Are you targeted?

That depends. Who’s asking?


It’s a brainwashing program.

Brainwashed people don’t know they’re brainwashed.


The disturbing things you experience are real.

The narrative is in your mind.

Your imagination has been primed by a single source ,

disguising itself as multiple sources.


Treat this explanation as a hypothesis.

Do all the strange happenings around you seem less disturbing when you assume all the suggestive performances, loaded conversations, and veiled references to your personal life are coming from people who have no idea what they’re doing?

Look at things a different way. Does it make you feel better?


There is no authoritative source of information about this program or the underlying tools.

Think otherwise?

Listen to the podcast.

Are you targeted?

Cultocracy note:

If you feel that you have been targeted be sure to click the link above & listen to :

podcast #7

Also fill out the survey available here.

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