Aligning Brains & Minds

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An interesting research article suggests that it is possible to predict conscious human thoughts purely from subconscious mental activity . Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) & machine learning techniques it was found that a computer could accurately predict a conscious human decision based on subconscious neural activity .

This particular experiment involved basic visual imagery , the visual cortex of the brain was found to be central to the conscious thought process .

I am sure that similar techniques could be used to predict other human functions such as motor control .

Mind reading ?

Just a ‘conspiracy theory’ ?

What if you could reverse the whole process and introduce synthetic visual cues to the brain which would then be processed as mental imagery ?

Surely it follows that if an MRI system (or similar) can ‘read’ neural signals from the human brain then the same system would be able to ‘write’ neural signals to the human brain ?

Perhaps using artificially induced and targeted electromagnetic wavelengths ?

Perhaps subconscious neural imagery could be used to influence and even control the conscious human thought process ?

Perhaps the whole system could be largely controlled by artificial intelligence ?

Together in electric dreams .

Decoding the contents and strength of imagery before volitional engagement

“Is it possible to predict the freely chosen content of voluntary imagery from prior neural signals? Here we show that the content and strength of future voluntary imagery can be decoded from activity patterns in visual and frontal areas well before participants engage in voluntary imagery.”

“Such a mechanism is intriguing in light of theories of mental imagery and thought generation that propose involuntary thought intrusion as both an everyday event, and, in extreme cases, a component of mental disorders like PTSD .”

“In summary, we think that the best way to explain our results is not in terms of unconscious decision processes (as it has been advanced previously in the literature), but rather by a process in which a decision (which could be conscious) is informed by weak sensory representations.”

Read the full article here at

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