NSA Mind Control and Psyops

Cultocracy note :

The N.S.A (National Security Agency) rose to preeminence in the intelligence world after the events of 9/11 . Despite having access to global electronic communications and controlling ground and space based surveillance systems there is one thing lacking in their book of world domination , that is human intelligence (HUMINT) .

Do not be deceived by the official website , more often than not the threat to any society comes from within .

The reach of the N.S.A is global and all pervasive .

I have reproduced the following text in full , it is quite long , but it does provide a glimpse into the methods used to create a subliminally programmed slave . Basic cult brainwashing methods have been electronically enhanced and technologically tuned . As always the controllers hide behind the veil of ‘national security’ , which usually translates as power and profit .

In modern times ‘intelligence’ organizations such as the N.S.A have become semi-autonomous and independent from government bureaucracy , partly self funded and answerable to nobody but themselves . They now control large swathes of the political , technological and corporate aspects of societies across the globe . The agenda followed by the N.S.A is largely based on transhumanism , which may go some way to explain their general disdain for humanity and nature .

It is debatable whether the more traditional power structures are still pulling the strings from afar .

This particular article is focused on the subliminal hypnotic methods of neural manipulation and dates from 1999 . Technology has progressed in the intervening years .

The human element involved in the targeting process are victims , in much the same way as the people the targets themselves . The whole procedure is now largely governed by AI (artificial intelligence) , or more appropriately AI’s (plural) , this provides a convenient psychological barrier between the controllers and their victims .

Vast arrays of servers , utilizing next generation computing power are now stocked en masse with ‘talking heads‘ , often referred to as ‘sons’ or ‘daughters’ . They do have a ‘father’ or ‘mother’ , although not in the biological sense .

Future neural networks and artificial intelligence systems will have to be weighted to learn human behavioral traits and emotions , this will primarily involve capturing ‘memories’ and ‘sensations’ from expendable (and not so expendable) targets .

How else can you introduce a synthetic system to these human characteristics ?

The bulk of the information used against targets is gleaned from the ECHELON sigint (signals intelligence) system , the scope of ECHELON has been significantly expanded in the post 9/11 years . The whole process has been aided by an increasing reliance on digital information systems .

The full extent of the crimes and destruction wreaked against civilian populations , the fabric of society and the natural environment will probably never be known .

The vast majority of targets will be completely unaware .

The methods represent crimes against humanity .

As always , the keyword is control .

I have added images and links to the article myself to provide further reading resources .


M.A.D Men – The Lunatics have taken over the Asylum

NSA Mind Control and Psyops

1. Intelligence
2. Counterintelligence
3. Behavior Modification and Accelerated Resocialization
1. Age Regression 2. Hypnoamnesia 3. NSA 4. ODO 5. Posthypnotic Command 6. Posthypnotic Suggestion 7. Posthypnotic Suggestibility Index 8. REM DEP 9. Script 10. Somnambulatory State
11. Subliminal Implant
12. Transceivers (NSA)
2. Thought Labels (Response Labels)
3. Post-Hypnotic Delivery Method
4. Using the Post-Hypnotic Delivery Method with Thought Labels
NSA Self-Initiated Execution (Suicide)
1. Bamford’s “The Puzzle Palace”
2. NSA Initiated Execution to Cover-up in the News
3. NSA Initiated Execution to Cover-up in Music Curt Cobain
4. NSA Initiated Executions in Overseas Defense Project
5. Musical references of NSA Technology
6. NSA Counterintelligence Experiments David Koresh Russell Eugene Weston
1. ABSTRACT, Behavioral Modification:
1. Triggering Techniques:
2. Real-Time Subconscious Implant Delivery:
3. Prescheduled Subconscious Implant Delivery:
4. Event-Triggered (conditional) Implant Delivery:
5. Stage 1 (Prescreen Evaluation):
6. Stage 2 (Standard Process)
2. Coincidence
3. REM Sleep Deprivation:
4. Shame Factor Enhancement:
5. Religious Relevance and Convictions:
6. Paranoia:
7. Stage 3 (Extreme Process):
2. Increasing Dependence on Drugs and Alcohol:
3. Poor Nutrition:
4. Apathy:
5. Depression:
6. Insecurity:
7. Journals and Diaries:
8. Degrading Spelling and Grammatical Performance:
9. Slowed Speech:
10. Confusion:
11. Poor Concentration:
12. Loose Association and Personality Disorders:
13. Anger:
14. Delusions:
15. Audio Hallucinations:
16. Voices in the Subject’s Mind:
17. Tinnitus (Ear Ringing):
18. Complete Quiet Silence:
19. Quiet Wind:
20. Visual Hallucinations:
21. Tactile, Olfactory hallucinations and Muscle Spasms:

From: abemarf@aol.com (Abemarf)
Newsgroups: alt.mindcontrol
Subject: The NSA and Mind Control
Date: 20 Aug 1999 08:50:21 GMT

NSA mind control and psyops

The following was sent to me by Will Filer <Esur4@aol.com> on July 27, 1999. It offers a new explanation for government mind control. Will has stated to me that he is a former consultant to the U.S. National Security Agency and asked me to post this information immediately. He also believes he is in immediate danger because of this information.

If you have comments on this document, feel free to post them to the MINDCONTROL-L list.

– Wes Thomas, moderator, MINDCONTROL-L list

Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions and Scripts Using Acoustically Delivered and Phonetically Accelerated Posthypnotic Commands without Somnambulistic Preparation in the Subject for Intelligence and Counterintelligence Applications by the United States National Security Agency.


    1. The following information is an overview of one area of NSA Intelligence Technology and Applications. A Technology Title, Applications, Technology Description, case history summaries and the NSA’s Behavioral Modification Procedure Outline documented for the non-technical person.2. TECHNOLOGY TITLE:

    1. Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions and Scripts Using Acoustically Delivered and Phonetically Accelerated Posthypnotic Commands without Somnambulistic Preparation in the Subject for Intelligence and Counterintelligence Applications by the United States National Security Agency. “Computer Simulated Subconscious Speech Language”.


1. Intelligence:

1. Used on foreign and domestic diplomats, spies, and citizens to gather intelligence, steal advanced technology for US Defense applications. Surveys of citizen’s opinions to government events and propaganda. Heavy survey use during times of war, economic strife and political elections. War against drugs. Used to identify investments that have high yield to support clandestine operations. Used to direct field agents without the agents having to carry communications hardware and encryption devices.

2. Counterintelligence:

1. Used on foreign and domestic diplomats, spies, and citizens to identify intelligence operations; scope, participants, communication methods, and weaknesses in individuals, systems, equipment, or signals that can be exploited. Additional applications include misinformation dissemination, confusing and confounding leaders during critical decision moments, distorting significance of various facts to sway decisions and actions in US favor, behavioral modification of foreign spies to betray their loyalties, self initiated executions (suicides).

3. Behavior Modification and Accelerated Resocialization:

1. This technology is used to develop and control spies, political candidates, and other public figures through psychological intimidation, fear and extortion.

2. The NSA uses this technology to resocialize (brainwash) the US civilian voting population into “Giving their lives to Christ” (giving up their personal will and civil rights to the NSA). Each subject is required to maintain a “Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ” (following the precepts of the Bible and doing what is ordered by the NSA). The technology is also used to monitor and optimize NSA employee performance and loyalty.


1. Age Regression: The act of bringing back past memories in a subject though the use of hypnosis. The memories can be very vivid and real in the mind of the subject.

2. Hypnoamnesia: Temporary loss of memory due to a posthypnotic suggestion.

3. NSA: United States National Security Agency, Fort Mead, Maryland.

4. ODO: On-Duty Officer, or officer-on-duty.

5. Posthypnotic Command: Same as Posthypnotic Suggestion. This term “Command” is more commonly used when the hypnosis is forcibly given to the subject and when the subject’s will has been broken down though the use of REM Sleep Deprivation and Suggestibility Index increasing drugs like CNS and Cardiovascular Stimulants. The exposure to extreme REM deprivation and select chemical stimulants cause the subject to have no ability to resist the “Suggestion” any longer thereby making it a “Command”.

6. Posthypnotic Suggestion: A subconscious suggestion or command resident and potentially active in the subject following a hypnotic trance or period of direct access to the subconscious mind.

7. Posthypnotic Suggestibility Index: An index or rating of a subject’s susceptibility and sensitivity to hypnosis.

8. REM DEP: Abbreviation for REM Sleep Deprivation or REM Deprivation. A subject deprived from REM Sleep has multiple symptoms i.e. reduced protein synthesis, black circles around eyes, loss of short term memory, confusion, impulsiveness, anger, frustration, diminished self-esteem, increased suggestibility, reduced productivity, apathy, and depression. Long term REM Deprivation results in death.

9. Script: A carefully constructed series of words arranged in the form of a posthypnotic suggestion. The script will generally consist of four separate parts;

(1) an identifier (subject’s name, description, or other identifying factor),
(2) trigger activation condition or conditions (when, what or how the suggestion will trigger),
(3) the content (what the trigger will precipitate in the perception of the subject),
(4) and a duration (when or under what conditions will it stop or finish). Additional reinforcing scripts are usually added to “strengthen” or reinforce the central posthypnotic command.

10. Somnambulatory State: An abnormal condition of sleep in which motor acts (like walking, running) are performed. This state is typically achieved and a prerequisite to traditional hypnosis.

11. Subliminal Implant: A posthypnotic suggestion successfully delivered to the subject’s subconscious mind.

12. Transceivers (NSA): Nearly microscopic electronic surveillance devices that collect and transmit encrypted audio, color video, and location coordinates collected at the subject site to NSA Satellites that in turn forward it to NSA central intelligence operations. The devices also receive encrypted audio scripts from NSA central intelligence operations through the satellites and deliver it to the subject’s site in the form of a subliminal posthypnotic suggestion. These devices are approximately the size of the head of a straight pin and can be concealed in houses, offices, automobiles, planes, and street corners.


1. In addition to the ability to see and hear what is going on inside people’s homes, vehicles, and businesses through the use of nearly microscopic digital surveillance technology, the NSA is able to interrogate and influence a person subconsciously without the knowledge or consent of the subject.

2. Thought Labels (Response Labels):

1. Have you ever watched a baseball game? Did you see the catcher and pitcher communicate using a series of itches, baseball cap rearrangement, and clothing tugs? An elaboration of this communication technique is used by the NSA to detect a fleeting thought in a subject or “read minds” so to speak.

2. Lets discuss how an itch, clothing tug or even an innocent sneeze can be used to label a thought. For simplicity, we will call itches, clothing tugs, sneezes, coughs, or involuntary muscle spasms that are performed during subconscious interrogation “thought labels”.

3. Post-Hypnotic Delivery Method:

1. The NSA combines hypnosis and thought labels to interrogate people without the subject being aware of it. “How can hypnosis be used?” you might ask. The subconscious mind operates at a speed of about 1200 to 1400 words per minute. This is many times faster than the conscious mind that operates at 250 to 450 WPM (words per minute). The posthypnotic script can be spoken at fast conversational speed approximately 250 WPM and a recorder or a computer speeds up the message up to approximately 1200 to 1400 WPM. Remember what happens when you play a 33 rpm record at 78 rpm? The resulting voice sound like the old American cartoon characters the Chipmunks. This is only slightly past doubling (2X) the delivery speed. At speeds as high as 1400 WPM, the voices would sound like a high pitched chattering whine. Remember when the words “Drink Coca Cola” were written on one frame of a movie in a theatre back in the 1960s? The frame rate in movies is played at 30 frames/second. At 1/30th of a second the conscious mind could not recognize the message but the subconscious mind could read it clearly. The audience increased their Coca-Cola consumption by 65% that night resulting in the Federal Government prohibiting subliminal advertising. The following probable reasons for not achieving a higher percentage of subliminal delivery effectiveness (> 65%) are described as follows. In that 1/30th of a second some people were blinking, some people were looking around the theatre, looking at spouses, children, candy, popcorn, etc. or they had sufficiently poor eyesight that they could watch the movie but could not distinguish the small writing clearly.

2. In the early years of this technology, the NSA originally recorded a spoken posthypnotic suggestion message into a tape deck and sped it up by speeding up the tape. This process was labor intensive, required each officer to have excellent diction and mastery of the language and dialect required, and was of poor quality due to background noise and the delay in timing during recording and processing. It also required extensive training to assure that each officer spoke at the same rate of speed so that the resulting “sped-up” script was delivered at the correct speed. Now computers are used to append digitized samples of optimized, ideal phonemes together to form words and the words are sped-up to the correct delivery speed.
Where dialects are present, a different set of base phonemes is used.

3. Currently, to optimize efficiency and accommodate the variety of languages on the planet, phonetic elements from each language and distinct dialect are sampled, digitally edited to optimize them, and appended during delivery to form words and words arranged to make sentences in the from of scripts that resemble hypnotic suggestions.

The empty space between words is minimized and pitch rise is compressed and filtered. Repetitive sine waves are also removed from the phonetic element’s acoustic wave train thus reducing the actual number of sine waves making up a word by 50% or more. This reduces the actual length of the time it takes the phoneme to be delivered prior to accelerating (speeding-up) the delivery (like fast forward). This helps the message to be played at higher speeds and reduces the subject’s ability to recognize it as accelerated speech. The technique of using optimized digitally sampled and edited phonemes appended together to for words and then sentences structured as hypnotic suggestions can be termed “computer simulated subconscious speech language”.

4. The subconscious mind is also very sensitive. It can hear things that the conscious mind ignores. If you have watched television, you have probably noticed that there are many “subliminal tapes” on the market to program your subconscious mind. These tapes have their “messages” recorded/hidden in the sounds of ocean waves, music, or other sounds but they are not sped-up to subconscious delivery speeds and are therefore not very effective. The subconscious mind can hear and discern the message even when there is background noise like waves, cars, planes, or even when someone else is speaking to you in normal conversation. Your conscious mind won’t hear anything unless it is very quite in the house. If you are very attentive you may hear what sounds like a low-pitched tape on fast forward, and played at low volume. This is the sound of the NSA’s high-speed audio subliminal message.

5. This modification of the phonetic elements, played at low volume, combined with the environmental background noise makes it very difficult for a subject to record the NSA message. Even if the subject were to effectively record the message, it is very difficult to filter (separate) the NSA’s message from background noise. Then, reconstructing the missing sine waves from the acoustic wave train and slowing the message down to discern the actual content of the “posthypnotic” script with the conscious mind would be nearly impossible for the average citizen. To briefly summarize, the subject would have no chance in analyzing a NSA message without the following items:

1. Professional state-of-the-art technology recording equipment.
2. Digital acoustic wave editing equipment.
3. Advanced engineering knowledge of acoustic wave science.
4. Phonetics and linguistics expertise.
5. Hypnosis theory and scripting.
6. Ideal environmental conditions for recording.
7. NSA ignorance of the subject’s intent and ability to capture a message.

6. This technology is the perfect intelligence tool. It is nearly impossible to detect or measure, difficult to trace back to the NSA. The symptoms that the NSA can “program” or inflict into the subject can cause fear that they might be thought to be insane if they were to report the NSA activities. The subject does not know the source of the technology or the technology itself, the subject has no proof or evidence, only their perception, suffering, and isolation. Additionally, potential recourses that are available to the subject can be interrogated out and preventative actions taken by the NSA to further isolate or disable the subject.

4. Using the Post-Hypnotic Delivery Method with Thought Labels:

1. The NSA technique is simple; they transmit their human programming message through the audio-visual electronic surveillance equipment installed in your home, car, or office to you. The subliminal message delivered to you could be “Mr. Jones, imagine that the IRS were auditing your taxes. Think back to a time you have cheated on your taxes and that you are worried that the IRS might find out in an audit. If you have never cheated on your taxes and have nothing to fear you will feel an itch on your right-hand ear lobe that will go away when you scratch it. If you can be caught by an IRS audit, you will feel an itch in the left nostril of your nose that will disappear after you itch it twice.” From your perspective, you have just had a fleeting thought about your past tax returns and had an innocent itch (thought label). To the NSA Officer On Duty (ODO), you have just communicated to him whether you have ever:

1) cheated on your taxes, and:
2) If the IRS could catch you in an audit.

2. This is a very oversimplified example of a typical NSA interrogation. Actual interrogation messages may consist of several hundred words and be very complex and sophisticated. Most messages consist of several dozen words. Yes indeed, the NSA has exceeded the wildest expectations of the book “1984”. As you can imagine, the spy world has reached a new plateau that directly affects every person in the USA and abroad. This electronic surveillance system extends down through Mexico, Central America, and deep into populated regions of South America. It also has been installed in Australia, Africa, and the free-world countries in Europe.

3. The NSA’s goal is to have the whole world under its electronic eye by the year 2000. They are almost there now, but are having difficulties with high-tech countries that have the counterintelligence resources to identify the high frequency bursts of microwave transmission from the transceivers. The system also has the ability to take a “voice print” from any person and place it on file. This file can be used to locate the subject later by comparing it to real-time surveillance audio samples received from the field as long as the subject is speaking in close proximity to a transceiver.

If the person is aware that the NSA has this capability and remains silent, the NSA can transmit a periodic worldwide subliminal message that addresses the person by name and causes them to dream and talk in their sleep. After the person talks, the voiceprint would be eventually identified and the person’s location can be identified nearly anywhere in the world. Yes, it is a small world, and getting smaller all the time.

4. This technology was originally conceived under CIA studies and fascination with the power of hypnosis in the late 1950’s and perfected by very early 1960s and implemented with unlimited resources to all areas of vital national security interest first.

Originally, after noting the behavioral effects in visual subliminal effects like the highly publicized event where stating “Drink Coca Cola” on a single movie frame “delivered a higher rates of speed than normal movie viewing raised the obvious question, “Does the human hearing work as good as eyesight accepting subliminal messages?”

Preliminary theory work was transferred to Fort Mead NSA who had expertise in characterizing language in analog domains where a sampled phoneme could be edited (shortened by removing excess sine waveforms from the “acoustic wavetrain”) and electronically reconstructed back into shortened words of language.

Some of the early experiments included “Remote Viewing at NSA where the Viewer would relax, open their mind and explain the clarity of images that were described by the NSA using this technology. These early experiments allowed the NSA to refine the specifications of the “Computer Simulated Subconscious Speech Language” and the scripting formats to maximize the ability to deliver an accurate “vision or picture” into the subject. Pictures already seen by the subject could simply be recalled using “Age regression” script variations.


1. Please refer to the book “Inside America’s Most Secret Agency, The Puzzle Palace” by James Bamford, Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, 1982. This book contains extensive information and references on the NSA’s history and the NSA’s first surveillance system that originally only eavesdropped on telephones and is now expanded to audio-visual.


NSA Self-Initiated Execution (Suicide):

1. Bamford’s “The Puzzle Palace” references one of the NSA’s first self-initiated execution (suicide) with this “Thought Control” technology they developed. The NSA employee reportedly ran off NSA property saying demons were in his mind and he killed himself.

  1. NSA Initiated Execution to Cover-up in the News:

    1. A University of California at Berkley student that went into a bar on or around November 27, 1990 took hostages and insisted to the police that the CIA Director talk with him so that he could get relief from the suffering. The young man had sent letters to the president and the CIA but the requests had fallen on deaf ears. After the young man panicked and shot a customer in the bar, a SWAT team fatally shot him, the San Jose police found copies of the letters written to the President referring to people that could “read minds” and that he had learned how they do it. The NSA had been unsuccessfully brainwashing him and had no alternative but to terminate him to assure their security. It is interesting that what was originally broadcast on the news “The gunman was demanding to talk with the Director of the CIA” etc. disappeared quickly (suppressed?) from later news accounts.

3. NSA Initiated Execution to Cover-up in Music:

1. Curt Cobain of the musical group “Nirvana” was another victim of NSA brainwashing and was terminated by NSA. Cobain had started writing clues to the NSA activities into his music to communicate it to his music followers. He referred in music to the NSA as the “Friends inside his head”. Once the NSA puts on the highest level of brainwashing pain, the subject expires quickly. Cobain used heroin to numb and otherwise slow the effect of the brainwashing.

4. NSA Initiated Executions in Overseas Defense Project:

1. Some years back several employees of the United Kingdom’s Government working on a top secret Radar Project committed suicide with no apparent penetration by a hostile government, drug abuse or any other commonality other than working in a secured government project. They were not “Staged” suicides (murders) because some of them happened behind doors that could not be opened from the outside. These men were subjected to the same technology and processes that the U.C. Berkley student, the NSA officer, Curt Cobain, and thousands of others have experienced.

5. Musical references of NSA Technology:

1. Talking Heads; a music group popular in the eighties, wrote a song explaining the scientific process of the NSA’s brainwashing technology in a song called “Wild Wild Life”. The song gave an example of what the audible transmission sounded like at the end of the song (like a tape on fast forward). They mentioned in the song that “They (NSA) talk so fastà” and that the musical group had spent “All their time and money” unsuccessfully trying to find a place that the NSA would not be able to harass them. The Talking Heads exposed the technology, gave an example of what it sounds like, scenarios of how the NSA might select you or the brainwashing, and the scope of the electronic surveillance system.

6. NSA Counterintelligence Experiments:

1. Many experiments were performed by the NSA to determine the conditions and procedures that would be required to turn spies that were trusted by US enemies into assassins that we could invisibly manage. In early experiments, the resulting NSA experimental subjects would get extensive attention in the news because of the horror and unusual nature of the atrocity.

2. One example that comes to mind happened several years ago and created much news. A man became obsessed with his son, poured gasoline on him and ignited it. He had planned to do the same to himself but his desire for survival overpowered the NSA’s behavioral conditioning. After he was imprisoned, he spoke about how all of a sudden his mind became clear and he couldn’t figure out how he could do this crime. The hypnosis was simply removed and the subject was allowed to sleep so that experts studying the file would not find out anything if the subject would have been subjected to traditional hypnotherapy or other psychoanalytical techniques. Another successful counterintelligence experiment completed with no liability or traceability to the NSA.

3. Perhaps ten years ago I read of several elderly people died of sleep deprivation in Florida. The doctors tried everything they could do but could not stop the sleep deprivation that resulted in a 100% effective termination yield. The NSA had developed the right combination of delivered anxiety scripts combined with muscular tension and delivery schedules optimized according to decreasing post hypnotic durability over time as the subject’s health degraded.

4. David Koresh of the Branch Davidians spent many hours talking with FBI negotiators about God and the Bible and finally waited for “God” to tell him what to do in the final hours of the siege. The compound probably had numbers of Personal Journals (required for subjects by the NSA during brainwashing) that could lead to questions about how this cult came to this level. Additionally, just like other loose ends the NSA had to secure, “God spoke to them and said to commit suicide” and they did securing another one of the NSA’s great experiments in mind control and social pathology.

5. A friend of mine, David Sautter and I worked at Singer, Kearfott Division, producing government weapons where we worked under a multitier security system; Company Security, FBI, DIA, and at the top of the ladder watching the watchers; the NSA. I discussed the NSA’s technology with Dave and a few months later, I heard he had committed suicide inside of a locked room. This theme should familiar by now and the details of the case will be destroyed or rewritten by NSA influences to preserve national security.

7. The cases of NSA activities go on and on. With access to the FBI’s Crime Information Center (CIC), we could find several thousand files having the characteristic patterns where the NSA had experimented on the individuals with their “Thought Control” technology.

8. Currently, the NSA has many subjects in the field (our society) that need only a series of “triggers” (carefully constructed posthypnotic scripts) to send them over the edge and on a mission to kill. The NSA calls them “Shooters on a Shelf”. A recent example was Russell Eugene Weston, Jr. that went on a shooting spree at the Capitol around July 26, 1998. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, had delusions that he had an affiliation with the CIA or FBI and thought a radio-tracking device was planted in his tooth. He was a product of NSA brainwashing. He did not have the ability to recognize the advanced technology even though he knew that “someone” (CIA, FBI, etc.) was communicating with him and that this communication ability spanned across the USA leading him to believe that he had a tracking device planted on him. Because of the real effects of the NSA hypnosis treatments, he therefore reasoned that the schizophrenia medication would not help and so he quit taking it. This was a man desperately trying to alleviate the suffering the NSA inflicted on him.

9. Through the years, I have met thousands of people that have been brainwashed into Christianity to a level where God tells them what to do in their minds (described as a gentle voice by victims) and they mindlessly obey. Yes, they have “Friends inside their heads” also. It appears the Biblical Anti-Christ in the Book of Revelations has arrived and is convincing many subjects that Jesus is back on earth and directing them.


1. The following procedural outline documents typical techniques, processes, explanations, and definitions of the National Security Agency’s Behavioral Modification Procedure using Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions through acoustically delivered phonetically edited language elements combined into scripts without somnambulistic preparation in the subject.

2. In simpler terms, the subject is unknowingly given hypnosis while the subject is completely awake and is tortured and punished with this hypnosis into a predetermined behavior by the National Security Agency. The behavior is usually extremely religious, is called “reborn” by the church, with the subject’s life-long goal of “a personal relationship with Jesus Christ”.

1. ABSTRACT, Behavioral Modification:

1. The NSA’s behavioral modification process starts with identification and qualification of the subject. The NSA used to choose subjects based on the subject’s net present value to the agency in public visibility, financial resources, political clout, or other intelligence and counter-intelligence reasons. Additional considerations are given to minimizing security risks of exposure, the subject’s posthypnotic suggestibility index, the subject’s intelligence and reasoning ability, moral and superstitious beliefs, and the subject’s social status and the weakness of the subject’s primary support groups (family). Now a recent report referenced in the March 26th Business section of the Orange County Register from the National Sleep Foundation reports that 40% of Americans are experiencing sleeping problems. This news could indicate that the NSA is broadening its influence to the greater public. As explained below in this document, the NSA always starts its behavioral modification process with REM Deprivation.

2. After selection, the subject is subjected to long periods of REM Sleep Deprivation and reinforced torturing posthypnotic suggestions that will breakdown the subject’s will, confidence, self-reliance, and moral values. Meanwhile, the subject is increasingly isolated from their familiar and trusted peer groups causing the subject to experience depression, apathy, and ultimately social and financial failure.

3. Typical post-hypnotic induced delusions reported by subjects are tingling in various areas of the body, which are thought to be resulting from microwave beams. Hearing ticks thumps or cracks from walls, ceilings, clocks, lights, etc. Beliefs that the subject’s neighbors are conspiring against them, or that the subject is being followed. Sometimes subjects believe that the various perceptions, feelings and experiences are the result of “Implants” in their body.

It is important for the subjects to understand that the NSA controls this technology from nuclear hardened underground shelters and the neighbors next door have nothing to do with the subject’s experiences. Nobody has the time or inclination to follow a subject around with a microwave gun to tickle various parts of the body. We are saturated with microwaves all the time from television stations, communication satellites, etc and yet we do not have any symptoms because microwaves do not have the ability to trigger localized synaptic responses in our brains. Furthermore, when the subject is in a room surrounded by several people, and the subject is the only one experiencing the “thoughts”, tingling feelings, etc., then obviously a delivery method is being employed that affects only the subject; high-speed acoustic delivered hypnosis.

4. After a while, the subject has an emotional breakdown and a new support group is built around the subject. The new support group is typically a church with doctrines centered in the Bible but the NSA also uses cults and other social groups. The NSA prefers Christian churches because the doctrines allow “God or Jesus to speak directly to the subject” and the negative reinforcement can be attributed with Satan and the positive rewards can be considered to be blessings from God thereby masking the NSA’s technology and processes. When the NSA uses other relationships without in which the subject experiences a religious awakening and “Gives their Life to Christ” and the NSA achieves total control of the subject.

5. The subject is slowly released from the damaging uncomfortable hypnosis and it is replaced with positive rewarding hypnosis as “God and Jesus works in their life”. Soon, the subject has complete loyalty to Jesus (AKA: NSA) and will do anything on command from Jesus (NSA).

6. The subject is required to give daily status reports in the form of prayers in the privacy of their home, office, or car where the NSA’s electronic surveillance system captures and sorts the prayers by “Keywords”. The NSA then delivers additional hypnosis in the form of punishments or rewards or directs the subject accordingly to “God’s will”. If the subject resist’s the NSA’s instructions, additional punishments are inflicted on the subject.

7. The subject is institutionalized in this system where any nonconformances committed by the subject are watched, critiqued, and reported on through prayer by other “Christians” to the NSA. Thus, the new church peer group acts as a behavioral reinforcing mechanism that will bring any of the subject’s problems to the NSA as they have been trained themselves (this is similar to the Nazi Gestapo of World War 2 and other communist approaches).

8. A subject that has successfully completed the NSA’s behavioral modification program lives out the rest of their mediocre life in service to Jesus (NSA) and never causes any waves in the church or news media for fear of reprisal from the NSA. The subject’s lives are relatively unproductive because their focus is on their “Life after death” and not what they accomplish while they are alive. They avoid “worldly activities”, and usually are confused and disjointed in rational thoughts and concepts. For instance, they don’t believe in anything that is not in the Bible, i.e. dinosaurs, evolution, space travel, even though they ride on airplanes and watch television both of which are not referenced in the Bible.


1. Triggering Techniques:

1. The NSA minimizes security subject might recognize when the NSA was not actively watching causing a security concern and it would be cost prohibitive to baby-sit the subject 24 hours a day.

2. Behavioral modification generally occurs fastest when using negative reinforcement continuously. It is not practical or economical to watch a subject continuously to apply real time deliveries. Additionally, using all three script delivery patterns confuses the subject, causes the subject to believe they are always being watched, and maximizes behavioral change over time though continuous pressure.

2. Real-Time Subconscious Implant Delivery:

1. Real-time means that the NSA ODO is transmitting the posthypnotic command script to the subject and observing the subject’s response. This technique is required for subliminal interrogations. All NSA standard posthypnotic command scripts can be delivered real-time. This form of delivery can precipitate the perception of a “voice” heard in the mind of a subject to give them information (true or false) or orders depending on the purpose of the NSA’s activities.

3. Prescheduled Subconscious Implant Delivery:

The NSA central switching computer can transmit a script to a specified subject at a pre-specified time. The transmitted script’s transmission range can be limited to a single building, a city, or a large geographical area (i.e. North America or Europe). By having prescheduled scripts, the subject has seemingly randomly occurring thoughts and feelings that can’t be associated with a commonly recurring situation like event-triggered scripts precipitate.

4. Event-Triggered (conditional) Implant Delivery:

1. Posthypnotic subconscious implants that are triggered (activated) with an event, thought, or code word (event-triggered or conditional) are strongly experienced by the subject and are powerful tools for reinforcing a predetermined desired behavior and inflicting delusions.

2. This type of posthypnotic commands are the ones most commonly used by hypnotherapists to help people quit smoking, study better, or in general, change behavior (behavioral modification). There is extensive information on the Internet and college libraries about this form of posthypnotic command delivery and how to “script” and use them.

3. The NSA can reinforce a predetermined desired behavior by associating a subconscious implant (negative or positive reinforcement) with an event. An example is that when the NSA want’s to isolate the subject from the company of a specific person place or thing, the subject will be implanted with a feeling of increased anxiety, hostility, tension, simple discomfort, or a feeling of a lack of peace. When the subject leaves the person, place, or thing, another posthypnotic implant is triggered that rewards the subject’s behavior with a feeling of relief from the anxiety, hostility, tension, discomfort, and peace is restored in the subject’s mind.

Example: This script will always cause a girl or boy not to sleep with the opposite sex: “You will feel very tense and not be able to relax if you kiss, sleep with, or stay long at your (boy or girl) friend’s house and you will feel a deep peace when you leave their house to go back home”. These types of scripts left unmanaged and not removed can cause great harm as the subject develops and social conditions and behaviors change over time.

4. It should be noted that the NSA precisely tailors the type of negative and/or positive reinforcement, the degree of the reinforcement, the duration of the reinforcing effect and the conditions of the trigger. This posthypnotic event-triggered reinforcement can be initiated gradually and can remain so subtle that the subject believes that the discomfort is naturally occurring and that it is the subject’s decision uninfluenced by anyone else that the subject should avoid the person, place or thing.

5. This subconscious implant can be combined with other implants like a posthypnotic-triggered thought to enhance the subject’s decision toward the situation. For example the subject can be subconsciously implanted with a command to be very sensitive to the changes in their feelings and to feel great about making strong decisions to take charge of their lives. This can be reinforced with another posthypnotic suggestion to avoid all the situations that cause the subject discomfort and that each time the subject commits himself/herself to removing a situation of this kind in their lives, they will feel an increasing control over their lives. Note that as the subject perceives an increasing control over their lives they are actually losing control to the NSA proportionately. Numerous other examples exist and it is beyond the scope of this document to document every possibility.

5. Stage 1 (Prescreen Evaluation):

1. The subject’s Posthypnotic Suggestibility Index is determined by a series of simple tests. Hypnoamnesia is applied to the subject for the name of an object or individual and the subject’s speed is timed to determine how quickly they can overcome or not overcome the posthypnotic suggestion “You will not be able to remember the name of “____” no matter how hard you try. Other posthypnotic suggestions can be used to create fear or discomfort in the subject that can be remedied by flight or movement. The subject must overcome a posthypnotic suggestion that they cannot move no matter how hard they try. In summary, a posthypnotic suggestion is given to the subject and the subject’s ability to overcome it is evaluated.

2. A full study of the subject’s religious, superstitions, fears, and insecurities is made through standard subliminal interrogation techniques and behavioral observation.

3. Interrogation scenarios are presented to the subject using standard subliminal interrogation techniques and somnambulistic interrogation techniques. The standard two types of scenarios are “Open-ended Questions” (similar to multiple choice with response labels pre-assigned to each choice) or “Reject if Disagreeable” (negative response label if the subject disagrees). More advanced techniques of interrogation scenarios are used as required or as determined by the experience of the ODO.


4. Real-time observation, standard subliminal interrogation techniques and somnambulistic interrogation techniques are used to determine the subject’s overall social status, abilities, attitudes, and communication skills with primary support groups and friends.

5. Scientific understanding and practical applications experience in the fields of psychology, hypnosis, and problem analysis are considered risks in the subject that may complicate or inhibit subsequent behavioral modification processes. Once the subject identifies the technology used it is nearly impossible to contain the potential security breach without terminating the subject. Most NSA initiated executions (suicides) are the result of the subject identifying the technology used or carelessness on the part of the ODO managing the file.

6. The NSA technology affords powerful control over the subject, the subject’s environment, and the subject’s ability to plan and implement a disclosure to appropriate Government Agencies. When the subject finally does achieve a disclosure, the subject’s physical and mental condition is depleted. The subject’s ability to communicate concisely has been arrested, and the subject has already been set up and dishonored in the sight of local and federal law enforcement agencies to assure the subject’s testimony is questionable and unsubstantiated. Where the NSA feels that these steps cannot be achieved in medium risk subjects, the NSA will not recruit the subject into the behavioral modification process.

6. Stage 2 (Standard Process):

1. This stage is where most subjects are behaviorally modified to serve and follow “God” (AKA NSA management of the subject’s civil rights). If the subject accepts religion and direction at this stage the NSA reinforces the subject’s relationship with Jesus and closes the file. This shortened program receives the maximum return for the NSA for the least investment and minimizes the security risk. It also causes the least amount of damage and institutionalization in the subject.

2. Coincidence:

1. Coincidence is used to create the perception in the subject that supernatural events are beginning in the subject’s life. A combination of posthypnotic commands and pre-information awarded to the subject prior to an upcoming experience that the NSA intelligence system has discovered gives the subject a feeling that “God” or some other supernatural being is taken interest in their life.

2. The following is one typical technique used by the NSA. NSA Intelligence gathers information regarding the topic of the sermon in the subject’s church. This information is gathered through electronic surveillance equipment installed in the church. The NSA then implants a posthypnotic command that triggers the subject’s mind into concern and contemplation about the sermon’s topic prior to going to church. When the subject hears the sermon, the sermon seems to be speaking directly to the subject that adds to God’s mysterious and unexplainable ability to address the innermost concerns of the subject, especially when the subject has not shared those concerns with any other human being.

3. Another typical method used by NSA concerns tragic events occurring to loved ones. NSA Intelligence receives a local broadcast or preliminary information through electronic surveillance that a subject’s relative has been injured or killed. The subject is given a posthypnotic suggestion that a feeling of dread or loss is welling up inside them and they are directed to think of that particular loved one. When they are finally notified through official channels, the subject believes that they have special powers, insights, or communications from God, aliens, or other entities.

3. REM Sleep Deprivation:

1. The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep is controlled and usually limited to one to two cycles per night resulting in micro-sleeps during the day. REM deprivation inhibits short-term memory, concentration, tactile abilities, verbal articulation, reasoning, and self will. Protein synthesis is inhibited and thereby reduces the subject’s ability to heal after physical damage or after periods of extensive exercise. The result is that the subject’s general health degrades as does social bonds and work/school performance.

2. The NSA performs control of REM Sleep through various methods.  Posthypnotic implants can be implanted that place a subject in a light sleep (posthypnotic trance) with various combinations of muscular tension and computer cycling implant deliveries (to be discussed later).

3. Subjects typically complain of no sleep, restless sleep, waking up every hour on the hour, staying awake until the hour they have to get up, waking up an hour after they retire and not returning to sleep, and typically cannot recall any dreams. Additionally, they will complain of repeating torturing thoughts, racing thoughts, and facial itching and numbness. Daily fatigue, poor recall of names, and caffeine consumption is typical.

4. Dark rings’ surrounding the eyes is evident and the darkened area around the eyes can be reported as sore or tender by the subject. The subtle perceptual impairing effects of REM deprivation make it more difficult for the subject to identify the REM Deprivation problem.  When the REM depravation onslaught is gradual and accompanied by a posthypnotic command that the subject “will feel energetic and rested”, the subject will not recognize the REM Deprivation.  Additional posthypnotic commands can be implanted that will make it difficult for the subject to “see or perceive” the rings surrounding their eyes. I have seen many subjects with very dark eye rings and the subjects could not recognize them at all.

4. Shame Factor Enhancement:

1. Various posthypnotic suggestions are implanted in the subject after a week or so long period of REM deprivation. The content of the posthypnotic scripts is constructed to cause the subject to perform embarrassing and otherwise shameful acts (usually sexual but always anti-social). These shameful behaviors are used by the NSA later to shame the person into a lower self esteem, reduced confidence in their own self discipline, a need for forgiveness from God. These embarrassments provide a means to Blackmail or discredit the subject if the NSA is detected and otherwise threatened by the subject.

2. The NSA will always use another law enforcement agency to document the behavioral discrepancy to retain anonymity. The NSA has been known to help subjects avoid prosecution to gain loyalty or create an adversarial relationship between the acting agency and the subject (another intimidation factor) even though the NSA was responsible for creating the behavioral problem in the subject’s life.

5. Religious Relevance and Convictions:

1. The NSA typically implants posthypnotic suggestions that are clearly referenced in the Bible. The subject may be punished (through negative reinforcement) by anything that is referenced in the Bible to substantiate the validity of the “Word of God”. When the NSA does not follow the standard Biblical references, most subjects fail to recognize the contradictions out of ignorance or an inability to rationalize, or, they find other ways to justify the events to receive peace from God (NSA). This component of the NSA process is to provide the subject with an increased sense of fear and intimidation resulting from God’s presence and force. “Thou shall not disobey God”.

6. Paranoia:

1. Paranoia is a powerful tool used by the NSA. It provides a means to develop the subject’s distrust of other people including the subject’s primary group that could provide positive support during this time of distress in the subject’s life. Paranoia is often recognized and discounted as a character fault by most peoples in American society and therefore discredits the subject’s testimony even further. Uninformed, but well wishing people including friends, may recommend to the subject to pursue counseling. This negative feedback can make the subject fear that people will believe the subject is crazy.

2. When the subject seeks professional counseling, the result will be a misdiagnosis with an expensive, inappropriate and ineffective treatment. The observed symptoms result from simply hypnosis, not biological, chemical, or environmental stresses. A misdiagnosis strongly motivates the subject not to communicate their experiences to others to avoid social disgrace of a “schizophrenia” label and additional financial burden. This isolation of the subject and their reluctance to communicate their experience to others reduces NSA security risk. The NSA cannot allow the subject to share information with other subjects that have already experienced the program and thereby starting a pool of information that could be compiled and used to expose the NSA system.

3. The subject is led to believe that the subject’s neighbors, work associates and/or family are conspiring against the subject through a number of scripts delivered to the subject by the NSA. The NSA can further complicate the conspiracy delusion by using the same technology to have a work associate ask the subject a question or to make a comment that can be used by the NSA to confirm the subjects fears. This technique further isolates the subject from trusting their peer groups, causes additional emotional distress and hostility toward these people. The subject sometimes resorts to violent behavior, which is viewed by observers as irrational, unprovoked behavior that may be treated as criminal behavior by law enforcement

7. Stage 3 (Extreme Process):

1. This method is very severe and usually results in a two to five year program. Because of the severity of the suffering, the subject is usually permanently impaired for integration into normal mainstream life and is essentially institutionalized. The result is that the subject must reside in a less competitive environment like a church group. Subjects that receive this program tend to be highly superstitious, are agitated easily when objective evidence that contradicts their belief system is presented. They tend to believe in the spiritual world (demons, ghosts, god, spiritual entities, etc) and consider the spiritual world to be more powerful and important than the material or real world. This program basically follows the following steps; REM deprivation, breakdown of self esteem and confidence, intense suffering, exaggerated conscience, spiritual contact, reborn in Jesus Christ, Spiritual battle, release (saved by the Savior), and recovering (blessed by Jesus Christ). Whenever possible the NSA will skip or reduce these steps to minimize security risk and financial cost.

2. Increasing Dependence on Drugs and Alcohol:

1. As the REM Deprivation increases the subject must depend on Central Nervous System (CNS) Stimulants to compensate for degradation of productivity at work, school, and in interpersonal relationships. This serves the NSA in several ways. Use of drugs (especially CNS stimulants) increases the subject’s index of suggestibility. Or in other words, the post hypnotic commands are more effective and the subject has greater difficulty resisting the impulses generated by the commands. In addition, the increased stress of coping with the drugs in conjunction with the resisting the newly introduced posthypnotic commands serves to push the subject closer to an emotional breakdown. If the subject uses illegal drugs, the NSA tries to set the subject up for a conviction to get assure that the subject looses credibility. Who would believe a drug user that claimed that he/she was being harassed by a government agency that was tormenting them with hypnosis? It also serves the NSA in the program by documenting something that the subject will be ashamed of when the program reaches the exaggerated conscience stage.

2. Alcohol, sleeping pills and other medications also inhibit REM Stage sleep and increase irritability over time thereby further degrading and isolating the subject.

3. In summary, the NSA benefits from the subject responding to the REM Deprivation assault with self-medication. This response discredits the subject by labeling them in society as a drug user, it enhances the effect of the implanted posthypnotic commands and it gives the subject a reason for shame that will be used against the subject later to justify the punishment from “God”. It should be noted that the subject is not really guilty of anything, except being a victim that was manipulated in a carefully controlled scientific behavior modification process.

3. Poor Nutrition:

1. The poor nutrition reduces the energy the subject has and serves later as another justification of God’s punishment. The subject will be taught later that “the body is the temple” and that to abuse it is to violate God’s will.

4. Apathy:

1. After the subject’s self-esteem is broken down and continuing failure and persistent suffering start to dominate every day, the individual becomes apathetic as a defense mechanism. At this stage the subject has committed another sin of “not persevering through faith” which is later used on the subject later to increase a feeling of guilt.

5. Depression:

1. Depression precipitates as a result of chronic REM Sleep Deprivation, social isolation and a feeling of helplessness in the subject. Commonly, when the subject seeks professional counseling, they are misdiagnosed and treated for depression with medications but the root cause of the problem (negative reinforcing posthypnotic suggestions inflicted over long periods of time) is not treated or corrected.

6. Insecurity:

1. The subject starts to experience severe insecurity in this stage. The NSA uses this insecurity against the subject in several ways. Because of the impaired reasoning ability and emotional isolation, the subject is susceptible to the approaches of insincere people, which are used by the NSA to emotionally hurt the subject more. This allows the NSA to convince the subject that people can’t be trusted and that only the NSA (Jesus) can be trusted. This serves to isolate the subject from supportive peer groups and makes the subject emotionally dependent on the NSA resulting in the NSA gaining more power in the subject’s life.

7. Journals and Diaries:

1. Most of the subjects are directed to keep a “Journal” or diary by the NSA so that the subject can record and review feelings, events, observations, and “God’s directions” that normally would be unavailable due to short term memory loss during extended periods of REM Deprivation. The NSA uses the Subject’s Journals in a variety of ways.

8. Degrading Spelling and Grammatical Performance: 

  1. Subjects in these prolonged stages of REM deprivation, confusion, and emotional distress, have very poor grammar, spelling, and short attention spans.9. Slowed Speech:

    1. Subjects experience slower speech and have a greater time articulating concise points as a result of the REM Deprivation and other performance degrading posthypnotic commands. Very slight alcohol consumption can exasperate the damage of REM Deprivation and precipitate slurred speech.10. Confusion:

    1. Confusion results from three primary sources; REM Deprivation,  specific posthypnotic commands to reinforce the confusion, and the emotional damage and stress that is being inflicted. The confusion allows the NSA to continuously inflict damage to the subject’s life without real-time observation. A confused person generally is not as productive as an organized clear thinker is and has a greater potential to offend people by what they say or do and is less likely to recognize when they have made mistakes. All of these symptoms assist the NSA’s objectives in this stage and subsequent stages. In addition, the confusion restricts the individual from analyzing the source of their suffering and taking corrective actions, and therefore reduces the NSA’s security risk.11. Poor Concentration:

    1. Difficulty concentrating impairs the subject’s productivity and restrains the subject from making self-improvements and corrections in behavior. It makes it very difficult for the subject to do any research or reading to evaluate his/her condition. This paves the way for the NSA to demonstrate that the subject cannot do anything on their own without “God”, thereby increasing the frustration and anxiety of the subject (inducing emotional breakdown) and ultimately making the subject totally dependant on the will of God.12. Loose Association and Personality Disorders:

    1. The subject experiences disjointed thought at this stage (Loose Association) that appears to observers as a strange sense of humor or inappropriate responses when engaging in conversations. Ongoing sarcasm and other negative attitudes and undesirable personality traits can be present.13. Anger:

    1. The way that the subject experiences anger is of profound importance. If the subject allows the NSA to redirect the increasing anger and hostilities toward the NSA to another person in the form of violence (misplaced aggression), the NSA will reinforce the violent behavior with posthypnotic commands. The result is a person that can achieve national acclaim as a murderer that heard voices of Satan directing him/her. Typically, the Subject is encouraged to commit acts of violence with spouses, friends, or employers resulting in further social isolation and increased shame. Some examples of NSA directed victims of misplaced aggression include recent US Postal Workers whom work within the Postal Service. This is one of the vial “communication intercept” channels the NSA is directed to monitor. The routes of suspect mail and the postal worker processing it are continuously monitored by NSA. Sometimes the NSA ODO takes issue with a Postal Worker and harasses them or subjects the postal worker to behavioral modification.

    14. Delusions:

    1. Delusions are used to discredit the witness and also provide an additional source for fear, intimidation and confusion. Delusions can be but are not limited to the Subject developing conspiracy theories of fellow employees and friends, beliefs that Angels or Demons are communicating or visiting them, tingling sensations from microwave guns or implants, beliefs in supernatural events, etc.

    15. Audio Hallucinations:

    1. Subjects often report hearing walls clicking, footsteps in the house, the sound of someone trying to open the door, drilling at the door, etc.

    2. These audio hallucinations are also used to discredit the witness and also provide an additional source for paranoia, fear, and negative reinforcement.

    16. Voices in the Subject’s Mind:

    1. The voices in the subject’s mind are achieved in a variety of ways using real-time and prescheduled posthypnotic suggestion deliveries, and Noun Substitution implant techniques.

    2. Noun Substitution Posthypnotic Implant:

    1. The subject can have a posthypnotic suggestion implanted that changes the form of pronouns in the subject’s internal thinking. The result is the subject perceives that someone is telling him/her to do something with nearly every thought. An example is; the subject thinks, “I should go to church today”. With the noun substitution posthypnotic suggestion the subject experiences the following internal thought, “You should go to church today!”

Notice that by implanting the posthypnotic command into the subject’s subconscious mind to think the pronoun “You” instead of “I” the subject will perceive that they are being directed by a voice even though the majority of the internal thought content is their own naturally occurring thought. This subconscious implant can be used in combination with other implants to increase the subject’s perception of threat, fear, and therefore paranoia. It can be used with other posthypnotic suggestion implants that will give the subject the perception of either a “good” or “evil” voice or spirit is directing him/her.

This implant is powerful because it gives the subject the perception that the spirit, angel, God or Holy Spirit knows and directs the subject’s every thought. It provides a convincing proof that “God knows every thought of his children”. Subjects that don’t have a superstitious frame of reference and seek professional help are usually misdiagnosed as schizophrenic.

17. Tinnitus (Ear Ringing):

1. Tinnitus is commonly reported by subjects harassed by the NSA and typically has no pharmacological or biochemical basis and is produced by a posthypnotic suggestion. It is often misdiagnosed as ringing caused by excessive aspirin use and is actually an audio hallucination triggered by hypnosis.

18. Complete Quiet Silence:

1. Used by the NSA as a positive reinforcement for two general reasons; the subject has the tinnitus removed to indicate that the subject has “The Lord’s Peace Restored”, and secondly, the subject has achieved a milestone toward being released by God (the NSA).

19. Quiet Wind:

1. The audio hallucination of a quiet wind is used to convince the subject that the Holy Spirit is visiting him/her. An excellent example of this hallucination combined with the fear that accompanies it is contained in Phil Collin’s lyrics of a song that has the chorus “I can get so scared, Listen to the wind”.

20. Visual Hallucinations:

1. Visual hallucinations are usually implanted in the waking moments when a subject is coming out of or is in a somnambulatory state (light sleep) preferably in a darkened room. The hallucinations are fleeting, usually lasting less than one minute and are not durable. Typical hallucinations reported by subjects are Angels, large spiders, and movement of various shadowy objects across the ceiling, bright spot of light ahead of the subject, etc.


2. The television show “Sightings” has had numerous reports of people seeing “Aliens” at waking moments. These types of news accounts create confusion in US society and serve to keep people searching for the wrong phenomenon thus keeping the NSA’s technology secure (disinformation).

21. Tactile, Olfactory hallucinations and Muscle Spasms:

1. Tactile hallucinations can be more durable and are used to communicate a desired direction to the subject typically after a real-time interrogation. Typical behavioral cues issued by the NSA are manifested in the form of:

1. Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip of the right index finger (symbolizing Faith or have Faith).

2. Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip of the left index finger (symbolizing no Faith or “deception of Satan”).

3. Temporary sensation of pressure to the center of the right palm (symbolizing Jesus “Sitting at the right-hand of God”).

4. Temporary sensation of pressure to the ball of the right foot (symbolizing “Get on the Ball” or “hurry-up”).

5. Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip of the right foot big toe (symbolizing “Right Direction”).

6. Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip of the right foot center toe (symbolizing “Fucking-up Direction”).

7. Temporary sensation of pressure to the tip of the left foot big toe (symbolizing “Wrong Direction”).

8. Temporary sensation of pressure to the buttocks (symbolizing “Bad Attitude” or “subject is acting like an ass”).

9. Temporary sensation of pressure on tip of penis or clitoris (symbolizes immoral thoughts like subject is thinking/acting with his penis or her clitoris).

10. Temporary sensation of pressure to the left ear drum (symbolizing “do not listen”).

11. Temporary sensation of pressure to the right ear drum (symbolizing “listen”).

12. An involuntary blink of the right or left eye (symbolizing: right eye = God’s agreement or left eye = Satan’s agreement).

13. Temporary tingling sensation on the Testicles (symbolizing insufficient male confidence or “Having no balls or strength”).

14. Temporary tingling on other areas of the body to imply that something invisible and/or supernatural is touching the subject. May be perceived as threatening or reassuring to the subject. Can be used to intimidate and confuse the subject often times combined with additional posthypnotic implants to inflict delusions like “being attacked with microwaves” or being caressed by Angels.

15. Muscular spasm or perceived pressures near the jugular vein on
right side of neck (symbolizing Satan having subject by Jugular or
throat). This is used to inflict fear and doubt.

16. Muscular spasms are sometimes used to inflict severe pain on the subject by causing extreme involuntary contraction of the sphincterin the anal region or other lower back or leg muscles.

17. Perceived odor sensation of a thick, sweet smell (symbolizing Satan’s sweet victory over the subject’s soul).

9. This section is written in an attempt to provide interested individuals with some of the considerations and precautions when seeking to demonstrate the NSA’s civil rights abuses by demonstrating the effectiveness and concepts of subliminal access using Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions and Scripts Using Acoustically Delivered and Phonetically Accelerated Posthypnotic Commands without Somnambulistic Preparation in the Subject.

1. Reverse engineering of the NSA’s technology to prove it’s abuses against the American people is quite difficult. Consider the following.

2. If the scientists and technicians perform their research in a facility that the NSA has the standard transceivers installed, and therefore the NSA can influence the direction of research or the data by effecting perceptual effects in the researchers.

These perceptual effects can be confusion, lack of attention to important details, oversights, bad assumptions, incorrect interpretation of the test data. These same misperceptions will also be incorporated into the research test subjects. The technology cannot be developed and optimized if the NSA has any access to the test subjects. The test scripts given to the test subject delivered from the researcher can be neutralized by the NSA delivering a canceling script immediately after the researcher’s script. The NSA’s test script can also include a hypnoamnesia script at the end to cancel any residual perception in the subject so that the test subject would report no effects and the researcher would conclude the test script had no effect.

3. The research must be carried out in a facility secured from all NSA electronic intrusion. All equipment in the facility must be TEMPEST protected and electrically isolated from the outside world.

The research personnel and their subjects must never leave the secured area of the facility so that they cannot be subliminally interrogated by the NSA. The NSA would take this opportunity to deliver disinformation scripts to the subject or researcher. Foodstuffs and supplies would be the logical choice of NSA intrusion if all other security measures were effective against the NSA.

4. The NSA will exploit all opportunities to introduce microscopic transceivers into the facility of it’s surrounding grounds. The minimal requirements for the NSA to take control of the research are:

1. NSA audio delivery (a micro receiver with a micro speaker)

2. Visibility of the targets (researcher or test subject) to capture response labels during subliminal interrogations. This can be through normal illumination or infrared to see through window, or millimeter wave or other technologies that can see through barriers like walls and ceilings.

3. Audible response labels can be used if the NSA has a micro receiver with a micro speaker inside but cannot get a transmitter in and operating without detection. Sneezes, coughs, clearing of throat that can be picked up by laser microphones, audible amplification microphones, etc. can also be used as response labels.

5. The NSA currently has satellites with millimeter wave technology that will allow visible intrusion into most facilities. The test facilities should be deep underground, AKA 1000 feet with no adjacent access from other facilities, sewer lines, water lines or power conduits etc.

6. Any facilities existing will have to be debugged before habitation and research begins.

7. Subjects must be able to be subjected to traditional hypnosis after facility habitation as a test prior to research to assure that the NSA has minimal scripts already implanted.

8. This technology is the highest level of intelligence gathering for the USA. The abuses resulting from mismanagement of this area of the NSA’s intelligence system must force Congress to legislate additional laws to protect the citizens. The NSA must regulate this system better. The NSA will take all necessary steps without limit to assure that this technology is preserved and autonomously under their control.

10. Conclusion: America’s greatest and highest level intelligence asset is being mismanaged and the mismanagement must be corrected before all the Enemies of our great country acquire it. Imagine if China had this technology to use on their defenseless population?

11. May God help us all in protecting the American public and preserving and managing this vital technology’s vital potential to serve America’s National Security.

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Saudi Prosecution Demands Maximum Penalty for Filipina Worker for Supporting ISIS ?!?!?!?

Cultocracy note :

Had to laugh at this one . The hypocrisy of the leaders from Headchoppers Inc. knows no bounds . An unusual case in that they are actually more corrupt as human beings than the corrupt UK establishment that formed them in the first place .

Something that I would have thought impossible .

Saudi Prosecution Demands Maximum Penalty for Filipina Worker for Supporting ISIS

A Filipina domestic worker was charged with supporting the ISIS terrorist organization.

The Saudi public prosecution demanded Tuesday the maximum penalty against a Filipina domestic worker for supporting the ISIS terrorist organization.

She is also charged with following ISIS ideology, communicating with some supporters of the organization inside the Kingdom and abroad and meeting people through social media for the same purpose.

In the first hearing of the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh, the indictment said that the suspect communicated with other domestic workers who support ISIS and provided media support to the organization by glorifying it, promoting its ideas and seeking to spread its ideology.

It accused her of preparing, sending and storing material that would harm the public order by storing in her mobile phone and computer video clips and pictures supporting ISIS.

She also communicated through social media with ISS supporters, followed up the organization’s news on Twitter and Facebook, which are crimes punishable by law.

The public prosecutor demanded the maximum sentence against her, the closure of all her social media accounts, confiscation of her mobile phone and deportation after she finishes serving her sentence.

Source : Asharq Al-Awsat

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Super Spy Programme & US Diplomat Attacks


US ‘Super Spy’ Program May Explain Mysterious Diplomat Brain Injuries

Over the past two years there have been increasing reports of supposed “sonic injuries” among US diplomats. First in Cuba and more recently in China. Controversial implications are that the US officials may have been maliciously targeted by a “sonic weapon” in host countries. However, a more likely explanation is that the alleged victims are the result of US attempts to create “super spies”.

The number of American diplomats reportedly suffering from suspected “sonic injuries” is increasing, with 11 officials evacuated earlier this month from China. Initially, the mysterious incident was reported at just one US consular location in the city of Guangzhou. Now the suspicion of brain injuries has spread to American diplomats stationed in Beijing and Shanghai.

Some 250 US diplomats in China are reportedly undergoing neurological medical tests to ascertain if they have succumbed to the same kind of brain trauma diagnosed in other colleagues. A study of 21 diplomats evacuated from Cuba found last year that they had incurred brain injuries, but, it was diagnosed, not from physical impact to their heads.

Typically, the symptoms reported include cognitive impairment, visual impairment, hearing of strange sounds, dizziness and sleeplessness.

Some factors so far missing from the subject need to be addressed. First, it seems strange that the mysterious brain injuries are only reported by US diplomats. No other country has reported similar incidents among their diplomatic staff.

Rather than speculating about a foreign agency being responsible for the injuries among American diplomats, or rather spies, perhaps the focus should be put on their own side. Were these individuals subjected to some form of hi-tech training run by the Pentagon or the CIA?

On the positive side, the Pentagon is evidently searching for a way to boost intelligence and learning in humans. This is by no means a new pursuit. For decades, American military intelligence agencies, as well as Hollywood science fiction, have been in thrall to the idea of harnessing the human brain and exploiting ever-higher levels of intelligence. The CIA is known to have run various drug programs and hypnosis – the notorious MK-ULTRA – as early as the 1950s and 60s. The holy grail was to find “super spies” and “super assassins”.

Nevertheless, despite the unknowns, from what we do know already, it seems a plausible posit that the recent upsurge in brain injuries among US diplomatic staff may have been caused not by “sonic attacks” in their host countries, but by their own superiors at the Pentagon or CIA conducting some form of clandestine program to create “super spies”.

Read the full article here at Strategic Culture Foundation

Breaking News !

An ‘anonymous source’ recently forwarded these images .

They clearly show the same suspicious character at the US embassy in Havana , Cuba and the US diplomatic mission in Guangzhou , China . The photographs were taken around the same time as the attacks on diplomats occurred in the respective countries .

The images have been enhanced with cutting edge software .


Cuban Embassy , Havana .


US Diplomatic Mission , Guangzhou , China

The man is believed to be ‘Conrad Turner’ (probably an alias) .

If you see the man above near to any US diplomatic mission or embassy , run , very fast .

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Quantum Illumination & Entanglement

Recent reports have suggested that the Chinese military has increased the capabilities of it’s quantum radar system . The system has been under development for at least five years , it would appear that the Chinese military is rapidly catching up with the Five Eyes Syndicate .

Previous reports stated that the system had an effective range of 100km .

It was recently reported that the system is now able to scan and probe “the upper atmosphere and beyond” .

MIC & Deep State behemoth Lockheed Martin has developed a similar system , European patents for the system were applied for back in 2006 .

Other countries are now jumping on the quantum radar bandwagon .

Cultocracy note :

The sky’s gonna fry and so am I .

Quantum Radar

In the above diagram (a) we can see that both optical cavities and microwave cavities are used to produce the desired resonant frequencies (light and microwaves) .

A resonator can be considered as a system that can generate waves of a specific frequency .

The mechanical resonator in the above diagram (a) entangles the microwave signal and the optical signal .

The microwave signal is then transmitted to the target location (just like regular radar) whilst the optical idler is stored back at the bunker (not like regular radar) . The returning  microwave signal is converted back to light , where it is combined with the stored light .

The measurements of the combined optical signals provides a far more sensitive detection system than conventional radar systems .

In a real world situation the entangled signal will suffer decoherence due to environmental factors , basically quantum entanglement will be lost , but not completely .

The question is how can you improve the whole system so that there is zero or negligible decoherence ?

Quantum Illumination


What if you could combine quantum radar & nano technology with NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) technologies such as fMRI ?

Could quantum radar be sensitive enough to detect signals from the human body ?

Well , several academics think that this scenario is possible .

“But the theory also predicts that improvements in the quality of the optical equipment used in the experiment could double or perhaps even quadruple the signal-to-noise ratio. Since detection error declines exponentially with the signal-to-noise ratio, that could translate to a million-fold increase in sensitivity.”

“This research can potentially lead to the development of a quantum LIDAR which is able to spot almost-invisible objects in a very noisy background,” he adds. “The working mechanism of quantum illumination could in fact be exploited at short-distances as well, for instance to develop non-invasive techniques of quantum sensing with potential applications in biomedicine.”


Incidentally , the Space Fence was also developed by Lockheed Martin .

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Further reading :

  1. Nanomechanical coupling between microwave and optical photons (PDF)
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  3. Three-Wave Mixing with Three Incoming Waves: Signal-Idler Coherent Attenuation and Gain Enhancement in a Parametric Amplifier (PDF)
  4. Parametric Amplification
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US Diplomat ‘Sonic Attacks’ & MEDUSA

Cultocracy note :

Due to the fact that many MSM articles dispute the use of ‘exotic technology’ being deployed against US ‘diplomats’ , we can safely assume that ‘exotic technology’ is being deployed against US ‘diplomats’ 

Of course the question on everybody’s lips is  ‘who possesses such exotic technology’ .

According to the US administration the whole thing is still a mystery .

Unless of course you think that the official line is being rolled out to conceal the fact that ‘exotic technology’ does exist and is in widespread use .

Therefore I am proffering a new theory for your perusal .

It is the ‘Mysterons‘ .

Either that or the diplomats are all insane and should be locked up in a psychiatric ward .

I can also refer any civilian targeted by the Mysterons to the official US embassy webpage for China .

To quote from the webpage :


If you or members of your family experience any unusual, unexplained physical symptoms or events, auditory or sensory phenomena, or other health concerns, please contact your health care provider to determine whether a medical evaluation and/or treatment is advisable. Symptoms to be attentive for include dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, fatigue, cognitive issues, visual problems, ear complaints and hearing loss, and difficulty sleeping.

Action to Take:

·         Do not attempt to locate the source of any unidentified auditory sensation. Instead, move to a different location.

·         If you have concerns about any symptoms or medical problems, consult a medical professional as soon as possible.

Wise words indeed .

Is ‘MEDUSA’ Technology Being Used To Carry Out The ‘Sonic Attacks’ Upon US Diplomats Around The World?

The Weapon Was Never Put Into Use Due To Fears It Might Cause Brain Damage

Bizarre diplomatic ‘sonic attacks’ reaching epidemic proportions

Started in Cuba, with 200 illnesses spreading to other countries

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State Brainwashing , Learned Helplessness & University Suicides


The following image is from a 1956 C.I.A document titled ‘Brainwashing from a Psychological Viewpoint’ . The document relates to standard techniques used to deconstruct the psyche of an individual , brainwashing of any particular flavor desired by the controller will then follow . As you can imagine modern mind control methods have been perfected and honed , the basic ‘method’ still applies . The 1956 document related to a prisoner or enemy combatant in a conflict situation , the prisoner will obviously know that the interrogator is his enemy . Modern mind control methods rely on the victim assuming that the controller is his / her friend , this assumption streamlines and speeds up the whole process .

The document was declassified and released in 2007 .


As you can see from the document the victim will undergo a wide variety of mental states that will induce psychological stress , confusion and impose a generally negative frame of mind on the victim .

  1. Brainwashing from a Psychological Perspective (PDF)
  2. In the ‘50s, CIA decried Soviet torture tactics that would later be used at Gitmo and Agency black sites

Learned Helplessness

Ultimately the whole process leads to a mental state known as ‘learned helplessness’ . The victim is led to believe that his whole life depends on the whims of the controller , obviously this mental state may make the victim act upon the commands of the controller .

‘Targeted Individuals’ are gradually forced through this end process , which basically amounts to a severe form of torture and soft kill .

“Learned helplessness theory is the view that clinical depression and related mental illnesses may result from such real or perceived absence of control over the outcome of a situation.”

“Holocaust victims who have been subjected to extensive imprisonment react the same way.  In fact, this type of behavior in Nazi concentration camp was given a name; gameln, which is a German word to mean “rotting.””

University Suicides

Most state ‘security’ and ‘intelligence’ organizations practice several forms of sophisticated mind control . In the UK the main protagonists are Mi5 & Mi6 , collectively known as the S.i.S. The situation is confused by the fact that other members of the Five Eyes syndicate of countries are also often given free rein to practice their nefarious techniques in the UK , for example the N.S.A operates freely in the UK .

National security ?

No .

National security in modern terms means a network of subordinates willing to perform the tasks of being eyes and ears on the ground , the controllers lurk in the shadows . There is no coordinated strategy , it is about numbers . It is more about profit , experimentation , perversion and prostitution , it is about maintaining the status quo for the establishment .

Many methods are subtle and aimed at a mass of people , others are targeted and more direct . The younger a person is in terms of age , the more susceptible they will be . State intelligence organizations are active at many UK universities , if not all , ‘recruitment’ in a modern setting does not involve a ‘tap on the shoulder’ , press ganging is a more appropriate term .

Which brings us round to the fact that there would appear to be a mental health crisis at UK universities .

Mental health issues may eventually lead to self harm and even suicide .


The spike in university suicides could be explained by a generally stressful learning regime and the isolation experienced by some students .

It could also be explained by the unwanted side effects of remote neural manipulation .

You will never see the latter discussed in the MSM .

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Porton Down Poisonings

Cultocracy note :

The official story into the recent ‘novichok’ poisonings is full of holes , most people can see this .

The trail would appear to lead us to the DSTL facility at Porton down .

Is the ‘Porton Down Poisoner’ trying to tell us something ?

The scientists that inhabit the bowels of deep state research possess what I like to term a ‘Mengele Mind’ .

The UK is dotted with DSTL research facilities , many of them secreted within the boundaries of large defence contractors .


As the daylight starts to fade
Twisting shadows all around
Dead soldiers on parade
The ghosts of Porton Down

Hidden from the public eye, a cause for regret
Wrote the Brigadier-General with the chemistry set
“Can’t be more specific, the matter’s confidential
Links with other incidents are just coincidental”

In jeopardy
Welcome to the lion’s den
We skate on thin ice, dice with death
While young boys drown in seas of poison
We are the plagiarists of breath

We go left, right, left, right, left
They’re left in the right again
We go right, left, right, left, right
We’ve no rights left any more

Military science picking the locks
Of a 20th Century Pandora’s box

Jeopardy by Skyclad

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Nano Technology News – June 2018

Cultocracy note :

AI and gene editing are already here , much of the research is being tested ‘in the field’ on unsuspecting victims , ‘targeted individuals’ are sequestered & used as human guinea pigs in horrific experiments .

Targeted virus based gene delivery systems are silent and invisible .

There are those that would roll out the control and conditioning grid on a global basis .

In certain circles transhumanism is becoming the new religion .

We should all know what happens when man attempts to play God .


Bonding with Your Algorithm

The Edge.org

In reality, I would argue that even an algorithm is biological because it comes from somewhere. It doesn’t come from itself. If it’s related to us as creators or as the ones who are, let’s say, enabling the algorithms, well, we’re the parents.

Thanks to AI and gene editing, we can modify who our children will be biologically, and we can create augmentation or competition to ourselves with artificial intelligence. That allows extraordinary possibilities, but also real questions. How far do we go? Are we creating a new species? What will the species be? What do we want the species to be? How do we want it to treat us or be part of us?

These are all the questions that I am intrigued by. In essence, we are the creators. We are God. And if we’re God, what do we want our children to be?

That’s the question that is the hardest in the long term, but it’s the most significant in terms of changing the nature of humans and humanity. We’ll also have an enormous influence on the rest of the species around us. We have already, but this will provide the most powerful tools ever.

The technological tools like gene editing or artificial intelligence are going to allow us to truly modify ourselves and the nature of who we are as humans.

If AI superintelligence gets there, and it probably will, if gene editing is used to its full extent, the new generations can easily dispose of us.

What they don’t agree on is whether it is good or bad. That’s very fuzzy today. Some think it is going to be destiny, that it will be great for humanity somehow, but they don’t know what it means. Others say the opposite, that superintelligence will be the end of our species being the dominant species on Earth. So, you have two different views.

What’s interesting is that in the West, especially in the US today, you do have civil society, let’s say, private sector actors who are at the forefront of this. Government is very far behind. In general, government is always behind civil society in technology, and the gap is becoming bigger. Ultimately, these technologies are so powerful, you’re creating a new species that affects everyone, so you have no choice but to have government involved.

These tools—AI and gene editing—are going to be even more powerful, and if we don’t find a way to cooperate, we’ll have trouble because we’re going to have competition between individual agents, whether that means companies, or people, or nations. You need somehow to come up with standards for people to cooperate or to put, in essence, a lid or standard on whoever gets there first. That hasn’t been thought through or defined today.

Technology has huge implications, ethically, and the connection between these two is more important today with gene editing and AI becoming so powerful.

More articles from Edge.org :

“A machine that thinks won’t always think in the ways we want it to. And we’re not ready for the ramifications of that.”

“AI that we will confront is not going to be a mind in an individual machine. It will not be something we look at as other. It may well be us.”

“…..the danger of a GAI comes from concentration of power.”

“The coming shock isn’t from machines that think, but machines that use AI to augment our perception.”

Further reading :

Cultocracy note :

Another abridged article , describing nanotechnology from a scientific perspective . Like most scientists the author fails to realize that the controllers of society do not want to use technological innovation as a tool for the greater good . In an increasingly competitive world each global faction wishes to gain an edge over its rivals , nanotechnology gives the controllers that edge .

In an era of quantum computing , AI and bleeding edge biotechnology we should not be asking ourselves ‘What does the word “nanotechnology” conjure up for you?’ .

A more pertinent question is ‘What does the word “nanotechnology” conjure up for the controllers ?’

Some of us already know the answer .


Why nanotechnology is more than just a buzzword

What does the word “nanotechnology” conjure up for you?

I use the term nanotechnology as a convenient catch-all term to describe my field of research. My research is into making nanoparticles that can be used as tiny capsules to deliver drugs to cells. I work with proteins and a range of gold nanoparticles to try and achieve this goal.

To complicate things further, nanotech and nanoscience are now popularly synonymous with “miniature robots that will turn the world into grey goo” or miniscule invisible threats to our health and environment.

It is true there is some concern around the potential environmental effects of improperly disposed nanomaterials. The toxicology of nanomaterials and regulatory issues around their use and disposal is an ongoing discussion.

Nanotechnology is a wide field that covers research and inventions that make use of the quantum effects that happen at the nanoscale – that is, at the nanometre or billionth of a metre level.

Because of the size of the materials and particles at this level, the quantum effects become more pronounced at the nanoscale, and can be used to generate entirely new, thinner materials.

The term “quantum effects” here refers to the properties of the material that shape melting point, fluorescence, electrical conductivity and chemical reactivity.
For example, at the nanoscale, there are novel optical properties – that is, reactions between light and the material – that can be used for applications such as nanobarcoding.

In truth, biomolecules and viruses are the original, all natural nanotech. Biomolecules such as DNA may store the genetic code of life, but the structure of DNA can be used to generate nanowires, and DNA can be used as a bridge between particles to connect them together.

In many ways, it’s a truly serious attempt to cross both organic and inorganic together into devices that mimic the exquisite refinements of nature. It’s difficult – and exhilarating.

Source: By Upulie Divisekera, PhD candidate, Monash University

Nano Technology News – June 2018


Cultocracy note :

Initial research into the creation of an atom laser was conducted at M.I.T , the research was funded by the Naval & Army research boards and also NASA .

An atom laser requires a source of matter known as a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) , this involves super-cooling a cloud of atoms and trapping them using magnetic fields .

In theory an atom laser would never have to recharge itself , a potential game changer in the battle for space .

An atom laser could also be used to create holograms at a higher definition than conventional light or electromagnetic systems .

Quantum ‘blobs’ also have the potential to revolutionize quantum communications , particularly satellite communications , they could also be used for precise interferometric measurement of wavelengths and distances .

Alternatively the quantum ‘blobs’ could also be used to create a super precise quantum clock , we definitely need more precise atomic clocks .

My guess as to the pecking order of the research (the three are already closely related) :

i) Laser

ii) Interferometry

iii) Communications

The Quest to Make Super-cold Quantum Blobs in Space

“On a frigid day last January in northern Sweden, a German-led team of physicists loaded a curious machine onto an unmanned rocket. The payload, about as tall as a single-story apartment, was essentially a custom-made freezer—a vacuum chamber, with a small chip and lasers within, that could cool single atoms near absolute zero.”

“They launched the rocket about 90 miles past the atmosphere’s boundary of outer space, monitoring a livestream from a heated building nearby. Then, just 17 minutes later, they watched as the freezer plummeted back down to Earth, landing via parachute on snowy ground 40 miles from the launch site.”

“See, the freezer that the Germans launched has the ability to make atoms clump together in a cloud-like blob called a Bose-Einstein condensate—a phase of matter that exhibits some truly bizarre properties. It’s delicate enough to respond to tiny fluctuations in gravity and electromagnetic fields, which means it could someday make for a super-precise sensor in space. But down on Earth, it tends to collapse in a matter of milliseconds because of gravity. So the blobs had to go to space.”

“The launch builds on about two decades of effort. Since physicists discovered Bose-Einstein condensates in 1995, they have predicted that some of their most interesting properties would only be evident from space. “But at the time, it was frankly crazy,” says physicist Robert Thompson of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.”


Cultocracy note :

The title of the article below is self-explanatory .

Perhaps one day science will be able to edit the ‘corporate greed and war’ genes out of the controller’s brains , or maybe they are already ‘editing in’ the genes themselves .

CRISPR could use gold nanoparticles to edit your brain

“Using cell staining tests, the researchers were also able to demonstrate that they could edit multiple kinds of cells in the brain using CRISPR-Gold, which opens the door to further applications.”

“CRISPR-Gold could potentially be used to deliver genetic modifications to the brain without the unwanted side-effects of using CRISPR.”

Cultocracy note :

The potential for the misuse of gene editing is clear .

Related :


Cultocracy note :

D.N.A as a storage medium is related to artificial intelligence systems , more specifically hybrid intelligence . As always there are also many potentially lucrative commercial applications .

The Rise of DNA Data Storage

“Scientists have long touted DNA’s potential as an ideal storage medium…”

“If successful, DNA storage could be the answer to a uniquely 21st-century problem: information overload.”

“Imagine formatting every movie ever made into DNA; it would be smaller than the size of a sugar cube. And it would last for 10,000 years.”

“Molecular data storage has become something of a pet project for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Last year it dropped $15.3 million in grants to discover new biochemical ways to store binary. And big tech companies have begun piloting their own projects as well. Microsoft plans to have an operational prototype storage system based on DNA working inside one of its data centers by 2020.”

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Scientists create continuously emitting microlasers with nanoparticle-coated beads

Cultocracy note :

Optogenetic ‘LED’ implants can be activated via an external electromagnetic source , such as microwaves or other RF frequencies . This allows the remote activation of targeted neurons which have been genetically modified with a fluorescent protein . Nano particles can also be used instead of the fluorescent protein .

Polymer hydrogel implants can also be injected into a specific area of the brain where they form a light guiding bio-scaffold .

 This biosensing technique utilizes rare Earth metal nano particles dipped in blood serum . The nano particles are activated by infrared or near infrared , which can penetrate several centimetres into the human brain . Apparently the research team discovered their findings ‘by accident’ .

“These microlasers, which convert infrared light into light at higher frequencies, are among the smallest continuously emitting lasers of their kind ever reported and can constantly and stably emit light for hours at a time, even when submerged in biological fluids such as blood serum. ”

“The unique properties of these lasers, which measure 5 microns (millionths of a meter) across, were discovered by accident as researchers were studying the potential for the polymer (plastic) beads, composed of a translucent substance known as a colloid, to be used in brain imaging.”

Cultocracy note :

A similar approach uses silicon nanowires for biosensing down to the level of cellular ion channels . There is an increasing crossover of the technologies used in micro electronics and biosensing systems . The human body is now being viewed by science as a complex electrical system rather than an organic system .

“Just like the transistor is the basis of computers, the ion channel is the basic element in many processes in biology,”

“Since we can manipulate and sense individual electrons in circuits, I thought it would be interesting to apply some of this knowledge in biology,”

“Their nanowire device is the first to integrate the current measurement into the ion channel, which should ultimately allow much greater measurement sensitivity.”

Carbon nanotubes can also be used :

Further reading :

“The multilayer light emitting diode devices have emitted white light with slight blue color.”
“carbon dots may potentially serve as a new platform for electroluminescent nanomaterials”


  1. Single photons set for telecom wavelengths
  2. Researchers change wavelengths of entangled photons to those used in telecommunications
  3. Waves and Frequency Ranges (RADAR)
  4. Electroluminescence
  5. Light-guiding hydrogels for cell-based sensing and optogenetic synthesis in vivo
  6. Transparent graphene implant for deep brain imaging and optogenetics
  7. Optogenetics: The Physics of Mind Control
  8. Optogenetics probes offer insight to brain diseases
  1. Optical Nerve Surgery
  2. Optic nerve sheath fenestration
  3. The Optic Nerve And Its Visual Link To The Brain
  4. Blind Patients to Test Bionic Eye Brain Implants

Cultocracy note :

Maybe this is what people mean when they mention the ‘Illuminati’ .


Cultocracy note :

There is a global race to develop more sophisticated quantum computing systems .

Carbon nanotubes (CNT) can be used in quantum computing and quantum communications . The same systems can be tweaked and applied to biosensing applications and brain computer interfaces (BCI) . More evidence of the crossover of technologies from computers to humans .

Electroluminescence is once again utilized .


Electroluminescent & Evanescent

Carbon nanotube optics provide optical-based quantum cryptography and quantum computing

“We are particularly interested in advances in nanotube integration into photonic cavities for manipulating and optimizing light-emission properties,”

“In addition, nanotubes integrated into electroluminescent devices can provide greater control over timing of light emission and they can be feasibly integrated into photonic structures. We are highlighting the development and photophysical probing of carbon nanotube defect states as routes to room-temperature single photon emitters at telecom wavelengths.”

Related :

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New 28-GHz transceiver for future 5G devices

“Scientists have designed and fabricated a tiny, but incredibly fast, reliable, and accurate 28-GHz transceiver meant for stable high-speed 5G communications. The fabricated transceiver trumps previous designs in various regards by taking a new approach for beam steering.”

“Accurate phase shifting is important because it allows the transceiver to guide the main lobe of the radiation pattern of the antenna array; in other words, it is used to “point” the antenna array towards a specific direction……”

“Instead of using multiple RF phase shifters, they designed a circuit that allows the transceiver to shift the phase of a local oscillator in steps of 0.04° with minimal error. In turn, this allows for a beam-steering resolution of 0.1°, which represents an improvement of an order of magnitude compared with previous designs (meaning that antenna array can be made to precisely point towards the desired direction).”

Related :

Neurons communicate better with graphene

Cultocracy note :

No self respecting nano technology news article would be complete without references to graphene combined with the human brain .

Using magnets to control DNA-robots


“Scientists have built a tiny robot from strands of DNA and devised a way to remote-control it using magnetic fields.”


‘Stealth’ material hides hot objects from infrared eyes

“Infrared cameras are the heat-sensing eyes that help drones find their targets even in the dead of night or through heavy fog. ”

“Hiding from such detectors could become much easier, thanks to a new cloaking material that renders objects — and people — practically invisible. ”

Related :


Cool as f**k , matches the GFP in your brain to boot !

World’s First-Ever Graphene-Enhanced Sports Shoes

“The University of Manchester and British brand inov-8 unveil the world’s first-ever sports shoes made using graphene, which is the world’s strongest material.”

“Working together with graphene experts at the National Graphene Institute, the brand has been able to create a graphene-enhanced rubber. They have created rubber outsoles for running and fitness shoes that when tested outlasted 1,000 miles and were scientifically verified to be 50% harder wearing.”

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