Toxic Food & Household Products

There is increasing research highlighting the fact that everyday household items and processed food may be toxic to ourselves and the natural environment . The quest for profits driven by corporate greed is literally poisoning the planet . Lax oversight by corrupt government bodies and political figures in the pay of industry lays the foundations for full spectrum poisoning , on the plus side at least the MSM are reporting useful information instead of the usual propagandist drivel .

The two research paper highlighting the issues are below :

You are now a commodity , you pay for the poison and then you pay for the pill .

Ask yourself if you really need the next consumer product , or whether you have been conditioned to buy it .

What can you do ?

A general rule of thumb is to avoid all branded personal & household cleaning products and to replace these with natural alternatives .

If you have non-stick pans bin them straight away and replace them with stainless steel or ceramic alternatives .

Try not to buy any processed food , buy fresh food and organic food if available , or even grow your own .

Avoid over packaged foods .

Never heat foods in plastic packaging .

To simplify the above , always try to replace synthetic products with natural products .

Cancer warning over processed foods that make up half of UK diet

Laura Donnelly – Telegraph

Eating too many highly-processed foods could significantly increase the risk of cancer, a major study suggests.

The research on more than 100,000 adults found that every 10 per cent increase in consumption of ready meals, sugary cereals and salty snacks is linked to a 12 per cent rise in cancer risks.

Such foods now make up more than half the British diet, on average, separate data shows – the highest proportion across European nations.

The study warned that the “rapidly increasing” consumption of heavily processed foods seen in recent years could drive an increasing burden of cancer in coming decades.

Scientists raised fears that the additives used to produce such foods could increase the risk of cancer. They urged consumers to try to eat more fresh or minimally processed foods as a “precautionary” principle.

Read the full article here at the Telegraph

Further research shows that food packaging contains the harmful chemical compound perfluoroalkyl , an endocrine disruptor .

Food packaging chemical BPA ‘found in digestive system of 86% of teenagers’

A potentially hazardous chemical used in certain plastic food packaging has been found in the digestive system of 86% of teenagers who took part in a recent study.

The University of Exeter research looked at Bisphenol A (BPA), which makes plastics flexible but strong.

Some studies have suggested that the chemical could be linked to breast cancer and heart disease and there have been calls for it to be banned. However, others believe that stance is misleading.

BPA, which has been used since the 1960s, is often found in the white lining inside tinned foods, drinks cans and bottle tops. Even till receipts, DVDs and processed foods are known to contain it.

Researchers studied 94 teenagers and found it was almost impossible for them to avoid BPA products.

Read the full article here at

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UK Establishment Person

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Florida School Shooter Cruz Heard Voices Telling Him Carry Out Massacre


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China and Russia developing ‘destructive’ weapons for space conflict, US warns

Cultocracy note :

Space weapons ?

Directed energy weapons ?

Lasers ?

Looks like the technology gap is closing , the tables may well be turned .

Maybe Russia and China have been sharing technology & research .

The reality is that the Five Eyes syndicate have had a monopoly on space based weaponry for years , much of this has been used for domestic surveillance and subjugation .

The outer atmosphere and the ionosphere have been weakened , perhaps beyond repair , by a continued barrage of weapons tests conducted over a period of half a century . The primary goal of experimental  ‘atmospheric spraying’ and ‘ionospheric heating’ is to enhance ground to space ‘communications’ .

The systems now in place pose a threat to all of us .

Both China & Russia proposed a draft treaty banning all space weapons .

Guess who opposed the treaty .

I wonder why ?


China and Russia developing ‘destructive’ weapons for space conflict, US warns

Report based on CIA, FBI and NSA information says ‘directed energy weapons’ could soon be used to damage hardware in space

Harry Cockburn –

Russia and China are developing “destructive counterspace weapons” which could be ready to use in “the next few years”, according to a US intelligence report.
New “anti-satellite” (ASAT) weapons could be used in future potential wars against the US, the report warns. It says they would be used “as a means to reduce US and allied military effectiveness”.

The Director of National Intelligence’s report, which is based on information gathering by the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency, says recent military reforms in both China and Russia “indicate an increased focus on establishing operational forces designed to integrate attacks against space systems”.

The document states: “We assess that, if a future conflict were to occur involving Russia or China, either country would justify attacks against US and allied satellites as necessary to offset any perceived US military advantage derived from military, civil, or commercial space systems.”

According to US intelligence, China has already begun initial testing for counterspace weapons, and has formed specific military units to operate ground-based anti-satellite ballistic missiles.

“Russia probably has a similar class of system in development,” the report says.
In addition the US believes China and Russia are building “directed-energy weapons” which would include lasers, and could be used to damage sensitive space-based equipment.

Read the full article here at the Independent

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Global Increases in Defence Spending



Cultocracy note :

The big question is , what exactly are the goals ?

Increases in defence spending follow a well worn path ; fabricated conflicts lead to global instability which leads to fear which leads to increased spending . A little like a Mafia protection racket . 

There should be no doubt that the defence industry now serves as the ideal research vehicle which can service a wide variety of global agendas which have no relation to ‘defence’ at all .

In a classic case of doublethink the public are told that spending money on defence will increase peace .

Both WWII and it’s successor the ‘Cold War’ served as the ideal technological advancement platform .

Arms sales are big business , a vast chunk of expenditure is in the hands of peripheral defence contractors .

Defence research in a modern world is not about bombs and bullets , although you can sell these to other countries . It would be much cheaper to buy bows and arrows .

Accounting is opaque to say the least .

How much is siphoned off into the variety of nefarious black projects currently in progress will never be known .

The extent to which private companies and organizations gain financially from ‘military’ research and development will also never be known .

One thing we can state unequivocally is that the people always lose .

As is to be expected , the US has the largest defence budget .

The pie chart below shows that the US spends almost as much as the rest of the world combined .

Under pressure from the US administration , European countries have followed suit . All have increased defence spending in recent years , or intend to increase spending  .

Lets not forget the five eyes countries .

FrAlthough , despite laughable scare stories spread in the MSM there was a little hiccup from one partner in the coalition .

Possibly because all of the money has already been spent lining the pockets of defence contractors during the phoney ‘War on Terror’ .

Frenemies are also increasing defence spending .



Unfortunately nobody is really sure as to who ultimately controls the racket and what their real aims are .

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The Future of Wireless Communications is Terahertz

Cultocracy note :

Terahertz waves stand between microwaves and infrared light on the electromagnetic spectrum .

Terahertz waves possess charecteristics of both optical waves (light) and microwaves .

THz radiation can be used in a wide variety of sensing applications .

Every living thing carries a unique THz fingerprint .

THz systems have been widely researched and developed for space and astronomy applications .


Convenient & timely ‘new’ research into terahertz (THz) waveguides ‘shines a light’ on the future of communications networks and the ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) . It would appear that there is now a slow process of disclosure regarding the fact that 5G systems will actually be THz systems .

The articles above are based on research papers which describe how THz radiation can be created from a magnetic source , paving the way for the next generation of THz transmitters and antennas .

Terahertz beamforming is possible using phased arrays .

The IOT is sold to the general public under the premise of faster digital communications and connectivity to ‘things’ which will make our lives easier , do we really need it ? Probably not , but there are fortunes to be made and strings to be added to the global surveillance bow , or should that be harp . Most informed people are now aware that mass data gathering is not for ‘fighting terrorism’ and ‘bad people’ . The IOT is the next stage of global data gathering , data is the ‘food’ for artificial intelligence and machine learning systems .

Cultocracy note :

Internet of Things = Global Surveillance & Control Grid .

Or the ‘International Order of Tyranny’ .


Trojan Horse


Only a fool could not fail to realize how THz 5G could easily be abused by the abusers .

The IOT will stretch from Earth to space .

Hmmm….The diagram below looks familiar ?!?

Now I remember .


Enter a caption

Preferred contractor to deep state agencies Space X is big on ‘internet from space’ .


Terahertz radiation resonates with DNA and other molecules , in the process damaging the DNA by ‘unzipping’ the double strands .



In the race to create the ‘Internet of Things’ and master artificial intelligence will the detrimental biological effects of terahertz and other electromagnetic radiation be ignored and suppressed , with the facts buried by mountains of disinformation , lies and mainstream propaganda ?

Never , they wouldn’t do that , would they ?


Fat Cigars &_Shoulder Stars

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Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock – MK Ultra

Cultocracy note

Most informed people probably knew straight away that ‘domestic terrorist’ Stephen Paddock was yet another deep state MK puppet , but then again , aren’t they all .


MKUltra: Stephen Paddock Said CIA Could ‘Hack His Brain & Take Over’

Baxter Dmitry

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock told a Las Vegas escort that he was a “government experiment” and the CIA could “hack his brain and take over” in a series of disturbing text messages shortly before the worst mass shooting in modern American history, according to reports.

There’s messages where Stephen is telling her he’s a government experiment and that they are listening to everything he says and does, and they can hack into his brain and take over, the escort, identified only as Mikaela, told Radar Online.
According to Mikaela, an unnamed prostitute who spent time with Stephen Paddock in the hours before the shooting has “vanished,” becoming the latest person with ties to the shooting to disappear or die in suspicious circumstances.
She was telling girls after work that she was scared something would happen to her,” Mikaela said, justifying her concerns by pointing out the number of dead and missing people surrounding the investigation into the shooting.
In the space of two months after the October 1 attack, eight eyewitness survivors, many of whom publicly disagreed with the official narrative, plus one high profile attorney, wound up dead.
Mikaela, who previously had a “sugar daddy” relationship with Paddock and is now cooperating with the FBI, has now fled the United States and is living abroad, fearing for her life.

Was Stephen Paddock a mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate?

MK Ultra is not fake news. You can read up on MKUltra on the CIA’s own website.

Read the full article here at

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US Government Take Over of 5G ? AI & Weaponized Internet

An interesting article which was published at last week suggests that the US administration is considering the nationalization of the forthcoming 5G infrastructure .

The memo contains a few pointers towards the real reasons for 5G networks .

Data is the ‘food’ for AI and machine learning :

The siting of 5G transmitters seems to be of particular importance , perhaps to create a large phased array system :



Partners are required to “Inoculate developing countries against Chinese neo-colonial behaviour” , the US shadow government and it’s partners in crime in the UK wrote the book on ‘neo-colonial behaviour’ (and have been rewriting it ever since) :


An all encompassing electromagnetic grid :


The internet is the new battleground , you can only laugh at the comments in the bottom paragraph  :


Beam forming is crucial in directed energy weaponry and remote sensing , similar DEW systems are currently deployed primarily against domestic targets for suppression , torture , slow kill and neural experimentation . To quote from the paragraph below “5G will offer the useful sensors and tools on the network as weapons” :


In the AI arms race , data is the new oil :


The full article with a copy of the memo can be found here at .

In a further article at industry concerns about government (deep state) interference are raised , to quote from the article :

7. AI is a big concern, but unrelated

The document talks about China’s advanced role the development of artificial intelligence.

  • That’s a serious issue, especially since U.S. companies are locked out of China (and the data to be gleaned there), while Chinese companies can take part in the U.S. market.

  • But, that has little to do with 5G wireless networks, since AI processing is done at the server level.

  • “Clearly they are two different things,” Sharma said. “AI benefits from 5G but it doesn’t require it, and there China is racing ahead.”

Read the full article here – Federal takeover of 5G wireless network raises significant concerns

Public or private 5G ?

I am sure that the individuals and private companies involved in 5G can and will be made an ‘offer they can’t refuse’ .

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