The Programme – Richard Lighthouse NASA Whistleblower

An interesting video from ex CERN employee and torture target Katherine Horton .

In the video Katherine interviews Richard Lighthouse .

Richard Lighthouse is ex N.A.S.A and in his own words is regarded as a whistleblower .

Richard points the finger at the U.S.A.F as being responsible for the global targeting system .

Richard states the the C.I.A are the controllers .

Richard states that the core of the C.I.A are controlled by shadow groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) .

The CFR is controlled by the Banking Cartel .


Richard specifically points the finger at Schriever Air Force Base , Colorado , United States , as controlling the targeting infrastructure .

Richard states that control was transferred to Scriever Space Command from Lockheed Martin .

Richard also states that tracking , torture and murder is enabled by satellite and communication masts .

He also states that 5G and the proposed IOT satellite constellations will form the new control and murder grid .

Richard stated that a whistleblower implicated US Fusion centers in the subsidiary ‘gangstalking’ operation .

Richard states that we , the people , will defeat the system of satanic sodomy , otherwise known as the Cultocracy .

You can view the video at the link below :

Richard Lighthouse – Special Investigators (Stop 007)

Cultocracy note :

I think the bigger picture is a little more complicated , the satanic overlords have co-opted and assimilated individuals into their heinous plans for centuries , a wide variety of methods are used .

It therefore follows that the controlling structures of governmental organizations can also be co-opted turning whole sections of personnel into compromised slaves . This will include organizations such as NASA , CIA , Air Force Space Command , Mi6 , etc…etc…etc…etc…

These groups or rogue elements can then exert their influence on the wider government , such as law enforcement , the medical profession , the judiciary , the military and the political establishment .

It would now appear that many are ‘waking up’ .

N.B. Katherine and Richard disagreed on one point ;

Richard stated that torture , murder and neural manipulation can be conducted purely via satellite .

Katherine , also being a physicist , thought this was not possible .


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2 Responses to The Programme – Richard Lighthouse NASA Whistleblower

  1. Justin Krane says:

    My name is Justin Alexander Krane. I am 31 years old. I live in Toronto. I am a homeless meth addict. They are killing the homeless. The shelters are involved in it. The Salvation Army is on their payroll. I want to stop this. Normal people are starting to believe me, when I discuss the targeting. My father is a prominent Psychiatrist, and I often suspect that he and my maternal grandfather, a Master Mason, are involved. Aggudath Israel is the synogogue that my family went to growing up. They participate in gangstalking. This is a great way for people who are ashamed of a specific family member to eliminate them, hands free of any blood, and the image projected to the community would be that of the noble martyr who loved their son, but those horrible drugs…oh…those horrible drugs…This would then hide any kind of nefarious closet activites that may be committed by these “upstanding moral citizens.” No one would think that such prominent members of a specific religious community would be engaging in adultery, homosexual behaviours, or drug addiction (cocaine, meth, etc) of their own….

    That’s just a theory that I have. The people in my family would go to great lengths to show everyone that they are the most upstanding and moral people of integrity who have ever and will ever exist.

    Whatever the truth may be, it is reasonable to assume that no one will believe the “crazy meth addict.”

    Would such upstanding parents would ever conspire with organized crime, organized religion and corrupt government officials to psychologically torture and murder their own son?

    What about gaslighting and then kicking their employed, A-grade earning son out for smoking pot?

    Despite the fact that the extensive and expensive neuropsychological testing I had completed after my discharge from Homewood Health Centre in Guelph, Ontario, revealed that my ABILITY TO DETECT PATTERNS WAS IN THE 95TH PERCENTILE ACROSS ALL OF HUMANITY!!!! This ability to observe, collect data, and draw a pattern through the use of one’s brain would be far cheaper, far more accurate and far more reliable than the most sophisticated black budget computer-systems.

    God forbid I bring shame to the family…or even worse…demonstrate intellectual superiority, or disprove a discipline requiring 12 years of book-slavery to complete. No…not by a “farschtunkene” meth addict…who we love dearly…

    That or it’s the government doing what the government does best…steal from the very people who vote them into power, by singling out easy targets and engaging in covert psyops on them to justify their budget and their existence.

    Either way, I will find out and I will make sure all the parties involved are destroyed. I have been made into a psychopath because of this program. I will do as much destruction as I can and I will enjoy it. I will take everything that they hold dear only to destroy it all in slow motion as they watch, helpless.

    After they feel my wrath, they will feel my pain – pain which they would not be able to handle for a millisecond, I will force them to endure for an eternity…

    If there is one thing, and one thing only that I can rely on it is this fact that holds true…


    When Justin is right, Justin wins…JUSTIN ALWAYS WINS!


    • cultocracy says:

      Be careful , tread warily , the programme will chew you up and spit you out .
      They will attempt to turn you into your own worst enemy .
      The whole idea is to discredit you and funnel you downwards on a steady spiral of self-destruction .
      Take a step back , take a deep breath , try to see the bigger picture .
      Is it really your parents ?
      Which organizations have the technical ,logistical and organizational capability to spearhead this type of global scheme ?
      I think you hit the nail on the head when you stated “sophisticated black budget computer-systems” .


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