Victor Nixon – Broadband Power Lines


Victor Nixon R.I.P

Victor Nixon was targeted , tortured , terrorized and terminated

Like many targets Victor was in the armed forces , specifically the British S.A.S.

Victor held a Masters Degree in Computer Systems .

Victor conducted his own research and came to the conclusion that the weaponized smart grid was based on Broadband over PowerLine technology (BPL) , also known as PLT & PLC (Power Line Telecomms / Comms) .

Victor took his battle to the media and the courts in an attempt to expose the torture technology .

BPL is only a small part of the whole network .

You can read a tribute to Victor and his story at the link below .

More research on BPL can be found at the link below .

Broadband PowerLine (BPL)

BPL is also known as PLT & PLC (Power Line Telecomms / Comms) .

The principle is simple , the ability to send signals or data over the electricity power network , right into your home .

According to Wikipedia :

“BPL is based on PLC technology developed as far back as 1914 by US telecommunications company AT&T.”

“Power lines are unshielded and will act as antennas for the signals they carry, and they will cause interference to high frequency radio communications and broadcasting. In 2007, NATO Research and Technology Organisation released a report which concluded that widespread deployment of BPL may have a “possible detrimental effect upon military HF radio communications.”


Telecomms giant AT&T crops up time and again .

AT&T has a very cozy relationship with the N.S.A.

Power lines can be outfitted with base station antennas , these can receive satellite or terrestrial transmitter signals , the signals can travel along the power grid and travel along the wiring in your home .

“Base station nodes and/or antennas can be installed on utility poles, and the network connection can be provided by transmitters that send millimeter-wave surface-wave transmissions via the power lines between nodes.”

“A single site with one or more base stations can also be connected via the surface-wave transmission over power lines to a distributed antenna system, with cellular antennas located at the nodes.”

Electromagnetic (EM) Induction

An electromagnetic signal can also be transmitted along the wiring of your home via a process known as electromagnetic induction . In effect your home wiring can act as a waveguide for radiative far field EM sources , sources can include microwave transmitters or lasers .

“Electromagnetic induction can be generated in two ways, namely when the electric conductor is kept in a moving magnetic field and when the electric conductor is constantly moving within a static magnetic field.”

Single Wire Transmission Line

According to Wikipedia :

“Even higher information rate transmissions over power line use RF through microwave frequencies transmitted via a transverse mode surface wave propagation mechanism that requires only a single conductor.”

“These systems claim symmetric and full duplex communication in excess of 1 Gbit/s in each direction.[21] Multiple Wi-Fi channels with simultaneous analog television in the 2.4 and 5.3 GHz unlicensed bands have been demonstrated operating over a single medium voltage line conductor. Because the underlying propagation mode is extremely broadband (in the technical sense), it can operate anywhere in the 20 MHz – 20 GHz region. Also since it is not restricted to below 80 MHz, as is the case for high-frequency BPL, these systems can avoid the interference issues associated with use of shared spectrum with other licensed or unlicensed services.”

British Telecom BT

BT has also trialled traditional broadband transmission using conventional cabinet antennas .

BT partnered with Motorola to create the UK Terrestrial Trunked Radio system (TETRA) .


BT + MCI + AT&T = Concert = Global Communications Grid

BT’s attempted global alliances :

According to Wikipedia :

“In June 1994 BT and MCI Communications launched Concert Communications Services which was a $1 billion joint venture between the two companies. Its aim was to build a network which would provide easy global connectivity to multinational corporations.”

MCI Communications

According to Wikipedia :

“MCI Communications Corp. was an American telecommunications company that was instrumental in legal and regulatory changes that led to the breakup of the AT&T monopoly of American telephony and ushered in the competitive long-distance telephone industry.”

“The corporation was purchased by Verizon Communications with the deal finalizing on January 6, 2006”

Verizon Communications

According to Wikipedia :

“In May 2006, USA Today reported that Verizon, as well as AT&T and BellSouth, had given the National Security Agency landline phone records following the September 11 attacks.”

“In late-October 2014, Verizon Wireless launched SugarString, a technology news website. The publication attracted controversy after it was reported that its writers were forbidden from publishing articles related to net neutrality or domestic surveillance.”

“In August 2015, Verizon launched Hum, a service and device offering vehicle diagnostic and monitoring tools for vehicles.”

Verizon & BT have a very cozy relationship with the N.S.A.


Verizon , AT&T and BT are at the forefront of the race for 5G .

Further reading :


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Lilly Wave :


  1. Electricity Grid Hacking & The Lilly Wave
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  3. HAARP , Phased Radar Arrays , Charged Particles , 5G , BAE Systems



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Enter a caption

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2 Responses to Victor Nixon – Broadband Power Lines

  1. truth1 says:

    As bad as what you reveal, Culti, the possibility remains that there may be more uses and dangers in what they have created. And honestly, what well-meaning, Well intentioned Goverment or world-wide network would need or want the abilities it already potentially holds for us all? I prose they have the worst of fates designed for us all.

    Bible prophecies foretell a time when all the world will be for4ced to choose 1 of 2 directions. Those choosing God either get execute ( enough to scare the rest, potentially) or told they will spend their lives in camps/prisons. That may be their intention, but the Bible assures it will only be 3.5 years and actually be the preservation of Christians.

    As soon as they are locked away fro not going along with the rest of the world (perhaps 99% or so), then the great kill-of comes which promises to be the greatest loss of life to ever have happened or that ever ever will happen again. There are any number of ways this will be accomplished, but I would see what you reveal as being a big part of it. If people were just dropping like flies, those not dead yet and maybe not feeling ill yet, might well panic and turn into monsters. But these many frequencies might be able to accomplish very specific targeted results in effects and behavior as you point out.

    But that some on or source predicted a monstrous outcome for humans 2000 years ago, these new abilities in Frequency transmission and radiation may be the biggest part of the “culling of the herd” as the elite would see or call it. Between the predictions and what is now here and known, There is good reason for alarm and things to consider for all on earth.

    Let he who has Ears, listen to what the spirit says. There is only one good choice to make in all this.
    Good job, Cultocracy. Your articles are always appreciated.


    • cultocracy says:

      Good to hear from you again truth1 , I agree it does not bode well . The technology will no doubt have other uses than those revealed so far .
      There does appear to be multiple agendas whch run parallel to each other . At the lowest level the technology can be used for criminality and fraud , indulging sexual or violent perversions or simply as a sadistic form of entertainment . These appear to be mere side shows and a distraction from the main event .

      Although I can see a major flaw in the methodology . The greater use of the technology (on a mass population level) will lead to a greater awareness , which in turn will lead to a critical mass of informed & educated individuals . I am not sure if the controllers can stem this tide , although they do think that they have covered every single eventuality .

      Artificial intelligence is central to the entire psychotic scheme .


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