US Government Take Over of 5G ? AI & Weaponized Internet

An interesting article which was published at last week suggests that the US administration is considering the nationalization of the forthcoming 5G infrastructure .

The memo contains a few pointers towards the real reasons for 5G networks .

Data is the ‘food’ for AI and machine learning :

The siting of 5G transmitters seems to be of particular importance , perhaps to create a large phased array system :



Partners are required to “Inoculate developing countries against Chinese neo-colonial behaviour” , the US shadow government and it’s partners in crime in the UK wrote the book on ‘neo-colonial behaviour’ (and have been rewriting it ever since) :


An all encompassing electromagnetic grid :


The internet is the new battleground , you can only laugh at the comments in the bottom paragraph  :


Beam forming is crucial in directed energy weaponry and remote sensing , similar DEW systems are currently deployed primarily against domestic targets for suppression , torture , slow kill and neural experimentation . To quote from the paragraph below “5G will offer the useful sensors and tools on the network as weapons” :


In the AI arms race , data is the new oil :


The full article with a copy of the memo can be found here at .

In a further article at industry concerns about government (deep state) interference are raised , to quote from the article :

7. AI is a big concern, but unrelated

The document talks about China’s advanced role the development of artificial intelligence.

  • That’s a serious issue, especially since U.S. companies are locked out of China (and the data to be gleaned there), while Chinese companies can take part in the U.S. market.

  • But, that has little to do with 5G wireless networks, since AI processing is done at the server level.

  • “Clearly they are two different things,” Sharma said. “AI benefits from 5G but it doesn’t require it, and there China is racing ahead.”

Read the full article here – Federal takeover of 5G wireless network raises significant concerns

Public or private 5G ?

I am sure that the individuals and private companies involved in 5G can and will be made an ‘offer they can’t refuse’ .

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