Gaslighting – Targeted Individuals Murdered

Cultocracy note :

I’ve been enjoying the Great British weather of late , sorry to all of my readers (all Se7en of them) for the recent lull . Anyway I was persuaded to write about a recent event in the sleepy village of Maids Moreton , Buckinghamshire , England , an event which I think is highly relevant in a modern world .

There is definitely more to this story than meets the eye .

How many more people have been tortured and then murdered in a similar manner ?

The story centres around the deaths of two elderly inhabitants of Maids Moreton and the current trial of their alleged murderers , named in court as Ben Field and Martyn Smyth .

Field , the apparent front of the operation was the son of a popular vicar and previously lived in Milton Keynes .

The victims were subjected to a continuous psychological operation culminating in their murders , a type of operation commonly known as ‘gaslighting’ .

A few quotes from the mainstream media articles surrounding the trial are below .

“Field and Smith are accused of targeting other local vulnerable elderly people in a series of burglaries – many of whose names were on a list prepared by Field under the heading “clients” ”

“Saxby QC quoted from one of Field’s books, which listed options for how to kill Moore-Martin, such as: “Heart attack – electrical device, dehydration, stair, sex?, in the bath? … OD on her prescriptions … church tower …sleep apnoea.”


“THE scheming son of a clergyman used “gaslighting” mind control in a plot to murder two retired teachers”

“Aided by part-time magician Martyn Smith, 32, Field planned to make the deaths look like an accident or suicide”


“Oliver Saxby QC, prosecuting, said of the gaslighting tactic: “It’s where the perpetrator sows seeds of doubt in the mind so the victim ends up doubting their memory and sanity.” “

“Mr Saxby added: “His mind turned to suicide, thoughts that came about because of what Field and Smith were doing to him. They were thoughts they encouraged.” “

“And he said Field had a “profound fascination in controlling and manipulating and humiliating and killing” “


“The jury was told Mr Farquhar recorded in his handwritten journal the experience of suffering hallucinations, including becoming “paralysed” at the sight of bright lights appearing in front of him while driving.  “


“The court heard Mr Farquhar, who taught part-time at the University of Buckingham, suffered night terrors and hallucinations and would sleepwalk and fall over, hitting his head.”

“Friends noticed the bachelor appeared drunk and would slur his speech and he told them he thought he was losing his mind, Oliver Saxby QC, prosecuting, told the court.”


An earlier article provides the following clues as to the mindset of Field .

“Ben Field was a passionate Christian preacher who once delivered a sermon on the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’.”

“He asked worshippers whether this law was applicable if death would bring ‘an end to people’s miserable condition’ or for ‘the greater good’.”


I do wonder where the duo learned their ‘craft’ , maybe they were motivated by financial gain , maybe they were controlled and manipulated themselves .

This pattern of drugging , burglary and eventual murder by suicide is a favored tactic for deep state agencies and their partners in crime , mercenary crime gangs are often employed to provide professionalism and deniability . This type of operation can also involve the use of willing or even unwilling dupes to fill the role of ‘disposable patsy’ if things go wrong , i.e. law enforcement becomes involved and the result is a public trial .

The term ‘gaslighting’ is based on a 1940 British film called ‘Gaslight‘ .

The word appeared in the UK establishment medical rag ‘The Lancet‘ in 1969 , which suggests the tactic was already well proven by that time .

The method was perfected in the old communist states of Eastern Europe , deployed by groups such as the East German Stasi where the tactic was known Zersetzung .

All state security services use similar tactics on undesirables , deplorables and the great unwashed , it is the primary tool for suppression of dissent and oppression of any critical thinking . It is also used as a tool to discredit whistleblowers and the man (or woman) that knows too much .

It should also be noted that modern gaslighting tactics often involve the deployment of sophisticated electronics and the use of a wide variety of electromagnetic wavelengths to provide the magicians show .

In plain terms it is torture followed by murder .



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 Maids Moreton & Milton Keynes , Buckinghamshire

  1. Bletchley
  2. Her Majesty’s Government Communications Centre
  3. Bicester
  4. MOD Bicester Military Railway
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