The Matrix Deciphered – Dr. Robert Duncan Pt. 3

Cultocracy note :

Dr. Robert Duncan holds advanced degrees in science and has worked for the U.S. D.o.D and related intelligence agencies on a multitude of projects . He is also the author of several books in which he uses his scientific knowledge to reverse engineer and explain the global system of mind influencing technology .

Dr. Duncan has also been a victim of the technologies that he helped to create so he is able to provide a unique perspective on the global control grid and the mind set of the controllers .

Dr. Duncan has appeared in many videos and talk shows in the alternative media discussing his findings .

The main points from his 2006 book ‘The Matrix Deciphered’ are listed below :

  • The system was created from knowledge gleaned from Nazi scientists who were secreted into Western military research agencies under ‘Operation Paperclip’ after WWII .
  • A parallel system was instigated in the Soviet Union also using knowledge from captured Nazi scientists .
  • The system uses ground based phased radar arrays and satellite technology which can accurately target an individual .
  • The system uses heterodyned energy beams across multiple frequencies .
  • The system is based on Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) which can be used to read the state of individual neurons in the brain .
  • The system is global in reach .
  • The system has been in use for decades and is constantly being scaled upwards in size .
  • The system itself is controlled largely by super computer powered A.I.
  • The system is used primarily for political and financial control .
  • Social engineering and eugenics are a longer term goal .
  • The system uses directed EM energy to torture , murder & mind control targets .
  • The wider system is under the control of the U.S. D.o.D and the C.I.A. and is franchised out via the Five Eyes countries to other N.A.T.O countries .

As of this time I cannot find a copy of the book on the internet ? Hmmmm ?

It would appear that his research is being suppressed , maybe all of the books have been burnt , or maybe the book never made it to print ?

Although there is a pre-release electronic copy floating around the internet , I have included links to the pre-release copy at the bottom of this article .


A summary of a part of the pre-release copy forms the basis of this article , below are excerpts from ‘The Matrix Deciphered’ . I have split the article into three , this is the final part .

I have added the images with related links myself .

If you would rather read part 1 first for background information it can be found here …

Final thoughts

Be under no illusion , the system is here and is fully functional . It has enabled the controllers to engage in large scale theft , racketeering , profiteering , death and destruction on a global scale . The side effects are being felt in the natural world with massive damage to ecosystems and the atmosphere .

You will be next .


The Matrix Deciphered

“Remember. All I offer you is the truth.”

Synthetic Aperture RADAR and Beam Steering

All these concepts of directed energy are just rebranding marketing jargon for half a
century old concept except with more power. Grids of transducers or antenna can shape the wave front by phase controlling the individual elements in the grid. The beam can be
shaped wider by using lower frequencies or narrower by using high frequencies. It can be steered 360 degrees and its intensity whether in constructive or destructive modes can be controlled. The carrier signals in the beams can be modulated and shaped with ELF waves or heterodyned into high frequency side lobes. That is it behind the concepts of scalar scatter RADAR and directed energy systems .

Time Reverse Echo

Time reverse echo is a technique which can be used to send a signal back to the source
even if the location of the source is undetermined due to multiple reflections. By using a phased array of microphones or antenna, the signal is collected and rebroadcast in the reverse time sequence the signal arrived. The phased array signal will bounce off all the same structures to combine and arrive at the source at the same time .

Neuron induction and brain wave modulation techniques

It was discovered back in 1920’s that neurons could be influenced by electromagnetic
induction. This technology has been held in the strictest top secret clearance government labs since then as it was developed .

The key to influencing a neuron and the entire informational structure of the mind is in the timing of the pulses of electromagnetic signals .

Everyone has different axon lengths and hence timings of potential amplification of
external electromagnetic influence. This is the reason that the ever growing database of
TAMI must be maintained for maximal effectiveness on the world’s population .

Neurotransmitter Release with specific frequencies and power levels

So, for arguments sake let’s say that the Air Force documents that I published in the
appendix of this book are true and not meant to look like an accidental misclassification of a top secret weapon, and the Russian literature from their radio and electronic institutes are true too. Then neurotransmitter release occurs at specific power absorption and under certain frequencies. EEG heterodyning which causes neuron amplification could be done in this way .

In a nut shell, direct the energy for the correct power level, time the pulses to the
individual’s cognitive model for synaptic transmission in the state dependent time
sequence .

Brain Reading Satellites and Ionospheric Heater Radar Fields

To give you an idea of power density and sensitivity of instruments, let’s consider an FM
radio station 20 miles away emitting 50 kilowatts of power. The receiver would only measure 2.1 x 10-5 W/m2. That’s what your car radio receives, 152demodulates, and amplifies for your listening pleasure .

A one Terahertz sub-millimeter wavelength radio antenna such as the 10-meter Heinrich Hertz Telescope can view a typical radio source intensity of 10-26 W/m2 through the Earth’s atmosphere .

Do you still believe that RADAR brain resonances cannot be read by satellite radio
Telescopes ?

How the electromagnetic sensing systems work together

Any ground based network like HAARP, GWEN, cell phone towers or the Russian
WoodPeckers could also perform this feat of mind reading and control but not on a global scale. Only through the hundreds of spy and remote sensing satellites circling the earth and the tens of giant ionospheric phased array fields could you cover the entire globe with directed energy weapons and the subset class of mind control weapons .

Imagine a steerable beam using a phased array of transmitters. This is similar to a
mechanical method of using a mirror to deflect a laser beam like for laser light shows
except it requires no moving parts. The intensity of the beam and all other participating
satellite beams can converge on one spot or many spots simultaneously. This would be
directed energy whose intensity is suppose to be enough to fry the electronics in anything not “RADIATION HARD” shielded.

It might heat a human being but I don’t believe the effects can be made immediately lethal by the thermal effects alone otherwise Saddam Hussein would not have complained about the biocommunication directed energy weapon torturing him in 1992. He would have been fried like the rest of us. The torture just pissespeople off if they can’t kill you through menticide. Notice how we had to fight another war after we used it on him.

The European parliament commented on the “non-lethal and mind control” weapons in general and stated they need to be banned because they only instigate wars and increase violence. The U.S. refuses to sign any treaties or acknowledge them to
their own citizens. Welcome to the land of freedom, where you are free to believe all the
lies your government tells you .

The grid of satellites in the hemisphere or the ionospherically reflected ground based miles wide antenna fields can be used in a time sliced manner or calculate an inverse Fourier Transform to attack many people at the same time without exposing too many others to the same intensity and frequencies. All the sensor systems are integrated to act as one single antenna or phased array .

Different frequencies have different ability to penetrate different materials and structures. Full spectrum RADAR sends a broadband ping across all frequencies like a flash of white light from a camera, and records all the returns across the area. Each person has a unique set of frequencies that they will absorb or return to the sensor arrays. This uniquely identifies everyone.

When Dan Rather was beaten up by directed energy weapon torture victims, they kept asking “What is the frequency Kenneth?”

The patent claims you can use pulsed or continuous wave. It would be easy to devise a
frequency hopping scheme so that the pattern would not stand out or use deterministic
broadband noise to diabolically hide the informational coherence. On top that, who would recognize brain waves modulated into a frequency hopping scheme?

We are bathed in electromagnetic energy and I have yet to see a successfully built full spectrum anechoic EM chamber .

What other advantages do scalar waves have? They can penetrate materials to a greater
degree since the electromagnetic energy doesn’t get absorbed by the surfaces .

The extra energy the humans absorb is only supposed to increase the risk of cancer by 5%. You do the math of how many people the “aliens” are killing each year while watching and “protecting” us .

If the scalar field can penetrate the shielding this would be a large distance quantum tunneling effect .

This is the paradox between waves and photons that baffle our intuitive senses .

Interfacing TAMI

TAMI’s interface has three screens for the operator. The interface uses an eye tracker
instead of a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen. TAMI’s operator needs only look at one spot on the screen for a second, then a drop down x-windows driven menu system allows the operator to traverse the options merely by looking at them. It turns out to be a very
efficient way to operate the program .

The left screen shows the operators brain frequency energy spectrum next to the targets and underneath is the combined (frequencies) . The center screen is used to select the tortures and other brain modulation scenarios .

“Scalar” Weapons – Creating High Intensity ELF Magnetic and Electric Fields

This is a trick that seems quite astounding when you see it. That is the ability to direct
enough energy at an extremely low frequency to spin a compass needle or create a voltage gradient seemly out of thin air .

Let’s simplify the model to get a better grasp of it. If you created two beams from two
beam steered phased array fields which bounce their very intense UHF beams off the
ionosphere to intersect at an area the size of a small neighborhood block, you would have roughly 10 Gigawatts of energy to work with .

You can only create tight beams with high frequencies. Raw low frequencies emitters create very wide beams. This is true for sound waves as well. But you can create a mixed or heterodyned intersection point that has very low frequencies if the high frequencies are exactly canceled out .

So one high powered UHF beam contains the very low frequency information and the
other just contains the same UHF carrier without the low frequency component but it is
180 degrees out of phase at the intersection point. What is left is an extremely low
frequency, high intensity, magnetic and electric field that seems to come out of thin air and be directionless, i.e. a scalar field .

You can see why plasma research is so popular at NASA and DARPA .

This is very good evidence that while satellites could perform the same trick, they would
have difficulty generating that kind of power continuously from solar panels. This is
extremely good news for the thousands that are tortured by these systems each year. See the section on anti-psychotronic theory for more details. That means the killing signals have an exact direction that can be calculated by ray tracing your location to the
ionosphere back to the 4 or 5 directed energy antenna fields, aka over the horizon radar.
Those are the directions you want to block to weaken the nervous system disruptor or the surveillance system’s secondary effects for “electrically sensitive” individuals .

Scalar Interferometric Stealth RADAR – AKA Scatter Radar

How does stealthy scatter RADAR work in terms of low probability of interception ?

You must remember two facts to understand “scalar” scatter RADAR ;

Photons reflect off of surfaces at 90 degree angles and they do not convert to other photon types during flight .

Beaming two coherent, monochromatic photon streams at an object 180 degrees out of phase with very little difference in intensity will render the measurable energy at the intersecting path nearly 0 in terms of its combined electromagnetic field but the photons still exist and continue their flight path and reflection points which can be read accordingly through phase angle filtering or where the beams no longer intersect at a distance.

This technique is especially useful if a tracking lock has occurred and the targets location
is already known .

How does this relate to mind reading RADAR? The Russian’s first used scatter RADAR on
the U.S. embassy in Moscow. The microwaves used to collect the brain resonance changes and electron spin resonances were scalars from phased arrays. The microwave energy was still detectable and far from a perfect scalar. But the measurable microwave energy could have been the influence signal necessary to effect brain wave modulation .

Synthetic Telepathy and Microwave Hearing Effect

There is actually a subtle difference between these two communication modes called
synthetic telepathy and microwave hearing effect. The microwave hearing effect is thought to heat the brain slightly and cause a pressure wave to the inner ear according to Dr. Lin for the University of Illinois. Other microwave hearing devices claim that they stimulate the auditory nerves and a third claims it stimulates the brain cells in the auditory cortex using microwaves. This is the crossover point to synthetic telepathy .

The microwave hearing effect is often used during the brain mapping processes. Words are stimulated to be heard, and the automated mapping software records the whole brain patterns that are triggered by that word. So meanings of words are now mapped to the sounds .

Synthetic telepathy uses both the direct stimulation of the audio cortex and word
association brain areas for brain to brain communication .

During my time as an unpaid quality assurance engineer for EEG heterodyning
experimentation , I was able to achieve pure thought communication based on word meaning without internal voice or microwave hearing transmissions .

Inner Voice, Target Tracking, and Behavioral Influence Technologies

“Communicating Via the Microwave Auditory Effect.” is the title of a small business contract for the Department of Defense.

Communication initial results are: “The feasibility of the concept has been established” using both low and high power systems. A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request as to the project’s outcome met with denial on the part of the Air Force, on the grounds that disclosure “could reasonably be expected to cause damage to national security.” Though the Air Force denied this FOIA disclosure, such a contract’s purpose is elaborated by the Air Force’s “New World Vistas” report: “It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction…. If a pulse stream is used, it should be possible to create an internal acoustic field in the 5-15 kilohertz range, which is audible. Thus it may be possible to ‘talk’ to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them.”

Robert O. Becker, whose eminence was enough to have been twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in biological electromagnetic fields research, is explicit regarding clandestine use: “Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with “voices” or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.”

A microwave voice transmission non-lethal weapon is referenced in the thesaurus of the Center for Army Lessons Learned, which is a military instruction website (Vide infra for discussion of the analogously listed “Silent Sound” device.)

An article from a magazine that publishes notably non-mainstream views details
microwave inner voice device demonstration by Dr. Dave Morgan at a 1993 classified Johns Hopkins sponsored non-lethal weapon conference, manufacture by Lockheed-Sanders, and used by the CIA, who call the process ‘voice synthesis’ or ‘synthetic telepathy.’

Electromagnetic signatures of spoken words applied to the head at very low field levels (1 microTorr), affect word choice significantly along the emotional dimensions of the applied word .

Though inspired by microwave hearing, this report is not of direct hearing .
The author suggests that such an influence, even though weak, could shift the direction of group decisions in large populations, and has previously elaborated on the possibility of a less specific electromagnetic influence on populations .

Psychic Spying Through Animals

The Navy has since the 40’s or earlier tried to train dolphins as suicide bombers. Dolphins swim silently. Strapping a bomb to them and getting them to approach an enemy submarine or boat was the goal. They now have complete remote control of sharks to do this trick.

He started doing research with EEG heterodyning with dolphins. That is all I could track as to his progress. Now interestingly, Neuroscience magazine reported that with electrodes implanted in a cat’s brain they could decipher the visual cortex and display the cat’s vision on a computer screen. It seems like a logical inference that you could then use animals‟ visual cortex to do spying too. What would it be like to try and map other species‟ minds onto a human, I wonder?

Star Wars and SPAWAR

The division within the government that strategizes about space conflict is called
SPAWAR, shortened from space wars. What many call science fiction, I know to be
current science fact. It took the top DARPA scientists almost five years to figure out what
the Russians were doing to the U.S. embassy in Moscow. Clearly the best scientists do not
work for the Department of Defense .

Earlier I described the disinformation campaign on destructive interference fringes called “scalar” waves by the weapons marketing division. Keep this in mind .

So here is the problem rephrased. If two wave fronts destructively interfere at the point of measurement, how can you separate the photons such that you can determine whether a destructive fringe is being measured from two interfering wave forms? With normal measuring equipment, it would read zero in both the electric and magnetic fields .

A pinhole camera would block all but one path of the rays and reveal a single source of
energy. A convex mirror would also separate the signal and amplify the very, very small
angle of incidence. These are “scalar” detectors or scatter radar detectors .

The other way to look at the problem is to view the sources from a radio telescope to get
the resolution necessary to separate the very separate sources of the energy and pinpoint them. It would take a very large dish to do this.

This makes you wonder if this is why we invest so much as a country into looking at the stars .

All the lies and propaganda, makes one wonder if that perhaps through psychological
warfare, i.e. propaganda, we have been persuaded to fight for the dark side of the force in the delusion that we are fighting for democracy and freedom .

At the time, I didn’t understand the message to join the cosmology department completely. It is that this is all done by Star Wars technology, and a clue that stealth RADAR uses scalar waves which can only be resolved using a radio telescope .

Into the second week of my torture, I was told that most “projects” are terminated with car crashes or heart attacks. Although the microwave hearing effect is debilitating and very distracting, I actually consider myself lucky to have been told all the experiments before they happened or explained how they were accomplished while they were performing them. Most “projects” are never told and left confused or dead .


After surviving the constant remote heart attack attempts, I had to be vigilant of the
psychic assassination attempts through car crashes. There are the bland methods for
automobile assassinations such as hypnotizing the subject to run red lights, suddenly
jerking their arms to steer off the road, putting them to sleep, or blinding their minds eye to see an obstruction or approaching object, etc .

Another perspective

Abstractly, think about the Earth’s magnetic field as an ocean. If you move through it you
will create an electromagnetic wake which can be detected since all charged particles have a resistance to motion when bathed in a magnetic pool except if moving along the lines of the field.

There is an effect called Electron Cyclotronic Current Driving. It is usually only studied
under extreme conditions in high energy physics laboratories. But it may be a possible
mechanism of the current induced in the ionic channels of the neuron. Microwaves and a magnetic field is all you need .

Lens Effect from Ionosphere Signal Bouncing

The Earth’s Ionosphere is spherical. This allows a phased array beam to be bounced off the ionosphere and focused on a point on the Earth .

Satellites would have the reverse effect. The atmosphere would act like an amplifying lens at very high frequencies making the Earth act like it is under a microscope but this refraction affect is minimal at less than visible light spectrum .

The US and NATO allies have 15 or more giant antenna fields covering most of the world
so intersection of all the active areas shows us that it is almost a total and complete global surveillance system. Interesting to note though, is that the intersection of HAARP, the Brazilian, and Puerto Rico’s radar fields and a couple other active fields all intersect over the US and then cover the rest of the hemisphere. Even South Wales ionospheric heater radar field can observe through the radar magnifying glass US citizens .

This explains all the research interests from the DoD into ionopsheric conditions and cold plasma. Every time there is a wake or anomaly in the smooth surface of the ionosphere due to a hurricane or some other event, the lens is disrupted and victims in that part of the world find relief from the killing and torture signals .

The cover story of ionospheric heating and observation of meteors is almost 99% bullshit in terms of the true purpose of these systems .

So much pain and suffering throughout the world can be explained by the
electromagnetic pollution of these stealthy scalar scatter radar systems tracking life forms .

Uses of EEG Heterodyning by the DoD

Other than random experimentation, many individuals are targeted to be silenced or
discredited. I know of a Colonel who witnessed the Army unloading bags of cocaine from
a transport. He became a victim shortly after expressing concern. An FBI special agent for international terrorism became a victim after he testified that the FBI was perjuring itself at a trial. The former head of the LA FBI has become a target. Journalists who have written about these topics have been punished with the system. Anyone who has worked for the DoD and then later leaves, may be subject to this covert type of assassination years later to silence potential security leaks .

Why hasn’t the weapon been more widely used for war?

It doesn’t have the success rate needed to be reliably used for war in place of ground
troops. It probably is being used as a supplement. According to European Parliament
documents it was used in Desert Storm to fatigue and demoralize troops. Also, if it were
successfully used in war once, countries would invest more into anti-psychotronic
defenses. So it is considered more valuable as a political dissident silencing, spying,
espionage, and silent assassination tool .

I don’t believe brain waves can be read by Satellites. How can you prove this?

It can be done by “over the horizon” radar bouncing their signals off the ionosphere as
well as by satellites. HAARP and the Puerto Rico ionospheric heaters are examples of
these ground based high powered phased arrays. Satellites could make it a truly global
system .

They are using high powered nearly perfectly destructive interfering EM waves which
reflect or scatter with intense power levels back to their sources without burning the area of interest and without losing much of the signal to noise ratio from the absorption, scatter, transmittance, and reflectance energies. Lastly, look at the military research and patent files to find many published articles about reading heart and respiratory signals at a large distance .

Explain the amount of disinformation, misinformation, and general discussion around this topic if it can’t be done. Explain why a very successful microwave antenna military
subcontractor has a patent from the 1970s that claim brain reading and control. Explain
why documents released through the Freedom of Information Act by the CIA, openly
discusses research on a project called RHIC (remote hypnotic inter-cerebral control) using the same techniques. Clearly, this is such an important scientific discovery for weapons, spying, and espionage that much neurological data and research has been buried under the guise of national security bullshit .

That’s incredible. But why would a government torture their own citizens ?

The United States has a long ugly history of doing this. There are massive cover-ups and
barely a mention in the news when the programs are discovered. The same weapons testing programs continue, often under new funding and a different name. There is almost no oversight for top secret programs. Virtual human dissections of random citizens has been occurring since the inception of the CIA and definitely just after WWII and project paper clip where many Nazi scientists were excused for their war crimes and sheltered by the DoD .

How can we fix our broken government

The most difficult hurdle for us is the seemingly apathetic, self centered, near sighted
mentality of the general public. Getting people to care what is happening to their future
and country is difficult when you don’t have control of the main media outlets .

There have been many violent acts misdirected to the wrong branches of government by
these mind controlled torture victims but they are written off in the news as random acts of madmen and extremists .


The United States is the only major country not to sign international treaties to ban the use of these weapons, clearly because they enjoy torturing their own population too much . Even Russia tried to get these weapons banned at a UN conference and the United States refused.

Clearly there is a problem with intellectual meritocracy in the culturally unevolving military upper ranks since they were raised with good old fashioned fascism .

What makes it so difficult to get the attention of the world on such an immediately important issue?

Good question. The media refuses to cover it, either because they have been instructed to or they have succumbed to the decades of brainwashing which states that if anyone claims that they have symptoms of psychotronic weapons that they are crazy. It is too
controversial a topic and they are afraid of military reprisals may be the other reason. The psychological programming of the populous is extensive. At last count, I found over 100 movies and TV shows that make fictional references to mind reading and influencing
177technology. It has become common sense fiction in most people’s minds. Also, we tend to trust and believe Washington D.C. spokespeople, but know they lie all the time .

Neural scientists are closely watched and any who get to close to rediscovering the
government’s mind control technology can be mentally hobbled to prevent further
discovery. Without visible political prisons and torture scars, the public will remain
incredulous that it is being done. It is all about plausible denial. We surely are more
civilized than the medieval kings with their large torture chambers. Everything is just
invisible now, but the same brutal, unevolved people run them .

The Making of Assassins MKULTRA style

During the severe torture and psychic directed energy assignation attempts, the victim is encouraged to commit acts of violence against anybody the attackers can make the victim believe is doing it to them, usually neighbors, ex-lovers, or ex-bosses. The directed energy weapons test victim will easily be discredited as a violent loony in the news. The police and FBI will not ask any further questions about the incident either because of trained ignorance or orders.

If the victim survives this phase which can last several months or years, a hypnotic pulsing is used to subdue the victims so that they don’t seek revenge on military installations or the CIA for trying to kill them and for torturing them. An apathy
signal and permanent hypnotism is used to keep the victim subdued until their death in a soulless, mind controlled emptiness trapped in a secret prison camp in their own brain .

So I am sharing some very basic methods with other nations and this one for whomever
will listen how to defuse these MKULTRA EEG heterodyned programmed assassins.
Neural programming, psychic driving, depatterning, torture, skinner behaviorism, neural linguistic programming, hypnosis and many other techniques are used on these many government projects as they are called, or CIA/DoD psychotronic slaves. In order for there not to be an easy association between the violent outbreak and mind control
experimentation, almost all projects must be classified as mentally ill first before triggering them .

The perpetrators or operators of these mind control assassination experiments almost
always use the neighbors to gas light the increasing paranoia. Some neighbors may be
undercover spooks and decoys while most are innocent .

With each reported case to the local authorities, more desensitized they become to it and more enforced is their policy to call these victims crazy. You can be a little hard on the local authorities for being uneducated in physics and history, but you can’t blame them given their limited mental abilities for not being able to solve these kind of cases with such limited resources and access to federal level information .

Moral Cataclysms

One foreseeable worry that the CIA/DoD has is repeating what happened to Rome with its moral cataclysm and Christianity. However the new religion is science. How will
knowledge of the scientification of the human soul be accepted by the general religious
masses? One such experiment I believe to see if science and religion can mix to form a
new set of moral teachings and beliefs is Scientology. I believe that this is very much a
CIA funded experiment.

For my next book, I plan to infiltrate this perceived “cult” to find out more about its
teachings and how they are so intertwined in the literature of CIA Mind Control
experimentation. The CIA expert with whom I consult told me that L. Ron Hubbard got his PhD thesis on creating cults .

Politics of Psychotronics

I want to know what went on behind the scenes with the Regan/Gorbachev meetings that caused the nuclear missile reduction treaties but instigated the Star Wars Defense
Initiative. Could it be that they created a treaty to co-develop mind control weapons as
others have stated ? Did the U.S. purchase the mind control weapons technology to bail the Soviet Union out of financial collapse and then develop it under the Star Wars Defense budget as several historian’s have surmised? Many have speculated that Regan’s senility was a CIA menticization to keep him quiet about the technology .

Bush senior, being head of the CIA, certainly knows about it and has made many
references to it in his speeches. Clinton was a pawn and helped sign non-lethal bills for
continued testing of the weapons on the public. He only shouted “Right Wing Conspiracy” too late when black mailed by sexual indiscretions.

Bush Jr.’s spokesman has made his knowledge of the weapons quite clear during his threat to the Republicans, “You will suffer in your own private purgatories. Try to sleep if you can.”

He might as well have said, “Go to HELL. SATAN will be waiting for you.”
So the mind control, torture, and silent assassinations are still acceptable criminal
behaviors by our leaders to order for personal gains. They either conform to this criminal norm or they will be assassinated like Kennedy if they try to reform the integrity of politics and inform the public .

After the psychotronic torture investigations and hearings

If it turns out after congressional investigation, people like Col. Alexander had part in the conspiracy to test on and torture thousands of Americans or maintained that secret, he and many other will be charged with Treason. Col. John Alexander helped organize the Council of Foreign Affairs which formed the Joint Non-Lethal Weapon’s Directorate under Marine Budget. By classifying radio frequency weapons under the non-threatening title of  “non-lethal weapons” they have lump weapons of torture in with rubber bullets, tasers, and glue guns.

The Council of Foreign Affairs recommended that all non-lethal weapon’s be tested on men, women, and children .

While I agree with many of Alexander’s views, he is limited in his strategic thinking when recommending psychotronic spaced based weapons as a solution. He says in one
interview, that if the U.S. doesn’t weaponize space other will. This will lead to space wars
that will lead to space being a military battlefield littered with space mines, debris, and
particle waste making it unusable for continued commercial ventures .

More Evidence of the Cover-up of Microwave Effects

Even a thorough and superbly written report on sterilization techniques for food
preparation written by the FDA astutely commented on the bazaar lack of human and
bacterial effects of (ionizing and non-ionizing) microwave radiation. We are bathed in
microwaves from cell phones, to satellite telemetry, to direct TV. Why the black out? The
reasons and research is too scary for the population to know about. Remember the mobile phone panic that ensued after some reports on significant increase of cancer risks? Telecom stocks fell in half. Well there is a more diabolical motive for suppressing the research in this area since the DoD is very active in microwave weapons and their
biological effects .

Lucid Dream Interrogations

To see how the subconscious will react under certain scenarios, dreams are manipulated to place the subject in situations where they are forced to continue the dream sequence. This gives some insight into what situations the subject has been in before and predicts how s/he might react. People usually don’t remember their dreams very well, so dream interrogations are a subtle way to probe someone’s mind without them becoming suspicious. Dream manipulation is also a very powerful tool to program an individual by subconscious associations. Repetitive nightmares in connection with a political candidate, for example, can obviously change a person’s opinion whether rational or not .


Biopharmaceutical Remedies

Higher concentrations of neurotransmitters are required to effectively perform EEG
cloning at safe energies . Similarly, if the pharmaceutical companies could come up with a dopamine repressor or blocker, psychosis whether electromagnetically induced, naturally occurring, or caused from damage to the reuptake mechanisms could be cured .


The best immunity you can have is the knowledge in this book. Some of the most important data they are collecting from these brutal experiments on people, relies on the fact that a target does not know what is happening to them.

To protect your friends and family from this horror, give them this book to read and understand. Then they won’t be useful for these experiments.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

The goal is to make this weapon useless through education thereby accelerating the time frame that the military/CIA will declassify and release the information to the public, so all the beneficial uses of the technology can come to fruition. According to Air Force scientists working on the weaponization of the technology, they plan to keep it secret until the year 2030. By that time, most if not all of the test victims should be dead, tortured to death for the remainder of their lives by the automated system .

Warnings of mass mind control side effects

Like with any psychoactive drug, the long term effects of neuron amplification through
microwave induction or other means, will render an individual dependent on the increased stimulus. The brain’s chemistry will adapt to compensate for the extra pushes that it gets from the external electromagnetic energy. If the entire population were to be put onto the TAMI network, they would become dependent on the signal since birth. If the signal were suddenly removed through a space war against the satellites or ionospheric heaters, the people would turn into zombies, unmotivated and blissfully and ignorantly compliant (more than they are now).

Additionally, many people can hear a very artificial sounding tinnitus from the microwave energy. The tinnitus can be a very loud, steady multi-toned square wave generated above 10khz or as in my case it sounds either like a star trek computer with a full range of pinging and bleeps or a 3.2 Hz science fiction like phasor sound. If the auditory cortex is not mapped correctly, the target will hear crackling and hissing instead .

Mankind is Obsolete

The futurists all predicted that we would have our own robot slaves by now doing our work for us while we relaxed and could do anything we wished due to the prosperity. In a twist of fate, we humans turned out to be the robots with the machines enslaving us .

From another perspective, how long will humans be cheaper than machines to do any task?

I have analyzed the largest companies in the world in a management consultant role, the most sophisticated computer systems, and worked in almost every corporate function at some point. I assure you that automation of your tasks is not far away .

Noah’s Ark

A disturbing theory that has been postulated and repeated many times by those involved in watching the government is that there appears to be a plan for a major population decrease. DNA samples are being catalogued for every species on the planet and unique brains are being catalogued into the CIA/DoD TAMI network .

The Earth cannot support the projected population growth. Resources will run
out. So a plausibly denied event might be planned .

More EEG Cloning Crimes

More new kinds of crime on their way. Rich, arrogant, desperate old men that want to live forever can clone their brain in silicon to be transferred or EEG cloned onto another body without the stored facsimile being at mortal risk within their purchased host .

Robin Hood of Intellectual Property

There is some evidence that the psychic operatives play a role similar to that of the tale of Robin Hood. They EEG clone spy on scientists‟inventors , dreamers and writers‟ minds, steal their intellectual property and ideas, and transmit them to others so that the recipients think they came up with the ideas .

The Final Destination

While the technology is extremely impressive, one has to judge the success of a project by the amount of resources it took to do it. When one takes in to account the 60+ years they have been working on it at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars, with practically
unlimited scientific expertise and non-consenting test humans for their data and no need to add the cascading costs of collateral damage of human suffering, it isn’t so impressive .

Prediction of Future Government Lies

When victims of these tests first started talking publicly, they described how power lines, TV monitors, and appliances caused them pain. The government stepped in and labeled these people “electromagnetically sensitive” .

It is impossible for the general EM pollution we are bathed in to cause the described effects simply because a specific informational coherent EM energy is necessary to influence the brains electricity of the target. That is just astronomically improbable that general EM pollution could cause these symptoms .

Pay close attention to the pattern of lies and who says them .

My predictions of the reprisals on me for writing this book

After this book gets published, attempts at discrediting me and further destruction of my
life will be made. Expect rumored slander by the disinformation machine to kick into
overdrive. I expect rather than solving the problem and admitting wrong doing, the entities and people responsible will be busy pointing their finger and covering their secret bases .

Perhaps they can brand me as a “terrorist” because I spend time reproducing microwave brain modulation techniques, EEG mind influencing and reading technologies …

I expect to be silently assassinated by the system SATAN (Silent Assassination Through Amplification of Neurons) or one of the many other methods that look like “natural causes” – heart attack, car crash, cancer, or like in Olsen’s case maybe dosed with LSD, hammered in the back of the head, and thrown out of a 14 story building to look like a suicide .

At least two other scientists who worked on the integration of UK/US Navy NATO systems who know nuclear submarine signatures and the capabilities of the global surveillance systems including SIGINT, SIGCOM, HAARP and electronic warfare have perished in
unexplainable suicides .

It is you, the reader, that must act not as an individual but as an ambassador for the entire human race representing all the people who cannot understand what is being
done to them and their children’s future.

You are now a soldier in this informational civil war, one of the truly enlightened, who must help us fight the forces of ignorance and darkness hiding behind the shroud of secrecy which are currently prevailing .

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