France Wants ASAT ASAP

What is it with the recent rush for anti-satellite weaponry (ASAT) ?

They all want ASAT ASAP , including the UK .

France now wants ASAT technology .

As the French French Defense Minister, Florence Parly stated , “We have to face it, because it is our independence that is at stake.”

Cultocracy UK historical governance note :

Hmmmm……Independence ??!!??!?!?!?

I heard that word mentioned once , think it was my grandfather , who was talking about his great grandfather , who was talking about his great great grandfather , who was talking about……

France also wants a new ‘Space Command’ , just like the US .

A suspicious mind may think this was somehow connected to the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests .

Or maybe the cause of the Yellow Vest protests .

Or maybe neither .

Or maybe both .

Countermeasures are now deemed a necessity .

Expect the French push to balloon into a Europe wide effort .

Minus the UK .

Cultocracy poetry note :

Why oh why….does the UK have to fry……when it is nigh…….in the sky…….big sigh…….*

( * I’m a poet , but I don’t like to glo(at) it )

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