Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims

Cultocracy note :

A definite pattern is visible regarding horrific C.I.A backed experimentation in mind control . It would seem that the victims and their families who eventually gain some semblance of justice are being gagged and silenced from speaking out , thereby preventing more victims from coming forward . There is no doubt that the cases published in the MSM are just the tip of the iceberg . Few people can fully comprehend the scale of the atrocities which constitute crimes against humanity , crimes which continue to this day . If anything clandestine neural control programmes are accelerating and coupled with modern technology represent a silent threat that can undermine the fabric of whole countries .

This particular case relates to the systematic and organized abuse of children and adults perpetrated in Canada and dates from the 1950’s . The central figure is sadist and former friend of Mi5 & the UK establishment Dr. Ewen Cameron . Parallels can be found in the UK with similar organized institutional child abuse dating from around the same period . What is evident in this particular case and others like it is the concerted effort by state powers to contain discussion of the central issue which is ongoing human experimentation and neural control technologies . They seem to think it can just be swept under the carpet , book burning operatives are always operational .

Remember this particular case was over fifty years ago . The techniques have been honed and perfected and are now aided by sophisticated technology which can be deployed on a mass scale .

There is no doubt that most Western power structures are now compromised by diseased and toxic deep state organizations and their complicit corporate partners . These sick and twisted individuals are driven purely by greed , perverted desires and self gratification , many are abuse victims themselves .

The UK is no exception , in fact it is possibly worst affected by these issues .

In many foreign power circles the UK is now known as ‘The English Patient’ .

As always , the keyword is control .

For a background to the story please read the following articles which describes the institutional abuse suffered by Jean Steel , a Canadian citizen :

A recent update to the story can be found below .

Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims, lawyer says

Daughter of survivor of brutal experiments ‘nervous’ to speak out after non-disclosure demand

By Harvey Cashore, Lisa Ellenwood, Bob McKeown, CBC News

Forty years after revelations that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency funded brainwashing experiments on unsuspecting Canadians, the Trudeau government is continuing a pattern of silencing the victims, a lawyer for one of the families says.

A recent Department of Justice gag order in an out-of-court settlement was designed to avoid responsibility and avert compensation to more victims and their families, said Alan Stein, who has represented numerous survivors who were once patients at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal.

Stein told CBC News that successive federal governments have demanded confidentiality agreements in at least five of the cases he has settled in the last few decades.

“If they hadn’t been confidential and the settlements had the publicity that they should have had, a lot of the victims would have come forward and gone to court,” he said.

The Trudeau government’s quiet non-disclosure payment in March 2017 to the daughter of a now-deceased victim is just the latest development in a decades-old scandal that saw both the CIA and the Canadian government fund brutal science experiments on unsuspecting patients.

Read the full article here at CBC News , Canada .

Mengele in Canada ?

There are unverified reports that Josef Mengele was present in Canada during the 1950’s and that he attended institutions implicated in human experimentation . Information that could add substance to this claim is understandably hard to find . If true it would give the C.I.A and their partners leverage over the Canadian government , in fact many of the C.I.A backed behavioural modification projects were conducted overseas .

The reports above may be true , or they may not .

In 1985 the Canadian government formed the Deschênes Commission which investigated claims that the country had become a haven for Nazi war criminals after WWII .

Other reports state that Mengele fled to South America where he lived out his life until 1979 when he died from a stroke whilst swimming in a pool in Brazil .

A while after his death a cache of Mengele’s personal papers surfaced and were auctioned off . In the papers Mengele apparently discussed his interest in genetics , depopulation and eugenics and stated that ‘90% of Humans Would Die of Stupidity’ .

A philosophy that still exists in many ‘elitist’ circles to this day .

It is a definite fact that the C.I.A and their friends in UK intelligence did mop up many Nazi scientists at the end of WWII during Operation Paperclip . Mengele was a person of interest to the allies due to his work in concentration camps relating to neural functioning and was on an allied forces ‘wanted list’ , despite this it is said that he conveniently slipped the allied drag net several times during his escape .

Find out more about Operation Paperclip at the links below (sometimes called Project Paperclip) .

The question I ask myself is whether the eugenics and depopulation agenda espoused by the Third Reich was some how transferred to the underground network of military and intelligence networks in Western countries after Operation Paperclip . Do fragments of the same philosophy still exist today in ‘deep state’ agencies ? Most of the Nazi scientists transferred to the West were put to work in military research projects , primarily in the US , some in the UK .

Did the mindset prevail , did it grow , did it already exist ?

Read the information available at the links below relating to human experimentation and ‘research’ in Canada under the control of the CIA and it’s friends and decide for yourself .

  1. Quebec’s Duplessis Orphan Scandal
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  3. The Duplessis Orphans Scandal
  4. The Canadian Holocaust
  5. CIA, US, Canadians torturing, murdering children to develop Super Spies?
  6. Canadian Scientists Did Psychic Experiments on First Nations Kids
  7. The bizarre ESP experiments conducted on aboriginal children without parental consent
  8. Abused and experimented on, survivors of Canadian Indian school receive apology from church
  9. From Lab Rats to Psychics: Canadian Residential Schools Tested ‘Primitive’ Aboriginal Children for ESP
  10. CIA, mind control, Nazis, mk-ultra, ritual abuse information
  11. The Secret Montreal Experiments They Don’t Want You To Know About



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BAE & DSTL Operation , Experimentation , Implantation


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Strategic Trends Programme – UK Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre

Cultocracy note :

The UK based Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) describes itself as an ‘independent think tank’ for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) . The DCDC has produced several documents outlining future warfare concepts and is thought to be partly responsible for shaping the development of UK ‘defence policy’ .

This article will include excerpts from the most recent of the papers produced by the DCDC which is titled ‘Global Strategic Trends – Out to 2045’ (GST) . This article will concentrate on technological advances and how they may be applied , assuming that they are not already being applied , hopefully enabling us to read between the lines regarding policies often arranged under the broad heading of ‘national security’ . I have added links and images myself to further decode and explain the information contained in the documents .

The DCDC papers reveal how technology , resources and domestic control form the backbone of deep state policy , with complete and utter disregard for human life and the natural environment . The Earth and the global population are viewed as a resource to be used , manipulated , pillaged and if necessary shaped or even destroyed . The constant underlying theme is the ongoing competition and scarcity of natural resources and also how technology can provide an advantage against competition from rival global powers . Another major point is the ongoing degradation of human rights and personal privacy , the consensus and rationalization from the hierarchy is that these minor issues can not be allowed to hinder progress , that is their progress , obviously at the expense of ours .

The technological focus is towards the weaponization of nano technology and the electromagnetic spectrum , along with human augmentation & enhancement involving genetic manipulation and nano implants . The ongoing weaponization of space is seen as pivotal to the now emergent arms race .

The papers ultimately expose the true agenda which is profit and power for the Crown and it’s corporate cohorts , using the military as a vehicle , the taxpayer as the funding source and intelligence gathering as the pointer .

It appears that the traditional ‘elites’ are worried . It is this small corrupt clique that has mismanaged the Earth for centuries in their insatiable quest for power and profit . They start the wars , they steal and gorge on the resources , they murder , they rape , they desecrate and destroy anything they touch . They are insane . They now need somebody to blame .

This stencil of systemic subversion can be overlaid over other similar global entities who are increasingly becoming supra state powers . The natural environment and the global population are mere pawns on the global chessboard , we have become obstacles in the manic and insane quest for full spectrum dominance , viewed with contempt and malice by the detached deranged demagogues .

Collateral damage has now gone global .

Strategic Trends Programme
Global Strategic Trends – Out to 2045

Critical and novel materials

The availability of natural resources such as rare earth elements (a group of 17 metals often vital for many technologically advanced products) 35 and other critical materials are likely to remain key to enabling technological progress .

Rising demand for, and concerns over, access to rare Earth elements could continue to motivate countries in trying to develop or secure their own sources of supply, bypassing international markets. While running out of these materials is unlikely within the 2045 timeframe, reliability of supply could be an issue because they are only mined in a very small number of countries (for example, China produces 86% of all rare earth elements).

The Environment

The Arctic is likely to see significant change with the melting of sea-ice opening up new
routes across the Arctic Ocean during the summer months. Reduced summer sea-ice
may present opportunities as new trade routes and areas rich in natural resources open
up for exploitation .


Future water stress is likely to be mainly driven by socio-economic factors. The frequency, intensity and duration of droughts in many parts of the world are likely to increase .

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is likely to be the most important means by which climate change is managed – although out to 2045 it appears likely that the drivers of greenhouse gases will continue to increase . Inertia in the climate system means that
warming would continue even if emissions were cut to zero tomorrow .

Theoretically plausible geoengineering methods (intentional, large-scale activities intended to counteract aspects of climate change) have been proposed for a number of years .

Detailed studies on the environmental implications of different geoengineering activities have recently begun to appear, but large-scale testing and implementation of such methods has not occurred – in some cases due to public opposition .

One theoretical ‘solar radiation management’ technique would aim to disperse sulphates into the upper atmosphere, reflecting the sun’s rays back out to space, producing a cooling effect. However, as with most geoengineering techniques, there are questions about how to maintain the intervention, and minimise the potentially harmful side-effects. For example, it is not known what the long-term effects of dispersing large quantities of sulphates into the atmosphere would be .

Cultocracy note :

The outlook for the natural environment is bleak , the damage has already been done . Water may become the new ‘oil’ .

There is no doubt in the mind of the informed that experiments in atmospheric spraying are happening at present . In the past these operations have been conducted to facilitate the use of electromagnetic weaponry , which in turn has caused atmospheric and environmental disruption on a global scale . It appears that the powers that be are trying in vain to turn back the clock , that is only if you discount the fact that this is all part of the grand design . Human rights are non existent in this power struggle , everyone is expendable , except themselves .


Over the past century, advances in medicine have contributed to people living longer
and healthier lives. However, as we live longer, different types of diseases, such as dementia, are likely to become more prevalent. Current estimates indicate 35.6
million people worldwide are living with dementia. This is likely to double by 2030
and more than triple by 2050 if no treatment is found.

Cultocracy note :

Again there is a state of denial regarding the fact that the implementation of the electromagnetic control grid and the general poisoning of the environment is having an adverse affect on peoples health . 5G anybody ?

Again discounting the fact that this may be part of the plan .

Neural receptors that are able to control mechanical limbs are in use today, significantly
improving the quality of life of those who possess them. Developments in this area are
likely to see refinement of control to provide unconscious response, greater dexterity and sensory feedback, as well as providing new ways to connect the able-bodied to machines and computers .

By 2045, there is a real prospect that artificial devices will provide a superior level of performance than can be achieved naturally – for example, hearing-aids that can detect sounds beyond the range of the human ear .


Revolutionary advances in how we acquire, store and analyse information, together with dramatic increases in computer processing power, are likely to give us the ability to predict accurately a wide range of phenomena, from crime hot-spots to the effects of climate change. As everyday objects are increasingly connected to the Internet, this vast network of sensors is likely to gather data on more aspects of our lives and the environment, making it hard for anyone to go ‘off the grid’.

Computational power

In 2000, the highest performing processors achieved levels of computation equivalent to
that of a spider – today they are close to being as powerful as the brain of a mouse. If processing power continues to grow at its current rate (doubling every three years), by 2023 some computers could have the processing power of the human brain and by 2045 they could be 100,000 times more powerful. If quantum computing becomes a reality, even these extraordinary figures could be exceeded .

‘Big Data’

In 2000, 25% of the world’s information was stored digitally: today it is more than 98%. On this trajectory, by 2045 there will be 20,000 times more digital information than there is today. The ability to collect and analyse this growing volume of information has been termed ‘Big Data’. Such a large amount of data generates yet more information when appropriately analysed, allowing us to identify patterns which may help to counter the spread of disease, combat crime and even predict social and behavioural patterns .

Big Data is increasingly allowing us to predict future behaviours accurately. Complex data sets which contain crime records, meteorological data, and behavioural heuristics are starting to be used to map probable crime locations – and in the future they are likely to deliver far more sophisticated forecasting tools .

While Big Data could become important in helping solve some complex global issues,
businesses may also become increasingly dependent on it – we are already seeing Big Data being used to predict consumer behaviours .

The ‘Internet of Things’

The number of devices linked to the Internet is increasing rapidly, with everything from
mobile phones to cars and even fridges having an Internet connection.

This ‘Internet of Things’ is already a reality, with around 20 billion devices already connected .

An increasing number of devices capable of collecting sensor data could intensify levels of surveillance .

However, it is likely to be increasingly difficult to avoid the sensor network of a future ‘Internet of Things’, since even remote environments are likely to contain some connected devices .

Cultocracy note :

A wet dream for control freaks , voyeurs and degenerates everywhere (collectively known as the establishment) .

However it is not all bad news .

As the number of connected ‘public’ sensors increases, the information advantage currently enjoyed by countries’ defence and security forces could be eroded or even reversed as adversaries, including non-state actors, attain similar levels of situational awareness .


Across the developed world, many schools are likely to be increasingly run (or at least sponsored) by powerful corporate organisations or by parent groups. There may be much-reduced government oversight and involvement .

Access to education could also become more polarised, depending on wealth or ability to pay .

Some countries may begin to educate and train children assessed as having the potential to succeed in specific careers (including in the armed forces) from a very young age.

Cultocracy note :

No change here then .

Automation and work

Robots or ‘unmanned systems’ – machines capable of carrying out complex tasks without directly involving a human operator – are likely to be as ubiquitous in 2045 as computers are today .

The increased capability of robots is likely to change the face of warfare, with the possibility that some countries may replace potentially large numbers of soldiers, sailors and airmen with robots by 2045 .

Robots in the workplace

Robots are increasingly likely to replace people at work, which could ultimately lead
to social unrest .

More life-like machines

A growing number of customer-service roles are likely to become automated or be performed by robots .

This trend will probably continue, with increasing automation of service roles, such as telephone or Internet-based customer support .

Cultocracy note :

No change here then (again) .

Automation and conflict

The increased capability of robots is likely to change the face of warfare. Improvements in robotics have obvious applications for military usage. Unmanned naval vessels – possibly reconnaissance submarines to probe a hostile shore – are likely to become as much a part of the military system as unmanned and remotely piloted platforms have in the air .

Large-scale automation of work

Robots and automated systems have the potential to be near-ubiquitous in 2045, capable of carrying out extremely complex tasks with no human involvement. Potentially, machines could: carry out all manufacturing and agricultural tasks; repair themselves; as well as clean, cook and tidy. Advances in artificial intelligences could make machines so life-like that they are able to answer phones in call-centres, take care of children and even teach. Computers could potentially diagnose and treat almost every medical condition. If progress on this scale is made in the future, it is possible that there would be very few jobs still carried out by human beings, who could, in practice, be almost totally excluded from the workforce .

In richer countries, this large-scale automation of work would be likely to have a mostly positive effect, as governments would probably be able to provide their citizens with all the material comforts they need. However, many people may initially struggle to achieve a sense of purpose and social status without work, with possible rises in cases of depression . Education systems may need to be totally redesigned to enable people to self-motivate and to gain satisfaction from activities other than work. Over time, when populations had become more used to a life without work, they may fill their time playing sport, painting, reading and composing music .

Cultocracy note :

Rose tinted glasses anybody ? I think we might need them .

Corruption and money

If unchallenged, corruption is likely to continue to exacerbate global inequality and conflict. By 2045, consistent attempts to curtail corrupt practices are likely to be made by national governments, international governing institutions, the private sector and non-state actors .

Cultocracy note :

Corruption curtailed by government ?

I’ll have 50 pairs of those rose tinted glasses please .

State-backed currencies will almost certainly still be the dominant form of money in 2045, although alternative currencies are likely to expand, constituting the main shift in the financial landscape. Criminal transactions may increasingly be made using alternative currencies, with a possible growth in the anonymous raising and transferring of funds by terrorist groups. Governments could have less influence over alternative currencies and, as a result, may be less able to shape the global financial system or raise revenues through taxation. A single international currency within the timeframe is improbable, with the US dollar likely to remain the most important global currency by 2045 .

Defining corruption

What constitutes corruption in one country may be entirely culturally acceptable in another – political lobbying is seen as corrupt in Brazil but normal in the US, while the UK Parliament is debating whether to regulate it further .

Cultocracy note :

“While the UK Parliament is debating whether to regulate it further”

Good luck with that one .

Make that 100 pairs of those rose tinted glasses please .

Aaahhh……..Everything is fine now .

Whistle-blowers are likely to increasingly use cyberspace as a publishing platform and may demand more protection when they reveal corrupt practices. However, it may be easier to hide payment of large bribes in the vast datasets that increased global connectivity produces. The shift towards online banking and finance may simply alter the vehicle of bribery, with unregulated, non-state-backed currencies being used to avoid scrutiny .

A genuinely global currency would require a high level of international cooperation, likely to be brought about only in the case of an extraordinarily severe shock to the international financial system .

A genuinely global currency would require a high level of international cooperation, likely to be brought about only in the case of an extraordinarily severe shock to the international financial system .

States’ monopoly on money is likely to be increasingly eroded by alternative currencies out to 2045. Alternative currencies may be able to bypass emergency capital controls or other measures taken by governments in the wake of financial crises .

Cultocracy note :

Severe shock = Orchestrated financial crash .

Capital controls = Increase personal debt via government borrowing to pay off the financial racketeers whilst increasing ‘military’ expenditure .

As with traditional forms of money, alternative currencies are only as secure as the organisation that controls them. Governments and commercial banks have technological
advantages over ordinary users of their currency .

China is likely to be the US’s main rival as the global reserve currency provider within
the 2045 time frame .

Out to 2045, alternative (non-state backed) currencies are likely to grow, having
some effect on governments’ ability to raise revenues .

Global financial collapse

“Following the drop in price of its principal exports, a massive uprising followed by a coup could fragment a large, pivotal economic power. Before its disintegration, such a country would almost certainly have held trillions of US dollars of foreign debt and would have been home to many of the world’s most influential banks and investment companies. The collapse of this type of country could mean that global capital flows would be brought to a near-halt and the world’s financial system would, in such a situation, cease to function effectively. Multiple defaults on payments could lead to the further collapse of numerous countries and potentially a collapse of the international trading system. If this occurred, hyper-inflation could take hold, making global trade drop to its lowest recorded level, with catastrophic consequences for the global economy .”

Cultocracy note :

Scenario ? Or part of the grand design ?

Identity and the role of the state

The state will almost inevitably be the dominant actor in international affairs in 2045. Private or semi-state owned companies and non-governmental organisations are likely to exert increasing influence, but are less likely to exercise state-like legal and decision-making powers. Individuals may define themselves less by their nationality, with growing migration and stronger links to virtual communities .

Some states may lose their monopoly on force, as private security contractors are increasingly employed and as some private companies take more responsibility for their own security .

Personal privacy will very probably be increasingly difficult to achieve in the years
leading up to 2045, as identity is ever-more defined by online activities .

A range of technological enhancements have the potential to transform human identity by improving sensory perception, physical performance and perhaps even giving us the ability to control fear and other emotional states .


In most established democracies, voter turn-out is reducing and could conceivably reach the point where the legitimacy of democratic institutions is challenged. Membership of political parties has also been reducing, as has trust in government .

The ‘Beijing Consensus’ (a limited free market, with strong central control) is sometimes cited as an alternative to the Western democratic model .

Non-state actors

Large private, or semi-private, companies and non-governmental organisations will very probably grow in number and power, seeking to influence national and international decisions .

As a result of this growing influence, the next 30 years may see increasing calls for the largest multinational corporations and non-governmental organisations to have voices in, and be accountable to, supra-national organisations (such as the G77). Without such an accommodation, existing companies and non-governmental organisations may proliferate and become an increasing focus of policy-making, coordination and public lobbying and scrutiny to the detriment of state-based international organisations .

Private companies are also likely to provide many of the security functions currently provided by the state, with states increasingly contracting out their monopoly on force .

Private companies already provide security in prisons and contribute to military operations – a recent Congressional report put the proportion of American contractors in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans at more than 50% of the total number of US personnel present .

Questions about regulation will almost certainly be raised if binding national and international legislation continues to apply to armed forces personnel, but not to private military contractors .

Globally, the state will probably be of less relevance to the individual, due to the movement of people, information and ideas across national boundaries. As individuals feel less connected to the state, they are also likely to become less interested in supporting it .


It is likely that by 2045, a near-complete record of their movements could be built up by an interested party. Much of the data created and rendered accessible by the information age has the potential to benefit society. For example, criminality may prove increasingly difficult to conceal, allowing governments, businesses and individuals to be held to account. But governments may also increasingly exploit extensive databases and surveillance devices to monitor and curtail individuals’ activities .

Cultocracy note :


It took me quite a while to pen this article due to ‘technical problems’ .

It would seem that my activities have been monitored and an attempt to curtail those activities enacted .

Human augmentation

Future technologies may make it possible for people to radically alter their identities by using a range of physical and cognitive enhancements. The power and range of the five major senses is likely to be significantly enhanced, often as a result of extending and applying developments made for medical reasons. Some developments are likely to require surgical implants, implying a degree of permanence – others will probably be temporary .

Advances in a range of disciplines, such as brain science and pharmacology, are likely to increase our ability to influence emotional responses such as motivation, anxiety and fear – all of these affect individual performance in areas of considerable significance.

Cognitive function may be enhanced either by machine interfaces or by using chemicals .

Direct interfacing

It is possible that direct brain-to-brain communication may be achieved by 2045, transforming ways of working. The real-time transfer of behaviourally meaningful information between the brains of two rats has already been demonstrated, with rats successfully performing tasks that they had not previously attempted .

If extended to complex cognitive tasks, the approach of directly linking brains could be the basis for wholly new methods of decision-making, problem solving and planning .

As well as potentially transforming both sensing and decision-making, direct brain linkage could have profound implications for social interaction and for the notion of what it means to be an individual human being .

By 2045, it is even possible (although unlikely) that the sharp distinctions between people and machine will disappear .

Cultocracy note :

Be under no illusion . The technology is here and is being tested on human targets right now .

Defence spending and capabilities

Chinese defence expenditure is likely to rival that of the US over the next 30 years, reflecting China’s growing economic strength .

As the cost of staying ahead in a global technology race seems likely to increase, maintaining a technological advantage could increasingly be achieved by cooperation and burden sharing .

Future weapons

Increased levels of defence spending and continuing advances in technology are likely to lead to a variety of new weapons being available by 2045. For example, laser systems are maturing, with vehicle and sea-based platforms already at advanced stages of trial. Directed energy weapons, such as lasers, could be capable of discrete target discrimination, producing a focussed beam (or wider field) of electromagnetic energy or atomic radiation to cause disruptive or damaging effects to equipment and infrastructure .

Such weapons may also be capable of delivering non-lethal effect on human targets at considerable distances. Increases in the number and sophistication of sensors (civil and military) are likely to increase the accuracy of targeting, as well as making it increasingly difficult to hide people, machines or equipment. As people use electronic devices more frequently, the ability to target an individual by their ‘digital signature’ is likely to become easier. Similarly, as the cost of sequencing an individual’s DNA continues to fall, targeting an individual using their DNA may be possible by 2045 .


Defence and security implications

There are a number of issues and treaties which may involve the US and China in armed conflict – with potentially dire consequences regionally and globally .

The Arctic is likely to be an increasingly important region for Northern America. The US and Canada (and possibly Greenland) are likely to grow military capabilities that can operate there .

Polar regions

Climate change is the principal driver of change in the Arctic and Antarctic, with increasing temperatures and precipitation. As Arctic and Antarctic sea ice retreats, many areas that are currently inaccessible could become open to commercial exploitation, particularly of oil and gas .

If countries are to fully exploit hydrocarbon reserves and shipping routes in the Arctic, they will need to invest substantially in icebreaking capacity .

It has been estimated that the Arctic contains up to 13% of the world’s undiscovered oil and 30% of its gas reserves, which are likely to become increasingly attractive as existing reserves are depleted .

Russia will almost certainly be the dominant – but unpredictable – state actor in the Arctic by virtue of its economic, political and military strength in the region, as well as its location and size. Russia is likely to have sovereignty over the region’s major fossil fuel reserves, fish stocks and mineral deposits, and climate change could afford it the possibility of expanding its agricultural sector in the region .


It is already likely that substantial hydrocarbon deposits exist, including in the area triple-claimed by the UK, Argentina and Chile .

Although there is much uncertainty about the extent and nature of mineral deposits, early studies indicate that Antarctica is likely to contain mineral deposits similar to those in Australia, Africa, India and South America, to which it was once joined .


Our reliance on space technology in a number of commercial and military areas will
almost certainly increase out to 2045 .

Relying on space-based technology

Developed countries already depend heavily on space-based technologies and this reliance is likely to increase out to 2045, with many developing countries also likely to seek similar capabilities .

The traditional view of a satellite as a large, expensive object is being increasingly challenged by the use of ever-smaller devices (some nicknamed ‘cubesats‘), often no larger than 10 cm 3 and weighing as little as a kilogram .

New economic opportunities

Several companies are already proposing to extract water and minerals from asteroids that travel near Earth. One of these companies, Planetary Resources, is hoping to launch its first spacecraft in 2014, with prospecting platforms operating in the next decade. By 2045, companies pursuing off-Earth resources are likely to have extensive operations, particularly if the potential revenues are as significant as suggested by some analysts .


Our reliance on space technologies generates widespread vulnerabilities which are likely to increase in the future. The UK Government’s National Risk Assessment ranked severe disruption to satellite services, possibly as the result of a deliberate attack by another state, in the second highest category of security risks faced by Britain. Similarly, a US Government report observed that lives and billions of dollars could be lost if significant disruption to global positioning systems (GPS) occurred .

Cultocracy note :


This and similar papers should serve as a warning to all of us ‘useless eaters’ that it is business as usual regarding the manic thirst for the Earth’s resources from the megalomaniacs and madmen . Much of the technology discussed in the paper has been available to the deep state for decades . These resources will not be used for the benefit of the Earth and it’s inhabitants , on the contrary they will be used to consolidate power in the hands of the few by creating ever more destructive weaponry and more sophisticated systems of surveillance and control . It is the only system they know , the old one involving subjugation , slaughter , sodomy and slavery .

As the paper states , the bonds of trust (if ever any existed) between the governing powers together with their hidden corporate masters and the population have been broken . There is a growing awareness from the public that they are being used and manipulated to fund endless wars for the few , fund technologies of slavery and bondage , eventually funding the destruction of the natural environment and indeed themselves . As a result of an increasingly educated public the wars , looting and carnage , usually carried out by national armies have been subcontracted to mercenary crime gangs . The false flag attacks and propaganda methods traditionally used to manipulate public opinion and light the touch paper are simply not working anymore .

Rather than forge cooperative partnerships they would rather fight it out with each other . Any civilian death , environmental catastrophe or animal extinction is deemed collateral damage . But of course , in their eyes it is all our fault , the useless eaters , we are to blame for purely existing .

More worryingly we are seeing a dual battle emerging , not simply between the traditional rivals of previous wars . The new enemy is the domestic populations of the countries which house the militarized corporations and supra national power structures now enagaged in an endless battle for supremacy on the global stage . The disgusting , parasitical vermin that we call the ‘elite’ have turned on everyone and everything , nothing is sacred . As awareness of their crimes against humanity increases they are busy developing new and subtle forms of domestic slavery and servitude , primarily based around electromagnetic weaponry . Their paranoia , profiteering and protectionism knows no bounds , they are slowly being backed into a corner .

New on the agenda for rape and pillage are the Polar regions , some commentators have already suggested that the increase in global temperatures is not a coincidence . Near space has also been targeted for mining and resource extraction .

The paper also displays an establishment obsession with China , there is a reluctant admission that the country will be the next global leader .

If that is the case let us hope that they provide the strength of leadership to steward in a new era of global cooperation based on trade and friendship , this is the model that they seem to be adopting at the moment .

The Western countries response ? Increasing militarization and domestic suppression . As China moves forward , a fearful and panicky UK establishment moves backwards . The warped logic is that other countries are doing it so we can too , in fact the reverse is actually true .

What are they afraid of exactly ? Losing a place at the table ? Loss of profit ?

No .

They are afraid of you and me .

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White Helmets – Establishment Racketeering , Terrorism & Mass Murder


White Helmets & Friends

Cultocracy note :

The following article describes a typical tactic used by the UK establishment in the quest for a perch on the global stage . Following on from the highly irregular and belated BBC Panorama TV program exposing the Syrian ‘White Helmets’ as a Western backed terrorist outfit , it would seem that the particular UK establishment mercenary gang involved has been thrown to the wolves .

To this end the BBC Panorama ‘exposé’ should be viewed more as a damage limitation exercise .

This is standard practice , the establishment will always seek to distance themselves from their many ongoing failures , although in their eyes it is not  the winning but the taking part that counts . Taking a hand in atrocities on the global stage allows the continuation of a deranged and delusional mindset which enables the illusion that they are mixing it up with ‘the big boys’ .

The gambit revolves around the potentially extremely lucrative arms sales that may follow a ‘win’ , not to mention the resources contracts .

It is a simple equation : Global instability + Terrorism = Profit .

Ultimately it is a numbers game , 99 lightly funded losses (taxpayer funded losses) are inconsequential when compared to a single win which could garner $billions for the Crown coffers and their crony corporations (non-distributable winnings) . 

Who cares if you win or lose , especially if you are gambling with somebody else’s money .

UK Gov’t Exposed For Funding Terrorist “Councils,” “Police,” And “White Helmets”

By Brandon Turbeville

The BBC has recently surprised everyone with a rare act of journalism, exposing the UK government for funding terrorists in Syria through a foreign aid programme that has dished out millions of pounds of taxpayer money over the years. The money has been awarded to groups like Adam Smith International which is then funneled to the extremists. At the focus of the BBC article is the fact that taxpayer money has been provided to the Free Syrian Police, a police force operated by “rebel” councils .

While ASI argues that the FSP is an unarmed security force, an abundance of evidence demonstrates to the contrary as anyone who pays even a shred of attention to the Syrian crisis would already know. FSP is heavily armed, heavily sectarian, units of terror employed by units of terrorists. They are, in reality, simply more terrorists employed to control and oppress the people of Syria. Of this there is no doubt.

BBC’S “Journalism” Was Done Nearly A Year Ago By Independent Media

To be clear, the report of the UK funding of the terrorist Free Syrian Police was work that was already done in January of 2017 by Vanessa Beeley of 21st Century Wire. Her article, “The ‘Free Syrian Police’ Made In The UK – Vanessa Beeley Exposes West’s Shadow State Project,” contained an interview with Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish of UK Column regarding the FSP founders and the media moves to highlight the role of the FSP in the Nusra Front, ISIS, and other terrorist-occupied, region of Idlib. Still, better late than never, BBC.

However, there is much more to the story than what is being covered by the BBC. Nowhere in the BBC Panorama report is there anything incriminating the White Helmets and their own connections to the Free Syrian Police, the blatant connections of these groups to terrorists (i.e. terrorist leaders of White Helmets, FSP, etc.), recent or current atrocities committed by FSP and White Helmets, or the muddied waters of terrorist groups’ name changes so that it is more difficult to pinpoint in general terms Western support for terrorism in Syria. Thus, what BBC is doing cannot be called investigative journalism (since the investigation and the journalism was already done nearly a year ago), it is a whitewash designed to conceal the nature of the UK’s true involvement in the war on Syria, it’s funding and support of terrorism, and the reality that the White Helmets themselves are nothing more than terrorists.

Read the full article here at

Cultocracy note :

An explanation for the Western establishment funded ‘terrorist’ outfits can be found below .

It would seem that Russia has won the ‘tender’ for the Syrian market .

Global Conflict and Terrorism Are a Prerequisite for Lucrative Arms Deals. The World’s Major Arms Exporters

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Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop


Cultocracy note :

Many commentators including myself have always suspected that the emergence of cryptographic currencies was engineered by the Men in Black .

I do not think that anybody would mourn the demise of the central banks , but it could be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire . Financial transactions across the globe can already be monitored and inspected by the deep state , giving them a degree of leverage but not total control . It would seem that the battle lines have been drawn .

Control of the electronic infrastructure enables control over finance .

The only thing missing from the puzzle is control of the currency itself .

This in turn could provide control over individuals , corporations and even whole countries 

Many traditional electronic bank heists require a degree of electronic sophistication and infiltration only available to state actors . The same applies to the theft of cryptographic currencies .

The N.S.A have a largely transhumanist mindset .

They would digitize and computerize everything if they could , including ourselves .

Maybe they already have .

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

I’m going to assume the readers who make it to this article are well informed enough that I don’t have to go into the history of the global money changers and their desire for a one world currency. (If you don’t yet understand the goal of the globalist banking empire and the coming engineered collapse of the fiat currency system, you’re already about 5,000 posts behind the curve.)

With that as a starting point, it’s now becoming increasingly evident that Bitcoin may be a creation of the NSA and was rolled out as a “normalization” experiment to get the public familiar with digital currency. Once this is established, the world’s fiat currencies will be obliterated in an engineered debt collapse (see below for the sequence of events), then replaced with a government approved cryptocurrency with tracking of all transactions and digital wallets by the world’s western governments.

NSA mathematicians detailed “digital cash” two decades ago

What evidence supports this notion? First, take a look at this document entitled, “How to make a mint: The cryptography of anonymous electronic cash.” This document, released in 1997 — yes, twenty years ago — detailed the overall structure and function of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Who authored the document? Try not to be shocked when you learn it was authored by “mathematical cryptographers at the National Security Agency’s Office of Information Security Research and Technology.”

The NSA, in other words, detailed key elements of Bitcoin long before Bitcoin ever came into existence. Much of the Bitcoin protocol is detailed in this document, including signature authentication techniques, eliminating cryptocoin counterfeits through transaction authentication and several features that support anonymity and untraceability of transactions. The document even outlines the heightened risk of money laundering that’s easily accomplished with cryptocurrencies. It also describes “secure hashing” to be “both one-way and collision-free.”

Although Bitcoin adds mining and a shared, peer-to-peer blockchain transaction authentication system to this structure, it’s clear that the NSA was researching cryptocurrencies long before everyday users had ever heard of the term. Note, too, that the name of the person credited with founding Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, who is reputed to have reserved one million Bitcoins for himself. Millions of posts and online threads discuss the possible identity of Satishi Nakamoto, and some posts even claim the NSA has identified Satoshi. However, another likely explanation is that Satoshi Nakamoto is the NSA, which means he is either working for the NSA is is a sock puppet character created by the NSA for the purpose of this whole grand experiment.

The NSA also wrote the crypto hash used by Bitcoin to secure all transactions

On top of the fact that the NSA authored a technical paper on cryptocurrency long before the arrival of Bitcoin, the agency is also the creator of the SHA-256 hash upon which every Bitcoin transaction in the world depends. As The Hacker News explains. “The integrity of Bitcoin depends on a hash function called SHA-256, which was designed by the NSA and published by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).” THN also adds:

If you assume that the NSA did something to SHA-256, which no outside researcher has detected, what you get is the ability, with credible and detectable action, they would be able to forge transactions. The really scary thing is somebody finds a way to find collisions in SHA-256 really fast without brute-forcing it or using lots of hardware and then they take control of the network.” Cryptography researcher Matthew D. Green of Johns Hopkins University said.

In other words, if the SHA-256 hash, which was created by the NSA, actually has a backdoor method for cracking the encryption, it would mean the NSA could steal everybody’s Bitcoins whenever it wants. (Call it “Zero Day.”) That same article, written by Mohit Kumar, mysteriously concludes, “Even today it’s too early to come to conclusions about Bitcoin. Possibly it was designed from day one as a tool to help maintain control of the money supplies of the world.”

And with that statement, Kumar has indeed stumbled upon the bigger goal in all this: To seize control over the world money supply as the fiat currency system crumbles and is replaced with a one-world digital currency controlled by globalists.

Think cryptography is bulletproof? Think again…

Read the full article here at Natural News

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Brain abnormalities found in victims of US embassy attack in Cuba

An update to the ‘sonic weapon’ attacks on US embassy staff based in Cuba .

Recent reports in the MSM indicate that the attacks were possibly directed energy weapons (DEW) , possibly using microwave frequencies :

Another report in the MSM which coincidentally appeared within a few days of the above articles states that a former NSA operative believes that he developed Parkinson disease due to a ‘microwave attack’ in a ‘hostile country’ :

More significant is that the MSM articles also report that embassy staff show abnormalities in brain white matter .

White matter carries connects the various parts of the brain acting as a signal messenger .

White matter has been associated with degenerative brain disease such as Alzheimers .

It is also closely related to memory function within the brain .

The MSM articles state that the embassy staff will now be monitored for life .

These portable weapons are widespread and are used as a form of domestic torture , slow kill , control and subjugation in the UK .

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Nano Technology News – November 2017

Cultocracy note :

Nano technology research and development is progressing at a rapid pace .

As with all technology the applications can be used for good or evil .

The possible health effects of nano technology are now being researched and made public .

It would seem that the ramifications of the potential misuse of the technology are only now being considered .

Much of the research is focused on bioengineering and the activation of nano scale technology with applied electromagnetic wavelengths .

Other research focuses on artificial neural networks (ANN) .


“What’s really exciting here is that we’ve shown you can make a nanoparticle that can be used to permanently and specifically edit the DNA in the liver of an adult animal,”

Cultocracy note :

Adult animal = Potential human target .

Liver = Any bodily organ .

Cultocracy note :

Nano particles can be designed to carry a payload , this can include a biological or chemical component . The nano particles can be designed to release the payload upon activation with an externally applied electromagnetic frequency .

Bombs away !


Cultocracy note :

Nano sized implants or sensors can be powered using a wide variety of biological processes .


Cultocracy note :

Converting external RF or similar electromagnetic wavelengths to visible light is nothing new . This particular research paper describes the conversion of terahertz radiation (T-rays) to visible light by harnessing a phenomenon known as the quantum rattle .


Cultocracy note :

Synthetic nano technology can be used to augment muscle tissue . Stand alone nano fibers can be used to create a ‘scaffold’ which can strengthen natural tissue and accelerate natural tissue growth . Alternatively similar nano technology can be used to deliver a payload of muscle tissue cells to a specific bodily area .


Cultocracy note :

Nano technology forms the foundations of artificial neural networks .


Cultocracy note :

Carbon based nano technology can be engineered to emit a specific frequency or wavelength when excited by an external EM field . Carbon nano tubes (CNT) and carbon dots are used extensively in biosensing and imaging applications . Recent research aims to replace synthetic nano tubes with biological proteins .


Cultocracy note :

As always profit is placed before health .

The potential toxic health effects of nano technology are slowly emerging .

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Earth as Weapon, Geo-engineering as War


Cultocracy note :

More and more scientists are speaking out regarding the links between the military corporate complex and the ongoing destruction of the natural environment .

The article is found at Global Research and is based on a book by Dr. Rosalie Bertell titled “Planet Earth, the Latest Weapon of War” .

The main points from the article :

  •  Military technologies form the basis of the destruction of Earth’s life systems .
  • Space will be the next battlefield .
  • Electromagnetic (EM) weaponry and nuclear testing has severely affected the atmosphere and the ionosphere .
  • EM weaponry utilizing standing or ‘scalar’ waves are being used to alter natural Earth frequencies .
  • Macro effects of EM and similar weaponry can alter biological frequencies in living organisms .
  • The development of the technology has been fueled by endless war and paradoxically , existential military threats .
  • ‘Global warming’ is not the result of CO2 emissions but is caused by EM technology .
  • Effects such as holes in the ozone layer and disturbances in the Earth’s electromagnetic field are caused by EM technology .
  • Nano technology and related atmospheric spraying programmes have an adverse effect on water , soil and living organisms .
  • The Earth environment has been weakened and the damage could possibly be irreversible .
  • ‘Conspiracy theories’ regarding the use of ‘geoengineering’ weaponry are now conspiracy facts .
  • It is suspected that the Arctic region has been subjected to deliberate thawing in order to enable resource extraction .

Planet Earth, the Latest Weapon of War

By Prof. Claudia von Werlhof

Global Research, November 28, 2017

This book is a globally unique documentation by Dr. Rosalie Bertell. I think it is one of the most important books of the 21st century. In addition to the author’s original text from the year 2000 there are various updates by herself until 2011 and additional articles written by international experts. As the founder of the “Planetary Movement for Mother Earth” which was organized after having known Bertell’s work (2010) in order to distribute it always more, I have contributed to the book in various ways as well. We translated it and organized its publication. Rosalie has named me her representative in the German speaking part of the world.

When Rosalie Bertell passed, she was 83 years old. We learn from her that free expression of opinions and thoughts about the topic in question, as well as a whole collection of detailed scientific facts, as presented by her, have been suppressed to be discussed for decades. For me there needs to be a public discussion and a theoretical clarification asking the question: In which of the academic traditions, sciences, worldviews, in what logics, politics, and motivation does the literally inconceivable fit that Rosalie Bertell is describing? What are the consequences to be drawn?

Who was Rosalie Bertell?

Dr. Rosalie Bertell was born in 1929 in the United States. She earned a PhD in Biometry at the Catholic University of America, Washington DC, in 1966. She holds nine honorary doctor’s degrees, and she won numerous prizes, among them the “Right Livelihood Award”, RLA (1986); she co-founded multiple organizations including the “International Institute of Concern for Public Health” (IICPH) in Toronto, Canada (1984) and the “International Physicians for Humanitarian Medicine” in Geneva, Switzerland (1999). She has worked as an appraiser for the UN, worked in more than 60 countries for this institution, and was a life-long member of the Roman Catholic Congregation “Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart”, Pennsylvania, USA. Rosalie Bertell is concerned about human health, the environment and the planet as a whole respectively, and about a warning referring to the dangers we face. Her very first book dealt with nuclear dangers: “No Immediate Danger? Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth”. She was awarded the RLA for this very publication in the year of the MCA in Chernobyl 1986. Due to the several hundreds or even more times greater ultimate MCA in Fukushima in 2011 this book is now more relevant than ever.

“If the public were to discover the real health costs of nuclear contamination, a cry would arise from every part of the world and the people would refuse to continue to passively contribute with their own death!“ (Bertell, 1985, p. xiii)

For today she states:

 What is planned now are climate and weather wars, wars in which earthquakes and volcanoes, floods and droughts, hurricanes and monsoon rains will play a role.“ (Bertell 2013, p. 57)

The dangers that we people and the planet are facing today are far more developed in the post-nuclear era without that the dangers of the nuclear one would have diminished.

Rosalie Bertell is an ethicist of the same magnitude as before her Rachel Carson with her book “Silent Spring” about the fifties and sixties of the 20th century, who was the first to create awareness about the spreading chemical contamination in nature, and its ramifications with regards to steadily growing cancer rates (Carson 1962).

Bertell, too, wants to deliver a wakeup call for people to become active from below. Her hope is that a peaceful, cooperative and wiser world will emerge. The earth is still a wonderful planet, so she believes at the end of her book, as she calls upon us all “to respect it, to love it and to save it!” (Bertell 2013, p. 439)

Bertell is an ecofeminist and a pacifist in the best sense of the word. She stands for respect of the rights of Mother Earth as a “cosmic being”, and of all beings upon, beneath, and above her. She argues for the abolition of the military and of war, for the end of patriarchy as the attempt to dominate all life and meanwhile the earth itself, and for the end of capitalism as the raving and reckless looting of the whole planet.

She stands for the peaceful resolution of conflicts through international courts, and for the necessary foundation of an environmental court that will preserve the interests of the Earth and its safety and integrity, as well as rule over compensation for inflicted damage. Bertell is a most sensible thinker, crystal-clear and keen; she had a sixth sense for the uncovering of hidden information, she was committed and courageous, and she never gave up even though she has been threatened by several attacks on her life.

As a Catholic nun she was backed by her Congregation “Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart” in the US and had therefore not been dependent on funding by individuals or institutions.

Why is this book so important?

  1. It is a history of the ongoing destruction of planet Earth through the development and employment of new military technologies
  2. It shows the reaction of the public and of social movements
  3. It should be the end of the “conspiracy theory” accusations
  4. It shows the overall damages to the planet
  5. It needs more of a theoretical explanation
  6. It shows the legal situation

This book discusses the history of an ongoing destruction of our Planet, caused by applied natural science, corporate capital, and the military.

Since World War II the development and employment of new military technologies in the East and the West have been the basis of destructions in the very “life systems”, as Bertell calls them, of our planet. The book presents us with a unique historical documentation, which reads like a breathtaking thriller. Its scope ranges from chemical, biological, and nuclear technological development and warfare to the post nuclear, especially in the field of electromagnetic “plasma” weapons, not only threatening to wipe out all life on earth using technologies that are able to produce huge catastrophes, but also threatening to destroy the planet itself. The essence of the thriller Rosalie Bertell has written lies precisely in this escalation. For, it is literally this planetary dimension, which connected to warfare that has been taking action for a long time already, is completely new and unimagined. The beginning of this development started with the use of detrimental substances in industrial agriculture, and in the medical field – such as herbicides, pesticides, detergents, chlorine, and anesthetics – which were used during both world wars. It was Rachel Carson (Carson 1962), the first “eco-feminist” who protested against this development.

The story continues with rocket technology and the atmospheric, surface, and underground nuclear and hydrogen bomb tests that have been ongoing since the end of World War II. There have been around 2.300 tests between 1945 and 1998 (s. Bertell 2013, p. 323) beginning with Hiroshima/Nagasaki up to the many tests in the western parts of the United States, in Central Asia and the South Pacific; more than half of them instigated by the US. These tests mark the beginning of a systemic radioactive contamination of the earth and the application of nuclear processes and radiation to food and for medical purposes. The nuclear tests caused the first damages to the ozone layer and all other layers of the atmosphere, and they were particularly detrimental to the layers of the Van Allen Belts, which determine the earth’s magnetic field.

Due to a lack of knowledge about the functions of the upper atmospheric layers in regard to the preservation of the earth’s life support systems, as Bertell calls them, there was complete ignorance about the effects (exo-)atmospheric nuclear testing could possibly cause. The military scientists acted by “trial and error”. Nature’s reaction to an attack on it’s very self would just have to be seen (Bertell 2013, pp 58f, 151, 156f, 158, 167, 476).

The damages to this sensitive mantle of the atmosphere, however, are unaccounted for until today and it remains unclear, if they will ever vanish again. We may never grasp the meaning of the earth’s “life systems” of which the electromagnetic field is a part, or understand the changes it has undergone.

In addition, experiments with the weather began to take place, reaching a first climax during the Vietnam War. They started with experiments on an artificially prolonged monsoon season, with artificially intensified severe weather episodes, using lethal chemicals such as Monsanto’s “Agent Orange”, which was dispersed through sprayings by airplanes, so that the trees would lose their leaves. These experiments moved on to the attempt of creating a hole in the ozone layer, with the objective of triggering a collapse of Vietnamese agriculture through the induction of unfiltered cosmic radiation, consisting of gamma rays, x rays, infrared rays, UV rays, or certain other microwaves, from which intact layers of the atmosphere protect the earth (Bertell 2013, p. 230).

Meanwhile the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica and the one that has formed recently and for the first time over the Arctic, probably due to radioactivity from Fukushima, allow numerous types of radiation, including the most harmful, to penetrate the atmosphere. Beyond that, this type of radiation is additionally manufactured for medical and electronic use down here (a.a.O.), following the principle of using war technologies in peace as well.

Further, the strategy around rockets and space travel, including supersonic flight, space stations, satellites, and the SDI „Star Wars“ program (Bertell 2013, pp. 184-188; 258ff), centers around projects designed to obtain military control of the Earth from space. “The space will be the next battlefield” (Bertell 2013, p. 177). For this reason thermonuclear bombs have circled above our heads to ensure swifter bombarding of targets on earth, and we have been endangered by plutonium that has been used to fuel rockets like the Cassini during its mission to Saturn, starting in 1997, a potential for widespread and lethal contamination in case of an accident.

Finally, experiments with EM (electromagnetic) waves and the heating up of the upper layers of the atmosphere (Bertell 2013, p. 139ff), called “ionosphere”, from an altitude of 80 km on, began in die 1960ies and 1970ies by influencing this electromagnetically charged layer through the use of “ionospheric heaters”. The most famous of these “heaters” being HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) in Alaska, built up later in the 1990ies, huge radar installations with antenna and a special energy supply (Bertell 2013, pp.273ff). According to Bertell, the Arctic region has been subjected to a deliberate thawing process through the utilization of EM-ELF (extreme low frequency) waves, action that seems to have been agreed upon by the former Soviet Union and the United States in Vladivostok 1974 already (Bertell 2013, p. 256, 445; Ponte 1976; MacDonald 1968).

This is a kind of borderline science, since much of this knowledge remains outside of the scientific discourse familiar to us. Practically nobody is aware of this new science, even though nearly 40 years have passed. In contrast, scientists, researchers and the population are made to believe that greenhouse CO2 gas emissions by the civilian industry are the cause for the swift thawing of the Arctic region, and are proof of climate warming through CO2 in general! (Storr in Bertell 2013, p. 533).

Meanwhile Exxon Mobile and its Russian colleagues have begun to stake out areas of the Arctic region in their quest for oil…

Read the full article here at Global Research

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