The Programme – Torture , Terrorism , Eugenics & Social Engineering

Cultocracy note :

The video below is an interview with Bryan Kofron , a security industry whistleblower . Bryan worked for US based Security Industry specialists Inc. (SIS) before being targeted himself , he ceased his whistleblowing activities after threats to himself and his family . Bryan’s website and his podcasts have been scrubbed from the web .

The Programme

The main points of the programme from Bryan’s perspective :

The entire programme is now out of control , there appears to be a desperate attempt to stifle any information that may reach the public . The directors of the programme know the consequences of full public disclosure .

The subsidiary ‘gangstalking’ programme is largely manned by ex-military and security service personnel , usually working for private security companies . Bryan identifies several US based contractors ; Amazon, Blackwater, Academi, Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency, G4S, Dyncorp Security-Protection, Security Industries Specialists, Inc. (SIS), Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Infragard, and Lockheed Martin .

Individuals with a technological background are prime candidates for targeting , particularly individuals with a background in radio frequency communications , computing & cognitive science . The controllers wish to maintain a complete media blackout of the technology , scientific knowledge is stolen and subverted to assist the programme .

Individuals from the MSM & the alternative media who wish to get the message out to the public are also being heavily targeted . This ties in with the previous technologically minded demographic , again it represents a book burning campaign and a wish to control any discourse .

Specific geographical areas , towns and cities are treated as pilot areas for the testing of the technology .

Areas that are most susceptible are generally close to sensitive military bases , particularly air force / naval bases , or facilities connected to large defence and aerospace contractors .

The research and development aspects of the programme are closely tied to the defence industry and the intelligence services , they are completely immune to any oversight .

Bryan thinks that the programme will be rolled out on a national basis , completely controlled by AI .

Bryan left the company he worked for after being disgusted & sickened by the murder and torture of innocent citizens .

On becoming aware of the real purpose behind the programme Bryan stated that he was offered incentives to stay ‘onboard’ , he could easily have benefited from the trappings of treachery and treason , which included women , fast cars , drugs and cash . The alternative was to be targeted himself . This point possibly illustrates why the entire programme is out of control and in the hands of deranged criminals . Brainwashed people , do not know they have been brainwashed .

Bryan also states that there are a great many people within the military intelligence complex who are against the programme .

They are biding their time .

Ex Gang Stalking Operative Explains Tactics and Motives

The link to the video on YouTube :

Another video which explains the programme .

The Gangstalking Program Explained

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