HAARP , Phased Radar Arrays , Charged Particles , 5G , BAE Systems

There are many theories regarding the possible uses of H.A.A.R.P type phased array radar systems .

Phased array systems use an array of antennas which can ‘steer’ an electromagnetic beam , the beam can also be aimed at a specific location . The antennas can both transmit and receive the electromagnetic signal .

Earlier phased array radar systems were termed passive electronically scanned arrays (PESA) and used a single transmitter / receiver .

Modern arrays use multiple transmitters / receivers from which they can transmit & receive signals on multiple frequencies , these are termed active electronically scanned arrays (AESA) . AESA’s can also combine frequencies into a single beam and further detect multiple frequencies from a single beam , allowing multiple target selection & tracking .

Both the U.S. and it’s N.A.T.O allies (primarily the U.K) and the Soviet Union (Russia) have researched and developed H.A.A.R.P phased array systems .


The systems can be very large in size like the well known site situated in Gakona , Alaska .


The Wikipedia page states that this particular facility was :

“jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies (BAEAT).”

Other similar phased array systems are medium or small sized and it would seem that they can be mounted both horizontally and vertically .

It would also seem that they can be in a fixed or mobile position .

Phased array systems are found in a wide variety of military systems where they are used to first detect and then lock-on to a target .

Some systems can be tweaked so that they are able to lock on to a specific target .


As well as military radar systems , phased arrays are also used in biological imaging systems such as MRI parallel imaging .

A phased array could be configured to transmit the same frequencies on which the human brain functions .

Phased array technology is also used in directed energy weapons such as the Excaliber laser system .

Large and powerful phased array transmitter systems such as H.A.A.R.P can also be used to direct energy beams towards the Earth’s ionosphere , these beams can then be reflected back down to the ground . Phased array transmitters can also be used to generate charged particles in a specific atmospheric area , it follows that a similar area of charged particles could be generated at ground level .

These techniques are said to be able to change or create weather patterns and even trigger earthquakes , a side effect is localized heating of the target area . Many of the larger phased array transmitters have also been called ‘ionosphere atmospheric heaters’ .

According to a 2008 article printed in a Russian military journal H.A.A.R.P has been described as having the potential to capsize the planet . In a 2014 article published in a science journal it has also been reported that the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and may be about to flip .

Some observers have speculated that ‘ionospheric heating systems’ such as H.A.A.R.P could also be used to harness or even manipulate the Earth’s natural magnetic field for the transportation of charged particles .


In 1999 the European Parliament issued a report regarding the wider environmental impact of H.A.A.R.P technology . A section of the report stated that the U.S. administration and N.A.T.O refused to send representatives to the hearing .

Frequencies generated by phased array transmitters have also been linked to mass animal deaths . According to National Geographic mass die offs of animals have risen in recent years , species of birds and marine life are particularly affected .

Military phased array systems are suspected of causing a wide variety of sensory issues in humans including a ‘humming’ vibration or sound . Including the Largs Hum , Bristol Hum , Taos Hum and the Kokomo Hum to name a few . In fact the ‘hum’ has been ‘felt’ across the world as can be seen in this interactive global map .

Phased array transmitters are thought to be able to manipulate a small section of the atmosphere to create a synthetic ‘lens’ which is able to focus an electromagnetic or laser beam .

The Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens (LDAL) system developed by B.A.E Systems is described as follows : “One of the systems we’ve been working on involves a concept for sensing or seeing very, very long distances using what is essentially a variation on a giant telescope,” . The LDAL is able to ionise a small ‘disc’ of the atmosphere , this disc can then be used to reflect and focus an electromagnetic beam .

The system works in much the way a H.A.A.R.P phased array system uses the ionosphere to reflect and focus electromagnetic waves .

In 2008 several internet articles cited an article published in Aviationweek.com that described how B.A.E Systems had teamed up with D.A.R.P.A to create a portable H.A.A.R.P type array that could be ‘towed behind a helicopter’ .

Cultocracy note :

I scoured Aviationweek.com but could not find the article in question .

Although I did find these links regarding BAE systems :

You get the drift .

It would seem that phased array transmitters and receivers can be used in a wide variety of applications and can be scaled up or down , a phased array system can also transmit and receive a broad range of frequencies , frequencies which can be focused over a minute area . The system can also act as a radar device which can detect a multitude of subtle frequencies reflected from a target , these signals are returned to base , just like a normal radar system .

In the case of the military it is scaled up for wider geographic population control and environmental destruction , scaled down for the targeting of an individual .

5G and Phased Arrays

The new 5G communications system is being rolled out on a global basis , it is designed to create greater bandwidth for mobile devices and help develop the so called ‘internet of things’ .

Traditionally mobile phone masts have been spread over quite a broad geographical area and have operated on Ultra high frequency band , frequencies in this band can travel over quite large distances .

5G will operate in the extremely high frequency mm wave band also known as the Terahertz gap , frequencies in this band travel shorter distances & cannot penetrate certain materials .

Therefore the 5G system will used a phased array transmission system where the transmission from a mast will be targeted using a process called Beamforming , very similar to H.A.A.R.P arrays . Also it has been decreed that for the 5G system to work effectively then the system should evolve as a small cell network , basically smaller base stations with phased array ‘beam steering’ (targeted beam transmission) will be placed everywhere . You will probably not have a say on where they are sited , new laws will no doubt be passed allowing them to be placed anywhere and everywhere .

Terahertz frequencies have traditionally been used only in military communications , radar and satellite systems .

Terahertz frequencies are widely used in imaging systems , THz radiation has been compared to x-rays , although unlike x-rays , THz radiation is non-ionizing .

It has also been reported that THz radiation can damage D.N.A and can affect neuronal functioning .


It should be apparent that the dark forces which inhabit the military corporate complex and their sponsors have been waging a maniacal arms race to perfect and control weapons of mass destruction . The weapons are not the traditional weapons of murder and mayhem that make a large bang and explode , making them visible to the eye , weapons that you can see and hear .

These are silent weapons of torture , rape , mind control and murder that have been deployed against domestic populations , all in the name of control . The damage that the weapons have caused to the natural environment and the health of the general population cannot be underestimated , the true effects are only just starting to surface .

The silent space and ground based weapons systems have been trialled in a myriad of situations and against a myriad of manufactured enemies . Much of the experimentation involves human test subjects chosen at random and sentenced to a lifetime of sadistic torture and abuse . The test subjects are needed as a datum to perfect a system which can be directed at whole populations . We are now bathed in a poisonous , synthetic electromagnetic soup , a soup in which we are slowly drowning .

Maybe this is part of the plan .

Possibly worse is the damage caused to the general fabric of society and the institutions which are tasked to manage society . This can be seen in the divide and conquer approaches the controllers have towards everything , they are desperate to cover their horrific crimes , they will do anything to prevent the population gaining knowledge of their subliminal systems of conditioning . They feel that they have ‘achieved’ so much and are almost at the tipping point where they are in complete control , in fact the reverse is true .

A gaping hole in their plan for a techno-fascist eugenics / control / conditioning grid is an awakened and educated population .

The more people that they target with neuro-weaponry means that more people will wake up and gain an insight into their methods and technology .

It is a war that they have already lost .

We all know that the military corporate complex has an insatiable thirst for data , data that belongs to you and me .

We all know that they have infiltrated and infected civilian communications systems .

We all know that they seek to control , murder , torture , rape and divide & conquer using any means at their disposal .

The ‘elite’ (always substitute the word elite for parasite) have been fighting an information war against science and the public for decades , many of their troops are getting weary , others are getting wise .

The military controllers need fresh recruits to wage war against the environment and the general population .

The intelligence controllers need more recruits to help maintain their web of lies and cover up their crimes against humanity and the Earth .

They need you !


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