Biometric Data Collection & AI – Pre-Crime ? Profiteering ? Or Prediction ?


A couple of recent articles in the alternative media have confirmed that agencies employed by the deep state are busy collecting yet more data on ourselves , this time biometric data . The Intercept reported in July this year that U.S. border sheriffs are collecting iris scans from ‘suspects’ along the Mexico – US border , the iris scanners use infrared technology and are both fixed (at checkpoints) and mobile (hand-held by border police) .

More recently it was reported at Activist Post that the US border police plan to scan the face of every person flying out of the US via airport based scanners .

This news comes on top of the recent Wikileaks revelation that the C.I.A is collecting individual biometric data via it’s Express Lane project . The C.I.A are not alone , it has also been reported that for many years the F.B.I have also gathered millions of biometric ‘faceprints’ for their very own biometric database .

The bulk of the biometric data that has been collected belongs to your average law abiding citizen .

The US in not alone in this endeavor , many European countries are also busy collecting and storing biometric data . Visa applicants to the European Schengen group of countries will now have to submit biometric data , including electronic facial scans .

The UK also collects biometric information from visa applicants , as well as domestic passport holders . In fact the UK has been particularly zealous in biometric data collection , even children have had their biometrics taken , in this case apparently to ensure that children got their free school meals .

In fact most countries in the world now issue biometric passports as standard .

Why ?

With increased global migration and the sometimes linked ‘security threats’ many countries see the collection of biometrics as a useful addition to their security arsenal . It will help to sort the ‘bad people’ from the ‘good people’ and help us to sleep soundly in our beds at night .

The Chicken or the Egg ?

In financial terms the increasing global security business is massive . This includes everything from defence spending , cyber security and CCTV cameras etc . The market for the ‘security products’ relies on tapping into the fear of an individual or business . If there is no fear , there is no market . If there is lots of fear , the market grows .

Fear in the case of biometric products includes the fear of crime , immigration , financial fraud and other similar worries , either real or manufactured . So it is logical that the manufacturers of ‘fear based products’ have a vested interest in sowing the seeds of fear and terror , it should also be noted that many multi-national defence companies are the main suppliers of biometric ‘security’ products . It should further be noted that the market for ‘security’ products has increased rapidly since the inception of the ‘War on Terror’ . War leads to terrorism and also leads to the mass immigration of refugees . A multi-level marketing strategy is required by the larger ‘defence corporations’ to capitalize on the newly created markets and maximize profits for their share holders .

Prediction ?

So where does prediction enter the very large equation ?

To sell a ‘product of fear’ you need to first create the fear , fear of migration , terrorism and a generalized all round fear of generalized bad guys who want to chop off your head and steal your money , amongst other extremely bad things . Bad things that will impact on your own personal security and health in a very detrimental manner .

The next step in the dialectic is to introduce the antidote to this fear , in modern times the fear is often irrational and manufactured specifically to tantalize your ‘fear flavored’ palette . The antidote in this particular case is the collection of biometric data from the bad guys , after all they are everywhere . Do not worry if you are included in the data collection , after all , if you have nothing to hide , you have nothing to fear , except of course for the fear that is intended to sell you the product in the first place . Biometrics will sweep away all of the bad guys using facial recognition and biometric scanning , not only that but it can also use pre-crime artificial intelligence to let us know if the man standing next to you plans to steal your car , just by scanning his facial features . It has been reported that certain countries such as China are already developing facial recognition software to predict crimes before they occur .

So , certain firms will make lots of cash by selling the ‘fear based product’ and we can once more sleep soundly in our beds at night .

Crime prediction or predicting the future ?

Imagine a scenario whereby you could collect every single iota of information and data from every single person on Earth . This information and data could be very basic such as social habits collected from media platforms , credit card spending , internet search activities and other electronic information which is hoovered up on a regular basis by electronic snooping agencies .

It could also be biometric in nature , particularly regarding facial recognition , facial recognition technology is everywhere these days . At a simplistic level we smile when we are happy and maybe open our eyes wider when surprised , these are generally thought to be conscious actions to a stimulus . Potentially a facial recognition system coupled with artificial intelligence could form a picture of a persons general state of mind based purely on the facial expressions of that person .This is not groundbreaking .

If you tie biometrics with traditional information gathering then artificial intelligence could possibly form a relatively accurate prediction of your next action to a specific stimulus . This would be based on a large personal data set which in turn is based on previous actions that have been studied and collated by the same artificial intelligence . This approach would not be 100% accurate due to the possibility of random behavior by an individual .

So what about subconscious cues from both facial recognition software and software designed to pick up on pupil dilation ? These subtle , almost unconscious facial cues have been studied at length for years .

Studies have linked pupil dilation and size with a variety of surprising physical , psychological and behavioral or character traits in humans :

It is no surprise that companies like Facebook have dabbled in facial recognition .

On a more interesting level it has been reported that pupil dilation can somehow anticipate or predict a random event . I am not sure how solid the science is for this particular research , but I personally like to keep an open mind .

Again this is nothing new , but is does show an unsurprising link between neural functioning and subtle facial signals , facial signals that could be interpreted relatively accurately by artificial intelligence . Of course it would be far simpler to directly collect a persons neural signals to be fed to an artificial neural network , but that’s another story and it is also impractical on a global scale , although I am sure certain people are working on a solution .

Or perhaps there is another reason for the widespread collection of biometrics . By now everyone should be aware that any scrap of personal information eventually makes it’s way to the underground database facilities of the military corporate complex . That is assuming that the biometric data collection programs are not instigated by the military corporate complex in the first place , which they probably are .

Sentient World Simulation (SWS)

Again , try to imagine a scenario where every single piece of information is collected and stored on a massively powerful computing system .

Every mouse click , every financial transaction , every glance at a facial recognition system , every phone call , every text message . You get the idea , everything that can be collected is collected , sounds a little like the world at present .

All information is collected in real time and fed into an artificial intelligence behemoth that is able to perform billions of calculations per second , processing your’s and everyone’s data .

What would you end up with ?

Maybe something similar to the D.o.D inspired Sentient World Simulation .

A real life , functioning electronic model of the world we live in .

Combine this ‘simulation’ with the general predictability of our personal lives when coupled with events external to our own lives , then maybe we have a machine that could possibly ‘predict the future’ .

There are many mad scientists who think this is a fact . The interconnection of life at a more basic , quantum level is a definite possibility in their eyes . This theory is what they are actually researching , the machine learning is secondary , for some at least .

If true this theory still leaves a very big question .

Does the computer actually ‘predict’ the future based on mathematical probability and a large series of possible outcomes ?

Or does mankind forge the future based on an unknown connectivity to each other and the wider world or indeed the universe ?

Whichever explanation is true you can be sure of one certainty .

The paymasters and profiteers will only use such a system for control and subjugation of the masses .

Another tool of oppression , slavery and eugenics to add to their armory , they hope .

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