Targeted Individual – Torture & Terrorism

Cultocracy note :

A Google search using the term “targeted individual” gives 273,000 results , therefore the actual number of targeted individuals (TI’s) must run into the millions , possibly 100’s of millions , maybe even more . The results are usually limited to websites that TI’s have started themselves , no doubt there is also a fair number of ‘shill’ sites controlled by the sadists themselves . You will not find many articles regarding TI’s in the mainstream media , if any .

To put this figure into perspective a Google search for “cancer victims” gives 379,000 results , a larger but comparable figure . Of course the dangers of cancer are well publicized and reach the mainstream media on a daily basis , so the search result figure is understandably higher .

This comparison reveals a massive and sustained effort by the deep state to censor the mainstream media and filter out any unwanted articles that could expose their ongoing enterprise .

An enterprise that can only be described as crimes against humanity .

What criminal activity are they so desperate to conceal ?

Why is the effort to conceal information from the public so sustained and concerted ?

What are ‘they’ afraid of ?

The ‘programme’ revolves around a highly secretive and covert program of societal control involving human experimentation , neural manipulation , artificial intelligence , implants , D.N.A manipulation , nano technology and electromagnetic stimulation and torture . As a whole the programme involves the research and development of these technologies bound together with a single aim .

Shadow elements within the military , security and political establishments all play a role , defence contractors and other organisations research and develop the technology . Other civil and private organisations provide the infrastructure or ‘boots on the ground’ .

The ‘programme’ is sold under a deceptive guise , often involving ‘national security’ or ‘law and order’ . The acceptance of the ‘programme’ requires a weak and complicit governing structure , similar to what we have now in many Western countries . Higher up the food chain the programme is clouded by sinister and grandiose schemes involving depopulaton , mysticism , world order , transhumanism , guided evolution and environmental memes  . Further up than this , the programme is espoused to the acolytes as a race to colonize and explore space beyond our own galaxy and ‘save humanity’ .

An intrinsic part of the programme is terrorism , that is domestic terrorism perpetrated by domestic terrorists . Often ‘they’ are disguised as public servants of some description , others are simply members of private mercenary crime gangs , the remaining few will have no idea that they are actually part of anything at all .

Many are dupes , many are greedy , many are compromised , many are brainwashed .

All are weak in character , all live in fear . This is intentional , such individuals are easier to control and manipulate .

The dynamics of the programme creates a snowball effect of exponential growth . A tangled and corrupt web of lies , deception , fraud , racketeering , torture , corruption , blackmail , assassination , murder and war .

The web has lured and ensnared many , many higher profile individuals , including wealthy individuals involved in the corporate , aristocratic , political and financial worlds . These already corrupt people are able to ‘call in a favour’ to have other individuals or rivals targeted on a whim . Money talks louder than anything else within the ‘programme’ .

The end game is total global control , for the controllers that is .

Remember that only full public awareness will end the desecration of humanity by the mind controlled maniacs .

This is a global issue .

If you are still a little confused I suggest you read some of the articles and websites below , they may be able to clarify things .

A little at least .


Cultocracy note :

I agree with many commentators that Snowden was not really that big , perhaps a ‘limited hangout’ operation . Although Snowden did serve to educate the uninitiated into the overarching surveillance programme which underpins ‘The Programme’ . The ‘Bigger than Snowden’ website has contributions from many respected whistle blowers so should not be disregarded .

The site is based in the U.S. , whistle blowers include :

  • William Binney , NSA Veteran, Technical Director .
  • Paul Batcho, PhD , former DARPA scientist .
  • Carl Clark , CIA & MI5 Operative .

Links :

A link to another description of ‘The Programme’ by a commentator on Bigger than Snowden :

Another whistle blower on Bigger than Snowden is William J. Taylor , Marine Corps Veteran & Private Investigator who runs the U.S. based William J. Taylor Agency .

A few quotes from an interview with William “Bill” Taylor reveals the foundations to the programme :

“I started working for the Secret Service and FBI when I was 16 in Cape Canaveral .”

“In those days, so many Nazi scientists worked out of Cape Canaveral,” he said, referring to Operation Paperclip .”

“People thought of that area as having many rocket scientists but they had no idea how much human experimenting was going on there. That’s where plenty of the Nazis settled and worked .”

Operation Paperclip was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program used to recruit Nazi Germany scientists for employment by the U.S. after World War II .

The U.S. government brought some 12,000 of those key Nazis to the U.S. in Operation Paperclip. They quickly merged with US intelligence to form the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) .

“We’d meet at the Mouse Trap Restaurant in Cape Canaveral. There was a lot of talk about their human experiments.”

“Some very high-profile people are being targeted with remote weapons,”

“I’ve told some of them that they should come forward and talk to help a lot of other people .”
“If you knew some of the people who are targets that I’ve proven their cases – you’d be surprised. They usually end up with a settlement and agreement to halt the surveillance and injuries .”
“One guy, I can’t tell you his name, but you know who he is – everyone knows who he is – came to me and said, ‘I think satellites are following me .”
When Taylor’s prompt matter of fact response was, “Ok,” the man asked, “Don’t
you think I’m crazy ?”
Taylor said “No. Let’s check it out .”
“As it turned out, in his case, it wasn’t a satellite. We found he was being tracked and monitored from an airplane platform. They’d spent a million dollars to build a system to track his every move. He was that important to them .”

The information above is important as it will provide an explanation for the mindset that permeates through the whole programme .

Read the full interview with Bill Taylor at the link below (PDF download) :

Bill Taylor has been involved in several high profile cases , these obviously resulted in gagging orders for the victims and a bout of book burning by the perpetrators . You may find many of the links below broken or misdirected . Persevere .

Yet another Bigger than Snowden whistleblower is Carl Clark , CIA & MI5 Operative .

Stargate and other CIA projects

Stargate was the moniker given to a CIA project involving remote viewing , the Soviet Union conducted similar projects . A large chunk of the information available on Stargate involves the testing of ‘psychic powers’ . This is largely disinformation , the research actually centered on particular human brain patterns and how to affect neural activity by the application of external electromagnetic frequencies . Further early research involved sophisticated psychological techniques and the surgical implantation of neural probes , with some of the research conducted in the UK with help from an eager establishment .

A large number of previously classified files were released by the CIA recently , including documents relating to Stargate . Obviously the CIA were very selective about what they released , many of the documents are thought to be fake .

Although one or two do link ‘remote viewing’ to ELF / VLF frequencies , the documents also link defence contractor SRI International to the research .

Of course there were many more contractors involved in the projects .

BAE Systems

In the UK BAE systems is heavily involved in the experimentation and covert testing involving human subjects , all under the control of establishment and intelligence figures .

Jon Nicholson was a former British Aerospace employee who has had multiple implants removed from his body . There is no doubt that the implants are designed to respond to electromagnetic frequencies and provide remote biological feedback coupled with neural manipulation .




Other victims also cite BAE systems as being heavily involved in human experimentation involving neural implants .

The Future or The Present ?

It is now thought that implants are not required for remote neural and nervous system manipulation . Current methods involve the use of biologically active frequencies such as terahertz waves and nano technology almost invisible to the naked eye , nano technology that can be inhaled or ingested .



Should you be afraid ?

Should we all be afraid ?

No . You have nothing to fear but fear itself .

You should instead be educated and informed on what is happening .

Only full public awareness will stop the insanity of the deranged madmen on a delusional path to destruction .



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1 Response to Targeted Individual – Torture & Terrorism

  1. truth1 says:

    Children were programmed/conditioned to fear the torment and disapproval of peers and become very sensitive to it, even over-react to it with exceptional fear. This keeps them from thinking without permission of the status quo. Schools are pure evil.

    As for internet surveillance I suspect that God and Satan both foresaw and drew up agreements for how the net would be handled and used in their heavenly dispute. In fact, the net might have been the tool agreed upon to determine who is and who is not belonging to God. Indeed, the info gathered on all people should reveal much about who is who. Those belonging to God will be taken prisoner for 3.5 years (said to be forever) presumably to punish them. But in reality to keep them safe while everyone else is dying. The dying will be cut short, and they will be freed when the antichrist mysteriously dies, “not by hand!” The Gog and Magog will attack the freed and likely compensated Christians, but fire from heaven ends the final battle and 1000 years of peace and rehabilitation of those spared and those resurrected will begin.

    Those are my ideas. Oh, I hear the looney bin staff coming down the hall, Guts ta hide my laptop now and act crazy. Hey, who’s acting? Not me 😉


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