5G , Terahertz Radiation , D.N.A , Water


  • The adverse health effects of terahertz (THz) radiation are slowly emerging .
  • 5G communications systems use THz frequencies .
  • Like microwaves , THz radiation has a thermal effect on human tissue .
  • D.N.A and other biological molecules resonate at THz frequencies .
  • Every living thing has a unique THz ‘fingerprint’ .
  • D.N.A is surrounded by a thin layer of water molecules .
  • D.N.A and biological proteins interact with water in the human body .
  • Water absorbs THz frequencies .
  • The human body is 70% water , the human brain is 75% water .


  • The hydrogen atoms from water are thought to form an interface between D.N.A and proteins .
  • Hydrogen is also thought to stabilize and aid the bonding of D.N.A strands .
  • THz radiation causes the double helix D.N.A strand to denature (rip apart) , the hydrogen bonding weakens which can cause mutations in D.N.A. and the death of D.N.A.
  • THz radiation is also thought to increase the probability of proton tunneling in D.N.A. which can occur when a D.N.A strand replicates .
  • The proton tunneling causes ‘bubbles’ to appear in the D.N.A which damages the D.N.A code and causes mutations .
  • The proton tunneling effect is enhanced when the applied THz frequency matches the D.N.A resonance frequency .
  • Mutations in D.N.A are the precursors of many chronic diseases in humans , including cancer and Alzheimers .

Further reading


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Cultocracy note :

Have the public deliberately been kept in the dark about the health effects of THz radiation ?

Or is there scant research on the subject to provide a definitive conclusion ?

Or are shadow corporations greedily rubbing their hands at the prospect of massive profits ? Profits that will be derived not just from the 5G infrastructure , but also from the resulting detrimental effects in humans , not to mention the wider natural environment .

Are the shadow government players and their deep state cronies also rubbing their hands at the prospect of adding another layer to the universal control / conditioning / eugenics grid ?

The 5G system is not about faster communications to drive productivity and increase business efficiency .

As always , the keyword is control .

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