacks, suicides, assassinations, blackmail, all can be done remotely leaving no trace of evidence to tie it to the perpetrators.”

Blanche Chavoustie is one of a number of allegedly targeted individuals who had contact with Admiral Boorda’s office shortly before he died. She points out that burial of the Navy MC investigation followed quickly upon the admiral’s own interment; however the Air Force probe may still be open. (16)

The nagging suspicion that Boorda did not willfully self-destruct is bolstered by his renowned toughness regarding media attacks on the Navy and himself. Appointed by President Clinton in 1994 to overcome the long-running legacy of the 1991 Tailhook sex scandal, Boorda soon made enemies within the military. The “old guard” considered him a “political admiral” appointed to dismantle the notoriously racist and sexist Navy culture. They were angered at decisions that halted the career advancement of high-level male personnel and supported the promotion of Navy women and ethnic minorities. (17)

But Boorda very publicly asserted he would not fall into the trap of feeling sorry for himself. He was popular among rank and file sailors. Eulogized as a “sailor’s sailor,” he was the only enlisted seaman to rise to CNO in the nearly 200 years of Navy history. This made him an outsider, resented by the blue-blood admiralty. As the Guardian of London aptly put it, “Admiral Boorda was short (5 ft. 4 in.), Jewish, clever, gregarious, astute and knew his own mind. He was hardly the Platonic role-model for the man to command the most WASP-ish and hereditary of the U.S. armed services.” (18)

The admiral’s body was found just after 2 p.m., about one-half hour before he was to meet with two Newsweek reporters at Navy headquarters. In the official story, Boorda abruptly went home for lunch after being informed by Rear Admiral Kendell Pease to expect accusations that he lacked authorization to wear two Vietnam-era, bronze “V” pins (decorations that signify valor in battle).

Pease later told the press that Boorda had not appeared unduly upset at the prospect of such questions and responded matter-of-factly, “We’ll just tell him the truth.” Boorda had already removed the tiny pins from his uniform the year before when questions were first raised about them. After lying dormant for a year, the medals issue was suddenly pushed into public view as the most plausible motivation for Boorda turning a pistol on himself. One of the two typed notes found beside Boorda’s home computer was addressed “to my sailors” and said, “I couldn’t bear to bring dishonor to you.” (19)

An inch-thick report by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service was inconclusive as to Boorda’s motive for suicide. It cited several unnamed people who insisted the admiral was not distraught in discussing the medals query. Significantly, the autopsy report was never made public. A blacked-out version was secured by the NYT under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), lending credence to suspicions of a coverup. (20) If the autopsy unambiguously substantiates a self-inflicted gunshot to Boorda’s chest using the .38 handgun given him by his son-in-law (as reported by the media), then why keep it secret?

Boorda & “Cognitive Warfare”

The Guardian reported on May 18, 1996, there was “another cruel twist to Admiral Boorda’s death” regarding a newspaper. It revealed that Boorda had finally agreed to give “his first full interview” for a series called “Bosnia: The Secret War.” (21) Few Americans know of the admiral’s role as advisor to President Clinton during the controversial U.S. intervention in Bosnia. From 1991 to 1994, Boorda was Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Naval Forces in Europe and Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces in southern Europe, based in Naples, Italy. Despite “his position,” Boorda had agreed to speak to the London newspaper on unspecified “highly controversial themes.”

” The last years of Boorda’s career were marked by his insistence that the US take a robust line and intervene militarily in the carnage of Bosnia-Herzegovina,” the Guardian said. “This opinion became the admiral’s anthem, and both isolated and vindicated him within a Pentagon which was stubbornly resistant to intervention.” (22) Could military opposition to Boorda’s Guardian interview have played a role in his untimely and inexplicable death?

In October 1996 the respectable, Paris-based Intelligence Newsletter alluded to “lurid reports” that Boorda “was murdered because he was about to reveal sinister undertakings by the Navy in mind control and brain warfare.” It disclosed that the admiral “was deeply involved in a study on the possibilities of cognitive warfare, a form of mind control that uses acoustical, optical and electromagnetic fields or a combination of the three to interfere with the biological processes of an enemy.” (23) This information provides a compelling reason to see the medals controversy as a bogus motivation for suicide. Corroboration for the existence of “cognitive warfare” can be found in New World Vistas, a 16-volume, 1996 Air Force publication. The section on “biological process control” says that it is possible “to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction…[making it] possible to “talk” to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them.” (24)

The Intelligence Newsletter reported that Boorda headed a secret body called the Strategic Studies Group investigating technologies for producing speech and “covert suggestions” in the “enemy’s head.” It said further, “The same techniques, say the experts, could be used to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions and actions, produce sleep and interfere with short-term and long-term memory.”

Could it be mere coincidence that these same biological and psychological effects had been reported by CAHRA members to Navy and AF investigators in the months preceding Boorda’s sudden demise? Many alleged experimentees also say they hear artificial voices inside their heads or receive thoughts that are not their own! Did Admiral Boorda find out about nonconsensual human experimentation conducted by the Navy, raise ethical objections or even order them to cease, thereby rendering himself too dangerous to live?

Questionable “suicide” of Aussie Attache

If Boorda was “taken out” by means of MC technology that induces “suicide” by remote control, he may be the highest ranking official in recent years to have met this fate. But by no means is he the only such suspected case of murder most foul.

On June 13, 1999, in the Washington suburb of Arlington, Virginia, Mervyn Jenkins, the North American attache for the Australian Defence Intelligence Organization (DIO) was found hanged in the backyard of his home a week before the Jenkins family planned to return to Australia. Jenkins, an expert in covert action and electronic warfare, had been posted in Washington for a three-year assignment. He had been stressed by bureaucratic infighting between two Australian intelligence agencies over which documents could be shared with the CIA and the DIA. But would this happily married father of three sons take his own life on his 48th birthday? His diary showed detailed plans for his life in Australia 10 weeks into the future.

On April 16, 2001, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) popular investigative news show “Four Corners” probed Jenkins’ mysterious “suicide,” which had produced a storm of criticism in Australia, leading to a government investigation. Not satisfied with the results (the Blunn Report), Jenkins’ wife filed a lawsuit against the government. Both his wife and mother appeared on the ABC broadcast, a transcript of which is posted online. (25)

Betty Daly-King believes Jenkins was murdered to prevent him returning home with knowledge that the Pentagon didn’t want him to bring back to Australia. Daly-King is a Western Australia peace and human rights activist who claims she has been tortured with DEW in retaliation for 40 years of working for alternative means of resolving conflicts that lead to war. Focused on ensuring peace in the Indian Ocean region, she is responsible for peace studies professorships in two Perth universities. Daly-King cites several other cases of DEW being used to silence scientists, activists and writers, just in Western Australia alone.

According to the official story laid out by “Four Corners,” Jenkins was caught in the crossfire between U.S. and Australian intelligence agencies over the issue of intelligence sharing. Daly-King believes that the conflict centered on the Indonesion repression of East Timorese who had voted for independence, with the U.S. backing the Indonesians and the Australians leaning toward the East Timorese independence fighters. Influential Australian organizations such as the Returned Servicemen’s League have historically sympathized with the East Timorese because so many had risked their lives to save Australians during World War II, she explains, and people-to-people relationships have been maintained ever since. (26)

” The USA would do anything to appease Indonesia to keep access through their straits to get to and from Saudi’s oil,” she wrote to me. “They were not amused at Australia being in the forefront of restoring East Timor against perceived Indonesia and USA interests! All that lovely East Timor offshore oil, too.”

A map of the Washington area posted on the ABC Web site is chilling in its implications. With large red dots, it visually depicts the Jenkins home in Arlington surrounded on three sides by the Pentagon, the CIA, the DIA headquartered at the Bolling Air Force Base, and the British, Canadian and Australian embassies. (27)

Mysterious Deaths in the British Defense Industry

An epidemic of unexplained deaths in England’s defense industry occurred from 1982 to 1988 (totally blacked out of the “free” U.S. press). Twenty-five British computer programmers and engineers working on electronic warfare programs died in a rash of suspicious suicides, disappearances, and bizarre accidents. They were the subject of British journalist Tony Collin’s 1990 book Open Verdict: An Account of 25 Mysterious Deaths in the Defence Industry. Five of these scientists were talented computer programmers who worked for Marconi Underwater Systems (a major contractor for the Reagan Administration’s “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative or SDI), or one of its subsidiaries. Many worked for the government or military installations directly. Britain’s nuclear arsenal is submarine-based. Most of the dead programmers were working on top-secret simulator programs used in underwater submarine deception warfare. “In the majority of cases, there were no eyewitnesses and the periods before their deaths could not be explained,” Collins writes (28)

Investigations began when two young men were found in Bristol, more than 100 miles from their homes, where they had no apparent connections. In 1986 Vimal Dajibhai, 24, was found under a bridge with an unexplained puncture mark on his thigh and his pants down around the ankles. A few months later Arshad Sharif, 26, alleged hanged himself by tying one end of a rope around his his neck, the other end lashed to a tree, and accelerating his car until his neck snapped. Family members interviewed by Collins said the two men were actively planning their futures and had no motive for suicide. Shortly thereafter, PhD student Avtar Singh Gita, 26, who was working on submarine warfare under a grant from the defense industry, disappeared from Loughborough University. Singh Gita’s thesis was titled “Underwater Signal Processing.” He was found in Paris months later, but could not recall why or how he got there. (29)

Several gifted scientists and programmers employed in other branches of the defense industry died under suspicious circumstances in 1987. Peter Peapell, 46, a simulator expert in stealth and EW, was found underneath his car with the engine running. David Sands, 37, allegedly drove at high velocity into a brick wall, after filling his car with cans of gasoline. Richard Pugh, 37, was found dead in his home with a plastic bag over his head and his feet tied. Royal Air Force computer specialist Mark Wisner, 25, was also found suffocated by a plastic bag. Dr. John Brittan, 52, was found dead in his garage with the car running; he had been a computer expert at the Royal Armaments Research and Develpment Establishment. In 1988 the body of Russell Smith, 23, who worked for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority in Harwell, was found on a cliff. Family members of these deceased individuals indicated no motive for suicide. (30)

Tony Collins concludes that “psychological engineering” of suicidal behavior is a possible explanation for these unexplained deaths. His conclusion is based on the experience of Australian engineer and investigative journalist Joe Vialls who says he survived such macabre manipulations in 1983. Vialls had become unwittingly involved in a Cold War espionage operation while working on a sensitive oil drilling operation in India. He reports he suffered both microwave radiation and post-hypnotic suggestions implanted electronically by unknown controllers, whom he suspects were working for the CIA. Doctors who treated Vialls at the London-based Medical Foundation for the Care of Torture Victims verified that he was susceptible to clandestine hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestions. Vialls, whose story can be found in Collins’ final chapter, has published a book and many articles on suspected Manchurian Candidate-type assassinations as well as exposes of the U.S. military’s Omega above- and underground communication system, which he believes has the capacity for mind control operations worldwide. (31)

Europeans Reject Invisible Weapons

Warnings on the perils of electronic MC can be found in the European press. Scientists, intellectuals and government officials there have been banging the warning drums for several years about dangerous U.S. surveillance and NEM technologies. (32) A 1997 editorial in the British Medical Journal alerted the healing profession to “guard against its knowledge being used for weapon development.” Written by surgeon Robin M. Coupland, the editorial warned that the new category of “non-lethal” (NL) weapons, including “devices generating infrasound or electromagnetic waves, and devices for riot control,” was not covered by existing international treaties banning chemical and biological weapons. (33)

In 1998 a neuroscientist at the Institut Pasteur in Paris cautioned that “advances in cerebral imaging” were “capable of being used at a distance” and would “open the way for abuses such as invasion of personal liberty, control of behavior and brainwashing.” Another researcher at the French Atomic Energy Commission said imaging techniques have reached the stage where “we can almost read people’s thoughts.” (34) In 1998 the Scientific and Technological Options Assessment (STOA) panel of the European Parliament “shocked European leaders” with its voluminous report subtitled “Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control.” The CIA’s mind control (MK-Ultra) program is fully referenced therein. (35)

On January 28, 1999, while Congress and the U.S. media were diddling with the impeachment of President Clinton, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling “for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings.” (36) And a 1999 UN-sponsored conference on human consciousness passed an ethics resolution urging neuroscientists to ensure their discoveries are used to serve “human welfare, never warfare.” What is known as the Tokyo Declaration declares, “Today, we have the intellectual, physical and financial resources to master the power of the brain itself, and to develop devices to touch the mind and even control or erase consciousness.” (37)

Secret MC technologies have already been used by U.S. armed forces in Third World interventions without any public discussion. According to Judy Wall, editor of Resonance(newsletter of the Mensa Bioelectromagnetics Special Interest Group), the EC-130E Commando Solo aircraft, built by Lockheed at a cost of $100 million each, conducts psychological operations through broadcasts “in the standard AM, FM, HF, TV and military communications bands.” Wall discovered that Commando Solo is equipped with Silent Sound Spread Spectrum, a MC technology that can “entrain the listener’s brainwaves into a preselected emotional state.” (38) Commando Solo aircraft were used as far back as the 1983 U.S. military intervention in Grenada, and later in Panama, Haiti, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Iraq. (39)

The British ITV News Bureau reported that this technology was used in Operation Desert Storm in 1991 to demoralize Iraqi soldiers and instill “a perpetual feeling of fear and hopelessness.” (40) In “Military Use of Mind Control Weapons,” Wall exposes how human brainwave patterns known as “emotion signature clusters” can be stored on a computer, then piggybacked to Silent Sound carrier frequencies to “silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human being.” Voice commands can also be used in subliminal messages attached to music. (41)

The U.S. military’s secret strategy for post-cold-war conflicts “short of war” is called “The Revolution in Military Affairs,” a deceptively futuristic scenario based on an arsenal of grotesque psychotechnologies unknown to the American taxpayers who fund their development. Among the new military-speak one finds “strategic personality simulation,” exactly the sort of neofascist MC that could explain the bizarre harassment stories of many hapless civilians. (42) Readers still skeptical about the existence of MC technologies are urged to check out “The Mind has No Firewall,” an article published in the Army journal Parameters (Spring 1998). (43) Evidence of plans to incorporate mind control in future wars is as unambiguous as it is repulsive.

Constructing Thoughtforms to Order?

Former Navy engineer Eleanor White traces her victimization as an alleged involuntary NEM experimentee to the spring of 1980 when she asked the Bureau of Naval Personnel to update her service record. The harassment began later that year — on the street, at work, and in six successive apartments, she claims. “I just thought I was the unluckiest human being on the planet, entirely unique and alone,” she says, until 1996 when she found Ed Light’s Mind Control Forum on the Internet. (44) “The near-perfect congruence of my effects with what others were experiencing was like entering a whole new life.” This sameness of “effects” is reported by hundreds of people throughout the world. Many are well-educated and hold down responsible jobs; others are physically and psychological disabled by torturous hospitalizations and years of abuse. The sheer volume of their highly literate communications convinces me that every allegation of psychological-warfare experimentation cannot be conveniently pigeon-holed as the paranoia of a disturbed person.

Eldon Byrd has been similarly persuaded. A medical engineer, Byrd is retired from the Naval Surface Weapons Center, Office of Non-Lethal Weapons. A member of the U.S. Psychotronics Association (USPA), he has published papers on the telemetry of brain waves (measuring them wirelessly from a distance), (45) and the psycho-activity of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic and scalar fields. After corresponding with White and other alleged experimentees for several years, he concluded they were neither hallucinating nor allergic to ELF waves. “You have convinced me that this is something going on that should be investigated,” Byrd wrote White. He affirmed that “images can be projected directly into a human brain from a distance using the ‘scalar’ component of a weak magnetic field.” But he questioned who would be so evil as to inflict this technology on unsuspecting people? (46)

Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden, also a member of USPA, is a PhD scientist, nuclear engineer, and proponent of “the new physics,” which may be crucial to understanding the MC technologies developed by the U.S. military-industrial complex. Bearden publishes SPECULA, a magazine devoted to psychotronics and bio-energetics. (47) His books include The Excalibur Statement, Analysis of Scalar Electromagnetics, and Gravitobiology: A New Biophysics (Tesla Book Company). In a February 1991 interview conducted by Michael Hutchison, editor of Megabrain Report, Bearden revealed that “scalar electromagnetic phenomena” make it possible to construct “thoughtforms to order, and input them directly into the mind and longterm memory.” This can be done through “a hidden channel to pipe in inputs” and it can be done “surrepticiously, from a distance and without the knowledge and consent of the individual affected,” he said further. Bearden calls this “the ultimate mind control.” (48)

On July 23, 2000, Byrd delivered a paper to the 26th annual conference of the USPA in Columbus, Ohio, titled “Recent Advances in Scalar Technologies.” He told the audience that many people claiming they are victims of remote MC devices appeared to be highly functional, and that there must be something to their claims. He pointed to thousands of documented cases during the Cold War of the U.S. government experimenting on citizens without their knowledge or consent.

He then cited a July 2, 1997 statement by Major General Sydney Schacknow of the Army’s Special Forces (Ft. Bragg, North Carolina) that our military was “working on synthetic telepathy (the ability to read people’s intentions at a distance using a magnetic laser — a maser operating at extremely low frequencies,” which can “alter behavior at a distance.” In private conversation, Byrd told one participant that Marines had been shown a device that projects images into the brain from a distance, and that a Superconductor Quantum Interference Detector or SQUID machine (a sophisticated EEG device) can detect the mysterious rays many people suspect are causing them pain. (49) Byrd’s paper at the 2001 USPA meeting in Columbus, Ohio, July 20-23, is titled “Mind Control: Paranoid Delusions or Frightening Reality?”

Synthetic Telepathy

” Synthetic telepathy is a term used to describe the beaming of words, thoughts, or ideas into a person’s mind by mechanical means…some type of electromagnetic transmitter…operating in the microwave frequency band,” begins a May, 1995 article by Judy Wall in Resonance. (50) The first known U.S. experiment in which audible voices were communicated via pulsed microwaves was carried out in 1973 by Joseph C. Sharp and Mark Grove in Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in the USA. Their success was based on biophysicist Allen Frey’s post-WWII experiments with “microwave hearing.” (51)

Commenting on Sharp’s “pulsed microwave audiogram” in his 1985 ground-breaking book,The Body Electric, Robert O. Becker, MD, points out, “Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with ‘voices’ or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.” He also noted, “Nearly two-thirds of the $47-billion 1984 federal research budget went for military work, and in the field of bioelectricity the proportion was even higher.” In denouncing “the buying of science by the military,” Becker boldly declared, “To call it a form of prostitution is an insult to the oldest profession.” Becker was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, but his career suffered because of his condemnation of the military uses of bioelectric research. (52)

Two years ago the career of SUNY-Albany Professor Kathryn Kelley also suffered a setback because of her probes into the mysteries of MC. In August 1999 Kelley’s provocative research on the surgical implantation of communications devices to read thoughts was suddenly shut down. She had delivered a paper to a professional conference in Orlando, Florida, in which she described acoustic implants in human beings called RAATS (short for radio wave, auditory, assaultive, transmitting implants). Kelley wrote, “When (short-wave) operators transmit to or scan RAAT implants in victims, they can talk to the victims remotely and anonymously, and hear the victim’s speech and thoughts.” (53)

“The Bionics of Man”

In 1962 Dr. Leonid L. Vasiliev, an internationally known Russian physiologist, remarked that “the discovery of the energy underlying ESP [extrasensory perception] will be equivalent to the discovery of atomic energy.” (54) The word “psychotronics” was actually coined by Czechoslovak researchers to legitimize parapsychology as a scientific discipline. The Czech Manifesto adopted at the 1968 Moscow Parapsychological Conference declared, “Psychotronics is, in essence, the bionics of man.” (55)

In the 1950s Soviet researchers invented a medical device called the LIDA machine, which uses modulated ELF waves to induce a trance-like hypnosis in human beings. According to a 1993Defense Electronics article, a Richmond, Virginia company called Psychotechnologies Corporation now holds the LIDA patent, euphemistically called “psycho-correction technology.” (56)

The Soviets were also the first to use EEG machines to catch “the moment when telepathy lights up in the brain.” However, the U.S. came in a close second. In 1959 secret ESP research on the U.S. atomic sub Nautilus made headlines in France. Journalists asked the sensational question, “Has the American military learned the secret of mind power?” (57) The U.S. officially denied theNautilus experiments. But Carol Rutz remembers being taken aboard this ship when she was 10 as part of a CIA MK-Ultra psychic assassination research program. Rutz reports being trained to send psychic energy to a “certain high-placed individual” to create a deadly aneurysm! (58) (See Part 3 of this series, July/August 2000 Probe for secret government experimentation using children.)

To understand the progression of electronic MC technologies from the 50s through the 90s, readers will benefit from consulting two online timelines composed by Judy Wall and Cheryl Welsh, respectively; a Fact Sheet with documentation on Nonconsensual Experimentation prepared by Welsh; and a bibliography titled “Psychoactivity of Electromagnetic Fields.” (59)

“Zero-Evidence Weapons”

” For the first time in history,” Eleanor White writes, “one human being, from hiding, at a distance, can control the thoughts and actions of another, by way of undetectable hypnosis, using still-classified electronic technology. These devices have totally disabled the world’s justice systems.” A board member of CAHRA, White has compiled the collective research of its members into a 136-page report, “The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Mind Control Effects.” (60) She warns that anyone with knowhow and enough money could assemble an arsenal from ordinary (but expensive) electronic equipment and be totally immune from prosecution. “Zero-evidence weapons,” she says, “make revenge crimes routine and easy.” In the March 2000 issue of The American Reporter, White calls for debate and controls on all manufactured MC devices. (61)

In the late 1980s, activists in the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp began experiencing headaches, nausea, vertigo, depression, disorientation and short-term memory loss. They were camped outside a U.S. Air Force Base in Great Britain to protest nuclear weapons and global militarization. Strong signals of non-ionizing radiation (microwave) up to 100 times the normal background level were detected there. Women peace activists in Seneca, New York, experienced similar harassment. (62)

Julianne McKinney, an ex-CIA case officer, believes she has been intentionally targeted by EM weapons. The painful harassment made her arms bleed, her gums rot and her teeth crack. In the early 1990s, she conducted an Electronic Surveillance Project, an offshoot of the Association of National Security Alumni. Her 22-page booklet, Microwave Harassment and Mind Control, published in 1992, documents many claims of NEM harassment. (63)

White has coined the term “voice-to-skull” (v2s) to describe an effect reported by hundreds of people. But White herself does not hear voices. “In my case and a few others,” she says, “v2s is restricted to fake alarm clocks ringing at 3 a.m, fake phone or pager ringing, and fake bird choruses when no birds are around.” In-home attacks include forced awakening and sleep deprivation, “hot needles” in the flesh, sexual stimulation, body vibrations and itching, limbs jerking wildly, and muscles manipulated remotely (vocal cords forced to produce sound against her will). White says she also suffers apartment break-ins with items stolen and clothing ripped. At work, she has experienced mind-blanking attacks and inexplicable computer malfunctions. Although she acknowledges that “the actual weapons now in use are tightly classified,” she discovered through years of research that “the primitive weapons leading up to the current crop are mostly unclassified and some are even commercially available.” (64)

White’s Web site,, contains a storehouse of credible research on government-sponsored MC experiments and technologies. It is a magnet that draws in people from all over the world searching for answers to the weird bio-electric phemonena experienced in their own bodies, homes, and communities. Thanks to White’s e-mail exchange depot, I have corresponded with many highly articulate people from all walks of life, and have interviewed some by telephone. For example, I have learned of several cases where people discovered through x-rays or MRIs that family members had been implanted with biochips during minor surgery, without their knowledge or consent.
Biochips, now the size of an uncooked grain of rice, are easily implantable for beneficial uses as well as for surrepticious political control. Applied Digital Solutions is now testing and marketing its “Digital Angel” technology, a biochip that makes possible the tracking of people using Global Positioning Satellites. (65) British Professor Kevin Warwick and his wife are being implanted with biochips to test whether they can read each other’s thoughts when separated by distance. (66)

DSM-IV: Diagnosis or Coverup?

CAHRA members complain about the knee-jerk reactions of U.S. physicians (especially psychiatrists) to their suffering. Some have had bouts with hospitalization where they were subjected to forced drugging and electroshock. Many fear sharing their torments with family and friends lest they be labeled “paranoid schizophrenic” because they hear voices, suspect they are under some kind of surveillance, or suffer debilitating bio-electric attacks.

Many alleged experimentees felt somewhat vindicated, however, when they read the opening words of a 1997 NYT Magazine cover story, “For decades, those who claimed to be victims of clandestine radiation experiments conducted by the United States Government were dismissed as paranoid.” (67) The Clinton Administration exposes on radiation experimentation using thousands of unsuspecting North Americans opened the door for alleged MC experimentees to speak publicly about their claims.

The first three parts of this series have documented how past leaders of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) were secretly involved in military/CIA MC research using nonconsensual human subjects, especially women and children in their care. Is it happenstance or coverup that many reported symptoms of NEM weapons have been written into the diagnostic categories published in the APA’s Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV (DSM IV)?

One DSM IV criterion of “schizotypal personality disorder” is “belief in clairvoyance, telepathy, or ‘sixth sense.’ Under such a sweeping definition, the entire cabal of military/intelligence psychic experimenters (including privatized, Pentagon-funded outfits like Psi Tech) could be labeled “schizophrenic” for indulging in “remote viewing” (ESP) research for decades! (68) Significantly, a History Channel offering called “Psychic Espionage,” aired in September 2001, never ridiculed or cast “mental illness” aspersions on any of the male scientists and CIA Stargate functionaries who were interviewed.

Rauni Kilde believes that “psychiatrists working for U.S. intelligence agencies no doubt participated in writing and revising” what has become a worldwide psychiatrists’ bible. “Victims of mind control experimentation are thus routinely diagnosed, knee-jerk fashion, as mentally ill by doctors who learned the DSM “symptom” list in medical school,” she says. (69)

N. Renay Tanner suggests that people who suspect they are targeted by electronic MC seek legal remedies and medical assistance through human rights organizations rather than the medical profession. A Columbia University graduate student focused on psychiatry and human rights, Tanner is also United Nations liaison for Support Coalition International, a human rights organization devoted to eliminating abuses by the mental-health industry. Tanner believes the mental health system functions for the purpose of social control top-down and that “ideologically driven” psychiatrists who cannot admit to any evidence of fallibility will not help ameliorate the stresses and trauma of nonconsensual experimentation.

Security Agency “Cutouts”?

CAHRA leaders bristle at suggestions that their pain may be caused by some condition other than purposeful manipulation by government-funded operators. They justifiably point to the MK-Ultra program and the thousands of documented cases of nonconsensual experimentation. (70) Still, most people offer no independent corroboration for their claims other than pointing out symptoms in common with other alleged victims and research proving that anti-personnel, directed-energy weapons do indeed exist.

One has to be skeptical of unscientific, long-distance evaluations of individuals based solely on uncorroborated verbal reports, often communicated via the anonymity of e-mail. After all, many known physical ailments such as electrical sensitivity and fibromyalgia could produce similiar symptoms in different people. (71) Some painful effects may also be due to allergic reactions and EM pollution. Any number of people who corroborate each other’s symptoms could be suffering from what a recent New York Times magazine article called “culturally specific” mental illness. (72) With suspicion about unethical government-financed experimentation more the rule than the exception, and widespread computer networking by people searching for answers to their problems, the stage is set for an epidemic of self-diagnosed victims. How does one separate out genuine experimentees from people whose symptoms may have physical or emotional causes not connected with MC at all?

Some claims appear have more merit than others. And a few people have named their perpetrators as connected to private security services, Air Force personnel, or huge military contractors such as Raytheon (likely involved in producing some of these weapons). For example, Pat Mougey’s tormentors appear to be recruited by a security agency located on the street where she lives. She reports some harassers let her know she is under surveillance. (73) She believes they use commercially available, through-the-wall radar to tape everything that goes on in the privacy of her own home. (74) Mougey says she even saw herself through a window on the television screen in the house next door. I was skeptical about this until I saw NSA high-tech surveillance gadgetry on display in the Hollywood movie, “Enemy of the State.” A private detective knowledgeable in surveillance devices confirmed that such gadgetry does exist in the real world and not just in the imaginations of Hollywood writers.

” They have a device to control every part of the body, including the throat,” says Mougey. “I have been in the ER more than once because my throat was closed up and I could not breathe.” I became convinced there may be truth in Mougey’s claims by reading a 1987 report on the Attorney General’s Conference on Less Than Lethal Weapons. It revealed that “scientific knowledge of human physiology is progressing to the point where it may soon be possible to target specific systems with specific frequencies of electromagnetic radiation…sustained, extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation [that] can produce nausea or disorientation…” (75)

But so long as human experimentation in weapons development remains subject to “national security” restrictions, it is impossible to know for sure whether specific individuals are experimentees in government or privatized operations. We do know, however, that our government spent millions on electronic MC research. One hundred thirty boxes (130 cubic feet) of classified documents on “behavioral experiments” the CIA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) were located in 1978. They were found after John Marks (author of The Search for the ‘Manchurian Candidate’) requested ORD files “on behavioral research, including…activities related to bio-electrics, electric or radio stimulation of the brain, electronic destruction of memory, stereotaxic surgery, psychosurgery, hypnotism, parapsychology, radiation, microwaves and ultrasonics.” (76)

Rogue Scientific Groups

As I delved more into the scientific end of MC research, I became more convinced that the U.S. military/industrial complex probably has remote-control technology that can produce the torture Mougey and others so vividly describe. A 1999 article by engineer Tom Bearden, “Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions,” corroborates my feeling:

” …rogue groups amongst Western clandestine mind control researchers will probably arise if they have not already done so. They will likely seek to increase their personal control and further isolate the programs from orthodox government review and from government and legislative control. They may even divert the research into highly illegal and unethical means, because it furthers their own rogue agendas. That is how clandestine U.S. government research can sometimes go sour, unless great care is exercised by the oversight committees in the House and the Senate.

Sometimes when rogue groups do gain control and total secrecy of a given new technological area, then what appears to be “U.S. government operations” do start to encompass a criminal and unethical operations [sic], hidden usually beneath the deep veil of high classification. Also, if it’s “scientific,” no one is ever brought to justice, even if the “evil science actions” are uncovered and publicly revealed.” (77)

Those who doubt the existence of classified MC technology can draw their own conclusions from several official responses to requests for information on NEM weapons research. Margo Cherney received a letter from the Air Force in 1999 in response to her request for material on a 1970s Air Force project called “Communicating via the Microwave Auditory Effect.” In denying her request to declassify this material, the letter said “unauthorized dislosure of the requested information could reasonably be expected to cause damage to national security.” (78) Eleanor White received a letter from a member of the New York Assembly in 1998 that said, “Unfortunately, information concerning what was referenced in your letter is highly classified, and I am not at liberty to divulge such information to the general public.” (79)

In April 2000, White was able to discover a U.S. Navy contract for Ultrasonic Acoustic Heterodyning Technology with American Technology Corporation. According to the company’s own publicity, hypersonic sound technology “can target selected individuals in a group or in a noisy environment and deliver audio to that person.” (80) This technology makes possible some of the sound effects White and others experience.

For several years CAHRA founder Cheryl Welsh has been trying to organize a study of 500 alleged experimentees that would include medical and psychiatric evaluations. Many in the CAHRA network are very fearful of doctors because they have experienced terrible abuse in the medical system. Welsh has struggled to convince them to join the study as she diligently networks with EM victims in other countries and raises money to insure the scientific viability of what would become a ground breaking study. People whose symptoms have other causes need to be properly diagnosed and treated. Pretenders and disinformation purveyors among the hundreds of people alleging EM targeting need to be exposed — either by their refusal to participate in the study or by the objective evaluations of scientific and medical investigators. (81)

Civilians Become “the Enemy”

Many CAHRA members report that their complaints to local police have not gotten serious attention. In some cases this could be explained by collusion between local law enforcement and federal authorities testing NL weapons and surveillance systems in the community. Crusading Alaskan environmentalist Nick Begich reports a secret agreement between the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice to transfer NL weapons to local law enforcement through the National Institute of Justice. (82)

Like an international Paul Revere, Begich has been circling the globe clanging alarm bells to stimulate public debate on civilian control of the military in the post-cold-war era:

” The weaving together of Department of Defense missions with civilian Department of Justice missions is unprecedented. Not since the civil war has the military machinery…been turned against United States citizens…This raises serious questions regarding use of our Department of Defense for domestic police actions, which may be a violation of constitutional law by being in conflict with the narrowly-defined federal use of the military ‘for the national defense.” (83)

How did civilians become “the enemy” in peacetime? In a 5/12/99 interview on ABC News, USPA member Lt. Col. John B. Alexander was asked if he saw any domestic applications for NL weapons. “Absolutely,” he answered. “In the U.S. today, we have a very large disenfranchised population. The potential for civil disorder is quite high, in my estimation. This is an area in which non-lethal weapons can play a vital role in restoring order, protecting lives and property…”

Alexander directed the Non-Lethal Weapons Laboratory at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the 1980s. He is the same knowledgeable military man who wrote way back in December 1980 that “there are weapons systems that operate on the power of the mind and whose lethal capacity has already been demonstrated….The psychotronic weapon would be silent, difficult to detect, and would require only a human operator as a power source.” (84)

Without any any public review process, a joint policy for NL weapons was adopted in 1995. Highest priority was given to developing unspecified technologies “most likely get dual use, i.e., law enforcement and military applications.” (85) A 1994 draft of the government’s NL policy authorized use of nonlethal weapons by our military in support of domestic law enforcement. It chillingly replaced the Cold War concept of an external “enemy” (requiring stringent national-security regulations) with the relatively benign term “adversary,” which could apply to anyone, domestic or foreign. “Adversary is used above in its broadest sense,” this document says, “including those who are not declared enemies but who are engaged in activities we wish to stop.” (86)

The confluence of NL and high-tech electronic weaponry can be gleaned from what little is available in the media. The July 7, 1997 issue of U.S. News and World Report reported that the Air Force alone plans to spend more than $100 million by 2003 to research the “bioeffects” of what it called “exotic” anti-personnel, NL weapons. The ghastly technologies acknowledged in this article include blinding lasers (considered, but rejected for use in Somalia), acoustic or sonic weapons modeled after the Nazi’s “vortex” technology (causing nausea, “pain, spasms or even death”), RF weapons that induce epileptic seizures, “undetectable” VLF devices that cause flulike symptoms, nausea and weakness, and “tunable” microwave weapons that can “cook the enemy.” (87)

In March 2001, the Pentagon went public with a portable people zapper euphemistically called an “Active Denial System.” Developed by Ratheon Corporation and other Pentagon contractors for crowd dispersal, this so-called NL weapon “could cook a person’s eyeballs” if the operator so desired. (88) To its credit, CBS News interspersed footage of huge anti-Vietnam War demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands of Americans in its announcement of this weapon. Comic strip character Pogo’s astute and much quoted observation, “We have seen the enemy and they is us” was never more applicable.

” It’s war, Jim, but not as we know it,” in the 8/3/97 issue of The Scotsman, offers the following intriguing sentence: “Progress on laser and acoustic technology has been rapid…and a number of weapons are now off the design board and are being tested in secret.”

Taxpayers footing the bill for this research have the right to ask: On whom are these weapons being tested and are the subjects protected under the Nuremberg Code, international laws and presidential executive orders? (89) Eleanor White appropriately points out, “No government agency will admit to being charged with ethical protection of military and other government classified human test subjects.” Could criminal, free-lance experimentation be conducted by private enterpreneurs with security clearance and on-the-job knowledge of how these weapons work?

In 1999 USA Today lifted the veil on a secret administrative court that grants security clearances to employees of defense contractors. “Felons gain access to the nation’s secrets” was its provocative headline. “Tens of thousands of military and contractor personnel are cleared each year,” it reported. In its study of 1500 decisions by the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals, the newspaper found clearances were routinely bestowed on drug users, kidnappers, pedophiles, murders, exhibitionists and other convicted sex offenders, chronic liars, and people with histories of violence and/or convictions for criminal fraud involving millions of dollars. (90)

Psyops Field Testing on Civilians?

Eleanor White believes the most bizarre harassment she experiences amounts to psychological warfare. The unknown perpetrators, she says, occupy a “shadow government” that includes some of the country’s biggest defense contractors and their intelligence operatives. “They are behavior science-oriented,” she explains, “in creating severe stress to test our limits.” She believes the perpetrators could be retired MK-Ultra employees “who set up shop in private industry away from congressional scrutiny,” their paid agents from private security outfits, or even criminal groups who have secured the technology on the military black market. “The original MK-Ultra military/intelligence experimenters were forced to share with the corporate world,” she says, “and the sharing has now quite a few branches.”

In 1992, the first George Bush Administration added a little-known regulation to its National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual that reads, “Cover stories may be established for unacknowledged programs in order to protect the integrity of the program from individuals who do not have a need to know. Cover stories must be believable and cannot reveal any information regarding the true nature of the contract. Cover stories for Special Access Programs must have the approval of the PSO [Program Security Officer] prior to dissemination.” (91) This provision is quite alarming. It means that unscrupulous “experimenters,” hired by private companies with Pentagon connections, have a green light to “lie by the book.” They can easily cover up the abuse of innocent people without any accountability to elected civilian authorities.

” There is no punishment for rogue scientific groups,” writes Bearden. “Shockingly, the U.S. government at the highest level has shown…that mass crimes against U.S. civilians, perpetrated by portions of the U.S. scientific community in direct conspiracy and in secret, will likely be condoned. The perpetrators will not be indicted, tried, or convicted.” (Emphasis in the original)

He says further that:

” …in the “Big Science community, there can be and there are rogue groups. Lots of them. There is deep cover, deep classification. And there is very probably advanced mind control research and testing, be it legal or illegal. Hopefully, most of it is legal and constrained. However, some of it is almost certain to be illegal and ill constrained.” (92)

As news of this series disseminated throughout the MC survivor network, academics and independent MC researchers phoned or wrote to offer useful information gleaned from their own research. One such source is a doctoral student in physics whose interest in neuroscience spans the last decade. I will call him Smith as he does not want his real name used.
Smith believes that covert field testing of NEM weapons is combined with classic surveillance techniques perfected during the Cold War. He directed me to a “spy/counterspy” Web site dissecting FBI methods used to create fear, passivity and immobilization. (93) They include constant harassment to build up stress, total discrediting of his/her experiences by driving the target “crazy,” then labeling the target as a “paranoid schizophrenic.” The intended outcome of this treatment is depression, withdrawal and the target’s acquiescence in being controlled. Smith cites the “learned helplessness model” of Martin Seligman, as the operant conditioning used by MC experimenters whose identity is protected in “black” programs. (94)

Smith suggests that some alleged experimentees are being used as the “prototypes” of a new controlled life, victims of a psychological warfare operation aimed, not at a foreign “enemy,” but at our own citizenry. “Operatives get to train their mind-control and harassment techniques on live prey,” he continued, “without fear of adverse consequences from a bungled operation.”

He points out that some alleged experimentees, particularly women, are the “ideal candidates” for this kind of operation:

” They live alone, are highly verbal (the more associative one is, the easier it would no doubt be to drive her crazy), individualistic, don’t have good family relations, and have obedient relatives, often with connections to the security services. It is easy for federal operatives with top-secret security clearances to paint these people as lunatics in order to be able to torture them with America’s tax dollars. Indeed, after the cold war ended, there was a vacuum for surveillance operatives who needed to be doing something useful in order to justify their vast funding. What could be more desirable from a federal operative’s point of view than to torture in absolute safety and secrecy a few unfortunate “freaks” with the very latest in black-budget technology?” (95)

Assassination Mysteries and Mind Control

Remote viewer David Morehouse exposed the existence of the CIA’s Stargate “remote viewing” program in his 1996 book Psychic Warrior. (96) He revealed that Stargate was a Special Access Program (SAP), which requires the highest level of security clearance for Sensitive Compartmentalized Information. (97) NEM technologies would come under the government’s NL research apparatus and are probably categorized as SAPs. Morehouse was persecuted as a whistleblower, including involuntary hospitalization and severe psychiatric abuse. The public campaign to discredit him was led by none other than John Alexander, the “father” of NL weapons. (98)

Interestingly, Morehouse also told attorney William Pepper that a sniper team of low-level CIA operatives in the U.S. Special Forces was responsible for the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968. (99) Earlier installments of this series have touched on how mind control might have been the secret weapon used to commit and cover up the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Dr. King. A most provocative and easily accessible article that links MC with these crimes (as well as the assassination of John Lennon and the mass murders in Jonestown, Guyana) was written by Curt Rowlett. It is titled “Project MKULTRA: Did the U.S. Government Actually Create Programmed Assassins?” (100)

Was Admiral Boorda — like the Kennedy brothers and Dr. King — just the latest political “adversary” marked for extinction by undemocratic shadow institutions operating above and beyond the law?

More than 25 years ago, Senator Frank Church foresaw an abyss of no return. Today Thomas Bearden, a military man who most probably has seen the best and worst of human beings, warns that unregulated MC technology could be the undoing of our civilization:

” Human beings are still human beings. All the good and evil is still there, regardless of the group. The stage settings change, but the cast of characters and the play never change.

It’s sad, but ’twas ever thus. Hidden parts of our own governments — and other governments throughout the world — are no different from the old medieval groups, where nobles etc. were always plotting against the king, or using the king’s power for their own nefarious end. The rogue groups today are no different from all the scheming and conniving groups that destroyed the Roman Empire. Great empires fall from within, not usually from without!” (101) (emphasis in original)

July 2001


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How Britain funded I$I$ in Syria

In recent years there have been several large seizures of the amphetamine based stimulant Captogon . The drugs are smuggled into Qatar & Saudi Arabia & onto I$I$ through well established supply routes . A Saudi Prince was implicated in this seizure last year at Beirut Airport .

Earlier this year establishment puppet & ex UK Prime Minister David Cameron defended Britain’s alliance with Saudi Arabia and rejected accusations it funds I$I$ .

The ‘alliance’ is not at all related to the oil wealth in Saudi or the billions in arms sales from the UK . I am sure the compromised establishment mouthpieces we call politicians will also be ready & willing to defend the Saudi funding of I$IS & other crimes such as the bombing of Yemen . No doubt they would cite ‘democracy & freedom’ , ‘war on terror’ etc. whilst simultaneoously flooding the UK controlled media with images of dead babies pulled from the rubble by the ‘heroic’ white helmets .
The brazen & corrupt nature of the establistment seems to show no bounds , lies & more lies are spewing from the belly of the beast . The evidence of UK complicity into the maelstrom in the Middle East is piling up , they are getting desparate both in propaganda & military terms . The patronising coverage on unfolding events , spoon fed to the media by drone like government spin doctors , would embarass a child . Unfortunately Syria is simply a bridge too far , the greedy & insane figures running the shadow government seem to relish the death & destruction . ‘They’ hate to lose , most are born with a sense of entitlement & delusional superiority , others are simply brainwashed or wedded to the corruption cartel by fear . There are even whispers that high ranking political & establishment figures are being blackmailed to sell out the UK & serve as slaves to US foreign policy . Meanwhile taxpayers money is being flushed down the drain in an endless cycle of insanity & war & the bodies are piled high .

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The British Mind Control Agent

The British Mind Control Agent

By C L Heywood (Copyright 2006)



  • Introduction
  • Battle for the Mind
  • The Mind Controllers (MCs)
  • The Human Brain and Behaviour
  • Covert Wars With Civilian Populations – Human Experimentation and MKULTRA

2.    Electronic Harassment and Implant Technology (Mind Control in Practice)

  • Alien Abduction and Medical Exploration
  • The Human Body, Radio Communication and Electromagnetic Stimulation
  • The Implant Specialists
  • The Gaffer
  • The Design, Testing and Analysis of Implants

3.    The Human Body and Private Home is a Sacred Temple?

the British MindControl Agent

(An Introduction)


Conspiracy theory is a very controversial subject and has captivated the media’s attention for countless years. Journalists, due to their exceptional capability to sniff out a story, have actively leaked and exposed information of a classified nature in an effort to prove to themselves and anyone who will listen just how prominent government corruption really is.

On a global scale every nation funds its own team of secret police and military enforcers whose prime objective is to sustain and develop national-security strategies and policy. Understandably the majority of their activities are conducted covertly on an extensive level; MI6, the CIA and the KGB being prime examples. Their various dealings have always been enlightening if not interesting, suggesting they have murdered, poisoned, gassed, drugged and brainwashed enemies of the state and unwitting citizenry on a surprisingly frequent basis. It is also proven fact that these intelligence-gathering establishments have conducted unethical testing on their own soldiers and intelligence personnel using a varied range of lethal arsenal. Journalists have detailed these arcane schemes and suspicious goings-on in their books, magazines, movies and television documentaries. ‘Mind Control’ in particular has taken centre stage. John Marks’ The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, for instance, highlighted extensive CIA pursuits of mind-control intelligence and weaponry.

Undoubtedly the pungent cocktail of national-security legislation and lack of primary sources to interview places restrictions on the research avenues that journalists may pursue. As a result, the secrecy surrounding mind control developments has now piqued unquenchable global curiosity.

Battle for the Mind


Mind Control for total Control

Since the beginning of civilisation topical issues concerning the human brain have always attracted substantial attention for a number of obvious reasons. The human brain is a most valuable asset and extremely unique, as it holds the precious cocktail of individuality and personality. It is what separates the timid from the aggressive and the academically gifted from Mr Average. The brain controls physical movement, all cognitive capabilities (memory, counting and language) and regulates a vast array of bodily functions.

Although substantial headway has been made in pursuit of understanding the brain and its function, scientists are still a long way from mastering and controlling the mechanisms that work within it. This situation has uncovered many dilemmas for law-enforcement agencies, the military and medical communities, who all believe there is great potential to be found in mastering physical control of the brain and mind.

Criminal psychologists, for example, are no longer blaming environmental circumstance and adverse social conditioning as the sole cause of criminal activity. They stress some individuals may be more susceptible to committing murders and assaults due to their inherited genetic wiring. This theory asserts that there are chemicals within the brain which can trigger anger and antisocial behaviour. Those who commit grievous bodily harm may be victims of chemical imbalances which they are unable to control without the intervention of drugs and other inhibitors. Naturally it is hoped that brain exploration will offer some answers.


Modern Eugenics – Who is Perfect?

Medical practitioners and surgeons believe chemicals in the brain that influence behaviour may be supplemented or suppressed by drugs which in the long run can make an individual’s behaviour more desirable and manageable. They foresee great potential in the use of implants and other artificial aids to assist the body’s performance and maintain organs to optimal working condition. Consultants view the exploration and control of the brain as a fascinating realm of discovery where new breakthroughs in psychiatric treatment and disease can be made. Utilising medical research and analysis, their sole objective is to rid the world of every brain dysfunction and life-threatening condition known to mankind.


The Cabal – World Domination

The military, unlike the medical and law-enforcement professions, hold slightly different interests in brain exploration. The brain, in their eyes, contains the ultimate secret to world domination, biological warfare and intelligence gathering. They wish to discover newfound ways to torture, interrogate and annihilate enemy troops and civilians of opposing nations. They strongly believe that the man who can crack the complex code of human behaviour is the man who has the power to manipulate, control and modify the actions and thoughts of another.

It is abundantly clear why so many government-funded establishments are interested in methods which control human brains and minds because the capability to detect criminals, advance medical technology and win wars runs paramount with the security and advancement of British society.

1.   Criminals cost the British government millions of pounds in surveillance, rehabilitation, punishment and victim-support services.

2.   An unhealthy nation places pressure on the social services and hospital staff, as well as spreading disease and infections which are difficult to eradicate. Humans with permanent illnesses are repeatedly forced into unemployment as a consequence.

3.   Intelligence agents and soldiers are very expensive to pay; the government could cut MoD, MI6, police service and MI5 workers by a quarter if they could infiltrate plots, assassinations, expose spies and ascertain threats to national security using quality technological surveillance and interrogation techniques.


Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (UK)

Scientists who can unravel the mysteries of brain function are worth billions of pounds to the British government and are now in mass abundance. Ultimately, it is the unhealthy and often stressful state of government politics, and heightened security fears, which have led to the emergence of the mind-control professional.

Many will have their own definitions of mind control and its meaning, and these definitions often vary slightly. This paper follows the assertion that ‘Mind Control’ encompasses all theoretical and technological applications which are used to gain minimal or complete control over an individual’s brain or psychological state of mind and behaviour, both covertly and overtly. The aim of the game is to control an individual to the point where he will do the manipulator’s bidding against his will or, alternatively, to adjust his behaviour in a desirable way in order to satisfy an expressed agenda, whatever this may be.

British research into mind control technology is a very important issue and stands high on the political agenda.

The Mind Controllers (MCs)

Scientists who conduct mind control research for British intelligence agencies are commonly referred to as Mind Controllers (MCs). Their main aim is to:

  • design and produce lethal and non-lethal mind-control weaponry which can be used against criminals, foreign government spies and military personnel;
  • design and use equipment which can counter the affects of foreign mind-control techniques, and prevent spies and terrorists from extracting/intercepting information from British agents, military scientists and politicians.

Donald Ewen Cameron (Espanol)

MCs are a special task force of multi-skilled professionals who are funded by the British government as secret agents. These operatives are deployed and assigned to a diverse range of projects depending on their expertise and, as a cohesive force, comprise doctors, psychiatrists, neurologists, teachers, criminologists, forensics, IT specialists, telecommunications technicians and child-development professionals, etc. For the most part MCs are employed within the social care and public service sectors and, as a result, have primary contact with members of the public. This brings them closer to observing human behaviour in its rawest form and enables interactivity with personalities and, ultimately, functioning brains. They are by necessity a rather corrupt lot as their research methods often take them down roads which lead to performing both invasive and non-invasive procedures on the brains and psyches of well-adjusted citizens without legal consent. These operatives, for instance, are notoriously known for their involvement with implant technology, psycho chemicals and the brainwashing of military captives.

As active behavioural scientists MCs are great believers in trial-and-error experimentation and follow this principal like a bible. A practising mind controller must torture a real human being to acquire credible information on torture and its effect on the physical body and mental state.

Mind Control Applications:
Sensory deprivation (to create disorientation and fear) Torture/physical assault (kicks, punches, burning, cutting, electrocution, sexual assault, chronic induced sickness, cramps, vomiting, temporary blindness)
Verbal abuse (shouting, threats and insults) Starvation and dehydration
Positive and negative reinforcement/ punishment versus reward Hallucinogens (induced paranoia) and narcotics
Sleep deprivation Induced personality disorders
Hypnosis Electromagnetic frequencies (the use of electromagnetic waves to influence the human brain)
Sound technology (the incessant use of music and voices to arouse certain thoughts and feelings) Brainwashing and totalitarianism
Lobotomy and neurosurgery Interrogation techniques and lie detectors – polygraph tests

This table represents just a snippet of the work MCs are primarily responsible for, and accounts for the substantial amount of mind and behaviour research circulating university lecture theatres and colleges.


Frank Olsen – Drugged & Murdered

The most alarming aspect of mind control research is that experimentation on the unwitting human being is condoned by security bureaucrats and military personnel, who have convinced themselves and the involved parties that their sometimes ruthless investigations are honest attempts to search for scientific truth. It is of small consequence if the pregnant mother is given LSD without her knowledge as the investigative results may revolutionise the way LSD is used in the future by the British population; and by business sectors who treat LSD addicts, and pharmaceutical companies that produce and examine LSD properties.

The case of Frank Olson, for instance, in 1953 highlighted the dangerously dark side of human experimentation when the scientist plunged to his death from an upper-floor window after CIA mind-control agents spiked his drink with LSD.

The phrase ‘one life for many’ is the core golden rationalization here and, irrespective of links with law enforcement, MCs aren’t strangers to unconstitutional murder as some of their projects are terminal, meaning the victim’s life is expendable and the objectives of the study must be fulfilled by any means necessary.

Mind-control operatives establish themselves as law abiding social scientists whose prime objective is to nurture society to help it flourish and develop to its full potential. In the idyllic society man is co-operative, productive, law abiding and happy to help his fellow man. He is flawless, a well-balanced individual with the drive and motivation to promote and encourage happiness wherever he goes. There is no place in harmonious society for his exact antithesis. Via tampering with the human brain MCs hope to determine what causes differences in behaviour and find ways of manipulating the natural processes of thought and behaviour with the intention of ultimately dictating it.


Mi5 – Protecting Children

British security acts legislate MI5 (the security service), MI6 (the secret intelligence service), GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) and national crime services to work in partnership and direct support of one another’s schemes. Mind-control agents are no exception to this rule and have the full use of government services at their disposal, including the Metropolitan Police Force. Their use of covert torture, expansive spy network and spates of criminal activity identify them as some of the most influential and dangerous civil servants functioning in political arenas today.

The Human Brain and Behaviour

To run a plausible mind control operation MCs must remain informed about new developments within their field. This means being open to the idea that theorists from a variety of occupational sectors may inadvertently offer new, healthy, innovative notions from which feasible mind control strategies may be born. This section explores two fundamental mind and behaviour theories.


Mind Control & Jose Delgado

One very famous pioneer interested in the advancement of brain exploration was Dr Jose Delgado. He became the Professor of Physiology at Yale University and wrote the controversial book ‘Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society’. Dr Delgado highlights the need to study the brain as a quest for human survival. He stresses that man survived life where other species, like the dinosaur, failed because of his unique ability to acquire knowledge and adapt his behaviour to the harsh elements. He insists man has come a long way since realising he could increase his welfare and wealth by investigating the properties of the planet and manipulating their function to his own devices. He portrays the human being as a master manipulator of the environment, flawless in many ways but ignorant of the conscious mind working behind the innovations and formations he creates. Ideally the doctor hoped to use his findings of brain exploration as a stepping stone to creating a healthier society.

His genius lies within his ability to carefully weigh up the advantages and relevance of brain activity in everyday living. He states the following issues as being at the foundation of his theory.

“There are basic mechanisms in the brain responsible for all mental activities, including perceptions, emotions, abstract thought, social relations, and the most refined artistic creations. These mechanisms may be detected, analyzed, influenced, and sometimes substituted for by means of physical and chemical technology. This approach does not claim that love or thoughts are exclusively neurophysiological phenomena, but accepts the obvious fact that the central nervous system is absolutely necessary for any behavioural manifestation.” (Delgado J, 1969)

What Dr Delgado highlights is the fact that the human body is a machine (controlled by the brain), and that its overall behaviour, response and function may be predicted and modified. This theory reaffirms the MCs’ suspicion that, with the right selection of armaments and expertise to hand, they could manipulate a human into doing anything they so desired.

  1. A prisoner of war may be brainwashed into another way of thinking using advanced conditioning and thought-reform techniques. Ultimately, the soldier switches sides and starts working in partnership with the enemy feeling and believing the enemy’s pain.
  2. A human being may be drugged and suspended in an emotional high of acute depression or prolonged euphoria for weeks at a time.
  3. Mind-reading machines could extract a human being’s personal thoughts and decode them into actual verbal or textual output. Intelligence hidden within the realms of the brain would no longer be inviolable.

To understand further the full implications of brain activity on human behaviour, academics Mark Vernon (neurologist) and Ervin Frank (psychiatrist), who are both active researchers in violence and anger management, highlight some interesting points in their book ‘Violence and the Brain’. Although Vernon and Frank agree there are a number of factors such as poverty, family background and negative social conditioning that may contribute and nurture violent behaviour, they also believe the functioning brain holds substantial influence. They claim that all states of being and behaviour are an indication of the functioning areas of the brain; the brain’s interaction with the external world, memory and the association the brain makes with past and present information and experience. Chemical balances within the brain, its physical composition and response to transmitted information from the rest of the body are all significant influences.

Vernon and Frank stress that there are parts of the brain that, in ‘susceptible individuals’, help trigger violence. These areas can be pinpointed clearly and are often associated with aggression-based feeding, fleeing, sexual activity and fighting. Their general viewpoint asserts that there are different types of violent behaviour, and that these negative outbursts can be analysed and categorised into predictable causes, influences and outcomes.

From a political perspective, violent acts help to whittle away and undermine respect and co-operation for the laws the British government uphold in the regulation of civilian behaviour. On a global perspective, governments are placed in the inevitable position where they must spend billions of pounds on an annual basis paying for the damage that (foreign and native) rioters, terrorists and vigilantes inflict on property. It is, understandably, the MCs’ responsibility to help contain this problem and redress the balance of power.

Due to the nature of their work (espionage, sabotage and military enforcement) MCs are active participants in violence and aggression, but are also frequent casualties themselves. It is only logical, therefore, that they maintain a vested interest in this arena.

Covert Wars With Civilian Populations – Human Experimentation and MKULTRA


MK Ultra

Mind-control victims (MCVs) are very diverse characters of differing background, age, race and class. Individual claims of victimisation tend to be extremely uncommon and are especially sparse in relation to the world’s population as a whole. One is more likely to come across witches and Santa Claus than genuine MCVs.

First of all, there aren’t any apparent limitations as to where MCVs and MCs are found. Evidence clarifies that they are actively resident in America, Sweden, England and Canada, and most likely the rest of the world too. Secondly, human subjects are usually ‘Mr Average’ and have no social links with either government agencies or dissident groups. Only a sparse number are members of spy networks, or terrorists who pose a genuine threat.

The general characteristics of mind control victimisation suggest MCs are running extensive experiments on MCVs ranging across continental borders.

  1. The British are deploying their MCs to foreign countries to acquire experimental subjects.

2.    Operatives are picking to order individuals of varying background and personality trait for experimentation at home and abroad. Subjects are administered mind control arsenal unwittingly in hospitals, military bases, psychiatric institutes and jails. These environments are most beneficial and conducive to mind control research as potential victims are incarcerated for the immediate. This provides MCs with the opportunity to control the treatment that subjects receive, enabling greater flexibility. Operatives are able to use the results provided as indicators of how their arsenal would realistically perform in the field.

3.    Victims range from the newborn child to the elderly, suggesting there is a great need for extensive studies spanning a possible eighty years of an individual’s life. Undoubtedly human development and age influence the efficiency and practicality of some forms of arsenal. When administering hallucinogens, for example, the dosage must be customised to the size of the person, and gender is an obvious issue.

Perhaps the most notorious mind control experiments known to mankind were those conducted by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in the mid-twentieth century. They began their research in the early 1950s under the code name MKULTRA and it was rumoured that superpowers Great Britain and Canada joined the MKULTRA scheme as a partnership, aiding with the testing and intelligence gathering. The CIA were particularly interested in studies concerned with memory enhancement, psychotherapy for psychological-warfare purposes, truth serums, poisons and electroconvulsive therapy.

The CIA had an extensive requirement for human subjects and strove hard to find them. Unwitting victims were the most prized as their reactions to arsenal realistically put theory into practice and was the ultimate indication of success or failure.

Mr Harvey Weinstein, a qualified psychiatrist (in partnership with the American Psychiatric Press), published the book ‘Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control’ to shed some light on the entire MKULTRA affair. In the book, Harvey passionately makes firm reference to his father’s admission to the Allan Memorial Psychiatric Institute (Canada), where he was treated by the renowned professional Dr Ewen Cameron who at the time had been commissioned by the CIA to undergo testing on his patients. The experiments hoped to provide exceptional insight into the effects of sensory deprivation, electroconvulsive therapy, LSD, Chlorpromazine, coercion and thought reform. Dr Ewen Cameron called his technique ‘Psychic Driving’.

Following unrelenting global exposure and prosecution from MKULTRA victims, the CIA were rumoured to have burned all their mind-control files during the 1980s. However, conspiracy theorists and members of the American military remain sceptical, believing that the MKULTRA project is thriving but has evolved into a new scheme utilising exactly the same techniques and regimes.

Britain’s MI6 might not have officially been charged with MKULTRA dealings like the CIA but were equally active in the programme, and were major players in the race for political power and world domination. Whilst mind control techniques and strategies may have changed throughout the decades, the ethos and concept remains the same. The British Empire hasn’t faired badly in war on a global perspective and their pursuit of mind control strategy may be one of the many reasons why.

Definitions of some of the most prevalent mind control specialisms are listed below.

ESB (Electrical Stimulation of the Brain)

ESB involved the transmission of electrical currents (using electrodes) to different parts of the human brain. Using ESB, MCs could influence the human thinking process, manipulate motor movements and place victims under a number of different emotional states, like anger, happiness and fear. ESB proved the human body could be controlled externally via the brain by use of permanently implanted electrodes and a remote control.

Sound Technology

Sound technology focused on the effects music and sound have on mental health; how certain lyrics, melodies and frequencies of sound conjure up specific fantasies, thoughts and feelings within the mind. Tunes that were played repetitively, for instance, induced depression, violent thoughts, and a sense of loss and helplessness. Others cheered people up and invoked thoughts of freedom, anarchy and happiness. This led to the understanding that concentrated, prolonged, highly explicit lyrics could aid interrogations and the ‘breaking’ of captives. This is because musical lyrics and their topical content (love, family, aspirations, sex and guns) linger within the realms of the brain’s thoughts via association even after the tracks have stopped being played. MCs ensure the captive hears music prior to and after interrogation to invoke emotional instability and lack of confidence.

Brain Mapping

Brain mapping was of great interest and concerned research that helped MCs pinpoint which parts of the brain and body were responsible for different physical capabilities, e.g. the ability to recognise smells, hear, talk, read, count numbers, be sympathetic and memorise. This line of research was pursued primarily with the intention of finding ways to understand and define human behaviour for eventual manipulation.

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory-deprivation studies investigated the psychological and physical effects the prolonged absence of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste had on human behaviour. Popular techniques included those of:

  • blindfolding captives using goggles and bags;
  • forcing captives to wear sound-proof earmuffs;
  • afflicting the ears with loud, frightening noises for prolonged periods in pitch darkness;
  • bright, fluorescent, flashing lights, which blinded the eyes;
  • exposure to severe temperatures of heat and freezing conditions.

Military captives who were consistently denied their physical senses for weekly and monthly periods were prone to extreme fear, disorientation, dizziness, nausea, trauma and suicidal thoughts. Captives also lost track of time and were unaware whether it was night or day.

Brainwashing and Behaviour Modification

The capability to surreptitiously alter an individual’s point of view and direct him towards another way of thinking attracted radical attention from MI6. They believed human beings could be influenced during interrogation and incarceration periods with greater efficiency, manipulating individual viewpoint and attacking personality trait. This strategy was achieved in the following three ways.

  1. Attacking the identity of the person. Subjects are racially abused; prominent physical features, like a large or small nose, are ridiculed; religious and occupational beliefs are questioned. This depletes the subject’s confidence in himself and, in an ideal scenario, the subject takes on the manipulator’s viewpoint and wallows in self-hatred and pity whilst striving for new perfection.
  2. Stripping the person of all decency. The subject is denied clothes and forced to face the humiliation of being in the nude whilst perpetrators persecute him. He is made to beg for food and water, and asked to complete outlandish tasks, such as standing on one leg and hopping up and down for an hour. This technique reinforces the idea (in the subject’s mind) that he is owned property (a slave) and that to cough, laugh or urinate without being granted permission to do so is a sin and a direct act of defiance, punishable through death.
  3. Enforcing morality and conformity. Using a mixture of positive and negative reinforcement, the subject is rewarded minor praise and gifts for his efforts when his behaviour is deemed acceptable. This means extra recreation time, larger food rations, a clean shower and the acquirement of items like books, pens and paper. In the case of negative reinforcement, the subject is beaten, verbally abused, sexually harassed and tortured using a wide range of arcane instruments. The subject lives by the perpetrator’s rules without questioning them and does what he is told. Out of genuine necessity the subject sees conformity as a means to survival.

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation arises when captives are denied sleep for two days or more, thereby stifling the nervous system’s ability to function to optimal performance. The manifestations of prolonged sleep deprivation produce, in human subjects, loss of balance, hallucinations, slurred speech, heightened confusion, exhaustion, disorientation, constant irritability and forgetfulness. British agents involved in the interrogation of suspects rely heavily on this method as it makes the extraction of information from prisoners easier.

Torture Techniques

Torture basically incorporates any act used to cause pain and suffering of a captive with the intent of orchestrating severe punishment, obtaining a confession, coercing individuals to take on a given viewpoint or enforcing behaviour modification. Torture is an ancient technique often favoured for its aid in interrogations. Usually the inflictions made on an individual result in bruises, weeping wounds or breakages to the skeleton. MCs, for obvious reasons, felt that prisoners of war could effectively be coerced into disclosing intelligence information through fear for their lives. The torture of enemy troops has always been deemed beneficial because even the smallest details of information can turn a war around and gain the captor a substantial advantage. Strategies utilised included the following.

  1. Stretching. Parts of the body are pulled and strained beyond their full range of motion, causing uncontrollable spasms of pain within the joints and muscles. This can be achieved using the old-fashioned rack, placing ropes on the wrists and ankles so the body is fully suspended and taut.
  2. Cutting, piercing, burning and scolding. This is a slow form of torture where the pressure of discomfort is gradually applied under verbal interrogation. Naked flame, hot coals, heated iron rods and a range of instrumental knives and pins are applied to sensitive parts of the body. Skin gradually sizzles and cuts fester, leaving flesh raw and splotched. Cutting and burning are century-old techniques, valued because the instruments used are cheap and easy to come by, and most British soldiers carry matches and knives as a basic utility. MI6 don’t value this highly as a preferred technique because permanent marks of disfigurement are clearly noticeable and wounds caused by cutting and burning, if left uncleansed, turn sceptic.
  3. Starvation. The captive is denied food and water. The body left without basic sustenance begins to deteriorate. Within one to two weeks the captive is desperate to divulge information that the captors have requested; anything to relieve the demoralising, painful and desperate suffering of dehydration and malnutrition.
  4. Electrocution. Electrocution is utilised because it doesn’t leave cuts or abrasions to the body, and the intensity can be amplified and decreased using a remote control. The use of electrocution as a torture technique is illegal in most nations but is utilised on civilians in the form of an electroshock stun gun or taser gun by American and UK police forces.


Hypnosis is a state of mind which is induced using concentrated focus and thought aided by the guidance of an interrogator’s reassuring and convincing voice. Visual stimulation, physical movement, external noise and environmental influence are restricted so that verbal suggestions are easily assimilated into the target’s subconscious mind. It is hoped that, once the target leaves the hypnotist’s presence, the information assimilated into the subconscious mind will be recalled by the brain at relevant intervals. The target then believes the knowledge/information which pops up from his subconscious is the ultimate truth and follows this truth as a gut reaction without questioning its logicality. MCs often administer drugs to help induce heightened hypnotic states.

As with all mind control techniques, it is the careful mixing of various applications, i.e. LSD, hypnosis and torture or sleep deprivation, brainwashing and concentrated interrogation, which makes mind control a worthy adventure.

MCs have managed to unravel an entire realm of questions and answers regarding humans and behaviour. They have divulged the great possibilities empowered to civilisation if the brain is controlled right down to the minutest components.

If mind-control scientists succeed in their technological pursuits, society will undoubtedly have to make way for these new developments and evolve with them. Over a period of countless centuries, MCs will manipulate human-being behaviour using a range of artificial devices, biological technology and social conditioning to create the British government’s ideal harmonious civilisation. MCs will also utilise this same technology to bring down populations and foreign armed forces to the brink of destruction. Mind control is a developing science, which is becoming ever more sophisticated as greater numbers of contract-funded intellectuals join the rat race.


(Mind Control in Practice)

Alien Abduction and Medical Exploration

Human beings throughout the twentieth century have always claimed to be victims of mind control technology. Aliens from outer space have arrived in UFOs and whisked them away to unknown planets and subjected them to endless routines of torture. Implants have been surgically affixed to the ears and sinuses, and biological mechanisms have been monitored on a frequent basis. Some individuals claim to have been abducted more than twice and believe they suffer continuous harassment from their alien antagonists.

Dr Helmut Lammer, author of the book ‘MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction’, brings to attention his analysis of implant technology and the alien abduction saga. The doctor claims mind control practice is rife, and pays particular attention to the CIA and global-warfare history, both past and present. He suggests that some alien abductees are disillusioned subjects of CIA-funded research and, in rare circumstances, have remembered what atrocities have befallen them. He backs up this theory with case studies of abductees who have proof of medical tampering, and the unauthorised deployment of treatments which physicians haven’t mentioned in the consultation room. Brain implants in particular (of various designs) are most commonly discovered by chance due to a patient’s persistent pursuit of a competent doctor and satisfactory diagnosis. The implants themselves are detected by MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and x-rays, and can be as small as a grain of rice.

He claims the existence of aliens and their extraterrestrial implants are, therefore, not a reality, rather some fabrication of the truth brought into existence by mind-control professionals attempting to quash suspicion and hide illegal activities.

Dr Helmut Lammer alleges implant technology was developed sometime after World War II due to increased global military competition, and that the research conducted encompassed aspects of ESB, radio communication and telemetric monitoring. Electrodes relay information from brain activity to a computer. The correlations of biological activity are in eventuality decoded into actual behavioural manifestations, allowing the subject’s lifestyle to be understood and analysed. The doctor states that the similarities between alien implants and man-made telemetric devices are uncanny, and follows the assertion that the implants abductees refer to are readily available and marketed to research professionals across the world. Coincidentally, Dr Delgado (clinical biologist) was the specialist responsible for the telemetric implant called the ‘stimoceiver’, which he designed in the 1960s.

The stimoceiver is an implantable device used for direct communication with the brain. The instrument is fitted with electrodes, which monitor the electrical emissions occurring within different parts of the skull and, most importantly, can send electrical signals to defined parts of the brain to produce involuntary actions and mental states. The bio-feedback from the stimoceiver is relayed to a computer for analysis. The doctor used his stimoceivers on psychiatric patients undergoing treatment and surmised that he could block the thinking process, inhibit speech and movement, and produce fear and hallucinations. The doctor engineered research which helped establish the fact that correlations of electrical activity within the brain directly correspond with specific types of behaviour.

Modern stimoceivers are often referred to as acute probes and have been miniaturised to a mere 4mm in size. The acute probe is still in its early stages of development and, on a legal medical note, is being used to treat illnesses like dystonia and severe depression in suicidal patients. University students and lecturers also utilise them (usually in the operating theatre and in animal experimentation) for scientific inquiry.

The alien-abduction conspiracy follows the assertion that humans are experimented on: first, as a means to impregnate them for racial mixing; and second, to cause the eventual downfall of the human race using a strong concoction of biological warfare and space-age technology. It appears that in twenty-first century Britain extra-terrestrials have some mighty stiff competition from a growing number of laboratory technicians and medics.

The Human Body, Radio Communication and Electromagnetic Stimulation

Since the mid-1990s the World Wide Web has become a major player in global communications and hosts a wide range of forums, clubs and privately run chat rooms where conspiracy theorists converge and exchange information. Mind-control websites are in clear abundance and victimisation claims of electronic harassment highlight that MCs are using a number of prevalent tactics and techniques.

Audible Voice to Skull and Microwave Hearing

Voice to skull is a form of radio communication, which enables MCs to transmit conversation directly to the brain. The sound (as described by victims) appears to radiate from behind the head, the soundwaves transmitting verbal conversation like a walkie-talkie. The sound distance and intensity of radio signal remains the same regardless of the head’s orientation.

The hearing of voices in the head has always been associated with the onset of schizophrenia but military science suggests the transmission of spoken word to the brain isn’t an enormous impossibility, and that the science behind its application is coveted by MI6.

The truth is that humans can hear themselves think in spoken word and perceive sound without the aid of their external ears, and it is the complexity of the brain which empowers this. When human ears detect acoustic sound frequencies from external sources the sound waves are funnelled via the external ear, hit the eardrum and are translated into nerve impulses, which travel to the brain and are decoded by the brain as sound/verbal speech.

When MCs transmit voice to skull, they speak into a microphone, which transforms verbal speech/sound signals into encoded electrical pulses. These radio-frequency pulses are directed at the auditory nerve (bypassing the human ear) directly to the brain, which decodes the electrical pulses into understandable spoken word and sound. Ensuring the encoded electrical pulses hit the auditory nerve directly guarantees that only the intended victim hears the contact and, like radio DJs (Disc Jockeys), MCs may increase or decrease the volume and communicate with a subject many miles away.

Academics Joseph C Sharp and Dr A Frey were actually the first scientists to transmit voice-modulated microwaves at the auditory nerve during their time at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. The transmission of sound via the auditory nerve has been practised since the mid-twentieth century and has proven successful even in hard-of-hearing subjects. The employment of ESB enables targeted subjects to perceive sound depending on the frequency and amplitude of stimulation. The auditory symptoms include those of constant buzzing, clicks and what is called ‘ringing in the ears’. If utilised for extended periods of time the loudness and variation in noise causes lack of concentration, distress and high irritability.

Rumour has it that voice to skull was intended for soldiers, ensuring headquarters had unlimited communication, thus enabling the abandonment of conventional earpiece/microphone headgear, which is a visible target on the battlefield.

Voice to skull brings into focus the growing number of psychics, alien abductees, witches and psychiatric patients claiming they can speak to extra-terrestrials, can contact ghosts and liaise with the devil on a frequent basis. The realisation that MCs may effectively talk themselves into a human being’s life and pose as supernatural powers seems blasphemous. What is clear is that intelligence agents and medics have tried hard to master this skill and that there are a growing number of MCVs confirming its deployment.

Electromagnetic Torture – Involuntary Motor Movements and Actions

A brief consultation with any practising neurologist would confirm that the brain is primarily responsible for all voluntary movements and the co-ordination of a vast number of muscles within the body. The fluid movements and precision of muscle control executed by break dancers and gymnasts are very much representative of the brain’s capability. Neurologists can map the functional areas of the brain in diagram form, enabling them to pinpoint the regions most responsible for independent movement. The motor cortex, for example, is responsible for muscle control within the shoulders, arms, hands, eyes, lips, tongue, fingers and thumbs.

MCVs have long claimed that MCs have the capability to physically torture them irrespective of global whereabouts. Interestingly, the manipulation of bodily functions, inexplicable muscle movements, pain and weeping wounds MCVs claim to endure are profoundly symptomatic of the acute probe and the electrical signals it produces to cause involuntary actions.

MCs aren’t content with the medical profession’s notion of brain stimulation as consultants utilise electromagnetic research primarily to improve health, not damage it. MCs are interested in the acute probe as an intelligence aid, so it helps to know what happens when levels of brain stimulation are increased beyond the brain’s natural capacity and capability. Unsurprisingly, increased exploration of electromagnetic waves has led to the understanding that ESB may realistically be used as a torture weapon that surpasses conventional methods.

MCs, for instance, may inflict muscle spasms (fasciculation) and cramps (muscle shortening contractions) within the human body by applying variations of electrical stimulation, causing pain as the muscles and tendons are strained beyond their maximum range of motion. This form of torture is useful, the main advantage being that sensitive areas of the body, like the genitals, eyes and tongue, may be isolated and afflicted independently. The acute probe’s electrical signals travel from the brain into the spinal cord and stimulate the nerves and then the muscles; the muscle tissue then contracts. In general the severity of pain and wounds inflicted is dependent upon the longevity and levels of stimulation targeted at the brain and spine.

Symptoms of Electromagnetic Torture:
Severe pins and needles Prickly burning sensations
Heightened body temperature Increased heart rate
Back strain Chronic headaches
Involuntary hand, finger and toe movements Stomach cramps
Spot blanking of memory Harassment of the auditory hearing with ringing, clicking and buzzing
Repeated spasms and contracting of muscles and tendons within the body Bleeding and discharge from the nasal cavity

Electromagnetic torture is unique as it is performed without the necessity of incarceration, so MCs needn’t be in close proximity. The victim may, in fact, be over 5,000 miles away on a distant continent. The greater advantage is that the victim can’t escape his tormentor without appropriate medical intervention, i.e. surgical removal of the implant.

The Implant Specialists

The culprits responsible for the upsurge in implant technology are unsurprisingly not alien invaders but human beings. Implant Specialists (IS) are MCs whose research is specific to implant technology and for the sake of espionage work for the British government under the umbrellas of MI5 and MI6. They are reflective of the modern warfare practitioner in the sense that, by preference, enemies are fought not in the field using guns and bombs but through utilising electronic-communications technology. This way they may collect information, analyse it and aid counter-intelligence operations, both covertly and overtly, limiting the potential number of casualties lost in battle. Implantable devices are just one of the many sophisticated communications products British security forces employ, and they are granted ample funding because they are multifunctional devices favoured for the following three reasons.

  1. Tracking. Tracking devices are inserted within the human body in a variety of places dependant on their exact function, and enable researchers to establish the whereabouts of their target using a receiver that detects the implant’s transmitter signal. This scientific technique is frequently used on mammals like sharks where their movements are tracked within the vast open seas. Conservationists, as a result, are able to locate their shark many miles away and monitor its feeding and migration habits. Modern designs of transmitter are so incredibly small now that they have permitted scientists to keep tabs on the smallest of creatures, like Harvest Mice roaming wild and cultivated fields.
  2. Recording and Monitoring. Implants are designed to act as interactive devices offering a direct link between the human body and computer, like electrocardiograms. These devices enable researchers to study the intimate functions of the body closely by monitoring organ activity and reactivity. They are frequently used in the monitoring and assessment of mental illness, heart activity and brain dysfunction. From an intelligence agency’s perspective, monitoring devices may reveal the biological affects of drugs, dehydration, physical exertion and chronic depression. This type of research is essentially useful to the MoD (Ministry of Defence) as these common conditions often influence soldiers and their performance on the battlefield, interfering with perception, physical co-ordination, eyesight and, ultimately, performance.
  3. Manipulation and Control. These implants are probably the most controversial of all as they are both intrusive and obtrusive to the human body. They empower an external party to influence the thoughts, functional body parts and behaviour of another. The devices themselves are often telemetric instruments and are frequently inserted into laboratory animals undergoing behavioural testing, e.g. a remote control enables researchers to send painful electric shocks to a dog’s brain every time the animal disobeys a command. The dog quickly learns via association and negative reinforcement that if he doesn’t sit when told to he’ll be harmed.

Implants are attractive in the sense that they are hidden from view within the body and are difficult to detect and remove without professional intervention. One would have to gain access to sanitised operating equipment, x-rays, anaesthesia and a skilled surgeon.

Bearing in mind the surveillance perspective, the possibilities are vast for intelligence agencies: audio equipment may be inserted under the skin, possibly within the face or arms, and enable operatives to eavesdrop on all of an implanted subject’s verbal conversations. This tactic surpasses all opportunities offered by phone tapping and roof surveillance, which are limited once the subject leaves his bugged household. Interaction with strangers and associates in the street is also acquirable without operatives having to rely on second-hand information from bystanders and culprits who may deceive. The most advanced implantable device is undoubtedly one which incorporates all five features of tracking, monitoring, manipulation, audio technology and radio communication.

The Gaffer

Perhaps the easiest way to understand the IS strategy is to view the entire operation as a business where there is a clear, identifiable organisational aim and staff hierarchy; a unified, cohesive workforce of multi-talented professionals working a nine-to-five shift to ensure there is twenty-four hour monitoring of a victim’s life.

Project Co-ordinators

Mind-control operations always involve an appointed project co-ordinator. The co-ordinator is the strategic driving force behind the operation and is often in control of funding initiatives, equipment, staffing levels and the distribution of workloads. The co-ordinator knows his department and subject area well, and may spend precious time holding talks and presentations throughout Great Britain at renowned universities, such as Cranfield. He is a well-paid specialist and more often than not has a Masters degree or PhD title to his name. As the head co-ordinator it is his task to be on the lookout for new opportunities to market, network, expand and spread the word about his work and team. Primarily the co-ordinator services the government but, dependant on the political environment, secrecy acts and commercial influences, expertise and implantable devices are granted deployment by private institutes and overseas military forces. A project co-ordinator’s investigations, for example, may uncover a way to cause temporary paralysis in implanted victims without the use of drug administration but using electromagnetic stimulation. This research is likely to remain classified for the immediate but, eventually, could be used for mob-management strategy on a global perspective. The traditional utilisation of police batons, tear gas, dogs and horses to calm rioting crowds would be replaced with an electromagnetic beam (transmitted from portable transmitters and receivers), which would hit all human brains within a ten-metre radius. The beam would cause immediate paralysis in marching rioters, making the booking and arrest process considerably easier. This strategy would lessen the damage to property, decrease the number of police casualties and relieve pressure from emergency services. An electromagnetic beam like this transmitted from a tank could also be utilised on the battlefield to incapacitate enemy forces without killing them, instead rendering them too sick to fight.


The consultants comprise an invaluable team. Like the project co-ordinator, they are high-flying, wealthy academics – the best and brightest specialists Britain has to offer. They are the intelligence scientists who oversee projects and advise on all aspects of the mind control scheme.

The development of an implant in general requires the full attention and expertise of many consultants, some of them foreign if absolutely necessary. They comprise of the following.

  1. Neurologists and associate medical staff who understand the brain and its complicated activity.
  2. Engineers and medical/pharmaceutical establishments who can design and work the circuitry for miniaturised implants to be tested on animals and, eventually, humans. These implants must be easy to insert, hygienically clean and safe to use on a permanent basis.
  3. Sociologists and statisticians who understand human culture, economic trends and factors that influence them, e.g. birth rate, life expectancy, educational standards, the British population’s health, racial ratios, religious persuasion, class and finance, migration rates and gender studies.
  4. Factory contractors who can mass produce implant technology in secret and at a reasonable price.
  5. Psychologists and psychiatrists who can predict human behaviour under diverse environmental influences and produce behavioural models based on induced mental states.
  6. IT and telecommunications staff at GCHQ who can produce customised communication systems, software and interactive devices to enable the safe, covert detection, monitoring and transmission of information over vast areas of space quickly.

Without appropriate input from consultants to advise, research, direct observations and analyse data, the project co-ordinator and the rest of the mind-control team are completely lost in their pursuits and lack the skills to forward the project to greater heights.

Field Agents

Field Agents are the mind control administrators. Their role is primarily concentrated on interacting with the victim in liaison with the project co-ordinator and consultants’ requests. They ensure the close monitoring of the victim’s life and the networking of information between internal staff.

Field agents must find an effective way to induce and nurture the behaviour that the consultants wish to observe in the victim. This means attempting to control the environment and anything else that may influence the victim’s behaviour. Harassment revolves around the victim’s lifestyle and identity, which may be split into two major areas of activity.

  1. Home Life and Recreation.
  2. Work Life.

Where home life is concerned, field agents concentrate on family relations and activities. In this arena agents make frequent contact with the subject’s kin, flashing law-enforcement badges to establish authority. A study on depression and trauma, for instance, requires that the subject be depressed for extended periods of time, and sometimes chronic depressive states have to be induced to acquire the necessary electrode readings. Family contacts ensure the subject is spoken to at necessary intervals and treated accordingly to aid the research process. This may entail boosting the subject’s self-confidence or lowering it using instructed verbal communication, physical body language and inclusion/exclusion tactics. Families are more often than not happy to comply with demands, especially if led to believe that co-operation may improve their loved one’s welfare in some way.

Observation of the employment work-place routine enables agents to familiarise themselves with the layout of the building and environmental psychology – the lunch room, toilet facilities, common rooms, entrances and exits, and so on. This is so they may quickly identify where the victim’s work station is situated and how he will move in and around the office on a daily basis. Agents endeavour to create an artificial environment where the victim’s every move is interacted with, controlled and manipulated on cue to produce prolonged depressive states. Work associates and managers are spoken to in attempts to ensure the environmental psychology is in the correct balance and remains so for the duration.

Field agents work in numbers of two or more and, in cases of voice-to-skull harassment, it’s the radio communication from these agents which victims hear. They are also active networkers who keep intact the sourcing of contacts like the local GP. Victims suffering electromagnetic torture are likely to visit the doctor more often perhaps than average. The subject will convey information to the GP about his health, which may be of extreme interest and aids the research gathering process. In this event, field agents ensure the victim is sent to the relevant specialist and receives meticulous medical examination. Copies of the results are forwarded to the IS who, upon receipt, will understand the influence their electronic harassment is having.

Field agents are great believers in economic sabotage, which is often utilised in attempts to force a victim’s lifestyle to diversify in accordance with research expansion. Great Britain, for instance, is run by hundreds of different governmental authorities who as a collective help manage citizenry and divvy up benefits. Agents understand that the careful, orchestrated withdrawal of these services can both damage and improve human welfare relatively swiftly. The following two theories identify the key ideologies behind economic sabotage.

Employment = Pay Cheque

The ‘employment = pay cheque’ concept surmises that human survival in Britain comes down to career prospects and financial status. The capital raised from employment ultimately dictates the quality of lifestyle and opportunity a subject may pave for himself. This encompasses educational advantage, his stake in the property market, travel capability, nutritional diet and size of family he may comfortably afford, investment opportunities in the stock market, recreational activities and the possession of commodities like cars, computers, digital TV and telephones. Using their law-enforcement status, field agents illegally force subjects into substantial bouts of employment and falsified redundancy to best accommodate their mind control project.

Welfare State = Public Welfare

The ‘welfare state = public welfare’ theory surmises that partial aspects of a British citizen’s welfare aren’t necessarily dictated by individual financial status. The welfare state and tax system ensures funds are allotted to those who most require them as this strategy creates a sense of equality and inclusion amongst the classes. Most importantly, the minimal human requirements of food, water and shelter are met because British citizens are granted access to a number of statutory public services. Organisations like the Home Office, NHS, Social Services, Citizen Advice Bureaus, city councils, police forces and legal aid firms are instrumental to this welfare strategy. In this arena the field agents’ aim is to manipulate the advice, welfare service quality and customer care that the subject receives in a way which meets project criterion. The ‘marginalisation’ of the victim within society is most essential; it is important that every aspect of the subject’s life is under magnified analysis and is controllable down to the minutest components.

Experimental Subjects – Locating Specimens

Acquiring subjects to serve as guinea pigs for research has never been easier for the IS. The NHS (National Health Service) has an ever growing waiting list of citizens scheduled to visit consultants for a vast variety of ailments and treatments. Registered citizens across Britain have an allocated NHS number and medical record, which enables security forces to identify individuals by:

Name and address Date of Birth Gender
Medical History Height Active Treatments
Family Relations

The IS search the NHS medical-file databases for potential victims of relevant identity, and also have access to medical departments within prisons, military bases and psychiatric institutes to maximise catchments.

In this arena, operating-theatre staff are sworn to secrecy under security act legislation. This isn’t to say, however, that medical staff are acutely aware that the patient concerned might be molested while under the influence of anaesthesia.

  1. In a realistic scenario how does a surgeon tell whether an acute probe is designed for medical intervention or for surveillance and torture?
  2. If a doctor does, in fact, suspect foul play, how does he deny an agent access to a patient without falling foul of the law himself?

Doctors have no jurisdiction over their patients’ welfare where security forces are concerned. Security forces still retain the legal right:

  • to transfer a patient to another hospital against his wishes;
    • to extradite a patient without medical treatment; and
    • to administer whatever medical intervention to a patient they so wish, with or without his consent and knowledge.

Looking at the ‘experimental subjects’ theory, it’s easy to understand how MCs ‘pick to order’ their subjects and distribute implants to so many.

The Design, Testing and Analysis of Implants

There are six essential stages to the IS testing and analysis strategy.



Testing and Refinement




Where Research is concerned, consultants analyse the success of bygone experiments as well as appreciate the modern. This entails briefings with professionals of the relevant field and scouring the bookshelves of medical and military libraries for data-collection purposes. Case studies will be sought and investigated (depicting both success and failure) to highlight potential complications and spark innovative ideas. Foreign intelligence, if available, dictates the plans of action and overall development of implant design, which must be competitive on a global scale and outperform those already in circulation.

Using all the relevant research the consultants have collated, they must then Design a strategy that will help them achieve their objective. They will have to decide whether or not it is feasible to conduct the project overtly or covertly. In the case of a proposed experiment on a human being, the individual’s identity, age, race, class and occupation will be important. It will be decided whether or not the experimentee is consenting or unwitting, and how one is to go about finding an individual who meets the criteria and specified characteristics. The IS work in networked multi-disciplinary groups, so at some point relevant participants like doctors, military men and psychologists will meet and discuss the options available, and the feasibility and funding of the proposed operation. Various implant designs are sought and their properties investigated.

A pilot study will be performed for Testing and Refinement purposes. Obviously there is the chance of the project design being flawed; it may be that newly programmed equipment is faulty, staff aren’t sure of their role or invaluable resources and funding are withdrawn or dwindled away too quickly for the study to be concluded. Mistakes are corrected at this point and extensive adjustments made to the overall scheme of things. It is possible in rare circumstances that the entire project is abandoned and that the IS decide to start anew. At this point in the testing phase they have a vague idea of how the study will pull together, the budgeting costs, the risks involved and the quality of research likely to be acquired.

At the Implementation stage the team have ascertained where and when the research will be conducted. They will have acquired a number of human subjects who they may tap for research at relevant intervals. Surveillance and monitoring equipment is set up and professionals who can translate the output are hired. Telemetric data is recorded and archived whilst undercover field agents are deployed to subjects’ places of domicile to cover environmental and social influences. The manipulation and sabotage of the subjects’ lives will commence only if deemed crucial to the objective.

The Analysis and Conclusion involves the dissemination of research. Dependant on the surveillance systems used, results may be sent away to laboratory scientists who test and analyse data. The majority of scientists approached aren’t necessarily part of the IS team and are unaware that the research has been acquired illegally.

Once the reports are compiled, the IS set about building a picture of individual case files and eventually incorporate the information into a larger overview. They can look for common correlations and patterns of behaviour in the data and statistics. How the data is analysed will obviously vary, dependent on whether the study was to offer investigative, interventive or preventive insight.

The experimentees don’t have faces; they are simply part of a statistic, which is extracted from a computer database for intelligence committees to scrutinise. The final conclusion basically encompasses all the information based on the extensive analysis. If the experiments proved successful there is the option of pursuing research further or remaining content and assessing ways of incorporating the intelligence into future operations.

From a military perspective the IS have made substantial headway with implant technology. They have come to the realisation that the human body is a magnificent weapon in itself, and that all they need do is add a few refined capabilities.

  1. Radio Equipment. Surgically implanted sound-sensitive microphones enable operatives to eavesdrop on the verbal interactions occurring within their target’s physical range. This replaces the often favoured ordeal of bugging household premises. Voice to skull (microwave hearing) also enables field agents to speak to their target by transmitting electromagnetic radio frequencies directly to the auditory nerve.
  2. Electromagnetic Stimulation of the Spine/Brain. Permanently implanted electrodes can inflict serious illness, physical wounds and pain. This replaces the common requirement of torture instruments.
  3. Self-destruct Equipment. Throughout military history it hasn’t been uncommon for captives to carry poison pills as a means to commit suicide in the event of capture. Nor has it been uncommon for agents to plant bombs within buildings to kill VIP adversaries at close range. A miniaturised bomb may be implanted within the target’s body and detonated on cue. This way bombs get through Customs undetected and may be carried into high-security establishments, such as the Pentagon.
  4. Tracking Implants. Operatives may locate their targeted victim on a global scale and ascertain their whereabouts by country, borough and street name.
  5. Telemetric Monitoring. Devices implanted in the right regions of the brain or body would alert operatives to their target’s general state of health, like levels of pain and sleep patterns. Operatives are also able to ascertain, from bio-readings, psychological state of mind, stress, body temperature and breathing, etc.

Realistically a surgically implanted intelligence agent could infiltrate the most dangerous of terrorist groups, identifying culprits and hierarchy, how the terrorist group forms and disperses, and where funding and resources are sourced. The agent may sabotage the operation from the inside whilst adding to Her Majesty’s Secret Service’s wealth of intelligence.

MCVs engulfed in the design, testing and analysis strategy are simply pawns on a chess board. The implants they carry are the early indicators of the British government’s ‘Big Brother’ nation. Mind-control implants are primarily designed to be carried by British spies and dissidents (for covert-surveillance purposes) to track and annihilate the operations of terrorists, criminals and other enemies of state. MCVs are, therefore, the unfortunate casualties of the government’s experimental testing phase, not the long-term ultimate targets. Civilians are the safe alternative to testing on the real thing where, if the outcome is disastrous, the knock-on effects are limited.

To deploy a bugged British spy to the Pentagon and be rumbled would be a catastrophic embarrassment to the British government and could, in extreme circumstance, damage American and British relations. The Americans would detain the spy, torture him for intelligence and demand a full explanation from the British. If a suitable explanation wasn’t forthcoming, they would consider the death penalty if their security had been compromised. Preliminary testing phases are only extended to those whose identity is inconsequential. Only once a technique has been tried and tested over and over with guaranteed results will it be used on an enemy of the state.

The IS are repeatedly committing crimes in attempts to enhance the safety and security of their country. In this vicious game of silent warfare all casualties are expendable.


Mind-control developments bring into question a number of moralistic issues, which are fundamental in preserving the British legal system and human rights.

Britain has willingly signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights, United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, of course, created the British Human Rights Act 1998. The British constitution believes:

  • everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of person;
  • no one shall be held in slavery or servitude – slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms;
  • no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment;
  • no one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, or to attacks upon his honour and reputation – everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks;
  • everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment;
  • no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation;
  • everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression – this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.

The Right to Privacy, Freedom of Thought and Health

The right to privacy grants citizens to live in domestic domicile without interference from the government. Citizens may develop close relationships with whom they wish whether they be social or sexual. The right to undress and bathe oneself in a dignified fashion goes without debate.

Humans are private creatures and in their element when they have unlimited control of their environment. They may control who enters their house, may divulge information about themselves in private conversation, and dictate what they wear and eat. The privately owned house and the goings-on which occur within it give the individual an impression of territory, ownership and power.

Brains enable humans to be independent thinkers; to thrive on the freedoms and opportunities free thought provides. The right to personal autonomy, to develop personal interests, dictate direction and seek stimulus are major components of a healthy, balanced mental state.

MCs work hard to challenge the longstanding assertion that a man’s home environment is sacred ground, that his physical body and psyche are inviolable, and that any proposed manipulation or violation is an unholy adventure. They believe the following.

  1. It is dangerous for humans to have freedom of thought, as it isn’t always in check with government idealism.
  2. Humans shouldn’t have a right to privacy if it distorts truth. Who knows what information the average human is concealing?

Agents want to live and breathe (in real time) the target’s domesticated lifestyle to ultimately investigate and understand it. They have so many questions regarding human behaviour and must violate human privacy to make way for their research team of prying eyes and surveillance equipment. Only by accomplishing this will they learn how a human personality is formed and understand the intimacy of relationships.

Unfortunately for the victim, betraying every private thought and intimate moment with government agents is highly likely to traumatise him to the point of severe depression and humiliation and, in an extreme scenario, provoke suicidal thoughts.


Mind control is a form of brain rape and torture; whether the affliction is caused by drug administration, electromagnetic stimulation, brainwashing or the nurture of personality disorders, the end result remains the same. The target is forced to endure continued harassments. IS mind control, in particular, is likened to slavery because the target’s brain and mind are tapped for research against his will. He is helpless to prevent the intrusion and resist the brain’s physical and mental reaction to electrode stimulation.

To date the American Guantanamo military base displays the most public flagrant disregard for human rights where systematic mind control is highly prevalent. Freed captives have accused the CIA of utilising sensory-deprivation and sound-technology techniques to install in them fear and hypnotic suggestions. They’ve been denied physical exercise, exposed to severe temperatures and prevented from prayer and conversation. When captives have disobeyed they have been beaten, kicked, stripped naked, sexually harassed and threatened with dogs. On the odd occasion captives have been doused with urine and threats have been made towards their families if information wasn’t forthcoming in the interrogation room. Slowly but surely the restraints which have kept the human brain and mind inviolable are being eroded by science.

So long as it remains national policy to protect the security of the British nation and its interests, the government will strive to produce mind control techniques that are ever more invasive and efficient. Mind control is such an integrative component of military warfare now that research pertaining to its use is highly classified.

The government, of course, denies that Mind Controllers exist. Exposure of their antics would prove undoubtedly that the government is committing criminal acts against the people it is sworn to protect. Exposure would also make folly of the laws which govern civilised society.

The answer to the problem is certainly clear; MCs are criminals and should be prosecuted as such. Greater openness and education regarding mind control will help aid the legal process and eventual conviction of the perpetrators who wish to make political and financial gain from the suffering of others. It is especially important that those involved in mental health understand mind control methodology and find ways to effectively treat and reverse the prolonged physical and psychological effects endured by victims and their families.


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  • MCs – Mind Controllers

Government-funded agents who conduct mind control-research.

  • MCVs – Mind Control Victims

Human beings who are used for human experimentation.

  • IS – Implant Specialists

Mind-control agents who specialise in implant technology.

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Beating the War Drums

By Cultocracy

At a meeting of the Association of the US Army in Washington this week military figures outlined how a future war beteeen nation states might unfold .

In yet another sign of escalating tensions between world powers the tone was one of war rather than peace .

Some quotes from the meeting :

Major General William Hix stated ‘A conventional conflict in the near future will be extremely lethal and fast, and we will not own the stopwatch’.

On future military capabilities Hix observed ‘The speed at which machines can make decisions in the far future is likely to challenge our ability to cope, demanding a new relationship between man and machine’.

He also warned the Whitehouse to be prepared for ‘violence on the scale that the US Army has not seen since Korea’ .

US army chief Lieutenant General Joseph Anderson cited  ‘modern nation-states acting aggressively in militarised competition’ .

Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley said the chances of nations engaing in full scale war was ‘almost guaranteed’.

What conclusion can we reach from the meeting & what can be gleaned from reading between the lines ?

Washington & the currupt individuals that infest the US hierarchy are desperate to retain global hegemony as the worlds leading military superpower & reap the personal rewards that this position offers . Russia under the leadership of Putin has effectively closed the door on Western efforts to carve up the Middle East & the oil bounty that lies there , a criminal enterprise sold to the West as ‘The War on Terror’ , proxy wars using psuedo ‘terrorist’ constructs are continuing with Syria being the new front . Other fronts have opened closer to home with Ukraine being the most recent example .

China & Russia have forged closer ties , both militarily & economically , both countries have been expanding their military arsenals with increasingly sophisticated weaponry . This is seen as a threat , not to the people of the U.S.A but by the increasingly agitated military industrial complex , trigger fingers are getting twitchy  . Economic cooperation also means a threat to the dominance of the US dollar as the leading global currency . The world is being treated like a chessboard by the competing power structures . The two sides are now issuing public & not so public threats , is it brinksmanship or is the threat of war a reality ? It is a reality to the power brokers who care more for profits & bloodlust rather than people .

The truth is that 99.99 of people around the world do not want war or conflict , they are being increasingly ignored by a tiny clique of warmongers & greedy corporate psychopaths in their respective governments , the UK included . Nobody is listening to them , they are completely out of touch with reality , the world that they inhabit is not the real world , it is a world manufactured by themselves based on the worst human character traits imaginable .

The tragedy is that the finance & research resources that are being poured into sowing the seeds of conflict & destruction could be harnessed to solve many of the issues that the world faces , many of which they have actually created & are now actively promoting . Meanwhile the cost is measured in human suffering & degradation across the globe .

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  6. Russia-China Deals: Another Nail in the Coffin for U.S. Dollar


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Giant Asian Hornets nest discovered in UK

Cultocracy note :

To all targeted individuals in the UK & worldwide ;

WE are the hornets nest !

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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest

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FREE WILL: A TIs Greatest Asset, Oft Hardest to Employ

H. Michael Sweeney –

What you believe determines how you react under and are able to defend against targeting. That’s a key reason that targets are psychologically profiled before targeting even begins; the enemy needs to know what chains best to jerk. Turns out, there’s a simple way to jerk back.

What you will learn reading this in-depth post…

  • That belief structures define us, establish our psychology, and our responses to stimuli;
  • There are many ways targeting both takes advantage of and yet alters beliefs to weaken the will to resist;
  • Will power equates to Free Will, the greatest gift of God to Man short of salvation through Christ and life, itself;
  • The pitfalls of targeting psychology as it relates to Free Will, and;
  • How to use Free Will to thwart targeting and run psyops on the perps.

Where do you get help if you are a targeted individual?

Challenge][ As author, lecturer, and consultant on personal privacy and security, and abuse of power, I invite the reader, especially if a Targeted Individual (TI), to make a comparison. Compare the nature and content of this post with the typical posts or emailed materials by other persons offering insight into targeting methods or technology, and/or defensive tactics. Then decide which closer resembles the reality of your experience, and which plays instead to the very fears and results ascribed herein to be unexpected weapons. You become what you believe: let’s take an in-depth and lengthy examination, and see…

Is the information offered insightful and helpful, or more likely to lead the victim deeper into the proverbial Rabbit Hole of dread. There is a difference between education and helpful advice through understanding (what a consultant or educator tries to provide), and the rhetoric and trivial dialogs of technospeak or psychobabble offered with questionable veracity, something closer to beliefs and opinions, or even mis- or disintormation than well-sourced facts — regardless of if offered with good intent, or ill.

Topic][ We are talking about TI’s, Targeted Individuals, of course; persons harassed endlessly by organized groups using Political Control Technology (PCT), which can mean any number of things from gang stalking to electronic weapons, and much, much more. PCT is military and intelligence community developed technology, so if one is targeted, the perpetrators (‘Perps’) are almost always from those quarters, or from parties with whom they interact, undertaken for political or criminal purposes.

We should be grateful, in a way, for PCT. Prior to advances in PCT made since WW II, when a person became a roadblock or threat to a political agenda or criminal plot, they were simply done away with; murdered, typically a ‘wet job’ assassination or, if time allowed, dealt ‘an accident,’ or what we call ‘heart attacked.’ PCT, however, allows a whole new way of dealing with ‘inconvenient’ person who are not quite an immediate threat, thus avoiding the pitfalls of murder investigations and unwanted publicity they entail, and dangerous questions they raise.

When the target is a person of wealth and power, or public influence, it is less likely to be used. PCT works best on those unable to afford exotic defenses which would render it near useless, if not completely pointless. Those in the public eye may be too well observed already to risk deployment of useful PCT methods without risking detection by third parties. PCT only works when no one believes it is being used except the target. So unless they can first financially destroy or socially discredit such persons, they may elect instead a good old fashioned murder. Ask Vince Foster, Ron Brown, or even Marilyn Monroe or Princess Di. People with high credulity working for them can’t answer hurtful questions once they are dead.

Perps often fear victims][ It is fear that such questions might be answered by the target which drives any consideration for either assassination or PCT. When someone is thus targeted, it can be said they actually fear the target, fear them enough to justify ‘self defense’ and pre-emptive action. Thus the TI may actually hold an ace up their sleeve and simply not know it.

Part of my job as consultant is to seek to see if that is the case, identify it, and wield it as offensive weapon.  For such victims, PCT was elected as a preferred method not just because it seems safer, but because of the way it works; the goal of PCT is to render the target into a social, financial, and political zero. No one pays attention to a zero, it is nothing of value to them.

This targeting achieves by making the victim seem crazy; no one wants to believe in the Boogeyman, so when they start talking about being targeted, they are presumed paranoiac and/or schizophrenic, and discounted.  Once they achieve this status, of course, neither will anyone believe any information they may offer which caused them to be feared in the first place, even if they have evidence which might otherwise raise eyebrows.  But that does not mean the information has no power over perps, if realized and properly used.

Other reasons for targeting][ This is not the only reason for targeting, however. One cannot deploy technology without training users on the methods and devices involved, and that requires live, unwitting subjects. In like manner, one cannot develop devices and improve method without experimenting on human Guinea Pigs. This is all fact, and even found in the Congressional Record (Church and Rockefeller Commission Reports), but for some reason, we still can’t quite believe in the Boogeyman enough to consider the possibility that someone is telling the truth when they complain of targeting. Finally, one can also be targeted for joy riding (psychopathic pleasures) or vendetta — both forms essentially an abuse of power through access to the technology for personal reasons.

The reason one is targeted often defines the entire game, including best defense strategy. But that is beyond the scope of this post, and indeed, inappropriate — because every situation, though perhaps similar in generic description to another, will have sufficient variables in play such that strategies should be tailored to the individual circumstance. Environmental, social, and personal matters all come into play, and more.

Why won’t people believe it when someone says they are being targeted?

It gets tricky

Self as a weapon][ The first step in targeting is surveillance from afar and the development of a psychological profile, which is the definitive ‘self.’ The goal is to calculate the victim’s likelihood of being responsive to an array of attack options. It also seeks to uncover some key ‘theme’ for the attack psychology. For some it will be guilt, trying to make the person feel they are targeted because they are bad. Others might come to think the theme is to suicide, or to undertake a specific course of action. It can be almost anything, or it may be completely generic harassment without a theme, because we all different psychological makeups.

Now, while more than one assault method is available, only one will likely be brought to bear at a time, and fostered until it achieves a certain level of success. I call this a calibration phase. Additional targeting methods are brought on line in a sequence designed such that the success in the former better aids the progress of the next, which in turn ideally augments or reinforces the former. While that is not always the case, doing so is a high-value procedural goal; it is important to achieve as prompt a negative impact on the psyche and behavioral responses as possible, so that responses to attack will be seen as being due mental aberrations — rather than the actions of a Boogeyman.

Disbelief as a weapon][ Such disbelief as to true cause by onlookers is, thereby, almost guaranteed. Paranoiac responses (e.g., looking over one’s shoulder to see if being followed) are natural when one is targeted, but do not mean the target is actually paranoid. But they immediately seem paranoid to others, even as the process begins. Yet in time, they wax toward true paranoia, as fear and assault from general targeting starts them to questioning more and more events around them in fears they might be connected to targeting.

Soon enough, even innocent things are indeed so judged. It is this same mechanism which renders professional spies less than useful, in time, because they start to over react to their daily dread of discovery. Intelligence agents are, by retirement age, generally speaking, quite paranoid. But there is more such as this, to come. This is not mental illness as some count paranoia to be, but rote conditioning; paranoia by reflexive repetition.

Imagination as a weapon][ Part and parcel of MC is to make the victim believe in a false reality as to their circumstances. They seek to create a belief that the problems they face are beyond their ability to resist, and other than they really are. Clearly, any onset of paranoiac beliefs will play to this, and create opportunities to put the ploy into full play. Once achieved, when they fight back defensively, they fight the wrong problem with the wrong solution, further cementing the notion that resistance is futile when the effort fails.

This ploy is also used another way; to make them think the wrong people, or at least additional people, are involved, but who are not. Targets are goaded into lashing out, if not verbally, more dangerously, that they might get into trouble, and have key support relationships sabotaged, even face arrest or other legal entanglements — or ideally, be forced into mental evaluation and perhaps even institutionalized ‘for their own protection.’

Mistrust as a weapon][ On the flip side of this tactic, they often approach persons close to the victim and attempt to subvert them with lies hoping to induce actual participation. They may present credentials or badges of trust, and talk of child pornography or other criminal behaviors, even terrorism, and sow seeds of mistrust and ‘patriotism.’ Once a victim begins to experience such mistrust, they in turn, feeling betrayed, begin to mistrust others close to them. The net result is that they can never be sure who the players and helpers really are, again fostering whole new paranoiac fears.

Fear as a weapon][ The above fears are very effective. Yet some PCT is so fearsome, such as bioimplants, that even suspecting it is in use, heightens paranoia. There are many tricks which can cause victims to assume implants in place, or some other dread, when not true. However, this is more commonly the case with long-term victims who have already been well along the paranoiac response path, and have had their beliefs altered well away from the true nature of their enemy. The longer one is targeted, the closer to this state they tend to become.

At such a point, paranoia can naturally grow to the edge of schizophrenia in appearance, perhaps better described as the form of hypochondria in terms of ‘sensing’ symptoms (such as where the implants are thought to be placed, or whatever the dread may be). Fear and imagination, when combined in an unending onslaught, can manufacture new false realities of any construct.

Once that transpires, or where implants really are in use, it is almost impossible to work one’s way out. Doctors will refuse to inspect for implants, and X-rays won’t reveal them because they are set for tissue examination, and not dense matter. The latest generation of low-cost implants are indeed fearsome: they are far too easy to place without the user’s knowledge (thought to be an insect bite) while they sleep, are extremely small in many cases, and are designed to bond with and look like bits of flesh if uncovered with scalpal. It takes a good magnifier to see signs of man-made tech.

Who is responsible for political control technology?

Consequences of false beliefs:

To be a helper first of all and foremost requires no preconceptions of what is true or imagined by the target. For the very reasons described herein (false beliefs), alone. But also because even if truly schizophrenic, that does not mean the person is not ALSO targeted. In point of fact, the class of victim who is a test or training subject is often chosen exactly because they are already schizophrenic; there is no possible way for anyone to believe that they are targeted no matter how badly a trainee or test goes haywire. And paranoia, being natural, is actually closer to a proof of targeting than a reason for disbelief.

This is exactly why it is so hard to get good helps from the very people who should help (e.g., Cops, Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians), and why I do not prejudge based on ‘wild’ or implausible claims or implied clues that something is wrong with their facts. If, in the end, if the person is schizophrenic, I’ll eventually come to understand that, and deal with it. If they are ONLY schizophrenic, I’ll by then be in a better position to guide them to the proper psychiatric helps.

But also, if schizophrenic and actually targeted, the illness will not deter detection of that truth, nor prevent me from addressing it — though it makes it more difficult. And I will still try to help the victim obtain the helps for the chemical imbalance causing their aberration, as well. And that is all it is. It is not being crazy, and if it did not have such a scary sounding name, people would realize it is not that big of a deal to so suffer.

This approach is also critical because it means I can ignore (mostly) any obvious or even inobvious false beliefs held by the victim. They are inconsequential to the true nature of targeting unless I myself also rely on the false facts, but I do not, or at least try not to so rely. Ignorance in this case is bliss. However, at some point, any errors in belief structures must be repaired or, perhaps, tested. It may, for instance, be me who has false perception. A good test can teach whomever is wrong the true nature of things, provided their minds are not sealed to logic (that can be the case).

The logical path][ Were I able to go into a TI’s home and install pickproof locks and facilitate true site security, render their computer and phones secure and defeat surveillance devices, make various targeting method tests, set up defenses in response, and do the appropriate investigations and analyze victim history — I can make ALWAYS make progress. It may not be total victory, but if not, the resulting shift will see the targeting closer to an annoyance than a trauma.

I’m talking about all the things I advise my client Tis to do, of course, since I cannot do it for them at distance (while I do offer direct intervention, it is generally too costly for a TI to afford, as it usually involves securing other professional specialists or services, as well). This is what I do: play 20 questions, give assignments, some of which are tests to undertake, and figure it out as we go. Repeat as needed.

Rationalization as weapon][ But victims tend not to follow my advice even after agreeing, or fail to undertake steps correctly, or misconstrue the results, or even reject the advice or conclusions out of hand — all generally because their current belief structures (as to the nature of the beast) will not allow them to yield fully to my advice or to the possibility of another reality. Their minds are closed to logic, and they rationalize an excuse for the subconscious decision.

Strangely, this is often even true when the instruction is a test which would make that very determination. My best successes have only been possible when the victim was relatively new and had as of yet had no such strong false belief structures to struggle with. Long term victims tend to have a ‘been there, done that’ not-going-there again approach even though they haven’t, yet, really (at least not in the manner as prescribed).

And understand, I’m not saying I’m always right, by any means. I’m frequently wrong; since I am not there, I must rely on the information I’m given, but it comes from people who are not consistently capable of giving me the correct information— because it is all filtered through their belief structure born of targeting falsehoods. Even if I were on site, I myself might be misled by clues or symptoms, or miss something key, or simply make wrong conclusions. So imagine how much harder it is for the Victim, alone in a stressful environment.

Desperation as weapon][ It leads to desperation, and in that state, victims do things they ought not. They almost habitually (mix and match) ‘hook up’ with other Tis, seek sexual encounters with strangers; move into places indefensible, write to authorities in an inappropriate manner, spend serious money on foolish or fraudulent defenses, and more. They rationalize wrong choices via hope instead of choosing carefully with logic, and by that same rationalization, discount failures and thus end up repeating the same error, again.

Speaking to my introduction paragraph, they tend to believe at the drop of a hat most any technical or tactical explanation or offer for help (especially if a new or unusual method, and for too many, even if seeming nonsense) — especially if it in any way reinforces a false belief already held. And they tend to reveal too much information when in dialogs, further aiding perps in psychological profile and targeting fine tuning. These things they do in hopes it will somehow at last lead to something that does help.

The path unwanted][ All this further exaggerates their false beliefs, and then typically in the end they call those same people (with home they hooked up or from whom they obtained information or helps) Perps when things don’t work out as expected. Regardless, seldom will they toss out the newly acquired fears or beliefs about tech. There is such a desire to ‘understand’ the problem, that they consume and eagerly share information constantly, even if there are logical signposts that it is incorrect. Eyes are raised if anyone dares point out such flaws, and their honest appraisal becomes circumspect. Of course, sometimes, the objections are indeed false, perhaps from a perp.

Division as weapon][ Thus in the end, the victim community ends up bickering and fighting and being suspicious of one the other. Even though it is sometimes absolutely true one is a Perp (or just as bad in net result, a true schizophrenic believing themselves a victim), way too many thought to be, are not. For those wrongly accused, help is subsequently even harder to come by, as they tend to isolate themselves defensively. Victims end up torturing victims unwittingly in a mass self-reinforcement of victimization.

This is why I no longer participate in group dialogs, polls, petitions, etc.

And why was false advice given in the first place? When not because the giver was a perp, it is most likely a false belief structure which allowed the giver to sincerely think it would help, perhaps because they used it in their own targeting. But they failed to realize the perps took steps to make it seem like it helped. This takes us back to the opening statement: part and parcel of MC is to make the victim believe in a false reality as to their circumstances. They giveth and taketh away after it has led to more division in the TI community.

How sinister the weapons are][ But even when the advice or information is good, if filtered through false belief structures, it will not be useful to the victim as a rule, and for the reasons cited already. It matters not who is giving the advice; me or a TI, or some third party. False belief structures still get in the way, and perhaps, for some individuals, pride contributes; they do not wish to admit they’ve been wrong all along.

I can sometimes make decent progress with a long-term victim suffering false beliefs, but seldom as much progress as desired. Regardless, and this is almost always true for all clients, when even a small level of progress is made, the victim gains strength and the will to continue fighting. They become a Survivor, and are no long victim, and that alone is worthwhile. If I can get that far, there is hope that more progress can be made, and in time, it usually is, but every new gain tends to be hard earned… but with luck, at some point, there is an opportunity to suddenly break away altogether.

But you often dare not tell a victim they have false beliefs (as I attempt, here) or a key to truly understanding their problems, even once a survivor, because it will probably be rejected along with other advice. They have to somehow come to realize it on their own, and start from zero; that’s when good advice and helps can actually work. Even then, they must also have the will power remaining to force themselves to stop the bad practices which deter helps and neuter advice, as well as the bad habits born of desperation.

What is political control technology?

But then there is FREE WILL

Free Will, the Survivor’s weapon][ Exercise of Free Will, the gift of God which no other can take away unless freely given in submission, is the greatest weapon a TI has: only if they CHOOSE to allow an attack method to have emotional impact, will it be so. Street theater, V2S (voice to skull), and even pain generating tech becomes little more than a bad joke when one is able to simply decide it has NOTHING TO DO with their ATTITUDE and emotion, or their psychology and philosophical approach to daily life.

A Cancer victim in constant pain who CHOOSES to continue to live and enjoy life… such a person in such a state is a wondrous thing to behold, because we see they can be truly happy in life, accepting their fate and enjoying life even MORE than someone uninflected because of it. So why cannot a TI do the same? Only because they CHOOSE to suffer the very psychological effects the targeting pushes them reflexively into. But unlike cancer, there is a cure for that.

Never REACT][ Instead STOP, THINK, and consciously ACT; stop yourself from reacting, think what your reflexive instincts were telling you to do — and consider if that was not what was expected of you. With that in mind, then ACT contrary to it in some manner, doing so as if an actor in a play. In the beginning you will have to act like an actor, because it will not seem ‘normal,’ but in time, you will find that things get easier, and eventually, reflexive, such that targeting no longer has any control, not even to force you to stop, think and act. THAT will be true freedom; the day you no longer automatically respond as predicted by your profile — because you have created a whole new profile, one which is targeting resistant, and one they cannot understand or deal with.

To me, the real beauty of this method is that it is mind control in reverse; the perps become confused, and are rendered victims of your psychological warfare upon them. The accuracy of their psychological profile is diluted and eventually becomes useless and meaningless. The lack of progress and success causes underlings to get in trouble with superiors on up the line. People get ‘fired’ and replaced.

They even start replacing equipment, thinking it defective. And from that fact comes a warning: expect attacks to intensify, either as punative response, or in experimentation to see what’s wrong. But they will not want them to get so intense that they damage tissue or leave other physical evidence, so if you start getting microwave burns, for instance, go to a Doctor and get it documented, and photograph them for evidence, and as always, update your log of targeting events with great detail. They will back off if this starts to happen, almost always. If they do not, let me know. I have thoughts on that, too.

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BAE Systems – Illegal Human Experimentation

bae-implants-ti-ribbonCultocracy note :

The text & images in this article are taken from the website BAE Implant , the site seems to be genuine & not disinformation . The subject was a Mr.J.M.Nicholson a former employee of BAE systems PLC . After several years of torture & harassment it seems that Mr.Nicholson took a journey to Peru to have several implants removed , these were implanted surgically without his consent under the epidermis probably using modern injection techniques which lead to minimal scarring . There are more images on the site above , some may be natural growths , many are obviously not , many of the implants seem to be degraded . The implants range from micro-antenna type wires & bundles to others which seem to be capacitors and electrodes , commonly known to Joseph Mengele & Donald Ewen Cameron types as a ‘full body suit’ . Implants such as these provide a remote form of bio-monitoring & control , behaving in a similar way to RFID chips .


BAE Systems was formed in 1999 by the merger of Marconi Electric Systems & British Aerospace , both companies had very close ties to the UK defence industry . The company is famed for using bribery & other corrupt methods to procure contracts .The company is also renowned for using private ‘contractors’ to oversee a large portion of their ‘security’ related activities , many of whom have cosy friendships with various state security services .

Just one example of the scale of greed involved was the Al-Yamamah arms deal with Saudi Arabia , Saudi is a absolute monarchy , a system envied by the corrupt cultocrats in the UK . In February 2010 the company was forced to pay £257m in criminal fines to the US and £30m to the UK , Judge Bates for the U.S. Department of Justice said the company’s conduct involved “deception, duplicity and knowing violations of law, I think it’s fair to say, on an enormous scale”.

Marconi was the defence arm of the General Electric Co. , Marconi specialized in wireless transmission technology & developed the RADAR system deployed in the UK during WWII . More recently Marconi have been involved in the developement of the Skynet military ‘communications’ satellites . Marconi was also involved in the development & implementation of the Zircon satellite system during the 1980’s . The Zircon system was dogged by controversy due to the fact that the whole programme was being conducted in secret without any discussion with the elected UK government & the Public Accounts Committee which oversees government spending . This whole episode of high level deceit & fraud led to the Zircon affair .

In the early 1990’s BAE Systems also invested heavily in mobile telecommunications & the related infrastructure . Microtel Communications Ltd was founded in 1990 with BAE as a leading partner , a controlling share of Microtel was exchanged in a stock swap deal with Hutchison Wampoa in 1991 . This deal left BAE with a large share of both Microtel & Hutchison Wampoa , Microtel became the well known UK mobile supplier ‘Orange’ , Hutchison Wampoa owns the ‘3’ network , also well established in the UK .

Are you joining the dots ?

Mr.J.M.Nicholson @

It appears as if something truly monstrous and outrageous was performed on my whole anatomy. I have carried out countless tests and it’s as if there is an intrusive process of division and replication taking place throughout my blood and body tissue. It would seem that there is a whole network of disguised gadgetry and circuitry throughout my body, the content of which divides and replicates on a level with DNA. Indeed, that may answer the question as to how they managed to inject so much into my body in such a short space of time. Effectively, they didn’t. In all probability, just one complete assembly of implants was injected, which created copies of DNA fragments along the lines of molecular cloning. It definitely looks as if their garbage was tagged directly onto my DNA, as every square centimeter of my tissue hitherto examined is affected. Logically, if they tagged just a small amount which tricked my body into believing it was natural DNA, the effect would soon have snowballed and become a total process of natural and artificial DNA replication incorporated. What was previously just a prospective atrocity has clearly moved out of the laboratory and gone operational following extensive DNA studies in projects such as the Human Genomes Diversity – but in 1998, I ask you? However, I had a nose operation under general anesthetic in a London hospital in 2008. That was the most likely venue, as the really heavy assaults to the body kicked in that same year. Anyhow, the images below are microscopic takes of pieces of surgical scarring taken from my body during the healing process. I could take any piece of scarring and it would appear under the microscope to have wires and strands intertwining in what appears an artificially designed arrangement. Absolutely certain is that there are aspects of the objects that appear totally unnatural. I sometimes discover bits and pieces of scarring which were shed in my bed, in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and which I have analyzed under the microscope out of curiosity. As previously stated, I believe the reason my defenses don’t go overboard is that they are tricked into believing the whole process relates to natural DNA replication. Indeed, if their garbage is attached to my DNA, it is effectively an artificially reproduced process of DNA replication integrated into, and propelled by, the natural one. I thought at first these were just intrusive implants which my defenses seized the opportunity to eject during surgery and scarring, but that now seems highly unlikely. I have checked that the objects found around my person are indeed mine by picking bits of scarring from my body and comparing microscopic images of both sets. They all relate to one and the same thing. The images below are a mix of some literally plucked from my body and others found around my person. This is truly monstrous, and “they” are true monsters.



 MICRO-CIRCUITRY RESTS (Microwire bundles)

These are microscopic images of distorted micro-circuitry rests which were initially injected in compressed form. The tiny bundles of microwire were ejected from my body during surgery and scarring. The circuitry was originally implanted just below the skin using precision injection guided by sophisticated computer technology to determine the desired trajectory. Observe the snapshot alongside displaying oxidized strands of circuitry peeping out from just below the skin. Medical staff frequently remark on the depth of my blood vessels. Head nurses or anesthetists frequently need to insert catheters or even take blood samples when ordinary nurses are unable to locate any veins. That scope for implanting foreign bodies close to the surface was one of the main reasons I was considered such a lucrative target of opportunity.


These are just some of the disguised micro-ducts and tubes which were surgically removed from the abdomen and thighs.





AND WOMEN ALIKE……………………………




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Motives for Mind Control : Part I

Allen Barker, June 13, 2001

This essay is the first in a series of three on mind control.  It discusses some of the motives for mind control and why it continues.  Part II of the series, “Resisting the Mind Control State,” describes some methods to protest and resist mind control abuses and atrocities.  Part III, “Mental Firewalls,” discusses some of the techniques victims have developed to survive the ongoing torture operations.

For the purposes of this essay, mind control refers to any method used nonconsensually on a victim to covertly and deniably attempt to control or modify that person’s behavior.  This occurs in settings where a person has a reasonable expectation not to be violated, such as in his or her home or in his or her private mentation.  It is this sort of violation that differentiates a mind control crime from an ordinary social interaction, just as the lack of consent turns sex into rape.

Consider “street theater” as an example.  Street theater refers to a form of harassment where a group of torturers act out little skits, either literally on the street or on the internet, in the media, etc., intended to harass and disturb an individual or to otherwise modify the victim’s behavior.  So if a group of people act out “street theater” to a random person to disturb him or her then, while this might be a crime, I would not necessarily call it mind control.  It is when surveillance is combined with the “skits” to both track a person over time for harassment and to obtain personal information about a person to be used in the harassment that I would say a mind control operation is being carried out.

Of course there are many sorts of mind control operations, but they all tend to have this sort of feedback setup: violate a person with extreme surveillance and use that surveillance information to target the influencing.  It is a classic sort of feedback setup that might be described in terms of the mathematical and engineering fields of control theory, at least in the abstract sense.  The surveillance devices can range from phone taps, audio and video bugs in a home or car, internet monitoring, and basic tracking devices, all the way up to advanced satellite surveillance methods, super-sensitive electromagnetic sensor systems with computer analysis, and devices implanted in people’s bodies without their consent.  The “effector” or the control variables can range from harassing phone calls, street theater, rumor spreading, power-line dimming, and internet messages all the way up to harassment with microwave devices, acoustic weapons, messages in the media such as TV and newspapers, projecting “voices” to a person that only he or she can hear, and direct brain stimulation and manipulation.

Other mind control methods use techniques such as hypnosis and drugs to influence people, but the methods all have the common thread of the denied and deniable attack against the mind of an individual.  The purpose of this essay is not to specifically describe the methods of mind control.  More specifics will be given in the later essays of this series, and one can consult books and articles by various authors for the documented history of mind control technology and operations in the U.S.  See, for example, the articles at the Mind Control: Technology, Techniques, and Politics web site at

Even if you do not believe that all of this is currently happening — though it is — you should still be concerned.  Based on public, open sources it is clear to almost anyone that the technology will be available in the near future.  But there are victims now.  You do not even have to think the U.S. government is doing this, but it is.  “Our boys” will be targeted with these sorts of weapons in future wars.

For the purposes of this essay, I assume that the reader has a general grasp of the type of mind control manipulations being discussed and I consider possible motivations a harasser, monitor, or controller (or group thereof) might have to commit such vicious crimes.  Because this essay is intended to get people thinking, the possible motives will not necessarily be linked to any particular technological method, but the reader with some common sense will see what methods might be used in each case and will no doubt be able to think of combinations and motivations not directly mentioned here.

To spoil the rest of the essay, the reasons boil down to money and power.

Technological Equivalent of the Atomic Bomb

Many items appear on the list of motivations for mind control abuses, but the one primary reason why the technology was developed is because it is a weapon.  This is the first motivation and why billions of dollars have been covertly spent on the technology.  Of course, once the technology and techniques are developed they tend to proliferate.  Other application tend to be found, depending on the level of corruption in a society, and organized crime groups other than the government tend to obtain such weapons and techniques.  But the primary reason such devices were first developed and tested is that governments were and are developing and testing weapons.

A recent Air Force Times article about a microwave crowd control weapon being prepared for deployment described such weapons as “perhaps the biggest breakthrough in weapons technology since the atomic bomb,” and the particular weapon they were describing is far, far from the covert cutting edge.  Indeed, a government would be negligent if it did not investigate such technology.  But using the technology on people without their consent, either in testing or in applications, is either an act of war if committed on foreign individuals or an act of treason if committed on domestic citizens.  It is almost always an act of torture.

It is important not to confuse the real motivation with the rationalizations or the cover reasons.  Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, and pedophiles are the currently popular rationalizations for usurping citizens’ inalienable liberties now that the cold war is over.  A week of American TV would convince any unindoctrinated viewer of that.  There is also the phenomenon I call “spreading the blood around.”  This is the idea that the more people who can be made to take part in some way in a large-scale atrocity — to get some of the blood on their hands — the more political support that can be generated for continuing the atrocities.

Some differences between the atomic bomb and mind control technology need to be pointed out.  First, mind control technology is meant to be used covertly and deniably.  It is not meant necessarily to kill, though it can, but rather to ultimately control a human being like an automaton.  Secondly, mind control technology is designed for use against the domestic population, rather than just against foreign targets.

Who Would Want to Rule the World?

At some level it is stunning that an essay such as this is necessary at all.  People have always

wanted to “control men’s minds” — not to mention women’s minds.  But people historically have also been manipulated again and again, by one group of people followed by another, by one big lie followed by another — often convinced that it cannot possibly be happening now.  There is also a “moral big lie” where decent people cannot imagine that anyone could have the capacity to carry out such heinous atrocities and conspiracies over long periods of time, because they could not imagine themselves doing it.  They have minor moral lapses like everyone (like ordinary people tell small lies) but they just cannot grasp the notion of the big moral atrocity because they would never consider such abominations.

There always have been and always will be people among us who yearn for nothing but to be tyrants over other people.  Let us be clear here on that point and never forget it.  There will always be someone who wants to be the next Stalin — to choose one historical example from countlessly many — and who will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve this.  This also means that there are Americans among us now who are just this sort of person — or a lackey for such a person — living among us in our society.  Do not let the big lie and ubiquitous American propaganda fuzzy your thinking.  The threat is more likely to come from within the government than from someone’s garage.  Eternal vigilance is indeed the price of liberty.

Motives for Mind Control

We finally come to the list of possible motivations for mind control.  It is important to remember, though, that it is not the responsibility of the torture victim to second-guess the reasons the torture was committed.  In this sense the “reason” for the torture is generally that the torturer had the opportunity to commit the torture and thought he or she could get away with it.  Nonetheless, it is useful to examine more mercenary or mercantile sorts of possible motivations to better see why mind control torture is happening, why it continues, and maybe gain some insight into how it can be abolished.

Remember that in any group of people there is politics.  This is also the case with the people involved in the conspiracy of mind controllers.  So when considering questions such as “why don’t they just kill everyone who speaks out at all” or other such questions — which can be useful to consider even if you cannot know the exact answer — it is important to keep this in mind.  Mind control conspirators tend to come from the same culture and live in the same society with the victims.  When they leave the underground bunker — literally or metaphorically — they go to live in homes and with families among us.  [The low-level mind controllers, like Auschwitz guards, probably do not know the whole mind control system either.  Also, with advanced electronic sorts of harassment the harasser could be half a world away with a good connection, but presumably still lives in a community among some decent people.]

Many interrelated motives are mentioned on the following list, but that does not imply that exactly one listed motive is the true motive in any case, or that the list is exhaustive.  A useful comparison for how a victim might be used is a comparison to a slaughterhouse, where an animal comes in and is cut up and almost every usable scrap that can be used for anything is used.  To use a slave auction analogy, if one slaver has a slave that is good for X but needs Y, and another slaver has a slave that is good for Y and wants X, then perhaps they can strike up a commercial transaction on their human chattel.

Some might object that publicizing this list will only give new ideas to harassers.  It might, but the only alternative is to keep the people uninformed and to allow the atrocities to continue.  I also suspect that the people with access to this technology for some years have already thought of (and applied) all of these reasons, even if they did not express them this way.

Here is the list of motives, in no particular order.

Low-intensity warfare against the domestic population.  This has long been the policy of the U.S. government, though it typically is not so directly stated.  Cointelpro actions are covertly undertaken to harass and discredit people who, for whatever reason, are “in the way.”  Frank Donner, in his 1980 book Age of Surveillance, makes this point with example after example.  In his phrase, convert surveillance and harassment has become an unspoken “mode of governance” in the U.S.  So this newer technology simply fits right in as a more high-tech way to continue carrying out this “mode of governance.”  A key concept which Donner points out, and which many Americans cannot quite seem to grasp is that the government does not need to accuse you of a crime or charge you or try you if they can just punish you.  A paranoid government does not even need to suspect that you are committing any crime, wrongdoing, or organizing at all: only that you might do so.  These sorts of programs usually tend to target potential leaders and whistleblowers, though anyone can be cointelproed.

Would such a program, if “successful,” be contained and only be used on foreign scientists?  I do not think so.  It would be used on any people at all, only limited by the cost and the perceived risk of being caught.  Domestic targets might even be more tempting because the risk of discovery could be better “managed.”  You would not even have to be a brilliant scientist, some bureaucrat only needs to think you are, or that you are somehow “of interest.”  If enough people are targeted then almost all levels of scientists and engineers could be targeted.  (If they had a golden goose they’d dissect it.)

Intellectual property theft from scientists and engineers is only listed first because of the slippery slope example above; there are many classes of people who might be targeted for similar reasons.  Einstein is quoted as having said that imagination is more important than intelligence, and imagination is even more important to covert organizations who effectively select against employees with real imagination.

Other sorts of creative people who might be vulnerable are writers (plagiarism), other types of artists or craftspeople, inventors, programmers, etc.  In an economic espionage sense, any sort of innovative or high-volume stock trader or business leader might be a tempting and very lucrative target.  Dialogue and situations stolen from people’s real lives can become tomorrow’s “drama.”  Patents, copyrights, trademarks, and any sort of intellectual property can be deniably stolen from these victims.  This can deny them their livelihoods and makes them literal slaves.

Statistical profiling of a population.  This is like using nonconsensual subjects in a focus group, to understand what their likes, dislikes, needs, and trends are.  It might be most effective with unwitting subjects (who have not realized they are under monitoring), but can still be used on subjects who know they are being monitored.  It is like having the ability to take an instant poll of a captive population, who may not even be able to hide what their innermost secrets are.  Anyone who knows anything about modern U.S. elections knows how influential and widely used polls are.  This is just one aspect of the power of being able to statistically profile a large population.  It is the statistics of population control, where some sample of people — which does not even need to be especially large relative to the hundreds of millions in the population — can be used to predict trends in the larger population.

Suppose, for example, that an individual were put under surveillance and found useful to serve as an exemplar of a statistical demographic group, say of 100,000 people.  That is, that person’s perspective, ideas, and reactions could be used to both predict and manipulate the entire social group on a large scale.  This sort of analysis is already known to take place; it becomes that much more effective with a focus group under even more invasive monitoring.  In a commercial sense, the power to manipulate a demographic group is the power to get them to purchase goods and provide a profit.  Every sort of thing is marketed these days.  Advertising campaigns are created to sell politicians, soap, ideas, slurs, and anything else.

Interrogation for secrets.  This is another advanced technology application to old-fashioned spying.  People can be “brain interrogated” for secrets they know.  This may be used to reveal critical passwords, uncover blackmailable incidents, and obtain national and commercial secrets.

Psyop BDA.  BDA is the military abbreviation for bomb damage assessment.  In order to most effectively bomb a target you need to know which bombs hit their target and how much damage was inflicted by the bombing.  This feedback is then used to both improve the subsequent bombings and to revisit targets that were missed.  One of Noam Chomsky’s main theses has for years been that “democratic” governments use propaganda similarly to the way direct totalitarian governments use violence.  Therefore, it is important for the cloistered elites to know how well their propaganda “bombs” are playing with the masses.  Like with the statistical profiling use of “maximally invasive surveillance,” nonconsensual monitoring can provide this sort of political control feedback data.

Entertainment freak show.  Sadism and voyeurism are powerful motivations for some people.  Mind control victims can provide a live torture-cam of an individual 24 hours a day, and may even allow the sadist to play at the controls and inflict damage or influence the “show.”  It would be like an ongoing snuff film you could participate in.  This may also be a part of “spreading the blood around” by appealing to some of the baser human instincts and then having a person on the hook for having participated (like has been alleged for some “satanic” rituals where people take a small part in a ritual crime so they are inextricably linked to the conspiracy).

To suppress technology they cannot control.  Many people believe that you can always be the best if you can harass and put down anyone better.  This seems to be the modus operandi of the U.S. secret sector, where if they do not control the technology then it is stolen, the original inventor or developer (or just student) is harassed, and it can then be developed in secret.  Even if they are not themselves interested in the new technology, the temptation to suppress any possible disruption to the status quo is always there.  There is a law in Washington that there can be no building taller than the Capitol.  When secrecy-bred mediocrity and lack of accountability are taken into account the Capitol becomes a very low building.

Hired harassment squad for billionaires.  It does not take long for some personnel involved in this technology and experienced with these techniques to leave for the private sector.  This opens the possibility for deniable mercenary harassment squads.

Distributed concentration camps.  The federal government has historically made plans for “emergencies” which have included lists of people to lock up in internment camps.  With this new technology perfected, the concentration camps can be “distributed,” by turning each listed person’s home and mind into an electronic prison.

Vigilante groups.  To control “crime,” or whatever they choose to claim they are targeting people for, a vigilante group can select people they do not like for extrajudicial punishment.  Like most such groups, actually “controlling crime” is just an excuse to pick people for victimization and to rationalize it to the members of the group.

To control a person, like a world leader or assassin (or any sort of leader).  This is probably the ultimate dream of a mind controller (or their own controllers): to take control of a world leader or other important person.  This could even start from a young age, with the person groomed for the position of power and with members of the secret team influencing and increasing the opportunities for the chosen “asset” to reach a position of power.  When trained from a young age an unfortunate child might not even realize that the influencing was not normal (the “secret friend” that is not imaginary).  Subtle advanced techniques could influence an adult without his or her knowledge.  Even if he or she suspected, there would likely already be a pool of blackmail information and powerful psychological levers to employ against the person.

The quest for controlled assassins, or Manchurian candidates, is well-known.  The search for such techniques never stopped and is still ongoing.  Similarly, sexual blackmail operations are an ongoing reality and mind control victims may be utilized in setting up such traps.

If the technology is cheap enough or if you have a wide-field multi-target device you do not even need to target the leaders.  Your army can covertly “capture” more and more of the inhabitants (or flick a switch on a wide-field device) until it can march into town down main street to a hero’s welcome.  Then again, once this is accomplished there is no need to march in at all, just keep milking out “tribute” from the conquered people — who never even knew there was a war against them.  It is easy to parody this as just some sort of “body snatchers” scenario, but to military planners it is a very real thing.

To infiltrate a group.  In order to control, influence, or install a puppet leader in a group the controllers do not know much about and really do not understand, it could be useful to monitor a member or leader in order to learn what might be effective responses, ideas, or actions.  For example, a religious sect they wanted to control.  Another example would be for a mind controller to use information gained from the monitoring of a victim in order to better pose as a victim, say on the internet.

Genocide.  This could be the implicit or explicit result of a mind control operation.  The group here is whatever group is selected for torture, which may be racial, religious, socioeconomic, or related to whatever other selection criteria is used.  People under long-running extrajudicial torture are not free to just “choose life” even if they wanted to.  People are forced to decide whether they should bring a child into the world to also be monitored and violated every day, without the child’s or the parent’s consent.  They have to wonder about supporting a child when they are under ongoing torture which may intensify at any moment.  They know that, at the least, the life of any child will be threatened in order to further torture them and harass them, and they know that the threat is credible.

As a medical scam for money.  These days medicine and pharmaceuticals represent big money.  If the cover lie for mind control abuses is mental illness them some mind control victims will be misdiagnosed as mentally ill (rather than as torture victims) and given (or even forced) treatment and medication.  An unscrupulous company or group of individuals could exploit this fact to make money off the suffering of the mind control victims.

To predict and preempt actions.  Besides wanting to just control behavior, a running trend is to want to predict behavior, obviously before it happens.  But the sort of data that is needed to predict behavior in detail is exactly the same as the invasive surveillance data used to control and harass individuals.  Prediction is also a component in more effective control.

We are already seeing instances where people’s rights are infringed upon not because they have done anything but because someone predicted they would do something, based upon whatever methodology.  Much of this prediction is just snake oil and pseudoscience, but that does not change the fact that the rights infringement is very real.  There is also a statistical and scientific methodology to prediction which undoubtedly will improve with time.  If you can accurately predict someone’s actions you can move to preempt those actions even before they are taken.

To train agents to perform any of these actions.  As professional torturing scum either retire, move into other sectors, or quit in disgust, new agents must be hired to take their places.  If the system is expanding then new people need to be hired to enlarge the system (or to automate the system with computers so fewer monitors can control more and more people).  These people need to be trained in the special juvenile and idiotic barbarity the U.S. mind controllers love to inflict.  Therefore fresh victims must continually be selected from the population so these sadistic pigs can practice their torture techniques.

To intimidate a population by making “examples” of people. If it were an open secret that people can be selected for any reason for mind control torture, then the population in on the open secret would be intimidated, if not terrified, that any one of them could be the next victim.  This is just a new method of violence by which a regime of thugs can control a population using a long-practiced terror tactic.

To perfect the technology and techniques and make it less detectable. This is the human guinea pig testing of the weapons technology, much like radiation tests on unwitting citizens.  Weapons are built, human subjects are chosen from the population, and the weapons are tested on the nonconsensual subjects.  (Some consensual subjects are no doubt also used, but that is not a human rights violation if the consent was truly informed.)  After these tests, the weapons lab analyzes the terrorized or influenced or manipulated responses of the subjects (in a “successful” test) and refines the weapon system.

A part of this testing also serves to help close all avenues of response and redress which might be open to the human subjects (and which later domestic targets of the weapon might have).  Any response the victim tries to make is monitored, and if it might be successful then this “loophole” in the system of denying justice is closed.  For example, a lawyer might be used to attempt to see what legal strategies he or she might think of so they could be rendered ineffective.  A technical person would be observed as he or she tried to understand, measure, and block the effects of the weapons system.  This would be valuable feedback to the designers, and might even provide them with ideas.  Note that for this particular aspect of the torture it is important that the victim know he or she is being attacked/violated.

Of course a victim has little choice but to try to resist or else to willingly become a slave (which still would not likely stop the harassment).  He or she must constantly think about the “testing” because it is typically ongoing, day and night.  That is just the vicious catch 22 that victims must deal with and is a part of why it is torture.  I am not trying to discourage any victim from taking whatever action they decide is the best course in such a horrible situation.

Various unwitting spy scenarios.  Perhaps the best spy is one who does not even know he or she is a spy.  He or she cannot reveal it even under the most extreme torture because he or she does not know it.  Such people can be infiltrated into any group or just selected out of any particular group and “wired up.”  In a domestic social sense, inmates in prisons can be wired up before they are released so their monitors can peep into any criminal underworld activity which they might enter into after being “freed.”  (Of course it is important not to confuse the secret police with the regular police and law enforcement, though there is certainly overlap.)

To steal negotiating strategies or information.  Arms control, treaties, business negotiations.

To conceal scientific and philosophical insights into human existence.  One of the things repressive societies fear is new ideas and new ways of thinking.  Scientific advances have been made which could revolutionize the ways man views himself (to use the masculine form); but for some people this represents a potential threat to their power.  The new technologies could also potentially help our aging relatives, for example, if used in a humane and consensual way.  But it is a difficult philosophical shift to acknowledge that now our own “silent” thoughts might not be private — or might not really be our own.  This is one of the difficulties in getting people to understand mind control crimes.  (Remember also that mind controllers have no compunction or restriction against using any lies or deceptions or defiling and desecrating any religion in an attempt to manipulate people.)

Human guinea pigs for medical or psychological research.  Once people are under ongoing, invasive surveillance they can become guinea pigs for any sort of medical or psychological human testing that needs continued monitoring.  This is a lucrative business now.  For example, if a person were were “knocked out” one day by whatever method and had a patch of skin rubbed with some chemical under development or of concern then the experimenters could watch the person’s own response to the potential poisoning.  Psychological research has even larger potential for abuse.  Real “field testing.”

To maintain the ongoing mind control conspiracy.  Because atrocities have been committed, atrocities continue to be committed to conceal them.  The mind control technology and harassment network is used to keep the secret system secret, punish whistleblowers, and of course increase profits at whatever cost to human dignity.


Given that there is a long list of possible motives, hundreds of people (at the least) claiming to be victims of exactly this sort of technology, the known development of the technology, a history of such abuses, and the continued coverups of acknowledged MKULTRA and other mind control victims in the population, it seems reasonable to conclude that nonconsensual testing and harassment is still going on with the latest technology.  The questions are, who are the victims, how many are there, what was and is being done to them, and how can this extrajudicial torture of the domestic population be stopped as soon as possible.

Part I – Motives for Mind Control | Part II – Resisting the Mind Control State | Part III – Mental Firewalls

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By Giza Death star

One of the things I’ve commented on from time to time, is the uncanny way that patterns emerge in the articles that people share with me. Most readers here are aware that this website’s community contributes an enormous amount of articles via emails, and when I review them, I try to allow the readership here to determine what I blog about. I make the selections of course, but every now and then, so many articles are sent that are more or less focussed on particular themes or topics, that I try to blog about those patterns when they occur.

This week, there was a heavy interest – maybe it’s in the aether – on the subject of the technologies and techniques of mind manipulation and even of weaponizing such technologies. Consider these two articles, the first, shared by Ms. M.W., and the second by Mr.V.T.:

Using Brain Electrodes Researchers Were Able To Read Minds Almost At The Speed Of Thought

Putin targets foes with ‘zombie’ gun which attack victims’ central nervous system

Now, concerning the first article, some weeks ago I blogged about Japanese neurological researchers who had successfully demonstrated a system that was able to read a person’s thoughts remotely, i.e., via a super-sensitive receiver that tuned into a person’s brain waves, and then translated these via computer algorithms. Note that the technology discussed in the first article is the use of implanted electrodes in the brain, but note also the vast expansion of possibilities this makes available:

The team implanted the electrodes into the brains of epilepsy patients at the Seattle Harborview Medical Center. These patients were chosen because usual treatments, like medication, weren’t effective. It was necessary for the researchers to use this procedure temporarily to see if they could find the focal points of the seizures.

With their specialized test of showing images of faces and houses to the patients, the researchers were able to determine in a much broader scale, the affected neurons instead of one neuron in traditional diagnostics. This allowed for an algorithm that analyzed the data to determine on its own what the patient was looking at, whether it was a picture of a house, a face, or a blank screen and to their surprise, the algorithm ascertained the right answer at 96% of the time. It did it at an average speed of 20 milliseconds.

Things get weirder with this area of research. In another experiment researchers were able to get disabled persons to move a finger where they couldn’t do before and they hooked up two brains with electrodes so that the two people could guess what the other was thinking.

This is straight out of science fiction for sure but it’s a reality now.

In theory the use of electrodes of a more complex level could achieve ways for disabled persons to regain lost abilities of mobility and communication.

It does not take much imagination to see endless other possibilities, such as “radio assisted telepathy,” i.e., the direct communication of thoughts between soldiers on the battlefield, without the use of speech. Throw in encryption technologies (think of the current dispute between Apple and the US Federal government here, over the phone of the San Bernardino terrorists), and one has not only a vast potential for “interaction”, but also for a new type of privacy in communications. Then throw in hacking, signals jamming and… well, you get the idea.

But the technology also implies something else, raised by the second article:

Sources in Moscow say Mr Putin has described the guns, which use electromagnetic radiation like that found in microwave ovens, as ‘entirely new instruments for achieving political and strategic goals’.

Mr Putin added: ‘Such high-tech weapons systems will be comparable in effect to nuclear weapons, but will be more acceptable in terms of political and military ideology.’

Plans to introduce the super- weapons were announced quietly last week by Russian defence minister Anatoly Serdyukov, fulfilling  a little-noticed election campaign pledge by president-elect Putin.

Mr Serdyukov said: ‘The development  of weaponry based on new physics principles – direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, genetic weapons, psychotronic weapons, and so on – is part  of the state arms procurement programme for 2011-2020.’

Specific proposals on developing the weapons are due to be drawn  up before December by a new Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Research into electromagnetic weapons has been secretly carried out in the US and Russia since the Fifties. But now it appears Mr Putin has stolen a march on the Americans. Precise details of the Russian gun have not been revealed. However, previous research has shown that low-frequency waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states and make it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thought processes.

Note that the “psychotronic” weapons are but one component of a whole list of weapons Russia will be adding to its arsenal: directed energy, geophysical, wave-energy(think Dr. Evgenny Podkletnov!?), genetic weapons, and of course, the mind-manipulation weapons, which, in this list, and given the types of capabilities that have been demonstrated in neurological research in recent months, are no longer the stuff of science fiction. And with the development of such technologies will come the inevitable development of countermeasures.
Stop and ponder this for a moment: the arms races of the 20th century, from the dreadnought to the strategic bomber to nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, will now give way to the arms race to control and manipulate the mind itself. One can imagine all the usual offshoots: tactical weapons, i.e., psychotronic “pistols” and “rifles” for use against specific individual targets, to theater and strategic psychotronic “howitzers” able to influence whole regions and their populations. (One can only hope that they’ll be able to beam some sense into Washington, Wall Street, Berlin, and the City of London.)
But what I find most interesting about this is the tacit admission contained in the second article. For years, beginning in the 1980s, former Lt. Col.(US Army, ret.) Tom Bearden began to write and warn precisely about the Russian research and development of a series of weapons he called “scalar” or “quantum potential” weapons, weapons that could alter the physical state of matter, drain energy from, or put energy into, various regions, and, yes, alter the mental and emotional state of individuals and populations. These, Bearden maintained, were all based on the same basic principles, i.e., there was an underlying and basic physical principle which could be tapped and tweated and adjusted to accomplish a variety of things, depending on the situation and the desired goal, including mind manipulation, and even disease induction or cure. Bearden was, of course, largely scoffed at. It sounded magical, unbelievable.
But Mr. Serdyukov has now seemingly confirmed the existence, at least as far as the Russians are concerned, of “new physics principles,” which sounds suspicious like what Bearden was warning about decades ago. In short, it’s now public, and the Russians plan on spending some money on the technologies.
Now for the high octane speculation. Over the past few months, I’ve been suggesting in various blogs and interviews, that Russia is, in a sense, the first post-post modern state, since shedding the avowed atheism and secularism of the Soviet era. Russia, as I and others have noted, has been challenging the dogma of the West’s globalists – I occassionally refer to it as globaloney – namely, that the era of the nation-state is over, and that the world should be run by transnational corporations and banks ala the encyclicals of David Rockefailure. The new sovereignty is the transnational corporation. So what has this to do with psychotronic weapons? A great deal, it turns out, for if the new sovereignty is the transnational corporation, then it becomes possible, according to the Russian logic, to declare war on them. But how would one target such an entity? Precisely by such weapons. In this context it’s worth remembering the Soviet-era “microwaving” of the US embassy in Moscow, a hazardous place to work, since the incidence of cancers of embassy employees was abnormally high. Now imagine parking your pyschotronic weapon truck outside, say, Mon(ster)santo’s headquarters in St. Louis, Misery, and beaming “disease” waves or mental and emotional states… You get the idea. It’s a covert way to wage war, par excellence, and the Russians appear to be willing to expand their arsenal to be able to wage it.
The psychotronic arms race may have just begun…
See you on the flip side…


Cultocracy note :
This technology is forging a new arms race , shadow government elements are currently vying for supremacy . Billions in cash has been poured into psychotronic research for several decades , guinea pigs are needed as test subjects , no individual is safe from the groups who currently possess the technology . The new arms race is now entering a phase where experimentation is being carried out en masse in towns & cities , the insanity of the groups involved knows no bounds , everyone is considered the enemy . A new frontier is currently at the head of the new arms race where psychotronics are being coupled with super computer powered A.I. , even private corporations are now trying to get a foothold on the race to develop the technology .
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Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.
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