Nano Technology News – December 2017

Nano technology is here to stay , whether we like it or not , nano technology promises to revolutionize life as we know it , for better or for worse .

There is no doubt that advances in research could benefit the planet , or the reverse . As can be expected the US , China and Russia lead the way in terms of research funding , as can be seen from the graph below there has been a large increase in funding from the year 2000 . War , real or fabricated , is always used as a pretext for technological advance . As Russia and China seek to narrow the gap the graph also shows another spike in funding from these two countries from around 2006 . A delayed reaction no doubt .


Various military and related organizations gain a large portion of the funding .

The graph below shows that after the year 2000 around a quarter of US nano research funding went to the US D.o.D , although this seems to have tapered off . You can be sure that the figures are the same for Russia and China , maybe higher . As always the technology is seen as being able to provide an edge in conflict situations , maintaining technological superiority over rivals is ingrained in the mindset of the controllers .

One bonus from this emergent arms race is that new developments often spill over into the commercial and public spheres , excluding of course the juiciest and most advanced developments , these are always kept under wraps .

Research and development in Europe (excluding the UK) is taking a more enlightened path and is focused more on environmental sustainability and economic development :

The benefits from nano research could be enormous , as could the disasters , disasters for us that is , not the controllers .

The two sides are succinctly put into words by Andrew Chen from the Santa Clara University in a paper titled ‘The Ethics of Nanotechnology’ :

Potential Benefits…

  • Manufacturing
    • Precision Manufacturing
    • Material Reuse
    • Miniaturization
  • Medicine
    • Pharmaceutical Creation
    • Disease Treatment
    • Nanomachine-assisted Surgery
  • Environment
    • Toxin Cleanup
    • Recycling
    • Resource Consumption Reduction

Potential Dangers…

  • Weapons
    • Miniature Weapons and Explosives
    • Disassemblers for Military Use
  • Rampant Nanomachines
    • The Gray Goo Scenario
    • Self Replicating Nanomachines
  • Surveillance
    • Monitoring
    • Tracking

Future War

Artificial intelligence and nano technology are tied closely , especially in terms of societal control , societal control = war against the people .

In 1986 K. Eric Drexler penned a prescient publication about nano technology titled Engines of Creation . The book had many critics , but also ignited a popular interest in nano technology , at the time of publication Drexler was probably considered a ‘conspiracy theorist’ . Drexler’s inspiration for Engines of Creation was a 1959 lecture by physicist Richard Feynman titled ‘There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom’ .

A chapter from Engines of Creation was titled ‘Engines of Destruction’ .

To quote from the chapter ‘Engines of Destruction’ :

“Despite their potential as engines of destruction, nanotechnology and AI systems will lend themselves to more subtle uses than do nuclear weapons. A bomb can only blast things, but nanomachines and AI systems could be used to infiltrate, seize, change, and govern a territory or a world. Even the most ruthless police have no use for nuclear weapons, but they do have use for bugs, drugs, assassins, and other flexible engines of power. With advanced technology, states will be able to consolidate their power over people .”

“States could become more like organisms by dominating their parts more completely. Using replicating assemblers, states could fill the human environment with miniature surveillance devices. Using an abundance of speech-understanding AI systems, they could listen to everyone without employing half the population as listeners. Using nanotechnology like that proposed for cell repair machines , they could cheaply tranquilize, lobotomize, or otherwise modify entire populations.”
“This would simply extend an all too familiar pattern. The world already holds governments that spy, torture, and drug; advanced technology will merely extend the possibilities.”
“But with advanced technology, states need not control people—they could instead simply discard people.”
“What is more, advanced AI systems could replace engineers, scientists, ad-
ministrators, and even leaders. The combination of nanotechnology and advanced AI will make possible intelligent, effective robots; with such robots, a state could prosper while discarding anyone, or even (in principle) everyone.”
“The implications of this possibility depend on whether the state exists to serve
the people, or the people exist to serve the state.”
The state has always served the niche interests of it’s prime sponsors and their cronies , at least that is the case in the UK and the US :

Links to ‘Engines of Destruction’ by K. Eric Drexler :


Creation or destruction ?

Which do you prefer ?

Which do they prefer ?

Nano Technology  News – December 2017

Cultocracy note :

Many strains of bacteria possess natural electromagnetic properties . Electrically conductive bacteria can bond together to form a conductive ‘wire’ .  Magnetotactic bacteria can be engineered to synthesize magnetic nano particles in a specific biological cellular region . 

Cultocracy note :

This particular bioluminescent plant was engineered using nano particles which deliver a ‘payload’ of firefly enzymes to specific cellular locations . Triffids coming soon .


Cultocracy note :

Another paper describes how quantum effects have been observed in green fluorescent proteins (GFP) . The research was funded by DARPA as part of the  Quantum effects in Biological Environments (QuBE) programme .

Triffids definitely coming soon , these barking mad lunatics would weaponize fresh air if they could , maybe they already have .

Cultocracy note :

Quantum sensing devices such as remote controlled ‘triffids’ are prone to signal disruption and degradation due to interference from the wider environment , especially during daylight hours .

The following paper describes how a particular form of spectral analysis known as the multitaper method may be used to cancel out signal interference .

Traditional signal decomposition & analysis uses the Fourier method , often used to translate neural signals derived from EEG , fMRI or similar biological imaging systems .

Quote :

“Professor Biercuk said the new protocols could have applications in medicine, such as imaging inside living cells using nanodiamonds. They could also be used in defence and security systems that use quantum-enhanced magnetometers, devices that measure changes in magnetic fields for target identification and tracking. ”


Cultocracy note :

Artificial neural networks (ANN) are increasingly using components known as memristors (memory resistor) . ANN’s can be used in a wide variety of data intensive applications , ANN’s enable a non linear approach to problem solving coupled with ‘machine learning’ or memory , a bit like the human brain .  


Cultocracy note :

Carbon nano tubes (CNT) can form a matrix like structure in biological tissue which is able to measure and remotely activate cellular firing .

Graphene has also been used to simulate cellular ion channel gating .


Cultocracy note :

D.N.A strands are being used to create increasingly sophisticated and complex nano structures . These ‘nano machines’ can be used in a wide variety of applications such as drug delivery , biological construction (or destruction) , nano implants and plasmonics .

Cultocracy final note :

Don’t forget that all of the above technology will have to be tested before reaching market .

It is being tested right now on targeted individuals via military intelligence and private mercenary crime gangs , all in the employ of corporate criminal networks .

Be alert , be aware .

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