Decrease in Male Fertility , EM Radiation , Five Eyes


A recent widely reported study has found that the sperm count in Western males has been declining for over 30 years , the decline shows no signs of stopping . The study was actually a ‘study of studies’ and merged findings from a large set of male fertility research papers from the years 1981 to 2013 .

The study was split into two geographic areas :

‘Western’, including North America, Europe Australia and New Zealand

Versus ‘Other’, including South America, Asia and Africa .

The study found that ‘Western’ males showed a sperm decrease of 1.4% per year with an overall decline of 52.4% (1981-2013) .

The study found no significant decrease in the ‘Other’ group of countries .

The decline in European and U.S.A males could possibly be explained by increasing industrialization , pollution & other related environmental factors including cell phone mast radiation .

But what about Australia & New Zealand which have a relatively sparse population and are not heavily industrialized ? Do these countries also have large cell phone networks ?

Why is the trend not replicated in other non ‘Western’ countries , including many that are increasingly industrialized and have fewer environmental laws ?

Five Eyes Freak Show

Interestingly the countries with the largest decrease in sperm count are all part of the Five Eyes surveillance network . The original Five Eyes network countries were Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States .

This network was expanded to include France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden , creating a Nine Eyes subsidiary network which would cover a large swathe of Western Europe .

Five Eyes plus Nine Eyes = ‘The Fourteen Eyes’ spy club” .


The Five Eyes Web of Corruption , Eugenics & Genocide

This bloc of countries roughly covers the geographic areas where the decline in male sperm count was the most pronounced .

This could be purely coincidental .

This could also be related to the all pervasive domestic spy grids installed in these countries which emit harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation .

This could also be related to atmospheric ‘spraying’ programs conducted to enhance the effectiveness of the spy grid .


The Spy Club is now thought to have incorporated many more nations .

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2 Responses to Decrease in Male Fertility , EM Radiation , Five Eyes

  1. truth1 says:

    There is yet another emasculating effect in place. All laws and courts allow women to take at least half of everything a man owns, even if just married for a day. He can be saddled with huge alimony payments or go to prison if he is not able to keep up payments. Her word is often excepted without any requirement of evidence. The man automatically guilty, even if has has evidence to the contrary.

    Men are being passed over for women in the job market, “to compensate for past oppression.” Men are essentially being given the subtle message that they are no longer welcome in the world. Satan hate man and their backbone. Women’ majority will go along with anything. One prominent feminist published notoriously that men should be reduced to a mere 10% of their current numbers.

    It would seem that we have already had our balls cut off and been evicted from the planet. But what the ladies don’t seem to understand is that there are only 3 possibilities in this move. Men will be gone and women enslaved, or well all be gone soon, or that a horrible back lash will be instituted by Satan to brutally subject women to sexual slavery, likely thru a war that will be fake in many ways, except for the massive killing, and women will be required to serve the “morale” of the man fighting. This has long been around in many previous civilizations and Satan wants to break the spirit of women by getting men good and angry at the women and then telling the men to jump in and have some fun. Sadly, too many will go along with it.

    One ting for sure. The one-sided favoring, so blatantly obvious, Is usually a sign of someone trying to cause a recoil reaction the other way. That ought to be interesting. Meanwhile, if anyone finds my balls. I’ll pay the shipping costs if ya send them back to me. Being a eunuch is a drag!


    • cultocracy says:

      Quite right truth1 , there is a parallel psychological program in place targeteting both males & females . It would be interesting if a similar study on female fertility was produced , maybe the results would be similar ?
      This global study shows that women are having less children (North America & Europe at at the bottom just like males) :
      This study suggest that the merger of women into the workforce (which drives growth & profit for the few) could be a factor :
      If you could influence women to become more ‘male’ in their general behaviour they would possibly resist the natural process to bear children , maybe follow a career instead ?
      Male to female and man to machine (and vice versa) ?
      Depopulation perhaps ?
      Or is that a ‘conspiracy theory’ ?


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