UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order

Oh dear…..What a tangled web we weave…………They’re at it again .


The Special Relationship ????

The collection of insane individuals , profiteers , parasites , globalists and warmongers that answer to the Crown and the Banking Cartel have laid bare their global ambitions in an official House of Lords paper .

This is the real special relationship in terms of globalization . The US administration , in particular US military power was always one of many convenient mistresses .

It should be noted that the UK House of Lords is regarded as having little legislative power , although conversely many people in the UK still believe that policy decisions that affect themselves are actually made in the cesspool of degradation , degeneracy and drunkenness known as the House of Commons .

The real power lies with the high priests of high finance .

The document has been grabbed by supporters of the Trump administration in the US and held aloft as proof of meddling by dark forces based primarily in the UK . The phony Russophobia and Sinophobia narratives are now being laid firmly at the door of Whitehall . I am sure they have had more than a little help along the way from their compadres within the US deep state .

Emerging state powers are threatening to dislodge those entrenched at the fat end of the global trough and the fat greedy pigs do not like it .

The blundering UK deep state has unleashed the mighty power of Barbra Streisand in an attempt to shape the narrative of the narrative , not the first time I should add . Attempts to keep the public in the dark have only served to feed the fresh narrative , something only state actors could accomplish . I think it would be giving the controllers too much credit to assume that there is method to the madness & events are part of a larger plan . Unless the plan is to discredit and destroy the Western power bloc , in which case they are succeeding admirably .

If anything the whole sordid episode exposes the deep state , both in the UK & the US , as simply being an arm of higher globalist powers .

The UK-US special relationship is not so special after all , in fact the relationship probably finished years ago , putting on a public face is all the controllers really know . Unfortunately for the power brokers the mask has now slipped , in fact it has fallen on the floor where it has been trampled upon by the mob and is now fractured and splintered beyond repair .

The paper produced by the House of Lords Select Committee on International Relations can be found at the link below .

The paper displays an arrogance , a sense of entitlement and pompous grandiosity only found amongst the ruling classes . Many of these dinosaurs still live in the past and refuse to accept change in a rapidly changing world . The serfs and the little people still have to be controlled , other countries should bend to the will of the globalists and should be controlled , in fact they would like to control everything and everyone . I am sure there is a common and severe psychiatric disorder prevalent amongst these people , it goes well beyond simply being out of touch , they are clearly out of mind as well .

A few quotes from the paper are below :

“These changes are reshaping the international order. The foundations of British foreign policy—the construction and maintenance of a rules-based international order, the relationship with the US and EU membership—are being challenged as a direct consequence of political and social waves caused by people’s access to information, boosted by instant connectivity on an unprecedented scale and speed. Governments are responding to short-term demands of their citizens, who have been empowered by their access to information and opinion .”

Cultocracy translation :

You as an individual should remain uneducated & uninformed . Only we should be allowed to control the false narratives .

“The UK should continue to resist US challenges to the multilateral system, and
seek to strengthen key institutions particularly the United Nations, the North
Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the Bretton Woods institutions and the World Trade Organisation.”

Cultocracy translation :

If we create global institutions and then control those institutions , we will control the world .

The UK should step up its engagement with international organisations of
all sizes.

Cultocracy translation :

If we create global institutions and then control those institutions , we will control the world .

“Given the importance across Whitehall of cyber security , we recommend the designation of a Minister with responsibility for cyber issues across government .”

Cultocracy translation :

A nod to the true seat of administrative power .

“In a world where the UK’s influence can no longer be taken for granted and
where the shifts in economic and political power relationships are not working
to our advantage , a more agile , active and flexible approach to foreign policy
must now be developed .”

Cultocracy translation :

‘….not working to our advantage’ – Says it all really .

N.B. The term ‘our’ does not refer to the British public .

‘agile , active and flexible’ = Dodgy dossiers & false falgs .

“We believe that this agenda cannot just be manufactured. It has to be built up layer by layer”

Cultocracy translation :

Everyone can now see through the lies and deception .

“We believe the Government should further expand the main overseas
scholarship programmes”

Cultocracy translation :

Overseas scholarship = Manchurian candidates

“The focus of the UK’s development spending should now take account of the UK’s old friends and new partners.”

Cultocracy translation :

Old friends = Banking cartel

New Partners = Banking Cartel

“Countering propaganda is increasingly important”

(Cultocracy Translation Machine exploded when fed the above sentence)



The traditional forces of global capital are worried .

Paradoxically the people of the UK have always been forced to accept change , even when not in their favor , which is usually always .

You reap what you sow .

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Nano Technology News – December 2018


Synthetic Biology – Pawns or Kings ?

Cultocracy note #1 :

The controllers are now aware of public disclosure regarding covert technologies , at present only the aware are awake . There is now little or no attempt to hide the methodology & technology , except from a mainstream audience .

All global power blocs now have their own version of  the ‘programme’ .

Rival cliques within each bloc have a wide variety of agendas .

Power struggles and battles for supremacy are an everyday occurence .

Cultocracy note #2 :
Following a familiar pattern , the US based Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) was formed shortly after the end of World War II .

According to Wikipedia the LLNL is self-described as ‘a premier research and development institution for science and technology applied to national security’ .

According to Wikipedia LLNL’s key accomplishments involved advances in supercomputers , particle accelerators , free electron lasers and mass spectrometry .

The LLNL was the driving force behind the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) .

One of LLNL’s most renowned physicists was Edward Teller , Teller warned the world about the dangers of global fossil fuel use in 1959 .

According to it’s website ‘the The Center for Global Security Research (CGSR) was established at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in 1996 to bring together experts from the science, technology, and policy communities to address pressing national security challenges’ .

‘For more than 60 years, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has applied science and technology to make the world a safer place.’

Out of touch or out of mind ?

Probably both .

National security challenge = You & Me

These people represent the only singular threat to domestic and global security .

Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons

“In this briefing, neuroscientist and neuroethicist Dr. James Giordano of Georgetown University Medical Center discusses how new developments in brain science afford potential utility in military, intelligence and warfare operations, addresses implications of neuroweapons, and details the need for improved identification, surveillance, guidance and governance of brain science that can be used in military and warfare applications, and thus pose defined risk and threat to security interests.”

Further reading :

Further viewing :

Further rank hypocrisy and criminal insanity :

Nano Technology News – December 2018


Cultocracy note :

The UK Secretary of State for Health has announced plans to sequence the genome of 5 million people in the next five years . The ambitious plan is tied to the advent of ‘genomic healthcare’ which is genetic therapy based cures for disease , at least that is what is stated officially .

Widespread electronic mass surveillance and monitoring has led to profiling and targeting , based wholly on the ideology of the those controlling the levers of power . An ideology which hinges primarily on the accumulation of wealth and power and also maintaining that power and the status quo . This in turn leads to increased oppression and suppression of dissent .

Will the D.N.A profiles of citizens be analyzed and matched with behavioral and character traits harvested from electronic profiling ?

Will mass D.N.A profiling enable the isolation and extraction of ‘favourable’ D.N.A which can then be synthetically manufactured and transplanted to another individual ?

Will D.N.A profiling replace or complement mass electronic surveillance as a future tool of social conditioning and control ?

Perhaps a more pertinent question would be do you trust those in power not to abuse that power ?

Or is that a stupid question ?

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care announces ambition to sequence 5 million genomes within five years

“Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, today set out an ambitious vision for genomic medicine in the NHS – with plans to sequence 5 million genomes over the next five years.”

“The announcement, made as part of the Secretary of State’s speech to the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, recognises the critical importance of genomic medicine to the future of the NHS.”

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Will We See “Monstrous” Neuroscience?

“The science story of the past week was the claim from Chinese scientist He Jiankui that he has created gene-edited human babies.”

“All of which got me wondering: could there ever be a neuroscience experiment which attracted the same level of condemnation ?”

Cultocracy note :

Monstrous neuroscience is commonplace within deep state ‘research’ organizations .

The US Military Is Genetically Engineering New Life Forms To Detect Enemy Subs

How do you detect submarines in an expanse as large as the ocean? The U.S. military hopes that common marine microorganisms might be genetically engineered into living tripwires to signal the passage of enemy subs, underwater vessels, or even divers.”

Cultocracy note :

Say goodbye to the Ocean environment .

Bayer to cut 12,000 jobs worldwide as company faces 10,000 lawsuits over Monsanto’s Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide causing cancer

“German chemical giant Bayer has become the new Monsanto, having acquired the world’s most evil corporation earlier this year for $62.5 billion. But with this acquisition has come a litany of pending lawsuits so costly that Bayer is now having to fire some 12,000 of its employees worldwide.”

“As originally reported by the Financial Times, Bayer is shedding this massive number of employees in a desperate attempt to “regain investor confidence” in the company now that it’s become Monsanto on steroids.”

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Quantum computing & Communications

Cultocracy note :

China is the new kid on the global block . The Chinese administration has previously invested any financial surplus in global trade , diplomacy and industrial technology , forging new partnerships & relationships along the way . Coupled with frequent corruption purges in establishment power circles the Chinese administration is on track to overtake the declining Western power block this century .

The Western power faction led by the Anglophile countries in the Five Eyes syndicate have invested purely in military technology creating an unmatched surveillance and war machine , unmatched until now that is . A machine which has been harnessed and used to conquer , destroy , enslave and rape whole areas of the world . A machine which is often under the control of corrupt corporations and criminal cliques , the cancer now runs too deep .

Military technology is now being turned inwards on domestic populations in a desperate and demented attempt to maintain global supremacy . The simplistic answer from the ruling cabal ? Increase ‘defence & security’ spending .

The slide into technological fascism and eventual domestic desolation is well underway .

Scalar Wars

Quantum technologies are at the forefront of the race for global supremacy . The race indicates a transition from mechanized geopolitical power play to the information war , the phrase ‘winning hearts and minds’ will take on a whole new dimension .

The dialectic of the ‘Cold War’ enabled the parallel funding of research into black technologies which are now used primarily for global surveillance and domestic control . Knowledge is power .

The dialectic of the ‘Scalar Wars’ will  be used for much the same purpose .

The only difference now is that more private companies are also being leveraged by the military industrial complex (MIC) for research and development . Which is Interesting in that the public will now be able to see which companies have been controlled and compromised by the MIC .

I expect the eventual list to be extensive .

Final thoughts

Does China really pose a threat to you ? ‘

Or is the controlling cabal of your own country the only clear and present danger ?

U.S. intelligence sounds the alarm on the quantum gap with China

“For years, quantum computing, which leverages the difficult, and, to many, spooky science of quantum mechanics, has been a subject mostly of interest to the technical elite. Yet as scientists and now policymakers point to the rapid progress that China is making in the field, it’s the intelligence community that appears to be the most alarmed.”

Pentagon sees quantum computing as key weapon for war in space

“Some of these technologies will take years to materialize, he said. ‘In timing and sensing, we see prototype capabilities in a five-year timeframe.‘ Communications systems and networks will take even longer.”

“Meanwhile, the Pentagon continues to watch what other nations are doing. China is “very serious” about this, he said. It is projected to invest from $10 billion to $15 billion over the next five years on quantum computing. China already has developed quantum satellites that cannot be hacked.”

Cultocracy translation service :

Years to materialize = Here now

Further reading :

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  3. World’s Leading Physicist Says Quantum Computers Are “Tools of Destruction, Not Creation”
  4. The Case Against Quantum Computing
  5. How D-Wave Systems Work
  6. 1 million qubit quantum computers by 2025
  7. How Quantum Computers Work
  8. ???????

Artificial Intelligence

Cultocracy note :

AI is joined at the hip to quantum computing .

Elon Musk is joined at the hippocampus to the deep state .

A real time simulation and modelling system that can emulate or perhaps even predict future events has been the Holy Grail in deep state corporate & intelligence circles for decades .

A real world simulation can only go so far with mass data , the entire model will be missing the vital human component .

Unless you could somehow harness the individuality of the human mind via a clandestine program of modern enslavement and technological monitoring .

DARPA wants to build an AI to find the patterns hidden in global chaos

“A new program at the research agency (DARPA) is aimed at creating a machine learning system that can sift through the innumerable events and pieces of media generated every day and identify any threads of connection or narrative in them. It’s called KAIROS: Knowledge-directed Artificial Intelligence Reasoning Over Schemas.”

Elon Musk Warns of Rapid AI Improvement and Talks Mars Trips and Neuralink (Video)

“New neural net optimized chips are an order of magnitude better than GPUs. There are many neural net optimized chips coming out soon.”

Holly Herndon’s AI Baby Sings To Her ‘Godmother’

“……..the artificial neural network reproduced the voices of her parents and interacted with the sounds made by guests at the installation. Spawn improvised and learned from her environment. And now the rest of the world can hear Spawn sing.”

Cultocracy note :

Sounds better than most pop music to me .

The Future is Now: AI for Evil vs AI for Good

Cultocracy note :

If you studied quantum computing or AI and are just out of college make up some theoretical tech nonsense about quantum computing or AI .

Make it sound over complicated , make it sound original , make some noise , make a packet when the funds flow in , make your order for the Ferrari , make excuses when nothing works , make off to the sun and retire .


Cultocracy note :

Western based deep state corporations wish to infect the proposed 5G networks with their own particular brand of poison and consolidate their position as chief cyber knicker-sniffers , hence the paranoia centering around 5G technology manufactured in China . No need to expend time and energy infiltrating any network if you own the network infrastructure in the first place .

It is not that the controllers actually think that Chinese technology has been compromised , this may or may not be true . It is connected more to the fact that if China gains a foothold with 5G networks they will not be able to introduce their own compromised technology . Then they will have to waste time and energy infiltrating the network .

Oh , I nearly forgot , there is also the small issue of the $billions to made from 5G technology sales . The initial sales figures will be dwarfed by the $trillions that could be made by leveraging surveillance capabilities towards industrial espionage on a compromised network . All in the name of ‘National $ecurity’ of course .

The irony is that most Western technology is manufactured in China …… or very occasionally Israel .

How the ‘Five Eyes’ cooked up the campaign to kill Huawei

“It was a warm evening this past July when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared a drink with the world’s most powerful intelligence network.”

“Spy chiefs from the Five Eyes nations had come to a secure resort in coastal Nova Scotia for an informal evening after intense talks in nearby Ottawa.”

“In the months that followed that July 17 dinner, an unprecedented campaign has been waged by those present – Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand and the UK – to block Chinese tech giant Huawei from supplying equipment for their next-generation wireless networks.”

MoD warns over spying threat from Chinese tech

“The Ministry of Defence fears that Huawei’s involvement in Britain’s next-generation mobile network will enable Chinese spying. Gavin Williamson said that he had “grave” and “very deep concerns” about the organisation providing technology to upgrade Britain’s services to superfast 5G. He indicated that a full review of security risks would be needed as he accused Beijing of acting “sometimes in a malign way”.”

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Synthetic Biology


Cultocracy note :

There are those that view human augmentation as an inevitable and integral part of human evolution . There are others that view the whole process as the final step into the abyss which will ultimately lead to the death of humanity itself .

There is an increasing crossover between biological and electronic systems . Biology and genetic research is now being applied to computing and robotics , synthetic electronic systems are increasingly being applied to biological systems .

Many deep state organizations run covert programs involving non consenting human experimentation , the scale of these programs is much larger than many people can imagine .

In previous years the victims of experimental programs were simply expendable guinea pigs , often used as pawns in an endless game of global wealth acquisition . Vain displays of power and perversion were normal policy in the realms of the controllers , often the programme only served as a twisted and perverted form of amusement .

A vast array of constructed and fabricated threats are the precursors used to push the research in the required direction , which is always forwards .

Or should that be backwards ?

Using a virus to make a better type of memory

“For the first time in history, the researchers showed that through using the M13 bacteriophage – more commonly known as a virus – a low-temperature construction of tiny phase-change wires and memory can be achieved .”

Viruses as Controllable Nanodevices

Viruses are shells made up of proteins and sometimes lipids that carry genetic information into cells. The type of genetic material (DNA or RNA), shape, size, and the process of delivery differ between different virus families.”

“The fields of physical, chemical, and synthetic virology work in partnership to reprogram viruses as controllable nanodevices.”

Further reading (M13 bacteriophage) :

Artificial synapses made from nanowires

“Scientists from Jülich together with colleagues from Aachen and Turin have produced a memristive element made from nanowires that functions in much the same way as a biological nerve cell. The component is able to save and process information, as well as receive numerous signals in parallel. The resistive switching cell made from oxide crystal nanowires is thus an ideal candidate for use in building bioinspired “neuromorphic” processors, able to take over the diverse functions of biological synapses and neurons.”

Toward brain-like computing: New memristor better mimics synapses

“Memristors are electrical resistors with memory—advanced electronic devices that regulate current based on the history of the voltages applied to them. They can store and process data simultaneously, which makes them a lot more efficient than traditional systems. They could enable new platforms that process a vast number of signals in parallel and are capable of advanced machine learning.”

3D Bioprinting for Astronauts

“Astronauts venturing deep into space could receive medical treatments using 3D-printed skin, bone and – one day – entire organs, according to a leading group of 3D bioprinting experts who gathered at ESA’s technical heart. ”

The Pentagon’s Push to Program Soldiers’ Brains

“…… assured that DARPA is developing new technologies that rival anything military science fiction (or cyberpunk dystopias) could imagine.”

“Here’s a situation that I know all of you know very well—your frustration with your smartphones, right? This is another tool, right? And we are still communicating with these tools through our bodies.”

“And then it made a leap: “I would claim to you that these tools are not so smart. And maybe one of the reasons why they’re not so smart is because they’re not connected to our brains. Maybe if we could hook those devices into our brains, they could have some idea of what our goals are, what our intent is, and what our frustration is.”

“The mission is to make human beings something other than what we are, with powers beyond the ones we’re born with.”

Implants  Neural Engineering

Cultocracy note :

Historically the ‘Programme’ of human experimentation and the trialling of covert technologies involved the abduction of human guinea pigs and surgical implantation . The initial programme was so extensive it even required its own cover story based on modern sci-fi .

The vectors of delivery are now untraceable , the technology is undetectable , it is becoming ever more sophisticated .

The commercial and often sinister advantages of covert neurotechnology use , coupled with the bonus of domestic suppression & control currently outweigh more humane applications .

In the West , the technology is currently in the hands of the few , at the expense of the many .

Carbon nanotubes mime biology

“Cellular membranes serve as an ideal example of a system that is multifunctional, tunable, precise and efficient.”

“However, LLNL scientists went one step further and combined robust synthetic bloc-copolymer membranes with another LLNL-developed technology: artificial membrane nanopores based on carbon nanotube porins (CNTPs), which are short segments of single-wall carbon nanotubes that form nanometer-scale pores with atomically smooth hydrophobic walls that can transport protons, water and macromolecules, including DNA. ”

Natural nanofibres made of cellulose

“‘Our tests showed that the frictional and adhesive forces of the cellulose fibres are almost as strong as with vertically-arranged carbon nanotubes,’ said Dr Clemens Schaber, first author of the study. The structural dimensions of the cellulose nanofibers are similar to the vertically aligned carbon nanotubes.”

Ion channels

Further reading :

Even more reading :

A similar approach using Quantum Dots (QD’s) :

Cultocracy note :

The link below describes another optogenetic approach to neural manipulation using a more traditional implant , yet another example of deep state research being introduced to the public . Covert technologies are often recycled when at the end of their shelf life , at this point they are repackaged and marketed for the commercial sector .

This is a tell tale sign that the technology has been superseded and is now obsolete , at least in deep state terms .

Controlling neurons with light—but without wires or batteries

“We’re making these tools to understand how different parts of the brain work,” Gutruf said. “The advantage with optogenetics is that you have cell specificity: You can target specific groups of neurons and investigate their function and relation in the context of the whole brain.”

Free Energy Principle

Graphene’s magic is in the defects

“Finely tuned electrochemical sensors (also referred to as electrodes) that are as small as biological cells are prized for medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring systems.”

“These new findings will enable the use of ultra-small carbon-based electrodes with homogeneous and extraordinarily high sensitivities in next-generation neural probes and multiplexed “lab-on-a-chip” platforms”

Magnetoresistance ratio enhancement in Heusler-based alloy opens the door to highly sensitive magnetic field sensors

“Magnetic field sensors can enhance applications that require efficient electric energy management. Improving magnetic field sensors below the picoTesla range could enable a technique to measure brain activity at room temperature with millisecond resolution — called magnetic encephalography — without superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) technology, which requires cryogenic temperatures to work. ”

Scientists create way to power pacemaker with light

“University of Chicago scientists have pioneered a technique that could one day create a pacemaker that operates using tiny pulses of light.”

Insights into magnetic bacteria may guide research into medical nanorobots

“Researchers have long studied magnetotactic bacteria (MTB), aquatic microbes that have the ability to orientate themselves to magnetic fields. This unusual behaviour makes them a subject of interest for improving our understanding of biomagnetism, and potentially harnessing their abilities for future technologies, such as medical nanorobots. Neutrons have been used to explore the characteristics of this magnetism by probing the specialised parts of the cells that are involved.”

Cultocracy note :

Nano technology is useless without a mode of transport and delivery , imagine a shiny new car without a steering wheel .

More sophisticated and subtle methods of cellular uptake are being researched , the medical term for cellular infiltration is Endocytosis and is usually energy dependent .

As can be seen from the diagram below traditional uptake methods involve the application of directed energy . The energy can take many forms including electromagnetic , heat , light and even ultrasound . Other techniques include Hydrolysis which can be induced both chemically and electromagnetically .

To quote the PDF paper ‘Nano based drug delivery systems‘ :

“Regarding the controlled release, this behavior can be achieved via external stimulation by light, heat, radio frequency or magnetic fields”

New transport mechanism of nanomaterial through a cell membrane: membrane stretching

“Apart from well-discussed energy-dependent endocytosis for large objects and passive diffusion through membranes by solute molecules, there can exist other transport mechanisms based on physical principles. ”

“But a surprise appears when they stretched their model cell membrane, then inserted nanotubes which were trapped in the bilayer, suddenly started to escape from the bilayer on both sides. This means that it is possible to control the transport of nanomaterial across a cell membrane by tuning the membrane tension. ”

Related & Further reading (lots)  :

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Related – Toxicity & Health Effects :


Cultocracy note :

If pockets or even swathes of the general environment are actually contaminated with toxic nanotechnology , either from commercial or other sources , then maybe we could expect to see a rise in several types of disease .

Inflammatory disease covers a broad range of symptoms and ailments .

There are so many potential sources of toxicity in the environment that it would be very hard to lay the blame of any type of disease at any specific source .

One source could conveniently mask another .

Possibly related – Mesothelioma :

Possibly related – Brain Cancer :

Possibly related – Alzheimers :



Mighty morphing materials take complex shapes

“Rice University scientists have created a rubbery, shape-shifting material that morphs from one sophisticated form to another on demand.”

“The shapes programmed into a polymer by materials scientist Rafael Verduzco and graduate student Morgan Barnes appear in ambient conditions and melt away when heat is applied. The process also works in reverse.”

An energy-efficient way to stay warm

“What if, instead of turning up the thermostat, you could warm up with high-tech, flexible patches sewn into your clothes – while significantly reducing your electric bill and carbon footprint”

“They are inexpensive, can be powered by coin batteries and are able to generate heat where the human body needs it since they can be sewed on as patches. ”

“Next steps include seeing if this method can be used to create other smart fabrics, including patch-based sensors and circuits.”

Borophene advances as 2-D materials platform

“Borophene is extremely flexible, strong, and lightweight—even more so than its carbon-based analogue, graphene. These unique electronic and mechanical properties make borophene a promising material platform for next-generation electronic devices such as wearables, biomolecule sensors, light detectors, and quantum computers.”


Cultocracy note :

This month the graphene pushers promise the world better bra’s and faster bullets .

A collaboration between research teams could produce something altogether more interesting .


Bullet Bra – It’ll poke your eyes out

Wearable ‘smart clothes’ are the next new gimmick promoted by the money minded corporate controllers to a largely consumer minded public . Industry is desperately trying to wedge graphene into an already saturated consumer market .

Graphene garments will also turn you into a walking antenna .

I think I’ll stick to cotton .

Gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘men in black’ .

Graphene unlocks new potential for ‘smart textiles’

“An international team of scientists, led by Professor Monica Craciun from the University of Exeter Engineering department, has pioneered a new technique to create fully electronic fibres that can be incorporated into the production of everyday clothing.”

Adding graphene to jute fibres could give natural alternative to man-made materials

“Scientists from The University of Manchester have combined graphene with the natural fibre jute, to create a world’s first for graphene-strengthened natural jute fibre composites.”

Graphene Could Revolutionize the Development of Wearable Electronic Devices

“Headed by Professor Monica Craciun from the University of Exeter Engineering department, an international group of researchers has developed a novel method for producing fully electronic fibers that can be integrated into the production of day-to-day clothing.”

New T-wave detector uses waves of the electronic sea in graphene

“A team of researchers from Russia, Great Britain, Japan and Italy has created a graphene-based terahertz detector. The study was published in Nature Communications.”

“Any system for wireless data transfer relies on electromagnetic wave sources and detectors, but they are not available for every kind of waves. The existing sources of terahertz radiation, which occupies a middle ground between microwaves and infrared light, consume too much power or require intense cooling. Yet T-waves could potentially enable faster Wi-Fi, new methods of medical diagnostics, and studies of space objects using radio telescopes.”

Discovery could lead to munitions that go further, much faster

“Researchers from the U.S. Army and top universities discovered a new way to get more energy out of energetic materials containing aluminum, common in battlefield systems, by igniting aluminum micron powders coated with graphene oxide.”


Bought five pairs already , also 10 bullet bras !

World’s first- ever graphene hiking boots unveiled

“The hiking and outdoor footwear market has been stagnant for many years and crying out for innovation. We’ve brought a fresh approach and new ideas, launching products that will allow hikers, fast-packers and outdoor adventurers to get more miles out of their boots, no matter how gnarly the terrain.”

Cultocracy note :

10 out of 10 for marketing bollox .



A water treatment breakthrough, inspired by a sea creature

“The research, a collaboration of the labs of Yale’s Menachem Elimelech and Huazhang Zhao of Peking University, used a material known as a nanocoagulant to rid water of contaminants. By removing a broad range of contaminants in a single step, the discovery promises to significantly improve on the centuries-old use of coagulants for water treatment.”

Boron nitride and silver nanoparticles help get rid of carbon monoxide emissions

“Carbon monoxide (carbonous oxide) is one of the most harmful gases to people, but the gas is everywhere as it is released through car engine exhaust. Catalytic converters, which oxidize the gas to non-toxic nitrogen dioxide through catalytic reactions, are typically used to get rid of cars’ carbon monoxide exhaust.”

“Chemists from NUST MISIS have developed a new hybrid catalyst for carbon monoxide oxidation consisting of hexagonal boron nitride and silver nanoparticles. This material makes it possible to get a full conversion of carbon monoxide at only 194 degrees Celsius.”


Plastic waste disintegrates into nanoparticles, study finds

“There is a considerable risk that plastic waste in the environment releases nano-sized particles known as nanoplastics, according to a new study from Lund University….”

“Last year, in an earlier study from Lund University, researchers showed that nano-sized plastic particles can enter the brains of fish and that this causes brain damage which probably disturbs fish behaviour.”

Related :



Cultocracy note :

Future innovations in medical care are envisioned , surgery is to be partially automated and gene driven diagnosis will be guided by artificial intelligence . Obtainable for the wealthy but not for the poor , unless of course there is hard cash to be made .

If modern gene based medicine becomes too efficient then the large pharmaceutical and biotech firms will see a slump in profits , it is much more profitable to ‘keep people ill and sell them the pill’ .

( I am a poet and I like to mow it (grass that is))

There will always be a publicly funded NHS in the UK , as long as there is big pharma and big tech to back it up with the collection of big profits .

How much of the proposed £20billion-a-year increase in UK health spending will find its way into private hands I wonder ?

Welcome to the Future of Surgery

“Developments in robotics and machine learning suggest that surgical tasks will increasingly be automated, with more guidance, support and information available to the surgical team. However, fully autonomous robot-surgeons remain unlikely to populate operating theatres in the next few decades.”


Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

“Goldman Sachs analysts attempted to address a touchy subject for biotech companies, especially those involved in the pioneering “gene therapy” treatment: cures could be bad for business in the long run.”


E-bandage generates electricity, speeds wound healing in rats

“As early as the 1960s, researchers observed that electrical stimulation could help skin wounds heal. However, the equipment for generating the electric field is often large and may require patient hospitalization. Weibo Cai, Xudong Wang and colleagues wanted to develop a flexible, self-powered bandage that could convert skin movements into a therapeutic electric field.”


A painless adhesive

“The adhesives could be used to attach and painlessly detach wound dressings, transdermal drug delivery devices, and wearable robotics.”

Sprayable gel could help the body fight off cancer after surgery

“Now, a UCLA-led research team has developed a spray gel embedded with immune-boosting drugs that could help. In a peer-reviewed study, the substance was successful half of the time in awakening lab animals’ immune systems to stop the cancer from recurring and inhibit it from spreading to other parts of the body.”

A summary of electrospun nanofibers as drug delivery system

“Dr Bravo’s research presents an overview of reported drugs loaded into fibers which can be used as drug delivery systems. Drugs with different biological functions such as anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anticancer, cardiovascular, anti-histamine, gastrointestinal, palliative and contraception, were used for this purpose.

Good Vibrations

The Hippies Were Right: It’s All about Vibrations, Man!

“All things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating. Even objects that appear to be stationary are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various frequencies. Resonance is a type of motion, characterized by oscillation between two states. And ultimately all matter is just vibrations of various underlying fields.”

“Large-scale neuron firing can occur in human brains at specific frequencies, with mammalian consciousness thought to be commonly associated with various kinds of neuronal synchrony.”

“Pascal Fries, a German neurophysiologist with the Ernst Strüngmann Institute, has explored in his highly cited work over the last two decades the ways in which various electrical patterns, specifically, gamma, theta and beta waves, work together in the brain to produce the various types of human consciousness.”

“It is all about vibrations, but it’s also about the type of vibrations and, most importantly, about shared vibrations.”

“Put that in your pipe and smoke it … man.”

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Cold War 2 : Satellite Boogaloo


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UK Drone Laws – Off the Leash

Another day , another set of laws by UK politicians . There must be more laws in the UK than the rest of the countries of the world combined . Most are now ignored by a large chunk of the general population , all are ignored by the ruling classes and their chums .

This particular set of laws is related to remote controlled flying drones , the introduction of new legislation has been on the cards for a while .

The proposed laws will require drone owners to take an online test , which will no doubt require a fee , an unlicensed owner could face a fine .

There are a lot of other countries that have drone laws , even Afghanistan would you believe .

Killer Drones

No doubt the ever expanding fleet of hunter killer drones produced in the UK by BAE systems will be exempt from any laws , both moral and legal .

[Demented Subterranean Transhumanist Lunatics]

The development of the UK’s drone fleet is largely down to the shadowy scientists employed by the DSTL , or the Defence Science Technology Laboratory . DSTL has underground labs scattered across the UK , many within the boundaries of large aerospace and defence contractors such as BAE Systems , they have close links to the UK military and intelligence services .

Many scientists are placed in impossible situations , others are willing and complicit in the manufacture of machines of death and destruction which will only profit the few . Others are in a state of denial , many are simply drones themselves , inhuman hive mind technologies are commonplace in the defence and aerospace industries .

Off the Leash

Off the Leash’ is a report published by Drone Wars UK and covers the development of the drone fleet in the UK .

The report has this to say about DSTL :

“DSTL is able to support targeted research which neither academia nor the private sector would be willing to conduct alone.”

The UK’s drone programme is basically owned by BAE Systems . The company is listed on the stock exchange and is largely unaccountable to the government , the political establishment in the UK is either blackmailed into submission , or scared into submission . BAE systems is controlled largely by the UK deep state along with their partners (in crime) in the US .

In fact UK politician Robin Cook (R.I.P) had this to say about BAE in his autobiography :

“I came to learn that the chairman of BAE (Sir Dick Evans) appeared to have the key to the garden door to No. 10. Certainly I never knew No 10 to come up with any decision that would be incommoding to BAE.”

According to ‘Off the Leash‘ BAE Systems is closely connected to the US deep state :

“The division’s Special Activity Exploitation (SAX) research group works closely with government research labs and organizations, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA).”


BAE Systems latest toy is called Taranis . According to the report :

“Ground tests for Taranis took place at BAE’s Warton aerodrome in 2010, with
the first two phases of flight trials taking place at the Woomera test range in
Australia in 2013-14 and a third phase commencing in 2015.”

“Taranis also appears to have the capacity to identify and attack targets autonomously. In an interview with the Daily Express about the aircraft, BAE’s Taranis Programme Manager, Clive Marrison, pointed out that although it was “highly likely” that the UK’s Rules of Engagement would continue to require a human to determine target decisions, “the Rules of Engagement could change,”

QinetiQ & Zephyr

QinetiQ is another private company which forms part of the Western military industrial complex (MIC) .

According to ‘Off the Leash‘ :

“QinetiQ is a UK-based arms manufacturer which evolved from the Defence
Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), a Ministry of Defence agency which
was privatised in 2001.”

“QinetiQ emerged as the commercial entity resulting from privatisation, while other DERA functions were retained in-house as DSTL.”

“QinetiQ has also been involved in the development of other unmanned systems for the Ministry of Defence. The company originally designed and built the Zephyr High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite – a new generation of drone capable of flying to heights of over 20,000 metres and loitering for extended periods of days, or even weeks. Zephyr holds the official record for the longest duration of unmanned flight, remaining in the air for 14 days during a flight in 2010, and in August 2018 exceeded this with a 25 day flight.”

“The aircraft is extremely lightweight and is powered by a combination of solar cells and rechargeable batteries and can be equipped with conventional cameras, radar and lidar sensors, and communications interception equipment. It is capable
of undertaking reconnaissance and security patrols, acting as a communications
relay platform, and undertaking advanced surveillance work.”


The research and development departments of the deep state are now largely out of public hands and out of control , this allows contractors full autonomy and zero accountability . They can now research anything and conduct horrific clandestine experimentation on anyone , ‘national security’ is bellowed from the rooftops if anyone dare pry , nobody from the UK political establishment will .

This situation is replicated in the US , in fact it is probably even worse .

The enlargement of the surveillance state and the creep towards a merger between industry and state intelligence continues at a rapid pace , some would call it fascism . An ironic situation since the militarized and securitized state only represents the twin prongs of corporate and capital power , which in turn are only represented by a handful of individuals , albeit extremely wealthy individuals .

At least this was the case in historical terms .

The report regarding drone research in the UK does lay bare the growing tactic of M.I.C partnerships with the private sector . Does the M.I.C now constitute a global power in itself ? Does it not answer to anybody in a modern world ? If not is there an ideology which underpins the new military corporate complex ? Does it go beyond the simple accumulation of wealth ? Is it all about power and control ?

Probably a slice of all of the above coupled with a large dose of power induced insanity .

To answer the above questions you will have to follow the money , if you can that is . It would appear on the face of things that money is simply siphoned off and wasted , a large portion of which will find itself into the hands of wealthy shareholders in the form of dividends , which in recent years have far outperformed many other investments .

This is not an accurate portrayal of the bigger picture .

The reality is that funds and profits are sunk into top secret black projects , way beyond the public eye and way beyond the public imagination . The fruits of the research may yield commercial applications which are taken to market by seemingly unconnected startups . Other research is invaluable in maintaining the cloak of secrecy and zero accountability that has become normal policy in what now can only be described as racketeering on a global scale .

The situation is now so perverse , desperate and extreme that the controllers and their minions are backed into a corner , like rats with nowhere to escape . They simply have no option but to continue as they have always done . The alternative of public disclosure will mean certain destruction . The more people they can consume with their diabolical scheming , the safer they assume they will be .

Defence & national security ?

Maybe , but for who exactly ?

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Cuban Diplomat Attacks – It’s Just Not Cricket

An update to the Cuban diplomat attack story , or as it is now known in deep state circles ‘what a tangled web we weave……‘ .

It appears that the recordings made in the vicinity of the attacks and released to the press were the sound of the Indies short-tailed cricket (Anurogryllus celerinictus) .

It should be noted that the scientists who examined the recording did not dispute that the diplomats were attacked by ‘exotic’ weaponry and not crickets .


If you have been targeted with the full smorgasboard of deep state toys then you will probably be aware that the effect of being bowled a googly is more like being felled with a cricket bat , rather than listening to a bit of insect chirping .

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A free-electron laser (FEL) is a kind of laser whose lasing medium consists of very-high-speed electrons moving freely through a magnetic structure,[1] hence the term free electron.[2] The free-electron laser is tunable and has the widest frequency range of any laser type,[3] currently ranging in wavelength from microwaves, through terahertz radiation and infrared, to the visible spectrum, ultraviolet, and X-ray.” (Wikipedia)

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  10. The Klystron
  11. “The fourth category is the ubitron or free electron laser. This device, which more closely resembles a high voltage linear accelerator, is capable of producing high power radiation across a broad band of frequencies.”
  12. The ubitron, also known as the free electron laser, is the product of extensive work by the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization.
  13. Directed Energy and Fleet Defense

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Gavin Williamson Defence Secretary – UK wants to Play Empires (Again)


Please can I play Empires Mummy ?

UK defence secretary , guffmaster and talking head Gavin Williamson has been told that he should tell the world that the Crown wants to play Empires .

Readers of this blog should know that I always try to differentiate between the established rulers of a country and the general population . The established controlling clique would like the world to think that decisions are made in the interests of a population , by the population .

To this end planted mainstream articles often generalize and quote ‘the UK decides this’ or ‘the UK decides that’ which implies the whole country and every person therein is in step with our glorious rulers , which is simply not true . The UK is controlled by a global crime syndicate known as the Crown , as is Australia , as are many other countries . The reality is that the UK as we know it was formed by a mainland European elite , which then became a staging post for systematic murder , theft , slavery and looting on a global scale .

We should all learn to discern this simple fact , the task is made harder by the mainstream press who continually like to bundle people together with their respective leaders . It is the Russians , it is the Syrians , the French etc . This only contributes to the legitimacy of illegitimate regimes , which is what any self respecting established ruling clique require .

The Crown does not represent the UK public , they only represent themselves and their stakeholders . This model is true for many other nations around the world . I was once told by a very wealthy and connected person that power in any society always rises to those who control the capital and wealth . True to a certain extent , but it is tough at the top and it is also a very fragile position as many a modern regime can attest to .

Anyhow , I digress , back to the main story .

Never content since the shrinking of the old ‘British’ Empire , the Crown and their cohorts now want to rebuild and return to the global stage . I can only assume that the rest of the world is now either heaving out a collective groan or locking up their sons and family silver , or all three if they know their history .

The reality is that European countries have no interest in fanning the flames of division and following the old path of the Cold War . It is simply not happening , no matter how hard the dinosaurs and desperados try . European countries would now like to throw of the yoke of servitude and militarization that was an unintended consequence of being on the right side during WWII . Just like the UK and Brexit , Europe would like Exit , that is a European eXit from International Tyranny , the countries making up the EU feel that they can only accomplish this together . Many are only just waking up to the fact that their ‘allies’ have been stabbing them and their public in the back for decades , the general consensus is ‘united Europe will stand , divided Europe will fall’ .

Unfortunately the UK is skint , the only budgets that have been increased in recent years are the defence & intelligence budgets . That is since the kindly UK public decided to fund the ‘War on Terror’ and bail out the banks . Can we expect the bill for defence spending to fall now that the War on Terror is in its death throes and nobody is buying the Russophobia meme* ?

Not likely .

(*except for G.I. Gav)

If there are no current threats , then you can be sure that several will be created . Creating any empire of accumulation requires information & intelligence , also known as gaining the upper hand in layman’s terms . Information & intelligence requires an army of intelligence personnel , also known as snoops and perverts in layman’s terms . Snoops and Spooks require threats to national security , also known as false flags & the ‘War on X‘* in layman’s terms .

(*Replace X with current method of fear creation and fabricated terror)


The Crown has always operated abroad , it is where the loot is , it is what they have always done . Their mind controlled minions back at home are left to mop up any blowback from their extensive portfolio of sojourns in foreign lands , which conveniently also covers the controlling or crushing of any domestic dissent .

Many people will be aware that Australia was stolen by the Crown in a process termed ‘colonization’ . The process involved forcing men , women and quite often children through a rigged judicial system where they would be separated from their families and ‘deported’ for trivial and trumped up crimes , such as stealing an apple . In fact if you stole anything in the times of the Empire you were immediately placed in leg irons and would find yourself on a ship for the colonies before you could say ‘but I was starving guv’nor‘ . The vast majority of ‘transported convicts’ were convicted of petty crimes .

Once there the unfortunate ‘convicts’ were forced into slavery and subjugation , building roads and other infrastructure and polishing the crown agent’s boots . No doubt whilst the guv’nor laughed sadistically whilst brandishing a whip* at a poor unfortunate young boy .

(*The whip often served a dual purpose in the realms of the establishment , both pain and pleasure)

The process still happens today , although ‘deportation to Australia now has a completely different meaning , but that is another story entirely .

Australia is rich in resources , there has been another recolonization effort in recent years , although this is based on more modern and some would say* far more exotic methods . A steady stream of colonists have left the UK in recent decades , lured by the dual prospects of a sunny climate and a less work orientated lifestyle . Some may have been lured by expat tales , TV programming and documentaries , others may have felt an inexplicable urge to eat a mountain of mashed potatoes and then buy a one way ticket . Either way , Australia is now on the up .


New sources of funding for the Crown empire will be required , Australia fits the bill nicely (no pun intended) .

The links above show that the Australian economy is faring far better than the economy of the UK .

The UK economy could face further decline in the future :

(i) North Sea oil dries up (likely)

(ii) The money laundering and financial sectors decentralize and move out of the City of London (not too likely)

(iii) Europe creates its own defence force and other countries start to buy defence equipment from competitors (likely) .

(iv) The service sector is gradually swallowed by global conglomerates who refuse to pay tax (already happening) .

In fact for a relative newcomer to the global economy , the GDP of Australia is quite high and only half that of the UK , Australia is also lumbered with far less debt . The only gloomy news for Australia is that the debt situation will undoubtedly increase as the Crown slowly maneuvers into a more entrenched position .

Australia is also quite a wealthy country in terms of personal wealth , in fact Australia recently overtook Switzerland and took the top spot in terms of median wealth . Median wealth is basically the individual wealth of the average person , no mean feat when you are up against a gang of merchant bankers .

Over the years Australia has attracted attention from rival power blocs , more recent courtships have caused consternation back at Crown HQ , or have they ?

Australia will not only need to be recolonized , it will also need to be defended , it will not be allowed to have any friends , unless the Crown allows it . Besides who needs more than four friends when together you are the Famous Five .


Of course the new military bases could serve a dual purpose , they could allow the central core of UK based companies to expand further afield , a stealthy counterweight to a potential fall in European trade post Brexit . Assuming that the UK establishment want Brexit , which I think they do . New markets in the Far East are extremely lucrative , as are South American markets , in fact as are the markets of most emergent economies .

So in the long term Australia could find itself at the centre of a post Brexit UK based trading bloc . Further still we may also see the transportation of manpower goods and services that are traditionally based in the UK to Australia & New Zealand . The Caribbean arm of the operation simply facilitates the transport of finance and financial services , services that emergent economies require as they accumulate cash . A financial services sector built in New Zealand could perhaps service the Far East and even China , all controlled from Westminster and Whitehall of course .

For myself , I hope the shifting of central power scenario plays out . Australia and New Zealand are welcome to take the triad of the Crown , the Banking Cartel and the Arms industries currently calling the UK home . Some may welcome the extra industry , the increased stature on the global stage along with other superficial rewards . Others will no doubt resist the ‘reoccupation’ of their land , knowing full well the repercussions to the public and society . Others still will resist because they feel they have to . The triad will then be complete .


The shrinking of the US based global order is affording new opportunities for those who are agile and adaptable . There are many power structures that are willing and able to exploit the slightest opportunity afforded by former partners and allies . The old order is collapsing under the weight of corruption and criminality , totalitarian technological techniques and weaponry that have upheld the monopoly for decades are now in the hands of competitors , both private and state .

The times they are a changin

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Manufactured Terror – Problem , Reaction , Solution


Cultocracy note :

There would definitely seem to be something afoot in France .

The Macron administration would appear to have fallen afoul of a rival global faction , at least that is how it appears on the surface .

It should be noted that in the clandestine , crazy and corrupt world of subversion & sedition nothing is ever as it first appears .


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Trump Vs Hunt – Global Factional Infighting

News plastered all over the mainstream media today suggests that establishment goon Jeremy Hunt is getting ambitious and wants the world to know .

Who is Jeremy Hunt ?

Jeremy , or Jezza to his mates , is the current UK foreign secretary , a post also known as ‘agent nodding donkey‘ to establishment spooks .There is a Wikipedia page on Jezza , so he must be important .

A lot of people knock Wikipedia , yes it is open to abuse , but it is always a good starting point for information . Think of it this way , if teams of cyber goons are busy editing wiki pages in favour of their paymasters , there will probably also be a rival team or two selectively editing the pages themselves , thus over time we get a semblance of the truth .

According to information found at Wikipedia and other MSM sources Jezza is establishment through and through . He has impeccable credentials for full membership of the wide variety of secret fraternities and cult groups that seek to control the UK political system at home and further afield .

  • Jezza studied at the spooky Oxford University .
  • Jezza is the eldest son of a Navy Admiral .
  • Jezza is a distant relation of Queen Elizabeth II and Oswald Mosley .
  • Jezza is a descendant of Streynsham Master , a pioneer of the global opium trafficking operation historically known as the East India Company .
  • Jezza made a packet from a variety of  ‘enterprises’ which were largely funded by taxpayer funded organizations .
  • Jezza has been ‘investigated’ for ‘expenses fraud’ , ‘accounting errors’ and ‘tax dodging’ .
  • Jezza does not like the NHS .
  • Jezza does not like football fans , particularly Liverpool fans .
  • Jezza looks after his close friends .
  • Jezza loves the Saudi regime .
  • Jezza loves French PM Macron .
  • Jezza hates ‘the Russians’ .
  • Jezza does not like Trump and the current US administration .
  • Jezza does have one thing in common with Trump , he hates ‘fake news’ .

Which is strange , I hear some of Jezza’s mates are avid readers of this blog , which is obviously only composed of fake news .


The ‘War on Terror’ is finished , at least in its current capacity . Trump represents a large swathe of the US populace and public representatives that realize they have been manipulated by organizations with niche interests . Any neutral observer of global politics must now understand the reasons for the venom directed towards Trump , it is directed from afar . The plan to withdraw US military forces from the Middle East theatre has been on the drawing board for a long while .

The US , particularly the US military , is a useful tool which many global factions seek to influence and perhaps even control . There are also many subsidiary foreign organizations that feed from the teat of US military supremacy . Supremacy which some would like to see maintained purely because it is in their interests , not the interests of the US public and the wider global populations .

In modern geopolitical terms , it is in the interests of the Israeli and Saudi administrations to have conflict in their back garden .

In modern geopolitical terms , it is in the interests of the UK administration to have conflict in their back garden .

All three countries appear to be largely controlled by parasitical profiteers , not only at the expense of the domestic populations , but now the whole world .

Each can then gorge on the $billions in funds and the technology transfer which inevitably follow .

They can all gorge on market instability and commodity fluctuations .

A common dialectic .

You could almost view the situation as the UK & Israel vying for the favor of the vainglorious US military machine , it should also be considered that ‘exotic capabilities’ are only awarded to best friends and allies . Very useful for non-military profiteering and domestic control .

Perhaps another dialectic ?

Conclusion to Jezza

As an excuse for continuing the UK presence in the Middle East Jezza has now cynically announced that he ‘wishes to save Christians’ .

Surely Jezza must realize that many religious groups are simply played off against one another by the global puppet masters . Many are caught in the inevitable crossfire .

Perhaps the people who Jezza represents should not have engaged in the global genocide and racketeering operation known as the ‘War on Terror’ .

I should also suggest that Jezza revise ‘his’ foreign policy towards Syria .

I think I can safely say that then political ‘elite’ of most Western democracies no longer represent their respective populations , have they ever ?

Final Conclusion

Jeremy Hunt , what a complete c……………..

But then again , aren’t they all .

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