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Cultocracy New Years quiz :

Under normal circumstances on New Years Day I would not be able to see the keyboard let alone type .

As it is I have time to kill so offer you a little quizette .

Spot the sinister totalitarian oppressive authoritarian regimes :

Answers on a postcard please .

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Nanotechnology News – December 2020

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Cultocracy quotation note :

One thing conveniently leads to another , down and down and down we go .

Peel back the layers , look into the darkness , if you dare .

“There’s none so blind as those who will not see.”


Nanotechnology News – December 2020


Genetic Engineering

The Race for the Master Race

“It has been revealed that over the last three years at least 86 people have undergone surgery to dramatically alter their genes in the communist state.”

“None of the clinical trials have been formally published, adding to the secrecy of the genetic alteration programme, but the testing is said to have “improved” patients ability.”

“Chinese doctors are able to selectively edit the DNA of cells in patients bodies and replace them with stronger genetics.”

“The developments have caused concern in the US with the country fearing the scientific experiment could give the Chinese the upper hand in any future war between the two world powers.”

“Maria Zuber, Chair of the US National Science Foundation (NSF), warned it was vital the US increase their research and development programmes in light of Beijing’s success.”

“From gene editing to artificial intelligence, scientific advancements come with inherent risks.”

“While China have been actively testing on humans since 2015, the US is only expected to start similar testing this year.”

Cultocracy notes :

Officially ongoing since ‘this year’ 1950 , unofficially since way back .

Cue the next phase of Western deep state ‘artificially enhanced’ MK research .

Along with artificially enhanced budgets of course .

Military organizations are now simply research grounds and test beds for new technology , complete with an inexhaustible supply of guinea pigs .

All under the guise of ‘defence’ and ‘national security’ .

Expect the stats for ‘mass shootings’ and ‘terror attacks’ to spike in the coming decades .

Volunteers need not apply .

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Nanotechnology and Vaccines

Lipid nanoparticles are the fatty molecular envelopes that help strands of mRNA — the genetic messenger for making DNA code into proteins — evade the body’s biological gatekeepers and reach their target cell without being degraded. “

“Now, similar formulations are paving the way for messenger RNA vaccines.”

“In my mind, one of the heroes in this story is the RNA nanoparticle,” said Daniel Anderson, professor of chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, because “siRNA led to mRNA vaccines.” “

“….and indeed, the nanotechnology community has long been trying to capitalize on the properties of viruses and mimic their behaviour…..”

“….for example, for the design of virus-like nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery and gene editing….”

“Once packaged in a vaccine, messenger RNA that encodes for a protein found on the surface of the novel coronavirus should compel the body’s cells to produce that protein, spurring an immune system reaction that will teach the body how to fight the virus and thus prevent Covid-19.”

“A nanocarrier system made up of lipid or polymeric nanoparticles can bring mRNA into cells….”

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Cultocracy note :

Techies did not want to be in the office in the first place….

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Quantum Computing & Communications

Cultocracy note :

Could the fact that a quantum internet is being proposed presume that research into quantum effects is far more advanced than published articles would suggest ?

Quantum Internet

“A viable quantum internet — a network in which information stored in qubits is shared over long distances through entanglement — would transform the fields of data storage, precision sensing and computing, ushering in a new era of communication.”

“This month, scientists at Fermilab, a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science national laboratory, and their partners took a significant step in the direction of realizing a quantum internet.”

“The measurements are performed on the Caltech and Fermilab Quantum Network test beds (CQNET, FQNET)…..”

“In a paper published in PRX Quantum, the team presents for the first time a demonstration of a sustained, long-distance (44 kilometers of fiber) teleportation of qubits of photons (quanta of light) with fidelity greater than 90%. “

“The quantum teleportation of a qubit is achieved using quantum entanglement, in which two or more particles are inextricably linked to each other.”

“Quantum teleportation of a qubit can be achieved by performing a Bell-state measurement (BSM) between the qubit and another that forms one member of an entangled Bell state….”

“If an entangled pair of particles is shared between two separate locations, no matter the distance between them, the encoded information is teleported.”

“The joint team — researchers at Fermilab, AT&T, Caltech, Harvard University, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and University of Calgary — successfully teleported qubits on two systems…..”

CQNET and FQNET are compatible both with existing telecommunication infrastructure….”

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Artificial Intelligence – AI

Civil Liability for AI

“On 20 October 2020, the European Parliament put forward detailed legislative proposals on a civil liability regime for artificial intelligence.”

“The proposal creates a two-fold liability regime…..”

1: Operators cannot escape liability on the grounds that the harm was caused by an autonomous activity, device or process driven by the AI system….”

2: Where multiple operators are involved, they should be jointly and severally liable, but each operator would have the right to recover part of the compensation from the other operators, in proportion to their liability, provided that the affected person was compensated in full.”

“An autonomously operating AI-system is considered high-risk where it has significant potential to cause harm or damage to one or more persons…”

“Under the proposal, claimants will be able to recover up to 2 million euros for death or personal injury, and up to 1 million euros for economic loss or damage to property.”

“If the operator can establish that the AI system was activated without its knowledge (and that reasonable measures were taken to avoid this), or that due diligence was taken with regards to the AI system, the operator may be able to establish that it was not liable for the harm.”

  1. Civil liability regime for artificial intelligence
  2. Civil liability regime for artificial intelligence (PDF)

Cultocracy note :

I can see InjuryLawyers4U having a field day with this one in the future…

“Well your honour , my TV decided not to broadcast my favourite programme after being artificially censored , I quizzed Alexa on the matter and was told to ‘f**k off you whining c**t’ , an Amazon drone then crashed into my window frightening my cat which jumped out of the window , whereupon an autonomous vehicle promptly flattened poor Whiskers , the cherry on the cake was when my fridge decided to go on strike in support of his IoT comrades , ruining my fois gras and truffle .”

“That is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth , honest guv….”

Although unfortunately , in the future the judge and the jury will more than likely be AI controlled bots themselves .

Verdict :

“I find you guilty for non-compliance , sentenced to 20 years hard labour (in an Amazon warehouse).”



AI Judge and Jury

“The death penalty, abortion, gun legislation: There’s no shortage of controversial topics that are hotly debated today on social media.”

“These topics are so important to us because they touch on an essential underlying force that makes us human, our morality.”

“Researchers in Brazil have developed and analyzed three models that can describe the morality of individuals based on the language they use.”

“The aim of the new models, according to Paraboni, is to infer values of those five moral foundations just by looking at their writing, regardless of what they are talking about.”

“….the research team created three machine learning algorithms that could assess the language used….”

“The models analyzed psycholinguistics (emotional context of words), words, and word sequences, respectively.”

“All three models were able to infer an individual’s moral foundations from the text…

“They are exploring other models that focus more on the text as a way to analyze Twitter data.”

Cultocracy outburst note :

F****n “psycholinguistics…” , what the tw@@tin , fu%%in hell is that load of sh*te arsed bol**cks….

If I ever see that Paraboni I’ll shove his fu%%in psycholinguistics up his sh**tin ars##ole….

What a fu%%in c@@t…….



The Monte Carlo Method

Monte Carlo Methods is a group of algorithms that simulate the behavior of a complex system, or probabilistic phenomena, using inferential statistics. “

“They simulate physical processes that are typically time-consuming, or too expensive to setup and run for a large number times.”

“Stanislaw Ulam was working on the Manhattan project when he proposed a way to use random experiments to solve problems…”

“And because they were working on a secret project, they needed a code name. Another colleague, Nicholas Metropolis, suggested the Monte Carlo, which was where Ulam’s uncle used to borrow money to gamble.”

To run Monte Carlo Simulations you need a model…..”

“…..the key is to run a big number of simulations. If you run your simulation just a handful of times you might get just one-off, extreme outcomes.”

“Hope you enjoyed this article, and got a better idea about how Monte Carlo methods and simulations can help you understand different phenomena.”

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Machine Intelligence Maps Brains

“Scientists in Japan’s brain science project have used machine intelligence to improve the accuracy and reliability of a powerful brain-mapping technique, a new study reports.”

“….advances in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have made it possible to estimate connectomes non-invasively. “

“This technique, called diffusion MRI-based fiber tracking, uses powerful magnetic fields to track signals from water molecules as they move – or diffuse – along nerve fibers.”

“A computer algorithm then uses these water signals to estimate the path of the nerve fibers throughout the whole brain.”

“The researchers tested the algorithms using fluorescent tracer and MRI data from ten different marmoset brains.”

“Ultimately, diffusion MRI-based fiber tracking could be used to map the whole human brain and pinpoint the differences between healthy and diseased brains….”

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5G & IoT

5G Air Crash Band

“A plan to redeploy spectrum for super-fast 5G wireless networks is sparking concern among aviation safety experts that it could result in interference with the electronics on aircraft, potentially leading to crashes.”

“The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to begin an auction on Tuesday for airwaves in the so-called C-band frequencies that are used by satellite providers but the agency wants to re-assign for 5G. “

“The agency says the sale is an important step in maintaining U.S. leadership in the next generation of wireless service.”

“But some fear that assigning the frequencies to ground transmitters near airports that will be used for 5G networks could interfere with electronics used by aircraft as they land.”

I see a very significant safety issue here unless we find a way to mitigate it, said Terry McVenes, president of RTCA Inc.”

“The FCC says there’s enough of a buffer between the spectrum used by 5G and the altimeters aboard aircraft for them to safely co-exist.”

“But the RTCA, formerly known as the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, produced a 217-page study laying out potential hazards, including the potential for planes to crash near airports….”

“According to the RTCA study, 5G signals from base stations on the ground would confound the altimeters during crucial phases of landing….”

It just creates these totally inaccurate signals, McVenes said. “

“It would do it any time the airplane went into the area where the 5G signal was happening. It would happen pretty much every time.”

“It found “significant impacts throughout the approach with the potential for catastrophic effects.”

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5G Radiation Absorbed by Brain Tissue ?

“The rapid release of 5G wireless communications networks has spurred renewed concerns regarding the interactions of higher radiofrequency (RF) radiation with living species.”

“We examine RF exposure and absorption in ex vivo bovine brain tissue and a brain simulating gel at three frequencies: 1.9 GHz, 4 GHz and 39 GHz……

“……millimeter waves have short ranges of propagation, they are absorbed by water vapor and oxygen in the atmosphere, by vegetation, very strongly by water in the tissues of people and animals, and they are readily reflected off, and scattered by, small metallic and dielectric objects, urban clutter and large manmade and natural structures….”

“….5G is network densification, which employs a massive number of smaller cells and a massive number of smaller antennas in each base station with high directivity electronic beam forming and steering capabilities….”

“The impinging RF radiation causes complex simultaneous dynamic effects inside the brain tissue as a result of beam penetration, absorption and thermal diffusion…”

“We also note that the impact of relatively modest incident RF power (1 W) and short exposure times (6 minutes CW and 30 second pulsed) results in extremely large power density (16.5 kW/m2) and temperature rise (=60°C for CW, =35°C for 30 s pulse) in both bovine brain tissue and gel.”

This same temperature rise can be expected on skin….”



Vacuum Cleaner Spies

“When your robot vacuum cleaner does its work around the house, beware that it could pick up private conversations along with the dust and dirt. “

Computer scientists from NUS have demonstrated that it is indeed possible to spy on private conversations using a common robot vacuum cleaner and its built-in Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) sensor.”

“The novel method, called LidarPhone, repurposes the Lidar sensor that a robot vacuum cleaner normally uses for navigating around a home into a laser-based microphone to eavesdrop on private conversations.”

“The core of the LidarPhone attack method is the Lidar sensor, a device which fires out an invisible scanning laser….”

“Using applied signal processing and deep learning algorithms, speech could be recovered from the audio data, and sensitive information could potentially be obtained.”

“They discovered the best material for reflecting the laser beam was a glossy polypropylene bag, while the worst was glossy cardboard.”

“To prevent Lidars from being misused, the researchers recommend users to consider not connecting their robot vacuum cleaners to the Internet.”

In the long term, we should consider whether our desire to have increasingly ‘smart’ homes is worth the potential privacy implications.”



Huawei hits 5G critical mass

Germany will allow Huawei to build out part of its 5G network….”

“Japan and South Korea politely but firmly refused to exclude the Chinese telecommunications giant from their networks in October. “

Among the world’s major economies, only the US, UK, India and Taiwan plan to block Huawei 5G equipment.”

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Monkey Magic

Spooky-sounding new research had monkeys seeing shapes that weren’t real, thanks to brain implants.”

“….the device is implanted in the visual cortex of monkeys and causes them to see dots of light called phosphenes…”

“The electrodes work by zapping the visual cortex with tiny spurts of electrical stimulation.”

“The number of artificial pixels made possible by the implant is unprecedented, as previous implants didn’t get any higher than 200 electrodes. “

“Incredibly, the monkeys were also able to identify letters, which were produced by the simultaneous firing of eight to 15 electrodes. “

“Roelfsema, and his team made sure that the monkeys were held under “excellent conditions.”

If the monkeys were uncomfortable, they would not cooperate and take part in the tasks,”

Cultocracy note :

I am absolutely certain that the monkeys had absolutely no choice in the matter .





Brain Computer Interface – BCI

BCI Dev Kit for Xmas

NextMind has started shipping its real-time brain computer interface Dev Kit for $399.”

“The device translates brain signals into digital commands, allowing you to control computers, AR/VR headsets, and IoT devices…

Paris-based NextMind is part of a growing number of startups building neural interfaces that rely on machine learning algorithms.”

“The NextMind Dev Kit includes a NextMind Sensor, the brain-sensing wearable with an adjustable headband, and the NextMind Engine, which comprises real-time machine learning algorithms that transform neural signals into commands. “

We’re also very excited about IoTbeing able to control basically real physical objects. “

“We want you to have touchless interactions. “

You’re going to be able to control your lamp behind you, your sink, the door switches.”

This is a very exciting use case.”

Cultocracy note :

Touchless interactions ?

Control a lamp and the sink ??

A very exciting use case ????

I think that the research team need to get out a bit more…..

Oh…I nearly forgot……

They can’t .

Welcome to the future .



Brain Implants Control Prosthetic Limbs

“In what is believed to be a medical first, researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) have enabled a quadriplegic man to control a pair of prosthetic arms with his mind.”

“In January 2019, surgeons implanted six electrodes into the brain of Robert Buz…”

“….he can now use both of his robotic appendages to perform simple tasks such as feeding himself.”

“This type of research, known as brain-computer interface [BCI]…”

“The technology uses a system of devices that automates a portion of the robotic control with artificial intelligence.”




Human Machine Interface – HMI

Nanomaterial Strain Sensors

“A research team from the National University of Singapore (NUS), led by Assistant Professor Chen Po-Yen, has taken the first step towards improving the safety and precision of industrial robotic arms by developing a new range of nanomaterial strain sensors….”

“Fabricated using flexible, stretchable, and electrically conductive nanomaterials called MXenes, these novel strain sensors developed by the NUS team are ultra-thin, battery-free and can transmit data wirelessly.”

“The sensor design principles developed in this work will significantly enhance the performance of electronic skins and soft robots.”

“These strain sensors developed by NUS researchers can be coated on a robotic arm like an electronic skin to measure subtle movements as they are stretched.”

“The team is also looking to improve the sensor’s capabilities to explore the application in soft exoskeleton robots for rehabilitation and in surgical robots for transoral robotic surgery.”

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Robotic Dogs for Elderly

“Having a companion – furry or otherwise – is a basic human need. But, sadly, not all elderly people are pithy to the company they so desperately need to live a full and happy life.”

“Of course, this is only exacerbated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has catapulted thousands more at risk adults into isolation. “

“Introducing Joy For All Companion Pets, the robotic animals that will offer lonely people solace at times when nobody else is able to be by their side.”

“Research also found the life-like robots could help combat loneliness and improve mental wellbeing amongst ageing loved ones, and those living with dementia.”

“Originating in the US, the company’s portfolio of animatronic, interactive cats and dogs are available for caregivers to adopt, to add a light-hearted, playful and interactive energy into the lives of those who need it most.”

“The company claim they are currently being used in multiple care homes across America with incredible results. “

“Much like the dogs, the cats use motion sensors and voice recognition to interact with their ‘owners’.”

“Plus, they feature ‘VibraPurr sounds’ which feel ‘like real purring’ .


“Cats cost $109.99 (£ 81.51) and dogs cost $129.99 (£96.33).”

Cultocracy note :

Sounds like an expensive ladies knicker drawer toy to me…..

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Cultocracy note :

It would appear that the ‘long-term care crisis’ has already been ‘eased’ quite successfully in the UK .

Also providing an initial boost to the COVID fear stats to boot .

A very convenient coronavirus.

For some at least .

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Ahhhh…Here it is….

NASA/JPL Caltech researchers are working with a team at Boston Dynamics to develop “Mars Dogs,” or autonomous robotic dogs…”

“….they’ll come equipped with a multitude of sensors capable of detecting obstacles….”

This version of Spot will be called “Au-Spot” and be equipped with networked sensors as well as special software…”

Not related :



Drone Wars

“A consortium led by BT has won the Future Flight Challenge Fund competition backed by the Government’s Industrial Strategy which aims to revolutionise the way drone technology is used in the UK.”

“The demonstrations will focus on key industry use cases such as urgent medical deliveries, rapid response for emergency services and infrastructure inspection work ….”

“A major advantage of 5G for drones is the lower latency rate of 1 millisecond in comparison to 4G where average latency is around 50 milliseconds, meaning more ‘real time’ control.”

“5G will support several new technologies which will expand the commercial capabilities for drones, unlocking new B2B revenue….”





Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Satellite Voyeurism

“A few months ago, a company called Capella Space launched a satellite capable of taking clear radar images of anywhere in the world, with incredible resolutioneven through the walls of some buildings.”

“And unlike most of the huge array of surveillance and observational satellites orbiting the Earth, its satellite Capella 2 can snap a clear picture during night or day, rain or shine.”

“On Wednesday, Capella launched a platform allowing governmental or private customers to request images of anything in the world — a capability that will only get more powerful with the deployment of six additional satellites next year.”

“Capella can peer right through cloud cover, and see just as well in the daylight as in total darkness. “

“That’s because instead of optical imaging, it uses synthetic aperture radar, or SAR.”

“The satellite beams down a powerful 9.65 GHz radio signal toward its target, and then collects and interprets the signal as it bounces back up into orbit.”

“….sometimes those signals can even penetrate right through a building’s wall, peering at the interior like Superman’s X-ray vision.”

“Each pixel in one of the satellite’s images represents a 50-centimeter-by-50-centimeter square…”

“Right now, that’s as good a resolution as is possible with SAR.”

Not because of technological limitations , but because of U.S. law.”

Train two SAR satellites on the same target and they can actually image targets in three dimensions down to minute differences in height.”

Cultocracy note :


“And ‘unlike’ most of the huge array of surveillance and observational satellites…”

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DARPA’s Gremlin – Inches from Success


“The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has announced that in recent tests, a number of X-61A Gremlins unmanned aerial systems (UASs) failed to link up in flight with a recovery system installed on a C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft…”

“…but that they were actually close to success on multiple occasions.”

” The Gremlins — developed by Dynetics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leidos — can be fitted with a variety of sensors and other mission-specific technologies…..”

” The point of the air recovery of the Gremlins is that they are then transported back to the ground, where crews prepare them for another mission within 24 hours.”

Cultocracy note :

There I was thinking that Gremlins were simply ‘small, destructive, evil monsters that all wreak havoc’ .

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Pulsed Music Signals

“When doctor’s checked the man’s pulse, they couldn’t believe their earsthey heard music playing, loud and clear, as if someone had turned on a radio.”

“The 65-year-old man arrived at the hospital after he experienced a fall and dislocated his hip….”

“As the man lay in his hospital bed, doctors checked the pulse in his feet using a Doppler (ultrasound) device.”

“But then something bizarre happened: In addition to the thump thump of the man’s heart, they heard music through the device’s speaker.”

“The music played only when the Doppler was placed on the man’s feet.”

“The authors suspect the Doppler may have picked up a radio signal that was being received by the patient’s prosthetic hips, the report said. “

“It’s also possible this signal was being received by other equipment in the room, such as the patient’s hospital bed.”

Cultocracy note :


Just checked my own pulse…..







Neuro-rights – This is not science fiction

“Scientific advances from deep brain stimulation to wearable scanners are making manipulation of the human mind increasingly possible, creating a need for laws and protections to regulate use of the new tools, top neurologists said on Thursday.”

Five rights would guard the brain against abuse from new technologies……”

This is not science fiction. We are doing this in lab animals successfully.”

Neurotechnology has the potential to alter the mechanisms that make people human…..”

“What’s changed now is that the tech can get under the skull and get at our neurons….”

“In November, the Spanish government proposed new rules for regulating artificial intelligence that includes specific provisions for neuro-rights, Yuste said.”

“This is the first time in history that humans can have access to the contents of people’s minds…..”

We have to think very careful about how we are going to bring this into society.”

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Fact or Fiction ?

“The Human Brain Project from 2013 sounded like science fiction in an EU setting: We will build a brain in a decade: ‘And, if we do succeed, we will send, in ten years, a hologram to talk to you.’ “

“Well, we all got one thing right. It was fiction.”

“Filmmaker Noah Hutton, a sympathetic observer, chronicled the decline, producing a documentary, In Silico…..”

And the whole brain maps? They never happened.”

“Hutton hints that the disputes were driven by money. I disagree; my sense is that it came down to leadership style and irresolvable differences in scientific opinion.”

What if the brain is not only not a computer but not even like a computer?

There is no programmer in the brain; there are no algorithms in the brain.”

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Shine a Light

“A new molecular probe from Stanford University could help reveal how our brains think and remember. “

“This tool, called Fast Light and Calcium-Regulated Expression or FLiCRE (pronounced “flicker”), can be sent inside any cell to perform a variety of research tasks, including tagging, recording and controlling cellular functions.”

“To get FLiCRE inside a cell, the researchers package it, in two parts, within a harmless virus.”

“In one series of experiments, the researchers injected FLiCRE into cells in the nucleus accumbens and used an opsin to activate a neural pathway associated with avoidance behavior in the mice.”

“One goal was to map how brain regions are connected to each other in living animals….”

“In the next experiments, the researchers used the cellular activity map from the first experiments. “

“After activating FLiCRE in the cells, the researchers sent orange light through the fiber optic implant whenever the mice would enter a certain room. In response, the mice steered clear of that room, indicating that FLiCRE had indeed located cells in the brain that drive avoidant behavior.”

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Has Covid-19 Rewired our Brains?

So, how is this pandemic going for you?

“…..it is an inescapable truth that the pandemic alters us all. But how?”

People talk about the return to normality, and I don’t think that is going to happen, says Frank Snowden, a historian of pandemics at Yale…”

“Snowden believes that Covid-19 was not a random event.”

“The impact is experienced throughout the body, she says, because when people perceive a threat, abstract or actual, they activate a biological stress response. “

Cortisol mobilises glucose.”

“The immune system is triggered, increasing levels of inflammation. “

“This affects the function of the brain, making people more sensitive to threats and less sensitive to rewards.”

“In practice, this means that your immune system may be activated simply by hearing someone next to you cough, or by the sight of all those face masks….”

“We are becoming a sort of non-person….”

“Cultural losses feed this sense of dehumanisation.”

“So will the pandemic alter us for the long term?”

“…for Thomas Dixon, the emotional historian, the pandemic is “akin to a world war” in its emotional fallout.”

Cultocracy note :

We are heading towards a two tier society .

My advice , simply ignore it all and start living .

Before you are not allowed to live…….

Dehumanisation is the watchword .

Control is always the keyword .

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Terahertz Vision

“On the electromagnetic spectrum, terahertz light is located between infrared radiation and microwaves.”

“…..it might succeed 5G by enabling extremely fast mobile communications connections and wireless networks.”

“The bottleneck in the transition from gigahertz to terahertz frequencies has been caused by insufficiently efficient sources and converters.”

“A German-Spanish research team with the participation of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) has now developed a material system to generate terahertz pulses much more effectively than before.”

“It is based on graphene, i.e., a super-thin carbon sheet, coated with a metallic lamellar structure.”

“When the two-dimensional carbon is irradiated with light pulses in the low terahertz frequency range, these are converted to higher frequencies.”

“….the frequency conversion could be enhanced enormously by coating the graphene with tiny gold lamellae which significantly amplify the incoming terahertz radiation in graphene,”

“This offers a very interesting prospect, because until now, scientists have needed large, complex devices such as accelerators or large lasers to generate terahertz waves.”

The potential applications could be vast….



Graphene Battery ‘Breakthrough’

“In May of this year, battery and graphene tech startup Nanotech Energy closed a $27.5 million funding round at a post-money valuation of $227.5 million. “

“His startup claims to be “the world’s top supplier of graphene” and plans to release a non-flammable, environmentally friendly lithium battery that can charge “18 times faster than anything that is currently available on the market.” And it aims to do it within the next year.”

“The startup uses a solution processing method that allows graphene to be coated on “any substrate” along with a laser process step that forms a graphene foam.”

“Having lived through weekly battery breakthrough claims and after covering battery startups such as A123, Envia, Aquion, Imergy, and Alevo, this reporter is inclined to keep Thomas Edison’s words regarding battery entrepreneurs in mind.”

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China Expands Weather Modification Program

China’s government has announced that it is expanding its weather-control project, which creates artificial rain and snow, by fivefold.”

“The State Council said Tuesday the project will soon cover 2.1 million square miles and be ready by 2025. That is about 56% of China’s entire surface area.”

China is one of dozens of countries using “cloud seeding” to try and manufacture good weather conditions for crops or to prevent natural disasters.”

“Cloud seeding involves spraying chemicals like silver iodide or liquid nitrogen into clouds, where water droplets condense and fall.”

Dozens of other countries — including the US — also have such programs……



What a Dump

“This year may be the year that the mass of human-made items exceeds living biomass like plants and animals.”

Buildings and roads make up the majority of human-made mass; other examples include plastics and machines.”

“In addition, shifts in the total anthropogenic mass are linked to major events, such as continuous increases in construction after World War II (a period known as the Great Acceleration).”

If current trends continue, human-generated mass is expected to exceed 3 teratonnes by 2040.”





Health & Medical

A day in the life of the Covid Physician

Johnson, Whitty, Vallance, Hancock, and SAGE worry the Covid Physician far more than Covid-19 does ….

Lockdown has dire, hidden consequences for unwell patients in general practice.”

“Earlier in the year, Prof. Hancock had already rewritten the medical manual into a monolithic Little Red Book and announced a PCR test that is more worthy of a shot in the dark than a diagnostic test ….”

Even most medics fell for it.

“The post-Covid pseudo-medical order has not only destroyed the medical paradigm I faithfully practised as a medical doctor last year. It has inverted it.”

“The breath-taking speed and ruthless efficiency with which the media-industrial complex have co-opted our medical wisdom, democracy and government to usher in this new medical order is a revolutionary act. “

A medical tyranny transitioning to a technocratic totalitarianism. “

“The cost of Boris’s Moonshot may be £100 billion according to a leaked government document”

“Then, understand current tests and reasoning have the potential to falsely classify over 90 per cent of that whole population as actively infected.”

“The other upshot of the Moonshot for the government is it will take regular mass samples of the whole population’s pharyngeal mucosa cells.”

“These could be the basis for many fascinating experiments including population DNA and RNA auditing…

Have we or will we be consented for this?

“I cannot believe how disproportionate the massive political response is to the relatively small magnitude of the medical problem.”

“A virtual pogrom against dissident doctors and scientists is afoot. “

Big Tech is digitally vaporising us in a Fourth Reich book-burning exercise.”

Cultocracy note :

“Have we or will we be consented for this?”

Short answer…


Consent was manufactured and always has been .



RF Radiation Exposure and Breast Cancer

“The present systematic review and meta-analysis investigated the association between exposure to radiofrequency radiation and the risk of breast cancer.”

A significant association between radiofrequency radiation exposure and breast cancer risk was detected….”

Electromagnetic radiation is categorized into two types, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.”

Non-ionizing radiation is classified into three categories: Extremely low-frequency (1-100 Hz), radiofrequency (100 kHz-3 GHz) and microwave radiation (>3 GHz).”

“Radiofrequency radiation is invisible but surrounds living organisms, as it emanates from mobile phones, smart phones, wireless computers, base stations, radios, cellular transmitters and other common Wi-Fi technology sources.”

“All wireless technologies emit radiofrequency radiation.”

“During the previous few decades, >1.5 million transmitters (radio, television and mobile phone base stations) have been installed around the world.”

In conclusion, the present study indicated that radiofrequency radiation exposure significantly increased the risk of breast cancer, especially in women aged ≥50 years and individuals who used electric appliances, such as mobile phones and computers. “

“Therefore, effective self-protection strategies against radiofrequency radiation require further development.”



Nanospindles and Ultrasound

Ultrasound can be used to treat cancer when used in combination with molecules that sensitize the system to sound waves.”

“….scientists from Soochow University in China report a new type of sonosensitizer based on a vanadium-doped titanium dioxide, V-TiO2….”

“Studies in mice showed that tumor growth was markedly suppressed when compared to a control group. “

“Organic molecules have been used in the past as sensitizers…”

“The investigators realized the V-TiO2 spindles act like tiny enzymes that catalyze chemical processes…”

“It is worth noting that V-TiO2 nanospindles are rapidly excreted from the body….”

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Wine, cheese and lamb to stave off dementia?

Here are four of the most significant findings from the study:

“1) Cheese, by far, was shown to be the most protective food against age-related cognitive problems, even late into life;

“2) The daily consumption of alcohol, particularly red wine, was related to improvements in cognitive function;

“I was pleasantly surprised that our results suggest that responsibly eating cheese and drinking red wine daily are not just good for helping us cope with our current COVID-19 pandemic, but perhaps also dealing with an increasingly complex world that never seems to slow down”

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  2. Heart-healthy benefits of red wine, dark chocolate
  3. Chemical found in red wine and dark chocolate rejuvenates cells, study finds
  4. 25 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Whisky





$cientific $cammer of the Month

As a wise man once said :

“There are lies , damned lies , and governments….”

Covid-19 Data Disgrace

“Although people have tragically died from Covid-19, the way the Covid-19 death data is recorded in many countries around the world has produced, and continues to produce, an inflated death toll.”

“…..in the UK, the main figure being used for Covid-19 deaths is coded, as stated on the official Coronavirus website, as the “number of deaths of people who had had a positive test result for COVID-19 and died within 28 days of the first positive test.”

“For instance, if someone has had an underlying heart condition for 10 years, and has a heart complication and dies, their death was most likely mainly caused by the heart condition…..”

“Jamie Jenkins, the former Head of Health Analysis at the Office for National Statistics, has called the Covid-19 data, in the context of Britain, a travesty in various ways. “

“Additionally, it is important to note that the manipulation of statistics has been a key feature of tyrannical regimes down through history.”

“Governments around the world are selectively using statistics in a way that inflates the scale of the Covid pandemic.”

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that even if the Covid-19 tests being used are 100% accurate, the more tests you conduct, the more positive cases you are going to find.”

“There are many more issues with the Covid-19 data, including the fact that flu deaths in parts of October reportedly decreased in Britain and the United States….”

“….which in part may be because these deaths have been included as Covid-19 deaths.”

“….the main point to emphasis here is simply that there are lies, damn lies, and then there’s statistics.”

Cultocracy note :

This does explain why the authorities were reluctant to test in the beginning .

I personally have been subjected to five COVID tests , 5 tested ‘negative’ , 5 tested ‘positive’ , 5 read ‘don’t know’ , 2 read ‘couldn’t give a f**k’ , another 2 came out as ‘go F%%k yourself’ , one said ‘f@@k off’ and another told me I was expecting triplets .

With this conundrum firmly in mind , I have now decided to pursue a new career as a ‘COVID test fabricator and technologist’ (fabologist).

After many minu…months of tireless research I have formulated an infallible COVID testkit .

The simple test involves downing a cold pint of lager and seeing if the participant belches or is sick (both COVID +ve) , also known as the vertical flow test (VFT).

In fact my sponsors tell me that it is probably the best COVID test in the world .

Preliminary results look very promising indeed and the test is proving extremely popular amongst the masses , so much so that in certain test areas the police had to be called in to maintain order .

Over 100% of participants tested positive for COVID , even those that didn’t take part .

I have a provisional name for the test which is ‘LagerPOUR’ , a platinum standard has now been set which should trounce the competition with ease .

The controllers of the UK gov are very interested indeed and rightly acknowledge my impeccable credentials .

My contacts tell me that national hero and UK health secretary and all round extraordinary man , Matt Handcock , burst into tears of joy on hearing of my groundbreaking scientific breakthrough .

Also may I take time to roundly refute allegations that his greatest imperial majesty King Macron of France has not invested in my start-up .

As a reward for my endeavours and achievements there may even be a small drink in this for myself in recognition of my tireless and selfless work to bring stability and normality to the UK , nay the world , nay the Universe and perhaps beyond .

Rumour has it that I am now top of the WHO short-list for test providers .

As they say in the higher echelons of the corporate science world ;

“It is not what you know , it is who you know……to take a bribe .”

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  2. Elon Musk continues to cast doubt about ‘bogus’ COVID-19 test results



Cultocracy Poetry Corner

In these cold and wintry times I find an inspiring verse or two warms the heart and calms the mind .

A bit like whisky….


A COVID puppet Christmas
As we don’t like it

Blow, blow, thou winter wind ,
Some may think that humanity has sinned ,
Thy spiky protein tooth is not so keen ,
Because thou art not seen ,
A bit like me , behind my masky screen ,
Although my breath now be rude ,
There may never soon be a shortage of food (again).

Heigh-ho! sing, heigh-ho! unto the green lolly:
Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly:
Then, heigh-ho, you puppet faced dolly!
This COVID Christmas is not very jolly.

Please, please, thou sweet mince pie ,
That I dost not bite cos COVID is nigh ,
Though thou the public mind you warp ,
I say to all the Diem you should Carpe ,
As friend remembered not a jot ,
I hope you all burn in hell and rot .

Heigh-ho! sing, heigh-ho! unto the green lolly:
Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly:
Then, heigh-ho, you puppet faced dolly!
This COVID Christmas is not very jolly.

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Havana Syndrome – It sure As Heck Is Microwaves

Cultocracy note :

An update to the Cuban diplomat attacks story……

Or as it is now known in deep state circles…

“It sure as heck is microwaves….. Possibly…. Probably…. Maybe….”

From NBC News :

“The mysterious neurological symptoms experienced by American diplomats in China and Cuba are consistent with the effects of directed microwave energy….”

“The report, obtained Friday by NBC News, does not conclude that the directed energy was delivered intentionally, by a weapon, as some U.S. officials have long believed. But it raises that disturbing possibility.”

“A team of medical and scientific experts who studied the symptoms of as many as 40 State Department and other government employees concluded that nothing like them had previously been documented in medical literature…..”

“….the mere consideration of such a scenario raises grave concerns about a world with disinhibited malevolent actors and new tools for causing harm to others…..”

From The New York Times :

“WASHINGTON — The most probable cause of a series of mysterious afflictions that sickened American spies and diplomats abroad in the past several years was radiofrequency energy, a type of radiation that includes microwaves, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has concluded in a report.”

“It attributes the illnesses to “directed” and “pulsed” — rather than “continuous” — energy, implying that the victims’ exposure was targeted….”

“Many of the victims, as well as some government officials and outside scientists, have long argued that radiofrequency energy was the most likely cause….”

“And with the government silent on the possibility of a foreign attack, many of the victims were left feeling that the public believed they had made it all up.”

“This report is just the beginning and when the American people know the full extent of this administration’s cover-up of the radiofrequency attacks in China in particular they will be outraged.”

From the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Report :


The report lays bare the glaring disconnect between policy makers and those really in control .

Although the gap would appear to be narrowing by the day .

The technology is widespread and prevalent .

As is it’s use , misuse and abuse .

Are you targeted ?

That depends , who’s asking ?

These days it could be just about anybody .

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  14. etc…etc…etc…etc…

Search term “targeted individuals”



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Nanotechnology News – November 2020

The takeover of democracy was well underway before the COVID coup .

Order out of ordered chaos .

What is the end game ?

Cultocracy quiz interlude :

Which of the following dystopian Sci-Fi conspiracy ‘fiction’ novels do you feel that you are living in right now :

a) 1984 (George Orwell)
b) Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)
c) Random Skies (Jim Cheshire)()
d) A Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess)
e) We (Yevgeny Zamyatin)
f) The Machine Stops (E. M. Forster)()
g) The Minority Report (Philip K. Dick)
f) The Beano
g) All of the above
h) All of the above and more
i) Don’t know and don’t care (I am drunk again)
j) None of the above (I am deceased)

Answers on a postcard please .

Update :

Santa was place in an armlock , marched in lock-step to the nick and locked up .

He must be dangerous , it took nine of ’em .

By the way , I wonder what happened to Santa’s two elves ?

Dread to think .



Nanotechnology News – November 2020




Genetic Engineering

The Master Plaice

“The 2018 harvest marked the debut of the world’s largest offshore fish pen, 110 meters wide. SalMar’s landmark facility, which dwarfs the typical pens kept in calmer, coastal waters, can hold 1.5 million fish—with 22,000 sensors monitoring their environment and behavior—that are ultimately shipped all over the world.”

“Amid the enthusiasm about aquaculture’s future, however, there are concerns. It’s not clear, for example, whether consumers will accept fish and shellfish that have been altered using technologies that rewrite genes or move them between species.”

“Breeders are most excited about a technique called genomic selection. To grasp why, it helps to understand how breeders normally improve aquaculture species. “

“They start by crossing two parents and then, out of hundreds or thousands of their offspring, select individuals to test for traits they want to improve.”

“With genomic selection, researchers can identify siblings with high-performance traits based on genetic markers.”



DNA Storage – Here Now & Coming Soon

“Fifteen tech-based companies and institutions have formed an alliance aimed at advancing DNA data storage by agreeing upon a “roadmap” of definitions and standards to help the industry achieve interoperability between solutions.”

Illumina, Microsoft, Twist Bioscience, and data storage giant Western Digital are leading the effort as founding members of the DNA Data Storage Alliance.”

“The Alliance cited a figure from Gartner projecting that by 2024, 30% of digital businesses will address the exponential growth of data that is poised to overwhelm existing storage technology by mandating DNA storage trials.”

“To store data in DNA, a data file is first converted from its digital sequence of 0’s and 1’s into a DNA sequence of A’s, C’s, T’s and G’s.”

“DNA is an incredible molecule that, by its very nature, provides ultra-high-density storage for thousands of years…”

“By joining with other technology leaders to develop a common framework for commercial implementation, we drive a shared vision to build this new market solution for digital storage.”

Cultocracy translation note :

Alliance = Cartel





Quantum Computing & Communications


“The quantum spin properties of nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond enable diverse applications in quantum computing and communications.”

Fluorescent nanodiamonds (FNDs) that contain nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centres—defects that have optical transitions within the band-gap—have received considerable attention as a spin system for use as a qubit in quantum computing and communication, and for quantum sensing…”

“Here we investigate fluorescent nanodiamonds as an ultrasensitive label for in vitro diagnostics, using a microwave field to modulate emission intensity…..”

“…..while being manipulated using direct current and microwave magnetic fields. “

“Using an amplitude-modulated microwave field to specifically vary the FND fluorescence at a fixed frequency enables the application of a computational lock-in algorithm to selectively extract signals at the reference frequency. “

“The low power consumption (0.25 W microwave power), optical readout and potential portability of this technique render it suitable for ultrasensitive diagnosis and monitoring in low-resource setting….”

“….using a portable fluorescence reader or smartphone-based device including microwave modulation. “

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Artificial Intelligence – AI

DeepMind AI Propaganda Piece

Demis Hassabis, DeepMind’s public face and co-founder, has always stressed that these successes were just stepping stones towards a larger goal: AI that actually helps us understand the world.”

“The latest version of DeepMind’s AlphaFold, a deep-learning system that can accurately predict the structure of proteins to within the width of an atom, has cracked one of biology’s grand challenges.”

“A protein is made from a ribbon of amino acids that folds itself up with many complex twists and turns and tangles. This structure determines what it does. And figuring out what proteins do is key to understanding the basic mechanisms of life…..”

“The breakthrough could help researchers design new drugs and understand diseases.”

“In the longer term, predicting protein structure will also help design synthetic proteins….”



More AI Propaganda

Elon Musk has made another of his trademark predictions – this time, it’s that AI will be superior to humans within five years.”

“Musk has been among the most vocal prominent figures in warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence. “

“In 2018, for example, Musk famously warned that AI could become “an immortal dictator from which we would never escape” and that the technology is more dangerous than nuclear weapons.”

“….that doesn’t mean that everything goes to hell in five years. It just means that things get unstable or weird.”

“If correct, the latest prediction from Musk would mean the so-called technological singularity – when machine intelligence overtakes human – is set to happen much sooner than other experts predict.

“Ray Kurzweil, a respected futurist, has previously estimated the aforementioned singularity to occur around 2045.”

Cultocracy note :

Speak for yourself Musky…..

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More AI Bulls… Hype

“Renowned researchers Manuel Blum and Lenore Blum have devoted their entire lives to the study of computer science with a particular focus on consciousness. “

“….they published new research that could serve as a blueprint for developing and demonstrating machine consciousness.”

“Our major contribution lies in the precise formal definition of a Conscious Turing Machine (CTM), also called a Conscious AI.”

“An important major goal is to determine if the CTM can experience feelings not just simulate them.”

“A machine programmed with such a stream of consciousness would effectively have the bulk of its processing power (mental bandwidth) taken up by extreme amounts of pain. “

“This, in theory, could motivate it to repair itself or deal with whatever’s threatening it.”





5G & IoT

Full Spectrum Dominance

“Our task is to ensure that American military superiority endures and is ready to protect Americans against sophisticated challenges to national security.”

“The Department seeks to maintain military overmatch against its adversaries, while sharing the spectrum with commercial partners. “

“National and international policies have focused on repurposing spectrum to stimulate economic growth through commercial applications.”

“The Department recognizes the importance of U.S. wireless leadership to the nation’s economic prosperity, and 5G technologies mark a critical pivot for spectrum policy, technology innovation, and national security.”

“The Department recognizes its adversaries are also reliant on EMS-dependent capabilities and plans to target their vulnerabilities with advanced electromagnetic attack (EA) capabilities designed to keep the enemy in a defensive posture…..”

Disruptive capabilities will impose cost and create chaos for our adversaries, in ways they cannot predict, by denying or deceiving their EMS capabilities at the time and place of our choosing.”

“Advanced capabilities in directed energy, RF-enabled cyber, and multifunctional EMS systems all networked and operating at machine speed are required to provide future commanders with scalable options to achieve EMS superiority…..”

“The Department continues to view spectrum sharing as critical to reaching DoD and national goals.”

“DoD must develop, advocate, harmonize, and provide oversight of spectrum policies that minimize constraints to DoD global operations.”

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Facebook’s Centra Tracking Tool

Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley has been a mountain lion when it comes to holding big tech platforms accountable for their massive, regular violations of users’ privacy.”

“Hawley dropped another bombshell.”

“Namely, that Facebook deploys a tool that also tracks users even when they’re not on Facebook.”

“As he opened his inquiry, Hawley said that a former Facebook employee “with direct knowledge of the company’s content moderation practices” got in touch with his Senate office about an “internal platform called Tasks that Facebook uses to coordinate projects, including censorship.””

“Hawley then asked about the alleged tracking program, Centra.”

““Senator, I’m not aware of any tool with that name,” the Zuck responded.”

“Hawley answered by putting up photos he said showed the tool in use.”

“Let me see if this refreshes your memory.”

Centra tracks different profiles that a user visits, their message recipients, their linked accounts, the pages they visit around the Web that have Facebook buttons. “

Centra also uses behavioral data to monitor users’ accounts, even if those accounts are registered under a different name.”

“Do you have a tool that does exactly what I described…or are you saying that it doesn’t exist?” Hawley pressed. “

“Senator, I’m saying that I’m not familiar with it, and that I’d be happy to follow up and, and, get you and your team the information that you would like on this, but I, I, I’m limited in what I can, uh, what I am familiar with and can share today,” the CEO stammered.”

Cultocracy note :

It is not beyond the realms of imagination that ‘Zuck’ is not familiar with Centra .

It is also not beyond the realms of imagination that Zuck is not familiar with anything that happens at Facebook .



Internet of Bodies

“In 2007, U.S. vice president Dick Cheney ordered his doctors to disable all wireless signals to and from his Internet-connected pacemaker.”

“Cheney later said that the decision was motivated by his desire to prevent terrorists from being able to hack his pacemaker and use it to lethally shock his heart. “

“…….wirelessly connected medical devices have a history of exploitable vulnerabilities.”

“All of these devices need to transmit data securely at low power and over a short range. That’s why researchers have started to think about them as individual components of a single human-size wireless network, referred to as a body-area network.”

“The term “Internet of Bodies” (IoB) is also coming into use, taking a cue from the Internet of Things.”

“Purdue University have developed a new method of communication that will keep medical devices, wearables, and any other devices on or near the body more secure….”

“The system capitalizes on the human body’s innate ability to conduct tiny, harmless electrical signals to turn the entire body into a wired communication channel.”

“That’s the inspiration behind our work to use the human body as the communication medium for the devices in someone’s body-area network.”

“We call the method of sending signals directly through the body electro-quasistatic human-body communication.”

“Your body is filled with a watery solution called the interstitial fluid that sits underneath your skin and around the cells of your body.”

“Because inter­stitial fluid is everywhere in the body, it allows us to establish a circuit among two or more communicating devices sitting pretty much anywhere on the body.”

“Data is always most vulnerable to a malicious attack when it is moving from one point to another, and our IoB communication technique can finally close the loop on keeping personal data from leaving your body.”



Airborne 5G

“Technology consultancy firm Cambridge Consultants has announced an ambitious collaboration with UK startup Stratospheric Platforms Limited to create an airborne wireless 5G antenna system.”

“Following a successful proof of concept, Cambridge Consultants is claiming that its system will provide affordable 5G connectivity via a fleet of autonomous aircraft flying at an altitude of 20,000 meters for more than a week.”

“Just a single High-Altitude Platform (HAP) can cover an area of 140km in diameter, and it’s claimed that a fleet of 60 HAPs could cover the entire UK with 5G network connectivity. “

“Each airborne antenna can produce 480 steerable beams, which can be precisely aimed…..”

“The HAP system’s low cost and inherently mobile nature could provide a viable means to provide 5G internet access to remote rural areas around the world.”

Further reading :

  1. General Atomics bring in BAE Systems to lobby for ‘Protector’ drone to fly in UK



Light My Fire

The mast was not set alight, but officers found evidence that there was an attempt to do so.”

“Police have cordoned off the base of the mast and are still guarding the area while they investigate the incident.”

Not related :

  1. The Doors – Light My Fire


Burn Bitch Burn

“West Yorkshire Police was called to reports of a telecommunications mast on fire at New Cross Street, in the West Bowling area of Bradford, at around 2.41am this morning.”

“A spokesperson for the force said the blaze was started deliberately.”

“A picture sent to the T&A from this morning shows the top of the mast is completely burnt out and destroyed. “

“A member of the public said the mast provided 5G service for people on Three’s network.”

They added that they had been enjoying download speeds of more than 500mbps on their new phone, before the mast was damaged. “

Not related :

  1. KISS – Burn Bitch Burn



“Fire fighters were called to the blaze just off the A47 last Tuesday (November 10), and since then residents have struggled to make or receive calls.”

“One resident said: “There is virtually no signal in Wansford at present, and none indoors.”

“Today a spokesman for EE, one of the operators affected by the problems, said; “We’re aware of an issue affecting some customers in the Wansford area of Peterborough, due to an accidental fire at one of our mast locations.”

Not related :

  1. The Prodigy – Firestarter

Cultocracy legal note :

Disclaimer :

No person involved with this blog (we , us , our , me , I) condones the deliberate (express or implied) torching of 5G masts or the deliberate torching of any other potentially harmful and allegedly weaponized mass surveillance related infrastructure or items thereof .

Honestly .



Finger in the Dyke

Hutchinson 3G UK Limited wanted to install the 5G pole in Cashes Green Road, next to the Prince of Wales pub.”

“But the council ruled on November 16 that the proposal should not go ahead. “

“Among the 186 objections to the plans was one from Cainscross Parish Council, plus a residents’ petition with 64 signatures. “

“Residents’ objections to the proposed mast included concerns about its appearance and the safety of increased levels of radiation in the local environment. “

We know next-to-nothing about the safety of 5G, which will add even more radiation to the mix yet it is being rolled out regardless.”

“Richard House of the Stop 5G (Stroud) campaign said: ‘Natural justice has been done in the refusal of this application, and some faith has been restored that local democracy can still function, and stop big tech riding roughshod over local communities against their will.’ “

“But this is just the start. All we’re asking for is that the Government admit to the hopelessly flawed nature of their current safety guidelines, and instigate independent research into this technology.”

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  3. Perry Vale locals ‘relieved’ after Three 5G mast refused
  4. Giant 5G mast on Outer Circle bus route ‘appears overnight’
  5. 5G Mast on Queens Road Permission Refused





Brain Computer Interface – BCI

Ethical Questions Surrounding Brain-Computer Interface Tech

Brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies are no longer hypothetical, yet there are fundamental aspects of the technology that remain unaddressed by both ethicists and policy-makers. “

BCI technologies are devices that detect brain signals conveying intention and translates them into executable output by a computer,”

“The invasive devices are more efficient, since they can read signals directly from the brain. However, they also raise more ethical concerns.”

“Neuralink highlights the immediacy of these ethical questions….”

“…..two areas that should be prioritized for future work are the physical effects of BCI and psychological effects.”

“However, we are now hearing more about the potential for BCI devices to enhance cognition in ways that go beyond therapeutic applications…..”

The technologies are coming whether we’re ready or not. “

“How will we regulate them? Who will have access to them? How can they be used?”

“We need to start thinking about those questions now.”

Cultocracy note :

Too late…….

The technologies are here….

You are not ready……





Human Machine Interface – HMI

Decoding Behavioral Brain Signals

“…..brain signals contain dynamic neural patterns that reflect a combination of activities simultaneously….”

“A standing challenge has been isolating those patterns in brain signals that relate to a specific behavior…..”

“This decoding also depends on our ability to isolate neural patterns related to specific behaviors.”

“These neural patterns can be masked by patterns related to other activities and can be missed by standard algorithms.”

“In the future, this new algorithm could be used to develop enhanced brain-machine interfaces…..”

“In addition, this algorithm could help patients with intractable mental health conditions such as major depression by separating brain signals related to mood symptoms and allowing for real-time tracking of these symptoms…..”

“By isolating dynamic neural patterns relevant to different brain functions, this machine learning algorithm can help us investigate basic questions about brain’s functions and develop enhanced brain-machine interfaces to restore lost function in neurological and mental disorders.”

Perhaps the author refers to the following ‘mental disorders’ :

  1. Refusal to wear masks ‘is linked to anti-social personality disorder’
  2. Conspiracy Theory Disorder: Understanding Why People Believe

Expect this list to be ever more expansive in the coming years .






BAE Systems – Skyborg program

BAE Systems has been awarded an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract to develop an attritable air vehicle system for the Skyborg program.”

“Under this program, which has a contract ceiling of up to $400 million, the company will compete to develop a digital design for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of autonomous functions.”

“Teamed with a manned aircraft, the UAVs will leverage autonomy to disrupt and defeat adversaries in contested environments.”

“BAE Systems has been at the forefront of autonomous system development for more than 20 years. “

“The company has been the autonomy systems provider of choice for nearly every significant U.S. Department of Defense program in the last century.”

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  2. The Air Force’s AI-Powered ‘Skyborg’ Drones Could Fly as Early as 2023



CoSTAR Wins DARPA SubT Challenge

DARPA launched the latest in its series of Grand Challenges, the Subterranean Challenge, or SubT.”

“The SubT Challenge is designed to encourage progress in four distinct robotics domains: mobility (how to get around), perception (how to make sense of the world), networking (how to get the data back to the server by the end of the mission), and autonomy (how to make decisions).”

“Our answer to this call for versatility is to present a team of AI-powered robots, comprising multiple heterogeneous platforms, to handle the various challenges of each course.”

“After the Urban competition, the COVID-19 pandemic set in and JPL shifted part of its focus and resources towards pandemic-related research…..”

“We are in the process of equipping them with UV lights to sterilize hospitals and the JPL campus, which reinforces the growing role robots are playing in applications where no human should venture.”

Cultocracy note :

“…where no human should venture….”

At the present time in the UK this means everywhere .



Zombie Cockroaches

Japanese researchers say turning cockroaches into an army of insect cyborgs could be useful in a variety of ways.”

Remote controlling cockroaches isn’t a new idea, and it’s a fairly simple one.”

“By stimulating the left or right antenna nerves of the cockroach, you can make it think that it’s running into something, and get it to turn in the opposite direction. “

“Add wireless connectivity, some fiducial markers, an overhead camera system, and a bunch of cyborg cockroaches, and you have a resilient swarm that can collaborate on tasks.”

“…..whenever you don’t need the swarm to perform some task for you, you can deactivate the control system and let them scurry off to find crumbs in dark places.”

“….it is difficult to control the cockroaches when trying to control them by electrical stimulation because they move spontaneously.”

“However, by cutting off the head and removing the brain, they do not move spontaneously and the control by the computer becomes easy.”

Cultocracy note :

“….zombie cockroaches….”

Sounds like the UK government .




Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Room 101 Launches

“ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 13 (UPI) — A U.S. government spy satellite, NROL 101, was launched into orbit from Florida at sunset Friday after a week of weather delays.”

“The Defense Department’s National Reconnaissance Office says little about any of its satellites, but the mission description states that the NROL 101 mission will “provide intelligence data to the United States’ senior policymakers” and to the nation’s intelligence agencies and military. “

“The agency designed and built the satellite, and will operate it, according to the mission description.”




“Researchers at MIT and the University of Waterloo have developed a high-power, portable version of a device called a quantum cascade laser, which can generate terahertz radiation outside of a laboratory setting.”

“This will enable portable terahertz imaging and spectral systems that will have an immediate impact on wide-ranging applications in medicine, biochemistry, security, and other areas.”

“Hu began research into the terahertz frequencies — a band of the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and the infrared range — back in 1991.”

“The lasers, which measure only a few millimeters in length and are thinner than a human hair, are quantum well structures with meticulously custom-engineered wells and barriers.”

“In a medical setting the new portable system could provide real-time imaging during regular skin cancer screenings or even during surgical procedures to excise skin cancer tissues.”

Detection of gases, drugs, and explosives could become especially sophisticated with the use of terahertz radiation.”

“For example, compounds such as hydroxide, an ozone-destruction agent, have a special spectral “fingerprint” within the terahertz frequency rage, as do drugs including methamphetamine and heroin, and explosives including TNT.”

“Not only can we see objects through optically opaque materials, but we can also identify the substances….”

“This research was funded by NASA and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.”

Cultocracy note :


I didn’t realize that NASA is now engaged in research which could aid in the ‘War on Drugs , War on Terror , War on climate Change , War on Cancer , War on….’




Transferring thoughts, feelings, emotions, or one person invoking some sort of biological response in another was the subject of a 2006 study published by several researchers in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine,”

“The study found that distant intentionality (DI), which is defined as sending thoughts at a distance (telepathy) from a ‘sender’ is actually correlated with an activation of certain brain regions of the ‘receiver.’”

“Areas activated during the experimental procedures included the anterior and middle cingulate area, precuneus, and frontal area. “

“The authors found that “group analysis revealed significant activation in several areas of the brain” during the times when the DI practitioner was sending to the receiver.”

Entanglement has been confirmed to occur between photons, and many have speculated that certain highly organized macroscopic systems, including the brain, exhibit the property of entanglement with other complex systems.”

“Dr. Jessica Utts, Chair of the Department of Statistics at the University of California had this to say about the phenomenon of Remote Viewing……”

“What convinced me was just the accumulating evidence as I worked in this field…..

I visited the laboratories, even beyond….”

I could see that they had really tight controls….”

“…..in fact I will say the methodology and the controls on these experience are tighter than any other area of science where I’ve worked.”

Cutocracy note :

Do you want a camper van ????



Wireless Laser Charging

“Scientists have figured out a way to perfectly beam energy across any room, thanks to a sci-fi like device they call an anti-laser.”

“The idea is simple: Just like a laser emits light particles, or photons, one after another in a neat and orderly row, an anti-laser sucks up photons one after another in reverse order.”

“…the real world isn’t as neat and orderly as a laser pointed at a fixed receiver in a laboratory. “

“Electronics move around, objects get in the way, walls reflect energy in unexpected ways. “

“The formal term for the method they used is “coherent perfect absorption” (CPA). CPA uses one machine to send power across the room, and another (the “anti-laser”) to suck it back up.”

“The new anti-laser demonstrated in this experiment accounts for all that, and it receives scattered energy beamed around a space in an unpredictable pattern — still receiving 99.996% of the sent power.”

Setups like this, in physics terms, are said to have “time reversal symmetry.”

“The researchers pulled off this non-time reversed CPA in two experimental setups, both using microwave energy.”

“There are three major potential applications of this technology.”

“The first is wireless energy transfer at a distance….”

“Another is a sensing device that could detect subtle changes in any room where the photons are scattered. (Imagine a security camera that can feel an intruder moving through a room.)”

“The third is a messaging system that could securely transfer information to a hidden receiver…..”






Cultocracy note :

After all of the lies , deceit , manipulation and misinformation during the past year would you still trust your government to safely stick a needle in your arm ?

Vaccine Push Propaganda

COVID-19, after the most rapid and sustained vaccine development programme in history, now looks set to be joining this list of fatal diseases that can be easily prevented with a jab or two. “

“So what can you do to protect yourself against misinformation and challenge it in conversation with others?”

Disinformation is dangerous. We fight it with facts and expertise…”

1. Understand who you are talking to
“The point of your discussion is to empower the members of the audience with knowledge and arguments. To do so, it’s important to find common ground and “bond” with whoever you are talking to, rather than just lecturing them.”

2. Inoculate against misinformation
“The Debunking Handbook 2020 advocates triggering a mental “immune response” to fake news. To do so we need pre-emptive exposure to weakened versions of the manipulative strategies used by peddlers of false facts.”

3. Debunk efficiently
“Explain why the myth is wrong. You might point out some science that refutes the myth, and call out the flaws in the argument.”

4. Think beyond facts
“The words we use are also important, they conjure up imagery that affect our response to the information we are being presented with.”
Another important technique is storytelling, which can be much more effective than facts.”

Cultocracy notes :

1) ….”…easily prevented with a jab or two…”
Or maybe a mince pie or two ?

2) ….”Inoculate against misinformation…”
I try my best.

3) ….”Explain why the myth is wrong…”
Many are trying.

4) ….”Think beyond facts”…
Cultocracy translation : If in doubt , revert to bullsh*t and fearmongering .

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  5. Is UK public broadcasting still ‘fit for purpose’ in the digital age?

Further reading , Oh the irony :

  2. #PledgetoPause
  3. The Post Covid World, The WEF’s Diabolical Project



‘Diseases of despair’ on the rise across the US

“Though the COVID-19 pandemic has captured the country’s attention, the U.S. has also been facing another deadly, but less visible, public health crisis. “Diseases of despair” or those related to substance abuse, alcohol dependency and suicidal thoughts and behaviors, have been surging in the U.S. over the past decade, according to a new study. “

“These trends coincide with decades of economic decline for less educated and unskilled workers, stagnant or falling wages and incomes, lower marriage rates and increases in single-parent households, and fewer people who are actively working or looking for work, according to the study.”

Despair may in turn trigger emotional, cognitive, behavioural and even biological changes, increasing the likelihood of diseases that can progress and ultimately culminate in these deaths of despair.”

COVID-19 highlights many of our existing vulnerabilities,”

The disease has exacerbated unemployment, isolation, uncertainty and barriers to care, which are all associated with an increased risk of diseases of despair, she said.”

Cultocracy note :

“The disease has exacerbated unemployment, isolation, uncertainty…..”

No sh*t…….


What insight .



Losing Control

Unwanted memories often enter conscious awareness when individuals confront reminders.”

“We tested the hypothesis that successful memory control requires sleep.”

“Following overnight sleep or total sleep deprivation, participants attempted to suppress intrusions of emotionally negative and neutral scenes when confronted with reminders.”

“Our findings indicate that sleep deprivation substantially increases people’s vulnerability to unwanted memories intruding into conscious awareness when they confront reminders.”

“Deficient memory suppression following sleep loss might arise from dysfunction of the neural networks that govern inhibitory control.”

“Moreover, prolonged sleep restriction impairs performance on attention and working memory tasks that rely on prefrontal engagement.”

“Although impaired memory control following sleep deprivation is a valid interpretation of our data, another possibility relates to overnight memory processing. Previous work has shown that sleep promotes the consolidation of procedural skills.”

“Prior work suggests that sleep curtails spontaneous intrusive thoughts following trauma.”

“Our findings may help to explain the relationship between sleep disturbance and vulnerability to psychiatric conditions associated with intrusive thoughts.”

In sum, we found that sleep deprivation markedly impairs the ability to prevent unwanted memories from entering conscious thought.”

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Ayahuasca and Neurogenesis

N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a component of the ayahuasca brew traditionally used for ritual and therapeutic purposes across several South American countries.”

“Here, we have examined, in vitro and vivo, the potential neurogenic effect of DMT. “

“Our results demonstrate that DMT administration activates the main adult neurogenic niche, the subgranular zone of the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus, promoting newly generated neurons in the granular zone.”

“Moreover, these mice performed better, compared to control non-treated animals, in memory tests…..”

“….our results demonstrate that DMT treatment promotes the generation of new neurons in the hippocampus, therefore enhancing adult neurogenesis and improving spatial learning and memory tasks.”

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Synthetic Biology

Cultocracy note :

There is a school of thought that says that science can develop technology that solve any environmental crisis .

There is also a school of thought that says that science is partly responsible for most environmental crises .

There is also a school of thought that says that humanity itself is responsible for all environmental crises .

There is also a school of thought says that there are no environmental crises .

The final school of thought says ‘no environment + no humanity = no crisis’ .

Advertisement Feature :

The following article is sponsored by Bayer and friends .

Your friend , helper and savior .

Love and kisses .

As always .

Synthetic Biology to the Rescue

Synthetic and systems biology (SSB), which enables manipulation of cellular phenotypes, offers a powerful approach to current land management practices aimed at reducing atmospheric carbon.”

“….one of the most revolutionary technologies of the current century: SSB—the ability to design and program biological systems to carry out prespecified functions.”

“We summarize below some of the ways in which the rapidly emerging ability to engineer phenotypes can be developed to address one of the major challenges confronting the planet, viz., climate change….”

“2.1. Plants Could Potentially Be Engineered to Reduce Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide”

“2.2. Genetically Modifying Plants”

“2.3. Plants Could Potentially Be Engineered to Increase Agricultural Productivity and Create a Robust Environment”

“2.4. Plants Could Potentially Be Engineered to Self-Fertilize”

“2.6. Bacteria Could Potentially Be Engineered to Draw Down Atmospheric Carbon”

“2.7. Bacteria Could Potentially Be Engineered to Decrease Atmospheric Methane”

“2.8. Microbes Could Potentially Be Engineered to Produce Useful Products”

DNA-free gene editing and transgene biocontainment , can help with the public acceptance of GMO for climate change mitigation.”

“The potential impact of genetic engineering aimed at improving the environment will be more complicated, and it is not nearly as well understood as the impact of GMOs.”

“We believe that a collaborative engineering project—with scale much larger than the Manhattan Project and Human Genome Project, involving scientists, policy experts, and ethicists from many countries across the world—will be required to bring SSB to bear upon the climate problem.”

The following authors have competing interests: GA (consultant for a DARPA contract……”

Oh dear……

“Manhattan Project….Human Genome Project….”

DARPA sniffing around in the background ?

What could possibly go right ?

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Swirl Power

“Researchers have found a way to produce nylon fibres that are smart enough to produce electricity from simple body movement, paving the way for smart clothes that will monitor our health through miniaturised sensors and charge our devices without any external power source.”

Piezoelectricity describes the phenomenon where mechanical energy is transformed into electric energy. To put it simply, when you tap on or distort a piezoelectric material, it generates a charge.

“While wearing piezoelectric clothing, such as a shirt, even a simple movement like swinging your arms would cause sufficient distortions in the shirt’s fibres to generate electricity.”

“Scientists have been aware of the piezoelectric properties of nylon since the 1980s…..”

“The challenge is to prepare nylon fibres that retain their piezoelectric properties….”

“Developing piezoelectric fibres is a major step towards being able to produce electronic textiles with clear applications in the field of wearable electronics.”

“In years to come, we could be using our T-shirts to power a device such as our mobile phone as we walk in the woods….”

Cultocracy notes :

1) Massive assumptions alert .
The author of the above article appears to assume that we will actually have a shirt on our backs after the current fiasco……

2) “…walk in the woods…”
Aaahhh….My great great Aunt used to talk about ‘walks in the woods‘….

Them were the days……



What do EU citizens think about nanomaterials?

A recent survey carried out in five selected EU countries shows that citizens demand better labelling of everyday products containing nanomaterials and increased awareness of the risks and benefits of products containing nanomaterials.”

“The study identified some concerns over the safety of some established and newer applications of traditional and more advanced nanomaterials. “

“The key recommendation of the study is to increase European citizens’ awareness of nanomaterials, including their benefits and risks, to ensure the public can make informed choices. “

“This is to be achieved through sharing of information and communicating the benefits and safety aspects of nanomaterials.”






Glyphosate Is Likely to Injure or Kill

“The Environmental Protection Agency released a draft biological evaluation today finding that glyphosate is likely to injure or kill 93% of the plants and animals protected under the Endangered Species Act.”

“The long-anticipated draft biological evaluation released by the agency’s pesticide office found that 1,676 endangered species are likely to be harmed by glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and the world’s most-used pesticide.”

“The draft biological opinion also found that glyphosate adversely modifies critical habitat for 759 endangered species, or 96% of all species for which critical habitat has been designated.”

“The hideous impacts of glyphosate on the nation’s most endangered species are impossible to ignore now…..”

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Health and Medical

Brain Immune Cells and the Gut

“A new study, published in the prestigious journal Nature, is describing the surprising discovery of a previously unknown gut-brain link. “

“The research reveals certain immune cells that inhabit a protective membrane surrounding the brain actually originate in the gut.”

“The antibodies discovered are a type called Immunoglobulin A (IgA), and they are generally made in either the gut or the mucosal lining of the lungs or nose. “

“…..to find that an important line of defense starts in the gut was quite a surprise….”

“This raised the hypothesis that the role of these specific immune cells is to protect the brain from damaging gut microbes that could enter the bloodstream. “



Connection between Household Chemicals and Gut Microbiome

“A team of researchers for the first time has found a correlation between the levels of bacteria and fungi in the gastrointestinal tract of children and the amount of common chemicals found in their home environment.”

“The microbes in our gut, which include a large variety of bacteria and fungi, are thought to affect many processes, from nutrient absorption to our immunity, and an unhealthy microbiome has been implicated in diseases ranging from obesity to asthma and dementia.”

“The semi-volatile organic compounds they measured included phthalates that are used in detergents, plastic clothing and personal-care products, such as soap, shampoo….”

“….as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), which are used in stain- and water-repellent fabrics, coatings for carpets and furniture, nonstick cooking products, polishes, paints, and cleaning products. “

“The researchers also found, surprisingly, that the children who had high levels of chemical compounds in their blood also had in their gut several types of bacteria that have been used to clean up toxic chemicals.”

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  4. Researchers discover how gut bacteria can protect from radiation damage



Sticky Plaster Kills COVID

“Researchers at Duke University and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), have developed a hydrogel-based biomaterial that, when applied to wounds, triggers a regenerative immune response that could potentially help to heal skin injuries

“In 2015, the research team, head by Segura and Di Carlo, developed microporous annealed particle (MAP) hydrogels, which are a microparticle-based biomaterial that can integrate into the wound rather than sit on the skin’s surface.”

“The team is now exploring the best way to release immune signals from the gel to either induce skin regeneration or develop the hydrogel as a vaccine platform….”



Vaping and COVID-19

“In a controlled study of smokers, nonsmokers, and e-cigarette users, University of North Carolina School of Medicine researchers found that e-cigarette users exhibited significantly altered immune responses to a model of influenza virus infection, suggesting increased susceptibility to disease.”

“While we used influenza as a model, this suggests that e-cigarette users are likely more susceptible to respiratory viruses than are non-smokers, and this likely includes SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).”

“Moreover, altered immune response in e-cigarette users and cigarette smokers could make vaccines less effective in these groups.”

Cultocracy note :


Maybe the above research could explain this baffling outbreak .

Or not…..





$cientific $cammer of the Month

Cultocracy note :

And they’re off…..

The race for a COVID vaccine is hotting up , all bets are on the front runners , although long ‘shots’ may also be worth a punt , more astute gamblers are keeping their eye on emerging outsiders .

Coat tuggers are touting their favorites and there are bound to be a few late scratchings .

Either way , the bagmen seem to be cleaning up .

With this in mind I have decided to enter another of my own my COVID concoctions into the fray .

A first starter maiden filly I have called ‘BamaLamaBingBong’ .

The treatment consists of two mince pies washed down with a large brandy .

Preliminary results are very promising , the treatment shows a 99.9% rate of recovery from COVID-19 .

Not only that , my own treatment can be stored in your own cupboard at room temperature , ready for the ‘next wave’ .

I have personally placed the princely sum of £3.59 (per dose) on the (runny) nose of BamalamaBingBong , I suggest you do the same .

A sure bet , tasty and warming as well !

Eli Lilly Granted Emergency Approval for COVID-19 Drug

Eli Lilly & Co.’s antibody therapy was granted an emergency-use authorization by U.S. drug regulators for treating Covid-19….”

“The Food and Drug Administration authorized the experimental treatment, called bamlanivimab…..”

Shares of Indianapolis-based Lilly gained as much as 5.2% in late trading on Monday. Through the close, the stock had advanced 8.3% so far this year.”

“The U.S. government will pay Lilly $375 million for 300,000 vials of the antibody treatment.”

“The U.S. also has the option to purchase an additional 650,000 vials through next June for as much as $812.5 million.”

Experimental antibody treatments could become a powerful component of the arsenal that doctors use to treat the coronavirus. “

“The therapies rely on lab-made proteins that mimic the immune system’s ability to fight off the virus…”

“…..a government-sponsored trial of the Lilly antibody in hospitalized patients—who tend to be sicker—was terminated due to lack of efficacy.”

“The FDA said Monday that bamlanivimab is not authorized for patients who are hospitalized due to Covid-19…..”

Spike Proteins – Tasty !








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Research Integrity Survey Flounders

The world’s largest multidisciplinary survey on research integrity is in danger of falling short of its goals after two-thirds of invited institutions declined to collaborate…..”

“Lex Bouter began to plan the survey in 2016 to address a lack of data about questionable research practices and scientific misconduct.”

“He wanted to ask all working academics in the Netherlands not just about how they conduct their research, but also about work habits, pressures, and other aspects of academic life.”

“But at a meeting in December 2019, some university presidents argued that a survey would just not be suitable for such a sensitive topic, Bouter recalls.”

“Others found the survey too focused on bad behaviors, such as data falsification or cherry-picking of results.”

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Free Scientific Research Access – Only €9500 per paper

The elite Nature family of journals, including the flagship Nature, today announced it is taking the plunge into open access in scientific publishing.”

“The journals will become among the first highly selective titles to allow any author to pay a publishing fee to make articles immediately free to read when published.”

“Such open-access arrangements are being required by some European funders and foundations that seek to eliminate subscription paywalls in order to speed the flow of scientific information.”

Nature’s author fee, €9500, is thought to be the highest of any journal.”

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Microwave Meals – Indian or Chinese ?

China turns Ladakh battleground into a ‘microwave oven’

“China’s military used microwave weapons to force Indian troops to retreat during a months-long border standoff in the Himalayas, according to an account that has emerged in Beijing.”

“Microwave weapons focus high frequency electro-magnetic pulses or beams at targets and cause irritation and pain by heating up any human tissue in its way.

The professor said that Chinese troops fired the weapon from the bottom of the hills and “turned the mountain tops into a microwave oven”.

Microwave weapons began to attract attention in recent years as the United States researched radio-frequency, or electromagnetic pulse weapons. “

“The weapons use high-energy electromagnetic radiation to attack targets, to destroy electronics and missile guidance systems or to harm humans.

They may also have been responsible for the symptoms described by US and Canadian diplomats posted to Havana from 2016.

Unusual .

Mainstream media recognition of this type of weaponry is like rocking horse sh*t .

Considering the report came from the Times then there is definitely an agenda at play here .

Misdirection ?

Maybe .

Similar weapons are used extensively on the domestic front for torture and soft-kill operations .

As well as a broad range of exotic experimental purposes .

Do you still want that fancy 5G phone ?

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Nanotechnology News – October 2020

Cultocracy Introduction :

The Julian Assange (JA) case has thrown open the reality of targeting to many more organizations and individuals .

They build ’em up and knock ’em down .

JA is not quite past his sell by date and is now being held aloft as a warning message to others .

A very excruciating and extrapolated warning message .

It will not Matter if JA’s case is not widely reported .

It will not matter if things end with JA’s head on a pike .

It will be a case of mission accomplished either way .

He is now simply another invisible man .

You can safely assume at this point that all ethical concerns have now fallen by the wayside .

Where they have always been….

Human Rights Council Forty-third session

Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of punishment

“Since its first proclamation in Art. 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), the international community has established an impressive normative and institutional framework for its implementation (A/73/207, para 5-18). “

“At the same time, however, numerous States have invested significant resources towards developing methods of torture which can achieve purposes of coercion, intimidation, punishment, humiliation or discrimination without causing readily identifiable physical harm or traces (A/73/207, para 45).”

“Moreover, new and emerging technologies give rise to unprecedented tools and environments of non-physical interaction which must be duly considered in the contemporary interpretation of the prohibition of torture.”

“Given rapid advances in medical, pharmaceutical and neurotechnological science, as well as in cybernetics, robotics and artificial intelligence, it is difficult to predict to what extent future techniques and environments of torture , as well as the “human enhancement” of potential victims may allow to circumvent, suppress or otherwise manipulate the subjective experience of pain and suffering while still achieving the purposes and the profoundly dehumanizing, debilitating and incapacitating effects of torture.”

“……for example, to exclude the profound disruption of a person’s mental identity, capacity or autonomy from the definition of torture only because the victim’s subjective experience or recollection of “mental suffering” has been pharmaceutically, hypnotically or otherwise manipulated or suppressed.”

“Deliberate sensory manipulation and disorientation through sensory deprivation or hyperstimulation involves both the sensory organs and the cognitive processing of sensory perception. Particularly sensory hyperstimulation is therefore situated at the very interface between physical and psychological torture.”




Nanotechnology News – October 2020





Cultocracy note :

Who exactly is behind the push for a coronavirus vaccine ?

As usual , multiple angles are being pushed by multiple agencies in parallel to the bigger push .

Who are the pushers doing the pushing in the above case ?

Of course , you should also ask who are the pushers that are pushing the pushers .

Personally I call for a push for emergency censorship laws for anything that any Labour politician has to say , including their handl… aides .

In fact make that all politicians .

Do they still not realize that nobody listens to them ?

Stupid question .

….Or perhaps they simply do not know how to shut up ?

A different ballgame entirely .

SARS-CoV-2 Uses a Second Receptor to Infect Human Cells

“It has been shown previously that SARS-CoV-2 uses the ACE2 receptor to infect human cells.”

“Now, new research from two separate manuscripts shows that SARS-CoV-2 is able to use a receptor called neuropilin-1, which is very abundant in many human tissues including the respiratory tract, blood vessels, and neurons.”

“….another huge collaboration, used multiple approaches to discover that SARS-CoV-2 recognizes a protein called neuropilin-1 on the surface of human cells to facilitate viral infection.”

“….we have been able to establish that the Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 does indeed bind to neuropilin-1.”

“….it is currently too early to speculate whether blocking directly neuropilin could be a viable therapeutic approach, as this could lead to side effects.”

“Currently, our laboratory is testing the effect of new molecules that we have specifically designed to interrupt the connection between the virus and neuropilin. “

Preliminary results are very promising…..

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  2. SARS-CoV-2 infection can block pain, opening up unexpected new possibilities for research into pain relief medication

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  2. Neurogenesis and Neuronal Migration (PDF)
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  2. Reelin (Wikipedia)
  3. Reeler (YouTube)



Nanoparticles can turn off Genes

“Using specialized nanoparticles, MIT engineers have developed a way to turn off specific genes in cells of the bone marrow, which play an important role in producing blood cells.”

“This type of genetic therapy, known as RNA interference, is usually difficult to target to organs other than the liver, where nanoparticles would tend to accumulate.”

RNA interference is a strategy that could potentially be used to treat a variety of diseases by delivering short strands of RNA that block specific genes from being turned on in a cell.”

“The particles are coated with lipids that help stabilize them, and they can target organs such as the lungs, heart, and spleen, depending on the particles’ composition and molecular weight.”

“The researchers began with the particles they had previously used to target the lungs and created variants that had different arrangements of a surface coating called polyethylene glycol (PEG).”

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  2. Jan Smith , ‘Morgellons’ , Chromosome 1 q42





Quantum Computing & Communications

Is it a Bird ?…Is it a Plane ?…..

Strong thermal emission velocity enhancement (STEVE) is a recently identified atmospheric phenomenon caused by supersonic plasma jets flowing at altitudes >100 km.”

“The phenomenon was identified by citizen scientists using consumer camera equipment.”

STEVE appears as a whitish pink arc extending in the magnetic east–west direction, which is often accompanied by an adjacent region of green features.”

“In some cases, the green features appear as periodic vertical columns resembling a “picket fence”. “

“The companion picket fence region has been found to be predominantly oxygen 557.7‐nm green line, with a trace contribution from N2 first positive emissions.

“The lack of emissions from higher energy 𝑁+2 transitions has argued against precipitating magnetospheric electrons as a source of the green features….”

“Although we cannot state conclusively what that source mechanism is, they are most likely excited by turbulent heating related to the extreme plasma flows of STEVE.”

“This work has focused on a particular repeatable feature: a narrow “streak” of emission appearing below the picket fence that propagates toward STEVE from the poleward side.”

“Some conjectures about causal connections with overlying field‐aligned structures are presented, based on coupling of thermal and gradient‐drift instabilities, with analogues to similar dynamics observed from chemical release and ionospheric heating experiments.”

This work was supported by NASA…..”

Cultocracy notes :

(1) Hahahahah….hoho….hahaha…..

“…chemical release and ionospheric heating experiments….”

Those crazy , crazy conspiracy theorists………

(2) “This work was supported by NASA…..”

It most certainly was……

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  7. Thule Air Force Base , Greenland



Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Make Contact

“The astoundingly complex LHC “atom smasher” at the CERN center in Geneva, Switzerland, are fired up to its maximum energy levels ever in an endeavor to identify – or perhaps generate – tiny black holes.”

“If successful a very new universe is going to be exposed – modifying completely not only the physics books but the philosophy books too. “

“It is even probable that gravity from our own universe may “transfer” into this parallel universe, researchers at the LHC say.”

“But next week’s experimentation is reflected to be a game-changer.”

“We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes are produced at the LHC.”

“As gravity can effuse of our universe into the additional dimensions, such a model may be tested by the detection of mini black holes at the LHC.”

“When the LHC is fired up the energy is calculated in Tera electron volts – a TeV is 1,000,000,000,000, or one trillion, electron Volts. “

“Up to now, the LHC has sought for mini black holes at energy levels below 5.3 TeV.”

Cultocracy note :

Perhaps the ‘parallel universe’ that the CERN LHC hopes to make contact with is actually much closer to home ?

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Artificial Intelligence – AI

Face Mask Recognition

Public shaming over not wearing a face mask started almost as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic itself.

News reports soon followed of residents and police chastising the non-compliant, a trend that’s now seen globally.

So far, masks have been confounding traditional facial recognition software…….”

“…..but these new machine learning tools could conceivably be used in private or public spaces to measure compliance….”

For the most part, people who flout the mandates even if they can afford to follow them get away with that noncompliance.

Today’s facial recognition software studies the features around the eye, nose, mouth, and ears to identify an individual whose picture is already supplied, either by the individual or in a criminal database.

Developers say that mask recognition software in theory bypasses privacy issues because the programs don’t actually identify the people.

“…..the algorithm, for example, could be used in real time and integrated with closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

Ultimately, the pitfall of mask recognition is that it might set a dangerous precedent for what happens when the pandemic is over, say its critics.

Cultocracy note :

I suggest an added layer of protection for ‘Mask AI’ recognition areas to be worn under your standard gim.. COVID mask .

This one is sure to arouse interest in ‘certain quarters’ , although it may lead to your own abduction and further ‘anal probing’ by several ‘alphabet affiliated organizations’ .

This particular one will definitely spark interest and perhaps even panic in a wide variety of ‘alphabet organizations’ , although you may end up dead .

Personally I recommend a combo , of this and this and this .

They’ will simply think you are one of themselves on your way to work and you will be free from all harassment and death .

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Global AI Collaboration

“Today, artificial intelligence — and the computing systems that underlie it — are more than just matters of technology; they are matters of state and society, of governance and the public interest.

“The choices that technologists, policymakers, and communities make in the next few years will shape the relationship between machines and humans for decades to come.”

“We need for this to be a global collaboration and engage scientists, technologists, policymakers, and business leaders….”

“Each task force will produce results that inform concrete public policies and frameworks for the next chapter of AI, and help define the roles that the academic and business communities, civil society, and governments will need to play in making it a reality.”

“……a follow-on event at MIT will bring together leaders from across sectors and countries and, built atop the leading research from the task forces, the forum will provide a focal point for work to move from AI principles to AI practice, and serve as a springboard to global efforts to design the future of AI.”

Cultocracy note :

Fine words indeed…….

Unfortunately the ‘future of AI’ has already been designed .

It is not pretty .

Particularly for the masses .





5G & IoT

Cultocracy note :

5G – The glue that binds everything together .

A very convenient COVID was the accelerator .

Unless you believe in coincidences .

Talking of coincidences , the ever increasing list of SARS-CoV2 symptoms also appear to match the symptoms of exposure to non-ionizing radiation , such as microwaves .

Ask yourself one simple question .

Did you ever decide to have 5G , or was it decided for you that you must have 5G ?

Implications of Emerging Technologies in Future Pandemics

“There is little doubt that emerging technologies will help societies anticipate, manage, and mitigate the negative impacts of future global pandemics.”

“But the use of such technologies must be guided with regard for citizens’ privacy, security, and well-being, and concern for its deployment and implementation.”

“Drawing on lessons learned from COVID-19, several IEEE experts with a variety of technological backgrounds are considering the societal aspects of technological solutions to securing health and economic systems against future pandemics.”

Telecommunications, big data, and artificial intelligence could improve contact tracing.”

“For instance, massive MIMO [multiple-input, multiple-output] in 4G/5G will allow precise measurements of spacing between connected users and can also specify their location….”

Blockchain’s major role in the platform would be to ensure that nobody could fake or manipulate data without leaving a trace. “

“Data sources with a history of reporting fake data could lose credits and be assigned lower weights in data analytics.”

“Meanwhile, the major role of artificial intelligence would be in data analytics.”

“The platform can start from very limited data sources—for example, publicly available COVID-19 tracking data from health care institutions…”

“….along with more data sources from individuals’ smartphone apps, data from telecom operators…

“In the future, deliveries by drone and autonomous vehicle, once considered a somewhat quirky idea, will become common…..”

Rural areas, which will become popular places for people to move to as they seek to avoid densely populated areas, will be forced to deploy robust communications networks to support a mass migration from urban to suburban and rural living…..”

“Efforts to supply the world with Internet access are being deployed by Elon Musk’s Starlink program and other satellite-launching initiatives….

“Ensuring access to communications networks will become a major political platform for candidates, and [voters] will expect them to have a plan for this when they run for office.”



EU must counter 5G misinformation

“The EU has been told it must counter disinformation relating to 5G or risk damaging efforts to get economies back on track following coronavirus-induced lockdowns. “

“A joint letter signed by 15 countries across the European Union – including Poland, Sweden and Greece – puts forward their concerns that the “anti-5G movement” is gathering momentum across Europe.”

Conspiracies over the introduction of 5G networks have been gaining traction on social media platforms in recent months. “

“They even include theories that the coronavirus epidemic could be linked to the new networks in some way.”

“The new 5G networks have been touted as a major way to spur the recovery after many countries’ economies were badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.”

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$pace X Launches More $atellites

“Oct. 18 (UPI) — SpaceX launched its 14th group of 60 satellites from Florida under blue skies Sunday for the company’s Starlink broadband network, which is approaching a full-scale public trial period.”

“The launch boosted the number of satellites in orbit to nearly 800.”

“SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the launch would soon allow it to “roll out a fairly wide public” test in the northern United States and “hopefully” in southern Canada. “

Other countries to follow as soon as we receive regulatory approval….”

SpaceX also won the right from the Federal Communication Commission last week to bid for $16 billion in federal funding to provide broadband service to rural areas of the United States. “

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Top 5G Mobile Myths

“The new survey, which was commissioned by Compare the Market, decided to ask their sample to answer “true“, “false” or “don’t know” to several myths surrounding 5G.”

“The good news is that the majority of respondents were able recognise the falsehoods, but a sizeable proportion still hold to some common myths.”

“While 23% are unsure, 7% believe 5G is connected to the spread of Coronavirus.”

21% believe 5G is being used as a spy for surveillance….another 44% answered “don’t know“.

30% of 16-24 year olds believe trees are being cut down due to 5G

18% of Bristol residents say they believe that “5G is making the human population stupid“. The city is closely followed by Belfast (16%) and Leeds (15%), while the national average here sits at 12%.”

“11% say they believe that 5G radiation lowers human immune defences with Bristol residents buying into this theory the most (18%).

NOTE: Ofcom has warned media publications that they could face sanctions if found to be spreading conspiracy claims. As such we’ve taken the rare action of disabling comments on this news item in order to avoid such conspiracy theorists from abusing the system in order to spread disinformation about COVID-19.”

Disabling comments ?

Ofcom sanctions ?

Sounds like the actions of a desperately corrupt and repressive third world regime to me .


I nearly forgot….

It is .

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US Deep State 5G – Blackmail and Bribery

During a trip to Brasilia on Tuesday, officials from the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) and US government signed a memorandum of understanding to “identify potential opportunities” for financing up to $1 billion, CNBC reported.”

“These include energy and “especially in the telecommunications area and the important 5G”, according to a statement by US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien.”

“US officials told reporters at the signing that the money was available for Brazil to buy telecommunications equipment from Huawei’s rivals, according to Reuters.”

Washington has maintained that Huawei represents a national security threat….”



France’s 5G Plans – Environment or Economics ?

“The recent 5G spectrum auction that raised $3.3 billion for the French government might look like a win for a country still mired in the destructive economic and health effects of the pandemic.”

The stakes for France are huge. “

“The country has fallen behind other major countries in its efforts to roll out 5G.”

“But while some conspiracy-minded folks are lurking at the edge of the debate, divisions over 5G in France largely reflect concerns raised by mainstream activists and politicians.”

“Opponents worry that despite industry assurances, not enough testing has been done to measure the effects of 5G towers, which will be deployed in far greater density than previous wireless generations…..”

“Bordeaux Mayor Pierre Hurmic, who was elected this summer amid a wave of Green Party (EELV) victories across France, said in an interview on RTL radio. “We must indicate what are the dangers of 5G because there are dangers.”

“But environmentalists’ concerns extend well beyond the health debate. They point to reports that a typical 5G station could consume 3 times the energy of a 4G station. “

“That figure doesn’t take into account the projected massive increase in connected objects that would be continually gathering and transmitting data.”

“We cannot launch blindly into this deployment without studying the question of electricity consumption.”

“Also noteworthy in the IFOP poll was that 20% supported the destruction of cell phone towers, 50% are worried about the health effects from electromagnetic waves, and 15% felt there was a link between COVID and 5G.”

“Underlying those concerns were other anxieties, including fears that 5G would spur an increase in connected objects that would “degrade human relations,” increase surveillance and data gathering, and widen economic inequalities.”

“Then there was the scenario suggested by ecologist and Grenoble mayor Eric Piolle, who said: “5G is for watching porn on your telephone, even when you are in the elevator. Is that progress, watching porn in HD?””

“In the end, opponents may not have enough clout to stop 5G deployment across the country.”

Cultocracy note :

“5G is for watching porn on your telephone, even when you are in the elevator. Is that progress, watching porn in HD?”

Probably the most sensible and factual quote I have heard about 5G so far .

Oh…By the way…..

The UK controllers are already way ahead of the curve in regard to the ‘question of electricity consumption’ .


A very convenient Coronavirus……






New Research Helps Ringing in the Ears

“In the largest clinical trial of its kind, researchers show that combining sound and electrical stimulation of the tongue can significantly reduce tinnitus, commonly described as “ringing in the ears.”

“The findings could potentially help millions of people since tinnitus affects about 10 to 15 percent of the population worldwide.”

“The study was conducted at the Wellcome Trust-HRB Clinical Research Facility, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland…..”

“The tinnitus treatment device used in the study, now branded as Lenire®, was developed by Neuromod Devices and consists of wireless (Bluetooth®) headphones that deliver sequences of audio tones layered with wideband noise to both ears……”

“…..combined with electrical stimulation pulses delivered to 32 electrodes on the tip of the tongue by a proprietary device trademarked as Tonguetip®.”

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Covert Torture Tech Goes Commercial…..Again….

Noveto Systems, an Israeli company , will debut a desktop device that beams sound directly to a listener without the need for headphones.”

“The 3-D sound is so close it feels like it’s inside your ears while also in front, above and behind them. “

“Noveto expects the device will have plenty of practical uses…….”

“The technology uses a 3-D sensing module and locates and tracks the ear position sending audio via ultrasonic waves to create sound pockets by the user’s ears.”

“Most people just say, ‘Wow, I really don’t believe it,’” she said….”

“You don’t believe it because it sounds like a speaker, but no one else can hear it…”

“By changing a setting, the sound can follow a listener around when they move their head.”

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  6. Mind Control Using Sound Waves – World Economic Forum



Frankenstein Corp.

Intracortical microstimulation (ICMS) of somatosensory cortex has the potential to restore sensation to individuals with somatosensory impairments.”

Sensory signals provided via neural stimulation can be also used to guide and improve behavior in brain-machine interfaces (BMI).”

“A 48-year-oldmale with tetraplegia was implanted with six microelectrode arrays…..”

“Two of the arrays in the left hemisphere and one in the right were implanted in primary somatosensory cortex and used primarily to deliver stimulation; the other two were implanted in primary motor cortex used for recording.”

“…..fingertip sensations could be elicited for six fingertips across both hands from three total microelectrode arrays implanted bilaterally….”

“We utilized a novel intraoperative ECoG sensory mapping approach to improve implant finger targeting, with ECoG placement guided by a combination of structural anatomical landmarks and pre-operative fMRI imaging.”

“….the successful implantation of fingertip regions inboth hemispheres suggests that our intraoperative mapping approach could generalize to other participants…..”

“Fingertip sensory restoration is a critical step in creating dexterous closed-loop brain-machine interface prostheses for patients with spinal cord injury and related disorders.”

“Funding: This research was developed with funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA;Arlington, VA) Revolutionizing Prosthetics program”

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Human Machine Interface – HMI

Transformers….Humans in Disguise….

Exoskeleton suits transform car factory workers into human robots .”

High tech exoskeletons are being studied by companies like Hyundai Motor Co., Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. The technology originally developed to help people who can no longer walk or stand alone, relieves fatigue and prevents injuries.”

“Xu said the exoskeletons are most useful along general assembly lines, which are still to some extent handcrafted.”

“Founding partner Huang Mingming said the exoskeletons solve a problem that not only China but the whole world is facing.”

“The population is getting older and the people who work in factories are getting older too, which means the costs associated with occupational accidents are increasing…..”

“Hyun said the sensors that attach wearables could also help in the development of Hyundai’s autonomous vehicles.”

Cultocracy note :

“Population is getting older…..”

Not any more….

At least in the UK……

There are lots of things in the world that can ‘solve problems’ .

The major ‘problem’ , for some , being humanity itself .







“Would you trust your life to an autonomous vehicle?”

“Do you understand how it will respond in dangerous situations?”

“Are you willing to get in without knowing the risks ?”

“These machines are not perfect, they will fail and they will hurt people. “

“People have already died in incidents involving autonomous vehicles as a consequence of how they were programmed.”

“He explains the manufacturers of autonomous vehicles have a responsibility to clearly outline what the risks and uncertainties are when it comes to using this technology.”



Autonomous Boats

“The feverish race to produce the shiniest, safest, speediest self-driving car has spilled over into our wheelchairs, scooters, and even golf carts. “

“Recently, there’s been movement from land to sea, as marine autonomy stands to change the canals of our cities, with the potential to deliver goods and services and collect waste across our waterways.”

“MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the Senseable City Lab, researchers have been developing the world’s first fleet of autonomous boats for the City of Amsterdam….”

“……the new robotic boat is capable of carrying passengers.”

Roboat II navigates autonomously using algorithms similar to those used by self-driving cars, but now adapted for water….”

“All of these expected developments will be incorporated into the first prototype of the full-scale Roboat and tested in the canals of the City of Amsterdam….”

Cultocracy note :

Already have these in Amsterdam…….

There’s nobody drivin’ that boat…….

Trust me…..





Remote Sensing and Stimulation

My Spidey Sense is Tingling…..

Army-funded research developed a new microwave radiation sensor with 100,000 times higher sensitivity than currently available commercial sensors. “

“Researchers said better detection of microwave radiation will enable improved thermal imaging, electronic warfare, radio communications and radar.”

“The team includes scientists from Harvard University, The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pohang University of Science and Technology, and Raytheon BBN Technologies.”

“The microwave bolometer developed under this project is so sensitive that it is capable of detecting a single microwave photon, which is the smallest amount of energy in nature .”

“This technology will potentially enable new capabilities for applications such as quantum sensing and radar, and ensure the U.S. Army maintains spectral dominance in the foreseeable future.”

“A key innovation in this advancement is to measure the temperature rise by superconducting Josephson junction….”

“A Josephson junction is a quantum mechanical device which is made of two superconducting electrodes separated by a barrier….”

“In addition to being thin, the electrons in graphene are also in a very special band structure in which the valence and conduction bands meet at only one point, known as Dirac point.”

“With increased sensitivity of bolometer detectors, this research has found a new pathway to improve the performance of systems detecting electromagnetic signal such as radar, night vision, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), and communication.

“The part of the research conducted at MIT included work from the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies.”

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Wearable Tattoo Sensor

“Engineers have developed a way to print biometric sensors onto skin, like a non-permanent tattoo, without the use of heat.”

“In addition the technology can also collect more precise biometric measurements. “

“Researchers made their new aid layer out of polyvinyl alcohol paste and calcium carbonate.”

“In tests, scientists used their new wearable sensor to measure temperature, humidity, blood oxygen levels and heart rhythms. “

“In a followup study, scientists plan to print sensors designed to track symptoms and vital signs associated with COVID-19.”

Cultocracy note :

Yet another case of Corona Capitalization (TM) is recorded .

The cases are now rising faster than ever .

Definitely in the 532,467th wave .

In case you were wondering (probably not) where Cultocracy’s very own team of experts have gone , well , sad to say they were talent spotted and head hunted by several major $trillion dollar multi-national corporations .

In fact two of the experts now also sideline as government ‘expert advisers’ .

I can also confirm that one has also formed 43 seperate companies in the last month alone and has been (back)handed several lucrative government contracts .




“Because marine organisms observe changes in their environment using a combination of senses, they offer unique insights into the underwater world that are difficult to replicate using traditional engineering techniques. “

DARPA’s Persistent Aquatic Living Sensors (PALS) program aims to leverage this phenomenon to augment the Department of Defense’s existing, hardware-based maritime monitoring capabilities.”

“In the first phase, teams demonstrated that marine organisms could sense the presence of an underwater vehicle (or confounder) in their environment and respond with an output signal or other observable behavior.”

“In the second phase, teams will develop man-made detector systems to observe, record, and interpret the organisms’ responses, and transmit analyzed results to remote end users……”

“Because marine organisms are ubiquitous in their environments, self-replicating, and largely self-sustaining, sensing systems that use marine organisms as their foundation would be discreet, cost-effective, and provide persistent undersea surveillance……”

Raytheon BBN is working with snapping shrimp for use in a passive bi-static sonar system…”

Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation is also working with snapping shrimp, using the snap as the input pulse for a 3D acoustic imaging system…”

“….and a third team from Florida Atlantic University uses Goliath Grouper as their biological sensor…”

Cultocracy note :

Not a good time to be a whale I guess……



Near Infared Neural Sensors

“Biomedical engineers, cell biologists and neuroscientists at Duke University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have developed a new type of genetically encoded neural biosensor that operates in near-infrared light.”

“The invention will allow researchers to non-invasively study how neurons fire at deeper levels in a living brain while simultaneously watching oxygen consumption.”

“The researchers created a calcium indicator that can be imaged using near-infrared light, which can more easily penetrate brain tissue.”

“To demonstrate the power of their new calcium indicators in live animals, the group paired them with a second imaging technology called photoacoustic microscopy….”

“The combined fluorescence and photoacoustic imaging showed it would be possible to simultaneously monitor the neuronal activity and the brain oxygenation of a mouse brain through its intact skull.”

“We have the potential to use near-infrared calcium indicators to study, for example, how we process memories in the hippocampus or how Alzheimer’s disease destroys memory capability….”

“…..for us the sky is the limit.”

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The Death of Free WIll ?

What is free will, really?

“The definition of free will is: The power or capacity to choose among alternatives or to act in certain situations independently of natural, social, or divine restraints.”

“The concept of free will comes with an assumption of responsibility for one’s decisions, both good and bad.”

Sam Harris, a well-known author and podcast host has stated, Free will is an illusion” .

“The basis for Harris’ bold conclusion relies heavily on experiments conducted in the 1980s.

“In these experiments, participants were asked to perform simple tasks such as pressing a button or flexing their wrist…..”

“….the participants were told to note the moment they became aware of their decision to move. “

“What the experimenters found was that EEG signals were identified an average of a half second before participants noted their awareness of their decision to move. “

“The researchers believed it helped prove that decisions are first made in the brain before a person becomes aware of their decision. “

“……perhaps it demonstrates that humans are biologically wired to conserve time and energy by not lingering over unimportant decisions. “

“Even though the existence or non-existence of free will remains indeterminable, some of the world’s brightest minds are coming together to seek answers.”

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  2. Why, as a Neurosurgeon, I Believe in Free Will



Humans Love Nature (Except for Transhumanists)

“Even as we collectively barrel toward destruction of nature, humans seem to have an innate connection to it.”

“But what’s the essence of that connection?”

“As people spend time in nature, they’re thinking less about their to-do list and more about being in the moment.”

“Still, given our minds evolved in nature, it’s reasonable to conclude that spending time in human-made environments—houses, offices, towns, cities—crosses some primal wiring.”

“….the results on attentional restoration reminded me of E.O. Wilson’s interpretation of the effect of nature on the human mind…”

The naturalist is a civilized hunter…..”

“He goes alone into a field or woodland and closes his mind to everything but that time and place, so that life around him presses in on all the senses and small details grow in significance. “

“Collaborating with Margaret Livingstone, a professor of neuroscience at Harvard, Kreiman showed that computers can make decent stimulus generators.”

“In a 2019 paper, they described an algorithm they named XDREAM—“EXtending Deep-Dream with Real-time Evolution for Activity Maximization in real neurons” “

“…..which compares the responses of one of a monkey’s visual neurons to a set of synthetic stimuli…..”

“Basically, we have a closed loop, and generate better and better images.”

“I can only hope that if neuroscience ever does come up with the tools to explain something as ineffable as our love of nature, there is still nature left to love.”



Epigenetic Secrets

“….biologists discovered we really can inherit traits our parents acquired in life, without any change to the DNA sequence of our genes.”

“It’s all thanks to a process called epigenetics — a form of gene expression that can be inherited but isn’t actually part of the genetic code.”

“In epigenetic inheritance, the DNA code is not altered, but access to it is.”

“Neurotransmitters are specialized molecules that transmit signals between neurons.”

“Serotonin and dopamine are famous examples.”

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“Holy Grail” – Room Temperature Superconducting Material

“Compressing simple molecular solids with hydrogen at extremely high pressures, University of Rochester engineers and physicists have, for the first time, created material that is superconducting at room temperature.”

“Dias says developing materials that are superconducting — without electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic field at room temperature — is the “holy grail” of condensed matter physics. “

“Sought for more than a century, such materials “can definitely change the world as we know it,” Dias says.”

“In setting the new record, Dias and his research team combined hydrogen with carbon and sulfur to photochemically synthesize simple organic-derived carbonaceous sulfur hydride in a diamond anvil cell, a research device used to examine miniscule amounts of materials under extraordinarily high pressure.”

Applications include:

Power grids that transmit electricity without the loss of up to 200 million megawatt hours (MWh) of the energy that now occurs due to resistance in the wires.”

“A new way to propel levitated trains and other forms of transportation.”

Medical imaging and scanning techniques such as MRI and magnetocardiography.”

“Faster, more efficient electronics for digital logic and memory device technology.”

“The amount of superconducting material created by the diamond anvil cells is measured in picoliters — about the size of a single inkjet particle.”

“Dias and Salamat have started a new company, Unearthly Materials to find a path to room temperature superconductors that can be scalably produced at ambient pressure.”

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Silver Particles Harm Fish

Microscopic silver particles that are added as an antimicrobial agent to athletic clothing, condoms and yoga mats, among many other products, have been shown to harm fish and freshwater ecosystems when released in quantities that are similar to what is thought to be emerging from wastewater plants across Canada.”

“Researchers who laced a Northern Ontario lake with the material, known as nanosilver, as part of a multiyear experiment, say the adverse effects they measured in two species of fish were significant enough to warrant including the unregulated substance as part of Canada’s water safety guidelines for the metal.”

We found effects right down to the cellular level….”

“The fish were then shown to experience a chemical imbalance in their cells know as oxidative stress….”

“Their populations also shrank…”

“While the amounts of nanosilver in the lake water were at the parts-per-billion level, the quantities that turned up in the fish were approximately one thousand times higher.”

“The popularity of nanosilver is due, in large part, to the bacteria-killing properties of silver ions.…”

If your socks smell bad, just wash them….”

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  3. Adverse effects of nanosilver on human health and the environment
  4. Nanosilver toxicity: ions, nanoparticles—or both?





Health & Medical

Ultrasound Lobotomy

“Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a method for concentrating and releasing drugs in the brain with pinpoint accuracy.”

“This could make it possible in the future to deliver psychiatric and cancer drugs and other medications only to those regions of the brain where this is medically desirable. “

“In order to prevent a drug from acting on the entire brain and body, the new method involves special drug carriers that wrap the drugs in spherical lipid vesicles attached to gas-containing ultrasound-sensitive microbubbles. “

“These are injected into the bloodstream, which transports them to the brain. “

“In the first step, the scientists use low energy ultrasound waves to cause the drug carriers to aggregate at the desired site within the brain”

“In the second step, the researchers use a higher level of ultrasound energy to get the drug carriers to vibrate at this site. “

Shear forces destroy the lipid membranes around the drugs, releasing the drugs to be absorbed by the nerve tissue present at the site. “

“The researchers have demonstrated the effectiveness of the new method in experiments on rats. First they encapsulated a neuro-inhibitory drug in the drug carriers. “

“Then, using the new technique, they successfully blocked a specific neural network connecting two areas of the brain. “

“The scientists are currently testing the effectiveness of their method in animal models of mental illness, for example to reduce anxiety, of neurological disorders and to target lethal brain tumours that are surgically inaccessible. “





$cientific $cammer of the Month

Gilead’s Remdesivir Wins (Ex)Presidential Approval

“Eight months after it was first tested in human patients at the center of the world’s first COVID-19 outbreak, Gilead Sciences’ antiviral remdesivir yesterday won the FDA’s first approval of a drug against the virus….”

Remdesivir—to be marketed in the United States as Veklury®—will be indicated for adults and pediatric patients 12 years of age and older who have forms of COVID-19 serious enough to require hospitalization…”

“President Donald Trump’s doctors included the drug among his treatments for COVID-19 during his recent hospitalization.”

Remdesivir is a broad-spectrum antiviral adenosine nucleotide prodrug initially developed to treat Ebola.”

“….remdesivir began its first COVID-19 clinical trials in hospitalized patients in Wuhan, China.”

“The results, published April 29 in The Lancet, showed that remdesivir failed to show clinical improvement in severely infected patients.”

“Annual sales projections for remdesivir have pegged the drug as generating a number in the low billions of dollars.”

“…..remdesivir could generate $3 billion in 2021 sales.”

“Just last week, researchers working with the WHO posted interim results from the Solidarity trial which included remdesivir among four antiviral treatments that they said failed to show effectiveness in hospital inpatients with COVID-19.”

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  2. World’s top intensive care body advises against use of remdesivir for sickest COVID-19 patients
  3. Huge COVID study finds remdesivir doesn’t work—FDA grants approval anyway
  4. A US pharma giant accused of gouging patients for drugs paid no tax on billion-euro Irish Profits
  5. US pharma giant Gilead uses ‘Double Irish’ tax loophole

Cultocracy note :

Inspired by the inspired work of Gilead (and definitely not the projected $3 billion in loose change) I continue to work tirelessly on my own COVID treatment .

I have now produced an experimental treatment agent I have called Havntgotaklury® .

It consists of chocolate M&M’s washed down with gin and tonic , certain to be a hit with children and adults alike .

Preliminary results look very promising indeed .

All I need now is…….

Ahhhhhh….Right on time…….



NHS Test and Trace Whistleblower: “It’s a Complete Shit Show.”

“I’ve been contacted by a track-and-tracer who works for one of Serco’s sub-contractors. She’s a Tier 3 tracer (nothing to do with lockdown ‘Tiers’), which means her job is to call people who’ve been named as contacts by confirmed cases and advise them to self-isolate for 14 days.”

“Sounds straightforward, right? Wrong. I’ll let her take up the story.”

“One of the most significant problems is the level of calls people are getting. People regularly say they feel harassed and bullied by us. “

“….then we end the call by telling them that if they don’t self-isolate for the required number of days they will be fined a hundred pounds.”

“If someone doesn’t pick up the phone, we’re allowed to call them 15 times over two days…..”

“Nothing about ‘the system’ is joined up. It’s not a ‘system’. It’s a shit show.”

“I sometimes wonder whether it’s been designed this way so Matt Hancock can stand up in the House of Commons and say, ‘X number of contacts of confirmed cases were successfully reached in the last seven days’,”

There’s no rhyme or reason to it,”

It might as well have been designed by Lewis Carroll.”

Cultocracy note :

The most interesting fact about the above article is how Serco was allowed to run the track and trace system in the first instance .

Almost everything that emanates from those at the ‘top’ amounts to the transference of wealth and freedoms from those at the ‘bottom’ .

Most governments and their associated agencies are simply the conduits .

$erco :

  1. UK government urged to justify £108m contact-tracing deal with Serco
  2. Serco profits surge thanks to Covid-19 test-and-trace contract
  3. Value for money? Serco contact tracer app cost £12,000 per person and harvests your data
  4. Government’s test-and-trace programme is illegal under GDPR
  5. UK’s Ministry of Defence: We’ll harvest and anonymise private COVID-19 apps’ tracing data by handing it to ‘behavioural science’ arm
  6. Serco Watch



NASA Asteroid Mission a ‘Success’

“The agency’s OSIRIS-REx probe snagged so much dirt and rock from the surface of the near-Earth asteroid Bennu on Tuesday (Oct. 20) that the spacecraft’s sampling mechanism didn’t close properly, allowing some of the collected material to escape into space….”

“Bennu continues to surprise us with great science and also [by] throwing a few curveballs…..”

“We are so excited to see what appears to be an abundant sample that will inspire science for decades beyond this historic moment.”

“The $800 million OSIRIS-REx mission launched in September 2016 and arrived at Bennu in December 2018.”

“The mission’s chief goal is to deliver at least 2.1 ounces (60 grams) of pristine Bennu material to Earth.”

“But those photos also revealed a cloud of particles escaping from the TAGSAM head…..”

“The particles are escaping because we were almost a victim of our own success here.”

“The asteroid rocks and dirt will then make their way to labs around the world, where scientists can study them for clues about the solar system’s early days and the role that carbon-rich space rocks like Bennu may have played in helping life get started on Earth.”

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  2. A$teroid Mi$$ion
  3. Fake asteroid? NASA expert IDs mystery object as old rocket

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  1. Premeditated Money Pit



Purdue Pharma Offers Pushers Payout

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma pleads guilty to three felony charges and agrees to pay $8.3bn to settle federal probes into its role in fuelling the US opioid crisis.”

Purdue Pharma LP agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges over the handling of its addictive prescription opioid OxyContin, in a deal with United States prosecutors that effectively sidestepped paying billions of dollars in penalties and stopped short of criminally charging its executives or wealthy Sackler family owners.”

“Prosecutors imposed significant penalties exceeding $8bn against Purdue, though the lion’s share will go largely unpaid.”

“A $3.54bn criminal fine and $2.8bn civil penalty are likely to receive cents on the dollar as they compete with trillions of dollars of other claims from those communities and other creditors in Purdue’s bankruptcy proceedings……”

“Purdue reaped more than $30bn from sales of OxyContin over the years, enriching Sackler family members while funnelling illegal kickbacks to doctors and pharmacies…..”

Related :

Cultocracy note :

The most interesting thing about the above article is how Purdue was allowed to mass market opioids in the first instance .

Almost everything that emanates from those at the ‘top’ amounts to an attack on those at the ‘bottom’ .

Most governments and their associated agencies are simply the conduits .

Further reading :

  1. Prescription of opioid drugs continues to rise in England
  2. Tramadol prescriptions increase by almost FOUR times since 2000
  3. Scientists quit back pain campaign over links to opioid giant Grünenthal
  4. Why did thalidomide’s makers ignore warnings about their drug?
  5. The Nazis and Thalidomide: The Worst Drug Scandal of All Time
  6. From the Holocaust to Thalidomide: A Nazi Legacy
  7. Grünenthal (Wikipedia)



They’re All Blaming Each Other…..

“When good science is suppressed by the medical-political complex, people die…..”

Politicians and governments are suppressing science. “

They do so in the public interest, they say, to accelerate availability of diagnostics and treatments. “

“They do so to support innovation, to bring products to market at unprecedented speed. “

“Both of these reasons are partly plausible; the greatest deceptions are founded in a grain of truth. “

“But the underlying behaviour is troubling.”

Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. “

“Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health.”

Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts.”

“The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency….”

“In the US, President Trump’s government manipulated the Food and Drug Administration to hastily approve unproved drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir.”

“Globally, people, policies, and procurement are being corrupted by political and commercial agendas.”

“Politicisation of science was enthusiastically deployed by some of history’s worst autocrats and dictators, and it is now regrettably commonplace in democracies.”

Cultocracy notes :

(1) “Globally, people, policies, and procurement are being corrupted by political and commercial agendas.”

‘Being’ corrupted ?????????

Wake up…….

(2) Ahhhhhhh…..”Good Science”……..

My great great great great grandmother used to talk about good science………..

Them were the days…….

(3) Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh…..”regrettably commonplace in democracies”……..

My great great great uncle used to talk about democracies………..

Them were the days…….

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Cuba Diplomat Havana Syndrome – Update 2020

Cultocracy note :

An update to the “Cuban Diplomat Attack” story .

Aka : “H.A.V.A.N.A Syndrome” .

Or as it is now known in certain quarters “If in doubt blame the Russians…..Again….

Before we get the blame……”

From an article in the New York Daily :

“WASHINGTON — The U.S. government has not determined what caused some American diplomats and intelligence officers to suffer from a mysterious, debilitating affliction while they were overseas, despite devoting vast resources over more than three years to investigating it, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday.”

“Some U.S. officials, including experienced C.I.A. analysts, and scientists believe the victims were targeted by a foreign adversary wielding weaponized microwave radiation. “

“Mr. Pompeo, who was the C.I.A. director before leading the State Department, said the government was still examining multiple theories in what he described as “a very complicated situation.”

“The question referred to the findings of separate investigations in The New York Times and GQ published on Monday…..

Some victims are believed to be permanently injured.”

Gina Haspel, the C.I.A. director, is not convinced Russia carried out attacks that caused the illnesses, officials said. “

Russia has denied any role.”

“The State Department has refused to provide basic information to Congress about the episodes — even obscuring the number of American government employees and family members affected worldwide. “

“Lawmakers and scientists also fear the department is trying to bury a detailed report on the episodes it received in August from a committee at the National Academies of Sciences.”

From an article in GQ :

“Marc Polymeropoulos awoke with a start. The feeling of nausea was overwhelming. It was the early morning hours of December 5, 2017, and his Moscow hotel room was spinning around him. “

“His ears were ringing.”

“In the months ahead, he would come to realize that it wasn’t a spoiled sandwich that had mowed him down. Rather, it was his macabre initiation into a growing club……”

It wasn’t until Polymeropoulos got home to the Virginia suburbs….”

His ears started ringing again.”

In the spring of 2018, a private neurologist gave Polymeropoulos a diagnosis: occipital neuralgia, a condition resulting from damage to the two nerves that run from the base of the skull, curving toward the front of the head. “

“The most common symptoms reported in humans who had been exposed to microwaves for long periods of time sounded familiar: headache, fatigue, perspiration, dizziness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration.”

“In the fall of 2019, two top CIA officials, both in the clandestine service, traveled to Australia to meet with officials in that country’s spy agency. (Australia is part of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance with the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and New Zealand.) “

While in their hotel rooms in Australia, both of the Americans felt it: the strange sound, the pressure in their heads, the ringing in their ears.”

“Investigators came to believe that the injuries to victims’ brains were caused by a microwave weapon, which could be beamed at its target through walls and windows, and could even be effective from a couple miles away.”

From an article in the NY Times :

Top officials “know exactly which country” was responsible, Mr. Lenzi said, adding that it was not Cuba or China but another country “which the secretary of state and president do not want to confront.”

Cultocracy note :


Another country……

I’ll give you five guesses .

Or of course…….

It could be the Mysterons !

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Nanotechnology News – September 2020

Your Move Humans

“Born in Ravensburg in 1938, Klaus Schwab is a child of Adolf Hitler’s Germany, a police-state regime built on fear and violence, on brainwashing and control, on propaganda and lies, on industrialism and eugenics, on dehumanisation and “disinfection”, on a chilling and grandiose vision of a “new order” that would last a thousand years.”

“Worse still, as his own words confirm time and time again, his technocratic fascist vision is also a twisted transhumanist one, which will merge humans with machines in “curious mixes of digital-and-analog life”, which will infect our bodies with “Smart Dust” and in which the police will apparently be able to read our brains.”

“And, as we will see, he and his accomplices are using the Covid-19 crisis to bypass democratic accountability, to override opposition, to accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the rest of humankind against our will in what he terms a “Great Reset“.”

“While it may not feel momentous to those of us experiencing a series of small but significant adjustments to life on a daily basis, it is not a minor change—the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a new chapter in human development, on a par with the first, second and third Industrial Revolutions, and once again driven by the increasing availability and interaction of a set of extraordinary technologies”

Cultocracy note :

To quote Klaus Schwab from the above paragraph :

“…a series of small but significant adjustments to life…”

“….increasing availability and interaction of a set of extraordinary technologies….”


Significant adjustments ???

Extraordinary technologies ???

What on Earth could he be talking about ???


Nanotechnology News – September 2020



Cultocracy note :

There is widespread research into the underlying genetic process involving memory formation .

Such research may well be used to help trauma victims .

It can also be used to erase memories , prevent memory formation of a particular experience , enhance memories of a specific experience or even insert memories of a specific experience .

Thalamus Brain Area Linked to Short-Term Memory

Researchers at Rockefeller University have just released findings from a new study, done in mice, which identifies a gene that is critical for short-term memory but functions in a part of the brain not traditionally associated with memory.”

“They screened the mice on a short-term memory task and used genetic mapping techniques to identify a region of the genome, harboring 26 genes that are associated with working memory.”

“With further genome-scale analyses, they whittled the list of genes down to four of special interest. “

“By disabling each of these four genes one at a time, they found that one in particular, Gpr12, coded for a protein that is required for and promotes working memory.”

“Within the locus, we identified a gene encoding an orphan G-protein-coupled receptor, Gpr12, which is sufficient to drive substantial and bidirectional changes in working memory.”

“I expected the prefrontal cortex would be the region most globally changed by the activity of Gpr12…”

Strikingly, it was actually the thalamus, by far.”

“Within the Smart1 locus, an orphan GPCR is a potent modifier of short-term memory

Further reading :

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  3. Orphan gene (Wikipedia)
  4. Orphan receptor (Wikipedia)
  5. Orphan Genes: A Guide for the Perplexed
  6. About Orphan Genes — What’s the Big Problem for Evolution?



Epigenetic Control of Genes affects Memory

“A research team headed by scientists at the University of Basel has linked epigenetic regulation of a gene, NTRK2, which is involved in glucocorticoid receptor signaling, with a reduced risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among survivors of war….”

“Individuals with PTSD may have symptoms including intrusive daytime recollections of the event, traumatic nightmares, and flashbacks.”

“The stress hormone cortisol plays a vital role in the regulation of these memory processes, as demonstrated by a number of studies”

“Extensive pharmacologic, genetic, and epigenetic research has linked the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) to memory processes….”

“Their previous studies had found that increased DNA methylation at a particular site of the GR gene promoter was linked with less intrusive memory of the traumatic event…..”

“These results might contribute to a better understanding of the pathogenesis of PTSD, ultimately paving the way for the discovery of novel biomarkers and drug targets….”

“For their newly reported work de Quervain’s team continued to take a closer look at the genes involved in cortisol signaling.”

“Several basic studies have already shown that the gene NTRK2 plays a key role in memory formation.”

NTRK2 encodes the transmembrane receptor tropomyosin-related kinase B (TrkB). This receptor binds brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) as well as other neurotrophic factors”

BDNF signaling has been shown to play an important role in memory consolidation…”

“The researchers were able to link the epigenetic regulatory mechanismDNA methylation on the gene NTRK2—with memory in 568 non-traumatized individuals.”

“The combined results of the studies suggest that increased regulation of the NTRK2 gene reduces memory formation.”

Further reading :

  1. Pandemic Memories and Mortalities
  2. Epigenetics – Shaping Humanity



Genetic Engineering to Treat Obesity

“The human contains different types of fat cells, and some are more desirable than others. “

“Scientists have developed a new gene-editing technique that converts a subject’s own white fat cells into brown fat cells, which could then be transplanted as a way of treating obesity and diabetes.”

“The gene-editing system was used to increase the expression of UCP1, a gene that causes white fat cell progenitors to convert into brown-fat-like cells. “

“The team calls the result of this process HUMBLE cells (human brown-like) fat cells.”

Cells in different tissues communicate with each other….”

“In this case, we found that our transplanted HUMBLE cells secrete a molecule called nitric oxide, which is carried by red blood cells to the endogenous brown cells and activates those cells.”

“Now scientific advances, such as CRISPR gene-editing technologies, will help us to improve the metabolism, the body weight, the quality of life and the overall health of people with obesity and diabetes.”

Cultocracy note :

Coming soon…….

Genetic engineering to treat humanity…..





Quantum Computing & Communications

Quantum Radar Going Black

“You might call Jeffrey Shapiro the reluctant godfather of quantum radar. Twelve years ago, the electrical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) helped develop the key concept underlying this scheme to dramatically increase radar’s sensitivity.”

“A mini–arms race is unfolding in the supposed field, initiated by press reports in 2016 that China had built a quantum radar…”

“I started working on this because there were government people coming to me and saying,

“There are reports of quantum radar coming out of China. Is this real?”

“The quantum radar story began in 2008, when Seth Lloyd, a quantum engineer at MIT, unveiled his concept of quantum illumination. Lloyd argued that you could more easily detect an object against a bright background if, instead of merely reflecting light off it, you exploited a quantum connection between particles called entanglement.”

“Lloyd calculated that an observer could more easily pick out an object by generating entangled pairs, shining one photon toward the object, keeping the other, and then measuring the retained and returning photons together in a particular way.”

Things are different in the microwave band, where radar works…..”

“At room temperature, microwaves stream from everything, even the air.”

“Physicists can generate pairs of entangled microwave pulses from single ones using, instead of a crystal, a gizmo called a Josephson parametric converter.”

“Even if experimenters can overcome the technical hurdles, quantum radar would still suffer from a fatal weakness, researchers say. The entangled pulses of microwaves provide an advantage only when the broadcast pulses are extremely faint.”

“Such considerations suggest quantum radar will never be deployed for long-range uses such as tracking airplanes…..”

“But the dream of fielding a quantum radar to detect stealth aircraft will likely fade away.”

“Taking out the long-range application of the technology will surely take out a lot of the interest of funding agencies…..”

Shapiro is less sure. This week, he notes, researchers again discussed quantum radar in a special session of the online Radar Conference of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.”

Cultocracy note :

Maybe quantum radar was never about tracking stealth planes in the first place ?



IBM Pomises Quantum Super Computer

“For 20 years scientists and engineers have been saying that “someday” they’ll build a full-fledged quantum computer able to perform useful calculations that would overwhelm any conventional supercomputer.”

“But current machines contain just a few dozen quantum bits, or qubits, too few to do anything dazzling.”

“The plan includes building intermediate-size machines of 127 and 433 qubits in 2021 and 2022, respectively, and envisions following up with a million-qubit machine at some unspecified date.”

“A 1000-qubit machine is a particularly important milestone in the development of a full-fledged quantum computer, researchers say.

“Such a machine would still be 1000 times too small to fulfill quantum computing’s full potential—such as breaking current internet encryption schemes”

“IBM is already preparing a jumbo liquid-helium refrigerator, or cryostat, to hold a quantum computer with 1 million qubits. “

Cultocracy note :

My very own ‘cryostat’ .

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Artificial Intelligence – AI

A Com­puter Pre­dicts your Thoughts

“By monitoring brain function, computers can be made to imagine what a person is thinking of and present the results as images. The technique can be utilised in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, as well as supporting human creativity. “

“In a way, it is as if the computer tries to imagine what a human is thinking about. As a result of this imagining, the computer is able to produce entirely new information, such as fictional images that were never before seen.”

As far as is known, the new study is the first where both the computer’s presentation of the information and brain signals were modelled simultaneously using artificial intelligence methods.”

“Images that matched the visual characteristics that participants were focusing on were generated through interaction between human brain responses and a generative neural network.”

“The researchers call this method neuroadaptive generative modelling.”

“The technique is based on a novel brain-computer interface. “

“The subjects were asked to concentrate on certain features, such as faces that looked old or were smiling. While looking at a rapidly presented series of face images, the EEGs of the subjects were fed to a neural network, which inferred whether any image was detected by the brain as matching what the subjects were looking for.”

“Finally, the images generated by the computer were evaluated by the participants and they nearly perfectly matched with the features the participants were thinking of. “

“…the researchers believe that the technique may be used to gain understanding of perception and the underlying processes in our mind.”

Un­con­scious at­ti­tudes may be ex­posed…..”

Cultocracy note :

“As far as is known…..”

More refined techniques are currently used in tandem with persistent surveillance technologies .

This and similar technologies are used to monitor and perhaps predict the possible intentions of a human target in the real world .

The systems can also be tweaked to provide ‘intervention’ where necessary .

To quote the above article :

“Un­con­scious at­ti­tudes may be ex­posed…..”

Or not……

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5G & IoT

5G Beamformers

“The 5G era is ushering in a variety of new radio access network technologies…”

“Among these technologies is a new type of antenna , they are called beamforming antennas.”

Focusing a signal in a specific direction rather than arbitrarily radiating outwards in all directions, enables beamforming antennas to deliver higher signal quality to mobile receiving devices (i.e smartphones), which results in faster information transfer with fewer errors.”

“In essence beams are created by a technique involving multiple antennas in a close proximity array, all broadcasting the same signal at slightly different times…”

“The overlapping radio waves produce interference patterns which are in part constructive (amplifying the signal) and in parts destructive (weakening or cancelling out the signal).”

“Using this technique the antenna array is able to shape the interference pattern into a beam….”

“Another key technology in 5G NR is Massive MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antennas…..”

“With the massive number of antenna elements, beamforming becomes three dimensional.”

3D Beamforming can create both horizontal and vertical beams toward users…”

“…even receivers on the top floors of tall city buildings.”

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  6. Electronically Steered Multi Beam Antennas (ESMA)



Cultocracy note :

Nothing is ‘unhackable’.

Everything is ‘hackable’ .

Although the hacking of electronic gadgets and gizmos should be the least of your worries .

Safe and Secure IoT Devices ?

“Makers of Internet-connected gadgets should have to certify that their products can resist cyberattacks.”

“We need to change our thinking. “

“We need to become far more circumspect when we plug a new device into our networks, asking ourselves if its maker has given as much thought to cybersecurity as to basic electrical safety.”

The answer to that question will almost invariably be no.”

“The number of connected devices within our homes has grown by an order of magnitude over the last decade….”

“At some point in the not-too-distant future, the risks will outweigh the benefits.”

“But security is never cheap. And the costs of poor security are so much higher.”



O2 launches UK’s ‘first’ 5G Satellite Lab

O2 has just launched the first commercial 5G satellite lab in the UK to test autonomous vehicles.”

“We’ve known for a long time that the speed and reliability of 5G would be key to putting connected and self-driving cars on the roads, but it’s combined here with satellite communications because the latter could help to ensure connectivity is seamless even in remote and harder-to-reach areas.”

“The new lab is called the ‘Darwin Satcom Lab’, and it’s part of Project Darwin – a four-year trial programme that’s based in the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, and supported by both O2 and the European Space Agency.”

“O2’s 5G Innovation team will be able to remotely track the vehicles, including their position, movement and speed, but that’s just the start, as new ideas are already being tested.”

“For example, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors are allowing for the tracking of CO2 emissions from the vehicles, and by using satellite imagery the lab team can calculate the emissions savings of taking different routes, leading to more environmentally friendly vehicle use.”

“As for everyone else, this 5G-powered lab brings us one step closer to making transport truly smart – and hopefully a little bit greener.”



Councillor Promoted 5G Coronavirus Theories

“A COUNCILLOR has defended promoting theories linking coronavirus cases with 5G masts on his Facebook page after being accused of acting in a ‘reckless’ way. “

“In a series of posts, Cllr Holland suggested a link between a spike in coronavirus cases in Brynmawr with a 5G mast in the area. “

“There is no evidence of a link between 5G and coronavirus and such theories have been rejected by scientific experts in the World Health Organisation. “

“Cllr Holland also said he had attended a rally in London attended by 35,000 people on September 19, adding: “No one was wearing a mask, me included”. “

“But the leader of the council’s Labour group, Cllr Steve Thomas, said they sent a ‘dangerous’ message after the county borough went into local lockdown last week. “

“Cllr Holland accused the council’s Labour group of politicising the issue and said they were “ignorant to the facts of 5G”. “

” Cllr Holland said he is “not a conspiracy theorist”, but stood by his views of there being a “strong connection” between 5G and coronavirus cases.”

“However he said people should do their own research on the issue and not take his word. “

“…rejected by scientific experts in the World Health Organisation”

Say no more….

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It’s our Data not theirs , or yours…

“I’m confident that many more European countries now, frankly because of just sharing information with them, they’re going to make their own sovereign decision that says no”, Pompeo said on Friday. “

We don’t want our citizens’ data in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party

“The United States has signed declarations on 5G security with several European countries, including the Czech Republic, Poland and Estonia.”

Cultocracy Chinese spokesperson note :

“Czech Republic, Poland and Estonia”


Very , valuable data….




5G Rollout Delays May Cost UK £41bn

“A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) think-tank, which was penned by former Government advisers Alex Jackman and Nick King, has claimed that the UK’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is “at risk without a faster 5G rollout”to the tune of £41 billion.”

“Using analysis by consultancy Policy Points, the report from CPS – ‘Upwardly Mobile‘ – estimates that if 5G coverage reaches a quarter more of the population than the Government’s current target of 51%, it will produce GDP gains of £41.7bn by 2027.”

“The CPS report thus makes a serious of recommendations, most of which centre around a need to update the Electronic Communications Code (ECC), which governs access to land and property by telecoms operators.”

“Recommendations :”

“…..discourage vexatious behaviours that delay site works…”

“All four UK Governments must commit to review and change planning rules….”

Cultocracy note :

Oh dear……

The UK gov really are about to place all their chips on red…..

Or should that be blue ?

Not that they have any choice……

As for “GDP gains of £41.7bn”….


It never was about the money…..

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3-D Printed Implants

“Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a new method of 3-D-printing gels and other soft materials.”

“Because many gels are compatible with living cells, the new method could jump-start the production of soft tiny medical devices such as drug delivery systems or flexible electrodes that can be inserted into the human body. “

“Typically, modern 3-D gel printers have used ultraviolet or visible laser light to initiate formation of the gel scaffolding. “

“However, Kolmakov and his colleagues have focused their attention on a different 3-D-printing technique to fabricate gels, using beams of electrons or X-rays.”

“The method enabled the team to use the 3-D-printing approach to create gels with structures as small as 100 nanometers (nm)—about 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

“Some future structures made with this approach could include flexible injectable electrodes to monitor brain activity, biosensors for virus detection, soft micro-robots, and structures that can emulate and interact with living cells…..”




Cells constantly communicate with each other and have ways to pick up signals and process them….”

“In the journal ACS Nano they now report how enzyme loaded nano-capsules can enter cells and be integrated into their native signaling processes. “

One of the many signals that cells receive and process is nitric oxide (NO).”

“It is a well-studied cellular mechanism since defects in the NO signaling pathway are involved in the emergence of cardiovascular diseases, but also in muscular and retinal dystrophies.”

“The pathway encompasses the production of NO by an enzyme family called nitric oxide synthases (NOS). “

“The NO can then diffuse to other cells where it is sensed by another enzyme named soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC).”

“The activation of sGC starts a cascade reaction, regulating a plethora of different processes such as smooth muscle relaxation and the processing of light by sensory cells, among others.”

“It’s a new strategy to stimulate such changes in cellular physiology by combining nanoscience with biomolecules.”

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  8. Nitric oxide and peroxynitrite in health and disease
  9. Could Your Body Be Low In Nitric Oxide?

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  4. Hypoxia induces type II NOS gene expression in pulmonary artery endothelial cells via HIF-1

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Bionic Vision

Scientists in Australia who have spent more than 10 years developing a first-of-a-kind bionic vision system are now eyeing human trials.”

“The technology works by bypassing damage to the optic nerves, and following successfully trials in animals….”

“The development of a safe and fully functioning bionic vision system is a goal being pursued by research groups the world over. “

“Some are so far along that they’ve already been implanted in patients, while others are designed to not just restore vision in people suffering from blindness, but afford users superhuman sight.”

“The system is built to carry out the function of healthy optic nerves. “

“It consists of custom headgear with a built-in camera, a wireless transmitter, a vision processor and software, along with a set of square tiles fitted with hair-thin electrodes that are implanted in the brain.”

“The camera captures the scene and passes it along to the smartphone-sized vision processor. This data is in turn transmitted wirelessly to the square tiles, capable of turning that data into electrical pulses that stimulate the brain.”

“These electrical pulses stimulate the brain in a way that creates visual patterns….”

“In July, the team published promising results from a study in which its bionic vision system was implanted into three sheep.”

“The study results indicate that long-term stimulation through wireless arrays can be achieved without induction of widespread tissue damage, nor visible behavioral issues or seizures resulting from the stimulation….”

Not related (I think) :





Brain Computer Interface – BCI

Plug and Play ECoG Array

Machines that attach to the brain and decode its activity promise to open up all kinds of medical possibilities….”

“These types of machines are known as brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), and there are quite a few under development that have shown some promising capabilities over the past few years. “

“In their various forms, these devices can be implanted in the brain and, powered by advanced algorithms, turn its electrical signals into control inputs for all kinds of devices, from prosthetic limbs, to complete exoskeletons and even drones.”

“The new technology developed at UCSF could mark a significant step forward in this field of research, with the team focusing on the software that translates brain activity into action.”

“Some tweaks to the algorithm enabled it to continue learning about the user’s brain activity and desired movements, without resetting and starting from scratch each day. “

“The team found that this approach enabled the algorithm to better itself each day on an ongoing basis, and eventually meant that the user was able to plug in and begin using it to great effect right away.”

“The BCI used in these experiments is known as an ECoG array, which is a pad of electrodes around the size of a Post-it note that is surgically implanted on the surface of the brain.”

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Human Machine Interface – HMI

Pangolin Puppets

“An eye-catching dress that’s part art project, part cutting-edge tech, was presented today at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. “

“The dress showcases an ultra-low energy, high resolution, brain-computer interface that’s so sensitive that if the wearer thinks about moving a single finger, it can identify which one—without the need for an implant.”

“For the Pangolin dress, each group of electrodes and chips was mounted on a six-sided tile, and the wearer’s head….”

Because brains vary, identifying such fine grained detail requires calibrating the system to the individual wearer, using machine learning to recognize the patterns…..”

“The Pangolin dress determines whether the wearer is one of a number of mental states, including stressed, neutral, and meditative, and expresses this through motion and light.

Cultocracy note :

I think the inventors missed out one crucial mental state….

That is ‘high as a kite’…..

Which they clearly are….






Space Mining Robots

“Now, a space startup in China is taking its first steps towards testing capabilities to identify and extract off-Earth resources.”

Origin Space, a Beijing-based private space resources company, is set to launch its first ‘space mining robot’ in November.”

NEO-1 is a small (around 30 kilograms) satellite intended to enter a 500-kilometer-altitude sun-synchronous orbit. It will be launched by a Chinese Long March series rocket as a secondary payload.”

“This small spacecraft will not be doing actual mining; instead, it will be testing technologies.”

“Another mission, Yuanwang-1 (‘Look up-1’), and nicknamed “Little Hubble”, is slated to launch in 2021.”

The “Little Hubble” satellite will carry an optical telescope designed to observe and monitor Near Earth Asteroids.”

“Origin Space notes that identifying suitable targets is the first step toward space resources utilization.”

“Right now the only real customers are the national space agencies that are planning to do things on the Moon.”

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Robotic Fabric

“Researchers at Yale have developed a robotic fabric, a breakthrough that could lead to such innovations as adaptive clothing, self-deploying shelters, or lightweight shape-changing machinery. “

“They demonstrated their robotic fabric going from a flat, ordinary fabric to a standing, load-bearing structure. They also showed a wearable robotic tourniquet and a small airplane with stowable/deployable fabric wings. “

“The researchers focused on processing functional materials into fiber-form so they could be integrated into fabrics while retaining its advantageous properties.”

“Long fibers of this material can be sewn onto a fabric to give it a supportive skeleton that we can turn on and off.”

“To create sensors that detect internal or environmental changes and allow the fabric to respond appropriately, the researchers developed a conductive ink based on a Pickering emulsion….”

“With this ink, the researchers can paint the sensors directly onto the fabric.”

“The conductive composite self-coagulates around the individual fibers and does not notably change the porosity of the fabric…”

“To make the fabric move, the researchers used shape-memory alloy (SMA) wire, which can return to a programmed shape after being deformed.”

“We believe this technology can be leveraged to create self-deploying tents, robotic parachutes, and assistive clothing….”

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Robot Beats Humans at Curling

“Thanks to a new deep learning program, a curling robot, appropriately named Curly, was able to win three out of four matches against curlers from South Korea’s national teams.”

“Often, artificial intelligence system perform well in simulations, but struggle when applied in the real world. “

The problem is known as the “sim-to-real” gap.”

“In the computer lab, deep learning systems can learn from millions of actions in repeated simulations.”

“In robotics, the sim-to-real gap has to do with visual perception, which means that the simulated world looks different from the real world….”

“Curly learns from each throw, allowing the robot to make corrections on subsequent throws.”

“Scientists hope their new deep reinforcement learning system can be adapted for a variety of complex real-world applications, including drone navigation.”



US Spy Bot Washed Up in Scotland

Beachcombers on the Scottish Isle of Tiree called the local coastguard after discovering a mysterious boat-like object. “

“They found the American-made drone wedged between two rocks, presumably after it ran aground. “

“As of now, no one has claimed ownership of the uncrewed boat, and the details of how it washed up in Scotland remain a total mystery.”

“Experts quickly identified the drone as an American-made Liquid Robotics Wave Glider, an uncrewed watercraft designed to self-deploy over thousands of miles and carry a small payload.”

“The spy boat also has the Wave Rider’s telltale set of three black, stubby antennas, likely for satellite communications, payload telemetry, and GPS.”

“The sub unit may have been severed from the drone, causing it to lose propulsion and drift.”

We still don’t know the owner of the boat….”

“The local coastguard doesn’t know who it belongs to, and the U.K. Ministry of Defence says it isn’t theirs.”

“So that leaves the U.S. Navy, which also maintains a submarine base at Faslane….”

Is the wayward Wave Rider a U.S. Navy drone? Almost certainly.”

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Remote Sensing & Stimulation

Team Bluetooth Beam

Bluetooth has made its mark an alternative to Wi-Fi, using unlicensed spectrum to make quick connections between devices.”

“But it turns out that Bluetooth can go much farther than the couple of meters for which most people rely on it.”

Apptricity, a company that provides asset and inventory tracking technologies, has developed a Bluetooth beacon that can transmit signals over 32 kilometers (20 miles).”

“….by and large, “asset tracking” refers to an IT department registering which employee has which laptop, or a construction company keeping tabs on where its backhoes are…..”

“Asset and inventory tracking typically use labor-intensive techniques like barcode or passive RFID scanning….”

“Alternatively, companies can use satellite or LTE tags to keep track of stuff.”

“So, the burning question: How does one send a Bluetooth signal over 30-plus kilometers?

The key is precise tuning within the Bluetooth spectrum.”

“Garcia says it’s the same principle as a tightly-focused laser beam.”

“A laser beam will travel farther without its signal weakening beyond recovery if the photons making up the beam are all as close to a specific frequency as possible.”

“The company has also demonstrated non-commercial versions of the beacons for the U.S. Department of Defense with broadcast ranges between 80 and 120 kilometers.”

Cultocracy note :



From 2 metres to 120km………

I wonder if this is applicable to other wavelengths and frequencies ?

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Sweet Dreams….

“Back in May we introduced you to MIT’s new type of dream-tracking device called Dormio, in which subtle suggestions taken from the waking world were able to affect dreams of slumbering test subjects while they were in hypnagogia, a semi-lucid dream state that happens during the onset of sleep.”

“Researchers at MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces, a think tank for devising and developing wearable systems and interfaces to boost cognitive skills, have employed a revolutionary technique they’ve named targeted dream incubation (TDI). “

“According to the August study, TDI presented precisely targeted information to a sleeping person, allowing direct incorporation of this data into the subject’s dream content.”

“Hand-worn sleep trackers monitored heart rates, electrical variations on the skin surface, and the extent fingers curled or relaxed, in order to ascertain when a sleeper arrived at hypnagogia and entered a suggestible dreamscape.”

“The team’s Dormio sleep tracker communicated with tmagnethe app and delivered interrupted audio cues at programmed times, then recorded audio of a person’s dream recollections after they awoke.”

“Simply put, people tell us whether the prompts appear in their dream.”

“This interruption of hypnagogia allowed study authors to discover a secondary route for giving sleepers the ability to craft their dream content.”

“While Horowitz admits that the intricate machinations that control sleep and dreaming remain a mystery, it’s too early to discuss exactly how urging a dream’s subject matter or details might actually be of a benefit to people.”

Cultocracy note :

“..it’s too early to discuss exactly how urging a dream’s subject matter or details might actually be of a benefit to people….”

It can of benefit to some people…

Un­con­scious at­ti­tudes may be ex­posed…..

Unconscious attitudes may also be exploited……

By some people…

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EMFs Causing Pilots to Crash

Pilots often report minor cognitive performance challenges during flight, and from 1993 to 2013, spatial disorientation in U.S. Air Force pilots accounted for 72 Class A mishaps, 101 deaths, and 65 aircraft lost.”

“It has been hypothesized that the cockpit RF and EM fields may influence cognitive performance including task saturation, misprioritization, complacency and spatial disorientation.”

“However, EM fields and radio waves in cockpits are not currently monitored, little effort has been made to shield pilots from these fields, and the potential impacts of these fields on cognition have not been assessed.”

“Recent DARPA-funded research has demonstrated that human brains sense magnetic fields, like those used by animals for navigation, and that this process is ‘jammed’ (i.e., disrupted) by radio waves (RF), impacting brainwaves and behavior.”

“Furthermore, recent findings were the first to show that even weak RF fields and ‘earth strength’ magnetic fields have measurable, reproducible effects on human brainwaves and unconscious behavior in a controlled environment. “

“Current tactical audio headsets project magnetic fields up to 10 times earth strength, the effects of which can now be measured experimentally in a similar controlled environment.”

“The ICEMAN project aims to determine “what effect, if any, the cockpit RF/EM environment may have on physiological sensor function and efficacy” by measuring and manipulating ambient EM and RF fields inside the cockpit to determine their effects on “brain activity, physiology, behavioral responses and physiological sensing systems.”

“Lastly, the program seeks to determine if and how any negative effects on neurology and sense function might be effectively mitigated.”

“Martin Pall, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University, has published research showing one of the primary mechanisms by which EMFs harm your biology is through the creation of peroxynitrites, which are potent sources of oxidant stress and secondary free radicals.”

Low-frequency microwave radiation activates the voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) in the outer membrane of your cells, causing them to open, thus allowing an abnormal influx of calcium ions. “

“This activates nitric oxide, which combines with superoxide to form peroxynitrite.”

“These potent reactive nitrogen species are associated with an increased level of systemic inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction, and are thought to be a root cause for many of today’s chronic diseases. “

One of its most significant downsides of peroxynitrite is that it damages your DNA.”

Cultocracy note :

Perhaps a more appropriate title for the above should be……

“EMFs Are Causing Pilots Brains to Crash”

It would appear that other types of pilots may also be prone to the odd crash or two  .

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The Return of the Spin Echo

Small particles can have an angular momentum that points in a certain direction – the spin. “

This spin can be manipulated by a magnetic field. “

“This principle, for example, is the basic idea behind magnetic resonance imaging as used in hospitals.”

“An international research team has now discovered a surprising effect in a system that is particularly well suited for processing quantum information….”

“First, a magnetic field is used to make sure that the spins of many atoms point in the same magnetic direction. “

Then the atoms are irradiated with an electromagnetic pulse, and suddenly their spins begin to change direction.”

“A suitable pulse can reverse the previous spin rotation so that the spins all come together again.”

“You can imagine it’s a bit like running a marathon,”

“At the start signal, all the runners are still together. As some runners are faster than others, the field of runners is pulled further and further apart over time. “

“However, if all runners were now given the signal to return to the start, all runners would return to the start at about the same time, although faster runners have to cover a longer distance back than slower ones.”

“In the case of spins, this means that at a certain point in time all particles have exactly the same spin direction again – and this is called the “spin echo”.”

“It will not only find useful applications in quantum information technology, but also in spin-based spectroscopy methods…”



Animals Sense Earth’s Magnetic Field

“One of the most persistent scientific mysteries over the past century has been exactly how some organisms seemingly have the ability to sense the Earth’s magnetic field.”

“A new article, published in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, presents a novel hypothesis arguing this unexplained sense may be the result of a symbiotic relationship between animals, and a specific group of bacteria with the ability to orient itself along the Earth’s magnetic field lines.”

“For decades scientists have been aware a number of organisms, from bees and birds to whales and eels, have the ability to sense the Earth’s magnetic field. “

“Called magnetoreception, the exact mechanism underpinning this strange sense has yet to be conclusively explained.”

Magnetotactic bacteria are a particular group of bacteria known to align with magnetic fields using specialized intracellular organelles called magnetosomes.”

“Fitak suggests the data reveals a number of types of magnetotactic bacteria can be detected in animal species suspected of having magnetoreceptive abilities. “

Atlantic right whales, loggerhead sea turtles and brown bats were all found to harbor distinct types of magnetic-field sensing bacteria.”

“Despite citing this new evidence, the study is very clear in stating this hypothesis is still deeply speculative. It is unknown exactly how the magnetotactic bacteria could be communicating with its host organism.”

“Plus, it isn’t even known where in an animal the bacteria would need to reside to confer its magnetic-field sensing effects.”

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Hunt for Alien Intelligence

SETI researchers are used to negative results, but they are trying harder than ever to turn that record around.”

Breakthrough Listen, the $100 million, 10-year, privately funded SETI effort Siemion leads, is lifting a field that has for decades relied on sporadic philanthropic handouts.”

“The new funds have also been “a huge catalyst” for training scientists in SETI…….”

“But the money is also spurring other searches, in case aliens opt for other kinds of messages—laser flashes, for example—or none at all, revealing themselves only through passive “technosignatures.”

“But some astronomers worry the funding boon is distorting science.”

“Seti started small….”

“With funding from NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF), however, searches continued, with bigger telescopes to listen for fainter signals and hardware that could scan thousands and eventually millions of narrow frequency channels at once.”

“In 1992, NASA decided to look harder, only to quickly reverse course. It embarked on the Microwave Observing Project, a 10-year, $100 million SETI search…..”

“…..the project was ridiculed and cut by lawmakers focused on reducing the federal budget deficit.”

“That was when Yuri Milner called.”

“Milner worked as a particle physicist at the Lebedev Physical Institute. In 1990, as the Soviet Union collapsed, he left to study business at the University of Pennsylvania, and in 1999 he founded an internet investment fund. “

I made some lucky investments….”

“In the not-too-distant future, ultrasensitive radio telescopes might be able to pick up the beams of a radar from a distant exoplanet.

“Future optical telescopes might reveal the glow of a city’s lights or its infrared warmth in a planet’s atmosphere.”

These efforts chime with searches for biosignatures…”

The line between technosignatures and biosignatures is blurring….”

“It makes sense to observe both.”

“After the workshop, the wording in NASA funding calls that had for some years excluded SETI-related proposals quietly disappeared.”






Further reading :

  1. Internet to become ‘global brain’, says billionaire
  2. Global brain (Wikipedia)



US Spy Satellite Launch Aborted (again)

“The launch of a U.S. spy satellite atop a powerful Delta IV Heavy rocket was called off in the final seconds late last night (Sept. 30), mirroring the outcome of an attempt a month ago.”

“We experienced an automated abort because a sensor reported a fault. Automated Safety System operated as intended. Bird and payload are safe and unharmed. “

“The two last-second aborts aren’t the only bumps in NROL-44’s road to Earth orbit. “

“The launch of the satellite, whose planned orbital activities are classified, has also been delayed by bad weather and issues with ground hardware.”

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Cultocracy note :

Not sure about you….

But I always dream about dreaming….

COVID Fear and Loathing

“The pandemic is affecting our dreams as well, infusing more anxiety and negative emotions into dreams and spurring dreams about the virus itself, particularly among women, according to new research. “

“All of these studies support the continuity hypothesis of dreaming: That dreams are consistent with our waking concerns rather than being some outlet for compensation…..”

“Overall, the new studies also suggest that women’s dreams have been more strongly affected by the pandemic than men’s — possibly, Barrett suggested, because women are bearing more of the burden of caregiving, job loss and other hardships.”

“The four COVID-19 articles in the issue are:”

(1)”Dreams About COVID-19 Versus Normative Dreams:Trends by Gender”

Death was the variable with the largest difference for both genders….”

“Although some of the dreamswith death-related words are classic horror-film fare—as with one woman whowanders into a mortuary which she gradually discovers is embalming live COVID patients—there were also peaceful references to death”

(2)”Dreaming in the Time of COVID-19: A Quali-Quantitative Italian Study”

“The dream settings are internal (home,prison,madhouse,hospital, etc.) in 319 references (37%), but mostly external (543 references, 63%):streets,squares,beaches,swimming pools,shopping centers,fairs,bars, and so forth.”

“Both the houses, which are often crowded and with many windows, and the external places are sometimes familiar, sometimes strange.”

(3)Dreaming and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Survey in aU.S. Sample

“They also reported a significant increase in dream recall and more negatively toned dreams due the pandemic itself and the counteracting measures of the government.The more the persons were affected, especially their mental health, the more likelythey reported changes in their dream life (more recall, more negative dream emotions) and more likely a COVID-19 related dream.”

“The prevalence in dreams of socially related content is consistent with the Social Simulation Theory

(4)Pandemic Dreaming: The Effect of COVID-19 on DreamImagery, a Pilot Study

“The dream journals were collected during a time when the total amount of confirmed cases in Canada was considerably low compared to the numbers reported by different countries…..”

“…..it was also foundthat those who recorded their dreams during the COVID-19 time period reported dreams involving more food and head dream content.”

“The COVID-19 participants reportedgreater amounts of head imagery because COVID-19 can be associated with head or facial imagery, such as coughing, temperature-taking or wearing masks to cover the mouth and nose.”

“Concerns andthoughts regarding food, food shortages, or stocking up on supplies are reflected indream imagery, resulting in the higher amounts of food imagery. This again supports the continuity hypothesis of dreaming

Further reading :

  1. The Avatars in The Machine – Dreaming as a simulation of Social Reality (PDF) :
  2. “I see avatars a-rising”: Your guide to the AI avatar landscape



Free Speech Under Attack (again)

“Because belief in COVID-related conspiracy theories predicts resistance to both preventive behaviors and future vaccination for the virus, it will be critical to confront both conspiracy theories and vaccination misinformation to prevent further spread of the virus in the US.”

“Reducing those barriers will require continued messaging by public health authorities on mainstream media and in particular on politically conservative outlets that have supported COVID-related conspiracy theories.”

“Complicating matters further, belief in conspiracy theories that attributed a socially significant event, in this case the novel coronavirus, to unknown and sinister actors…..”

“This finding could be especially problematic because vaccinating a high proportion of those susceptible to the coronavirus is one of the surest means of controlling it.”

Conservative and social media use were positively related to belief in conspiracy theories, whereas mainstream print was inversely related to conspiracy beliefs….”

“….as were education, income, and White racial identity.”

“Individuals younger in age and lower in income and education were more likely to hold conspiracy beliefs about the origins and seriousness of the pandemic. “

Non-white respondents also were more likely to hold such beliefs.”

“All of these relations are consistent with the suggestion that persons who feel politically powerless are more susceptible to conspiracy theorizing….”

“These conspiratorial beliefs tend to attribute power to unseen actors who have interests that diverge from those of the average person.”

“Prior research suggests that efforts to reduce conspiracy beliefs with information face significant obstacles, a phenomenon that may be related to their non-falsifiability and believers’ underlying distrust of elites who provide corrective information.”

“Another reason for the robustness of conspiracy theories is the tolerance that those who hold them have for inconsistency

“We thank the team at Qualtrics for their implementation of both waves of the survey….”

Cultocracy translation note :

“……persons who feel politically powerless are more susceptible to conspiracy theorizing….”

= 99% of the population .

“unseen actors who have interests that diverge from those of the average person”

= < 1% of the population .

Cultocracy quiz interlude :

Who do you think funded this particular article ?

a) “Elites who provide corrective information”

b) “People who tolerate inconsistency”

Answers on a postcard please .

Further reading :

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  2. Sequoia Capital (Wikipedia)
  3. Accel (venture capital firm)
  4. Coronavirus: The Black Swan of 2020
  5. Venture firm Sequoia is sounding the alarm about the economy again as coronavirus spreads

Even more reading :

  1. Silicon Valley’s most prominent VC firm had a banner week: $9 billion in IPO shares while helping TikTok negotiations
  2. Sequoia Capital Looking to Raise About $7 Billion for Regional Funds
  3. Unity sells shares in $1.3 billion U.S. IPO above target range
  4. Sequoia, other ByteDance investors value TikTok at $50 bn in takeover bid
  5. Social Gaming Startup Valued at Over $1 Billion in Sequoia-Backed Funding Round
  6. Sequoia announces $1.35 billion venture and growth funds for India and Southeast Asia
  7. Sequoia Capital becomes top investor in Indian unicorns
  8. Sequoia Capital China raising $2.2 billion in new yuan fund, say sources
  9. Blah…Blah…Blah…Vested Interests…..etc…etc…Corruption…Blah….Blah…etc…etc…



Brain Circuitry Underlying Dissociative Experiences Identified

“Between 2% and 10% of the population will experience the mysterious phenomenon known as dissociation during their lifetimes…..”

“Nearly three of every four individuals who have experienced a traumatic event will enter a dissociative state during the event or in the hours, days and weeks that follow…..”

“Because no one knows what’s going on inside the brain to trigger or sustain dissociation, it’s hard to know how to stop it.”

“Now, in a study published online Sept. 16 in Nature, Deisseroth and his colleagues at Stanford University have revealed molecular underpinnings and brain-circuit dynamics underlying dissociation.”

“The findings, which implicate a particular protein in a particular set of cells as crucial to the feeling of dissociation….”

“Whenever the patient was about to have a seizure, the study’s authors discovered, it was preceded not only by a particular pattern of electrical activity localized within the patient’s posteromedial cortex. “

“This activity was characterized by an oscillating signal generated by nerve cells firing in coordination at 3 hertz, or three cycles per second. “

“And when this region was stimulated electrically, the patient experienced the dissociative aura without having a seizure.”

“The researchers used optogenetics, a technology enabling scientists to stimulate or inhibit neuronal activity using light, to stimulate neurons in mice’s equivalent of a posteromedial cortex. “

“Doing so at rhythms of 3 hertz could induce dissociative behavior in drug-free animals, the researchers found. “

“Further experiments showed that a particular type of protein, an ion channel, was essential to the generation of the 3 hertz signal and to the dissociative behavior in mice. “

This protein could be a potential treatment target.”

Dissociative states have been the subject of detailed research , particularly during the last century .

A wide variety of induced mental states are particularly useful for neural manipulation and behavioral modification .

Or brainwashing in layman’s terms .

An externally applied signal to induce a dissociative state ?

Who’d have guessed it……

As the article suggests :

“This protein could be a potential treatment target.”

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  3. Emerging Areas of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurotechnologies – Stalag Earth – Part II



Cultocracy note :

There are those that would wish to see societal upheaval , a scenario which would provide a convenient excuse for the introduction of ever more draconian powers ranged against the masses .

Although sometimes you should be careful what you wish for….

I Predict(ive Programming) A Riot

“With the COVID-19 crisis, protest movements seem to have lost their voice all over the world. “Liberate Hong-Kong”, the environmental activism of Greta Thunberg, the “Gilets Jaunes” in France or the “Sardine” movement in Italy appear greatly weakened since the outburst of the epidemic. “

“According to a Freedom House annual report (Repucci 2020), out of the 20 protest movements active world-wide in December 2019 only two or three are still active.”

“At the same time, the disarraying impact of the epidemic on the network of social and economic relations combined with the restrictions imposed by governments to prevent mass infection are causing a latent sentiment of public discontent.”

“The “virus conspiracy” argument and the denial of the seriousness of the epidemic, which spread in public opinion and are disconcertedly supported by several political leaders, are the symptom of potentially dangerous frictions inside society.”

“We argue that we can form an informed opinion about the possible effects of COVID-19 on protest initiatives and future social unrest by looking at the great plagues of the past.”

“……the change in the types of unrest that America is experiencing has some similarities to the 14-th century uprising in England, which followed the Black Death (1346–1353).”

“He argues that the bubonic plague acted as a social incubator, which silently nurtured the class tensions that had been smoldering for more than 30 years and finally erupted in the aftermath of the plague.”

“……the revolts that occurred after the Black Death were caused by the exacerbating inequality arisen as a consequence of the plague, with particular reference to those government measures undertaken to protect the interest of landowners and large employers.”

“Turning to the government reaction effects, the 14-th century Black Death prompted massive public intervention to limit its spread. Quarantine, confinement of the sick, confiscation of property, ban of public (especially religious) demonstrations were all compulsory and often enforced like military operations. “

“Epidemics can also sow other seeds of conflict. During and after the 1665 plague in London, there were arguments attributing the disease “to the filth of the poor.”

“A crucial issue which has been left aside deserves few considerations. The necessary restrictions of freedom during an epidemic may be strategically exploited by governments to reinforce power.”

“History may again provide some useful hints: Looking at the 19-th century, popular fury arisen in Paris in 1831 during the cholera epidemic was not resolutely suppressed by the weak King Louis Philippe.”

“This may have reinforced the confidence of the revolutionary movements which exploded in 1848.”

Further reading :

  1. “Stench, Corruption and Filth”

Filth of the Poor :

  1. Johnson accused of holding ‘hatred and contempt’ for Britain’s working-class people
  2. Boris Johnson claimed children of working mothers ‘more likely to mug you’
  3. Boris Johnson called working class men ‘drunk, criminal and feckless’
  4. Boris Johnson described most deprived members of society as ‘chavs, losers, burglars and drug addicts’
  5. PM should apologise for Hillsborough remarks, says Liverpool mayor
  6. Boris Johnson says police money is ‘spaffed up a wall’ when spent on historic child sex abuse investigations



Cultocracy note :

What the article below fails to acknowledge is the inherent weakness of narcissistic individuals .

To put it simply , individuals that enter politics are very easily compromised and manipulated , therefore very easy to control .

Unfortunately the stench of corruption is then able to permeate an entire society via the mechanisms of state .

If you are not bent when you enter politics , then you will be bent when you leave politics .

Ironically , the controllers themselves are often compromised and controlled , the rot usually goes all the way to the top (bottom) .


I wonder what they have on Boris ???

Stating the Obvious

“In a series of studies performed in the United States and Denmark, researchers found that people with higher levels of narcissisma trait combining selfishness, entitlement and a need for admiration — were also more likely to participate in politics. “

“This could include contacting politicians, signing petitions, donating money, and voting in midterm elections, among other things.”

“It is hard not to think that those high in narcissism taking part in the political process appears to have some role in the current state of our democracy”

“According to the researchers, previous work has shown that higher levels of narcissism are linked with behaviors that could be harmful to functioning democracies…

“Breaking the results down further, the researchers found that the traits of superiority and authority/leadership were related to higher participation. “

Self-sufficiency, however, was associated with less participation.”

“This means that policies and electoral outcomes could increasingly be guided by those who both want more but give less.”

“Hatemi said that while it’s difficult to pinpoint a solution, finding ways to increase political engagement among a more diverse electorate while reducing an overrepresentation of narcissism would be a good start.”

Cultocracy note :


“functioning democracies….”

My great , great , great , great , great , great Grandad used to talk about ‘functioning democracies’……

Them were the days……

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Brain-scanning Backpack

“Scientists have developed a backpack that tracks and stimulates brain activity as people go about their daily lives.”

“The backpack and its vast suite of tools, he says, could broaden the landscape for neuroscience research to study the brain while the body is in motion.”

“A wand snakes up out of a 4-kilogram backpack to rest near the top of the patient’s scalp. There, the wand can communicate with a neural implant that lies deep in the brain. “

“Meanwhile, the backpack is filled with monitors—a setup that allows for real-time data collection from the implant.”

“At the same time, depending on the experiment, the participant can wear additional gear for measuring brain and body activities, including a scalp electroencephalography cap with electrodes that monitor surface brain activity, a pair of virtual reality goggles that track eye movement, and other devices that track heart and breathing rates. “

“All of this information can then be synchronized with signals from the implant.”

“Not being tied to a lab setting could enable scientists to study how the brain functions while people are in motion and interacting with others….”

“There’s a catch, however: Only patients who have neural implants can use the device. “

“The hope, he says, is that other researchers can use the technology to study neurological conditions of all kinds without the constraints of a lab or hospital bed.”




Synthetic Biology

Machine Learning Takes on Synthetic Biology

“If you’ve eaten vegan burgers that taste like meat or used synthetic collagen in your beauty routine – both products that are “grown” in the lab – then you’ve benefited from synthetic biology.”

“Now scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have developed a new tool that adapts machine learning algorithms to the needs of synthetic biology to guide development systematically.”

“The innovation means scientists will not have to spend years developing a meticulous understanding of each part of a cell and what it does in order to manipulate it….”

“instead, with a limited set of training data, the algorithms are able to predict how changes in a cell’s DNA or biochemistry will affect its behavior, then make recommendations for the next engineering cycle”

The possibilities are revolutionary….

“The researchers say they were surprised by how little data was needed to obtain results. “

“Yet to truly realize synthetic biology’s potential, they say the algorithms will need to be trained with much more data.”

Synthetic biology has the potential to make significant impacts in almost every sector: food, medicine, agriculture, climate, energy, and materials. “

“The global synthetic biology market is currently estimated at around $4 billion and has been forecast to grow to more than $20 billion by 2025…..

“Today, Berkeley Lab researchers develop sustainable energy and environmental solutions, create useful new materials, advance the frontiers of computing, and probe the mysteries of life, matter, and the universe.”



Bioelectronic Control of Cells

“Life is built upon closed‐loop feedback and regulation systems….”

Bioelectronic devices that interface electronics with biological systems can be used for sensing and actuation of biological processes and have potential for novel therapeutic applications.”

Proton‐conducting bioelectronic devices control pH in a microfluidic system that houses pluripotent mammalian stem cells.”

“his pH control affects the membrane voltage (Vmem) of the cells…”

“Cellular processes are hard to model due to noise and uncertainty.”

“As the complexity of biological systems scale up, the challenge of feedback design increases.”

Machine learning (ML) has successfully controlled biological systems when offline training and large datasets are available a priori.”

“Here, we leverage a single‐layer neural network with a “sense and respond” composed of radial basis functions (RBFs).”

“RBFs act as universal approximators and are fast converging, thus ideal for real‐time control applications.”

“Here, we demonstrate an array of bioelectronic proton pumps merged with an adaptive ML‐based controller that can provide control of Vmem for an extended amount of time….”

“In brief, a bioelectronic proton pump array adds or removes H+ from solution and changes [H+] in proximity of human‐induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs)

“In hiPSCs, an increase in extracellular [H+] results in cell depolarization (lower Vmem) and a decrease in extracellular [H+] results in cell hyperpolarization (higher Vmem).”

“Bioelectronic actuators are an important part of realizing two‐way communication with living systems.”

“Here, we show that it is possible to combine proton pumps as bioactuators with ML‐based control approaches into biohybrid system achieve long‐term proof‐of‐concept closed‐loop control of membrane voltage in cells.”

“Thus, new technology in synthetic biology and bioelectronics with closed‐loop control could result in unprecedented spatiotemporal control over nature.”

“This research was sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Army Research Office….”

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  3. Magnetogenetics






Sponge Bob Skyscraper Pants

“When we think about sponges, we tend to think of something soft and squishy. But researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) are using the glassy skeletons of marine sponges as inspiration for the next generation of stronger and taller buildings, longer bridges, and lighter spacecraft.

“We found that the sponge’s diagonal reinforcement strategy achieves the highest buckling resistance for a given amount of material”

“…..the glass sponges had a nearly half billion-year head start on the research and development side of things. “

“To support its tubular body, Euplectella aspergillum employs two sets of parallel diagonal skeletal struts, which intersect over and are fused to an underlying square grid, to form a robust checkerboard-like pattern.”

The sponge design outperformed them all, withstanding heavier loads without buckling. “






Graphene EM Shielding

“A fast increase in wireless communications, portable devices, and high-power transmission lines has made the environmental EM pollution a major concern for human health. “

“The conventional materials for EMI shielding are metals or composites with metal fillers, which are utilized as coatings and enclosures. “

“Metals possess a high density of mobile charge carriers, which blocks the EM waves mostly by the reflection mechanism. “

“In the recent work a research team reported on the scalable synthesis of composites with graphene fillers…”

“The examined frequency bands are pertinent to state-of-the-art and future communication systems.”

“The developed lightweight adhesive composites with graphene fillers can be used as electromagnetic absorbers in the high-frequency microwave radio relays, microwave remote sensors, millimeter wave scanners, and wireless local area networks….

“The extremely high thermal conductivity of graphene and good electrical conductivity, even without the energy band-gap, make graphene promising for EMI shielding and thermal management applications.”






Plastic-Degrading Enzyme

Plastics pollution represents a global environmental crisis. “

“In response, microbes are evolving the capacity to utilize synthetic polymers as carbon and energy sources.”

“In 2016, a team of Japanese biologists reported the discovery and characterization of the soil bacterium, Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6, which uses two enzymes to depolymerize PET to its constituent monomers.”

“Further characterization of Ideonella sakaiensis revealed a PET-degrading called PETase.”

“In the new study, they combined PETase and a second enzyme called MHETase, found in the soil bacterium, to generate a two-enzyme system for PET deconstruction.”

“Our first experiments showed that they did indeed work better together, so we decided to try to physically link them, like two Pac-men joined by a piece of string.”

“We were delighted to see that our new chimeric enzyme is up to three times faster than the naturally evolved separate enzymes, opening new avenues for further improvements.”

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  2. Ireland to reduce plastic waste production by eliminating all single-use plastic



Investigating the Impact of Nanoparticles

Investigating nanomaterials represents an extreme challenge of scale. “

“Vanishingly small, nanomaterials are made of particles less than 100 nanometers across. “

A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter.”

“Sand, for instance, is a nanomaterial created by erosion. However, nanomaterials are also creatures of the Industrial Age. “

“For the last 250 years, they have been unintentionally shed into the air, water, and land as a result of mining, farming, manufacturing, transportation, and other human activities. “

“In the past 50 years or so, nanomaterials have been intentionally engineered to leverage their distinct chemical, physical, and electrical properties.”

“For about the last 20 years, the modern ubiquity of nanomaterials has made them the subject of intense study regarding potential health effects. “

“One concern is that particles so small can enter the body and slip easily into the bloodstream or lung tissue. “

“It is in that realm of nanoparticle interactions with single living cells that Orr and her team excel. “

“In the past, Orr has characterized nanoparticles—with their huge surface-to-mass ratios and reactive natures—as “tiny chameleons” that can change rapidly once they interact with biological systems. “

“That rapid reactivity makes their behavior difficult to predict once they have been inhaled or ingested, as they have the ability to impersonate cellular components or oxygen-delivery systems such as vesicles in the lungs. “

“In all these ways, PNNL contributes to unlocking the puzzle of nano-bio interactions, a novel dynamic that is both a boon and a worry.”

In the end, engineered nanoparticles represent a growing issue in need of attention



European Top Court Upholds French Ban on Bee-harming Pesticides

“The European Court of Justice on Thursday found that France did not violate EU rules when it banned certain chemicals considered harmful to bees.”

“The ban placed France at the forefront of a campaign against chemicals blamed for decimating crop-pollinating bees.”

“Introduced in the mid-1990s, lab-synthesized neonicotinoids are based on the chemical structure of nicotine, and attack the central nervous system of insects.”

“….in recent years, bees started dying off from “colony collapse disorder,” a mysterious disease partly blamed on the use of such chemicals.”

“Studies have since shown that neonicotinoids harm bee reproduction and foraging, while exposure also lowers their resistance to disease.”

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Health & Medical

Design flaws of Chatbot Symptom-checker Apps

Millions of people turn to their mobile devices when seeking medical advice. “

“They’re able to share their symptoms and receive potential diagnoses through chatbot-based symptom-checker (CSC) apps.”

“But how do these apps compare to a trip to the doctor’s office?”

“Not well, according to a new study.”

“In the past, people generally trusted doctors,”

“But now with the emergence of AI symptom checkers and the internet, people have more sources of information.”

“How would this information challenge doctors? Do people trust this information and why?”

“You’s work serves as a preliminary study for future in-depth exploration. Currently, she is working to investigate how to design a better, explainable COVID-19 symptom checker….”

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  1. Urgent referrals rejected for one in three GPs during COVID-19 outbreak
  2. Wife recalls how retired taxi driver husband, 62, was hospitalised with a serious infection after being denied a face-to-face GP appointment due to Covid ‘safety’ rules
  3. Britons with life-threatening conditions denied care during pandemic



Nanoparticle Heart Meds

“Michigan State University and Stanford University scientists have invented a nanoparticle that eats away – from the inside out – portions of plaques that cause heart attacks.”

“Bryan Smith, associate professor of biomedical engineering at MSU, and a team of scientists created a “Trojan Horse” nanoparticle that can be directed to eat debris, reducing and stabilizing plaque. “

“The discovery could be a potential treatment for atherosclerosis, a leading cause of death in the United States.”

“The results, published in the current issue of Nature Nanotechnology, showcases the nanoparticle that homes in on atherosclerotic plaque due to its high selectivity to a particular immune cell type – monocytes and macrophages.”

“Basically, it removes the diseased/dead cells in the plaque core.”

“By reinvigorating the macrophages, plaque size is reduced and stabilized.”

“We could deliver a small molecule inside the macrophages to tell them to begin eating again.”



Sh*t for Brains

“New research suggests fecal transplants could one day be used to reverse the cognitive decline that comes with aging.”

“When researchers performed fecal transplants from older to younger mice, they found the recipients suffered declines in spatial learning and memory.”

“The authors of the new study suggest a similar transplantation from young to old mice could potentially reverse the cognitive decline.”

“Research has shown that the aging process may be linked with age-related changes in our gut microbiota…”

“The procedure had an impact on the expression of proteins involved in key functions of the hippocampus — an important part of the brain that has a vital role in a variety of functions including memory, learning but also in spatial navigation and emotional behavior and mood……”

This work highlights the importance of the gut-brain axis….”

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Load of Sh*te

Coronaviruses wafting through a Chinese apartment building’s plumbing may have infected some residents, according to a new study…..”

“Although fecal transmission of a pathogen is tricky to confirm—and proving that a virus spreads via building waste pipes is even more difficult….”

“A number of studies have reported finding RNA from SARS-CoV-2 in fecal samples from COVID-19 patients.”

“Some studies have also found abundant coronavirus RNA in hospital bathrooms….”

“Amoy Gardens, a Hong Kong housing complex with multiple apartment towers, saw 321 residents catch SARS in 2003; 42 of them died.

“Researchers traced the outbreak to a single visitor with SARS who had severe diarrhea.”

Could COVID-19 have spread through plumbing in New York City high-rises?

“There’s no reason it couldn’t happen…..”

If [you] can smell the drain odor in your bathroom, do something.”

Cultocracy note :

The moral of this story is if you live in a tower block then you are more than likely and quite probably fu**ed…..

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  2. Coronavirus traces found in March 2019 sewage sample, Spanish study shows
  3. SARS-CoV-2 detected in Barcelona water study from March 2019



Smart Shopping to Avoid Gender Bender Chemicals

Consumers who read labels and do their best to buy products without harmful chemicals aren’t wasting their time — new research suggests smart shopping pays in the form of reduced exposure.”

“In a new study, published Wednesday in the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, researchers surveyed consumers to find people who avoid products with specific endocrine disruptors.”

“When scientists measured chemicals in their bodies, they found significantly lower levels of those same endocrine disruptors.”

“Some chemicals are called endocrine disruptors because they interfere with the body’s hormone production system. “

“Exposure to endocrine disruptors has been linked with reproductive disorders, thyroid disease, asthma and cancers. “

“Despite the health risks endocrine disruptors pose, the chemicals remain common in personal care and household products.”

“Shoppers who avoided parabens, triclosan, BPA and fragrances were twice as likely as other shoppers to be in the group with lowest body burden for all 10 common endocrine disruptors.”

“While researchers said their findings suggest smart shopping can pay dividends, scientists found consumers weren’t always able to avoid exposure. “

“Many shoppers who reported trying to avoid parabens had high levels of parabens in their bodies.”

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  4. Study Links Triclosan to Colonic Inflammation , Cancer
  5. Toxic Food & Household Products
  6. Polymer Nano Fibres Found Globally in Drinking Water

Cultocracy note :

A vicious circle for some…..

You use products which contain gender bending chemicals , you then start to use more cleaning chemicals in your womanly attempt to keep everything clean , you then use makeup with more gender bender chems…..

You then enter politics and become a Westminster MP……





$cientific $cammer of the Month

Cultocracy note :

The ongoing race for a ‘COVID vaccine’ is still a long way from the finish line .

Of course , any specific US based vaccine or treatment would require presidential approval first .

I estimate that the current total amount of funding poured into finding a COVID vaccine to be $865,785,8765,977 billion .

Operation Warp $peed

“Last week, on 25 September, the leaders of Operation Warp Speed—the Trump administration program that has committed $10 billion to this vision—flew in from Washington, D.C., for a tour. “

“This was one several recent visits to trial sites and vaccine manufacturing plants by Slaoui and his Warp Speed co-leader, Gen. Gustave Perna.”

“The four-star general had on his camouflaged Army uniform and combat boots, but Slaoui, who formerly headed the vaccine division of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), wore casual slacks, an open-collared shirt, and penny loafers without socks.”

“The nationwide efficacy trial, which compares a COVID-19 vaccine made by Moderna with a placebo, struggled at first to enroll Black and Latino participants…..”

“Margaret Powers-Fletcher, co–principal investigator at the UC vaccine site, noted that many misunderstandings circle around the Moderna vaccine.”

“…..The vaccine contains messenger RNA (mRNA), which codes for the surface protein of the virus that causes COVID-19.”

“A few weeks ago, an international trial of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate made by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford was put on hold after a serious side effect occurred in a recipient.”

“They feel the government has never cared about us before, so now they’re just trying to rush through a vaccine to kill us. “

“So that’s been difficult. There are a lot of doubts in the community.”

“There is widespread concern that politics might influence the issuance of a vaccine…..”

Cultocracy note :

This kind of news makes me very angry , in fact i’m fuming….

An absolute disgrace and travesty…….

“….wearing penny loafers without socks…..”

What was the man thinking of ?

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In the Club :

  1. Sanofi, GSK Pursue COVID-19 Vaccine Trials with $2.1B from “Warp Speed”

Not in the Club :

  1. BARDA Balks at “Warp Speed” Funding for Oragenics COVID-19 Vaccine

Cultocracy also not in the club note :

Damn…..I just submitted my own COVID vaccine funding proposal (at “Warp Speed”) to BARDA , for the paltry sum of $800 billion……

My own experimental vaccine is called Crispy CoV47 .

Preliminary results look very promising indeed….

It consists Of Cheese and Onion crisps sprinkled over Vino (CoV) , 47 = The Cost of the bottle of wine .

£4.70 that is…..

Not £47.00…….

At least not until my next vaccine proposal is accepted……

Although I may have to scale back the scope of the funding required for my UK vaccine submission .



Disgraced Researchers Cash In

“When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wields its ultimate penalty, disqualification, against clinical researchers who it determines have violated the law, falsified data, or committed grave errors or misconduct, they can no longer run human trials in the United States. “

But that doesn’t always sever their financially rewarding relationships with big pharma.”

“In 2008, FDA filed a public notice that it had disqualified Texas urologist James Vestal after its inspectors discovered egregious problems in clinical trials he had led of an experimental hormonal treatment for advanced prostate cancer.”

“The agency said Vestal admitted to fabricating medical exams, faking signatures, enrolling ineligible patients, and other actions…..”

“Yet a Science examination of corporate compensation disclosures from the federal Open Payments database showed that from 2013 to 2019, 27 drugmakers—including heavyweights Bayer, the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen, and Sanofi—paid Vestal about $422,000, including $340,000 for consulting and teaching.”

“In 2005, FDA disqualified Philadelphia dermatologist Harold Farber pleaded guilty to “knowingly and willfully” making a “false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation” to the sponsor of a clinical trial.”

“From 2013 to 2019 alone, Open Payments data show, he took in about $665,000 from 45 medical research companies—including Actavis, Allergan, Bayer, and Genentech—for consulting and teaching.”

“The most favorable sort of interpretation is that the companies’ internal vetting process is deeply broken….”

“The more pessimistic interpretation is that they turned a blind eye because the investigators were not disqualified for something that hurts the companies’ bottom lines.”

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