Gaslight Murderer Had Kill List

For a background to this article you may want to read the article at the link below :

New this week tells us thet the ‘Maids Moreton Murderer‘ has been found guilty .

The articles also suggest that the murderer , Vicar’s son Benjamin Field , had compiled a list of around 100 other targets .

Co-defendant Martyn Smith was found not guilty of all charges .

Field’s younger brother, Tom Field , a Cambridge University graduate , was found not guilty of fraud .

I cannot help but think that there is much , much more to this story than meets the eye .

It should be noted that people from a religious background are frequently targeted by organizations much higher up the food chain .

Sytematic and sinister psychological and physical abuse can often permeate a whole organization once it has taken root .

Tactics remarkably similar to those used by the murderer , although much more sophisticated , are commonly deployed by a myriad of state and government agencies in pursuit of individuals deemed useful , disposable and expendable . The only difference is the ‘hands on’ approach used by Field , as opposed to the more remote and electronic means wielded by state agencies , although the two methods often overlap .

Never expect this fact to be mentioned in any mainstream article .

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  1. Rastameaning says:

    As said had skull brain scan normal but fracture to skull 💀 three places I make it physically mentally still young enough ban mind control electronic abuse illegal surveillance illegal harassment stalking love 💘respect understanding freedom happiness heal body mentally physically


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